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Day 11. Great White lake

Day 11. Great White lake The day starts with the drive to Tsetserleg town, where the guide will buy fresh food for the upcoming days. Visit Arkhangai Museum, and have lunch in the Fairfield Cafe run by the local community. Then continue to Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur, a volcanic lake ringed by stark rocky mountains. On the way we will take you to Chuluut River and the Khorgo Volcano. There are many natural highlights to explore in this area. Accomodation will be at a family ger camp. Day 12. Great White Lake You can wander along the shoreline or hike up into the volcanic mountains for amazing views. Have a relaxing day to yourself. Washing and laundry services might be available at one of the camps - please ask your guide for the details of extra services. Stay at a family ger camp. Day 13. Enroute to Khuvsgul Province (300km) After early morning breakfast, start driving towards Khuvsgul province and camp on the way (there is also the option to stay with a local family if it is raining). Day 14. Khuvsgul Lake First stop of the day will be Murun town, capital of Khuvsgul. Stock up on food from the local market, then continue to the lake. Arrive at Lake Khuvsgul which is known as the Dark Blue Pearl among beautiful mountains. There are 96 rivers and streams that flow into the lake, including the Egiin River, which then joins the Selenge along its eventual path to Lake Baikal. Lake Khuvsgul is 136 km long and 36 km wide, 262 meters deep, and located at an altitude of 1645m above sea level. Taiga fauna and flora, as well as the Tsaatan people, who practice reindeer breeding, are among the main attractions. The lake is on an important migration route for birds from Siberia, thus facilitating marvelous opportunities for bird watching. Accomodation will be at a local ger camp. Day 15. Khuvsgul Lake Take the opportunity to relax and truly appreciate the surrounding landscape. We will take you boat riding on the Sukhbaatar boat for about an hour before lunch. After lunch you will start the 5km hike in the mountain range. If you feel tired, you are welcome stay and relax in the peaceful surroundings. Dinner will be made by a local family local. Day 16. Khuvsul Lake After breakfast, the horse trek will start, and continue for 5 hours, with a picnic lunch, and a visit to the Tsaatan people camp. Horse riding will be along the lake and on certain trails. Accommodation will be at a family ger camp Day 17. Selenge River After a hearty breakfast, the trip will begin at 7am. We have long drive to our Selenge river camping spot. Picnic lunch will be prepared by the guide. The final destination, the Selenge River is one of the most lush and beautiful parts of Mongolia. The Selenge River is a major river in Mongolia, which flows into Lake Baikal and has a length of 992 km. Camping will be by the river. Day 18. Amarbaysgalant Monestary Another early morning starts at 7am after breakfast. Drive through the town of Erdenet, the third largest city for a lunch break, and then continue to Amarbayasgalant Monastery which is one of the three largest Buddhist monastic centers in Mongolia. The monastery was established and founded by the order of the Manchu emperor Enkh-Amgalan Khan to serve as a final resting place for Zanabazar. Today, 28 temples remain. The monastery and the beautiful scenery of the mountain range, just north of Amarbayasgalant, is always a favourite with travellers. Stay in a local ger camp. Day 19. Travel back to UB Return to Ulaanbaatar with nothing but fond memories, enjoying a Mongolian lunch on the way and one last day in the wild! (380km drive) The driver will take you to your accommodation. Enjoy rest of your travels! Talk to Us: +976 99643242 Write to Us: Read About Us:

DAY ALTAI MOUNTAIN TREK Tour Overview Western Mongolia holds some of Asia’s most beautiful and unspoiled wilderness where the snow-capped Altai Mountains tower above remote forests, lakes and rivers. Teeming with wildlife, including endangered snow leopards and antelopes, this region contains the most impressive of Mongolia’s mountain scenery and is a prime destination for adventurous climbers and hikers. Visitors with an interest in Central Asia’s ancient history are drawn by the burial markers and mysterious “stone men” found throughout the province, monuments to the tribes who roamed the Altai in ancient times. The frozen remains of a Scythian warrior were recently found near Altai Tavan Bogd Park, and a wealth of prehistoric rock paintings have been discovered in the caves and mountains of Mongolia’s ‘Wild West’. Essential Information Highlights • Kasakh Eagle Huntress- family stay • Explore Altai Mountains • Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain • Khoton Khurgan Lake • Baga Turgen Waterfall • Ulgii Town Accommodation As a Mongolian company we prefer to support Nomadic/local families financially, and help support their livelihoods. We are sure this resonates with our travellers who enjoy engaging with their culture in the mountains. It is therefore our preference to stay with these families if they have an extra Ger. As well as directly supporting local herders, you can experience this rich traditional way of life first hand. Tour price-per person • 1-person US$ 2,330 per person • 2-people US$ 1430 per person • 3-people US$ 1130 per person • 4-people US$ 960 per person • 5-people US$ 860 per person • 6-people US$ 760 per person Not Included xx Travel insurance xx International flights xx Alcoholic & soft drinks xx Any other personal expenses or additional services Transport • Russian Van: Steel Russian vans with seats facing each other, ideal for adventure seeking travellers (max 6 people) • Japanese Van: Family type van with comfortable seats and air conditioning (max 4 people) • Land Cruiser: Comfortable speedy ride with air conditioning (max 2 people) Price Included • Domestic flight • Airport drop off and pick up • Transport in Bayan-Ulgii • English speaking Tour Guide • Accommodation at nomadic family Gers and camping in the Altai Mountains • Meals (Breakfast x 8, Lunch x8. Dinner x8) • Entrance fees/Local Taxes/Border Permission • Horse Riding • Camping and Cooking Equipment • Mineral water/Tea/coffee

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