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Page 4 GO & EXPRESS GOT A NEWS STORY? Call our news desk on (043) 702-2125. Find us on Facebook April 12, 2018 GO! IN KING E-mail: Rescuers in frantic bid to save young Cape Parrot Dr Kate Carstens THE Cape Parrot Project, which is based in Hogsback and extends to nearby King William’s Town, is involved in a battle to save the life of a young Cape Parrot. The bird accidentally fell from its nest, 25m above ground in Hogsback in January, when trying to beg from one of its parents flying p a st . Research manager Cassie Carstens was watching the nest and saw the incident, managing to save the chick which had miraculously survived the fall. A veterinarian gave the bird a clear bill of health and it was taken to the Carstens’ home. The bird did not have any flight feathers, only a full covering of white fluffy down feathers and a good covering of feathers on its head. The Carstens tried to think of ways to return the bird to its nest but then started wondering why, if the other chicks from the nest had fledged, this chick had not. They realised it was suffering from Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease which affects the immune systems in Desmond Coetzee King man does not let grass grow under his feet like BCM DESMOND COETZEE A KING William’s Town contractor became a hero after he stepped in when local authorities had failed to prepare the soccer field for a scheduled Safa Buffalo City SAB league game in Breidbach at the weekend. The field was in a poor state with tall grass and no markings prior to the match between local club Rising Stars and Mdantsane’s Willows, which currently occupy fourth and third place on the log respectively. According to Safa rules and regulations, the responsibility lies with the home team to ensure that Chick fell 25m from nest in Hogsback parrots, budgies and other psittacines and causes feather loss. The Cape Parrot species is down to only 1700 individuals and only found in South Africa. “Everything is going against them. Forests are shrinking and most of their nest trees were cut down decades ago for furniture and railway sleepers. “For these parrots to be able to get enough food, they sometimes have to travel far in rain and strong winds, fighting to get to their feeding ground, finding exotic food sources not good for them, and flying back by nightfall. “When they are away feeding, some of them get caught for the illegal pet trade, some of them are so sick they cannot fly home, “ Kate said. As the vet had indicated that it was unlikely that the young parrot would ever be able to fly and with no cure for the disease, they are trying to strengthen his immune s y st e m . They are also calling on King residents to look out for the Cape Parrot in the area the field is in a playable condition. Gavin “Maghan” Rose of Rose Transport and Construction said he was still at work when he was approached by Stars executive member and goalkeeper Dean “Lopez” Jasson to assist them by cutting the grass for their game. “Lopez explained their predicament and asked for assistance, so I acted and completed the job in less than an hour. I also help out at the local primary school free of charge. I feel that it is my way to plough back into the community although I strongly condemn the and to report sickly-looking birds on or by calling or whatsapping 07 9 - 6 2 1 - 8 67 7 . municipality for not doing what they are suppose to do.” Lopez said the Buffalo City Metro was responsibility for the maintenance of the field. “It was a crisis when I arrived and saw my players Donations to the project can be made online via the website http : / /www.wildbirdtrust .com /donations / liming the lines instead of warming up. The game was of paramount importance to us as we are still in contention for the league and cannot allow a situation where we give away soft points on a silver tray.” WORKING TOGETHER: Organisers of the evening of song fundraiser were, from left, Veronique Poovan, Cherelle Williams, Clarissa Onverwacht and Badronessa Lottering Picture: DESMOND COETZEE NPO hosts evening of song fundraiser THE Palace of Hope non-profit organisation staged a successful evening of song as a fundraiser at the Ephesians Mission Church in East London last weekend. Among the highlights were live performances by solo artists Coleen Frans, Simonè Van De Venter, Lu Ann Saunders and Gillietta “Fifi” Gysman as well as groups such as Mario Martin and Back up the Standards, NU Direction under the leadership of Wayne Fourie, Ephesians Mission Church and the Trinity Baptist Worship teams. Palace of Hope secretary Jocelyn Christian said the event was aimed at raising funds in aid of their HERE TO HELP: Rising Stars soccer club members help to clean up a soccer field in anticipation of a match in Breidbach at the weekend Picture: SUPPLIED Comment from BCM spokesman Samkelo Ngwenya, ANC ward 44 councillor Sixolisiwe Ntsasela and groundsman Clifford Williams had not been received at the time of going to press. vision and mission statement, “Reaching out to those in need and making a difference to their lives.” “We are so grateful because these groups voluntarily performed without charging us. We would like to thank Josh Goss who came from Komani for his