All Stars 2018

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Meet Derek Powers and<br />

other ALL STARS who are<br />

making an impact in the<br />

region’s business sectors.





3 Sam Jones<br />

4 Derek Powers<br />

5 Nathan Vanderweide<br />


6 Chris Biechler<br />

8 Laura Tietz<br />



10 Linsey Eiben<br />

12 Diana Rodriguez<br />


20 Alison LaGrange<br />

22 Abby Siek<br />


24 Cody Metz<br />

26 Madison Williams<br />


28 Chad Peska<br />



No matter where you are from in our seven-county area of Benton, Cedar,<br />

Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington counties, we’re all part<br />

of a larger community known as the Iowa City Cedar Rapids Region<br />

(ICR IOWA). We share many of the same needs that are<br />

central to the overall strength of our area. A major factor<br />

behind that strength is our local economy and workforce.<br />

Kirkwood Community College has always been a<br />

leader in developing our region’s talent pipeline. Over<br />

time, that role has grown from technical training to<br />

modern-day career exploration and advancement with<br />

proven educational programs. Today, Kirkwood partners<br />

with industry leaders to develop relevant curriculum for<br />

Mick Starcevich in-demand careers. Businesses get the well-trained staff<br />

they need and members of our community get goodpaying<br />

jobs. It’s a win-win situation.<br />

These sector board partnerships support important<br />

initiatives to develop our workforce into a powerhouse<br />

that strengthens our local economy. The educators, industry<br />

professionals and community leaders in these groups<br />

bring their expertise to the table to support career pathways<br />

that will foster the growth of future <strong>All</strong> <strong>Stars</strong> like you<br />

see in this publication. They volunteer for these important<br />

Lori Sundberg partnerships, and I thank them all for their dedication.<br />

As you turn the pages of this magazine, you’ll meet a<br />

few of the most talented employees in some of the ICR IOWA’s most<br />

vital industries. Let these stories inspire you. Use them as examples of<br />

what YOU can do if you put your mind to it. If you’re ready to find YOUR<br />

future, or know someone who is, you’ll also find information on how<br />

Kirkwood guides students to reach career goals and how to get started.<br />

At the end of July, I will be retiring after 15 years at Kirkwood. It has<br />

been an honor to serve as president of this college – and I will certainly<br />

miss it. However, I take comfort in knowing that our next president,<br />

Dr. Lori Sundberg, is ready to continue the great work that has been<br />

done at Kirkwood for more than 50 years. This community will be in<br />

good hands for many years to come.<br />

Mick Starcevich<br />

President, Kirkwood Community College<br />

30 Alivea Carnahan<br />



11 How Can I Be an <strong>All</strong> Star?<br />

14 About Sector Boards/Resources<br />

15 Pathway to an <strong>All</strong> <strong>Stars</strong> Career<br />

31 <strong>All</strong> <strong>Stars</strong> Honorable Mentions<br />

Main Campus, 6301 Kirkwood Boulevard<br />

Southwest, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404<br />

(319) 398-5411 • www.kirkwood.edu<br />

A print product of the<br />

Corridor Business Journal<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

Shuva Rahim, Writer, Photographer & Video Producer<br />

Julia Druckmiller, Designer<br />

Judith Cobb, Media Consultant<br />

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2 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR


Interior Carpenter<br />

McCreedy-Ruth Construction<br />

Riverside, Iowa<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

I finish houses. I set doors, cabinets, and do all the<br />

interior stuff to make the finished home.<br />

What skills are important to do your job well?<br />

It’s important to have a strong work ethic and be<br />

adaptable. Things don’t always go as planned and<br />

you need to be able to adjust to new situations.<br />

What is a typical day like for you?<br />

Every day is different for me. When I’m building a<br />

house, finishing a house, I’ll usually come to the shop,<br />

meet with one of my guys, we’ll go to the house and<br />

work there all day depending on what we’re doing.<br />

We’re there all day or I’ll be here. I do a lot of finish<br />

spraying and painting, so sometimes I’ll be here for a<br />

couple of hours doing that and then I’ll go to my job<br />

site and work.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

I think the most interesting part is being able to create<br />

something out of nothing and being able to produce<br />

an end product. I really like to build custom things<br />

that go into either remodels or new houses. I like to<br />

build furniture and different kinds of custom aspects<br />

of the house, such as benches and mantels.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

I think the most rewarding part is to make people’s<br />

dreams come true and make something they really<br />

wanted in their home.<br />

What’s one thing you do with your job most people<br />

don’t realize?<br />

Most people don’t realize how involved I am with the<br />

customers on a day-to day basis. A lot of times it’s just<br />

me and the customers talking about what they want<br />

and then us getting it done and making it happen.<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

What was your career path?<br />

I started working for a construction company in<br />

high school and then I decided to go to Kirkwood<br />

for the construction management degree. I got<br />

hired by McCreedy-Ruth for my internship my freshman<br />

year of college and I’ve been here ever since.<br />

What attracted you to this industry?<br />

When I started working in construction in high<br />

school, I really enjoyed it and felt like it was something<br />

I was good at and I could make a career. So,<br />

after going to Kirkwood, I kept learning different<br />

things every day. I enjoyed learning more about the<br />

industrial and construction industry.<br />

What advice would you give someone interested<br />

in going into construction?<br />

To be successful in the construction industry, you’re<br />

going to have to be willing to work hard, put in<br />

some long hours and basically do a lot of different<br />

things in order to get the job done. You also have<br />

to be very detail-oriented and produce good quality.<br />

Every aspect of your job should be your best,<br />

so the homeowner in the end is happy about every<br />

little part of the house. H<br />


<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 3



Architectural Associate<br />

& Digital Media Manager<br />

Martin Gardner Architecture<br />

Marion, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

We are people and community members who love<br />

problem-solving and design. We specialize in planning,<br />

design and creative place-making, and have<br />

made our home in Eastern Iowa for 35 years.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

I work with architects, project managers and<br />

our entire design team on various project types<br />

throughout all phases of design. I work on schematic<br />

designs, construction document preparation,<br />

building information modeling and product team<br />

coordination. I also specialize in presentation drawings,<br />

architectural renderings, 3-D modeling and<br />

other various forms of digital media.<br />

What skills are important to do your job well?<br />

Learning to adapt to various situations and opportunities<br />

has helped me a lot. I do my best to listen,<br />

communicate, absorb information and create working<br />

solutions to challenges. I love that uncomfortable<br />

feeling of doing something new, and that’s how<br />

I know I’m learning and pushing to better myself.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

Working with all types of tools and technology to<br />

produce everything from construction documents<br />

to high-end renderings. Communicating through<br />

pictures and drawings is really exciting and challenging.<br />

With today’s rapid technological evolution,<br />

there’s always something to learn.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

