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How did Gianni Versace

become a Legend?




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Driver Training & Motor

Sports Trip to Austria



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The No-Bs Approach of

Sue Rossi

















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06 Re-evaluate, create, be

different, and open for all

The amazing journey of selftransformation

of Frankie Grima,

visionary behind City Lounge

Diner and Teatru Café.





Exclusive 1-2-1 with Bryce Dallas Howard - a face

you will not forget! Thanks to Jessica Baker



How did Gianni Versace

become a Legend?

As Ryan Murphy’s new TV series

about him is about to be broadcast

in France, we look back at an

extraordinary character who

changed the face of fashion forever



Prince Harry drove

Meghan Markle to their

Royal Wedding reception

in this electric Jaguar

Harry’s choice- the E-Type Zero

is now quicker than it was when

brand-new in 1968


"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win

glorious triumphs -- even though checkered by

failure -- than to rank with those poor spirits who

neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because

they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory

nor defeat."

Theodore Roosevelt


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An Unusual Client

Tales of the Unexpected by Denise Formosa




Driver Training & Motor

Sports Trip to Austria

Our resident Blog Grazielle Camilleri

Alghren travels with #MALTATV in

collaboration with Motors MT and the

Malta Motorsports Federation to Austria

for a special experience involving cars and

driving skills


22 The No-Bs

Approach of Sue Rossi

From model to entrepreneur: Busy

bee Sue Rossi talks about her modelling

career, her aspirations and

path which led to establishing her

own agency Modelle International

30 “Today everyone is

becoming a brand, there

are no more designers.”

Exclusive interview with

Shayne Oliver

With his label Hood By Air, the New Yorkbased

designer invented a way of combining

street-wear and fashion that spoke

to a whole new generation.


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Sunday Trends presents the finest in local fashion and living from

homes and entertainment to philanthropy, dining and more. The

services and opportunities in Sunday Trends are sure to be noticed by

the discerning readers who receive our publication every two months,

out with The Malta Independent on Sunday.

We did say that your time would come, didn’t we, guys? Since the

March issue was mostly all about the ladies, we thought it was only fair

the May/June issue of Sunday Trends be dedicated in great part to the

gents of our community.

While we will celebrate the dads in our lives on Father’s Day, June

17, you don’t have to be a father to find something you will enjoy in

these pages. We have worked hard to come up with some enthralling

and exclusive interviews and stories. Sadly, my father has passed

away exactly twelve years ago. The commercialized aspect of the

day illuminates the absence of him, and I can feel the pains of grief

all over again. For those of you experiencing your first Father’s Day

without Dad, this can be especially raw. The year of “firsts” after you

lose someone special is something that you have to walk through, and

not around. And it is not easy.

For those who, like me, have been without Dad for some time, it can

still be a day of melancholy, a time where you can’t help but think,

“What if he was here?” You notice the families out for Father’s Day

brunch, you see the greeting cards that say just the right words, but

Dad is not here to be showered with your love and affection. I tell you

this small snippet about my father so I can better explain how I choose

to celebrate Father’s Day since his passing. He may not be able to

open up a card or present from me, so my gift to him is to use what he

gave me. Each time I do, I feel like I am honouring his spirit, what he

taught me, how he raised me, and how he lived.

Now that you have met the female movers and shakers of the

community, we will introduce you to some influential men in this

month’s feature. Learn about what makes them unique and how they

have or are impacting the community. If you haven’t already, you

will probably run into one—or several—of them in the main headline

grabbing news stories!

Preparing for a night out with the guys? We will show you the perfect

places in the community to grab a drink, watch the big game or just

catch up with pals. A cool place to be in for this forthcoming World

Cup is City Crown, right in the heart of Valletta, just opposite the old

Parliament buildings. If you would rather stay in, we provide you the

perfect stories and articles to read.

We also introduce you to a local duo who share their favourite things

with us. Finally, we put a spotlight on men’s favourite and top selling

motor vehicles. It’s been months since many of us made New Year’s

resolution to focus on our health and now’s the perfect time for a

check-in, so we brought in Mariano Farrugia to give you his top advice

on how to remain super fit.

Happy Father’s Day and happy June.

Martin Vella



Re-evaluat e, create, be




FG: Nowadays, Sliema and St. Julian’s are both considered as well

developed locations, so Valletta is the next locality with great setting to

be naturally targeted. Valletta offers a more relax environment place to

work, there is a lot of energy from everyone at the moment in the hotel,

leisure industry and retail industry. There is a lifestyle in Valletta; a mix of

business and pleasure atmosphere.

The project of Valletta 2018 was a massive success that officially lead to a

start-up of people knowing about our capital city and what we offer. This

year’s European capital of culture, Valletta 2018, has been in full swing

for the past years, is witnessing a renaissance and there is a sense of ‘feel

good factor’. Valletta is now known as a charming city by everyone, and it

offers a bright future ahead. This can be seen very clearly as many people

of a certain standard are investing in our city with boutique hotels and

opening other businesses. I am very glad that I am part of this outstanding

investment, crusading for continuous embellishment and contributing to

its further commercial and lifestyle development.

“it is one of the

most interesting

projects I ever







FG: The last project that I had was ‘Teatru Cafe’. This project came

through a tender that the government issued and I managed to secure.

Teatru Café is a coffee shop in a bar aimed to serve the public and also

the tourists. This idea came when we realised that when there’s an event

happening in the revamped old theatre centre, there was nowhere one

could go to enjoy a drink, coffee or a snack. That was the simple concept

that was behind the government drive to issue a tender for the F&B

cafeteria within the theatre space so it could be self-contained, including

eatery and refectory.

This has been an exciting project , drawing people from all over the world

to partake and enjoy an assortment of cultural events, and my next step

is to secure similar sites for same purpose, and harbouring my objective

to play a primary role in maintain embellishment of all the major

historical places that fall under my responsibility, mixing my own subtle

way of addressing and reflecting Malta's complex historical treasures by

restoring them to their magnificent beauty. It is my dream to surround

the area where Teatru Café stands, with stunning and attractive glass and

lighting through my l investment and long-term planning strategies.



FG: I just opened a small bar here in Valletta, called ‘City Lion’ and we

have another project coming up named ‘The Gut, which will be finished

by end of this year. ‘The Gut’ is a part of Strait Street in Valletta, and the

name is derived from the rowdiness of British and American military men

back in the heyday of what was a notorious hot spot. I am always aware

of what is happening in Valletta as I plan more projects along the way.

Personally, as Frank Grima, I am loving the ambience and aura which

Valletta creates. Apart from the business, there’s a different existence. A

lifestyle where you can meet a lot of people every day, where business

can be made in a restaurant instead of an office, so there is a business

and pleasure state of affairs.

The atmosphere of Valletta and St. Julians is very different. When I used

to work in St. Julians, it was very a stressful and hectic situation, unlike

Valletta. I was working 16-hour days, seven days a week and it nearly

killed me. I had no personal life. But if you want to work in the hospitality

industry, it's vocational, not something you do on the side.


Frank Grima

Frank Grima’s career has been interesting because he always

wanted to learn all the aspects of the restaurant business.

"You definitely have to have grease (passion) in your veins to

survive," confirms the veteran businessman and visionary behind

City Lounge Diner and Teatru Café. Grima’s mantra has been “Go

for it" and “don't be afraid”. Frank insists that, “If you believe in

yourself you can do anything. Dream big, why not, it's your life.

The more you connect with people the more exciting the dream

becomes.”MBR had a chance to interview the old-time business

impresario about the challenge of being a restaurant owner and

manager in the buzzing capital of Valletta, how to always try to

make your business better, and being the best you can.

Now Welcome The New Irish Pub (replacing The Plush St. Julians). Name: The Long Haul.

different, and open for all





FG: Valletta 2018 is still commencing. The opening

of Valletta 2018 was outstanding and a huge success

amongst the public, and now we are starting to see the

effect and productivity it left on our capital city. It is the

start-up of Valletta’s future. There are also some ongoing

projects at the moment, such as Marsamxett Harbour

and projects in all parts of Valletta, to keep attracting

more people towards our capital city.






FG: Firstly, I started noticing that many restaurants and

hotels were opening in Valletta, so by that time I could

notice that there is a new energy going on. And it is also

opportune time for investments to be made.




FG: Yes, that’s a very important aspect and you even have

to check what competition there is in the market, as well

as also knowing what the trends are. Before you set a

trend here in Malta, you have to travel and visit places all

over the world, so you can bring your own experiences

and create something of your own. Nowadays, Malta

has entered a new era where décor, quality, F&B, design

and other aspects are on a very different level than they

were back a few years ago. There, I also learned all about

purchasing, ordering, sizing, volume, packs, delivery, etc.





FG: It’s a restaurant that specialises in Asian street

food, which is something totally different. My motto is

"MAKING A DIFFERENCE- If you can work locally then

you can change globally”. To me, the whole idea of

having the restaurant is to serve up "Community". I want

everyone who comes into the diner to feel connected in

some way or another.

I do this because I love it. It comes from my heart and

it feels right. The beauty of owning your own business

is that it gives you the ability to become creative in

whatever aspect of joy it brings. The joy it brings to me is

bringing people together to make things happen in my

community. If you work locally in your community you

can make changes globally.




FG: The first restaurant that I opened in London was

Asian and in Valletta there is a lack of Asian restaurants

so I noticed the need for opening one.




FG: As I said before, you have to see what competition there

is and try to invent something new without following others.

