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BusinessDay 06 Mar 2018


26 BUSINESS DAY BDTECH E-mail: Firm initiates human-centric cyber security solution JUMOKE AKIYODE- LAWANSON Forcepoint, a global company that develops and markets cyber security software, has called on organisations, individuals and government agencies in Nigeria to adopt a more reliable human centric approach to securing their cyberspace. According to the company, there is need for a new paradigm of human-centric cybersecurity, which is riskadaptive and is focused on understanding human behaviour. Forcepoint says its human centric cyber security solutions allows users to detect individuals interacting with the system and figure out what is risky behavior and what is legitimate behavior and then give a risk adaptive score. Hence it can be used to provide context to make the optimal security decision. Canon Central and North Africa one of the leaders in imaging and business solutions have launched a nationwide ‘Live for the Story’ campaign. This is to enable as many Nigerians as possible tell stories on Nigerian people, culture, passion and places with pictures. Part of the activities of the company will be to carry out multiple road shows and mall activations. The live demonstration of Canon’s consumer products and solutions all follow the ‘Live for the story’ umbrella that incorporates the “Shoot- Remember-Share” ecosystem which is tied to Canon’s consumer- bound range of products. As part of the campaign, Canon will also be launching a photo competition with top musician and world-famous photographer/influencer TY Bello. The competition inspires people to celebrate their stories through imagery, ultimately capturing stories that define Ni- Speaking at the official launch of CBC EMEA as its Nigeria partner, Christo Van Staden, Forcepoint’s Regional Manager for Sub Saharan Africa said that for organisations and individuals to implement risk adaptive security, a human centric approach needs to be adopted. Van Staden stated that about 81 percent of hacking-related breaches have exploited/compromised credentials and this is so, because human error is inevitable. Malicious intent from both insiders and outsiders can also be a risk. ‘The human point system addresses and understands the rhythm of people and the flow of your data. It brings together, user behavioural analytics, data loss prevention, insider threat, cloud access security broker, next gen firewall, data guard, web and email security, all under one umbrella,’ he said. Discussing the different offerings from Forcepoint, Van Staden said; ‘Our next gen firewall was voted not only as the best in blocking Canon launches nationwide ‘Live for the Story’ campaign JUMOKE AKIYODE- LAWANSON geria through its people, culture and passion. The campaign which will run for duration of one month will require participants to upload their stories on Instagram and Facebook while adding the hashtags #CanonCNA and #MyNaija as their captions. After compiling all the submissions, three winners will then be selected and awarded with a trip alongside TY Bello for a chance to create even more resonating stories. ‘This campaign is born out of the belief that it’s so often the small occasions in life that bring meaningful memories. Canon wants to make sure it plays part in the storytelling of all these moments for everyone. This competition commenced on 28thof February 2018, will last till March 28th 2018. This is a mere example of how eager we are to promote storytelling,’ Mai Youssef, European corporate & marketing communications director Canon, said. ‘Live for the story is a call to action inspiring people to capture experiences, save memories and tell their own stories in a unique and memorable way. As pioneers of imaging, one of our major targets is to engage our customers through this campaign to shoot, share, and remember their stories together with Canon,’ Youssef added. Speaking at the media launch, Somesh Adukia, Sales & Marketing Director B2C, Canon Central and (L-r) Zahid Pervaiz, Marketing Manager, Kumar Kulkarni - Business Head, Bhargav Mehta - Associate Director, all of Mitsumi, Satyen Chokshi, Business Unit Manager (DellEMC), Rajiv Patel - Country Manager, Mitsumi Nigeria, Sujal Desai, Regional Product Manager, Mitsumi at the DellEMC/Mitsumi launch event held in Lagos recently. exploits by NSS labs but also as best in class for intrusion prevention. It can reduce cyber attacks by up to 86 percent and slash incident response as much as 73 percent.’ ‘Our data loss prevention product has been named leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for nine years in a row while our cloud access security broker has one of the broadest application supports with unique customised risk assessment, based on behaviour and data access classification. So it is not just telling you that data is going somewhere, it gives you a lot more information,’ Van Staden noted. Speaking on behalf of the CBC EMEA’s chairman/ CEO, Gbade Alabi, Falaye expressed confidence that the partnership between Forcepoint and his company would bring about great impact in the cyber security market and also ensure the satisfactions of their customers. North Africa (CCNA) said ‘Canon is committed towards investing in Nigeria and exploring this growing market. Applying a ‘closer to customer’ strategy we have established our local presence via our rep office and appointed a full Nigerian team of channel and business development managers to cater to each segment within the market. Moreover, we have also expanded our service centers and are continuously supporting film makers with workshops as well as online/social competitions and challenges,’ he added. ‘I am extremely excited to be part of this campaign, one which encourages Nigerians to share more stories, by capturing the essence of what being Nigeria means to them. #liveforthestoryspeaks to my identity first as a Nigerian and my brand as a professional photographer by bringing untold stories to life through the lens of a camera,’ TY Bello, Nigeria’s famous portrait photographer said. Canon has promised to continue expanding their footprint in the market via encouraging young talents and catering to their technical as