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Volume 23 Issue 7 - April 2018

In this issue: we talk with jazz pianist Thompson Egbo-Egbo about growing up in Toronto, building a musical career, and being adaptive to change; pianist Eve Egoyan prepares for her upcoming Luminato project and for the next stage in her long-term collaborative relationship with Spanish-German composer Maria de Alvear; jazz violinist Aline Homzy, halfway through preparing for a concert featuring standout women bandleaders, talks about social equity in the world of improvised music; and the local choral community celebrates the life and work of choral conductor Elmer Iseler, 20 years after his passing.

Volume 23 Issue 7 - April

PRICELESS Vol 23 No 7 APRIL 2018 CONCERT LISTINGS FEATURES | REVIEWS COVER STORY THOMPSON EGBO-EGBO Not Your Standard Story IN WITH THE NEW Eve Egoyan Taking Up Space LEGACIES Elmer Iseler A Twenty-Year Tribute Thompson Egbo-Egbo