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Bibles for the Nuba Mountains




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Bibles for the Nuba Mountains

“‘Is not my Word like a Fire’

declares the LORD, ‘and a

Hammer that breaks a rock in

pieces’” Jeremiah 23:29

Open Doors from God

Before our ministry in the

Nuba Mountains began, we

had opportunities to witness to

people from different countries.

In the airport in South Africa,

we witnessed to an Ethiopian

family whose little girl had some

questions about God. We shared

the way of Salvation with her and

she said that she wanted to pray

to God to change her heart. We

prayed together with her in the


While visiting a small market

place in Juba, South Sudan, we

met with some Muslims from

Somalia. One of them told us

that he used to live in South

Africa, but he moved to South

Sudan because it was safer than

South Africa! We also shared the

way of Salvation with him.

Entering South Sudan

Our arrival in South Sudan

was chaotic, as expected. The

international airport requires

one to be ruthless in shouldering

people out of the way to collect

one’s luggage from the back of

a pickup. From there, you are

expected to navigate through a

tight crowd of people in which

there are dozens of rowdy young

men trying to “help” you drag

your bags to the inspection

counter. At this stage, everything

you have with you gets opened

up and inspected for who-knowswhat.

If you are lucky enough to

meet the unspoken expectations

of the security officer, he will

mark your luggage with white

chalk so that you can leave the

airport through another abrasive

swarm of bodies.

The Nuba Mountains

The war-torn region of the Nuba

Mountains has been under

severe aerial bombardment and

land invasions for many decades

by the Islamic Arab North.

Many tribes have surrendered

to Christ. Churches and schools

are the prime targets for enemy

aggression. Pastors have been

arrested and tortured for being

community leaders and teaching

the people about Christ.

Ministry Begins

The first day of ministry for me

was visiting seven schools which

included preaching, distributing

Bibles, encouraging the teachers,

and instructing them as how to

use the Bibles as part of their

curriculum. Arriving at each

school, I witnessed a sea of

children running into the open

rocky plain with the happiest

smiles you have ever seen, all

shouting “Kawaja, Kawaja” (“white

man, white man”). They thought

it was very funny to see a white

person, until I got close enough to

touch – at which point the humour

of it all very quickly disappeared

BIBLES FOR THE NUBA- continued from page 1

and became shock-horror. After

some time, they would warm up to

me, but our relationship remained

a very cautious attraction.

Ministry to Muslims

The second day of ministry

brought me, and my team of local

ministers, to a totally Islamic

district to minister at a large

school. We met up with the local

authorities to ask permission to

go to the school. They thought

it strange, and informed us that

all the students are Muslims.

“Yes”, we replied, “but these are

English books for them to read”.

The authorities then allowed

us to proceed, but not before I

prayed for all of them. I went

to the school and preached the

Gospel. The children and the

teachers seemed to be gripped as

I told them the story of Adam and

Eve and how Jesus Christ is the

Seed of the woman who crushed

the head of the serpent when

Jesus died and rose again. We

distributed Bibles to all of them,

and many of the older students

instantly started reading! The

teachers all received Bibles. The

local chief was there, and even

he listened to the message and

afterwards thanked our team for


This was actually not my first visit

to this area. Ben and I had been

there before and preached in the

open-air. During this most recent

mission, I learned that a local

pastor planted a church just a few

weeks after we left! Praise God

who waters the seed and reaps a

bountiful harvest!

Difficulties and Diseases

By this stage, I had visited 12

schools and over the next two

days I would visit another 13

schools. After the first four days

of ministry, I had shared the

Gospel and distributed Bibles

to thousands of children. Most

of my travelling and all of the

preaching was in the open,

exposed to the harsh elements.

The fiery sun and the dry climate

made preaching an incredibly

strenuous task. My immune

system also struggled to fight

against the ferocious Nuba

germs. By the end of the fourth

day, my body was well worn-out.

Strangely enough, I was not sick

of the ministry. I was exhausted,

but not fed-up with preaching. I

was tired, but energized by the

children I was ministering to.

Sometimes, when preaching tires

you out, the most invigorating

thing to do is to preach even

more. And so, our team pressed

on. School after school received

English Bibles and Story of Jesus

Christ picture full colour booklets.

Gifts to the Grateful

One of the most encouraging

things to witness was the school

children reading

their Bibles as soon

as they received

them. I went into

one classroom about

10 minutes after

distributing the

Bibles and a group

of senior students

were reading

through the book

of Joshua together

out loud. At another school,

the head-teacher told me that

the students are always asking

for Bibles, and now they each

have their own copies. When we

announced to each school that

we have brought them the Word

of God, they mostly responded

with big smiles, nods of

appreciation, and loud clapping!

