Threshold March 2019

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MARCH <strong>2019</strong><br />

INSIDE<br />









10<br />

6<br />



LIVING<br />




INSIDE<br />

13<br />





IBS<br />




17 NEW MEMBERS<br />




2 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>


Executive Officer’s February Message<br />


OLSON<br />

The last weekend of February, we sponsored<br />

our 40th Annual Cedar Rapids<br />

Home Show at Hawkeye Downs. Despite<br />

the cold weather, thousands of<br />

visitors attended the show to see the<br />

latest products and services displayed<br />

by exhibitors to assist them in building<br />

and improving their home and<br />

yard. Thank you to our members that<br />

participated in the show; as well as<br />

those from our community that attended.<br />

We were present at the Home Show to distribute<br />

our <strong>2019</strong> Membership Directory to the community.<br />

The GCRHBA is the one-stop resource for consumers<br />

looking for LOCAL trusted building, home improvement<br />

and service professionals, FREE referrals, reputable<br />

members and peace of mind. The directory is a<br />

comprehensive annual member directory our members<br />

and community can use as a reliable and local<br />

resource throughout the year for all their housing &<br />

building needs. If you would like a directory, please<br />

contact our office. A very special thank you to Lydia<br />

Barger, Judith Cobb, James Hoth, Beth Lillis-Genkinger,<br />

Mark Sillman, and Dean Spina for your assistance<br />

helping with this task.<br />

And congratulations to our winner, Jordyn Redman,<br />

on winning a $100 Visa gift card from BankIowa.<br />

Our next community event is right around the corner!<br />

Our Spring <strong>2019</strong> Parade of Homes begins April<br />

27 through May 5. Mark your calendars now as we<br />

have some beautiful homes for you to tour!<br />

On Friday night after the Home Show, we held the<br />

BankIowa <strong>2019</strong> Home Show Reception. We had approximately<br />

100 exhibitors stop over and join us for<br />

pizza and beer. Thank you to BankIowa and our Supporting<br />

Sponsors for making this event possible.<br />

Our next members only networking event, Shamrock<br />

Shenanigans, hosted by KBD, will be held on<br />

<strong>March</strong> 14. KBD will be providing green beer, delicious<br />

food and fun networking with other GCRHBA members.<br />

Networking events are excellent opportunities<br />

to grow your connections and potentially lead to new<br />

business, so I hope to see everyone there!<br />

Melissa Olson, Executive Officer<br />

Greater Cedar Rapids Housing & Building Association<br />


A strong voice in Washington, Des Moines and<br />

in our local communities where you do business<br />

to help you defeat excessive regulations, defend<br />

affordable housing initiatives, and to protect your<br />

business. We fight for our members and that<br />

puts money and time back in your pocket! Our<br />

advocacy efforts include educating policymakers<br />

and the Administration, building successful<br />

coalitions, and mobilizing our grassroots on a<br />

range of issues.<br />

THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong> 3


President’s February Message<br />

As Spring is hopefully fast approaching<br />

with warmer temperatures, sun<br />

light and a smile on our faces that we<br />

do not have to shovel anymore snow<br />

we will all begin our busy time of the<br />

year. I’m sure no matter what your<br />

business is the effects of this cold<br />

ROB HAJEK and snowy last couple of months<br />

have had an impact on your business<br />

or at least on your body and mind. With one thing in<br />

common it has given us a conversation topic.<br />

If you attended either the IBS show in Vegas or<br />

our own Home Show at Hawkeye Downs, I hope<br />

they were advantageous to you. I wish you all success<br />

and a supply of business that keeps you rolling<br />

the rest of the year. Spring is coming and just around<br />

the corner things will start to turn green.<br />

Please look at our calendar of events for the year<br />

and put them down on your schedule to get out<br />

and attend. Our Spring Parade of Homes is fast approaching,<br />

and we wish all of them well in completing<br />

them and getting ready for all of us to get outside<br />

and tour the homes.<br />

I want to personally shout out to Mike Farr being<br />

named the NAHB Associate of the Year and Bill<br />

Polley Advocate for BUILD-PAC Award at IBS. What<br />

a tremendous honor for all his hard work and dedication<br />

that Mike has given this association and industry<br />

over the years. In addition, Joe Greathouse,<br />

Kirkwood Community College Instructor, was honored<br />

as the Outstanding Educator of the Year at the<br />

NAHB Student Chapter Awards Banquet and is willing<br />

a Trustee Award at Kirkwood Community College.<br />

Joe is a leader in the state and country with<br />

skilled trades workforce development programs and<br />

opportunities. Mike and Joe, we are thankful that<br />

you represent Cedar Rapids and the State of Iowa<br />

and very blessed to have your leadership.<br />

Rob Hajek, President<br />

Greater Cedar Rapids Housing &<br />

Building Association<br />

<strong>2019</strong> MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY<br />




