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Catalogue Chamos Art Gala

gala committee Mariana

gala committee Mariana Cárdenas Antonio D’Apuzzo Valentina Delgado María Inés Gómez Miguel Gómez Anne Farkas Adriana Mendoza Graciela Muci Dana Noya Mario Palencia Mary Pérez Samantha Reyes María Antonieta Rodríguez Tamara Rodríguez Mariana Siblesz Iberia Torres Paola Wycke collaborators and other donors Carolina Briceño Colección Sammy Sayago Cruz-Diez Art Foundation Maddox Arts Rafael and Graciela Muci Gabriela Rodríguez Gabi Torres graphic design Patricia Álvarez London, April 2018 None of this could have been possible without the contributions of the artists who donated their work.

This year, chamos - In Aid of the Children of Venezuela is focusing its fundraising efforts via the Art Gala 2018. Thank you for being a part of it! We have pulled together a list of known artists as well as emerging talent, with different approaches to art and with a broad spectrum of media. We hope that you enjoy the evening while helping chamos contribute to the development and social transformation of Venezuelan children. chamos is a non-profit registered charity managed by a group of volunteers with strong ties to Venezuela. We support education and community development programs through trusted local NGOs. In the past few years, some of the projects chamos has supported range from providing infrastructure and technical equipment for a children’s hospital, to sponsoring a program that brings together young people from local communities through participatory design to transform public spaces. There are many more projects and you can learn more about chamos and what we do via our website:

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