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8. KERRY (CONT’D) Kerry gave him the gift and they watched the end of the Dodger game-- The Dodgers had been losing until she arrived but they came back for a victory! SHAWN joked that she was a good luck charm. They went to dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant, Alimento, and had drinks at Thirsty Crow, where he offered to pass along her script to a friend who works on her dream television show. She accepted. Things seemed to be moving right along. They slept together, as usual. And that was that.... Or was it? What I didn’t mention was that on the way to SHAWN’s house in a Lyft that night, Kerry pulled up next to her ex boyfriend driving with his current girlfriend. It was the first time she had seen him in person in almost a year. Kerry switches seats. KERRY (CONT’D) Every time I see a White Nissan Versa I’m like, “Omg, it’s gonna be him” but it never is. This time we were driving up and I saw it-- the license plate said 7CK... I just knew it was gonna be him. And it was. He didn’t see me, thank god. It felt kinda good because I truly didn’t feel anything for him by looking at him. He and his girlfriend literally didn’t phase me at all. Kerry switches back. KERRY (CONT’D) But was it a omen? If you remember before, Kerry arrived at SHAWN’s house during the 7th inning of the Dodgers game... The ex boyfriends license plate is 7CK. Coincidence? Or omen of the death of a relationship? SFX: SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC THAT FADES OUT AFTER 6 SECS

9. KERRY (CONT’D) This brings right up to that Monday night text asking if SHAWN could call Kerry. While we don’t have footage of the phone call, we do have a first hand account. Kerry switches seats. KERRY (CONT’D) Yeah, he basically said that he really liked a lot of things about me but that he just didn’t have “that feeling” that he wants to have with someone he’s in a relationship with. Looking back, I guess I didn’t either. He also said he has problems expressing emotions and with emotional availability, which I identified pretty early on, so he wasn’t even sure if he was capable of feeling “that feeling”. I did ask him why he started acting so boyfriendy towards the end, and he said he was trying to “go with it” and see if he’d feel a spark. I guess I think that’s kind of shitty. At the end of it I told him to have a nice life and we had a laugh about that. And I’m totally gonna follow up on that script pass along he did on my behalf. I think I just wanted a person and he was A person, but he wasn’t THE person, so... it’s fine. SFX: SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC THAT FADES OUT AFTER 6 SECS KERRY (CONT’D) Will Kerry continue to go after emotionally stunted and unavailable men? Will she moderate another panel in hopes of meeting a perfect partner? Was running into her ex an omen? Will she get hired on Transparent? Tune into Season 2 of EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE, which will probably drop sometime in early Spring after another short lived relationship (beat) THANK YOU EVERYONE I’M KERRY O’NEILL AND I AM VERY ALONE!!

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