Nomads 40th Anniversary



40th Anniversary

18 & 19 MAY 2018



Message From Andrew Bullen

National Chairman 2018/2019

What a privilege and honor it is for me to write the welcoming

note for the Eastern Nomads club’s 40th anniversary. This club

is very close to my heart since not only was I a member there,

albeit for a very short while, but Easterns was also the Sponsor

club when Lowveld Nomads was starting out!

What stands out for me about Easterns is their “presence”.

Whenever you are involved in a Nomadic event, be it Golforama

duties, a National Tournament or one of the many interclub

away-tours - you will notice that Easterns are always very well represented. I might just add

that their yellow playing shirt also greatly assists in making their presence known and drawing

one’s attention to them!!! You will also notice that their Andrew Mentis initiatives are usually

phenomenal. This to me is a sign of a strong and committed membership which has taken their

Nomadic responsibilities very seriously and all actively participate in the well-being of their club.

To all the Committees whose members have served the club over the past 40 years - congratulations

for upholding the Nomads aims and objectives – and to every single member of the club –

for your individual commitment and dedication to ensure that Easterns Nomads remains such a

strong and vibrant club. You are an example to all.

Another area where this club’s “presence” is often noticed is in their members who are willing

to take up higher office. Rob Wrighton, Les Floyd, Gary Bray, Robbie Frank and Vic Hall are all

Past National Chairmen and there have been many members from the club who have occupied

various other positions on the National Executive. Jimmy Sales, himself a Nomad legend - has

also greatly assisted with creating the “presence” that is the Easterns Nomads

To all the ladies who have over the years served the club so graciously and selflessly, our sincere

thanks for your commitment. The club would be a lot poorer without your magnificent service -

Our sincere appreciation and thanks!!! A special word of thanks must go to Derick Lindsay and

his committee for organizing a fantastic anniversary week-end where I am sure the traditional

Nomadic camaraderie and friendship will again be on full display!

Finally, congratulations again to the Eastern Nomads club on their 40th anniversary, and here’s

to the next 40 years!! Cheers!!


Message From Derick Lindsay

Easterns Captain 2012


It is with great pleasure that Easterns Nomads welcomes the

VIPs, the Sponsors, Nomads from across the borders, as well as

all the ”local” Nomads and their wives to our very special 40th

Anniversary. I would like to thank my committee: -

Mark Ablett, Brian Algar, Warren Brits, Matthew Dudley, Les Floyd, Robbie Frank, Vic Hall, Jimmy

Sales and Jarrod Williams for their great effort in putting everything together.

Also a special thanks to all our ladies for their help and assistance. In particular, I would like to

make special mention of Darren Millington from Benoni Country Club for making the course and

club available for us to celebrate our prestigious Anniversary and also to all his staff - I thank


The events of this weekend would not be possible without the generous support of our

sponsors, who always come to the party to make our Anniversary a success - I cannot thank you

all enough. To everyone – please enjoy our 40th Anniversary celebrations and “Thank you” for

being with us



Message From Mark Ablett

Easterns Captain 2018/2019

A warm Easterns welcome to all our Sponsors, both National

and Local, honoured guests, fellow Nomads and significant

others! We trust you will enjoy sharing these Anniversary

celebrations with us !

Anniversaries of any kind, always evoke memories and lead us

to reminisce on events that have gone before! Whether happy

or sad, all these events are part of what makes us who we arepart

of our history !

Easterns 40th Anniversary is no different! Delving into the archives, it is with great pride that

Easterns can acknowledge having produced 5 National Chairmen-the highest office in Nomads

– as well as numerous representatives on the National Executive! We are also proud to be the

home club of a few of our National Sponsor representatives! With our vibrant membership, we

hope to continue these proud achievements going forward!

Finally, a special word of thanks to the organising committee for going the extra mile in bringing

these anniversary celebrations to fruition! A great deal of “behind the scenes” organising and

planning takes place, all while normal, every-day life and work commitments continue! No easy

task! A vote of thanks too, to Benoni Country Club for accommodating our requests and serving

us so well over the years!

In conclusion, let us keep a phrase from the Nomads creed in mind – “No man is an island,

entire of itself , every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main” ! We are all part of an

amazing organisation! It is our responsibility to see that history reflects we all made a difference

and honoured and built on the legacy of our founding Nomads !





