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4 O c t o b e r 1 2 ' 1 7 H A N N A / c O r O N A t i O N / S t e t t l e r , A b . E C A r e v i e w on the other hand Terrorism is not V I E W P O I N T S The opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions of this newspaper. colour coded by B.P. Schimke The water cooler discussion a week ago Monday was predictable, the Las Vegas massacre of concert goers and a vehicle assault on a police officer and Jasper Avenue pedestrians in Edmonton. “ Terrorism is simply getting wrapped up in an uncompromising ideology that leads to the justification for violence. As would be expected, there was much grief expressed for those gunned down like animals in Vegas, and fear about what happened in Edmonton. But the comment that continues to haunt me was when the kindest person on staff said, “the one good thing, at least the Vegas shooting wasn’t a terrorist attack”. Now the only possible rationale for such a comment would be an inner belief that the shooter in Vegas was not a terrorist because he was white with a traditional American name. Whereas Business Directory Jim Renschler Construction Ltd. For All Your Building Needs! 43 Years of Experience Botha, AB Box 22, T0C 0N0 Ph. 403-742-5034 Fax. 403-742-5311 Kikel Meat Packers Government Inspected Abattoir RR #2 Bashaw, AB Ponoka County 424008 780 372 2178 R R R R R Published by Coronation Review Limited Bill’s Waterwell Services Well Drilling Ltd. Pumps & Repairs Well 403-747-2120 Drilling Pumps & Repairs 403-747-2120 Bale Hauling David Unruh 403-323-6787(c) 403-742-4673(h) “ the perpetrator in Edmonton was a terrorist because he was brown with an Arab-sounding name. Even though the white guy had an arsenal of modified assault weapons to maximize carnage in Vegas, why would anyone consider him less of a terrorist than the individual in Edmonton with an ISIS flag? This year in Canada there have been more innocent Muslims gunned down by a white extremist than the other way around. On January 29, Alexandre Bissonnette opened fire in a Quebec City mosque as prayers were ending, killing six and injuring 19. Iman Hassan Guillet during the funeral for the six said, “Alexandre Bissonnette, before being a killer, was a victim himself”. “Before he planted bullets in the heads of his victims, somebody planted ideas more dangerous than bullets in this head”, said Guillet. Terrorism is any act against citizens by an individual or group that subscribes to an uncompromising ideology that can justify and rationalize violence on innocents. Writer, Jason Burke, in “The Myth of the Lone Wolf”, reminds us that during the 1960’s and 70’s many home grown groups and lone wolves, on the right and left, were terrorizing Europe and America. 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MEMbER of: Office Hours Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 5 pm R 30 pt Subscriptions: 4921 - Victoria Avenue $42.00 in Canada; $74.20 in US; Tel. (403) 578-4111 R 24 pt $135.15 Overseas. (All prices include GST) Mail: Box 70, Coronation, AB Canada, T0C 1C0 Website Service Wise - We Specialize 403-742-5237 Stettler, AB AUTO BODY REPAIR LTD. Quality Collision Repair and Professional Service… Guaranteed! Find out more about us at: Phone: 403-742-3555 4109 - 48 Avenue, Stettler PrairieView Climate change, a natural phenomena by Herman Schwenk I read with interest the letter from Gilles Danis in the Sept. 28/17 issue of the ECA Review, titled ‘Global warming is not theory’. I am not a scientist or a climatologist but I have studied the issue of global warming quite extensively for the past 20 years. In reading his letter, I would suggest that he is comparing apples and plums. Meteorological and geological scientists have done extensive research on the climate change that has occurred since the beginning of time. G&G Mechanical Ltd. Commercial & Residential Plumbing & Gas Fitting box 204, Consort, Ab T0C 1b0 403-577-2386 fax 403-577-2388 Castor Sheet Metal Plumbing Heating & A/C 4901-50 St Castor AB 403 882 3388 24 Hour On-Call Service: 403-740-2535 Alberta Press Council Do you have a concern or complaint about a newspaper article or ad? If after bringing your concerns to the attention of this newspaper, you are not satisfied, you may contact the Alberta Press Council at or toll free in Alberta at 1-888-580-4104 for information. There have been 11 ice ages, including the one referred to in Mr. Danis’s letter, going back about two and a half billion years. Turn to CO2, Pg 6 Joyce Webster Publisher/Editor Professional Directory 410 2nd Avenue West, Hanna, AB JEFF M.FAUPEL, B. Mgmt., C.A. MONICA N. FAUPEL, B. Mgmt., C.A. Three Hills - Tues. Coronation - Wed. 