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Table A7.1 Final Energy

Table A7.1 Final Energy Consumption by Sector 92 Table A7.2 Final Energy Consumption by Fuel 93 Table A7.3 Primary Energy Supply 93 Table A7.4 Energy Balance Table of Cambodia in 2035 94

Abbreviations and Acronyms BEI CO2 EAC EDC EEI ERIA GDE GDP GWh IEA IPP kt ktoe LPG MME PPP TFEC TPES building energy intensity carbon dioxide Electricity Authority of Cambodia Electricité du Cambodge (Electricity of Cambodia) energy efficiency indicator Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia General Department of Energy gross domestic product gigawatt-hour International Energy Agency independent power producer kiloton thousand ton of oil equivalent liquefied petroleum gas Ministry of Mines and Energy purchasing power parity total final energy consumption total primary energy supply