And that attracts customers






FG: The costing is a very important factor in business. You have to

see in what financial state the public is in and target that particular

market, since nowadays people tend to go out more. The

argument is that because people are going out more, the money

they would have spent in one night is now being split into three

nights. So, you also have to create a market for those that spend

100 euros or more in a week. Seriously, the secret is to constantly

create a "buzz". Keep people talking about your establishment in

one way or another. This is where creativity is key to business; the

more creative the better.



FG: The biggest problem that we have here in Malta is the staff.

It’s a big challenge that sometimes one can give up from opening

the business. There are opportunities that I have, but I just can’t

do them due to not finding the right talent and a team that is

willing to work.



FG: We need more people that are capable to train and lead

others in the catering business especially Maltese. I wish that

more Maltese people take into consideration these roles in both

leisure and catering.



FG: My next step is to open a beach club, and although we already

started the plans, it’s a very difficult lengthy process. The biggest

dream that I had for over thirty years, is to develop and ambitious

project and build an international brand.




FG: My greatest professional success has been to believe in

myself. My biggest setback - I don't think that way, I just keep

moving forward.





FG: Although everything has its pros and cons, I think that all my

employees think very highly of me and enjoy working with me,

with the thought of never leaving. ST

Now welcome to the new Authentic Irish Pub just opened “THE

LONG HALL” (ex-Plush in Paceville)

All rights reserved - Copyright 2018


No need to visit Ireland to see the most traditional Irish Pub. Don’t miss out the World Cup



CNMI General Meeting

(Ordinary and Extraordinary

sessions) appoints president

and board of directors

Milan, 24 May 2018 - A General

Meeting of CNMI members

was held today in ordinary

session at UniCredit Tower Hall to elect

a new management board for the

2-year period 2018-2020.

Carlo Capasa was unanimously re-elected President.

The following were unanimously elected Directors:

1. Patrizio Bertelli - Prada SpA

2. Lavina Biagiotti Cigna - Biagiotti Group SpA

3. Marco Bizzarri - Guccio Gucci SpA

4. Carlo Capasa - Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana

5. Jacopo Etro - Etro SpA

6. Giovanna Gentile Ferragamo - Salvatore Ferragamo SpA

7. Massimo Ferretti - Aeffe SpA

8. Luigi Maramotti - Max Mara Gashion Group Srl

9. Angela Missoni - Missoni SpA

10. Renzo Rosso - OTB SpA

11. Remo Ruffini - Moncler SpA

12. Stefano Sassi - Valentino SpA

13. Carla Sozzani - Dieci Srl

14. Tomaso Trussardi - Trussardi SpA

15. Ermenegildo Zegna - Ermenegildo Zegna Holditalia SpA

The Board is joined by Honorary Presidents Mario Boselli and Beppe

Modenese. President Carlo Capasa delivered his report on work done

in the past 3-year period (2015/2018). He began by thanking the

Strategy Committee and Management Board of Camera Nazionale

della Moda Italiana and all the Members and staff for having

contributed to the Association's activities with their formidable work.

These have been significant years for CNMI, with important results

in terms of the pillars on which the Association's strategy is based:

narration, sustainability, training, young and new brands, digitalization

and government relations, as well as organizing fashion weeks.

Members were directly engaged in CNMI activities in the form of

46 workshops on current issues (nearly one every three weeks) and

six discussion groups on the themes of sustainability, training, new

brands, HR and e-commerce.


Continued on pg 33

“The Premier Clothing

Manufacturer and


Front Office

Food & Beverage

House Keeping


Pool Attendants

and more..

Bringing style to the workplace since 1958.

Eagle K-Wear Co.Ltd.

Notabile Road,

Mriehel - BKR3000

Malta Europe

Contact us today

Tel: (+356) 21442329 / 21442333 / 21494776


Instagram: @eaglekwear

Facebook: @eaglekwearco



Harry drove

Meghan Markle to their

Royal Wedding reception

in this electric Jaguar

The E-Type Zero is now quicker than it was when

brand-new in 1968

Well over a billion people all over the world tuned in to watch the

Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19th,

but now that it's all said and done, it's time to direct our attention to

the car that the newly crowned Duke and Duchess of Sussex drove to

their reception. The Jaguar E-Type Zero first debuted in September of

2017, but it's getting a whole heck of a lot more press today than it

did then. Welcome to the Royal Family, Jag.

Jaguar left as much of the original 1968 Series 1.5 E-Type intact as

possible while replacing the original inline-six engine with an electric

motor and battery pack. Enough power is sent to the rear wheels to

push this feline from 0-62 in just 5.5 seconds. That means it's quicker

now than it was when new and chugging on gasoline.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex depart Windsor Castle for a

reception hosted by The Prince of Wales at Frogmore House,

in a silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero. This vehicle

was originally manufactured in 1968, and has since been

converted to electric power

The E-Type Zero's range of 170 miles is way more than

enough to whisk the happy couple away from Windsor

Castle to Frogmore House on the Windsor Estate, where

Harry's father, the Prince of Wales, is hosting their wedding

reception. But if it were to run out of juice, its 40kWh battery

can be recharged in under seven hours.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex Image Credit: STEVE

PARSONS via Getty Images

Want one of your own? The Daily Mail says it will cost

£350,000 (that's over $470,000 here in the States). Just do

not expect a customized license plate to match the date of

your wedding. ST

Courtesy: Jeremy Korzeniewski



" Having the chance to reach out

to certain people who you really

respect or you really feel are

talented, and working together

as a team is something that is

intoxicating "

Credits: Balmain Structured Cape Jacket

from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills;

Nicholas Hem Bra Dress from Madison

Los Angeles; Lana Jewellery Mirage Ear

Cuffs in Gold; Jill Hoffmeister Baguette

Lariat in Rose Gold.



by Jessica Baker

Bryce Dallas Howard is not a face you forget. The actress, with

her fiery red hair, pool-blue eyes, and porcelain skin, has been

commanding audiences since her breakout role in the 2004 M.

Night Shyamalan thriller The Village, which she followed up with

turns in Spider-Man 3, 50/50, and The Help, among a string of

others. And despite a nearly three-year hiatus from the big screen,

Howard is yet again stealing the spotlight, this time in the summer

blockbuster Jurassic World. In the film, Howard stars opposite Chris

Pratt as Claire Dearing, the operations manager of the dinosaur

theme park. “I really enjoyed playing her because she is complex,

she’s flawed, she’s got a lot of different things going on,” the actress

tells MBR. With a global press tour in the works, projects slated

through 2016, and two kids, Howard can relate. Here, we talk

to the star about working with the beloved Chris Pratt, stepping

behind the camera, and finding herself through fashion.

ST: What can fans of the Jurassic Park franchise expect from

Jurassic World?

BDH: I think that just first off, speaking as a fan, what I was really

excited about is that the premise of the movie is basically the

actualization of Dr. John Hammond’s dream. This is a fully operational

theme park with 20,000 visitors a day, and it’s happening and it’s

in the world. And so that was something I was really stoked to see.

When I first talked to Colin [Trevorrow], the director, I was like, “Oh

my gosh this is awesome!” And I think it requires the time that has

passed between the first film and this film in order to really tell that

story, because it’s almost as if it happened in real time. You know, it

would take over 20 years, definitely.

ST: Everyone is buzzing about Chris Pratt. What was it like

working with him?

BDH: Ah, he’s the best! It’s so funny; working with Chris Pratt is

basically like working with a hero. He’s just the greatest human

being, to put it simply—he’s super-charming and hilarious and

genuine. He gives 100%, he’s really humble and gracious and

thoughtful and loves his family. Him and Anna [Faris] are for sure my

favourite couple. He’s just a really great guy, just an extraordinary

human being. And I’m so, so glad that he’s doing so well, because

he’s the best and he deserves it.

ST: Did you find it hard not to laugh on set all the time?

BDH: I mean, we did. We didn’t have to break during takes or

anything. You have fun, but especially with these big action movies,

there’s always a little bit of an element of danger, or the pressure

of time is really enormous on these sets because there is so much

to accomplish in a given day. So you know, we had a total blast

between takes. But usually if you have a flare in your hand or it’s

pouring rain outside and you are running through the mud in heels,

nothing is quite funny enough to take you out of those moments to

be like, “Oh yeah, I got a third-degree burn, but ha-ha.” But yeah,

off camera we just had a heck of a time.

ST: You’ve stepped behind the camera to write and direct your

own projects. What do you like about being on that side of things?

BDH: Directing is also so fun. I think what I love so much about

directing is it is such a collaborative endeavour. Having the chance

to reach out to certain people who you really respect or you really

feel are talented, and working together as a team is something that

is intoxicating, honestly. It’s basically—being a director, you are sort

of creating an event and throwing a party at the same time and

picking a group of people that you are like, “OK, this is going to

have a lot of challenges, but I want to work through these kinds

of challenges with you guys.” And so it’s really fun in that way. And

obviously, as an actor, it’s my job to go in there and do my best

and for every single moment give everything that I can and then

step away, and oftentimes there will be scenes cut or there will

be takes chosen that I could have never anticipated. And that’s a

lot of the joy and fun of being an actor is seeing someone else’s


vision and getting to be a part of it. Whereas as a director, it’s really

your vision—it starts and ends with you. And then you get to work

with fantastic people who elevate and craft and design that vision.

It challenges you to take responsibility, which I think is a really great

balance with a career as an actor.