Many of the students do not own

a single book. The Bible is now

the first book that they own.

There are plenty of students who

come from homes where there is

not a single Bible. Now there is at

least one in their homes.

Bibles Distributed!

By the end of the mission, our

team had personally distributed

32,000 Bibles, 43,000 The Story

of Jesus Christ picture books and

gave many Gospel presentations

to 130 primary and secondary

schools. We had also strategically

pre-positioned and given more

Bibles and Story of Jesus Christ

picture books for school children

who will be old enough to receive

and read them next year.

Our team also had the

opportunity to encourage

pastors, teachers, politicians,

and military leaders of the Nuba

Mountains. We exhorted them

from God’s Word for four days

in a row. At the end of their

conference, we gave them Bibles

for their ministries and for the

personnel whom they are leading.

Open-Air Preaching

In addition to our distribution

ministry, our team took many

opportunities for evangelism.

Between travelling from one



school to another, we stopped

at a market place. With my

interpreter, I walked over the

busiest section and started openair

preaching. Only one minute

went by and a drunkard with an

axe started yelling at me. The

more I ignored him, the angrier

he got. He finally raised his axe

as he aggressively ran toward me,

when a nearby soldier stood in his

way and disarmed him. Thankfully

this drew an even larger crowd

who gathered to see the drama.

All these people heard the Gospel.

Some even wanted to publicly call

upon the Name of the Lord.

The market places are always

full of life and noise. Deals are

being made. Friends are meeting

and eating together. Vendors

are fussing to find a place to set

up their little stalls. People are

everywhere. With a loud enough

voice, one can draw a crowd of a

few hundred people. Our team

did just that. We told the people

stories from the Bible, always

pointing them to the Lord Jesus.

People from one section of the

market place asked us to come

back and share more stories and

pray for them. What a blessing to

be used by God to minister the

Gospel to thousands of people.

Provision and Protection

Ministry in the Nuba is a great

adventure that comes with many

challenges and dangers. On our

way out of the Nuba Mountains,

there were cattle raids between

two tribes. Our team had to be

escorted by military personnel.

At one stage over a hundred

infantry were on the ground

to usher us through a volatile

area where at least 6 people had

recently been killed from gunfire.

Not only are the Nuba

Mountains dangerous, but

so is South Sudan, where we

spent a few nights. While we

were there, we saw military on

almost every street corner near

the presidential compound.

One night, while eating at a

small market place, we heard

loud popping sounds. Everyone

stood to their feet and started

running, overturning tables and

chairs in the process. They fled

as though running from gunfire.

It turned out to be some young

troublemakers throwing stones

against a corrugated iron roof.

The mentality of the people is

one of fear for civil war or unrest,

which could break out at any

second, as it has numerous times

in the past. Despite being in all

these dangerous areas, God kept

us safe and provided for us every

step of the way.

Please Pray

Please continue to pray for the

believers who are in these wartorn

countries. Pray for the

children of the Nuba Mountains

who meet for school in buildings

that have previously been

bombed by the Islamic Arab

North. Pray for the teachers who

are determined to use the Bibles

as part of their school curriculum.

Pray for pastors and chaplains

as they have a tremendous

responsibility to train their

people in the Word of God which

they have now received. Pray for

the future shipments of Bibles –

20 000 for Uganda and 20 000 for

South Sudan.

“I saw a vast crowd, too great

to count, from every nation and

tribe and people and language,

standing in front of the Throne

and before the Lamb… they

were shouting with a great

roar, ‘Salvation comes from God

who sits on the Throne and from

the Lamb’”. Revelation 7:9-10

Rev. John Clifford

Frontline Fellowship

P.O. Box 74 Newlands 7725

Cape Town South Africa

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Nuba Mountains for Christ

“But you will receive power

when the Holy Spirit has come

upon you, and you will be My

witnesses in Jerusalem and in

all Judea and Samaria, and to

the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Suffering, Sacrifice & Sanctions

It was surreal walking in places

littered with fox holes and bomb

shelters, knowing that a little

over a year ago, bombs were

being dropped on the very places

I was travelling through. The

thousands of children we shared

the Gospel with in schools had

endured aerial bombardments

by the Sudanese government

time and time again. Although

horrific, it is commonplace for the

Nuban people to have seen friends

and family die in bombings and

military attacks. By God’s grace

and pressure from the US with a

promise of sanctions being lifted,

a ceasefire has been implemented

in Darfur, Nuba, and the Blue Nile.

President Al-Bashir was not driven

by compassion on the people he

was killing, but by a financial raise

in the country’s economy. This

time of peace made our task of

distributing Bibles to the Nuban

schools possible.