& BUILDING<br />

NEEDS.<br />




Membership Directory<br />

The Greater Cedar Rapids Housing<br />

& Building Association Membership<br />

Directory is a comprehensive<br />

annual member directory distributed<br />

to all members and the community<br />

at our annual events to use<br />

throughout the year for all of their<br />

housing & building needs.<br />

The digital version will be available<br />

next month.<br />

350 MILLER ROAD | HIAWATHA, IA 52233 | (319) 395-0778 | CRHBA.ORG<br />

4 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>


Kirkwood students<br />

receive donation to<br />

attend Construction<br />

Management Competition<br />

in Vegas<br />

The Greater Cedar Rapids Housing & Building Association made a donation<br />

to a group of Kirkwood Community College students that attended the<br />

NAHB IBS Residential Construction Management Competition in Las Vegas,<br />

Nevada February 18-20, <strong>2019</strong>. The annual student competition is one of the<br />

highlights of IBS.<br />

The International Builders’ Show<br />

(IBS) is organized by the National<br />

Association of Home Builders<br />

(NAHB) and is the largest annual<br />

light construction building industry<br />

tradeshow in the United<br />

States. It is the only event of its<br />

kind, focusing specifically on the<br />

needs, concerns, and opportunities<br />

that face builders.<br />

The <strong>2019</strong> Builders’ Show will<br />

bring together more than 1,500<br />

top manufacturers and suppliers<br />

from around the globe in 600,000<br />

net square feet of exhibit space,<br />

showcasing the latest and most<br />

in-demand products and services.<br />

IBS <strong>2019</strong> offers the most upto-date<br />

and innovative education<br />

the industry has to offer. It<br />

features sessions in eight tracks,<br />

taught by renowned building<br />

industry experts from across the<br />

country. With topics ranging from<br />

sales and marketing to construction<br />

and codes, there is literally<br />

something for everyone.<br />

The competition gives students the opportunity to apply skills learned in<br />

the classroom to a real construction company by completing a management<br />

project/proposal.<br />

Proposals are submitted to a group of construction company executives who<br />

serve as judges. During the convention, students defend their proposals to<br />

the judges in front of an audience. The Kirkwood team did not receive the<br />

ranking they had hoped for; however they did receive many compliments on<br />

presentation and marketing as well as the rewards of learning to overcome<br />

obstacles and work as a team.<br />

Selling your home,<br />

You have a choice….<br />

319-365-9300 for a quote on your property.<br />

Free storage of your abstract.<br />

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52402 | (319) 365-9300<br />


THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong> 5

If you’re in the market for a new home, you should shop<br />

for your builder as carefully as you shop for your home.<br />

Whether you are buying a condo, a townhouse, a house<br />

in a subdivision or a custom-built house, you want to<br />

know that you are buying a good quality home from a<br />

reputable builder. Here are some tips to help you choose<br />

a builder.<br />

6 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

Make a List of Possible Builders<br />

Once you have thought about the type<br />

of house you want, you can create a list<br />

of potential builders.<br />

• Click here to contact your local<br />

home builders’ association to obtain a<br />

list of builders who construct homes in<br />

your area.<br />

• Look in the real estate section of<br />

your local newspaper for builders and<br />

projects. Looking through the ads and<br />

reading the articles can help you to learn<br />

which builders are active in your area, the<br />

types of homes they are building and the<br />

prices you can expect to pay. Make a list<br />

of builders who build the type of home<br />

you’re looking for in your price range.<br />

• Local real estate agents may also be<br />

able to help you in your search.<br />

• Ask friends and relatives for recommendations.<br />

Ask about builders they have<br />

dealt with directly or ask them for names<br />

of acquaintances who have recently had<br />

a good experience with a builder.<br />

Do Your Homework<br />

When you have a list of potential builders,<br />

it’s time to start asking lots of questions<br />

– of both the potential builders and<br />

the owners of their homes.<br />

• Interview potential home builders to<br />

get the answers to all the questions you<br />

have.<br />

• Then, visit a builder’s recently built<br />

homes and subdivisions. Drive by on a<br />

Saturday morning when home owners<br />

may be outside doing chores or errands.<br />

Introduce yourself and say you are considering<br />

buying a home from the builder<br />

who built their home. Talk to several<br />

owners and try to get a random sample<br />

of opinions. The more people you talk<br />

with, the more accurate an impression of<br />

a builder you are likely to get.<br />

• Some questions to ask home owners<br />

include: Are you happy with your home?<br />

If you had any problems, were they fixed<br />

promptly and properly? Would you buy<br />

another home from this builder?<br />

• Usually, people tell you if they are<br />

pleased with their homes. And if they are<br />

not, they’ll probably want to tell you why.<br />

• At the very least, drive by and see if<br />

the homes are visually appealing.<br />

• When you talk to builders and home<br />

owners, take along a notebook to record<br />

the information you find and your personal<br />

impressions about specific builders<br />

and homes. Doing so will help you to<br />

make comparisons later.<br />

Shop for Quality and Value<br />

Look at new homes whenever you can.<br />

Home shows and open houses sponsored<br />

by builders are good opportunities<br />

to look at homes. Model homes and<br />

houses displayed in home shows are often<br />

furnished to give you ideas for using<br />

the space. You may also ask a builder to<br />

see unfurnished homes.<br />

When examining a home, look at the<br />

quality of the construction features. Inspect<br />

the quality of the cabinetry, carpeting,<br />

trimwork and paint. Ask the builder<br />

or the builder’s representative a lot of<br />

questions. Get as many specifics as possible.<br />

If you receive the answers verbally<br />

rather than in writing, take notes. Never<br />

hesitate to ask a question. What seems<br />

like an insignificant question might yield<br />

an important answer. T<br />

Article provided by National Association of Home Builders<br />


with your Local HBA<br />

home builders<br />

THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong> 7


Build My Future<br />

Event is April 2<br />

There are 140 students from nine schools signed up<br />

so far for the first annual Build My Future Construction<br />

Career Day & Industry Showcase being held April 2<br />

at Jones Hall (6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW) on the Cedar<br />

Rapids Kirkwood Community College campus. The<br />

event is sponsored by Hills Bank and Trust Company,<br />

The Greater Iowa City Area HBA’s Vocational Training<br />

Council, The Cedar Rapids HBA and Kirkwood Community<br />

College with a grant from the National Association<br />

of Home Builders. Hosted by the ACE Sector<br />

Board, the event gives 7th- and 8th-grade students an<br />

opportunity to spend a day in the construction industry<br />

through an interactive showcase. Hands-on learning<br />

labs include construction-industry practices, such as<br />

carpentry, electrical, heavy equipment, masonry, welding<br />

and more. There also will be educational displays<br />

and equipment operations. There’s still time for your<br />

organization to be a part of this inaugural event. Contact<br />

Melissa to participate.<br />


It’s an oasis.<br />

It’s a place to get away.<br />

It’s watching the kids explore.<br />

It’s late nights with good friends.<br />

It’s reconnecting with a spouse.<br />




Hwy 6 W: 110 S 10th Ave<br />

Coralville, IA 52241<br />

650 12th Ave SW<br />

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404<br />

kingsmaterial.com<br />

8 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

Mortgage<br />

Meet our<br />

Professionals<br />


Nick Watson<br />

Hiawatha<br />

319-730-3227<br />

Nathan Seyfer<br />

Downtown<br />

319-731-2755<br />

Jason Spengler<br />

Marion<br />

319-730-3208<br />

Brad Maras<br />

Westdale<br />

319-730-3226<br />

Felisha Junge<br />

Blairs Ferry Rd<br />

319-730-3234<br />

Mitch Hames<br />

Westdale<br />

319-731-2778<br />

Let’s discuss the options today.<br />

(319) 341-2125<br />

uiccumortgage.com<br />

All loans subject to approval.