Getting to meet and work with people from all<br />

backgrounds of life, and working on all kinds of<br />

projects and seeing how they evolve and positively<br />

impact the communities they reside in. It’s a great<br />

feeling and it serves as an excellent motivator to<br />

continue to work hard. I couldn’t imagine a better<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

staff to be a part of and it really feels like working with family.<br />

In addition, working with the ACE Sector Board – area<br />

professionals from architecture, construction, engineering<br />

– to help students find their own path to an ACE career is<br />

something that I find very rewarding.<br />

How did your interest in architecture begin?<br />

In my freshman year of high school I took a class called<br />

mechanical drafting. I learned about perspective drawing,<br />

drawing floor plans and a little bit about architecture. A few<br />

weeks into that class I was hooked and I knew right then<br />

that I absolutely wanted to be an architect. Throughout high<br />

school, I was very fortunate to have access to different types<br />

of architectural technology, from hand-drafting and creating<br />

real blueprints to 3-D modeling. None of it would’ve been<br />

possible without a teacher who was an incredible mentor<br />

and support from my family. Eventually, I chose to go to<br />

Iowa State for architecture.<br />

What’s a career obstacle you overcame and learned from?<br />

When I got to Iowa State, I thought I was prepared. In your<br />

first year, all students apply into the professional program. I<br />

didn’t get in the first time. That was a pivotal moment for me<br />

and reinforced that I really did want to become an architect.<br />

I worked really hard my second year and eventually I was<br />

accepted. So, that failure was tough to deal with at first. But<br />

then I figured failure is a great tool if you decide to use it.<br />

Overcoming my self-doubt, trusting myself to keep working<br />

hard and not giving up were important for me. I wasn’t the<br />

best student at first, but I just try to find a way to learn from<br />

my mistakes and get myself to where I want it to be. H<br />

4 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR

NATHAN<br />


Superintendent<br />

Iowa Bridge & Culvert<br />

Washington, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

We build bridges, culverts, water treatment and<br />

wastewater treatment facilities for state, county and<br />

city municipalities.<br />


What are your job duties?<br />

I’m responsible for coordinating with suppliers, subcontractors<br />

and my crew to make sure projects are<br />

done safely, on schedule and within budget.<br />

What skills are important to do your job well?<br />

It’s important to have a strong work ethic and be<br />

adaptable. Things don’t always go as planned and<br />

you need to be able to adjust to new situations.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

The most interesting part is seeing the new ways<br />

engineers and architects are using concrete to build<br />

innovative, new structures.<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

The most rewarding part of the job is knowing that when<br />

you leave a project, it’ll still be used in 60 years.<br />

What was your path to get to where you are today?<br />

I started with the company shortly after graduating high<br />

school. I got on-the-job training and industry-specific<br />

training courses.<br />

What attracted you to this industry?<br />

I have a lot of family who work here. I have three uncles<br />

and father who all have over 30 years at the company.<br />

Two cousins worked for the company and my grandpa retired<br />

from here. So, I grew up learning about bridges. H<br />

ACE Sector<br />

Median Hourly<br />

Earnings<br />

$<br />

25.18<br />

EMSI occupation employment data are based on final EMSI<br />

industry data and final EMSI staffing patterns. Wage estimates<br />

are based on Occupational Employment Statistics (QCEW and<br />

Non-QCEW Employees classes of worker) and the American<br />

Community Survey (Self-Employed and Extended Proprietors).<br />

Occupational wage estimates also affected by county-level EMSI<br />

earnings by industry.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 5



Production Manager<br />

Clickstop<br />

Urbana, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

Clickstop is a company that owns and operates business<br />

units of different sizes, serving multiple industries<br />

and markets. The largest business unit at the<br />

moment is our US Cargo Control brand. This is the<br />

brand that I work most closely with.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

I work with a team of people to ensure our customers<br />

receive quality products on time. It’s my job to<br />

make sure our team has the necessary equipment<br />

and resources to complete their job well, and to<br />

inspire our team to be great every day.<br />

What skills are important to do your job well?<br />

One of the things I need to do well with each and<br />

every day is really listening to our team to be able<br />

to understand their needs and make sure that I<br />

continue to provide them with the tools or opportunities<br />

they are looking for in their own careers. I<br />

support their needs the best I can and am there for<br />

them to lean on during the day when they’ve got<br />

ideas or things they need to share – not only workrelated,<br />

but also in their personal life.<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

I appreciate that no day is the same. Each day is a different<br />

opportunity to tackle a new challenge. Because<br />

the work varies, it usually leads into something that’s<br />

new, fun and exciting.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

Really, the most rewarding part of my job is the people<br />

I get to interact with every day. They challenge me<br />

to be a better person and better leader for them. I’m<br />

inspired to be great because of the people I work with,<br />

and the effort and the commitment they have to the<br />

success of our company.<br />

What was your career path to your current position?<br />

I spent most of my early career in retail management<br />

within the Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin areas. Clickstop<br />

was an opportunity for me to be closer to family.<br />

I started with Clickstop almost three years ago and<br />

have held various roles throughout the manufacturing<br />

department. I was excited to work at Clickstop because<br />

I wanted to work with a team of people that were<br />

committed to each other and each other’s successes.<br />

As a young company, getting to know the people that<br />

were involved in making this happen also drew me. The<br />

6 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR

culture is what has kept me here and makes<br />

me want to continue to do great things for<br />

this place.<br />

Why is safety important for your job?<br />

I have a background of working for a<br />

company that had safety top of mind at all<br />

times. So that has been ingrained in me.<br />

It’s not just being safe here at work, but<br />

keeping safety in mind when you’re outside<br />

of work. For example, if you’re working on<br />

a project at home, you should be wearing<br />

safety glasses or making sure that you have<br />

the right tool to perform the job. Those<br />

behaviors carry outside the Clickstop walls,<br />

too. But when we’re here, the important<br />

thing I tell everybody, is that my job is to<br />

make sure you go home to your family or<br />

loved ones, in the same way you came in<br />

that day. H<br />

Advanced Manufacturing Sector<br />

Median Hourly Earnings<br />

Machinists: $20.62<br />

Maintenance Workers Machinery: $21.33<br />

Production Workers: $22.46<br />

Sheet Metal Workers: $22.46<br />

Millwrights: $25.80<br />

Welders: $18.12<br />

CNC operators: $24.19<br />

EMSI occupation employment data are based on final EMSI industry data and final EMSI<br />

staffing patterns. Wage estimates are based on Occupational Employment Statistics (QCEW<br />

and Non-QCEW Employees classes of worker) and the American Community Survey (Self-<br />

Employed and Extended Proprietors). Occupational wage estimates also affected by countylevel<br />

EMSI earnings by industry.<br />

“<br />

Growth at Clickstop has been fueled<br />

by hiring people who work according<br />

to our values. Chris consistently<br />

operates according to the values<br />

of the impact he’s had on<br />

the Manufacturing Team.<br />

”<br />

- Jeremy Meyer<br />

Director of Manufacturing<br />

Jeremy Meyer<br />

Director of Manufacturing<br />

Chris Biechler<br />

<strong>2018</strong> <strong>All</strong>-Star<br />

Advanced Manufacturing Category<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 7



Job & Logistics Manager<br />

Barnes Manufacturing<br />

Cedar Rapids, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

We are a metal fabrication and machine shop<br />

doing everything from small to very large parts.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