As we sat talking over a cup

of Nuban coffee, one of the

Christian leaders told us, “There

was a time when we couldn’t even

sit like this talking for one hour

because the bombings were so

frequent. We would have to spend


the whole day in the fox holes

[bomb shelters].” It baffled my

mind that these loving, servanthearted

people had endured such

suffering and hardship. They

were our friends: we laughed

with them, evangelized with

them, and had a deep bond with

our Nuban brothers and sisters

in the Lord. Yet these people,

along with the precious children

we met at the schools, had the

trauma of war deeply burned

into their minds and hearts. The

fighting has stopped, at least for

now, but the suffering and sound

of combat still rings in their ears.

I asked one of our interpreters

if he had had friends die in the

air raids. He explained, “[Nuba]

has been bombed by the Antonov…

People have died, a lot.”

Embracing English Education

The Nubans are resisting

Arabization by embracing English

for their next generation. Even

though they now speak Arabic,

their hope is for the Nuba

Mountains to be English speaking

20 years from now. Ben Cohen,

our American team leader, raised

funds and oversaw the shipping

of 40,000 English Bibles to the

Nuba Mountains—an incredibly

laborious undertaking. We

were able to reach 130 schools

and distribute 32,000 Bibles to

teachers, students, pastors, and

political leaders who rejoiced to

receive God’s Word!


During the first part of our

mission, Ben, Abrie, John, and

I split up into three teams with

the local Nuban Bible College

students. Thousands of children

heard the Gospel through the

stories of Creation to Christ, the

sacrifice of Isaac to the sacrifice

of Christ, and from Joseph to

Jesus. Many people told us that

they had been praying for Bibles

for years and now for the first

time they had their very own

Bible! To most of these children,

this is the first book they have

ever owned and they will be

able to learn English by reading

the Word of God. Much of their

school curriculum is thoroughly

based upon Scripture and now

they have Bibles to strengthen

their education. These Bibles are

going to be used as textbooks

for students of the primary

(Elementary-Jr. High) and

secondary schools (High schools).

Where There's a Will,

There's a Way

Our journey began with

challenges. My team’s vehicle had

mechanical issues and needed

some work done. This meant

that we had to ride out to our

school district in a large military

transportation vehicle carting

12,000 Bibles, but we had no

means of transportation once

we arrived. We made it to our

drop zone where we would be

ministering and unloaded half

of the Bibles for our ministry in

the schools. Then I went along

with the truck to drop the other

6,000 Bibles for Ben and Abrie

to distribute to schools in an

unstable conflict area. This area is

largely Islamic and had faced the

brunt of bombings and combat.

Due to the sun going down, the

rough terrain, and headlights on

our vehicle that were less powerful

than a flashlight, I had to stay

overnight where we dropped the

Bibles. The next day we drove back

to where my team was waiting

and were without a vehicle for

transportation. However, due

to the enthusiasm of the county

commissioner, he was able to

organize five schools to come to us

the next day to receive their Bibles

and to hear the Gospel.

Marketplace Ministry

That afternoon we went into the

market to preach the Gospel.

We had to go “footing” (as the

locals call walking) about 20

minutes to get there. When

we arrived, I tried to start

a casual conversation in my

typical American fashion and

my interpreter informed me

that the people were

ready to listen. About

50 people gathered

around as I shared

the Gospel from the

story of the Creation,

Fall and Redemption.

The crowd, which

included quite

a few Muslims,

listened intently and

respectfully. They

warmly thanked me

when I was done.

Sharing with Students

The next morning, the first

school arrived to listen to our

Gospel presentation and to

receive Bibles. As I was finishing

my talk, two more schools of

nearly 400 students arrived and I

was able to share the Gospel with

them as well. The children were

engaged as they heard the stories

of Adam and Eve and Jesus

Christ. The children all stood

around respectfully and listened

intently as I spoke.

That evening another secondary

(high school) showed up and

our team leader shared with

them as I went off to a church

Sunday school with my team to

distribute Bibles and share with

their children.

Transportation Troubles

Although four schools had

received Bibles, we still had

thousands more Bibles to

distribute and no vehicle to drive

to the over 60 schools remaining!

We had spoken at length about

the fact that if our vehicle didn’t

arrive we would need to walk two

days back to our original base or

have to try and hitch a ride on

a Nuban truck driving past. We

contacted the base and heard

that after three days of being

without a vehicle, there was some

form of transportation coming to

help us in the morning.

Still somewhat unsure of the

transportation coming to rescue

us, the next morning we went to

the market for breakfast and on

our way back to camp, a vehicle

came driving toward us on the

road. It was our transportation—

Praise God! I have never before

been so happy to see a truck in

my life! When we drove in to

camp, a group of 350 students

was assembled and waiting for us

to share with them. I jumped out

in delight and shared the Creation

to Christ story once again.

