CBJ Senior Living 2019

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Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 17<br />

A senior<br />

community built<br />

to keep you<br />

WELL<br />

PAGE 22<br />

Social<br />

networking for<br />

health<br />

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18 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT OF THE <strong>CBJ</strong><br />

Meth-Wick Community<br />







Our mission is to provide a secure and caring<br />

living environment to those we serve, allowing<br />

them to maintain their dignity and to enrich<br />

the quality of their lives as they age.<br />


• Alzheimer’s Association – Walk to End<br />

Alzheimer’s Team<br />

• American Heart Association and Go Red for<br />

Women<br />

• Work with HACAP & Kids on Course to<br />

provide meals for Harrison students<br />

• Residents prepare and provide sandwiches<br />

for the Salvation Army 3x per month<br />

• Partner with Eastern Iowa Arts Academy for<br />

programming opportunities on campus<br />

• Work with the University of Iowa, Mount<br />

Mercy University and Kirkwood Community<br />

College for student interns and mentoring/<br />

training relationships, as well as research<br />

projects<br />

• Partnership with Red Cedar Chamber Music<br />

to host concerts, open to the public and on<br />

our campus<br />


Meals include a wide variety of options for<br />

residents to choose from. Each day a Chef’s<br />

Special entrée gives residents the opportunity<br />

to try new items, and for those wanting a<br />

lighter or healthy option, a Mindful Special is<br />

available. Gluten Free and other special diet<br />

options are also available upon request. A<br />

Registered Dietitian provides clinical nutrition<br />

care for health care residents and is available<br />

campus-wide to provide both group and<br />

individual nutrition education and counseling.<br />


• Independent <strong>Living</strong> - For active seniors who<br />

want to maintain their interests, hobbies and<br />

independent lifestyle without the demands of<br />

maintaining a house.<br />

• Independence Plus - For those seniors who are<br />

independent but prefer assistance with some<br />

of their daily tasks, such as housekeeping and<br />

laundry, among other services.<br />

• Assisted <strong>Living</strong> Custom Care - Offering Assisted<br />

<strong>Living</strong> for Physical Needs to residents who need<br />

additional assistance but are not in need of 24-<br />

hour nursing care.<br />

• Assisted <strong>Living</strong> Memory Needs - For those in the<br />

early to mid-stages of Alzheimer’s and forms of<br />

mild dementia.<br />

• Nursing Care for Physical & Memory Needs - 24-<br />

hour nursing care is available for those seniors<br />

who can no longer live independently or who have<br />

unique health needs.<br />

• Respite Care - For residents and non-residents<br />

on a temporary basis while they are recovering<br />

from surgery or their primary caregiver is<br />

unable to provide care.<br />

• Transportation Services - Keeping you connected<br />

to the community, allowing you the freedom and<br />

independence to do the things you want to do.<br />

methwick.org<br />

1224 13th Street NW<br />

Cedar Rapids, IA 52405<br />

(319) 365-9171<br />

• Rehabilitation with Skilled Nursing Care -<br />

Quality, cost-effective therapy at The Woodlands,<br />

our Medicare–certified skilled nursing facility.<br />

Short-term rehabilitation is available. Physical<br />

therapy solutions for post-surgery recovery as<br />

well as many conditions that cause physical<br />

limitations and lessen enjoyment of daily life.<br />


We promote the whole person wellness model in all<br />

levels of care, which emphasizes six dimensions of<br />

wellness: spiritual, physical, vocational, emotional,<br />

intellectual and social wellness.<br />

Educational programming, events, and classes<br />

serving all of the six dimensions of wellness are<br />

offered throughout the year to help each resident<br />

live their best life.<br />

Wellness and Recreation highlights:<br />

• Intellectual programs in collaboration with<br />

Mount Mercy University<br />

• Variety of fitness classes offered 5 days a week<br />

• Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists<br />

• Bus trips to events, restaurants, and shopping<br />

• Three LifeTrail fitness kiosks on campus that<br />

residents can use during walks<br />

• State-of-the-art exercise equipment<br />

• Cedar Rapids’ only warm water therapy pools


Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 19<br />

You planned it this way.<br />

You’re a planner. You knew the house you wanted to buy, the vacations you wanted to<br />

go on, and how you were going to pay for your kids to go to college. So, plan ahead for a<br />

seamless transition into the next stage of life. Meth-Wick is the only Life Plan Community<br />

in Cedar Rapids offering five styles of living, a full spectrum of choices ranging from<br />

single-family homes to congregate residences. Learn more at methwick.org<br />

1224 13th St NW, Cedar Rapids, IA | 319–365–9171 | methwick.org

20 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal<br />


Summit Pointe <strong>Senior</strong> <strong>Living</strong><br />








Summit Pointe is the only established<br />

Marion senior living community that<br />

offers transitioning from Independent<br />

to Assisted <strong>Living</strong> without having to<br />

move rooms or buildings! Your family<br />

is our family and that includes your<br />

pets, too, since we are pet friendly!<br />

Summit Pointe has won numerous<br />

awards, including the Silver National<br />

Quality Award which has only been<br />

awarded to three Assisted <strong>Living</strong><br />

Communities in Iowa.<br />

Call to schedule a tour!<br />

3505 English Glen Ave., Marion, IA 52302<br />

(319) 373-4242<br />

www.summitpointeseniorliving.com<br />


We are not your average <strong>Senior</strong> <strong>Living</strong> Community.<br />

