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BassPlayer 2017-01

BassPlayer 2017-01


LINK FACE TECH PLAY LEARN B BASS NOTES i INFO LISTEN Ida Nielsen, Turnitup [] Ida Nielsen Funk Goddess By Jon D'auria | In the mere blink of an eye, Ida Nielsen went from being an aspiring bass player in her small town in Denmark to touring the globe as Prince’s sidewoman, gaining command of over 300 songs from his exhaustive catalogue and communicating them to massive crowds. Along the way, Nielsen absorbed countless music and life lessons while fine-tuning her aggressively precise slap and fingerstyle techniques, ultimately finding her musical voice under the guidance of one of the greatest innovators in the history of music. Following her six-year stint with the Purple One, Nielsen set out to create an album that would convey her big personality and deep musical aura. Perhaps not so coincidentally, she opted to sing and play all of the instruments herself. The result is Turnitup, a 14-track funk joyride with high-spirited vibes and enough bass magic to make low-enders repeatedly hit rewind, while also doubling as a party-anthem playlist for EQUIP Bass Sandberg California Ida Nielsen Signature 4-string Rig TC Electronic Blacksmith, TC Electronic RS410 & RS212 (x2) Pedals TC Electronic Polytune 2, SpectraComp, and Sub ’N’ Up Octaver, DOD Envelope Filter 440 Strings DR Strings Hi Beams 18 / january2017

...It’s ELECTRIC! You can FEEL it in the air… that moment when you and your bass really connect. With re-imagined designs, premium construction and exceptional playability, the new Mitchell bass guitars are the perfect conduit between inspiration, performance and emotion… it’s Electric.

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