How to Live with<br />

Your Remodeling Project<br />

Remodeling your home is uniquely different<br />

from building a new one. With<br />

remodeling, your home becomes the<br />

worksite. You live side by side with the<br />

project from start to finish. Once construction<br />

begins, you’ll probably long<br />

for simple pleasures like a dust-free<br />

home or a fully functioning kitchen<br />

or bath. But the end result will be well<br />

worth these inconveniences. ><br />

TIPS to help minimize<br />

the stress involved with a<br />

remodeling project.<br />

– Open the Lines of<br />

Communication<br />

– Prepare for the Pre-Construction<br />

Meeting<br />

– Prevent Remodeling Fever<br />

10 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

Open the Lines of Communication<br />

Consistent and open communication between you and your<br />

remodeler will enhance your understanding of the project,<br />

provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, and ultimately<br />

help to make the experience a positive one for everyone involved.<br />

To facilitate this process, you need to:<br />

• Determine who you and your remodeler should contact<br />

for daily decisions or an after-hours emergency. For example,<br />

your contact may be the lead carpenter for the job, while the<br />

remodeler’s contact could be your spouse.<br />

• Designate a backup for each contact person to assure<br />

continuity in anyone’s absence.<br />

• Create a place in your house where the contact persons<br />

can leave messages for each other (a securely anchored notebook<br />

is a good idea since it is less likely to disappear).<br />

• Speak up. If you are uncertain about any aspect of the<br />

project, be sure to let the contact person know.<br />

Prepare for the<br />

Pre-Construction Meeting<br />

One way to ensure the success of your project is to plan for<br />

and actively participate in a pre-construction meeting. This<br />

allows your remodeler to clarify procedures and explain how<br />

the job will progress. It also offers both you and your remodeler<br />

an opportunity to prepare for those issues that may<br />

arise later. You should think of this meeting as a forum for<br />

all participants to define their expectations and agree on the<br />

anticipated outcome.<br />

Some of the issues you may wish to cover at this meeting<br />

include:<br />

• Will you allow your remodeler to place a company sign<br />

on your property? Remember that in addition to being a<br />

marketing tool, signs help contractors and suppliers locate<br />

your home.<br />

• What areas of your home will be off limits to workers?<br />

• Does your house have an alarm system? Will workers<br />

need a key or will someone always be there?<br />

• How will you ensure that your children and pets stay out<br />

of the work space?<br />

• How will trash removal be handled? Where will the remodeler<br />

locate the dumpster on your property?<br />

• Does the remodeler anticipate any interruptions of<br />

utilities during the project? If so, when and for how long?<br />

At certain stages of construction, the project may affect basic<br />

household necessities like water and electricity. Will you need<br />

to vacate the house at any time?<br />

• What are your expectations regarding clean up? Will<br />

sweeping be sufficient for a daily cleaning, or will you need a<br />

more thorough cleaning in order to use the space?<br />

• You should also use the pre-construction meeting to<br />

establish guidelines for the remodeling crew working on<br />

the project.<br />

• What times will workers begin and end work at your<br />

home? Be sure to consider the neighbors as well as household<br />

members.<br />

• Where can workers park near the jobsite?<br />

• Will you allow workers to use your phone for local business<br />

calls?<br />

• Will bathroom facilities in your home be available to<br />