My job duties are to write up orders and jobs.<br />

I order all the materials necessary for the jobs<br />

and converse with the customers, and I make<br />

sure that our shops have everything they need<br />

in order to do the job. When the job is finished,<br />

I handle all the shipping to get the parts<br />

where they need to go, including the packing<br />

slips and bills of lading. I also do general office<br />

duties. I help out with quoting by getting in<br />

material and subcontractor quotes.<br />

What skills are important to do your job well?<br />

I feel I’m detail-oriented and I have a long customer<br />

service background. My first job was in<br />

a movie theater in town and I worked there for<br />

four-and-a-half years. From there, I moved on<br />

to Ace Hardware in Marion and worked there<br />

for six years, ending my career there with two<br />

years in the store management position.<br />

What is interesting about your job?<br />

Every day is different. You never know what tomorrow’s<br />

going to bring. You don’t even know<br />

what today’s going to bring. You will come in<br />

thinking you’re going to do this, this and this<br />

and end up not even getting anywhere close to<br />

that because something else has come up.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

I love what I do and I don’t see it as work. I<br />

come to work every day and I’m excited to be<br />

here and I look back and think, ‘You know, five<br />

years ago I wouldn’t have ever seen myself<br />

here doing what I do, learning what I learned.’<br />

What are some obstacles you overcame to<br />

get to where you are today?<br />

It was a brand new industry for me. I wasn’t<br />

going to come in the gate knowing everything.<br />

I would say the biggest one was learning Auto-<br />

CAD. I had never heard of it, never touched it.<br />

So, I taught myself from online forums and an<br />

old book that my boss had.<br />

What qualities does it take to succeed in this<br />

industry?<br />

It helps to be detail-oriented, self-competent<br />

and willing to learn new things. H<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

8 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR




At Frontier Co-op, we are all about openness, teamwork,<br />

and honest communication. With a positive and supportive<br />

work environment, our employees thrive personally and<br />

professionally. Our growing organization provides a wealth of<br />

opportunities that allow you to decide what balance of work<br />

and life is best for you.<br />

Visit our website<br />

www.frontiercoop.com<br />

3021 78th Street<br />

Norway, IA 52318<br />





• Paid vacation/personal time, paid sick leave<br />

(no limit on accumulation), and 10 paid<br />

Federal holidays. Vacation time begins to<br />

accrue immediately on your start date.<br />

• Group health insurance plans, including<br />

dental, vision, and long-term care, with the<br />

majority of premiums paid by the Federal<br />

Government. Insurance may become<br />

effective as soon as the first, full pay period<br />

after beginning duty.<br />

• Term life insurance, with family and additional<br />

coverage options available<br />

• Health care and dependent care Flexible<br />

Spending Accounts<br />

• The Federal Employees’ Retirement System<br />

(FERS): a three-tier retirement plan composed<br />

of Social Security, FERS basic benefits, and<br />

the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) – government<br />

matching contributions up to 5%.<br />

Frontier is a growing provider of organic herbs and spices, and aromatherapy products, and<br />

we offer easy access to high-quality choices that are earth-friendly.<br />

I OWA CI TY VA HEA LTH CARE SYS T E M | 60 1 HW Y 6 WES T | IOWA CIT Y, IA 5 2 2 4 6<br />

C ALL 319.338.0581 EXTENSION 6727<br />


Congratulations,<br />

Laura Tietz!<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STAR<br />

barnesmfg.com<br />

560 31st Street, Marion, IA<br />

(319) 377-3442<br />

Custom Manufacturing | Painting and Finishing | Product Development | Capital Equipment Infrastructure | Architectural Steel<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 9



Account Manager<br />

TrueNorth<br />

Cedar Rapids, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

We create solutions for companies to protect and<br />

maximize their assets, resources and opportunities.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

I assist clients by being knowledgeable in the insurance<br />

industry so I can answer questions for them in<br />

regard to their policies. I work with insurance carriers<br />

and brokers to find the right product for insurance. I<br />

also work with new and upcoming account managers<br />

at TrueNorth and the risk management department<br />

to help them grow in the company and learn<br />

the industry.<br />

What skills are important to do your job well?<br />

Being organized is key. I have many different tasks<br />

during the day and get phone calls so I have to stop<br />

one thing and do another. As long as I stay organized,<br />

I can get what is needed in a timely fashion.<br />

Another quality is the eagerness to learn. TrueNorth<br />

gives us so many different opportunities to take<br />

classes or work with carriers to learn about products.<br />

So, I’m able to help the insured and educate them<br />

on what they’re purchasing.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

It’s something different every day. One day I can be<br />

working with a doctor who has decided that he’s<br />

going to fly across the United States to practice<br />

medicine and he needs coverage. And then the next<br />

day I can work with a municipality deciding if they’re<br />

going to build a $60 million building, so I can work<br />

with them trying to find the coverage they need to<br />

stay protected.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

The most rewarding part is helping others succeed. If one<br />

of our clients gets a new administrator in their office, they<br />

will call and I go through the insurance they currently carry.<br />

I can help educate the new administrator on what they<br />

have so they can explain that to their doctors, who are the<br />

owners of their company.<br />

What was your path to get to where you are today?<br />

I was at Kirkwood in the nursing program and had been<br />

working at TrueNorth part-time at the front desk. During<br />

nursing school, I figured out that wasn’t what I wanted to<br />

do, but I still wanted to be a part of the healthcare industry.<br />

There was an opening here on the professional liability<br />

team where I could work with hospitals and physicians<br />

– just in a different way. So, I finished with my two-year<br />

degree and then started here working on the other side of<br />

the healthcare industry.<br />

What are some community activities you’re involved in<br />

outside work?<br />

I was born and raised in Central City; now my husband<br />

and I are raising our family there. When I was a kid, there<br />

wasn’t much to get involved in until middle school. After<br />

I had children, I wanted to change that. My husband and<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

10 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR

I worked to create a basketball<br />

program for pre-K–second graders<br />

for eight weeks. After that,<br />

I wanted to start a running club<br />

for pre-K–eighth grade. I worked<br />

with the school to use the track,<br />

where we meet in June twice a<br />

week. I created a youth volleyball<br />

club for girls and boys, pre-K–<br />

sixth grade. I worked with the<br />

city and a theater director to put<br />

on a weeklong camp for third–<br />

sixth grades. We worked with<br />

the library and school to create a<br />

Reading Buddy Program for six<br />

weeks in the summer so older<br />

students meet with younger ones<br />

and read together. This summer<br />

we will start Central City Youth<br />

Golf for kids K–sixth grade. H<br />

How can I be an<br />

<strong>All</strong> Star?<br />

<strong>All</strong> <strong>Stars</strong> represent outstanding employees who are between<br />

the ages of 18-35 and have great stories to tell about their<br />

achievements. <strong>All</strong> Star and Honorable Mention winners<br />

represent careers within one of these industries:<br />

• Architecture, Construction, Engineering (ACE)<br />

• Advanced Manufacturing<br />

• Financial Service, Insurance, Customer Service<br />

• Healthcare<br />

• Information Technology<br />

• Transportation, Logistics<br />

<strong>All</strong> <strong>Stars</strong> can represent any career area within the six identified<br />