Epilepsy and Education

As I was sharing about Jesus, a

young girl, standing only a meter

in front of me, fell down in an

epileptic fit. The kids all ran away

from her rather than trying to

catch her. I was concerned but

the teacher said this commonly

happens to her. He insisted

that I keep on sharing with the

children. I did and she became

worse. At one point,

she flung her fist at

one of the people

trying to carry her.

Two of my team

members prayed over

her and she came

back to her normal

state by the time I was


Just then, another

200 high school

students arrived.

Nearly 600 students

were queued up to


eceive Bibles and Th e Story of

Jesus Christ book. It was a joy to

know that these students were

receiving a Bible (most of them

for the first time in their lives)

and the younger students Gospel

Story books.

Prepositioning and Preaching

We then loaded up 1,800 Bibles

in the truck and drove an hour

and a half to preposition the

Bibles in one location for 12

schools to collect.

The next day we did a lot of

driving, prepositioning Bibles

in four different locations for

roughly thirty different schools

to come and collect. I was able

to share the Gospel with five

schools gathered at two different

locations. There were over twenty

schools in this region who still

needed to receive Bibles so we

left the remaining thousand

Bibles for them to collect. We

did a lot of driving, distributing,

preaching, and at the end of

the day I had heat exhaustion

and culture shock from hearing

Arabic spoken all day.

Back on Base

We drove back to our base where

John, Ben, Abrie and I had set

out from five days earlier. After

driving on a treacherous road for

over four hours with ten people

and four goats in the back of our

truck, I was ready to drink lots of

water and hear English spoken

again. When I saw John back at

camp, it was so refreshing to be

with someone who understood

my culture!


Leadership Conference

Over the next week,

we were able to make

the most of our time

ministering around

our base camp. We

distributed Bibles and

shared the Gospel

with many schools.

On Sunday we split

up preaching at four

different churches, and

during the week we

shared morning devotions with

leaders who were attending a

leadership conference.

One of the highlights of the

week was going into the market

on “market-day” when everyone

floods the stalls. John, Abrie,

and I (through our enthusiastic

interpreter) collectively preached

four times in the market

reaching hundreds of people

with the Gospel. People would

gather around to listen as we

shared stories from the Bible

and entreated them to repent

and trust in Christ. After one

presentation, a small group of

people came forward to call upon

the Name of the Lord. It was

exciting and encouraging to see

God’s hand at work.

Bibles and Blessings

The last week we really saw

how hungry these people were

for the Word of God. We had

one school walk two hours to

come and collect boxes of Bibles

(that’s a four-hour round trip

walk in stifling heat)! At the end

of the week as the leadership

training seminar ended, we

entrusted the leaders with 1,800

Bibles and 3,100 Story of Jesus

Christ booklets to bring back to

their schools, churches, military

personnel, and to the teachers

under their care. One of the

leaders holds Bible studies at

his home and disciples many

people. He needed over a

hundred Bibles to give to those

he is training and equipping for

the Kingdom.


It is encouraging to see how

hard-working and focused these

believers are to see God’s glory

displayed throughout the Nuba

Mountains. Last time Ben and

John came, they encouraged the

people to plant a church in a least

reached area and now, less than

six months later there is a church


This mission was 14 months

in the making as Ben prayed,

coordinated, raised funds, gave

sacrificially, and spent many

sleepless nights ensuring that

the Bibles made it into the

hands of these dear children.

God promised in Isaiah that His

Word, like the rain that falls on

the earth, will produce life.

“So shall My Word be that goes

out from My mouth; it shall

not return to Me empty, but it

shall accomplish that which I

purpose, and shall succeed in

the thing for which I sent it.”

Isaiah 55:11

Please Pray:

• For the 90 plus tribes in the

Nuba Mountains many of

which are still unreached

and under the control of

the oppressive Sudanese


• Pray for Nuban missionaries

to go into the harvest.

• Pray for the thousands of

school children who heard

the Gospel.

• Pray for the many leaders

who want the government of

Nuba to be founded upon the


• Pray that the Word of God

would transform lives,

schools, and the churches.

• Pray for the last of the Bibles

that will be distributed after

the rainy season.

Hunter Combs

Frontline Fellowship

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Pray for the Christians in the Nuba Mountains

Mission to Sudan's Nuba Mountains

Mission Possible

By God’s grace and in answer

to prayer, Ben was able to

negotiate incredible logistical

challenges and have the

container of 40 000 Bibles and

50 000 Th e Story of Jesus Christ

booklets successfully delivered

to the Nuba Mountains. These

Bibles were printed overseas,

then shipped to Sudan. The

purpose of our mission was to

carefully distribute the Bibles

to pastors, teachers, military

personnel and school children.