workers?<br />

• What is the remodeler’s policy on smoking on the jobsite?<br />

• What is the remodeler’s policy on the use of profanity?<br />

If you are especially sensitive to this issue, you should let your<br />

remodeler know.<br />

• Will you allow workers to play music at a reasonable volume?<br />

Is there any type of music that you do not want played?<br />

Prevent Remodeling Fever<br />

The train-station atmosphere of a remodeling project can<br />

lead to remodeling fever. The main symptom of this temporary<br />

affliction is feeling a loss of control that results from disrupted<br />

routines and the impact on your personal space. The<br />

best way to prevent this fever is to prepare well, remember<br />

that “this too shall pass,” and focus on the progress being<br />

made. A few other suggestions from remodeling pros:<br />

Prepare for inconvenience. A remodeling project can turn<br />

your home and — on some days — your life upside down. A<br />

kitchen remodel will, of course, affect meal planning. But a<br />

little ingenuity and some culinary shortcuts can lessen the<br />

impact. Set up a temporary cooking quarters by moving the<br />

refrigerator, toaster oven, and microwave to another room.<br />

Arrange a dishwashing station in your laundry room. If the<br />

weather is warm, fire up the grill and dine alfresco.<br />

Designate a safe haven. Find at least one place in your<br />

home where you can escape from the chaos and commotion.<br />

Guard against dust. During a remodeling project, dust has<br />

the unfortunate tendency to appear everywhere from lampshades<br />

to plates stacked inside your kitchen cabinets. To keep<br />

out as much dust as possible:<br />

1. Seal off doorways and stairs<br />

2. Turn off central air or heat when workers are sanding and<br />

stock up on extra filters so that you can change them often<br />

3. Have deliveries made though a designated entrance<br />

4. Use doormats and temporary floor coverings where<br />

appropriate<br />

5. Remove anything that might get damaged by the dust or at<br />

least cover it with plastic drop cloths that are taped shut.<br />

Maintain a sense of humor.<br />

Remember that certain things<br />

are out of your control and it’s<br />

best to laugh rather than upset<br />

yourself about things like the<br />

weather or delayed delivery of<br />

materials.<br />

See the remodeling process<br />


with your local HBA<br />

professional remodelers<br />

as an adventure. Tell the kids that you are “camping in” and<br />

transform inconvenience into fun. Along the way, celebrate<br />

as different stages of the project are completed. T<br />

THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong> 11


Dread the thought of sending your home loan to a faceless out-of-town megaloan<br />

conglomeration? From application to loan closing and making payments,<br />

borrow right here and pay right here with a homemade mortgage from Dupaco.<br />

$600 OFF<br />


Cozy up to a Dupaco mortgage loan for a home purchase<br />

or refinance and sweeten the deal with $600 off your<br />

closing costs. Now<br />

that’s a home<br />

sweet loan!<br />

Get moving! Schedule an appointment<br />

at 800-373-7600, ext. 204<br />

*<br />

This offer is good through August 31, 2018 and applies to Real Estate applications taken by the credit union from April 1, 2018, through August 31, 2018 resulting in an approved and disbursed real estate loan at the credit union.<br />

This offer is not transferable and may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts, offers or coupons and may not be redeemed in cash. This offer requires Dupaco membership. To be eligible for membership in Dupaco<br />

you must live or work in Dupaco’s charter area or have a member of your immediate family be an existing member of the credit union. Commercial loans, Mini Mortgages and Home equity loans are excluded from the offer.<br />