industries and are nominated by ICR, Iowa City/Cedar<br />

Rapids region employers and partners. Please see page 14<br />

for contact information.<br />

TO<br />



love<br />

IS TO<br />

WHAT YOU DO.<br />



on being selected as an<br />

ALL STAR by the Iowa City/<br />

Cedar Rapids Region Industry<br />

Sector Boards. TrueNorth is so<br />

proud to have you on our team!<br />


truenorthcompanies.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 11


DIANA<br />


Recruiting Manager<br />

Hibu<br />

Cedar Rapids, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

Hibu is a leading provider of digital marketing<br />

solutions to small businesses across the<br />

United States. We provide a comprehensive<br />

portfolio of services, including digital listings<br />

management, website design and development,<br />

search engine marketing and optimization,<br />

online and mobile display as well as social<br />

campaign creation and management. Hibu has<br />

simplified the digital marketing process, allowing<br />

clients to partner with a single provider to<br />

achieve their marketing objectives. Hibu is a<br />

Facebook Marketing Partner, Google Premier<br />

Partner, Yahoo Preferred Partner and Bing Ads<br />

SMB Select Partner.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

I’m responsible for developing and implementing<br />

recruiting strategies to identify and hire the<br />

best candidates to fulfill our company openings.<br />

This includes developing creative sourcing<br />

strategies and building relationships with<br />

candidates in the marketplace. I also help build<br />

community awareness through career fairs at<br />

universities and events, such as the Cedar Rapids<br />

Farmer’s Market and Uptown Friday Nights.<br />

What skills are important for you to do your<br />

job well?<br />

One of the most important aspects of my job<br />

is developing relationships with hiring managers<br />

and candidates. It is very important for me<br />

to understand the departments I support and<br />

provide a best-in-class experience for our candidates,<br />

from recruitment to onboarding. I also believe<br />

to be successful you must be determined, focused and<br />

resilient along with having the ability to multitask.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

There are a variety of exciting and interesting parts to<br />

my job. Not only do I get to work with top talent in the<br />

area and share my passion about Hibu, I also get to work<br />

with candidates who are just entering the marketplace.<br />

It’s so exciting to see their careers develop and grow<br />

within the organization. Doing my job well means I can<br />

effectively change the direction and success of Hibu by<br />

hiring high-value, diverse and innovative candidates.<br />

This means our products get to our clients faster and<br />

the talents of our employees set Hibu apart from the<br />

competition.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

Apart from hiring great talent and watching their careers<br />

develop, I also love being part of a company that<br />

gives back to the local community in a variety of ways. I<br />

am honored to co-lead our award-winning United Way<br />

campaign. My team and I are responsible for planning,<br />

organizing and implementing the campaign in the Cedar<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

12 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR

Rapids office. Each year we work hard to come up with new and fun<br />

events to keep our campaign creative and exciting. In the past six<br />

years Hibu has raised nearly $1.6 million for United Way’s efforts to<br />

help local communities like our own.<br />

What motivated you to pursue your career path?<br />

My parents instilled a value that education has the power to change<br />

your life. Because of their constant encouragement – even as a fulltime<br />

employee of Hibu and having the responsibilities of a single<br />

parent – I enrolled in the adult accelerated program at Kirkwood and<br />

subsequently earned my bachelor’s in Business Administration with<br />

honors from Mount Mercy University. I am proud to say I am a firstgeneration<br />

college graduate. H<br />

Customer Service,<br />

Financial Services and<br />

Insurance Sector<br />

Median Hourly<br />

Earnings<br />

$<br />

17.45<br />

GROWTH <strong>2018</strong>-2022<br />

Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage: +17%<br />

Claims Adjusters, Examiners, Investigators: +16%<br />

Bill and Account Collectors: +10%<br />

Credit Analysts: +10%<br />

Personal Financial Advisors: +8%<br />

Loan Officers: +5%<br />

EMSI occupation employment data are based on final EMSI industry data and final<br />

EMSI staffing patterns. Wage estimates are based on Occupational Employment<br />

Statistics (QCEW and Non-QCEW Employees classes of worker) and the American<br />

Community Survey (Self-Employed and Extended Proprietors). Occupational wage<br />

estimates also affected by county-level EMSI earnings by industry.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 13



Employer members of ICR,<br />

IOWA Sector Boards work to<br />

collectively develop workforce<br />

solutions tailored to an industry<br />

sector. Workforce solutions include<br />

developing and sustaining<br />

a comprehensive regional career<br />

pathway system that is targeted<br />

to meet the needs of the talent<br />

pipeline, employers and workers.<br />

Sector Boards use data to forecast<br />

labor needs and identify specific<br />

jobs and skill needs, develop career<br />

and training pathway maps,<br />

and develop workforce strategies<br />

that address supply and demand.<br />

These Sector Boards are<br />

employer-led, and membership<br />

is comprised of employers as well<br />

as economic development, workforce,<br />

education, nonprofit and<br />

community groups. The region’s<br />

six Sector Boards include:<br />

• Architecture, Construction,<br />

Engineering<br />

• Advanced Manufacturing<br />

• Financial Service, Insurance,<br />

Customer Service<br />

• Healthcare<br />

• Information Technology<br />

• Transportation, Logistics<br />

Through this partnership, the<br />

ICR, IOWA Sector Boards are able<br />

to collectively promote opportunities<br />

for training and employment<br />

for the region’s growing<br />

industry sectors through various<br />

activities and projects, including:<br />

• <strong>All</strong> <strong>Stars</strong><br />

• Job Fairs<br />

• Industry Tours<br />

• Employer Panels<br />


If you are interested in learning more about<br />

the ICR Sector Boards, or want to become<br />

an employer board member, please contact:<br />

Architecture, Construction, Engineering (ACE)<br />

Amy.Lasack@kirkwood.edu<br />

Advanced Manufacturing<br />

Barbara.Rawson@kirkwood.edu<br />

Financial Service, Insurance, Customer Service<br />

Judy.Stoffel@kirkwood.edu<br />

Healthcare<br />

Judy.Stoffel@kirkwood.edu<br />

Information Technology (IT)<br />

Gary.Vogt@kirkwood.edu<br />

Transportation, Logistics<br />

Ashley.Grimm@kirkwood.edu<br />

This could<br />

be you!<br />

Alpla’s success<br />

is driven by employee<br />

excellence.<br />

ALPLA, a place to learn and grow.<br />

Heather Quigley<br />

www.alpla.com<br />

(319) 337-8040<br />

Alpla’s <strong>All</strong> Star<br />

Iowa City EBM<br />

2258 Heinz Road<br />

Iowa City<br />

Iowa City ISBM<br />

2309 Heinz Road<br />

Iowa City<br />

14 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR




<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 15



Career Academies<br />

Explore careers and earn college credit while in high school!<br />

Kirkwood Career Academies give you hands-on experience in<br />

various fields while making progress on a college degree! Talk<br />

with your high school guidance counselor for more details.<br />

High School<br />

Completion<br />

Looking to earn your high school diploma? Kirkwood has<br />

many options for you to obtain your diploma and get<br />

started in your career. Learn more by talking to the High<br />

School Completion team.