We were able to distribute

32 000 of these Bibles and 43

000 of the booklets throughout

the Nuba mountains of

Sudan. We praise God for His

protection over the many

thousands of kilometres of

flying and driving in dangerous

areas. Thank you to all who

made it financially possible and

for praying for us.

Gospel Opportunities

We split into three teams so that

we could reach more schools. In

total, on this mission, we reached

130 schools. At every school where

we distributed the Bibles, we also

preached the Gospel, often to

multiple schools gathered outside

the classrooms. The teachers,

students and pastors who received

Bibles were all very appreciative.

School children in the Nuba

mountains rarely have their own

textbooks, workbooks or even

stationary. It is evident that

these Bibles and booklets will be

treasured by the children.

Even at schools where the

teachers and students are

Muslim, they did not seem to

mind us preaching the Gospel and

they were grateful for the Bibles!

I often used the story of Abraham

to springboard into the Gospel,

as many Muslims and Christians

are familiar with the story. At

many schools, the children

made a funny sound with

their mouths at the end of my

sermon – this apparently signifies

that they understood and agree

with the message preached.

We also had many opportunities

to preach the Gospel in

marketplaces, on the back of

trucks whilst being transported

to our various destinations and

to military personnel. I also

preached a Sunday sermon and

gave a devotional message at a

Bible School.


Whilst the Nuba mountains

have more Christians than other

parts of Sudan, there are still

many Muslims, although most

of the inhabitants are ethnically

black Africans. The Muslim

government of Khartoum has

been bombing churches and

schools and poisoning wells in

the Nuba mountains for the

last 60 years. This war is both

religious and ethnic. Thankfully

there has been a ceasefire for the

last year, but in every village we

saw the remains of destroyed

schools and church buildings.

It was heart-breaking to see the

reality of war in the minds of the

children. The only drawings we

saw on the walls of classrooms

were of Antonovs dropping

bombs, or of soldiers on the back

of trucks with their machine



guns. After Muslims have

forcibly Islamised an area, they

bulldoze all the houses of those

who refused to submit.

The Textbook of Textbooks

Understandably, the Nubans hate

the Arabs, and therefore want

to reject Arabic as their national

language. They want English to

be the language taught in their

schools. In twenty years’ time,

the Nubans want English to be

the official language of their

country. The schools were very

welcoming of the English Bibles

so that they could use them as a

textbook. Some of the schools are

already using English Christian

textbooks that have been

donated to them. We gave some

guidelines to the teachers of how

they could teach from the Bible

and how the students can study

them. What a privilege it was to

distribute tens of thousands of

copies of the Greatest Book in the

world, the Textbook of textbooks!

Please pray that many students

would be saved as they read and

study the Scriptures.

Muslim Myths

I shared the Gospel with some

people who believe that Jesus

died and rose again, and that

He is God, and yet they are still

Muslim! A belief that is quite

common among Muslims in the

Nuba mountains, is that if you

convert to Christianity, you will be

poor for the rest of your life. This

flawed belief is tragic, yet if they

do convert, at least one will know

they are serious!

Ready to Die

I have never met Christians who

are as excited about going to

meet the Lord in Heaven as many

of the dedicated Christians in

the Nuba mountains are. When

one faces the reality of death on

a daily basis as these persecuted

Christians do, then it is no

wonder that they want to be in

Heaven where there will be no

more suffering.

Unreached People Groups

There are many tribes in the

Nuba mountains that have

not yet been engaged with the

Gospel. Meaning, no mission

agencies or churches are

specifically attempting to reach

them with the Gospel. Together

with local churches and other

missions working in Nuba, we

pray that this sowing of the

Word of God will lead to future

generations reaching these


Pray for Secession

Just as South Sudan gained its

independence from Khartoum in

2011, in answer to much prayer

and pressure, please continue to

pray that the Nuba Mountains

could secede from Sudan, but

more importantly that it would

become a country founded on

Biblical Principles.

“Cush will submit herself

to God.” Psalm 68:31

Abrie Lourens

Frontline Fellowship

P.O. Box 74 Newlands 7725

Cape Town South Africa


“All the ends of the world shall

remember and turn to the

Lord and all the families of the

nations shall worship before

You. For the Kingdom is the

Lord’s and He rules over the

nations.” Psalm 22:27-28

Historic Church

City Tabernacle Baptist Church

in Brisbane is an historic church

dating back to the 1850s and

was established by a missionary

sent out by Charles Spurgeon.