ST: Has your father [director Ron Howard] given you any career


BDH: You know what, I’m actually surprised how little—I mean

he’s not really one to offer up advice, and he really downplays the

challenge of it. Like I remember before I started directing, he said,

“Oh yeah, it’s going to be easy. Directing is easy; it’s not as hard as

acting.” And that’s not true [laughs]. It’s different. Acting is perhaps

a little more anxiety inducing,

Photo: Zoey Grossman

because you really need to

perform. It’s like being an athlete.

But he’s been doing it for so long,

he almost—things that would

typically need to be a decision for

somebody are second nature to

him and habitual. He’s such an

effortless filmmaker, so he’s not

usually dishing out a lot of advice.

But whenever I do need advice,

he’s a fantastic person to talk to!

ST: Did you ever find it difficult

to make a name for yourself

growing up in a famous family?

BDH: In the beginning, when I

first started working, I actually

used the name Bryce Dallas,

because I wanted that kind of

space from [my dad’s] career,

because I think most of all,

honestly, I wanted to do right by

him, and I didn’t want to be a

distraction at all if I wasn’t good or if I started it, but ultimately it

didn’t work out. I wanted the privacy through that process, because

I didn’t want people to necessarily have opinions of that journey

with him in mind. Like I really wanted to make sure it was about the

work that I was generating as opposed to in context with my dad’s

career. And I think in retrospect that was definitely good. But as I got

a little older and started working more, I realised I’m so proud to be

a part of my family, and it was more about my own insecurity and

just wanting to get really pure feedback from people than wanting

to be separated from my family. And also, Bryce Dallas sounds like

a porn name.

ST: What’s your stance on fashion? Is it a big part of your everyday


BDH: Listen, I’m into fashion, I’m for sure into fashion. It’s mostly

for me about the visual, the creativity, the comfort level, or the

confidence that clothes bring you. Putting [an outfit] together is

always—it’s like you have to reconnect with yourself while you’re

doing it. It really brings me into the present moment. I’m thinking,

“What am I dressing for? Who do I want to be?” And that’s not

some sort of self-help question, it’s like ok, I want to be relaxed, I

want to be professional, I want to be comfortable, I want to be fun.

That’s just an easy question to ask. And there is the obvious “What’s

the weather going to be like?” And then you get to work and you

look at your closet, and oftentimes I learn more about myself in

those moments than if, say, I’m going to a yoga class where you are

really supposed to connect with yourself. I find that through getting

dressed, I connect with myself in a way that really resonates and

is concrete. I realised that I’m actually more kind of modest and

conservative than I think I would be. Because in work, I don’t care

about nudity, I don’t care about how I look, really. It’s not about that.

But in my day-to-day life, I realised whoa, I’m pretty conservative.

I’ll wear something that’s body conscious or whatnot, but there’s

usually not a lot of flesh. And then I’ll think right, I was raised in

Greenwich, Connecticut; I’m part WASP. But it’s only through

dressing that I really honour that side of myself—this aesthetically

traditional person. And also I’ve learned through dressing myself

and the different eras, I feel connected to what that might mean

about my personality and me as a person.

ST: What are some of your fashion go-tos?

BDH: I love online shopping; it’s incredibly convenient. My staples I

would say are, I mean, I get a lot of stuff online at Nordstrom, and

then for nicer stuffNet-a-Porter is fantastic, and Kate Spade is really

great—I’ve had a relationship with them for a while—and J.Crew.

And those are sort of my staples when I’m going online and getting

things. In terms of specific designers that I think I have a tendency to

gravitate towards, I’ve found some great stuff recently with Michael

Kors and Stella McCartney. AndZac Posen is a designer that I love

and love working with.

ST: What is the one piece you are wearing over and over again

right now?

BDH: I really like my Citizens of Humanity bell-bottom jeans. I’m so

into bell-bottoms—why did they ever go away? I’m going to hold on

to them until the bitter end. They are so flattering, and I particularly

like that these bell-bottoms are high-waisted. The silhouette of a

high-waisted bell-bottom is really beautiful in my opinion. And I

always like a dark wash. I’m into the midi skirt and the crop top; it’s

really good for me when I need to be formal in any kind of way. And

any striped shirt.

ST: So what’s next?

BDH: Well I’m stoked for the Jurassic press, and it’s really fun because

I’m not working with a stylist, so I’m actually getting to have a lot of

those moments of meditating on what feels good to me. And then

I’m going to be doing some more

directing in June and an indie film

in July, and my brother is getting

married, and I’m looking forward

to that. And hopefully some great

family time! I’m taking a class—a

UCLA course—that I’m finishing

up, so maybe I’ll take some more.

I’m very lucky this year, because

I did a film called Pete’s Dragon,

which I just came back from a few

weeks ago in New Zealand. The

seasons are opposite from here,

so I went over there when it was

winter here and summer there,

and then I came back when it was

summer here and winter there, so

I think 2015 was a beautiful year

because it’s the year of perpetual

summer, and it actually feels like

that as well even now. ST

Creditline: Who What Wear

Credits: Narciso Rodriguez dress from

Barneys New York Beverly Hills.


Photographer: Zoey Grossman | Hair: Derek Yuen | Makeup: Kara Bua | Stylist: Zoe Costello |

Manicurist: Michelle Saunders | Location: Velaslavasay Panorama




As Ryan Murphy’s new TV series about him is about to be broadcast in France, we look back at an extraordinary character

who changed the face of fashion forever.

In the wake of infamous American footballer O.J. Simpson whose tumultuous lawsuit had the press in a frenzy for months, Ryan

Murphy has chosen to portray the much mediatised 1997 assassination of Italian couturier Gianni Versace for the second season

of his anthology series American Crime Story, set to commence on Canal+ on January 17th. Having made baroque glamour his

trademark, Gianni Versace, accompanied by his sister Donatella and brother Santo, built a veritable fashion empire. Supermodels

and celebrities, glitzy luxury and hard-hitting ad campaigns, a blanket refusal of good taste and provocative images, under the

reign of Gianni Versace, “too much” was never enough.

By Léa Zetlaoui

1- Glamour and decadence, Italian fashion according to Gianni Versace

Just as Gianni Versace founded his house, Italian fashion was booming.

Although often compared to Giorgio Armani, who opened in 1975, his

fashion was the opposite to the minimalist tailoring of his compatriot.

With the help of his sister Donatella, who was also his muse, he

established a glamorous, ultra-sexy and highly colourful style that

hijacked the codes of Italian culture, art and the trends of his era. A

true couturier, he constructed his creations by draping them directly

onto the models without patterns or sketches. Inspired as much by

theatre, ballet, architecture and modern art as by the prostitutes who

lined the streets of Calabria during his childhood and gay nightclubs in

New York, he blithely introduced black leather, bondage references,

garish colours, baroque prints, indecent lengths, slits and ultra-bodycon.

He mastered these codes so completely that even when he did

a grunge collection for winter 1993, it oozed sensuality. Encouraged

by Donatella, Gianni Versace would liberate women (and men) from

the shackles of good taste. He also applied his gaudy style, symbolised

by a golden Medusa head, to interior décor with his villa in Milan and

mansion in Miami, to perfumes, linen and tableware. From then on,

abundance of luxury and wealth had a name: Versace.

“Gianni Versace built a destiny that was the complete opposite to his

humble beginnings. An intense life shared between wealth, opulence

and celebrities.”

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2- Gianni Versace, 50 smouldering years of life

Originating from a small village in Calabria overrun with

poverty and corruption, Gianni Versace built a destiny that

was the complete opposite to his humble beginnings. An

intense life shared between wealth, opulence and celebrities.

In was in 1978, at the age of 32, alongside his brother, that

he created what would become the future Versace empire.

They were soon joined by their sister Donatella Versace,

whose flamboyant personality and party-girl reputation

further spiced the already vibrant Versace. Despite leading a

pretty simple life, Gianni Versace had a taste for the beautiful

things associated with an arrogant and rigid character. With

his extravagant parties brimming with celebrities, alcohol

and cocaine, his ultra-sexy models (both female and male),

his astonishing declarations (“I have a fantastic relationship

with money”), a handful of corruption cases and a (homo)

sexuality not entirely assumed in a timorous era… Gianni

Versace and his siblings were ideal fodder for the tabloid

press. Then in 1997 tragedy hit the Versace family. Outside

his palatial Miami residence, Gianni Versace, aged 50, was

shot down by serial killer Andrew Cunanan who then killed

himself before the police could arrest him. Subsequently, his

brother and sister continued the name of Versace, now the

stuff of legends. Because beyond his smouldering lifestyle,

Gianni Versace had truly revolutionised fashion.

“At a time when fashion was embarking on globalisation, these

supermodels enflamed an already very flamboyant house of


3- Creation of the supermodels

Last September in Milan, Donatella Versace honoured her

brother with a tribute runway show that brought the most

iconic Versace looks out of the archives once more. The artistic

director gave us a show that only Versace could do, with a

finale bringing together five of the biggest models of all time

- Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford

and Helena Christensen - all swathed in gold lamé, reviving a

golden age of fashion. Before 1986, these models with their

sculptural physiques were more used to appearing on the

pages of magazines than on the catwalks during fashion week.