12 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

Thinking About Home Remodeling?<br />

Start Here<br />

Article provided by National Association of Home Builders<br />

Sooner or later you may join the millions of people who<br />

remodel their homes each year. Perhaps it’s at that moment<br />

when you realize that avocado green and harvest<br />

gold are no longer the “in” colors for today’s trendy kitchens.<br />

Or maybe you have an epiphany one day as you stand<br />

in line to use your own bathroom. Whatever the impetus,<br />

the thought crosses your mind: Maybe it’s time to start a<br />

home remodel. The reasons for home remodeling are as<br />

varied as the projects we undertake.<br />

Some of these include:<br />

• Adding more space<br />

• Upgrading cabinets, counters, appliances and fixtures<br />

• Creating a floor plan that’s customized for your lifestyle<br />

• Improving energy efficiency with new windows, doors,<br />

insulation, and climate control systems<br />

• Increasing the resale value of your home<br />

Where to Begin<br />

The first step is to develop an idea of what you want to<br />

do with your home remodel. Write a prioritized list of<br />

your needs and wants. There are many sources to find<br />

design ideas for your home remodeling project. Look at<br />

magazines and websites and collect pictures of homes or<br />

remodeling projects you like. The more clearly you can<br />

envision the project and describe it on paper, the better<br />

prepared you’ll be in making your decision.<br />

Think about traffic patterns, furniture size and placement,<br />

colors, lighting and how you expect to use the<br />

remodeled space. If your decision to remodel involves<br />

creating better access for someone with limited mobility,<br />

you may want to consider contacting a Certified Aging-in-<br />

Place Specialist.<br />

You may want to improve home efficiency and hire a<br />

professional remodeler for green home remodeling. These<br />

projects include replacing windows and doors, upgrading<br />

heating and cooling systems, adding insulation, and other<br />

remodeling to make the home more energy-efficient,<br />

easier to maintain, and comfortable.<br />

Figure out how much money you have to spend on the<br />

home remodeling job, furnishings, landscaping or any<br />

other cost you might incur.<br />

Can you do it yourself?<br />

Once you have created your list of priorities, you’ll need to<br />

decide how to accomplish that vision. For the handyman<br />

or woman, a do-it-yourself project can be both rewarding<br />

and cost-effective. However, more than 30% of all jobs<br />

home remodelers perform come from failed DIY projects.<br />

Hiring a professional remodeler<br />

is the best way<br />

to ensure your project’s<br />

success. These remodelers<br />

are dedicated to<br />

maintaining the highest<br />

integrity and standards<br />

in the industry.<br />

If you decide to hire a<br />


with your local HBA<br />

professional remodelers<br />

professional, your next steps should include learning how<br />

to:<br />

• Choose which remodeler is right for you<br />

• Avoid contractor fraud<br />

• Prepare to live with your remodeling projec<br />

THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong> 13


ONLY<br />

155 Collins Road NE<br />

Shamrock<br />

Shenanigans<br />

<strong>March</strong> 14 | 5 to 7 p.m.<br />

Join us for green beer, food and networking<br />

with other GRCHBA members<br />

Online reservations required by <strong>March</strong> 12<br />

at crhba.org<br />

14 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

40th Annual Cedar Rapids<br />

Home Show<br />

The Greater Cedar Rapids Housing &<br />

Building Association was present at<br />

our 40th Annual Cedar Rapids Home<br />

Show to distribute our <strong>2019</strong> Membership<br />

Directory to the community<br />

as part of our marketing campaign<br />

that we are the one-stop resource for<br />

consumers looking for local trusted<br />

building, home improvement and<br />

service professionals. The community<br />

can use the directory as a reliable and<br />

local resource throughout the year for<br />

all their housing & building needs.<br />

A Save the Date postcard with our<br />

Spring & Fall <strong>2019</strong> Parade of Homes<br />

and 2020 Home Show dates and a<br />

chance to win a $100 Visa gift card<br />

from BankIowa was also distributed<br />

to the community. All of our member<br />

booths accepted the completed stubs<br />

as well as had a Proud Member of<br />

the GCRHBA poster hanging. This is<br />

yet another way that we were able to<br />

promote our members and driving traffic<br />