It is one of the oldest churches

in Queensland. The first Baptist

Church building in Brisbane

was opened in Wharf Street in

1859. The church then moved

to the present site on Wickham

Terrace. This impressive, classical

Venetian style building stands

in one of the highest parts of

the city and was opened to

the Glory of God in 1890. The

first minister, Rev. William

Whale, was sent out by Charles

Spurgeon. For many years the

Baptist Theological College met

in the tower of this church and

the local ministers’ fraternal

used it as their meeting place. In

the early 1900s a private school

for girls was launched in the

basement of the church. Today

a company of the Boys and Girls

Brigade meet in the basement of

the church.

Ministry in Brisbane

Josh Williamson, a missionary of

City Tabernacle Baptist Church

first tried to have me visit last

year during the Reformation

500, but my programme was

completely full and the earliest

dates that suited us were the

first two weeks of March. This

Mission to Australia involved

ministry to 2 churches, 2 schools

and on 2 radio programmes. I

delivered 4 sermons and gave

17 presentations, including 14

presentations at the church, 12

of which were in the Sanctuary.

Reaching Muslims for Jesus

On Saturday, the church hosted,

along with OAC Ministries and

Operation 513, an Evangelism

Training Seminar: Understanding

and Reaching Muslims for

Jesus. In this 7 hour seminar, I

covered: The Challenge of Islam,

The Five Fundamentals and Six

Pillars of Islam, Comparisons

and Contrasts of Islam with

Christianity, Comparing the

Bible with the Quran, Comparing

Jesus with Muhammed, Eighteen

Questions to Challenge Muslims,

Practical Guidelines on How to

Effectively Reach Muslims for

Christ, Serving the Persecuted

Church in the Middle East and an

hour-long Question and Answer


Muslim Background Believers

At this Evangelism Training

Seminar, I met Christians

from Syria who were most

appreciative and encouraging

and a pastoral couple from Iran

who had been converted from

Islam 15 years ago and endured

10 years of persecution in Iran,

before fleeing to Australia. An

Australian who had recently

been converted from Islam also

participated. Some people flew

up from Sydney, while others

drove down from the North,

to participate in this Muslim

Evangelism Seminar.

Our Supreme Ambition

My first meeting was with the

Samford Baptist Church, giving

a presentation on Making

Disciples of All Nations. On

Saturday evening there was a

special Missions evening at the

City Tabernacle Baptist Church

hall. I gave an introduction to

ministry to Persecuted Christian

in Restricted Access Areas in

Africa. On the first Sunday

morning service, I dealt with

The Greatness of the Great

Commission and in the evening

service: Only One Life.

Working for Reformation

During the week there were a

series of special services at the

church where I was asked to

deliver: Reforming Our Nation

by Reforming Our Families;

Biblical Faith and Practical

Discipleship; Do We Need a

New Reformation? As well as a

special combined Boys and Girls

Brigade Africa evening, where I

introduced the children and the

parents who joined in for the

evening, to some of the unique

animals of Africa and taught

them how to share the Gospel

with their friends and family. On

the final Sunday evening, at the

Tabernacle, I presented sermons


2018 EDITION 2

on Revival and Conviction and

Courage for Reformation and

Revival Today.

South Africans in Australia

Numerous Christians from

South Africa, now living in

Australia, travelled from far and

wide, as did home schoolers,

to participate in the different

activities at City Tabernacle

Baptist Church. There were many

interesting discussions and

counselling sessions following

the various services and


Mobilising for the Right to Life

On the Thursday evening, we

had a Pro-Life Workshop with

those interested in launching

Pro-Life Ministry in Queensland.

There was much discussion on

effective strategies and suitable

tactics to speak up for those who

cannot speak for themselves and

rescue those being led away to

death. On the first Saturday, I

participated in a Pro-Life placard

protest and side-walk counselling

outreach. After an hour, the

police arrived informing us that

although we had not broken any

laws, some of the abortionists

had expressed experiencing some

“distress” over our message and

we were therefore requested

to move away. A long and

friendly discussion with the

police ensued. When they were

informed that according to the

laws of Queensland, abortion

is illegal, the senior constable

raised his hands and said: “That

is above my pay-grade!” He said

we would need to take that up

with the politicians.

Australian Christian Lobby

Wendy Francis of the Australian

Christian Lobby, confirmed

that indeed abortion is illegal

in Queensland. However, the

authorities fail to enforce that.

Instead, there are numerous

attempts by civil authorities to

restrict freedom of speech and

the freedom of conscience of

those opposing abortion.

