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3 Day Orkhon Valley Tour

3 Day Orkhon Valley Tour Overview On this 3 Day tour, you will experience Central Mongolian culture, and how the Khalkh people live. The richly historic Orkhon river basin is the cradle of Central Asia’s unique nomadic Culture which has developed in harmony with the natural landscape and social environment since prehistoric times. There are a variety of historic sites and ruins, including monuments, monasteries and temples of outstanding cultural value. The Orkhon Valley bears an exceptional testimony of the existence of human beings in Central Asia. Departure Time & Place Tour departure times can be flexible, however, 8 am on the morning of departure is recommended. The driver and guide can pick you up from the airport, train station, or your accommodation to suit your requirements. Accommodation As a Mongolian company we prefer to support Nomadic families financially, and help support their livelihoods. We are sure this resonates with our travellers who enjoy engaging with their culture on The Steppe. It is therefore our preference to stay with these families if they have an extra Ger. As well as directly supporting local herders, you can experience this rich traditional way of life first hand. Essential Information Activity • Camel riding • Horse riding • Hiking • Historical sites • Cultural experiences Highlights • Khustai - National Park • Khogno Khan Mountain • Kharkhorin - Ancient capital city • Erdene Zuu – Monastery • Ogii lake - Khar Bukhiin Balgas Transport Tour Price Per Person Price Included • Transport (Tour Distance covered - 900 km) • Tour Guide • Accommodation at family run guesthouse and nomadic family Gers • 3 Meals a day (Breakfast-3 Lunch-3 Dinner-2) • Entrance Fees/Local Taxes • Horse & camel riding 1 hour each • Mineral water/Tea/coffee Not Included • Geological sites • Archaeological sites • Swimming • Ger stay Russian Purgon: Steel Russian vans with seats facing each other, ideal for adventure seeking travellers (max 6 people) Japanese van: Family type van with comfortable seats and air conditioning (max 4 persons) Land cruiser: Comfortable speedy ride with air conditioning (max 2 persons) 1-person US$ 890 per person 2-people US$ 490 per person 3-people US$ 420 per person 4-people US$ 360 per person 5-people US$ 310 per person 6-people US$ 280 per person xx Travel insurance xx International flights xx Alcoholic & soft drinks xx Any other personal expenses or additional services

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