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E C A r e v i e w H A N N A / C o r o N A t i o n / S t e t t l e r , A b O c t o b e r 1 2 ' 1 7 5 mail bag Democracy received a slap Dear Editor Regarding the upcoming election in the Town and County of Stettler, I would very much like to encourage eligible voters to examine the issues carefully and vote carefully for their choice of candidate who they wish to represent them at the municipal level for the next four years. Government affects all of us at the national, provincial and municipal levels and it is at the municipal level where our votes are most important. The County of Stettler voters have some very important decisions to make and as Canadians, need to realize how important their individual votes are in this particular upcoming election. County residents voted ‘NO’ in a vote of the electorate held Mon. June 27, regarding the wasteful expense and cost of the new county public works building. Exactly 1047 eligible voters weighed in on the issue at voting stations throughout the County, with 54 per cent of voters saying no to a new shop facility and 46 per cent of the voters saying yes. The County Shop building is historically the largest capital project ever undertaken by the County of Stettler. Never before had a plebiscite vote been necessary in the County of Stettler regarding such an important issue involving such a large expenditure of money. Within days of the plebiscite being defeated, the sitting County of Stettler councillors voted to proceed with the building project using money that was meant for necessary new roads to pay for the cost of the building project. Stettler County council bulldozed the majority vote and majority will of the public and spent a very large amount of money on a building that was much more than was needed. SHAME on the councillors for defying the will of the people in a legal vote. The government did not listen to the people. NOW is the time to make them listen. Every Canadian who believes in democracy needs SCRAP METAL PICKUP TIME TO CLEAN UP? Give us a call for FREE Scrap Metal Pickup. JACOB Cell: 780-679-8185 Home: 780-386-2455 Old Vehicles - Batteries - Copper - Aluminum BIG & SMALL - Will Pay For Some 17102DD0 to vote and make certain that none of the incumbent county council candidates are returned to office. Only Ernest Gendre was strong enough to stand up and vote against the spending frenzy of Stettler County councillors. Please, as a Canadian, I am asking the County of Stettler municipal voters to take this opportunity and vote the incumbent councillors out of office. Democracy has received a slap in the face and voters need to stand up for Canada and for democracy. Christine McGhee, former County resident Rimbey, Ab. Familiar Faces you have come to Know & Trust Hugh McLarty Heather Caseley Judy Lindmark Craig Caseley Central Alberta Family Funeral Services Ltd. Diane Zinger 780-384-2215 FALL CLEARANCE SALE! Starts October 10 Up to 70% off *Winter Jackets * Pants * Boots * Gloves * Mitts * Helmets * Goggles Youth - Ladies - Mens • Sizes: Youth XS to Adult 6XL ALL Motocross Gear 50% OFF Jerseys * Pants * MX boots * Gloves FACTORY AUTHORIZED CLEARANCE SALE ON NOW Over 160 new Snowmobiles, Rangers, RZRs, Quads & Trailers in stock Clearance Prices on 2017 Inventory No additional charges for freight, set-up, PDI, doc fees, etc FINANCING AVAILABLE! 3.99% for 60 months O.A.C. Wide selection of used units to choose from! TRAILERS Snow, Cargo, Utility and Enclosed ALCOM • PJ • HARVEST • FULL LOTUS CELEBRATING 28 YEARS WITH POLARIS! OPEN HOUSE Saturday, Oct 21, 10 am - 6 pm Visit our website for prices on new & used units: Cross-Country Sales & Service Ltd. 11562 Twp Rd 442 • 4 miles East of Sedgewick Golf Course 780-384-2215 Model 70 Extreme Weather SS Exception bolt-action hunting rifle for adverse weather, Bell and Carlson stock, aluminum bedding block, matte stainless action and fluted barrel, M.O.A. trigger system, Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. Get extreme accuracy under any conditions. The Model 70 Extreme Weather Stainless utilizes a Bell and Carlson lay-up composite stock that provides a solid feel and features trim and lightweight ergonomics. It has a textured charcoal gray matte finish for rugged good looks and improved grip in adverse conditions. The sculpted cheekpiece helps insure proper eye-to-scope alignment from any shooting position. The thick, black Pachmayr® Decelerator® pad helps take the felt recoil bite out of high performance magnum cartridges. Bashaw Sports Main St.,Bashaw • 780-372-4440