School Ministry

During ministry at two schools,

I introduced the children to

African wildlife and dealt with

what the Bible teaches about

Creation and our stewardship

responsibilities for caring for

God's animals. I also taught

them the Evangelism Explosion

Romans 6:23 Marching Song

and Gospel presentation. At a

Christian school, I also taught on

the inspiring testimony of the

Triumph of Faith over atheism in

Russia with the testimony of the

Statue and the Stone of Lubyanka


Radio Ministry

On the 20Twenty National

Christian phone-in programme

on Vision Christian Radio, Neil

Johnson interviewed me for

an hour on the Persecution

of Christians and Ministry in

Restricted Access Areas in Africa.

Matt Pratter on History Makers

gave me the opportunity to give

my personal testimony and a

Gospel challenge on his radio

programme as well.

Jet Lag and Fever

With the eight hour time zone

adjustment and jet lag in an

unfamiliar climate, I picked up

a virus that each member of

my host family in succession

suffered from and then I



finally succumbed to fever and

the assorted symptoms. This

is an almost inevitable part

of international travel and

ministry. Downing medicine to

suppress the symptoms, I was

able to complete all the ministry

commitment and by a total fast

of all food intake for over a day,

managed to recover from the

fever in just a few days.

Wildlife Conservation

It was a delight to visit Steve

Irwin’s Australia Zoo. Not that

it is a zoo, but rather more

like a wildlife sanctuary. Steve

and Terri’s vision was to make

Australia Zoo the biggest and

best wildlife conservation facility

in the world. There is no doubt

that it is the finest in Australia.

Australia Zoo states that their

mission is to become the ultimate

global zoological destination

and in so doing, become world

leaders in conservation, relating

to both wildlife and their habitat.

Its 100 acres is packed with a

tremendous variety of Australian

wildlife and they now also have

exhibits of African and Asian

animals as well. Tragically, Steve

Irwin (the famed Crocodile

Hunter) died in 2006 and his

wife Terri, daughter, Bindi and

son, Robert, have continued

his conservation mission. The

Animal Planet Crocoseum

Stadium has a seating capacity of

about 5,000 and includes snake,

bird and crocodile shows where

parrots and raptors fly over the

heads of the audience and the

passionate conservationists

promote care and consideration

for the animals that share our


Wildlife Hospital

The Australia Zoo Wildlife

Hospital cares for animals

injured on the road and with

a staff of 20 fulltime workers

and 80 volunteers, cares for an

average of 6,000 animals a year.

The wildlife hospital includes

two operation theatres, two

treatment rooms, an intensive

care unit for mammals, birds and

reptiles and a CAT scan room.

The hospital has the capacity to

care for up to 10,000 animals per


Wildlife Warriors

A key part of the Australia Zoo is

the international crocodile rescue,

which helps capture and relocate

problem crocodiles. Steve Irwin

(1962-2006) was famous for his

Crocodile Hunter TV series and

wildlife documentaries, including

Croc Files and the Crocodile

Hunter Diaries. The Steve Irwin

Conservation Foundation has

been renamed Wildlife Warriors

Worldwide and continues the

campaign against illegal poaching,

shark finning, purchase of turtle

shells and much more. Irwin was

described as a modern day Noah,

helping people to understand and

protect animals that they may

normally have feared.


Brisbane is the capital of and

the largest city, in the state of

Queensland. Brisbane is also

the third most populous city

in Australia, after Sydney and

Melbourne. It was named after

Scotsman Sir Thomas Brisbane,

the governor of New South Wales

from 1821-1825. It is located

about 15km from the mouth of

the Brisbane River, close to the

Pacific Ocean. There are about 2.5

million people in metropolitan


Creation and Muslim Evangelism

Brisbane is the epicentre of the

launch of a number of Creation

ministries, including Ken Ham’s

Answers in Genesis and the

Creation Science Foundation.

South African Professor Francis

Nigel Lee lived in Brisbane for the

last 30 years of his life, teaching

at the Presbyterian Church of

Queensland Theological Hall. Our

good friend, Gerhard Nehls, who

founded Life Challenge Africa, also

lives in Brisbane in his retirement.

Pray for Australia

Australia is a secular state (with

Freedom of Religion in theory).

The increase of those claiming



No Religion and the arrival of

many non-Christian immigrants

has made Australia a much more

pluralistic and secular society

in recent years. Christians in

Australia are facing the challenges

of what is often called a post-

Christian and multicultural state.

Secularisation and paganisation

has taken a firm grip on much

of the country, but there are

still vibrant pockets of Christian

resistance and Christians do

remain a positive influence in

many parts of Australia.