Your independence doesn’t end at Summit Pointe,<br />

we work hard to ensure that you keep your hobbies<br />

alive and provide a range of enriching activities<br />

and social opportunities. We love who you are! Our<br />

mission is to be here to guide you through this next<br />

stage of your journey.<br />


From our scenic walking path to our indoor exercise<br />

options, including instructor-led classes, you’ll stay<br />

as healthy and fit as you want to.<br />


Our dedicated culinary team, including chefs<br />

and wait staff, will ensure you have a wonderful<br />

dining experience. Three delicious meals a day are<br />

included with your rent, and you’ll always have a<br />

choice. As far as entertainment, we offer a wide<br />

variety of activities both in and out of the building<br />

to accommodate your individual interests. We have<br />

Social Hours weekly and Happy Hour every Friday<br />

with live music and adult beverages.<br />


n Independent <strong>Living</strong> - Includes a pendant alarm,<br />

housekeeping, 3 meals a day, transportation, all<br />

utilities (including soft water) as well as phone<br />

(local and long-distance), internet and cable.<br />

n Assisted <strong>Living</strong> - Has options for services such<br />

as bathing, dressing, medication set-up and/or<br />

administration, and escorts to and from meals<br />

or activities. Nursing staff is in the building 24<br />

hours a day, 365 days a year.<br />

n Memory Care - Has an all-inclusive rate that<br />

covers rent as well as all services needed. It’s a<br />

smaller, quiet environment with 12 apartments.<br />


n On-site beauty shop<br />

n Manicures and pedicures<br />

n Sundry Cart with stamps, toiletries, etc.<br />

n Weekday transportation<br />

n Library<br />

n Front and back patios<br />

n Pool table and game space<br />

n Private dining room<br />

n Heated underground parking garage<br />

n Storage units<br />

n Car wash<br />

n Soft water


Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 21<br />

Stay On Pointe<br />

Kaleidoscopic <strong>Living</strong><br />

Summit Pointe is a collage of colorful characters. No<br />

need to mute your hue. Be unapologetic. Be vivid. Be<br />

you. Our affection is limitless & our care is adaptive.<br />


22 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal<br />

A senior community built<br />

to keep you WELL<br />

The Views <strong>Senior</strong><br />

<strong>Living</strong> of Marion<br />

takes shape around<br />

an innovative new<br />

building and wellbeing<br />

certification<br />

By Dave DeWitte<br />

dave@corridorbusiness.com<br />

Wellness is a big part of the conversation<br />

as new senior communities spring up<br />

around the Corridor, but for one community<br />

nearing completion in Marion, it’s literally<br />

baked into the design, construction,<br />

operation and maintenance plans.<br />

When The Views <strong>Senior</strong> <strong>Living</strong> of Marion<br />

opens later this year, residents will<br />

dine from a menu with low levels of processed<br />

foods and artificial ingredients.<br />

They’ll breathe clean, fresh air generated<br />

by a hospital-level air filtration and circulation<br />

system, and they’ll have ample<br />

sunlight in every room. Good hydration<br />

will be encouraged from an abundance<br />

of water stations, and water quality will<br />

be monitored. Cleaning will be done with<br />

supplies using no volatile organic compounds<br />

(VOCs) that could trigger allergies<br />

or sensitivities.<br />

Employees will also benefit, through<br />

accommodations such as fitness equipment<br />

in the employee lounge and ergonomically<br />

correct workstations.<br />

These measures, and many others,<br />

will be monitored to achieve and maintain<br />

compliance with the WELL Building<br />

Institute’s WELL Standard. The 30-unit<br />

assisted living portion of The Views of<br />

Marion is on track to become the nation’s<br />

first assisted living community<br />

with the WELL certification.<br />

WELL certification has become available<br />

only in recent years, and has mostly<br />

been used in high-profile projects by<br />

prestigious architectural firms. The idea to<br />

seek the certification for an assisted living<br />

facility arose from Dr. Mik Pietrzak, one of<br />

the five managers of The Views <strong>Senior</strong> <strong>Living</strong>,<br />

which also has communities in Cedar<br />

Rapids. One way to understand WELL certification<br />

is to compare it with the older<br />

and more widely used LEED green building<br />

standard, he says, although they often<br />

go hand in hand.<br />

“WELL is much more focused on the<br />

benefits to the occupants rather than<br />

What is the<br />

WELL Building<br />

Standard?<br />

The WELL Building Standard is<br />

a performance-based system<br />

for measuring, certifying and<br />

monitoring features of the built<br />

environment that impact human<br />

health and well-being, through<br />

air, water, nourishment, light,<br />

fitness, comfort and mind.<br />

WELL and LEED certification<br />

go hand in hand. While LEED<br />

addresses health and wellness,<br />

WELL delves further into those<br />

topic areas and provides a closer<br />

examination of the occupant<br />

experience.<br />

Today there are five new pilot<br />

programs within the WELL<br />

Building Standard. While WELL<br />

v1 is applicable to commercial<br />

and institutional projects, pilot<br />

programs are available for retail,<br />

multifamily, residential, education,<br />

restaurant and commercial<br />

kitchen projects.<br />

just the concept of sustainability of the<br />

community,” said Dr. Pietrzak, an MD<br />

and medical educator who specialized in<br />

medical facility design at global architectural<br />

firm HKS. “LEED is more concerned<br />

about your electric bill, and WELL is more<br />

concerned about the quality of air in your<br />

building. The biggest focus is on the occupant,<br />

the staff and the visitors.”<br />

WELL certification focuses on seven<br />

tenets of health: air, water, nourishment,<br />

light, fitness, comfort and mind. The actual<br />

standards span more than 300 pages,<br />

and cover such seemingly minute details as<br />

what kind of coyote repellent can be used<br />

on the grounds, and the ratio of water features<br />

to square feet of building space.<br />

As a proponent of the idea, Dr. Pietrzak<br />

said it was incumbent on him<br />

to inform his fellow managers of the<br />

advantages and costs. From a business<br />

standpoint, he said one advantage was<br />

to differentiate The Views from the many<br />

other senior living communities recruiting<br />

residents in the Corridor.<br />

“It does take work to explain it to people,<br />

but they do latch onto it,” said Angie<br />

McClure, director of corporate marketing<br />

A wall of windows at the entrance helps The Views of Marion meet the WELL Building<br />

