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Going Green – Experiencing the Ecomobile Lifestyle

ISBN 978-3-86859-512-3

Daily journey on three

Daily journey on three wheels Riding a motorbike with a wheeled sidecar has been the only means of getting around together for the couple, both physically impaired and unable to use normal motorbikes which require putting feet firmly on the ground to hold the vehicle when it is not moving. Every day in the afternoon, except in bad weather, Mr. Hung takes a walk with Ms. Chen. Travelling by Mr. Hung’s motorbike with sidecar, they embark on their familiar route—worshipping at Daitian Temple to greet Mr. Hung’s divine “father”, taking a peek at the harbor view at Xinbin Wharf, and chilling out in the tender breeze at Sizihwan coast while waiting to watch the area’s famous sunset. When the much-awaited weekly table tennis practice finally approaches, the couple get dressed in light red sports shirts and ride to a city-center elementary school outside Hamasen, roughly 4.5 kilometers from their home. 40

Going Green A two-seat, four-wheel electric mobility scooter would have been the most suitable vehicle for Mr. Hung with which to try out the ecomobile lifestyle during the ecomobility month. Unfortunately, only a single-seat electric mobility scooter became available for him to try out this mobility option. Mr. Hung enjoyed the soft and quiet ride with the mobility scooter when he moved around in the neighborhood alone. However, he was missing two features. With a speed limited to twenty kilometers per hour the vehicle would be too slow for moving in general road traffic in Kaohsiung. And with only a single seat, the mobility scooter wouldn’t allow ventures with his girlfriend. The lesson to take away from this experience is that the wide array of small electric vehicles that exist in principle, but are not available in practice, should be showcased and made available to people for testriding in every town. • 41