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New Joiners: An

New Joiners: An Additional Value for ISG Human resources – Training & Development department has been in charge of the internship of the young university students prior to their recruitment for Sonatrach. This operation of internship is now at its end with 93%. The recruitment process has already started a couple of months ago and is now at 83%. This recruitment operation is a major move forward for ISG in terms of operational resources. Huge efforts were deployed by ISG’s management for achieving this milestone as logistics and training departments have proved their full dedication to provide their full support in this regard. Throughout the two years internship, the mentors have shown good example, hard work, perseverance, integrity, outstanding leadership and guidance to groom the MSPs to be sound professionals. MSP’s training and recruitment is without doubt a valuable asset and an additional value for ISG. Their thesis and reports demonstrate a strong will to move forward and a promising future for In Salah Gas project and Sonatrach as a whole. Internal Trainings ISG demonstrates a commitment to keeping employees on the cutting edge of knowledge and practice as the management is convinced training is crucial for the company development and its success. Huge efforts have been made within ISG to improve the performance of its employees and ensure their continuous development in terms of leadership skills, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes, efficiency and productivity. In addition to providing a consistent experience and knowledge of tasks and procedures, trainings also help in eliminating the employee’s weaknesses and hence reducing errors and accidents. Internal training courses are delivered by internal coaches and trainers. More than 1450 training actions were undertaken in 2017: -Technical reading/ Cause and Effect. - Energy isolation. -Process safety. - Delta barrier. Special rewards are given to those who had the best results to encourage excellence and perfection. ISG Trainings 06

HSE Synergi Life Synergi Life is a powerful software tool for risk and incident management that ISG is using for reporting of HSE inputs and tracking actions. The goal is to report, investigate and follow up cases and actions so that management and administrators have immediate information which can be translated into a dashboard and/or statistics, ensuring that resources are efficiently and effectively used to reduce risk and prevent loss across the whole spectrum of HSSE. Two training sessions were delivered by DNV-GL, in November 2017 and January 2018 to: Train the trainer to use this new interface (For basic / extensive users), so they can train ISG staff for cases registration and follow up (Synergi inputs). Take out information (Synergi outputs) and understand how to interpret the statistics and trend analyse them. Deploy Local administrators for the system to cover all ISG sites. ISG is reaping the fruit of what was sown: Many training sessions were organized to empower the Safety Observation / Safety Conversation process and facilitate the interaction with this new interface. HIPO (incidents with potential severity 1 or 2) Open actions tracking and follow up. Incidents Open actions (Severity 3 and below) tracking and follow up: 61% improvement for the actions closure since the tracker was deployed on 21st of January 2018. The contribution of everyone is important to fully exploit this powerful system. Synergi Life new interface 07