Short-Term Career<br />

Training Opportunities<br />

Did you know you can get career training without spending<br />

a lot of time in the classroom? Advance your career with no<br />

lost time. Plus, several of the programs offered can go toward<br />

earning a college degree! Contact the Kirkwood Continuing<br />

Education or KPACE team for more information.<br />

Tuition Assistance<br />

Facing roadblocks to training? The GAP tuition assistance or<br />

KPACE pathway program are here to help! Contact Kirkwood<br />

Continuing Education, GAP or KPACE for more information.<br />

With more than 120 program options,<br />

plus agreements for direct admission to Iowa,<br />

Iowa State and UNI, a two-year degree from<br />

Kirkwood means finding your future has never<br />

been easier—or more affordable.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 17


STARTED?<br />

Here’s who to contact:<br />

Career Academies<br />

Contact your high school guidance counselor<br />

or go to www.kirkwood.edu/earncredit.<br />

High School Completion<br />

or Equivalency<br />

Call 319-784-1510 or go to www.kirkwood.edu/hs.<br />

Kirkwood Community College<br />

Call 319-398-5517 (toll free: 800-363-2220)<br />

or go to www.kirkwood.edu/admissions.<br />

Short-Term Career Training Opportunities<br />

Continuing Education<br />

Call 319-398-1022 or go to www.kirkwood.edu/ce.<br />

GAP Tuition Assistance<br />

Call 319-365-9474 ext. 31188, go to www.kirkwood.edu/gap<br />

or email skillstoemployment@kirkwood.edu.<br />

KPACE Pathway Training<br />

Call 319-784-1518 or go to www.kirkwood.edu/kpace<br />

or email kelly.foresman@kirkwood.edu.

IowaWORKS Job Seeker Ad (Outlines).pdf 1 4/12/<strong>2018</strong> 8:29:43 AM<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

iowaworks.gov<br />

CHAD W.<br />

Employee-Owner<br />

CHANGE<br />

YOUR LIFE.<br />

If you’re ready for more than a job, you’re ready to join our team. Everyone here is an<br />

employee-owner. That means your ideas are valued, your voice is heard and our success is<br />

your success. When we all come together as owners, it suddenly doesn’t feel like work.<br />



AND MORE<br />

With branches across the Midwest and openings in operations,<br />

delivery and more – Van Meter is ready to help you OwnUp.<br />

Contact us today at vanmeterownup.com/contact<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 19


ALISON<br />


Family Nurse Practitioner<br />

Vinton Family Medical Clinic<br />

Vinton, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

We provide services to all ages of people<br />

from prenatal care up to hospice and elderly<br />

patients in the nursing home. Virginia Gay<br />

Hospital is a critical access hospital and then<br />

Vinton Family Medical Clinic is a rural clinic,<br />

which makes us a little bit different from your<br />

standard clinics and hospitals.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

My primary job duty is to provide primary<br />

care to people of all ages starting around<br />

the newborn phase, generally seven days of<br />

life, up until death. I also provide acute care<br />

services to patients which involve illnesses,<br />

injuries, etc.<br />

What skills are important for you to do your<br />

job well?<br />

First and foremost, I grew up in Vinton so I<br />

know the geographic location, I know a socioeconomic<br />

status, I know families, I know the<br />

people who live here. I did an internship here,<br />

so I knew how the clinic worked and liked it<br />

before I even started. I enjoy generational<br />

care greatly, so that has helped me. As far as<br />

your basic skills, organization and listening<br />

have really helped me to succeed.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

No two days are the same. No two patients are the<br />

same. It keeps me on my toes. It keeps me constantly<br />

learning. Another interesting part is we have a new<br />

building, so we transitioned from a small clinic to a twostory<br />

clinic that expanded our ability to have more staff.<br />

And then the coolest of the things in the last year is we<br />

have a new scribe service. It’s a virtual scribe service, so<br />

we wear Google Glass to see our patients and we have<br />

someone on the other side transcribing in real time.<br />

So, our charts are done in a more accurate and quick<br />

process and it takes a lot of stress off of us providers as<br />

well. It’s really cool.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

The most rewarding part is taking care of patients I see<br />

in town: friends, family and the family members of my<br />

friends. I’m starting to, at my age, see my friends’ babies<br />

as they grow up and through their well-child years.<br />

What was your educational path that led you here?<br />

When I was 16 years old in high school, Kirkwood Community<br />

College partnered with the local school district<br />

to provide a nursing assistant class. I took that, and<br />

started working at our nursing and rehab facility until<br />

I moved to Iowa City. I got into the nursing program<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

20 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR

at the University of Iowa getting my BSN and RN and then<br />

worked in the pediatric intensive care unit at the University<br />

of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. I then moved away with my<br />

husband to Washington state and wanted to do more with<br />

my nursing career. Since nursing is so versatile, I decided<br />

nurse practitioner was the route for me. I got accepted into<br />

Georgetown University’s online master’s program. That allowed<br />

me to move back to Iowa to finish the program.<br />

Why did you decide to go into nursing?<br />

My brother was in a motorcycle accident when he was 16<br />

and spent a while in the hospital. I saw the great impact<br />

the nurses had on my brother. It just inspired me how many<br />

people one person can help. H<br />

Healthcare Sector<br />

Median Hourly<br />

Earnings<br />

$<br />

20.27<br />

GROWTH <strong>2018</strong>-2022<br />

Home Health Aides: +12%<br />

Nurse Practitioners: +10%<br />

Personal Care Aides: +10%<br />

Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerks: +8%<br />

Registered Nurses: +5%<br />

EMSI occupation employment data are based on final EMSI industry data and final EMSI staffing patterns. Wage estimates are based on Occupational<br />

Employment Statistics (QCEW and Non-QCEW Employees classes of worker) and the American Community Survey (Self-Employed and Extended<br />

Proprietors). Occupational wage estimates also affected by county-level EMSI earnings by industry.<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 21



Acute Adult Float Nurse<br />

& Nursing Supervisor<br />

UnityPoint - St. Luke’s Hospital<br />

Cedar Rapids, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

St. Luke’s is a 532-bed inpatient hospital. We have 40 years<br />

of cardiovascular care and open-heart surgery. We’re taking<br />

care of patients the way we’d like our loved ones to be<br />

taken care of.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

I provide after-hours and weekend administrative leadership<br />

to the different inpatient departments and to our<br />

affiliates in the community. I oversee clinical staffing,<br />

hospital admissions and act as a team member for our<br />

rapid response and code blue teams. I also provide patient<br />

care, nursing support and leadership at the bedside to<br />

help facilitate excellent patient care, including patient care<br />

advocacy services.<br />

What skills are important for you to do your job well?<br />

House supervisors need excellent communication skills,<br />

bedside nursing skills and an understanding of how hospital<br />

operations work. We also need to be able to interact well<br />

with people and build relationships. Critical thinking and<br />

problem-solving are part of what we do every day; and, in<br />

a lot of regards, the knowledge of the hospital policies and<br />

procedures is one of the most important functions of what<br />

we do. We provide the expertise to interpret policies and<br />

procedures into excellent patient care. We also get to know<br />

our patients both in the inpatient setting and in the community.<br />

It puts us in a unique position to be able to assess<br />

what the needs of the patient are to most closely match<br />

those needs to the services we have at St. Luke’s.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