Founding Members

Brian Bolton

Alan Harris

Neville Kimber

Basil Lucas

Brian Mutch

Nigel Tipping

Robin Wrighton

Honorary Members

Honorary Life Member

Les Floyd

National Chairmen

1992/3 Robin Wrighton

1995/6 Les Floyd

2005/6 Gary Bray

2013/14 Robbie Frank

2016/17 Vic Hall

Gary Bray

Robbie Frank

Vic Hall

Ray Karshagen

Neville Kimber

Neill Malherbe

Philip Michaux

Jimmy Sales

Mike Swemmer

Robin Wrighton

National Coordinator

1983 Harry Harper-Smith

1992 Les Floyd

2001 Gary Bray

2013 Vic Hall


Message From Robin Wrighton

Easterns Captain 1986


For 40 years The Nomads Golf Club has been very much part of

my life. The years on the Committee of Eastern Transvaal

Nomads now Easterns Nomads, my year of Captaincy in1986,

National Chairman in1991/1992 and then the many years as

Treasurer of the Nomads Scoring I e Golforama were indeed all

truly wonderful times. The Easterns Nomads Club has always been one of the outstanding

Nomad Clubs.

The participation of the members in their Monthly Games, Away Trips and National Tournaments

has been top class. The enthusiasm of the Easterns’ members has turned into real

commitment in many cases. This has led to the Election of five members of the Club to the

position of National Chairman and there have been a number of others who have served on the

National Executive.

The Aims and Objects of Nomads set out some 58 years ago have stood the test of

time. In short, foster the game of Golf, to provide the opportunity to interact with

our fellow man from all walks of life and to raise funds for those less fortunate than

ourselves. I cannot think of a better way of spending my funds to attend a Nomads Monthly

Game knowing that these funds will be split between the Clubs administration, the

respective Golf Clubs at which we play and most important funds set aside for those less

fortunate. Wishing Eastern every success in the future and may the members continue to be

excited and interested in being part of this marvellous Movement.




Bill Moseley


John Marsh


Harry Harper-Smith


Norman Hopkinson


Valdi Pala


Les Floyd


Johan De Jager


Rob Wrighton


Mike Jukes


Neville Kimber


John Brawley


Rob Wilson


Jimmy Sales


Tony Varrie


Dennis Hines


Dave Tod


Errol Civin


Duke Nel


Mike Tarr


Gary Bray




Alan Harris


Stuart Solomon


Tony Roux


Dave Reynolds


Arthur Maree


Rod Williams


Peter Chown


Steve Smithdorf


Vic Hall


Vaughan Wrighton


Peter Bailey


Craig Dollery


Robbie Frank


Derick Lindsay


Robbie Hillhouse


Matt Dudley


Warren Brits


Vic Langkilde


Mike Fick


Mark Ablett



1979 - Doug Sprong*

1980 - Bill Moseley*

( Founding Captain)

1981 - Paul Gerntholz

Eric Wyllie

1983 - Bill Neave*

Les Holdsworth

Marius Vermaak

1984 - Sandy McLeod

1986 - Betty Kitchener

1987 - Dave Brunner*

1988 - Duggie Stewart

John White*

1990 - Lex Kane

Jock Cochrane

1991 - Boet Kahts

Harry Harper- Smith*

1992 - Jack Harrop

1993 - Toopie Moseley

1996 - Clarry Berlin

1999 - Eric de Vries

2000 - Clive Sanders

2002 - Harry Middleton

Norman Hopkinson*

Tom Smillie*

2003 - Ernie Birch

2004 - Terry Young

Greg Chalmers

2005 - Glen Botha

2006 - Teddy Cohen

2007 - Len Ray

Marcel Pugin

Dean Langton

2008 - Mike Van Rooyen

2010 - Terence Marsh (snr)

Stan Blake

Johan de Jager

Lionel Wakeford*

2012 - Valdi Pala*

Mike Collins

2013 - James Gallon

Jack Smith

Tony Varrie

Lew Jenkins

2014 - Gaby Schoeman

John Marsh*

2016 - Bill Wilson*

Ian Storey

Mike Hall

Eldred Westner

2017 - Mike Tarr

Vernon Langeveld

Clive Muller





Message From Les Floyd

Easterns Captain 1984


…so, yet another 5 years has flown by and here we are gathered

together to celebrate Easterns 40th Anniversary.

It would be remiss of me to say that it seems like just the other

day that Eastern Transvaal club was inaugurated so much has

happened in 40 years.

In particular, Easterns, like all the other Nomads Clubs, has had

to face some tough circumstances in the past 5 years. Fortunately, due to the inherent strength

of the Club and its various Executives, it can be said that we have weathered the storms well in

relative terms. Where there have been lows Easterns has minimised the effects of such issues as

the dwindling participation levels, decreasing membership numbers etc. faced by other Nomads

clubs. As for the “highs”, Easterns have never been shy to participate to the fullest, whilst

maintaining the appropriate degree of discipline and decorum.

It is difficult to encapsulate 40 years of personal Nomads memories in a few short sentences so

suffice it to say that the Club, its traditions and its on-going high standards makes one proud to

have been a part of the club.