But pushed by Donatella, Gianni changed that and put them

on his runway. It was a roaring success and the supermodel

era began. Boosted by the presence of these incredible girls,

it was a time when champagne, caviar and unforgettable

parties dominated Fashion Week. Later, it was Donatella who

suggested showing a young Kate Moss, a few months before

she started walking the runways. At a time when fashion was

embarking on globalisation, these supermodels enflamed an

already very flamboyant house of Versace.

4- Actresses, rock stars and princesses, the new models

As well as being an incredible designer. Gianni Versace was a gifted

businessman. Very quickly he realised the power of celebrities as

free publicity for his brand. Thanks to his encounter with Elton John,

whose theatrical style was the perfect match for the exuberance of

Gianni’s creations, he began to weave links with the music industry.

Like a walking advert for the Italian label, the English singer and his

40 number 1 hits on the American Billboard, massively contributed

to the promotion of the house in both Europe and the USA. Among

the artists dressed by Versace were Paul McCartney and Michael

Jackson in their video for Say, Say, Say, Bruce Springsteen on his

Born in the USA tour, and rapper Tupac who couldn’t get enough

of his famous Medusa head necklace worth $45 000. In 1991 it was

another personality altogether who wore the Italian designer. Shot

by Patrick Demarchelier for the cover of British Harper's Bazaar,

Lady Diana, still a princess at the time, gave the label a betterbehaved

image. And then along came Elizabeth Hurley who in 1994

joined her incredibly famous actor boyfriend Hugh Grant on the red

carpet wearing a revealing black dress held together with oversized

gold safety pins. That night both Liz Hurley and “that dress”, as it

became known, entered the annals of fashion history. After that

Gianni and Donatella would always invite celebrities to sit on their

front row and they were among the first to turn their runway shows

into red carpet events. ST

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, from

January 17th on Canal +

Credit: Numero’








An Unusual Client

by Denise Formosa

Mario, who is a business man and owns several household outlets

around the island has a very interesting story for our blog.

He relates the story his 2 salesgirls experienced in one of his shops.

On a bright sunny morning, a mysterious lady visited Mario’s shop

and started to examine every object there was in the shop. Upon

seeing a plain white vase, she stopped her search around the aisles

in the outlet, and started to examine this particular object and after

some close examination, she decided to purchase the item.

With the white vase in her hand and her purse underneath her arm

pits, she approached the salesgirl who was behind the counter. She

did not utter a single word to the girl in the shop, and placed the vase

as well as her purse on the glass countertop. Until the salesgirl bent

down to get a bag from inside the counter, the old lady disappeared

into thin air! She did not take the vase, but left her purse behind her.

The perplexed salesgirl asked her colleague if she had seen this

old lady walk out of the shop, but the latter informed her that she

had seen nobody exit the shop’s door. This was a truly strange

occurrence. Greta decided to phone her boss and ask him if he

could perhaps come around to the shop as she had a very strange

story to tell him. When Mario got to know about the incident, he

decided to open the purse, so that he could see if it contained some

form of identification. He only found a few loose change, an old

document which was used in order to vote and a piece of paper with

a telephone number written in black ink. As he looked at the voting

document, the name read “Salvina Farrugia”. He wasted no time as

he wanted to return the purse to its owner. He dialled the number

that was written in black ink and waited for an answer at the other

end of the line.

“Hello”, said a cheerful lady’s voice at the other

end of the phone. “Hello, my name is Mario

and I’d like to ask if Salvina Farrugia lives in the

household…” The lady’s voice seemed to have

changed from its initial cheerfulness. “Why do

you ask?,” she replied. One of my salesgirls here

at the shop has informed me, that Salvina came

to buy a vase this morning, and left her purse

behind her”, said Mario.

“That can’t be!” said the lady. She’s my

husband’s mother and she has been dead for

the past 10 years!” she replied. “Well, she was

here this morning,” said Mario. “You can visit my

shop at your own convenience so as to collect

her purse”, he continued.

On relating this chilling story to his salesgirls,

Greta, the young lady who had attended to the

mysterious lady, was so scared that she decided

to visit the cemetery to see whether she could

find her grave, and in fact she did. On the

gravestone, she could see the same vase, the

old lady had tried to buy. “I will ask the parish

priest to conduct mass for the repose of your

soul Salvina,” she said.

“May you rest in peace!” ST



ta dernis



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By Grazielle Camilleri Alghren

Two weeks ago, we travelled with #MALTATV in collaboration with

Motors MT and the Malta Motorsports Federation to AUSTRIA for

a special experience involving cars and driving skills. We attended

various modules at Test & Training International.

As some of you may know, I

am an avid car enthusiast. I

enjoy not only the aesthetic

part of beautiful machines

but what lights my fire is the feeling

I get when I drive a beautiful beast,

that warm sensation I experience

when I attend car events and I meet so

many people, enthusiasts, who are so

passionate about cars or motorsports.

Before I gave birth to my daughter Luna,

I used to enjoy travelling overseas to

Sicily to drive on the motorways and to

challenge myself with some motorsports

action including racing on race tracks.

We always had to seek overseas

alternatives because Malta does not

offer the facility and this has been the

wish of so many car lovers who invest so

much time, energy, passion and money

in this sport.

The main intention of this particular

trip was twofold:



I wanted to attend a safety training

after my driving license, because

after having a few close calls lately on

the roads, I wanted to learn how to

tackle the car in difficult situations,

including road dangers and to learn

more about the functions of the

car. This was not available in Malta

so I found one available in Austria

at Test & Training International.

With help from the President of the

Malta Motorsport Federation Mr

Tonio Cini, we booked ourselves a

training course.

Following various conversations

on social media feeds about the

subject of a possible race track being

developed in Malta, with many

so-called experts shutting down

the idea, I wanted to investigate in

person, how possible it is to have


a facility that provides both the

services of professional education

and training as well as motorsports

or racing track. Before I comment

on something of this importance, as

a person I usually try my best to get

facts first, for instance, you need to

get a feel of the size required, the

budgets and to learn how such a

facility works before passing any

personal comments whether Malta

can have one or not.

So, asking myself the question “Can

This Type of Facility Be Introduced in

Malta?” I went to this place with an

open mind and an open heart, and I

filmed the experience to share with

you all too via my online channel

Malta TV, So, You will have to watch

it to see what my conclusion was!


I booked myself the PHASE 2 ROAD SAFETY

TRAINING by Test & Training International

It was held at this dedicated facility

in Melk, which offers training tracks

that allow for behavioral training with

specially trained instructors. There are

many other facilities like this in Austria

but we were recommended this one

by the training teams and by the Malta

Motorsport Federation.

Oliver from Motors MT was also

investigating this facility with me so we

were able to take notes and discuss the


Yes there is also a go-kart facility which is

also used for bike training. Day and night

this facility never stops!

The Drivers Experience teaches you

how to manage a car in dangerous

situations and emergency situations


• Emergency Braking

• Avoiding Obstacles

• Physical Limits ( understeering,

skidding, oversteering etc

As a result from this training

course, I realised how much I

did not know!

• I learnt more about the possible

consequences of incorrect


• I learnt correct behaviours to

avoid critical situations

• I learnt measures to reduce

damage and injury

All the above are not available in

Malta because we do not have

a facility that provides this type

of training after you get your

driving license for both cars,

bikes or trucks. Why?

In my Malta TV video, I interviewed

a number of people including

the CEO of the Test & Training

Facility Mr frans Wurtz, ex race car

champion who was kind enough

to meet us to give us insight into

all the possibilities that a facility

can offer to not only individual

drivers like you and me, but to the

entire nation because the training

sessions like these are proven with

statistics, to minimise the amount

of accidents on the road and also

the damage caused to vehicles by

the drivers. Thank you so much for

your warm welcome and for your

precious time!

”We cannot lessen any deaths on

the roads by increasing fines or point

systems, but we can save lives with

education. Drivers tend to think that

they know everything about driving.

In real fact, with the limited training

we are given to achieve our driving

licenses, none of us really know how

to act in difficult situations and also

we are not given training about the

ever-changing technology in our

vehicles. ”

Tonio Cini, Malta Motorsports


It is a compulsory requirement

in several European countries

such as Austria, enforced by the

government for all drivers to have

update driving sessions after having

achieved their Drivers License.

Evaluation studies by the Austrian

Safety Board clearly show each

year that with these education

programmes in place, the vehicle

accidents with personal injury are

drastically reduced by 34% the first

year. How impressive is a statistic

like this! Furthermore, large

companies that have fleets of say

50 trucks, who invest in educating

their truck drivers benefit from

huge savings because their drivers

are having less and less accidents

on the roads.

With regards to size, the first track

in Teesdorf we went to was 28

hectares large and this had all the

education and motorsports tracks

included. The second one in Melk

was a smaller one at 12 hectares.

To have a good sized facility which

offers exciting race circuits and

allows for enough challenges and

educational opportunities, from

personal experience, it needs to

be at least 30 hectares to allow

for 3 designed kilometre circuits.

It of course can be made smaller,

but it is not as fun when the racing

championships come to play.

What is excellent about these

facilities is how efficient they

are with providing a multitude

of services including training,

education events for car and

motorcycle drivers, tyre testing

for international tyre brands, car

launch events, company team

building events and the list goes

on thus making it financially

sustainable. The business model

is cleverly planned to allow for

income from various activity

happening simultaneously.

Thank you all for your continued

follow. I love what I do.

