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Business Life: Money

Business Life

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rolling Tassie started out the fast-growing

with a major

Acorns systems app. breakdown Since launching at Sydney

in Airport Australia and in a lengthy early 2016 pause the

app at an now airport resides pub. on Some the smart four

phones hours later of around we finally 350,000 landed in

Australians, Launceston, that’s sober roughly mind you, 1.5%

of ready the to population. start our long way

’round If you’re the in Apple the dark Isle. about

what For I’m those talking readers about, looking Acorns

is for a the micro regular investment money platform column

or you what’s are in sometimes the right place called as a

‘round-up’ I thought that app, this the visit first to one

of Tasmania its kind highlighted in Australia. some Our

firm fantastic along examples with our partners both good

brought and bad it of out what’s from happening the US

in 2015 our booming where it had tourism been sector.

Eight of for us a set few out years. on this


ride, The all app small works business a couple people

of and ways: as we by stopped taking a data places

feed each from day we your couldn’t spending help but

accounts sprinkle a and little rounding economic up the fairy

purchases dust in service you make stations, to the pubs,

nearest hotels, restaurants dollar and investing and everything

accumulated in between. balances


into Heading a mix of out exchange from Launceston traded

funds up through listed the on the Tamar ASX, Valley or,

by we you overnighted debiting at an Scottsdale amount or

regular before heading payment out from for your the

bank east coast account early to the your next Acorns day.

account. On the road Most to users St Helens enjoy we the

round up feature of Acorns as

it allows them to save while

they spend. As a parent of

teenagers I think I’ve come

to the conclusion that apps

such as Acorns using a blend

of psychology and technology

may be the only effective way

to get modern kids to save

because they sure do know

how to spend.

Acorns works because the

principles underlying its design

came across the town of Derby

around breakfast time. Derby

must sit as one of the best case

studies of transformation from

old to new industry as the town

are evolved firmly from rooted its mining behavioural and

finance: logging background investing small to one

amounts now based on around a regular tourism. basis that

won’t Derby’s be missed history combined was deeply with

investing rooted over tin mining, an extended an activity

period that peaked of time in to the average late 19th

into century. the markets In 1929 the smoothing town experienced

peaks tragedy and troughs. following Of local


course flooding it and doesn’t the hurt collapse that of it a

does dam used all of by these things mine which within

the resulted framework in 14 deaths. of a highly It wasn’t

attractive and functional user

interface – fancy words for the

app looks and feels very cool.

While these principles have

proven to be sound over time

Acorns goes on to provide an

indirect benefit to its users

in the form of education and

improved financial literacy.

Get two or more people in the

room who have an account and

you’ll find out what I mean –

when did you start? What are

until 2015 that the area capitalised

on its natural attributes

and rugged wilderness with

the development of a series of

mountain bike trails. Attracting

you crowds saving of cyclists for? What from returns Tasmania

and you the had? mainland It’s inherently last year


competitive the town also but hosted when a it’s leg of

combined the international with the Enduro tools and World

information Series mountain that bike the app event in

provides April 2017. it’s also extremely

informative The ABC covered – as a regular the story user

you of Derby can’t and help its but transformation

only informed December about the last year,



behaviour noting that of visitor markets numbers whether are

you currently are looking around to 30,000 or not per – the

with Brian Hrnjak

balance of your Acorns account

rises and falls in line with the

movements in markets during

the course of the trading day.

One of the challenges

any finance app would have

encouraging young people to

save and invest is to remain

relevant in their eyes. Over

the past year a number of

enhancements have taken place

following user feedback, the

headline ones being:

Found Money partners – users

can shop online with brands

such as Bonds, Dan Murphy’s,

BCF, Uber etc. and these

partners usually deposit bonus

amounts or extra round ups

into the users account;

My year Finance on the trails feature with – uses visitors

artificial staying on intelligence average four to track to five

and nights categorise in Derby spending and another and

calculate five days free elsewhere cash flow; in Tasmania.

fund The linkages to the – article allows


users is: abc.net.au/news/2017-

to make deposits to a

range 12-26/mountain-bike-trails-

of industry and public

offer driving-major-change-in-der-

by/9276384. Portfolio – a socially

superannuation funds;


responsible Our path then portfolio wound option down

introduced Tasmania’s following famous east member coast

feedback; through St Helens, the Elephant

Little Pass road Acorns at St – Marys sub accounts to

designed Bicheno and to allow veering investment inland on

on the behalf recommendation of children or of other some

dependants other old bikers under via the the age Lake of 18.

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