I know I am going to be challenged every day, and I know<br />

I am going to learn something. But sometimes the lessons<br />

aren’t exactly what I would have thought, or sometimes the<br />

greatest learning opportunities come when least expected.<br />

22 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR<br />

I really enjoy the fact that I can’t necessarily predict<br />

the way the day will go. But at the end of the day, I<br />

have an opportunity to serve other people, including<br />

the people I work with and members of the<br />

community. To me, it’s a really awesome feeling to<br />

come to work every day and know something great<br />

is going to happen.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

The most rewarding part of nursing is seeing firsthand<br />

the difference healthcare workers can make<br />

in the lives of other people. We tell the students:<br />

‘You don’t study for the test; you study for the day<br />

that the patient will breathe easier because of you<br />

or have a better outcome because you were there.’<br />

I think when you have the opportunity to make<br />

a firsthand difference in the life of a patient or a<br />

family or make the difference for someone who’s<br />

new to the profession, it gives you a real sense of<br />

accomplishment to have paid forward the skills and<br />

opportunities given to you.<br />

What motivated you to get into nursing?<br />

I started out working in cereal processing. When<br />

my mother-in-law became terminally ill, I took<br />

some time off from work and helped take care of<br />

her. During that difficult time, I really felt inspired<br />

to do something different with my life. I took the<br />

things I had learned about myself and healthcare<br />

and turned that into a great second career. I have<br />

learned something every day I’ve been a nurse and<br />

I’ve never regretted the decision to switch careers.<br />

I still use engineering knowledge every day. I take<br />

things apart and I put them back together and<br />

sometimes I break them in the process. But, I take<br />

the things I know about operations and combine<br />

them with the things that I’ve learned about nursing.<br />

It makes me a different kind of nurse. H<br />




Why choose a career with<br />

UnityPoint Health - Cedar Rapids?<br />

As a team member, regardless of your position,<br />

you will have the opportunity to<br />

change lives on a daily basis, delivering on<br />

our vision of Best Outcome for Every Patient<br />

Every Time. That privilege drives employees’<br />

passion for making a difference in the lives<br />

of our patients, helping them create healthier,<br />

more rewarding lives. UnityPoint Health<br />

sets high expectations for team members in<br />

order to establish a trusted team capable of<br />

taking on the toughest of challenges.<br />

Our team members strive to work as one<br />

through four key values:<br />

1. Foster Unity<br />

– We use the skills and abilities of each<br />

person to enable great teams.<br />

– We collaborate across departments,<br />

facilities business units and regions.<br />

– We seek to understand and are open to<br />

diverse thoughts and perspectives.<br />

2. Own the Moment<br />

– We connect with each person treating<br />

them with courtesy, compassion,<br />

empathy and respect.<br />

– We enthusiastically engage in our work.<br />

– We are accountable for our individual<br />

actions and our team performance.<br />

Our Mission: Improving the health<br />

and lives of communities and<br />

patients we serve<br />

Our Vision: Best Outcome Every<br />

Patient Every Time<br />

Our Values: At UnityPoint Health,<br />

we know our collective actions<br />

determine the experience we<br />

create.<br />

3. Champion Excellence<br />

– We commit to the best outcomes and the<br />

highest quality.<br />

– We have a relentless focus on exceeding<br />

expectations.<br />

– We believe in sharing our results,<br />

learning from our mistakes and<br />

celebrating our successes.<br />

– We take responsibility for solving<br />

problems regardless of origin.<br />

4. Seize Opportunity<br />

– We embrace and promote innovation<br />

and transformation.<br />

– We create partnerships that improve care<br />

delivery in our communities.<br />

– We have the courage to challenge the<br />

status quo.<br />

UnityPoint Health team members come for a job, but stay for a career.<br />

When will you begin yours?<br />

Career Opportunities<br />

Our award-winning providers,<br />

specialists and care teams<br />

contribute to our communities,<br />

support patient’s family members<br />

in time of need and make a difference<br />

in the lives of our patients<br />

every day. And they wouldn’t<br />

have it any other way because<br />

that is why they are in this business<br />

in the first place – to care for<br />

others. To us, everything begins<br />

and ends with delivering an<br />

unparalleled health care experience<br />

for our patients. That begins<br />

with a culture that leverages our<br />

most powerful resource – our<br />

team members – who make a difference<br />

on a grand scale across<br />

our organization, regardless of<br />

the role:<br />

Clinical Opportunities<br />

Registered Nurse<br />

Certified Medical Assistant<br />

Home Care Coordination<br />

Hospice and Palliative Care<br />

My UnityPoint Nurse Call Center<br />

Pediatrics<br />

Pharmacy<br />

Laboratory<br />

Advanced Practice<br />

Therapy/Behavioral Health<br />

And More!<br />

Non-Clinical<br />

Administration/Clerical<br />

Billing Office<br />

Environmental Service<br />

Finance and Accounting<br />

Home Medical Equipment<br />

Human Resources<br />

Information Technology<br />

Patient Registration<br />

Procurement, Supply, Distribution<br />

And More!<br />

Come for a<br />

job, stay for<br />

a career.<br />

unitypoint.org/career<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 23



Software Developer<br />

Bio::Neos<br />

Coralville, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

We make custom software for life science<br />

researchers.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

As a software developer, I work on programming<br />

applications for businesses and researchers.<br />

I’m also involved in designing and testing<br />

our applications to make sure they meet our<br />

clients’ goals.<br />

What skills are important for you to do your<br />

job well?<br />

I think critical thinking and problem-solving skills<br />

are really important for a software developer.<br />

Being able to debug the code that you write,<br />

having the ability to think ahead and anticipate<br />

problems and planning out how to implement<br />

new features all require those two skills.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

I think the most interesting part is being able<br />

to create something from code, being able<br />

to build something, see it work, and actually<br />

do what you want it to do. I think that’s really<br />

exciting. One of my first projects working<br />

here was to help create a web application for<br />

researchers to keep track of how their experiments<br />

run and the results of their experiments.<br />

So, being able to work on that and then see it<br />

actually come to fruition was really cool.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

The most rewarding part of the job for me is<br />

building something that I know other people<br />

are going to use with the expectation that it<br />

helps them do their research or accomplish<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