contribution to the success of our event,” C h r i st i a n said. Palace of Hope NPO with its logo: “Where hope is given true meaning” is formed on the principles of Christian ministry with youth empowerment and assistance in overcoming drug addiction among its main tasks. Last year members visited local havens and charity organisations and handed over clothing and painted the children’s playing equipment at Salem Baby Care. We e k e n d weather THE weekend ahead will not be very conducive to outdoor activities, so it might be a good idea to get hold of a good book or check out the TV schedules. This morning will be partly cloudy with brief showers and a thunderstorm is likely in the afternoon. Temperatures are forecast to range between 17 and 25°C. Tomorrow there will again be intermittent showers during the afternoon, but it will be partly cloudy throughout the day. The morning temperature will be 12°C, rising to 26°C. Saturday will be cloudy and cool all day. It will start at a decidedly cool 7°C and the maximum will be only 18°C. On Sunday the sun will break through at times and at other times it will be cloudy. Temperatures are expected to be 11 and 21°C. –w w w. a c c u w e a t h e r. c o . z a

April 12, 2018 For all your advertising needs call Cheryl on (043) 702-2031,Wezley (043) 702 2048 or Terry (043) 702 2122 Find us on Facebook GO & EXPRESS Page 5 GO!PEOPLE Q: Tell us about your occup ation? A: I am a self-employed young entrepreneur who has a company, Ukhanyiso Projects and Events. I am also involved in a new supplement and nutrition shop, Olympus Cafe, at the Mdantsane Motion Fitness Gym. Q: What inspires you? A: I have a passion for people. I always seek oppor tunities not just for BULELANI NTSANGANI my benefit, but for the benefit of people at large. I am passionate about the youth, women development and empowerment. Every time I see a person thriving or growing who I’ve touched or motivated, it fuels me to work harder. Q: Which people alive or dead would you love to have dinner with? A: Mark Zuckerberg – I would love to find out how he overcame the challenges of starting something which had previously not been heard of, turning it into one of the biggest enterprises in the world. I would also like to hear his views on the changing front of business, and maybe he can assist me to adapt and to try be ahead of the changes. Also, Nelson Mandela, because I would love to hear what kept him going and how, through all the adversity, he managed to become one of the world’s biggest icons. I would also love to hear the stories of his time on this Earth. Lastly, it would definitely be Richard Branson. He is an inspiration and an amazing entrepreneur. His advice would assist me in developing my business and also business in the Eastern Cape. Q: What makes you proud of your city? A: Anyone who knows me knows I am passionate about Buffalo City. I’m even a part of the leadership of the Kwanele People Movement Agenda Seven, a movement that is all for the advancement of societal service delivery needs, growth and development within the metro. Buffalo City is a beautiful city and it is time Calvary church celebrates for youth to take pride in, and to participate in the growth and development of this city. I would not want to be anywhere else. We have everything here. Q: What makes you proudly South African? A: One of the most beautiful things about South Africa is the fact that South Africa is its people and the people are South Africa. We are diverse in culture, religion and many other aspects, but we have managed to keep the country growing. We have our challenges as a country, but this can only truly be solved through unity. MADELEINE CHAPUT THE Easter weekend saw some wonderful celebrations at Calvary Christian Church with three unique worship services. Attracting more than 1100 people, Calvar y’s Good Friday service hosted the live Easter production titled Six Hours That Changed the World, which shared the message of Jesus’ crucifixion. Resurrection Sunday was celebrated with a special water baptism service in which 26 people were baptised. Following the Sunday morning service, Calvary Kids enjoyed a huge Easter egg hunt with more than 2500 chocolate eggs to be found. WORSHIP: Calvary Christian Church hosted more than 2750 people across its three worship services over the Easter weekend Picture: SUPPLIED The Easter weekend for Calvary ended off with a screening of the feature film, The Case for Christ, based on the New York Times best-seller by Lee Stroebel. “For followers of Jesus, Easter is the most significant weekend in the Christian calendar,” Calvary lead pastor, Dustan Bell said. “Christianity rises and falls upon the fact of Jesus’ death and resurrection; it’s the hinge of history. “At Calvary, our passion is to communicate the timeless message of Jesus, with a timely touch, so that it’s understood and appreciated by younger generations,” Bell said. Throughout the Easter weekend, Calvary hosted more than 275 0 people, experiencing its l a r g e st c o n g r e g at i o n . “Though many people would say the church is becoming increasingly irrelevant in modern society, this weekend showed us the message of Jesus is as relevant as ever.”

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