to their booths at our community<br />

event!<br />

Mark your calendar for next<br />

year’s Cedar Rapids Home Show!<br />

February 21-23, 2020<br />

Founded in 1979, the Cedar Rapids Home Show is held annually in Cedar<br />

Rapids, Iowa. Visitors to the show can see the latest housing & building<br />

products and services displayed by exhibitors to assist them in building<br />

and remodeling their home and yard. The Cedar Rapids Home Show has<br />

thousands of ideas to help make your house a home!<br />

Thank you to<br />


for the $100 VISA<br />

Gift Card<br />

Congratulations to<br />

Jordyn Redmond, who won!<br />


Allied Glass<br />

Audio Experts<br />

Bank Iowa<br />

Beam Team/ATech, Inc<br />

Budget Blinds of Eastern Iowa<br />

Colony Heating & Air Conditioning<br />

Country Landscapes, Inc.<br />

Culligan<br />

Dan’s Overhead Doors & More<br />

DeLaney Concrete Construction<br />

D&N Fence, Inc.<br />

Dupaco Credit Union<br />

E&J Geothermal<br />

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen<br />

& Lighting Gallery<br />

Forever Cabinets by Kendrick<br />

Glass Concepts<br />

Great Plains Blind Factory<br />

Greg’s Lawn & Landscaping<br />

H&H Home Builders<br />

Hometown Restyling, Inc.<br />

Hynek Landscaping<br />

Iowa Stone Supply<br />

Jim Sattler Construction<br />

King’s Material<br />

Kinzler Construction Services<br />

Kitchens By Design<br />

Leisure Zone<br />

McAleer Water Conditioning, Inc.<br />

Mid-America Basement Systems<br />

P Lang Construction<br />

Pella Windows & Doors<br />

Randy’s Flooring<br />

Sattler Homes<br />

Select Construction<br />

Splash Pool & Spa<br />

Suburban Lumber<br />

Thomas Dostal Developers, Inc.<br />

Ultra Lawn<br />

Window Depot of Eastern Iowa<br />

Window World<br />

Winkel Design Forum<br />

THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong> 15


Growing our Strength<br />

through Member Recruitment, Retention and Involvement<br />

Recruiting new members to your local association is<br />

an activity recognized and rewarded through the Spike<br />

Club. Those who participate are called Spikes, and they<br />

are among the most valued members of the association.<br />

Member-to-member recruitment and retention efforts<br />

are the largest source of growth for the federation.<br />

Spikes bring grassroots growth and stability. These<br />

efforts lend to the development of the general membership<br />

and our leadership pipeline, keeping the face<br />

of the federation true to that of our industry and the<br />

scope of interests we represent.<br />

Spikes are the membership leaders of our federation,<br />

building the voice, power and influence on every level,<br />

in every state.<br />

16 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>



James Sattler 466.50<br />

Mike Farr 349.25<br />


Michael Flynn 271.25<br />

Mike Sattler 224.50<br />

Wayne Winn 210.00<br />

Randy Dostal 184.25<br />

Rob Hajek 175.00<br />

Tom Takes 171.00<br />

Doug Kohoutek 168.75<br />

Jim Buresh 158.75<br />


Mark Wood 126.00<br />

Drew Retz 119.75<br />

Tari Dailey 111.25<br />

Alvin Frey 103.75<br />


Joseph Ahmann 76.50<br />

Robert Meyer 74.50<br />

Jim McGrew 71.75<br />

Paul Brundell 71.00<br />


JR Blok 44.50<br />

Steve Erusha 44.00<br />

Joe Sattler 44.00<br />

Ron Valenta 34.00<br />


Todd Frazier 24.00<br />

Kyle Skogman 23.50<br />

Chad Pelley 22.50<br />

Bryan Thumma 21.50<br />

Benton Frey 14.00<br />

Brian Ophoff 12.50<br />

Ray Vasser 11.50<br />

Chris Mottinger 9.50<br />

Dustin Lee 7.50<br />

Dustin Kern 7.00<br />

Jeff Platten 6.00<br />

Todd Richardson 6.00<br />

SPIKE<br />


Six (6) credits needed to<br />

become a SPIKE MEMBER<br />

Bob Rathje 6.00<br />

Paul Scallon 5.50<br />

Mark Sillman 5.50<br />

Tom Kurtz 5.00<br />

Mark Ralston 5.00<br />

Chuck Rhode 5.00<br />

Pat Sauter 5.00<br />

Jeff Melcher 5.00<br />

Al Sattler 5.00<br />

Ben Dahl 4.50<br />

Jerry Sunderman 4.50<br />

Timothy Vaske 4.00<br />

Todd Wood 4.00<br />

Kirk Sadilek 3.50<br />

Chad Kelly 3.00<br />

TJ Heefner 2.50<br />

Brad Joens 2.50<br />

Terry Bjornsen 2.00<br />

Matt Burger 2.00<br />

Rex Hamilton 2.00<br />

Jennifer Hughes 2.00<br />

Dave Vanous 2.00<br />

Mark Bertelli 1.50<br />

Marc Daubitz 1.50<br />

Brian Hancock 1.50<br />

Mike Delaney 1.00<br />

Casey Johannes 1.00<br />

Hanna Kustes 1.00<br />

Mike Ludvicek 1.00<br />

Brad Nielson 1.00<br />

Kade Olson 1.00<br />

Justin Wright 1.00<br />

Zechariah Garman .50<br />

NEW<br />


Brian Becwar<br />

D & B Property Services<br />

Kathryn Brune<br />

Waterstone Mortgage<br />

Rick Corkin<br />

Corridor Kitchens, Inc.<br />

Brian and Lisa Gilliatt<br />

The Grill Works<br />

Charles Schmaltz<br />