their task, which in turn will hopefully help better other<br />

peoples’ lives.<br />

What is one thing about your job most people don’t<br />

realize you do?<br />

I think a lot of people think a software developer probably<br />

just sits at the computer all day. Obviously, that’s a big<br />

part of the job, but there’s definitely a lot of collaboration<br />

and communication with my teammates when we’re<br />

designing something or fixing bugs.<br />

How did your interest in IT begin?<br />

I got interested in computer science and programming<br />

during college. I was majoring in biomedical engineering<br />

and during my coursework, I took a couple of computer<br />

programming classes and found that I really enjoyed it.<br />

As my college career went on, I just took more and more<br />

electives in computer science. When I got out of college<br />

and looked around, I struggled to find a job in the<br />

biomedical engineering field. So instead, I found a job as<br />

a software tester. After that, I applied to Bio::Neos and<br />

became a software developer.<br />

24 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR

How are you involved in IT<br />

outside your job and why is that<br />

important?<br />

I’ve been involved with Hour of<br />

Code which is a program that<br />

runs during Computer Science<br />

Week, and I’ve had experience<br />

working with kids at local schools<br />

around the area and introducing<br />

them to computer science and<br />

programming and the logic that<br />

goes with it. I think it’s important<br />

to be involved in the community<br />

because as a kid, I didn’t really<br />

have the opportunity to learn<br />

about computer science or tech<br />

until college. So, I think it’s cool<br />

giving kids the opportunity to<br />

learn about that now and they<br />

can see if they like it. If they do,<br />

then that gives them a head start<br />

on their careers. H<br />

IT Sector<br />

Median Hourly Earnings<br />

Software Developers, Applications: $40.22<br />

Web Developers: $26.81<br />

Database Administrators: $40.12<br />

Computer Programmer: $33.69<br />

Network and Computer Systems<br />

Administrators: $34.63<br />

EMSI occupation employment data are based on final<br />

EMSI industry data and final EMSI staffing patterns.<br />

Wage estimates are based on Occupational Employment<br />

Statistics (QCEW and Non-QCEW Employees classes<br />

of worker) and the American Community Survey (Self-<br />

Employed and Extended Proprietors). Occupational wage<br />

estimates also affected by county-level EMSI earnings by<br />

industry.<br />

Tara Edmund was<br />

named Honorable<br />

Mention from the<br />

Financial Services,<br />

Insurance and<br />

Customer Service<br />

sector board.<br />

Congratulations!<br />

Member FDIC<br />

7045 C Avenue NE, Cedar Rapids<br />

2701 Edgewood Parkway SW, Cedar Rapids<br />

bankiowa.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 25




Project Manager<br />

ProCircular<br />

Coralville, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

We are an information security and privacy<br />

company that offers customized, full-service<br />

programs to help our customers protect their<br />

corporate data and client data. We do so by<br />

identifying, prioritizing and remediating security<br />

risks within three key areas: People, Technical<br />

and Compliance. Our goal is to build active<br />

partnerships with each of our customers that<br />

uniquely meets their specific needs and wants.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

We’re a startup company, so naturally, that<br />

means “wearing multiple hats.” The majority<br />

of my time is spent balancing the duties of a<br />

Project Manager and a Lead Trainer. For project<br />

management, I ensure customer deliverables are<br />

executed according to our quality, scoping and<br />

scheduling standards. I enjoy working directly<br />

with customers, creating and communicating<br />

“game-plans” and tracking our internal efficiencies<br />

and successes. It’s very rewarding to be<br />

involved with a project from initiation all the way<br />

to closure and witness the benefits our customers<br />

receive. For my training responsibilities, I<br />

own the delivery of all our end-user training engagements.<br />

Within this area, I create and share<br />

unique training programs with customers from<br />

multiple industries. With every training, my goal<br />

is to relay a message that is engaging, relevant<br />

and immediately applicable to the audience.<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

Something I really love about my job is delivering end-user<br />

training. As ProCircular’s Lead Trainer, I routinely get in<br />

front of customers from multiple industries and share the<br />

importance of cybersecurity from an end-user perspective.<br />

Technical controls are critical in order to have an effective<br />

security program; however, you cannot just stop there. It’s<br />

also extremely important to address the human element of<br />

a security program. I enjoy the chance to teach users how<br />

they can play an active role in protecting their company’s<br />

data and how they can easily incorporate this responsibility<br />

into day-to-day tasks. To avoid falling victim to cyber and<br />

social engineering attacks today, you need a solid technical<br />

firewall and a solid human firewall.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

The most rewarding part is winning the trust of our customers<br />

and building genuine, ongoing relationships. We<br />

understand the apprehension or uncertainty that can come<br />

with trusting a vendor to protect a company’s most sensitive<br />

data. I love the “shift” when it’s clear that we’ve overcome<br />

the challenge of uncertainty and when our customers<br />

begin viewing us as partners, not just vendors. I think<br />

we gain this trust by ensuring our actions are transparent,<br />

26 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR

acked by evidence and expertise, and<br />

committed to providing the best outcome<br />

for our customers’ unique needs.<br />

What was your path into this field?<br />

I graduated from the University of Iowa,<br />

where I majored in marketing and management<br />

with an emphasis in leadership. Prior<br />

to joining ProCircular, I had never worked<br />

for a start-up company. However, when<br />

the opportunity to join ProCircular came,<br />

I found myself interested in the chance to<br />

join something brand new and be a part of<br />

building something from the ground up. I<br />

didn’t know much about cybersecurity at<br />

the beginning, but I knew I could learn the<br />

industry, I knew my skillset would be beneficial<br />

to a start-up, and I knew I was ready to<br />

take on the challenge of being a company’s<br />

sole Project Manager. Over a year later, I am<br />

still very happy and confident with my decision<br />

to join the ProCircular team. H<br />

It’s very rewarding<br />

to be involved<br />

with a project from<br />

initiation all the way<br />

to closure and witness<br />

the benefits our<br />

customers receive.<br />

Madison Williams<br />

People are at the<br />

heart of successful<br />

cybersecurity.<br />

ProCircular’s Lead Trainer<br />

Madison Williams<br />

No one demonstrates that more genuinely than<br />

Madison Williams, ProCircular’s lead trainer,<br />

project manager, and celebrated <strong>2018</strong> <strong>All</strong> Star<br />

of the Corridor.<br />

ProCircular engages your employees as active<br />

participants in cybersecurity, linking the power of<br />

their awareness and knowledge directly to your<br />

success. Through her leadership, poise, and affable<br />

instruction, Madison is the nexus of that endeavor.<br />

Congratulations, Maddie, and thanks for all the<br />

ways you make ProCircular shine!<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 27



Service Manager<br />

Papa’s Truck & Trailer Repair<br />

Cedar Rapids, Iowa<br />

What does your company do?<br />

We are a medium- to heavy-duty repair facility<br />

of semis and trailers. Our typical workload<br />

varies week-to-week from 50 units to<br />

200, depending on what repairs are needed.<br />

What are your job duties?<br />

I run the shop day-to-day, managing the<br />

mechanics and giving them their job duties.<br />

I talk to the customers about what repairs<br />

are needed on their trucks and help them<br />

diagnose what’s going on with the unit.<br />

What skills are important for you to do<br />

your job well?<br />

The biggest thing that helps me with my<br />

job would be problem-solving. Every day<br />

there’s a new issue that needs solved every<br />

minute. There’s always something different<br />

going on with trucks and trailers. Every day<br />

we have to put our heads together, really<br />

think about what is wrong with the unit or<br />

what we have to do to fix it. There is some<br />

repetitive work, but every day the same<br />

unit doesn’t break twice for the same issue.<br />

My biggest advice for anybody looking to<br />

be a diesel mechanic is to not get discouraged.<br />

Things can get chaotic and difficult<br />

around a successful repair facility. As long<br />

as you stay focused and consistent in your<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