Standard requirements for natural daylight, and helps link the interior and exterior<br />

environments. PHOTOS DAVE DEWITTE<br />

Native Anamosa limestone and wood trim milled from native trees that had to be removed<br />

for construction are among building materials in The Views of Marion that link the facility<br />

and its residents with their surroundings. Stone surfaces include the curved coffee shop<br />

counter and a stone lobby fireplace.<br />

and communications for The Views <strong>Senior</strong><br />

<strong>Living</strong>. “It makes sense to them.”<br />

The Views of Marion is a roughly $20<br />

million continuum of care community located<br />

east of Menards and north of Furniture<br />

Row at 720 Oakbrook Drive. Assisted<br />

living is the only component of the project<br />

that is pursuing WELL certification,<br />

however the other components, including<br />

a 40-bed skilled nursing facility and 34-<br />

bed memory care facility, will share many<br />

of the same amenities and benefits.<br />

Only a handful of other senior living<br />

facilities nationwide are pursuing WELL<br />

certification, according to Jamie Matos<br />

of Delos, the company that developed<br />

the standard. They include communities<br />

in Colorado, New York and Pennsylvania.<br />

No other facility in Iowa besides The<br />

Views <strong>Senior</strong> <strong>Living</strong> of Marion has sought<br />

WELL certification.<br />

Pursuing WELL certification increased<br />

the overall project cost between 5-10 percent<br />

and added a little time to the construction<br />

schedule, Dr. Pietrzak said. He<br />

expects the paybacks to include things<br />



Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 23<br />

The Gardens of Cedar Rapids<br />







A full continuum of care in southwest<br />

Cedar Rapids, The Gardens of Cedar<br />

Rapids opened in August of 2017 and is<br />

proud to be locally owned and managed.<br />

The Gardens provide more than just<br />

a campus of care. It provides the<br />

opportunity for residents to enjoy so<br />

many of the things that bring joy to life.<br />

“We want to give purpose to those who<br />

live here,” said Amy Kubik-Hasley,<br />

Community Relations Director for The<br />

Gardens. “We want to keep people moving<br />

and feeling their best so they can continue<br />

to have fun and do what they love. We<br />

want to help transition seniors to the next<br />

phase of living and take the fear out of<br />

that transition.”<br />

5710 Dean Road SW<br />

Cedar Rapids IA 52404<br />

(319) 632-1350<br />

facebook.com/thegardenscr<br />

www.thegardenscr.com<br />


Assisted living, skilled rehabilitation, memory care, long-term care, and outpatient therapy all<br />

under one roof.<br />

Specializing in a variety of services within one community, The Gardens of Cedar Rapids can<br />

guarantee lifetime housing, social activities, chef-prepared meals, and increased levels of care as<br />

needs change. Your loved one has the ability to live on one campus for the duration of their future<br />

care already figured out which can provide a great level of comfort and peace of mind for families.<br />

Prairie Gardens Cooperative will open an independent living option on the same campus in<br />

January 2020, which will provide a full campus of care.

24 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT OF THE <strong>CBJ</strong><br />

Stoney Point Meadows<br />







The newly opened Stoney Point Meadows<br />

is ready to help our residents lead a good<br />

life. We want them to worry less and enjoy<br />

more. To feel secure, comfortable, and<br />

right at home.<br />

Stoney Point Meadows is a place where all<br />

the daily details are taken care of. A lovely<br />

environment, exceptional hospitality and<br />

a full array of health and personal care<br />

services are what set us apart as the place<br />

for a good life.<br />

1900 Stoney Point Road SW<br />

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404<br />

StoneyPointMeadows.com<br />

(319) 382-5080<br />

Nestled in the lush meadows of southwest<br />

Cedar Rapids on Stoney Point Road,<br />

Stoney Point Meadows is in the quiet<br />

countryside, yet near churches, shopping,<br />

entertainment, and professional services.<br />

Bus transportation is regularly scheduled<br />

for errands and events.<br />


n Assisted <strong>Living</strong><br />

n Memory Care<br />

n Respite Care<br />


Well-appointed apartments at Stoney Point Meadows<br />

include large studios, one-and-two bedroom floor plans<br />

with amenities and comforts to make you feel right<br />

at home. Each apartment features a full kitchen with<br />

appliances, laundry room with washer and dryer, a bath<br />

with step-in shower and safety bars, and individuallycontrolled<br />

heat and air conditioning for your comfort.<br />

You can leave behind the daily chores. Weekly<br />

housekeeping, all maintenance and all utilities, including<br />

cable TV and WiFi, are included.<br />

You can bring your furry family member too! Pets are<br />

welcome at Stoney Point Meadows.<br />


Fine Dining Experiences include house-made breakfast,<br />

lunch, and dinner every day. Chef Antonio has created<br />

an amazing menu including daily specials made with the<br />

freshest seasonal ingredients professionally served in<br />

the Meadowlark Dining Room. Snacks and beverages are<br />

enjoyed at Season’s Pub and Bistro.<br />

Fitness Center with scheduled classes for all levels and<br />

state-of-the-art fitness equipment designed for older adults.<br />

Larkspur Salon and Barber Shop is a full-service salon<br />

and barber shop where professional stylists offer hair<br />

care, manicures, and pedicures.<br />

Prairie Moon Theater where you can see your favorite<br />

classic movies or new releases, complete with comfortable<br />

chairs and a popcorn machine!<br />

Art Studio for crafts and hobbies where you can find your<br />

hidden talents.<br />

Spa where you will enjoy a walk in jet tub!<br />


Stoney Point Meadows Memory Care residents can find a<br />

warm, welcoming neighborhood for people with Alzheimer’s<br />

disease and other forms of memory loss. Residents can<br />

freely move about this single-level, barrier-free area.<br />

Proprietary Occupational Therapy-based Program.<br />

Meeting the special needs of people with memory loss begins<br />

with our dedication to maintain dignity, respect, encourage<br />

independence, and focus on ability rather than disability.<br />


Private Suites with private bathroom and kitchenette.<br />

Terrace Dining Room with chef-prepared meals<br />

where residents gather together, just like a family, in a<br />

comforting space, complete with a cozy fireplace.<br />

Ice Cream Parlor<br />

Fireside <strong>Living</strong> Room<br />

Memory Garden is a secure, outdoor courtyard with porch,<br />

pergola, seating areas, and walking path.<br />

Stoney Point Meadows is developed and owned by a<br />

partnership of local investors in Cedar Rapids. The owners<br />

are led by Bob Sample, a long-time resident, senior living<br />

specialist, and pharmacist of Cedar Rapids.<br />

Stoney Point Meadows is managed by Cassia, an Augustana/<br />

Elim Affiliation based in Minneapolis. A nonprofit<br />

organization, Cassia, brings over 200 combined years of<br />

history to healing, compassion, and renewal to residents.


Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 25<br />

NOW OPEN<br />


319-382-5080<br />

Stoney Point Meadows<br />

nestled in the meadows of<br />

southwest Cedar Rapids!<br />

Live a good life.<br />

1900 Stoney Point Road SW | Cedar Rapids, IA 42404 | www.StoneyPointMeadows.com | Like us on Facebook!

26 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal<br />


Cottage Grove Place<br />








At Cottage Grove, we understand searching<br />

for the right retirement community can be a<br />

daunting task — it’s our job to help, no matter<br />

the situation. Our later years don’t have to<br />

be less worthy of living than our vivacious,<br />

vibrant 20’s.<br />

Cottage Grove Place wholly supports each<br />

person’s individuality and needs through<br />

expertise, amenities, community and quality<br />

care that makes life rich, comfortable and<br />

exuberant.<br />


No other retirement community offers<br />

LifeCare in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area; it’s<br />

long-term care insurance — for life. As you<br />

continue to age, we continue to adapt to your<br />

unique needs. There’s never a need to move to<br />

a different community. We have everything<br />

you need right here.<br />

Another unique feature our community has to<br />

offer is our underground tunnel system — you<br />

never have to go outside into the elements if<br />

you don’t want to.<br />

Speaking of our community, we’re close to<br />

completing a large expansion, set to open<br />

Summer of <strong>2019</strong>, which will include:<br />

• 21 Independent <strong>Living</strong> homes<br />

• 24 Assisted <strong>Living</strong><br />

• 18 Assisted <strong>Living</strong> Memory Care<br />

• 12 Sub-acute beds for rehabilitation<br />


Cottage Grove Place takes a lot of pride in<br />

supporting the community. Each year we<br />

participate in the Alzheimer’s campaign to help<br />

raise money. We also sponsor two Freedom Festival<br />

events every year. Not to mention we’re a part of<br />

the Elderly Consortium and the Economic Alliance.<br />


Cottage Grove Place offers exercise class daily. We<br />

recently opened a new fitness center complete with<br />

brand new equipment that looks directly out into<br />

our new courtyard.<br />

DINING:<br />

Every morning we offer free continental breakfast.<br />

The dining room is open at night for supper and<br />

for Sunday brunch. You can also bon appétit at the<br />

Cottage Grill, which serves food all day long. All<br />

dining options feature a variety of meal choices.<br />


Independent <strong>Living</strong> – You’ll enjoy the comforts<br />

of a home without all the work. This includes a<br />

variety of dining options, weekly housekeeping,<br />

full access to our amenities and activities such as<br />

transportation services, cable/internet, lifelong<br />

learning classes, a beauty salon and more!<br />

Assisted <strong>Living</strong> – If someone needs extra services<br />

such as bathing, medication management, or help<br />

getting dressed, they would qualify for assisted living.<br />

www.cottagegroveplace.com<br />

2115 First Ave. SE<br />

Cedar Rapids, IA 52402<br />

(319) 298-5398<br />

Memory Care – This level of service fits the needs<br />

of someone specifically with cognitive issues who<br />

would also need extra services.<br />

Skilled Nursing – If someone needs 24-hour<br />

skilled care, they have the option of residing in our<br />

health center.<br />

Rehabilitation – If someone has a fall, or needs to get<br />

stronger to return to their Independent home, they can<br />

utilize rehabilitation services right here on campus.<br />


Cottage Grove Place in an all-inclusive community<br />

that offers:<br />

n Weekly housekeeping<br />

n Transportation<br />

n Meal plans<br />

n Maintenance<br />

n Cable<br />

n Phone<br />

n Wi-Fi<br />

n Garage space in the underground garage<br />

n Priority access to health care<br />

n 24-hour emergency call system answered by our<br />

nursing staff


Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 27<br />

Meet the Sunday Night<br />

Supper Club, Bill and Merilee.<br />

They live for cultivated entertaining,<br />

tonight with Helen.<br />

Cottage Grove Place is a community of<br />

neighborhoods, alive with the vibrant,<br />

unique personalities of our residents.<br />

Be who you are.<br />

So, posh dining?… dig in! Even if you’re<br />

feeling a little cheeky and serving fast<br />

food burgers under a silver cloche.<br />

Sorry, Emily Post.

28 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal<br />

Social networking for health<br />

Connection is key for seniors’<br />

well-being, and senior living<br />

communities are stepping up<br />

By Katharine Carlon<br />

katharine@corridorbusiness.com<br />

Robin Mixdorf, CEO of Cedar Rapids’ Meth-Wick Community,<br />

checks in regularly with a men’s coffee group that meets<br />

daily, always asking them the same question: Have you solved<br />

the problems of the world?<br />

“And every day, they have — a little differently,” Ms. Mixdorf<br />

laughed, sharing one of several anecdotes about Meth-<br />

Wick’s buzzing, sometimes noisy social scene. “Our community<br />

is engaged, vibrant and thoroughly thoughtful about life<br />

and how they want it to be.”<br />

With 85 activities on the independent living calendar in<br />

April alone — everything from restaurant and museum outings<br />

to game nights, wood carving and book clubs — opportunities<br />

for socializing abound. And that’s without mentioning<br />

informal get-togethers like the men’s coffee group and lively<br />

conversations sparked daily in the dining room.<br />

“It’s not just bingo anymore,” Ms. Mixdorf said of the senior<br />

living world. “We have all kinds of things to keep people<br />

engaged.”<br />

Evidence abounds that social connectedness is key to the<br />

health and mental well-being of seniors. The University of<br />

Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging, released late last year,<br />