Big thanks once again goes to

Tonio Cini President of the Malta

Motorsport Federation, strong

activist in the local activity for both

education and motorsports, Oliver

at MotorsMT and all the persons

at Test & Training International for

allowing us to film this experience

to share with our followers! May

the force be with you all. ST

Credit: Grazielle Camilleri Alghren





From model to entrepreneur: Busy bee Sue Rossi talks about her modelling career, her

aspirations and path which led to establishing her own agency Modelle International, and about

her agency’s top priority to promote a more realistic image for women…

ST: Do you consider yourself to be a Superwoman in

every respect, and a role model women who don't just

see the goal ahead, but what lies beyond it?

SR: A superwomen is viewed as an extra ordinary person with

special powers. I am but an ordinary fragile and finite being

with a desire to accomplish goals which are necessarily beyond

the norm.

ST: Did you ever have aspirations to become a career

minded woman and business leader?

SR: Circumstances and opportunities tend to mold any personality.

I always stood by incremental strategy formation. I was never

interested in a five year plan which fizzles into thin air. My priority

was to discover the changing environment and adapt a plan that

works within the current parameter without overextending my

financial resources. So am I a business women or a career minded

woman? I guess I have to find out the real answer all by myself.

ST: What was your path to reaching that goal?

SR: Being down to earth listening to those around me and never

thinking that I reached the stars, I was always that kind of woman

and I remain. Always there to learn from my own mistakes.


By Martin Vella

ST: Did you ever come up against any kind of resistance

or sexism because you were a woman pursuing a

modelling career?

SR: There is always resistance to change and I would like to think

that I have been a promoter of change in a subtle way mellowing any

form of hesitation through a good word and amicable conviction.

ST: What would you say are the two or three most

important qualities of a business woman? Because I think

they are very different than they were even ten years ago.

SR: Not really. I would point to determination, willingness to think

outside the box and to accept failure as well as success.

ST: How do you balance leading one of Malta’s most

successful modelling agency with raising a daughter, and a

son sustaining a 10-plus-year relationship, and just getting

your hair done?

SR: My family is a source of support. Both Val and Dean have

their own way of getting me going. They inspire me to keep on

moving on the right direction whilst dedicating an hour or so for

a visit to my hair stylist. Now I must say that looking back now

31 years living through this routines gives me energy everyday.

Honestly I cannot imagine myself in any other way. ST

All rights reserved - Copyright 2018


yourself 2 entrance tickets

at the Mediterraneo Marine Park

Malta with Sammontana!

To win this prize of one free adult ticket and one free child ticket, open

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later than 30th June! ST


More and more often, we see patients

who have lost most of their teeth and

are constrained to wearing a removable

denture without the possibility of a fixed

solution, because there is not enough bone

left for dental implant placement. Bone

grafting and major/invasive procedures

can be proposed to these patients, but the

uncertain outcome and long recovery time

(about a year) can be very discouraging.

Eagle Grid – the

new dental implant

system for everyone


Patient without teeth before the insertion of

the Eagle Grid

An improved subperiostal implant protocol – where the implant is placed over but not

inside the bone – utilising the most innovative and recent technologies is now available, so

that previously untreatable cases can now be provided with a fixed alternative

Eagle Grid is a new implant protocol consisting of a personalised metal structure (grid) in

titanium, lying on the jaw bone and fixed with retention screws. Titanium is so far the best

metal suitable for surgical implants thanks to its biocompatibility with the bone tissue and

almost no allergic reactions.


Patient one month after the

insertion of the Eagle Grid

The Eagle Grid is personalised: built on a model of the residual bone of the patient

obtained from a CT scan. The planning, design and the execution is run by a qualified team

of biomedical engineers, dental specialists, dental technicians and IT specialists, in order to

obtain maximum accuracy during every stage of the process.

The Eagle Grid can resolve cases where all teeth are missing in both the upper and lower

jaws and can replace even single teeth where bone is not available. Once the grid is

placed accurately, there is no need for a long healing time – in fact, the grid can be loaded

immediately with a fixed replacement bridge.


1. The first step is taking a panoramic x-ray of the jaws. Accurate

impressions of both upper and lower gums are then taken and used to

create a radiographic stent for use in the mouth during a Cone Beam CT

scan examination.

2. The CT scan images are elaborated ina specialised laboratory in CADCAM

to produce the Eagle Grid according to the patient’s requirements.

3. Highly specialised equipment utilising laser melting at Biotec BTK

laboratories in Italy uses a very powerful laser beam to sinterise titanium

powder into a three- dimensional structure: the Eagle Grid.

4. In the dental clinic setting, under local anaesthetic with or without

sedation, the gums are carefully exposed so that the Eagle Grid can be

fitted in place. The Grid is fitted utilising specialised screws similar to the

ones used in orthopaedics and traumatology. After suturing, the patient

is fitted with the immediate resin bridge that allows immediate chewing

and guides the healing of the gums.

5. After three to four months, once the Grid and the surrounding tissues

have healed and settled, the bridge is reconditioned or replaced. ST

Dr Joseph Xuereb – Dental & Implant Surgeon, Principal at Savina Clinic.

7, Sir Adrian Dingli Street, Victoria, Gozo. T: 2155 7323, 2755 7323.

Level 1, SkyParks Business Centre, Malta International Airport, Luqa. T 2165

7323, 2125 7253. E:;

Patient four months later with the new

fixed bridge

Eagle Grid



This is one of our areas of expertise and

passions, to treat the skin and achieve

better results. Our aestheticians will

examine your skin to analyse problems

you may not otherwise have known

existed. They will then prescribe a

treatment for best results. We perform

a variety of peels, lining and hydrating

facials to treat acne and acne marks,

prevent skin ageing, skin tightening,

detoxifying and more. The bene ts of

getting a facial in a clinic also include

lowering stress levels and improving

blood circulation thanks to a massage,

which is incorporated with most


Laser Hair Removal

Check out our continuous special

packages and prices regularly.

• Ilipo Laser

• Fat Reduction

• Cellulite / Skin tightening


Our Laser machine targets 4

Technologies in 1 treatment:

• Fat Reduction by Laser pads

• Stretch marks

• Radio Frequency

• Laser Vacuum Massage

ILipo laser can be used on both

men and women. Consultation with

our Professionals is a must prior

to treatment as certain medical

conditions are not suitable.

Hair by Clare

Our Professional Hairdresser Clare

Mercieca will help you achieve your

desired style, colour, upstyles and any other

treatment needed for your dream day.

Massage at DEA

Performed by our in-house Licensed

Massage Therapist, Rebecca Borg.

Ready to help customers whether as

a form of relaxation, lymphatic or any

other therapeutic massages required to

help aid any chronic pains.

PRP for skin rejuvenation, Hair Loss,

Mesotherapy, Botox Fillers and

Microneedling performed by foreign

med-aesthetic doctors.

Aesthetic treatments

performed at DEA

• Customised Facials and Peels,

to treat Ageing, Acne, Scars,

Pigmentation and Lifting • Laser Hair

Removal using latest technology •

Non-surgical Fat Reduction and Body

Shaping • Non-Surgical Face Lift using

Thermage RF • Botox Injections,

Dermal Fillers, Skin Needling • Laser

Teeth Whitening • Spray Tanning

using Sienna X • IPL and SHR Hair

Removal • Carbon Mask Photo-

Facial • Registered Nutritionist

and Counselling by appointment

• Professional Hairdresser • All

Beauty Treatments such as Waxing,

Manicures and Pedicures • Body

Treatments • Body Massages such as

Swedish, Therapeutic, Aromatherapy,

Sports and Lymphatic performed by

our Specialist • Eyelash Extensions •

Make-up for all occasions

Some treatments take time so wake up and

call us on 2099 5704 for details.

12, Fleur De Lys Road, B’kara. Mob: 9949 1224.

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15 Alternative Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

The majority of us probably have rubbing alcohol in our bathroom

medicine cabinets. But that same bottle has probably been sitting there

for months, if not years, gathering dust and only being used on the odd

occasion to disinfect a cut or cool the heat from a fever. However, rubbing

alcohol has so many surprising uses, and since it's relatively inexpensive,

you should start taking advantage of them. Below you can find fifteen

great uses for rubbing alcohol.



Rubbing alcohol makes an excellent

stain remover, when combined with

water. It's effective on everything

from coffee and wine stains to ink.

So, leave that pricey stain remover on the

grocery store shelf, and turn to rubbing alcohol

instead. To make, simply add one part rubbing

alcohol and two parts water to a spray bottle.

When needed, spray the mixture on a stain,

allow it to sit for a couple of minutes, and then

throw into the wash as normal.


Ticks are not only annoying, but they

can also spread dangerous diseases

to both humans and animals.

Fortunately for us, they hate alcohol

which means that rubbing alcohol

can help in the process of removing

one from your body. To do so, douse a cotton

ball in rubbing alcohol and then gently rub

it on the area the tick is on. Immediately

afterward, remove the tick using a pair of

tweezers and spray the wounded area with

rubbing alcohol to disinfect it.







We all know how difficult it can be to

remove a sticker from something like

a picture frame or glass. It sometimes

takes an age to get off and, when you

finally manage, it leaves a sticky residue

behind. Thankfully, rubbing alcohol makes the

process a whole lot easier. Simply pour some

rubbing alcohol on the sticker and let it sit for 10

minutes. As rubbing alcohol is a dissolvent, the

sticker will peel off with ease.


Rubbing alcohol is also a cheap and effective

de-greaser. All you need to do is pour some onto

a clean rag and wipe down the


stove. Not only is

it cheaper than products designed to do the same

thing, it arguably works better.