work and utilize the resources around you, things will<br />

work out well.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

Because there are people from all different countries<br />

and states that come to us, we get to meet many backgrounds<br />

of people. One day we might be dealing with<br />

somebody from Texas, another day it might be somebody<br />

from Turkey. It’s amazing how many people we<br />

meet. People find out about our company through the<br />

internet (mainly Google) but word of mouth goes a long<br />

way in this area as well.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

The saying goes, “If you bought it, a truck brought it.”<br />

Knowing that with every truck we repair and get back<br />

on the road, helping necessary goods get from A to B is<br />

rewarding.<br />

What’s one thing most people don’t realize you do?<br />

We have diagnostic software for trucks. We hook trucks<br />

up to a computer multiple times daily. Typically, people<br />

don’t picture mechanics as doing “computer work” but<br />

every day we diagnose problems with large wiring schematics<br />

all based off a software program.<br />

28 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR

Transportation, Logistics Sector<br />

What sparked your interest in this industry?<br />

I’ve tinkered with and worked on things with<br />

engines since I was a boy. I lived on a rural<br />

acreage and saw my father work on demolition<br />

derby cars. I looked at the job growth<br />

and the stability of diesel mechanics, knowing<br />

that goods are always going to need delivered.<br />

I thought that was a really good deal<br />

– that nothing can come in and replace me. I<br />

went to school at Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids<br />

and got an associate’s degree of applied science<br />

in diesel truck technology.<br />

What motivates you to do your job?<br />

I’m always thinking about what I can do better<br />

at my job to help my company. But my<br />

biggest motivation in life in general is my<br />

family – my wife and two kids – being able to<br />

support them by doing something I am passionate<br />

about is a great motivator. My family<br />

is everything to me. H<br />

In <strong>2018</strong>, there are 14,293<br />

jobs in ICR region.<br />

30 % above national<br />

average<br />

Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators, there<br />

is a 10% growth from <strong>2018</strong>- 2022<br />

Production, Planning and Expediting Clerks,<br />

5% growth from <strong>2018</strong>-2022<br />

EMSI occupation employment data are based on<br />

final EMSI industry data and final EMSI staffing<br />

patterns. Wage estimates are based on Occupational<br />

Employment Statistics (QCEW and Non-QCEW<br />

Employees classes of worker) and the American<br />

Community Survey (Self-Employed and Extended<br />

Proprietors). Occupational wage estimates also affected<br />

by county-level EMSI earnings by industry.<br />

Don Hummer Trucking Salutes the<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />


Don Hummer Trucking is proud to help Eastern Iowa develop a<br />

sustainable workforce by offering great career opportunities. We<br />

believe in developing and fostering local talent to make our region<br />

more competitive, successful and a better place to work.<br />

888-323-6115<br />

donhummertrucking.com<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 29


ALIVEA<br />


Certified Nursing<br />

Assistant<br />

and<br />

Kirkwood Nursing<br />

Student<br />

Oaknoll Retirement Community<br />

Iowa City, Iowa<br />


http://bit.ly/<strong>2018</strong><strong>All</strong><strong>Stars</strong>ICR<br />

What are you doing currently?<br />

I am currently working as a CNA at Oaknoll and I am<br />

going to Kirkwood for nursing.<br />

What are your job duties as a CNA?<br />

When I get to work, I am assigned a section of the<br />

nursing home and a specific hallway. I usually have<br />

about five to six residents I look out for the entire<br />

second shift that I’m on. I help them with getting<br />

dressed. I help them go to the bathroom. I help them<br />

with anything in their daily life. I’m there to help them<br />

if they are not able to do it themselves.<br />

What skills are important to do your job well?<br />

In my current position being very open-minded is<br />

important. One thing you really have to be cautious<br />

of is always having a positive attitude because when,<br />

for instance in a nursing home, people see you being<br />

negative, then they’re going to think negative. You<br />

just want to be positive and love what you do.<br />

What is the most interesting part of your job?<br />

The most interesting part of my job is there’s never a<br />

dull moment. Every day is different. I constantly am<br />

laughing because the residents just put a wonderful<br />

smile on my face. They’re constantly telling me stories<br />

about their life in the past or even now. It’s definitely a<br />

very fun job.<br />

What is the most rewarding part of your job?<br />

The most rewarding part of the job I would say is<br />

definitely seeing the smiles on the residents’ faces. As<br />

soon as they see you, it’s almost like you’re their own<br />

family and that’s how they treat you and it makes you<br />

feel really wonderful.<br />

What is one thing about your job most people<br />

don’t realize you do?<br />

We take care of residents to the ability where they<br />

aren’t able to do things themselves. Most of the time<br />

it’s helping them emotionally, not just helping them<br />

to their room. A lot of them are going through some<br />

things because they’re in a new place. It’s not their<br />

actual home and there’s a lot of emotions that go along<br />

with it. It’s not just the aspect of we’re there to take<br />

care of them, but we’re also there to be there for them.<br />

What sparked your interest in healthcare?<br />

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to help people. I’ve<br />

had family members in the field. My grandpa was a<br />

30 <strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR

H<br />



The following individuals are <strong>All</strong> Star Honorable<br />

Mentions and are to be commended for the<br />

contributions they make to their industry:<br />

Ram Adhikari<br />

Raining Rose<br />

Robert Akerson<br />

Reinhart Foodservices<br />

Gabriel Glambo Akpalo<br />

Raining Rose<br />

Jess Bertling<br />

The New Bohemian Innovation<br />

Collaborative (NewBoCo)<br />

Janelle Beswick<br />

Iowa City VA Health Care System<br />

Chelsey Blue<br />

ESP International<br />

Erik Bussey<br />

Collabrance<br />

Caley Conry<br />

Living Center East<br />

Kyle Cowman<br />

Ovation Networks<br />

Tara Edmund<br />

BankIowa<br />

Maria Gaffney<br />

hibu<br />

Jennifer Germaine<br />

Germaine Law Firm<br />

Mallory Gritton<br />

UnityPoint-St. Luke’s Hospital<br />

Colton Halder<br />

Boyens Machining<br />

Sandra Hawes<br />

Clickstop<br />

Geoff Knoop<br />

UFG Insurance<br />

Jennifer Lahey<br />

IowaWORKS<br />

Anthony Lauber<br />

Engineered Building Design<br />

Michael Lyon<br />

Bio::Neos Inc.<br />

Casey Martin<br />

Rockwell Collins<br />

Michael Nielson<br />

TSF Structures Inc.<br />

Dalton Ott<br />

GreatAmerica Financial<br />

Heather Quigley<br />

Alpla<br />

Michael Rozum<br />

Benefit Solutions Inc.<br />

Eric Schmitt<br />

Rapids Foodservice Contract<br />

and Design<br />

Jeff Talbot<br />

Greiner Buildings<br />

Courtney Upah<br />

Kirkwood Community College<br />

Shamus Veach<br />

Modern Sheet Metal Inc.<br />

Aaron Voss<br />

TrueNorth Companies<br />

Cory Witham<br />

Timberline Manufacturing<br />

general surgeon. My mom’s in healthcare. My dad is,<br />

too. So, it’s just been running in my family and I’ve<br />

always looked up to them.<br />

What is your plan for the future?<br />

I would like to graduate from Kirkwood with my RN and<br />

continue to get my BSN elsewhere. I am looking to go<br />

into labor and delivery as a nurse or pediatric oncology.<br />

What motivates you to pursue a nursing career?<br />

There are always people out there who need more<br />

help and there’s that part of me that says, “I can help<br />

them.” Every day I just think about before I go to<br />

work: “I’m going to help someone today, I’m going<br />

to put a smile on someone’s face.” That motivation to<br />

think ‘I’m going to make somebody else’s day’ makes<br />

your own day as well. H<br />

<strong>2018</strong> ALL STARS of ICR 31

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