C.S. Home Remodeling<br />

Nick and Ally Johnson<br />

Earthworks Concrete<br />

Rob Murray<br />

K&R Wholesale<br />

Ryan Webster<br />

R.W. Construction, Inc.<br />

Dan Wirtanen<br />

Wirtanen Concrete<br />

A new<br />

challenge<br />

begins!<br />

With a new year,<br />

comes a new<br />

challenge.<br />

Who will wear a<br />

crown in <strong>2019</strong>?<br />

THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong> 17

<strong>2019</strong> Home Show Reception<br />



to BANKIOWA and all our<br />

Supporting Sponsors:<br />

Budget Blinds of Eastern Iowa<br />

Delaney Concrete<br />

Glass Concepts<br />

Marvin Windows and Doors<br />

Plumb Supply Company<br />

Randy’s Flooring<br />

Suburban Lumber Company<br />

18 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

MARCH 14 Shamrock Shenanigans, Hosted by KBD<br />

SAVE<br />

THE<br />

DATE<br />

APRIL 11 UICCU Cedar Rapids/Iowa City HBA Spring Mixer<br />

APRIL 27, 28 and MAY 2, 4, 5 Spring <strong>2019</strong> Parade of Homes<br />

MAY 23 Ferguson Wine & Beer Tasting<br />

JUNE 13 Iowa Stone Supply Mixer<br />

JULY 11 Remodelers Night Out<br />

AUGUST 8 Dupaco Community Credit Union Mixer<br />

AUGUST 23 Nail Drivers Open<br />

SEPTEMBER 12 Kinzler Construction Cedar Rapids/Iowa City HBA Fall Mixer<br />

SEPTEMBER 21, 22, 26, 28, 29 Fall <strong>2019</strong> Parade of Homes<br />

SEPTEMBER 25 Members Only Parade of Homes Breakfast and Tour<br />

OCTOBER 10 Trap Shoot & Barbeque Smoke Off (rain date October 17)<br />

OCTOBER 24 Suburban Lumber Oktoberfest<br />

NOVEMBER 14 Annual Awards Banquet<br />

DECEMBER 12 Budget Blinds of Eastern Iowa Mixer<br />

THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong> 19

Connect with Us<br />

President<br />

Board Member<br />

Board Member<br />

Rob Hajek<br />

Home Repair Team<br />

Office: 319.626.4663<br />

robh@homerepairteam.com<br />

JR Blok<br />

Blok Construction<br />

Office: 319.533.4394<br />

jrblok2@mchsi.com<br />

Drew Retz<br />

Jerry’s Homes, Inc.<br />

Office: 319.294.2290<br />

drewr@jerryshomes.com<br />

Vice-President<br />

Dustin Kern<br />

DK Land Services, Inc.<br />

Office: 319.654.6706<br />

dustin@dklandservices.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Randy Dostal<br />

Thomas Dostal Developers<br />

Office: 319.431.3881<br />

allamericanlc@hotmail.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Robert Riley<br />

Windows by Pella, Inc.<br />

Office: 319.363.5768<br />

robert.pellawindows@gmail.com<br />

Second Vice-President<br />

Jim Sattler<br />

Jim Sattler Custom Homes<br />

Office: 319.395.9157<br />

jsattler@sattlerinc.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Mike Flynn<br />

Flynn Homes, Inc.<br />

Office: 319.366.6826<br />

mike@flynnhomes.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Hunter Skogman<br />

Skogman Homes<br />

Office: 319.363.8285<br />

hskogman@skogman.com<br />

Treasurer<br />

Justin Zimmerman<br />

CliftonLarsonAllen, LLP<br />

Office: 319.363.2697<br />

justin.zimmerman@claconnect.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Benton Frey<br />

Frey Homes, LLC<br />

Office: 319.640.2300<br />

benton@freyhomes.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Dean A. Spina<br />

Bradley & Riley PC<br />

Office: 319.861.8725<br />

dspina@bradleyriley.com<br />

Secretary<br />

Andrea Rhoades<br />

Corridor Business Journal<br />

Office: 319.665.6397<br />

Andrea@corridorbusiness.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Joe Greathouse<br />

Kirkwood Community College<br />

Office: 319.398.5411<br />

joe.greathouse@kirkwood.edu<br />

Board Member<br />

Ryan Sullivan<br />

Amerhart, Ltd.<br />

Office: 608.825.3322<br />

ryan.sullivan@amerhart.com<br />

Immediate Past President<br />

Mike Farr<br />

Cascade Manufacturing Co.<br />

Office: 563.852.3231<br />

mgfarr@cascade-mfg-co.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Jim McGrew<br />

Suburban Lumber Company<br />

Office: 319.362.3115<br />

jmcgrew@suburbanlumber.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Bryan Thumma<br />

Affordable Heating & Cooling<br />

Office: 319.462.3638<br />

bryan.thumma@affordable-hvac.com<br />

Remodelers Council First<br />

Vice-Chair<br />

Greg Steffen<br />

Advanced Custom Counters<br />

Office: 319.378.8677<br />

greg@acctops.com<br />

Board Member<br />

Amy Miller<br />

Hills Bank and Trust Company<br />

Office: 319.654.8007<br />

amy_miller@hillsbank.com<br />

Executive Officer<br />

Melissa Olson<br />

Greater Cedar Rapids Housing &<br />

Building Association<br />

Office: 319.395.0778<br />

eo@crhba.org<br />

20 THRESHOLD MARCH <strong>2019</strong>

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