found older Americans who reported feeling socially isolated<br />

were twice as likely as those with adequate companionship to report<br />

fair or poor physical health (28 percent versus 13 percent).<br />

The results were even more striking when it came to mental<br />

health, with 17 percent of respondents who said they felt isolated<br />

rating their mental health as fair or poor, compared to 2<br />

percent of those who reported<br />

hardly ever feeling<br />

isolated.<br />

“Loneliness, especially<br />

as it relates to social<br />

isolation factors, has<br />

real consequences for<br />

people’s health,” said<br />

Lisa Marsh Ryerson, of<br />

the AARP Foundation.<br />

“Studies show that isolation<br />

and loneliness are<br />

as bad for health as obesity<br />

or smoking.”<br />

Social isolation is<br />

It’s not<br />

just bingo<br />

anymore.<br />

Robin Mixdorf, CEO,<br />

Meth-Wick Community<br />

linked with malnutrition, reduced hydration and lowered activity<br />

levels — a risk factor that can lead to falls, said Angie<br />

McClure, director of corporate marketing and communications<br />

for The Views <strong>Senior</strong> <strong>Living</strong> Communities, which has<br />

operated a Cedar Rapids location for 15 years and will debut<br />

its Marion facility next month (see page 22).<br />

“Loneliness in seniors can cause all different kinds of spiral-down<br />

effects,” Ms. McClure said, adding that The Views’<br />

social programming is geared toward recognizing and avoiding<br />

the risk factors associated with loneliness and isolation<br />

— a condition that plagues 45 percent of senior adults, according<br />

to one AARP study. “It used to be that [people entered senior<br />

living] because they couldn’t be on their own and it was<br />

seen as a negative. We’re trying to turn that around and show<br />

that transition can improve the quality of life.”<br />

Ms. McClure said experience and statistics have shown that<br />

Storyblocks<br />

the greater the number of activities offered, the greater<br />

the odds residents perceive themselves to be in good<br />

health. That includes standard fare like bingo, cards<br />

and music, but also outings, massage therapy sessions<br />

and opportunities to engage in the greater community,<br />

whether through volunteering, mixing with other seniors<br />

outside the community or frequenting the local<br />

coffee shop and mingling with neighbors.<br />

“The question is how do we offer mature adults mature<br />

activities that give them a sense of purpose,” she<br />

said. “Part of that is getting our residents back out in<br />

the community.”<br />

Kimberly Haring, marketing director for Oaknoll Retirement<br />

Residence in Iowa City, said Oaknoll takes a<br />

similar holistic approach to meeting the needs of residents<br />

— socially, spiritually and mentally.<br />

“We have great programming that stimulates the<br />

mind, body and soul of our residents,” Ms. Haring<br />

said, citing social events, including themed parties like<br />

a 1950s-style sock hop once a quarter, spiritual gatherings<br />

and wellness activities ranging from Zumba to tai<br />

chi. “We have a little bit of everything to meet the needs<br />

and interests of the 380 residents we serve.”<br />

In addition to an evening program every Tuesday<br />

Freepik<br />

Freepik<br />

and Thursday, Oaknoll offers social opportunities like<br />

a movie theater, a pub/lounge where residents gather<br />

to watch sporting events, game nights, art classes, book<br />

clubs, ping pong and billiards groups, and a summer<br />

outdoor concert series.<br />

“Even dining at Oaknoll can be a fun social event<br />

to meet with friends to discuss the day,” she said, adding<br />

that a good chunk of a resident’s social life revolves<br />

around breaking bread together at one of the facility’s<br />

three venues. In addition to meal time conversation,<br />

residents gather for breakfast clubs, morning book<br />

clubs, lunch groups and dinner clubs.<br />

Dining and food is also high on the social activity<br />

meter at Meth-Wick, where chefs demonstrating food<br />

preparation and a regular Nutrition Connection event<br />

are among the best attended activities. Ms. Mixdorf said<br />

the community calls its social programming “recreation<br />

and wellness,” focusing on residents’ emotional, spiritual<br />

and intellectual needs.<br />

“Social circles change with aging; many times your<br />

kids don’t live close or your friends have predeceased<br />

you,” she said. “The consequences of social isolation can<br />

be alarming, which is why the act of being socially connected<br />

improves quality of life in so many ways.” <strong>CBJ</strong>


Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 29<br />

Melrose Meadows Retirement Community<br />



All-inclusive Independent and<br />

Assisted <strong>Living</strong> in a friendly,<br />

elegant setting that feels<br />

like home. Spacious, lightfilled<br />

apartments. Fresh air.<br />

Smiling neighbors. Freedom<br />

from upkeep, maintenance<br />

and boredom, with endless<br />

social opportunities and<br />

beautiful grounds.<br />


Established in 2002<br />

Award-Winning Staff<br />

Delicious Dining Options<br />

Housekeeping<br />

Maintenance<br />

Transportation<br />

Underground Parking Garage<br />

Fitness and Wellness Center<br />

Heated Indoor Pool<br />

Personal Trainers<br />

Social Activities<br />

Pets Welcome<br />

Simple Security Deposit<br />

No Community Fees<br />

350 Dublin Drive | Iowa City, IA 52246 | 319-341-7893<br />

Visit us on the web: melrosemeadows.com<br />

Come see why we’ve earned our exceptional<br />

reputation and been voted One Of The Best Of The<br />

Area multiple years in a row!

30 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT OF THE <strong>CBJ</strong><br />

Oaknoll - An Active LifeCare Community<br />




Oaknoll provides exceptional retirement living<br />

and Health Services through LifeCare.<br />


You don’t have to worry about home repairs<br />

and other essential services such as…<br />

Maintenance<br />

You may choose carpet and paint colors for your<br />

new apartment and receive a window treatment<br />

allowance. We will handle all your repair needs<br />

from changing light bulbs to blocked drains.<br />

Lawn care and snow removal are courtesy of our<br />

Buildings and Grounds crew.<br />

Housekeeping and Laundry<br />

Apartments are cleaned by housekeepers<br />

every two weeks. Our team performs various<br />

duties including vacuuming, dusting, cleaning<br />

bathroom(s), kitchen floors and all surfaces.<br />

1 Oaknoll Court | Iowa City, IA 52246 | www.oaknoll.com | (319) 351-1720<br />

Technology<br />

Computer support when you need it at no<br />

charge. Oaknoll offers free on-site technology<br />

classes for our residents: instructions and tips<br />

on using computers, mobile devices, surfing<br />

the internet, sending emails and much more.<br />

Banking<br />

MidWestOne and Hills Bank come to Oaknoll<br />

twice a month.<br />

Transportation<br />

Oaknoll offers convenient transportation<br />

services to our residents at all levels of care.<br />


Independent <strong>Living</strong>, Assisted <strong>Living</strong>, Health Center,<br />