well as supportrelated needs. Tuesday 06 March 2018 Digital encode equips journalist with cyber-security skills ANGEL JAMES Digital Encode an information security and assurance Management Company organised training for technology journalists to further educate them on the importance of digital security. The training was geared towards helping journalists to properly understand cyber security in order to better inform and educate the general public on the importance of securing the cyberspace, especially in today’s digital world. Speaking at the training, Oluwaseyi Akindeinde chief technical officer, Digital Encode said that anybody could be a victim of cyber theft, hack or crime, as attacks are being launched every day. ‘Leading global brands have been hacked with false information put up on their websites and small businesses and innovative startups in all industries are frequently targeted because most of them do not have a proper digital security system in place. ‘It is necessary to know that every browser like internet explorer, fire fox, Google Chrome, Opera etc keeps a copy of the sites you visit, the pages you click and even your password in a place called cache, and the next person who uses the computer may be able to check this information if they know what to do,’ he said. He therefore said that using public computers at cyber cafes, public libraries and even computers of friends can be safe if you always sign out, and never save password, never allow chrome save your password and delete all temporary files and internet history, pronouns, IDs, and any other predefined number or letter sequence stating that a stronger password is a combination of numbers symbols uppercase letters, lower case letters and space, else it can be easily hacked. Wale Obadere, chief operating officer, Digital Encode, said that the three elements of information security to ensure cyber security are confidentiality, integrity and availability. “Assurance that information is available to only those authorised to have access, confidentiality breaches may occur due to improper data handling or hacking attempt. A user must also be assured that information asset is protected against improper or unauthorised modification or manipulation. Digital asset will be invaded if there is an issue with architecture, design, operation or implement,’ he said. Obadare also stated that the goal of this training is for people to be able to understand, manage and reduce the risk to information under the control of the organisation, individuals from being attacked by hackers.

Tuesday 06 March 2018 C002D5556 BUSINESS DAY 27 ‘Who you know’ is no more a key factor in business – Lanre Stories by Daniel Obi Media Business Editor Foundation of some business axioms is shifting grounds, according to experts. For instance, do you wait for your time and opportunity or do you create the opportunity. Secondly, is getting business or employment still depends on who you know? Whatever side, arguably one belongs to, Lanre Adisa, Chief Executive Officer of Noah’s Ark Communications Limited, Nigeria’s creative agency said recently that securing business, to some extent depends on who you know but that belief is changing fast. “That maxim is changing but not completely eliminated. But we can see that supremacy of knowledge is getting more pronounced today”. He told BusinessDay recently that companies are investing more on their people and the workforce is demanding commensurate knowledge from partner agencies. According to him, who you know is still a factor but it is not the key factor going forward from what is happening in the industry today. “These days, it is about what agencies and people bring to the table as the market-place is becoming unforgiving than it used to be. Therefore, it is not enough to keep agencies on the basis of knowing them”. Lanre who said Noah’s Ark values its team said the company entered the creative industry in 2008 during the dominance of big agencies “but what set us apart is power of idea and what we can offer and ability to find partners who believe in that philosophy. “It was important that we really could show people what we could do as we did not have money. Our industry as some point used to be who you knew. I am not saying that is over, but that is changing so fast”. While some writers strongly believe that getting business largely depends on who you know, others said it depends on what you know rather than who you know. In his article: Networking is not about who you know, it is about who knows you, Ken Sundheim of KAS Placement Staffing, writes that if relying on someone else does not work, how do you get to where you want to be in your career? The answer is simple. Start subscribing to the attitude that it is who knows you and what you can do for them instead of the “it’s who you know” frame of mind. Marketers need to prepare as fusion between technology, humans is inevitable says PHD PHD, a global communications planning and media buying firm, has launched its seventh publication, Merge, which dwells on how technology prepares marketers and advertisers for the future with regards to brands and audience engagement. Wayne Bishop, Managing Director, PHD Johannesburg, who unveiled the book entitled “Merge: The Closing Gap Between Technology and Us,” at the 2018 Social Media Week in Lagos, said that looking at path towards the future, there is likely to be a fusion between technology and humans which may free us up to live more creative, more efficient and better connected lives. He stated that as technology advances, marketers and advertisers should look forward to how they adapt to changes in technology and its application to brands, consumers and people within their environment. He said the five evolutionary stages in Merge include surfacing, organising, extracting anticipating and elevating. These stages illustrate our journey from putting information up on screens, to organising that information via search engines, to managing to make sense of all this information as it is extracted. Finally, we look to how AI helps anticipate our needs which ends with us merging with technology, elevating us as a human race. He said Merge is relevant to Nigeria because of the changes