You don't even have to rinse,

as the rubbing alcohol dries

almost immediately after

you're done.



If you find yourself without

deodorant, turn to rubbing

alcohol and essential oil

instead. Add some rubbing

alcohol to a fine-mist spray bottle and then

add 15 drops of essential oil. Lavender is ideal.

Spray your armpits as you would with any other

deodorant, but make sure to avoid applying it

after shaving, as it will sting.

Creditline: naturallivingideas





If you run out of nail polish remover,

you can use rubbing alcohol instead. It

will take a little more rubbing, but it will work.

Just douse a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol

and rub it on the nail polish until it's gone.



Electronics such as computer, laptops,

and cell phones, are a breeding ground

for germs and bacteria. Therefore,

disinfecting them regularly is a must. And

rubbing alcohol is one of the best things you can

use. Simply dab some on a cotton ball and use it

to clean the surface of your phone, mouse, and




If you have been using garden


tools to remove rotting,

diseased, or dead plants, it's

important to disinfect those

tools or harmful bacteria will remain on them and

get transferred to healthy plants. While there are

sanitizers on the market which were made for

this purpose, they cost more, and you're more

likely to have rubbing alcohol on hand anyway. To

disinfect your tools, clean them using soap and

water first, and then allow each tool to soak in

rubbing alcohol for a minute or two. After they

have soaked, wipe them down with a clean rag

and leave to dry.



An ice pack is great to have around.

It can help relieve pain, swelling,

and inflammation from injuries and conditions,

such as arthritis. An ice pack can be made easily

by combining one part of rubbing alcohol with

two parts of water in a freezer bag. The rubbing

alcohol prevents the bag from freezing into a

complete block of ice.




One of the most annoying things

about an icy cold morning is

having to make the effort to

scrape the frost off the windshield

of your car. You can save yourself all this

hassle in the morning by just filling up a spray

bottle with rubbing alcohol and spraying it

onto the windshield.


While rubbing alcohol can help polish

your shoes, it doesn't do the trick alone.

Instead, you will need a regular shoe

polisher, but before using it, rub your

shoes with rubbing alcohol and the

polish will go on much smoother,

making your shoes look shiny and





When you are making a dish that

uses garlic, you're inevitably going to

get the smell of garlic on your hands,

and washing it off with soap and

water usually doesn't fully get rid of the odour.

Instead, pour rubbing alcohol onto your hands

and work it in really well. Afterwards, wash your

hands as usual, with warm water and soap.




Just like with your kitchen

appliances, you can also use

rubbing alcohol to clean

chrome bathroom fixtures. Just simply pour

some rubbing alcohol onto a soft, absorbent

cloth and rub it across the fixtures. Your chrome

will not only sparkle, but the alcohol kills germs

as well.



Cosmetics are expensive, and

eyeshadows tend to crack and

break easily. Usually, when this

happens, you've got to throw it out and

buy a new one. Don't do that next time.

Instead, fill up a spray bottle with some

rubbing alcohol and then spray a little onto

the eyeshadow. Use a spoon or your fingers

to smooth it out. Allow it to completely

harden for several hours, and then it will be

just like new.




When using hairspray, it is

inevitable that some will end

up on the mirror. While you

might think you need glass cleaner to remove

it, all you actually need to do is wipe it down

with some rubbing alcohol to take away the

sticky residue.

Real Estate Developer Suite

Loans to Finance Your Projects

FIMBank provides financing solutions to established developers at competitive

market terms and pricing. We can assist you every step of the way, providing the

assurance of having the financial backing to start and finish your project.

Please contact us to discuss your project

2132 2100

FIMBank p.l.c., Mercury Tower, The Exchange Financial & Business Centre, Elia Zammit Street, St. Julian’s STJ 3155

FIMBank p.l.c. is a licensed credit institution regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority and is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.


Be Mindful to

be Successful

Mariano Farrugia


hen we get caught up in a busy

life, we tend to lose connection

with one another, and even with

ourselves. (Jack Kornfield) Being mindful

means not to use your mobile phone when

you are talking to someone; to listen

and understand and take time to digest

emotions and feelings and live in the full

presence of the moment. It is very easy for

us not to be mindful; not to live the moment

and instead let everything that surrounds

us distract us. We may find ourselves not

living the life we want or doing work we

do not really wish to do. This may lead to

ending up in a state of fitness that we do

not actually like.


Life is very short and we should respect ourselves and

people around us. This can only be done if our actions

and behaviour are more meaningful. It is so simple and

yet it is so powerful. Lack of meaningfulness leads to

chaos, disorientation, tension, anxiety and negativity.

No wonder it is difficult to focus, concentrate, do our

best and achieve a good mind-set when one is in one or

more of these chaotic states. I observe people and I keep

journals which I refer to every now and then, to try and

determine patterns of successful or unsuccessful stories

in people’s lives with respect to health and fitness. More

than ever, in my opinion, the main problem is not fat

or the lack of time and motivation. The root cause and

subsequent effect is, presumably, mindfulness. One

cannot expect to suddenly be mindful in his actions

simply by pretending to be listening to someone but is,

in reality, simple being passive; hearing and nodding to

what other people say- this only amounts to part time

presence. Part time presence leads to part time results.

If we are more mindful we are more UNDERSTANDING.

If we are more mindful we are more UNDERSTANDABLE.

Mindfulness has to start from within; from our core

beliefs; from the environment that we are living in and

from the people that surround us. Every one of us has

the ability to be mindful. We need to remind ourselves

to do it more often and to train, just like an athlete, to

be more mindful. We have to be consistent. If we end up

losing connectivity and mindfulness, we need to rewire

our mind and train and monitor ourselves. Ask concrete

questions to yourself; be honest and produce concrete

answers. Give yourself the chance to feel, perform and

live better. In the mean time, I thank you for taking

the MINDFUL time to read this short message and for

sharing it mindfully so together we will make the world

a better place!


Credit: Mariano Farrugia

Services offered;

• Premium personal wellbeing packages

• Motivational meetings & corporate


• Personal wellbeing packages

• Team building events |


This is How to See What

Google Knows About You

Google knows much more about you than you probably

realize, and it’s collecting more and more data every

day. According to the Associated Press, Google already

monitors your online shopping, but it now has a new tool

to monitor how much people spend in physical stores

after they have clicked on digital adverts.

To be fair to them, Google does provide ways for users to

limit tracking and control adverts. For example, last year,

Google debuted the My Activity page, a dashboard that

gives a snapshot of the data that Google has gathered

from your online activities.

This is available at

Things to Know about Google’s My Activity Page

When you arrive at the My Activity page, you’ll see a

timeline of your activity across Google products, which

can include websites that you’ve searched and visited,

as well as images and videos that you’ve viewed. Your

current privacy settings will determine what exactly is

being displayed on your timeline. ST

Courttesy: Baba Mail



“Today everyone is becoming a brand, there are no

more designers.” Interview with Shayne Oliver

With his label Hood By Air, the New York-based designer invented a way of combining

streetwear and fashion that spoke to a whole new generation. Invited by fashion label

Helmut Lang to be artistic director for a season, Oliver has revisited the house’s heritage

with wit and brio. Sunday Trends asked him all about the experience.

ST: Why did you decide to put your label Hood By Air

on standby? Was it before or after being contacted

by Helmut Lang?

SO: I put HBA on standby in January 2017. We were trying to

figure out what the next steps would be for the brand, thinking

about moving to Paris. There was a lot of miscommunication

between the business side of things and the management – a

lot of the decisions were made in this very panicky way, and no

one created a real business system within HBA. We could have

moved to Paris and become a sort of intimate brand, close to

the customer, but we didn’t really have a sales director. Everyone

began working on personal projects. It was the right moment to

pause and figure out internal problems. And a lot of insiders in

the fashion business have started to… not steal, but become part

of the market that we’d created. These people had a business

structure, and that wasn’t part of the DNA of HBA. I felt I was

just putting ideas out there, creating new brand theories, new

ways of thinking about marketing, about the meaning of fashion,

without gaining anything, not only financially but also in terms of

recognition. It became really discouraging for me to want to do

something new, upgrade the game, while no one internally was

taking advantage of it businesswise or creating a guideline for

people to speak about the brand. It was the right time to take

a break. Especially given how things are now – I didn’t want to

get involved in this weird streetwear thing that’s happening at

the moment. Those are ideas I grew up with, things I know. I’m

not doing it because I want to take advantage of the streetwear

market. Where HBA is concerned, the next step will be finding

a structure for the brand that lets me do what I need to do as a

designer. I want to do something I’m comfortable with, something

I feel is new. As a consumer, I don’t feel like I want to buy – I’m

lost. Because everything looks like gimmicky clothes. It’s all about

statement, there’s nothing that’s really designed.

ST: Your role at Helmut Lang, where you produced a

collection called Helmut Lang Seen By Shayne Oliver,

was very much like that of a curator. Did you approach

it in that spirit?

SO: Yes, absolutely. Because if I am working with them for just one

season, it doesn’t make sense to create something new. You just

curate. It was like both Helmut Lang and myself in this conversation,

about creating a taste level for myself based on the history of

Helmut Lang. That was the most organic thing to do.

“Today everyone is becoming a brand, there are no more

designers. I don’t think that’s a problem, but I just think that you

cannot call things fashion when there are no designers. No one is

saying, ‘This is what I designed this season, you can buy into it.’ It’s

the other way around: ‘Look what I am implementing into these

criteria, buy into this because this is actually just a brand.’ People

forget that the aesthetics that someone created are for a reason.”