At Home with Oaknoll, Short Stay Unit, 24-Hour<br />

Nursing Care and The Loft.<br />


In the Wellness Center, open 24 hours a day, you can<br />

use some of the latest exercise equipment to increase<br />

strength and endurance. Our exercise equipment is<br />

specifically designed for the more mature exerciser.<br />

Residents may schedule one-on-one time with our<br />

instructors who can help design a program that<br />

will meet your health and fitness needs. If you<br />

want an exercise routine that does not involve gym<br />

equipment, we offer many wonderful programs.<br />

Light aerobic workouts of stretching and toning, yoga<br />

classes, Pilates, aquacize, Boot Camp and walking<br />

groups. Oaknoll also has a beautiful warm water lap/<br />

swimming pool. Water aerobic classes are offered to<br />

reduce stress on muscles and joints. Our pool area<br />

also has a hot tub and bubble seat.<br />


At Oaknoll we offer our residents many places to<br />

relax and unwind—a 45-seat movie theatre with<br />

daily showings; salon with full hair care services,<br />

massages, pedicures and manicures, ping pong<br />

table, golf simulator, art room, lounges, meeting<br />

rooms, libraries, outdoor courtyard areas and decks<br />

with stunning views.<br />

Our programming reflects the diverse tastes,<br />

preferences and experiences of our residents. Our<br />

residents enjoy live music concerts (indoor year<br />

round and an outdoor summer concert series<br />

June – Sept. featuring local musicians), stage<br />

performances by local acting groups, themed<br />

dinner parties, beer & wine pairings, dances,<br />

tailgate parties, Wii tennis and bowling leagues,<br />

and much more!<br />


Our dining areas provide menus with choice and our<br />

Chef Specials offer unique cuisine from around the<br />

world. We also feature an Internet Café and Coffee Shop<br />

The Oak Room - Restaurant style dining with madefrom-scratch<br />

meals.<br />

Hope Dining Room and Café - Offers a more casual<br />

atmosphere.<br />

Third on Third Bistro - Contemporary dining in a<br />

relaxed atmosphere.<br />

Mixers on 5th Pub Lounge - A great place to meet<br />

friends, relax over a drink or light snack.<br />

Catering - We’re here to make your party a success.


Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 31<br />

Introducing<br />

aknoll East...<br />

Looking To Downsize?<br />

Downsize With The LifeCare Guarantee<br />






Steve Roe<br />

Executive Director<br />

Call me today for more<br />

information<br />

351-1720<br />

1 Oaknoll Court ● Iowa City, IA 52246 ● www.oaknoll.com ● oaknoll@oaknoll.com<br />


32 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT OF THE <strong>CBJ</strong><br />

Evergreen Estates Residential Care Communities<br />





29 YEARS<br />




11 YEARS<br />




27 YEARS<br />




10 YEARS<br />

At Evergreen Estates, we are very proud to<br />

have been in business for more than 30 years<br />

and have worked hard to build a reputation in<br />

the Corridor for being a compassionate senior<br />

living community that remains committed to<br />

quality care and affordability. We feel that it is<br />

vitally important that we remain locally owned<br />

and are committed to having all our decisions<br />

related to policy, resident care and community<br />

building made right here in Cedar Rapids.<br />

Our mission is to build community with<br />

respect and hospitality.<br />

Evergreen Estates is and has been locally<br />

owned and managed by experienced and<br />

caring staff since opening in 1987. Decisions<br />

about our organization are made locally by<br />

owner Pat Giorgio and in the best interests of<br />

those whose care we have been entrusted.<br />

Research shows that length of employment of<br />

caregivers in communities directly impacts<br />

the resident’s quality of life and sense of<br />

satisfaction. That’s why we are very proud to<br />

have so many employees — from administrator<br />

and nurses, to housekeeping, activities and<br />

dietary staff — who have worked for us for a<br />

decade or more. Our team at Evergreen Estates<br />

is a group of a professionals who believe we<br />

have more than a job to care for seniors. We<br />

believe it is a vocation to do so.<br />

www.EvergreenEstates.biz<br />

www.facebook.com/EvergreenEstatesCR<br />

Residential Care offers greater supervision than assisted living, yet its primary focus is on socialization and<br />

an active lifestyle. Evergreen Estates offers three Cedar Rapids locations, all offering private rooms and<br />

a whole host of amenities. While each building and its residents have their own personalities, all offer a<br />

genuine sense of community.<br />

Evergreen Estates I<br />

3410 12th Ave. SW<br />

Cedar Rapids (319) 396-3692<br />

There is just one, set monthly fee that covers the cost of housing and care when you are a resident at<br />

Evergreen Estates. While the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area boasts many options for senior care, some<br />

facilities, especially newer facilities with more amenities, will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000 per<br />

month. We know that affordability is a key factor for many seniors. Here at Evergreen Estates, residents can<br />

expect to pay between $3,000 and $4,000 per month. We like to keep costs simple and upfront at all times.<br />

Residents at Evergreen Estates enjoy the following as part of their monthly payment…<br />

n A private room with a bathroom<br />

n Three delicious meals per day<br />

n Three snacks per day<br />

n Daily housekeeping, linen service and personal laundry service<br />

n 24/7 direct nursing care on site<br />

n Medication administration by our dedicated and professional nursing staff<br />

n Bathing and dressing assistance<br />

n A robust activity and social program<br />

n Exercise opportunities<br />

n Scheduled transportation<br />

n Water, gas and electric utility service<br />

Evergreen Estates II<br />

307 Edgewood Road SW<br />

Cedar Rapids (319) 365-4116<br />

Evergreen Estates III<br />

2204 Johnson Ave. NW<br />

Cedar Rapids (319) 363-8116


Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 33<br />

Evergreen<br />

Estates<br />


We care for your family<br />

like they are our family.<br />

Proud to<br />

be locally,<br />

female owned<br />

for 25 years!<br />

Affordable, quality care<br />

Our employees have worked for<br />

us an average of ten years!<br />

Call for a tour today! (319) 396-3692<br />

www.EvergreenEstates.biz<br />

www.facebook.com/EvergreenEstatesCR<br />

Three convenient<br />

locations on the west<br />

side of Cedar Rapids.<br />

Evergreen Estates I<br />

3410 12th Avenue SW<br />

Evergreen Estates II<br />

307 Edgewood Road SW<br />

Evergreen Estates III<br />

2204 Johnson Avenue NW

34 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT OF THE <strong>CBJ</strong><br />