Over the years the club has been blessed with a plethora of individuals who have given their all

to ensure that Nomads as a whole, and Easterns in particular, have flourished. To those who

have risen to the very top of the Nomads tree in whatever guise, your efforts have not gone

unnoticed and are greatly appreciated. However, let us not forget those who without achieving

great prominence are the backbone of any club – the Active Member. They also deserve

recognition for their anonymous contributions to our well-being.

To the future Easterns’ management teams – may your path be easier to follow as Nomads

changes to meet modern challenges. It may be a bumpy ride ahead but with the support of

Easterns members I feel certain that you will rise to the occasion.

Best wishes for the future – enjoy the celebrations.

Congratulations - Easterns can be justifiably proud of its magnificent achievements.



300+ Games 350+ Games 400+ Games

Tony Halse

Errol Civin

Dennis Hines

Dave Hoehler

Basil McNaughton

Brian Mutch

Albert Otto

Allen Purchase

Gary Bray

Jimmy Goldie

Neville Kimber

450+ Games

Alan Harris

Robin Wrighton

Les Floyd

Stuart Solomon

Mike Swemmer

Mike Tait

500+ Games

Jimmy Sales

Category Jan 2016 Jan 2017 Jan 2018 Current

Associate 5 7 14 9

Full 154 148 139 135

Honorary 9 10 8 10

Honorary Life 1 1 1 1

Non Active 13 12 9 10

Non Playing 5 5 8 8





2 0 2 2

3 4 3 3

Suspensive 1 1 1 1

Total 193 188 185 179


Message From Gary Bray

Easterns Captain 1998


Who would have thought 40 years ago that Eastern Transvaal,

(as it was called then), the baby Nomads club at the time,

would grow into such a proud and prominent club within the

Nomads fraternity. At the inauguration, a wheelbarrow was


ushered into the hall with our founding Captain, Bill Moseley, dressed in a nappy depicting the

baby club. How things have changed in those 40 years, but I would think that Bill would be a

very proud man today. Easterns continues to maintain and adhere to the traditions of Nomads

due to the calibre of Captains that the club has had over this period. It would be remiss of me

not to mention all the match secretaries and ladies who have served on our main table over

these past 40 years. We thank them all for their dedication and time.

Who knows what the next 40 years will bring, however I trust that Easterns will still be one of

Local Sponsors

the flag bearers of this great organisation.

Grant Gladwin—Eldorado Print

Derick Lindsay—



Message From Robbie Frank

Easterns Captain 2011


Well Done Easterns and thank you to the founder members.

When I was inducted in 2006 I never would have thought where

this Club would take me and change my life, 13 years later I

have met so many wonderful people and made friends all over

the world, thanks to Nomads.

It remains a honour to be an Easterns Nomad and belong to a

group of special individuals. A real special year was being Captain of Easterns and a privilege to

have been at the helm of the club and something that any willing Nomad should cherish , what

you put into Nomads you get out.

To have been nominated by the Club to do duty as National Chairman and represent Easterns at

the highest level in Nomads is one of the highlights in my life and a year never to be forgotten

and I thank the club members for this honour.

To all the members and the club, well done on the 40 years of contributing to those less

fortunate than us and also putting back into golf by means of time and money. Nothing is too

much for our members and they are always willing to put their hand in their pocket when

required. I salute you all.

Our club is a pillar in Nomads SA in what our members really contribute towards Golforama

duties, National Executive duties and National Sponsors; Nomads would be lost without

Easterns being part of the Club.

Never forget to support our National Sponsors as it is an important link to our success , future

and to our aims and objectives we stand for.

To all members and Captain Mark Ablett, enjoy the celebration.


Message From Vic Hall

Easterns Captain 2007


It is a co-incidence that the Easterns 40th Anniversary is

celebrated almost on the same day that marks the point when I

joined our club 20 years ago. However, there is no luck

associated with the opportunities, pleasure and camaraderie

Easterns has afforded me during the past two decades.

We have the privilege of being part of a club with an exceptional membership, marked by a

generosity of spirit with a willingness to unselfishly give time to build the club and nurture

enduring friendships between members.

On the course Easterns club members are recognisable as among the most competitive, yet we

always retain a sense of fair play and love of the game for its own sake.

This has enabled us to maintain a strong membership during the years, which has translated

into one of a consistently-high representation at National Tournaments.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to congratulate our club on its 40th anniversary. I have

enjoyed every single minute of my Nomadic years, which have afforded me memories that will

endure long past my time as a player.

Best wishes to our club captain, Mark, and tournament co-ordinator, Derick, for what will no

doubt be a wonderful event.



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