in the economy, the strong entrepreneurial culture and the growth in technological development over the years. At the event, Dozie Okafor, Managing Director, PHD Nigeria, said that at this present stage of technological development, people interact more with brands online and other digital platforms as indicated in Merge. He said the book helps marketers and advertisers understand the different evolutionary stages as well as their relevance to businesses. It also enables them to understand how they should perceive things and the evolving role they have to play if they want to remain competitive. Okafor explained that Merge was launched at the Social Media Week because PHD felt it was a platform for a diverse audience, not just marketers and advertisers, but the general public, to enable them understand what the future is all about. “But also important is the theme ‘Closer’ for this year’s Social Media Week, which is in line with how technology and human beings are coming closer till they merge. “We felt the event was a good platform to catapult the entire conversation,” Okafor explained. Drawing on insights and foresights of experts, including worldleading inventor, author and futurist (and writer of the foreword) Ray Kurzweil; Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg; futurologist Ian Pearson and Microsoft chief envisioning officer UK Dave Coplin, Merge sets out how technology and human evolution has progressed since the 1950s and what the world will look like over the next 25 to 35 years. Fero Mobile introduces Royale Y2 Smartphone into Nigerian market Fero Mobile, the growing smartphone brand in Nigeria, has introduced the stylish Royale Y2 smartphone into the Nigerian market. The new device allows users express their personal style with a 2GB.RAM that supports multiple apps and games without any difficulty. “The new Royale Y2 exemplify the capabilities of the Fero brand and our continuous efforts at helping consumers achieve more in terms of work and leisure. We have packed a lot of cool features into this device to ensure that it is not only useful for work but also a great lifestyle companion.” said Phiroze Seth, Director, Fero Mobile, Nigeria and Emerging Markets in a statement. “We have put so much quality and class into this device to ensure it exceeds the expectations of the tech savvy Nigerian youth. The Royale Y2, like every other smartphone from Fero Mobile, is designed give users excellent experience at an affordable price,” he added. The Royale Y2 is a mid-range device with premium features. It runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system with a quad-core processor that supports multitasking at super processing speed. It boasts a 13MP rear camera for quality photos and an 8MP front camera that captures stunning pictures even with low lights. The device 5.5-inch HD IPS display screen offers great colour performance and 75% less light reflection for excellent readability under sunlight while its 3.900MAH battery guarantees long hours of gaming, video streaming and internet surfing on one full charge. Noah‘s Ark Communications plans big for 10 years in business …Brings renowned Goodvertising, Thomas Kolster, to Nigeria Noah’s Ark Communications Limited, Nigeria’s outstanding creative agency and multiple award winner at local and global levels, has concluded arrangements to celebrate its tenth year of business operation. The agency started operations on February 11, 2008. Speaking on the historic milestone, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Lanre Adisa, described the achievement as a product of immense support received from clients who have remained a strong foundation for the company’s sterling performance in the last ten years. Adisa, who lauded the huge contributions of the clients to the company’s success story, noted that the opportunity and open mindedness to creative ingenuity by them are clearly evident in the lives of the brands the agency has been privileged to partner with them to build. Adisa, who singled out some clients for believing in the agency, noted that such belief has translated into huge gains for the brands. He thanked the Peak Milk team particularly for giving the agency the wing to fly at the beginning with the agency’s first brief, stressing that such opportunities contributed in no small measure to what the agency has achieved till date. He equally showered praise on the management of Tolaram Group, manufacturers of Indomie Noodles, for entrusting the brand in the agency’s care noting that such huge responsibilities have helped a great deal on the agency’s growth over the last ten years. He further expressed his appreciation to all the clients that have at one time or the other entrusted their brands in the care of the agency. He gave special recognition to clients like Airtel, Three Crowns, Nokia, Kwese TV, SFH, Heritage Bank and Hypo among others. He also commended the management, entire team, both present and past, for contributing their quota towards the growth of the company. Commenting on the achievements, the agency’s Executive Creative Director, Abolaji Alausa, described the last ten years as highly eventful and rewarding for the agency. According to him, within the short time, the agency has succeeded in establishing a strong footprint in the creative terrain through the supremacy of its ideas and quality of works delivered to the clients. The high point of the celebration is early April when a renowned author and advertising guru, Thomas Kolster, from Denmark would be on ground to deliver a lecture on the topic titled: Goodvertising – your voice & work matter. A roundtable discussion featuring industry experts and thought leaders comes after the keynote lecture. Thomas Kolster describes himself as a man on a mission; one of the early pioneers in the do-good space, coining the term Goodvertising to describe the changing advertising landscape that’s become a movement in itself. As a seasoned advertising professional counting more than 16 years he’s a vocal voice for advertising and brands as a force for good and his book “Goodvertising” is the most comprehensive book to date exploring communication for good.

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