ST: As a designer, you have been strongly influenced

by Helmut Lang in your HBA work. What aspects of his

oeuvre did you focus on in this collection?

SO: I wanted to explore the sensuality of what he’d done in the past.

There was very little physical archive for me to explore, so the idea

of working with his oeuvre became very fetishized. I began to think

about how he’d been a sort of fashion pornographer, and created

a new fetishism based on fashion, on how people dress in codes.

I began to think about bras, socks, underwear, undergarments,

lipstick, ritualistic hairstyles, and essentially just pulled and plucked

at the archive that I had. From what little there was I picked three

coats, and all the basics: a pair of slacks, a pair of jeans, a tank top,

a men’s shirt, a women’s basic dress. I wanted to follow a storyline

of keeping it sensual and focusing on his eveningwear. Because I’m

sure that some of the designers who come after me will focus on the

bomber jacket, but I feel this is something that has been exhausted

by the current generation. I’m not trying to sell Helmut Lang to this

generation – I want them to understand the attitude and the vibe he

put out. So I took whatever they had and restyled it – made the waist

lower, made it higher, pulled the jacket to the side, pinned the dress

up. And we created new patterns from that. Nothing was created

from scratch. It was only about using old things, pulling and tugging.

Except for the accessories: the collection was heavily accessorized

because it just felt right. I was trying to distil what I felt about the

clothes. That’s where the bra bag came from, and the folders based

on a school-uniform idea – we created fashion binders, as though

you were going to school but with a clutch.

ST: HBA and its runway shows were conceived as

performances that critiqued fashion. Has this critical

and performative aspect found its way into your work for

Helmut Lang ?

SO: A lot of the things that I put out on the table over the years are

now trendy topics, and I wanted to step away from this false political

aspect that everyone has in fashion right now. I think it’s great that

people are starting to un-train consumers, but it’s almost another

version of entitlement, being able to say something like that. So I

wanted to move away from that and do something that’s romantic,

and not political. To me, in fashion, doing a collection and giving all the

profit to a cause, that’s political. You can’t be a major brand and have



slogans about politics when the structure of your brand

is not going towards the effectiveness of that meaning.

For example, I don’t see anyone designing anything

that’s feminist. I see everyone saying it, but I don’t

see any products being made. I just see people

regurgitating designs that aren’t feminist. That’s where

the giant bra in my collection came from: accentuating

a woman’s anatomy. I felt that was the most political

statement I made in this collection. I don’t really feel

like I have any solutions to the problem of politics

and fashion, so for the time being my standard is to

be at a minimum. It’s good to take a moment and do

something that feels standard, so that you know and

understand what’s frivolous in a social way.

ST: Is this also why you came back to tailoring,

at a time when everyone else is jumping on

the streetwear bandwagon?

SO: Yes, we’re at a moment where you wonder, “Are

you into streetwear because you’re favouring the new

and the next, or just because that’s where the money’s

going? Do you really believe in the idea of diversity in

fashion?” Today everyone is becoming a brand, there

are no more designers. I don’t think that’s a problem,

but I just think that you can’t call things fashion when

there are no designers. No one is saying, “This is what

I designed this season, you can buy into it.” It’s the

other way around: “Look what I’m implementing into

these criteria, buy into this because this is actually

just a brand.” People forget that the aesthetics that

someone created are for a reason, and if you don’t

like it then you shouldn’t be buying the brand in

general. That’s why ever yone adapting streetwear

feels inorganic and cheap. I don’t see anyone doing

it in a demanding, highbrow way. They know what it

looks like, but they don’t really understand it. Right

now streetwear is no cooler than it was in the 90s

when people were actually wearing it. I don’t see

anyone taking it to the next level, except a few specific

designers. So in my collection for Helmut Lang, it was

all about keeping it in the tailored world. Yes you can

buy a T-shirt and hoodies, but I don’t even think it was

necessary to show them on the runway. And most of

the brands that adapt streetwear today shouldn’t be

showing it on the runway either: they don’t have the

precision that makes it important.

ST: And what about all the Helmut Lang logos

you played with?

SO: There was so much to play with! But everyone has

referenced Helmut Lang so much, including myself. At

some point, for example, we wanted to reference his

Mapplethorpe vibe, but realized it looked like a collection

that Raf Simons did before. So we just chose to do the

most basic things, rewriting Helmut Lang’s name like a

little child. Very primary things seemed to be the point.

“When you are a young designer taking over a house

that was created by one of the great names of couture,

you really have to be strong.”

ST: Helmut Lang’s current structure is quite

experimental, with an editor in residence,

Isabella Burley, and guest designers. Do you

feel this is relevant?

SO: Yes. It was interesting for me to take the risk of

doing something that hasn’t been done, but with

someone else’s project. It was good to be there at

the beginning. In the future it will be great if it really

goes into this idea of curation. Isabella has done great

examples of that with the capsule collection that

recreates pieces by Helmut Lang, and I think other

brands will start to do their own version of this. Isabella

is smart enough to keep it going in a good way. As for

me, I began working on the holiday collection, with

the Helmut logo, then a preview collection that was

shown in July and released at the end of November.

The third instalment will be the spring/summer 2018

collection that was in the New York show. As I begin to

progress as a solo designer, I’m open to other projects.

I don’t know how demanding the next ones will be,

but I’m totally into it. I’m confident about the process

– as long as I’m working under a designer I respect, of

course. It helps me to grow up as a designer.

ST: Do you think this idea of guest designers is

a solution to the constant coming and going

of artistic directors that we have been seeing

at the big houses over the past few years?

SO: Yeah I know, the pace is crazy. At first I didn’t

have a problem with it because, well, that’s the way

the world goes. But then I started to realize that

sometimes, after some designers have worked at a

house, they do not have a second chance, you know

what I mean? Their name has become synonymous

with a brand – it can be hard to break the visual

identity that people associate with you. So I think that

for me, what’s really cool is what Nicolas Ghesquière

did at the beginning of Balenciaga, because he grew

the house to the level where it is today. That’s why he

was able to move on to Louis Vuitton. When you are a

young designer taking over a house that was created

by one of the great names of couture, you really have

to be strong. It doesn’t mean it’s impossible – some

people can do it. It’s more about having the time to

mature something that’s relevant. Today, a lot of the

things we are seeing are consumer-ready, but not

really relevant. That’s what worries me. Of course you

have to sell, but the challenge of fashion is to be able

to do something that sells but that is also relevant. ST

Creditline: Numéro

By Delphine

Roche, Portrait

by Éric Nehr



Chanel fall-winter 2018-2019 fashion show seen by

Mehdi Mendas

By Mehdi Mendas

Discover the Chanel fall-winter 2018-2019 fashion show seen by Mehdi Menda.

All rights reserved - Copyright 2018



Continued from pg 8



CNMI worked on a series of projects telling the story of Italian fashion's

values and tradition and produced two important exhibitions:

"Crafting the Future. Stories of artisans and innovation" curated by

Franca Sozzani and opened in September 2016, and "Italiana. Italy

through the eyes of fashion 1971-2001" curated by Maria Luisa Frisa

and Stefano Tonchi, which closed on 6 May after drawing over 26,000

visitors in just over two months.

The first CNMI Fashion Summit - Crafting the Future of Fashion

organized in June in collaboration with Bain & Company and Business

of Fashion was attended by the main players in the Made in Italy

fashion industry. Two editions of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards

Italia (24 September 2017 and 23 September 2018), an event wholly

dedicated to the values of sustainability.


CNMI is a leading voice on sustainability issues at world level. Its aim is to

achieve the highest standards of sustainability through close collaboration

with industry and the engagement and training of the various players in

the system.

In addition to the aforementioned Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia, four

important documents were published:

• Guidelines on Eco-Toxicological Requisites for articles of clothing, leather

goods, footwear and accessories (February 2016);

• CNMI Principles for Sustainable Retailing (September 2017);

• Guidelines on Eco-Toxicological Requisites for Chemical Mixtures and

Industrial Discharges in Manufacturing Businesses;

• Bioavailability of Carcinogenic Aromatic Amines (March 2018), a

scientific paper.

Two International Roundtables on Sustainability by CNMI have

already been held (March 2017 and March 2018), in which numerous

international brands took part. A major project enabling CNMI

members to obtain EIB financing for investments in production -

Funding Sustainability - was launched with partner UniCredit.

The aim is to complete the road map by the end of 2020 with the

drafting of documents on sustainable procurement of raw materials,

supply chain management and control, circular economy and social

and environmental responsibility. CNMI also supported the first-time

inclusion of certain Italian and international brands in the calendars of

Milano Moda Donna and Milano Moda Uomo with a substantial (sixzero)

investment in free facilities for young and new brands. Camera

Nazionale della Moda Italiana is pleased to announce the

birth of CNMI Fashion Trust, a non-profit organization,

funded by a heterogeneous group of memebers aimed

to select new Made in Italy talents and to help them to

transform their talent in a global brand.


CNMI has a programme of digital culture promotion

and has strengthened its online presence, especially

for the main events it organizes. Seven workshops have

been held on digital themes. The Association initiated

analysis of online conversations during Milan fashion

weeks and how they compare to major fashions weeks

in other countries:

• 1 million engagements generated during the 2017

Milan fashion weeks;

• 4 million engagements generated by #MFW as of

February 2018


Over the 3-year period CNMI strengthened its

relationships with government, both in Italy thanks

to the collaboration with other fashion Associations,

and abroad, and with other fashion chambers in terms

of sharing calendars and young designer promotion

initiatives. CNMI has established a strong collaborative

relationship with the European Community focussing

on issues such as intellectual property and e-commerce.