Secularism and Paganisation

An aggressive secularisation

and increasing hostility to

Christianity has accelerated

with the promotion of the LGBT

gay agenda and now with the

gender confusion movement. In

many parts of society, Christian

values have been side-lined by

the promotion of perversion and

pluralistic multiculturalism.

Intolerance in Victoria

The State of Victoria in Australia

is notoriously secular and

increasingly anti-Christian. Under

their Safe Schools “Anti-Bullying”

campaign to promote LGBT and

“gender fluidity”, Christians

are complaining of increasing

intolerance, harassment and

bullying of those who stand for

traditional family values.

The Growth of Home Schools

Independent schools do have

the freedom to select their own

curriculum and parents have

freedom to homeschool. There is

a parenting allowance tax rebate

which benefits mothers who

choose to stay at home and teach

their own children.


Sustained immigration has created

a multicultural country, at least

in the larger cities of Sydney,

Melbourne and Brisbane and

introduced fast-growing religious

and ethnic minorities, along with

all the tensions that go along with

that. There are estimated to be

over half a million Muslims from

70 different countries, and half a

million Chinese, living in Australia.

Over 260,000 Vietnamese live in

Australia and 550,000 Aborigines.

There are approximately 500

Missionaries attempting to work

amongst the Aborigines, but not

nearly that many amongst the

many Muslims, Buddhists and

Hindus in the country.

Low Church Attendance

Christians are in many cases

stereotyped in the media as

intolerant, judgmental, legalistic

and authoritarian. While over two

thirds of Australians would identify

themselves as some form of

Christian, only 10% attend church

and increasingly large numbers

have negative attitudes towards

the church. An individualised, New

Age pick-and-choose spirituality

with no accountability seems to

predominate. Almost all mainline

churches have faced stagnation

and decline, but there is growth

amongst the Evangelicals.

Gender Politics and Gay Agenda

Some churches, like the Uniting

Church, which accommodates

both the old Presbyterian and

Methodist churches seem to

have virtually apostatised,

abandoning almost every

Christian distinctive and

doctrine in the rush to embrace

and promote gender politics and

all the LGBTQ agenda. Issues

such as the ordination of women,

homosexuality and gender

politics have polarised most

mainline churches. Yet, there

is still Missionary vision and

Evangelical churches have proven

effective in ministering to the

disabled, the addicts, the poor

and the homeless.

Droughts and Fires

Australia is the driest island

continent in the world, but it

is well-watered in the East and

South East, where most of the

population is concentrated. The

ecology in Australia is possibly

the most fragile of any continent,

with devastating droughts and

severe bush fires.

Disarmament is Dangerous

Several Australians expressed

their concern about being a

disarmed society in a very

dangerous neighbourhood.

The largest Muslim nation on

earth, Indonesia, is their near

neighbour. With a population

of over 240 million, 80% of

which are Muslim, Indonesia

is spread over 17,000 islands

and a large military and violent

instability in some areas.

This creates nervousness.

Both Indonesia and China

have expressed an interest in

colonising Australia.



Constitutional Monarchy

Most Australians are supportive

of the monarchy and loyal to the

Crown. However there is a strong

Republican mindset amongst

a large minority, mostly made

up of Irish Catholics, because

of the predominance of Roman

Catholic Irish criminals in the

original convict community that

settled in Australia. This hostility

to the monarchy is a significant

minority influence.

Psychological Warfare

There is an aggressive guilt

manipulation campaign to shame

Australians for their British,

Anglo-Saxon and European

Christian ancestry in the name

of promoting Aboriginal culture.

Surprisingly the newly designed

Aboriginal flag of horizontal

black and red stripes with a

yellow circle/sun in the middle is

now being flown from City Halls

and outside Hotels, alongside the

beautiful Australian flag with its

Union Jack and Southern Cross.

Christian Symbolism

The Australian flag is an inspiring

Christian flag, including as it

does the St. Andrew’s Cross,

the St. George’s Cross and the

Southern Cross.

Dedicated to the Holy Spirit

The Portuguese explorer, Pedro

Fernandez de Quiros dedicated

the country to the Holy

Spirit. From the beginning of

British settlement in Australia

from 1788, early settlers and

governors expressed their

determination to ensure that

Australia would be a Christian

country and recognised that

God had placed them in this

unique country and hemisphere,

to establish a base for Missions

throughout South Eastern Asia.

Pray for Revival

May we continue to be vigilant

and persistent in prayer for

Australia, that God may be

merciful and gracious to grant a

Back to the Bible Reformation

and Spiritual Revival to this

strategic and needy land. May

missionaries from Australia win

Indonesia and the islands of the

Pacific to Christ.

Thank you for all your prayers,

encouragement and support.

May God continue to be your joy

and strength.

Yours for the fulfilment of

the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond



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