Grand <strong>Living</strong><br />










Grand <strong>Living</strong> is driven by our passion<br />

to provide remarkable, personalized<br />

experiences for residents and their<br />

families and by our unparalleled<br />

commitment to exceptional service.<br />

Our vision is to be trusted leaders and<br />

innovators in senior living environments<br />

and services, recognized for embracing the<br />

uniqueness of each individual we serve.<br />


Grand <strong>Living</strong> provides a unique approach<br />

to enriching programs and upscale<br />

experiences – all at a remarkable value.<br />

Grand <strong>Living</strong> at Bridgewater in Coralville<br />

and Grand <strong>Living</strong> at Indian Creek in<br />

Cedar Rapids offer rental apartments<br />

ranging from studio to two-bedroom.<br />

Some residences offer balconies and<br />

fireplaces, and all feature stainless steel<br />

appliance packages, granite countertops,<br />

and a washer and dryer. A resort style<br />

carries through the entire Grand <strong>Living</strong><br />

community, and while the communities<br />

may appear large on the outside, they are<br />

very walkable and accessible on the inside.<br />

With four main floors, the buildings are<br />

laid out similar to the spokes of a wheel,<br />

with five relatively short corridors all<br />

coming off the central part of the building.<br />

The communities feature four elevators<br />

conveniently located for resident use.<br />


Independent <strong>Living</strong>, Assisted <strong>Living</strong>,<br />

Memory Care<br />


Dining is redefined at Grand <strong>Living</strong>.<br />

Venues include formal, casual, and<br />

bistro settings, along with private dining<br />

and a club room. Each serves chefprepared<br />

meals with a multitude of fresh,<br />

homemade selections.<br />


3 Russell Slade Blvd., Coralville, IA 52241<br />

(319) 930-3000<br />

www.Grand<strong>Living</strong>.com<br />


325 Collins Road SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403<br />

(319) 930-3250<br />


Grand <strong>Living</strong> communities feature an engaging wellness center and spa, including a state-ofthe-art<br />

exercise studio and dedicated, full-time Fitness Coordinator. There’s also a full-service<br />

salon and offices for rotating medical providers. As a pet-friendly community, Grand <strong>Living</strong> also<br />

offers a pet grooming center to keep your furry companion looking its best.<br />


If you enjoy the outdoors, you’ll love the gardens, walking paths, and fire pit. There’s also<br />

a woodworking shop; a 150-seat theater offering many special events, including theater,<br />

learning programs, piano, and other musical performances; a library, grand lounge, chapel and<br />

meditation center; and many resident-driven programs to choose from.


Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 35

36 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal<br />

STOP!<br />

LEASE!<br />

We’d love for you to be a part of one of our communities!<br />

In Downtown Iowa City - 319.338.7450<br />

Rent Based on Income for those 62+<br />

Utilities Included<br />

FREE High Speed Internet Service<br />

Elevators<br />

Updated Apartments w/ Dishwashers<br />

Spacious Community Room w/ Kitchen<br />

Private Ramp Parking<br />

Grounds Landscaped & Maintained<br />

by Master Gardners<br />

Service Coordinator to Link<br />

Residents to Community Resources<br />

1 BR Apartments for those 62+<br />

Rent Based on Income<br />

Heat & Electric Included<br />

Beauty/Barber Shop On-Site<br />

In Cedar Rapids - 319.399.1550 Community Patio<br />

In Marion - 319.373.8696<br />

Community Room w/ Kitchen<br />

Fun Social Activities<br />

Smoke Free Environment<br />

Small Pets Allowed<br />

Elevator<br />

Laundry Facilities<br />

Indoor Mail Delivery<br />

Generous Closet Space<br />

Park-Like Setting<br />

Quiet Neighborhood<br />

On Bus Route<br />

Service Coordinator to Link<br />

Residents to Community Resources<br />

www.homzmanagement.com - Licensed Broker in Iowa<br />

WELL<br />


like lower staff turnover, which reduces<br />

the amount of training costs.<br />

“If you prevent the loss of one [staff]<br />

person because their asthma is triggered<br />

by a cleaning compound, you’ve probably<br />

paid for five years of extra cleaning material<br />

costs,” he noted.<br />

For residents, the hoped-for benefits are<br />

greater overall wellness and longer lives.<br />

People are happier if they feel better, Dr.<br />

Pietrzak said. Having an abundance of natural<br />

sunlight helps the circadian rhythms<br />

in the brain and produces more normal<br />

sleep cycles. Healthier foods will leave residents<br />

and staff feeling more energetic.<br />

Even features like the use of natural<br />

architectural materials have been shown<br />

to have a calming, beneficial effect on the<br />

mind. The Views of Marion makes ample<br />

use of native Anamosa limestone and<br />

hardwood, including wood milled from<br />

the trees on the community site that had<br />

to be removed for construction.<br />

The woodwork plays well with the facility’s<br />

Prairie School-style architectural<br />

design, which contrasts with the contemporary<br />

styling of several other new<br />

communities in the area. The design was<br />

selected because it reflects the tastes of<br />

the current generation of retirees who<br />

are reaching move-in age, Ms. McClure<br />

said, and will contribute to their sense of<br />

well-being.<br />

While it’s not yet a powerful marketing<br />

tool, WELL certification has already brought<br />

the project local and national attention. Dr.<br />

Pietrzak and Nate Kass of Fehr Graham Engineering<br />

& Environmental in Cedar Rapids,<br />

which provided site engineering for the<br />

project, will discuss the certification during<br />

the Growing Sustainable Communities<br />

Conference Oct. 24-25 in Dubuque.<br />

Achieving full certification won’t be<br />

possible until about one year after The<br />

Views of Marion opens and inspections<br />

are completed, Dr. Pietrzak said. Even after<br />

that, maintaining the certification will<br />

be a continuous process.<br />

The Views of Marion will be opening<br />

at a time of intense competition for residents<br />

among the many new communities<br />

opening up in the Corridor. Its advantages<br />

include becoming the first continuum of<br />

care facility in the Marion market, in addition<br />

to seeking WELL certification.<br />

With talent in short supply and rising<br />

construction costs a challenge for all<br />

senior community developers, Dr. Pietrzak<br />

said The Views will have to succeed<br />

on merits rather than undercutting other<br />

communities on price.<br />

“We’re going to have to compete by<br />

having a better product and making our<br />

people happier,” he said. “There is only so<br />

much you can do with cost.”<br />

Marketing has gone well so far for the<br />

assisted living component, Ms. McClure<br />

said. Without even a finished model to<br />

show prospective residents, about 40 percent<br />

of the units have been leased. <strong>CBJ</strong><br />

Home Instead<br />

CAREGivers SM can<br />

provide a variety of<br />

services. Some include:<br />

Call for a free,<br />

no-obligation appointment<br />

319.247.0400<br />

We’re by your side so<br />

your loved one can stay<br />

at home.<br />

• Companionship Care<br />

• Personal Care<br />

• Meals & Nutrition<br />

• Transportation<br />

• Household Duties<br />

• Respite Care<br />

• Hos pice Care<br />

Support Services<br />

HomeInstead.com/468<br />

Each Home Instead <strong>Senior</strong> Care ® franchise offi ce is independently owned<br />

and operated. © 2015 Home Instead, Inc.


Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 37<br />


Vintage Cooperatives offer a secure alternative to home ownership which is uniquely different from<br />

other housing options for active adults. Featuring the finest in quality construction, our one-level floor<br />

plans are thoughtfully designed. Enjoy the leisure of maintenance-free living while focusing on the spirit<br />

of community.<br />

Amenities<br />

Great Room with Serving Kitchen<br />

Guest Suites<br />

Fitness Center<br />

Fireside Lounge<br />

Club Room<br />

Library<br />

Workshop<br />

Gardening<br />

"While You're Away" Service<br />

Heated Underground Parking<br />

Car Wash Bay<br />

Benefits<br />

Home Ownership<br />

Tax Advantages<br />

Equity<br />

Member-owned Community<br />

Maintenance-free <strong>Living</strong><br />

On-site Management<br />

Sound Investment<br />

Established Resale Process<br />

Vibrant Community Lifestyle<br />

Supportive Environment<br />

Social Opportunities<br />

Coralville<br />

1180 Kennedy Parkway<br />

Coralville, IA 52241<br />

(319) 530-5910<br />

www.vintagecooperatives.com<br />

Iowa City<br />

750 E Foster Rd<br />

Iowa City, IA 52245<br />

(319) 354-3433

38 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT OF THE <strong>CBJ</strong><br />

The Views of Cedar Rapids<br />




“The Views of Cedar Rapids’<br />

Meadowview Memory Care<br />

offers the area’s ONLY<br />

experiential center.<br />

Our science -based<br />

community provides familiar<br />

visual cues to tap in to longterm<br />

memories.<br />

Residents are surrounded by<br />

spacious areas that<br />

encourage freedom of<br />

movement and physical<br />

activity, as well as enhanced<br />

socialization through our<br />

unique activity calendar.”<br />

www.Views<strong>Senior</strong><strong>Living</strong>.com<br />

Activities<br />

Engagement<br />

Socialization<br />

Freedom<br />

Experience<br />

Thrive<br />

(319) 540-4787<br />

2975 & 3005 F Ave NW<br />

Cedar Rapids<br />



Corridor Business Journal April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> 39<br />

The Views of Marion<br />

Marion’s ONLY senior living community offering ALL LEVELS of care<br />

on one campus is preparing to open. Come live WELL with us!<br />

Schedule a tour<br />

(319) 390-8439<br />

Michelle Milcoff<br />

Community Relations Director<br />

Proud to be the 1st WELL registered<br />

assisted living in the nation!<br />

720 Oakbrook Dr. Marion, IA | www.ViewsOfMarion.com | @TheViews<strong>Senior</strong><strong>Living</strong>

40 April 22 - 28, <strong>2019</strong> Corridor Business Journal<br />

The Villages At Marion<br />








Dignity in life<br />

Commitment to independence<br />

Assistance when needed<br />

Integrity above all<br />


Assisted <strong>Living</strong><br />

Memory Care<br />

<strong>Senior</strong> <strong>Living</strong> Apartments<br />






Alzheimer’s Association<br />

Rotary<br />

Iowa Health Care Association<br />

Elderly Consortium<br />

Chamber of Commerce<br />

www.marionvillages.com<br />

365 Marion Blvd.<br />

Marion, IA 52302<br />

(319) 377-9808<br />

The Villages at Marion is a warm and inviting community, alive with friends who bring<br />

their unique personalities and history to our community. Where our tenants come together<br />

from different walks of life and memories unfold to weave a colorful patchwork creating a<br />

community our tenants call home.<br />

For seniors in need of supportive services our Assisted <strong>Living</strong> offers medication<br />

management, assistance with personal care and more. Village Ridge memory care offers<br />

tenants with memory impairment an atmosphere where they can enjoy their independence<br />

through daily routines, and specialized programming.<br />


Live 2B Healthy Exercise Classes<br />

Exercise and Wellness Rooms<br />

Walking Paths and located adjacent to Thomas Park<br />


Variety of social, recreational, educational and spiritual activities offered daily<br />

Scheduled outings, lunch out and trips to area events<br />

Transportation to shopping and medical appointments<br />

Community spaces for resident use including pool table, puzzle area,<br />

community room, computer lounge, chapel and more

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