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"Printing Tips and Best

"Printing Tips and Best Practices" available on request from Knight Abbey. All information contained in this guide compiled and created by Knight Abbey and may not be recreated without permission. Contact Knight Abbey at 800.844.6552 or More than just a printer ©2017 Knight Abbey

Tips & Hints PACKAGE In InDesign, go to File › Package when job is finished. “Copy Fonts”, “Copy Linked Graphics”, “Include IDML” and “Include PDF” should all be checked. Watch out for any warning messages. If any changes are made to the document after it is packaged, it must be re-packaged. Compress the packaged file and avoid using special characters or spaces in the file name. BLEEDS If the project bleeds, include 1/8” bleed on every element that touches a page edge. CLEAN UP Remove all unnecessary elements, including unused colors, hidden or non-printing layers and pasteboard items. IMAGES Make sure images are CMYK or PMS spot colors and at least 300 dpi at 100%. Do not use JPEG or RGB images. PANEL SIZES Check all panels for even folding, and set all inside folding panels to trim 1/16” shorter than the panel they fold into. RICH BLACK & INK LIMITS Our preferred rich black build is C=40, M=30, Y=20, K=100. Use it for large, solid areas of black ink. If creating your own black mix, make sure the total ink coverage does not exceed 280% ink. NEVER use registration black. Optimal ink coverage is never more than 300% in any area or on any element in the design Coated papers can have coverage up to 330% ink coverage, though 280% is recommended. Exceptions to this are specialty coated papers such as Stardream, Petallics, etc. These papers should have no more coverage than 200%. Uncoated papers should have no more than 240 - 260% coverage Envelopes cannot bleed on 4 sides unless they are converted. Coverage on conventional envelopes can also be limited. if conventional envelopes bleed, Ink can build up and offset to the back on large runs. DIELINES Create all dielines, varnish plates, spot UV, embossing, and foil dies in Adobe Illustrator as vector files (EPS, AI or PDF) and set them to overprint. Make them spot colors and name them (i.e. “Dieline”). Cut lines are solid, fold lines are dashed and perf lines are dotted. See “Producing Dielines” for further instructions.

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