CNMI also renewed the agreement with its institutional

partner the Municipality of Milan and was able to count

on vital support and co-operation from the Economic

Development Ministry and the Italian Trade Agency

(ITA) in putting on the abovementioned exhibitions and

the Green Carpet Fashion Awards Italia. CNMI sits on

the Italian Fashion and Accessories Committee set up

by the Economic Development Ministry in 2016.

President Carlo Capasa brought the Meeting to a close

by thanking the Management Board for its significant

efforts over the last three years and expressed

confidence that implementation of the Association's

strategy will produce good results in the next 2-year

period and beyond. ST

Courtesy: Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana



10 Drinks That Contain Fewer

Calories, but Taste Great For Summer



A mojito is one of the most popular beach drinks, but

thanks to its high sugar content, a standard serving (9

fluid ounces), can have up to 240 calories.

Replace it with the less popular (but still tasty) Martini,

which contains only 70 calories per 9 fluid ounces.


Mojito (242 Calories) –

Martini (70 Calories)

Long Island Ice Tea (424

Calories) – Cosmopolitan

(100 Calories)

Long Island Ice Tea contains vodka, gin, tequila, rum,

triple-sec, and Coca-Cola. This is why a standard glass of

this drink (14 fluid ounces) contains 424 calories.

The Cosmopolitan, on the other hand, contains less

alcohol and a little cranberry juice. It’s tasty and a

normal-sized glass of this drink (9 fluid ounces) contains

around 100 calories.


Gin and Tonic (175 Calories) –

Lime Soda Indian Style

(106 Calories)

Gin and Tonic is a carbonated drink that contains a lot

of sugar – 9 fluid ounces of this drink contains around

175 calories.

Lime Soda Indian Style is the perfect alternative as it

doesn’t contain as much sugar, meaning there are 106

calories in 9 fluid ounces of this beverage.

Rum and Coke (210 Calories)

– Rum and Diet Coke

(115 Calories)

Rum and Coke is a very popular party drink, but 10 fluid

ounces of this drink contains 210 calories.

To reduce the number of calories in this beverage, you

can replace the regular Coke with Diet Coke. As a result,

you’ll have only 115 calories in 10 fluid ounces.


The most popular cocktails contain alcohol and a lot of calories.

This is why alcohol and diets are definitely not a good match.

However, sometimes it’s important to relax and have a good

time with your friends. So, what do you do in this case? Well,

you can easily replace them with lighter drinks that taste just

as good as your regular cocktails, but contain a lot less sugar,

meaning they won’t spoil the results of your diet. Below are 10

alternatives to popular cocktails that are just as fancy and tasty

as the most fashionable beverages:



Gin and Tonic (170 Calories) –

Gin and Slimline Tonic

(70 Calories)

Gin and tonic is another favorite beach and club drink,

but it has a high sugar content. Just 7 fluid ounces of this

drink contains around 170 calories.

Slimline Tonic is another tonic beverage that has fewer

calories. Gin and Slimline tonic looks the same as a

regular Gin and Tonic, but it has only 70 calories per 7

fluid ounces.

White Wine (160 Calories) –

Champagne (89 Calories)

Wines can be different and the amount of calories in

them depends on the type of grapes and additional

sugar used. However, the approximate number of

calories in 6 fluid ounces is 160.

Champagne can actually be considered a diet

carbonated drink. One 4 fluid ounce glass contains

fewer than 89 calories.

Pina Colada (300 Calories) –

Fuzzy Navel (120 Calories)

A Pina Colada contains a lot of pineapple and coconut,

which is why there can be up to 300 calories in a

standard glass (8 fluid ounces).

The cocktail which goes by the name Fuzzy Navel

contains peach schnapps and orange juice, which makes

it a great alternative with just 120 calories.


White Russian (208 Calories)

– Daiquiri (140 Calories)

The White Russian became popular after the release of

The Big Lebowski – the main character of this film drank

it throughout the movie. However, it’s not that good for

you in terms of calorie content – 3 fluid ounces contain

208 calories.

The best alternative is a Daiquiri – a refreshing drink

made with lime juice, mango, and rum. 3 fluid ounces

contain just 140 calories.

Creditline: brightside

Images: depositphotos



Margarita (280 Calories) –

Moscow Mule (120 Calories)

An 8 fluid ounce glass of Margarita contains 280

calories. In fact, a 100g slice of pizza has fewer calories

than this drink – 253.

A great alternative is the Moscow Mule – it has only 120

calories in 6 fluid ounces.


Dark Beer (220 Calories) –

Protein Beer (92 Calories)

There are thousands of different types of beers and

each one has its own calorie content. The type of beer

that contains the largest number of calories is dark beer.

Just one pint of this drink contains 220 calories.

Protein beers are gaining in popularity due to the fact

they have fewer calories – just 92. However, it can be

quite tricky to get your hands on some. ST

Exceptional Properties.

Exceptional Clients. Exceptional Service.

Tel. : +356 79798282, e-mail :

6, Chemin du Repos, 1213, Petit-Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland: 159, Labour Avenue, Naxxar NXR 9025 : 223, Republican Street, Valletta VLT 1116, Malta


Prevention Vs Cure

in Health Systems

If we had the same enthusiasm for health statistics as we do for our

political parties, football teams and parochial band clubs, this would

call for a nationwide celebration which would however seriously

overlook the pressing public health issues at hand. In fact, these

commendable figures on the European public health platform must

certainly not mask some less ‘healthy’ statistics such as the quarter

of our population, including the paediatric counterpart (aged 11-15)

which suffers from obesity - the highest rate in the EU, that diabetes

and HIV also have a relatively high prevalence compared to other

European countries.

As a medical practitioner with more than a couple of decades’

experience up my sleeve, I confess that one of the ironies that always

baffled me in the patients I meet is that while most of them swoon

even at the thought of a chronic illness, especially if it is cancer,

hardly any of them does anything concrete to prevent it. Most of us

still smoke anything from tobacco to weed, drink alcohol in amounts

that can keep an Olympic torch alight for decades and thrive on a

staple diet of fats and refined sugars in various concoctions. And

then we spend the rest of our lives either sitting on our behinds or

lying on our sides thus avoiding any form of exertion whatsoever.

The World Health Organisation defines health not just as a

state of wellbeing in the physical but in the mental and social

spheres. Sadly mental health especially at the workplace

has become a growing health challenge in the last decades

while loneliness, insecure (liquid) relationships and financial

instability have become the hallmark of our existence mostly

for those at the lower bracket of the social scale.

Had we formed part of the post-war society, we could have

been excused for lack of education in how to prevent most of

the common ailments that are afflicting us. However living

in the post-millenium affluent society, where we know what

to avoid more than we actually know ourselves, we cannot

and thus the responsibility lies squarely on our shoulders.

Whichever way we look at it, we are what we eat and

subsequently drink, smoke or exercise. Our health is our

responsibility and taking regular blood tests and doing

copious medical reviews is useless unless we seriously

commit ourselves to living well. Prevention has been proven

to be better than cure time and time again. As a result,

choosing the healthier options is our duty to ourselves and

those around us. ST

Credit: Dr Moira Borg

Dr. Moira Borg

It is widely claimed that prevention in health systems is better

than cure which is glaringly true especially when one compares

the lower cost of public health programs and campaigns as

opposed to treatment and intervention of most of our ailments.

Locally we seem to be doing it right, despite being the smallest

Member State of the European Union, considering that we boast

of a higher life expectancy and declining death rates from all

causes. In fact, according to a recent report - Malta, Health Systems

Review, published last year, our islands have the lowest rates of

preventable mortality and its citizens tend to spend 90% of their

existence in excellent health.


diabetes and HIV also have

a relatively high prevalence compared to

other European countries.


Dr.Moira Borg is a medical

practitioner in private practice

and a Gestalt psychotherapist

with a speciality to work with

children and young people. She

is also a freelance medical

writer. with children and

young people. She is also

a freelance medical



Tech Icon Steve ‘WOZ’ Wozniak Rocks Audience

At GIG’S Annual Employee Conference

At the 5-year company anniversary event

“GiGsters Connect”, organized by Gaming

Innovation Group (GiG), legendary Silicon

Valley tech wizard Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak

was welcomed by a cheering crowd while

whizzing into the InterContinental Arena in

Malta on a Segway.

The audience included 650 GiG employees

(“GiGsters”) from Malta, Norway, Spain and

Denmark as well as over 500 external guests

who were given a free ticket by GiG: UoM,

MCAST and Middlesex University students

and professors, members of the Maltese tech

community and high profile guests.

Kelly Kehn, Co-founder All-in Diversity: “What

an inspiring and engaging event for students,

employees and the local community!”

The gadget guru captivated the audience with

an inspiring and educational fireside chat with

GiG CEO, Robin Reed, and also took questions

from the audience.

“In an industry where recruitment of top tech

talent may be difficult, GiG is truly leading the way

by opening up their awesomeness and sharing

it with all of us. What an inspiring and engaging

event for students, employees and the local

community! More of this please!”, commented

Kelly Kehn Co-founder of All-in Diversity an

industry-driven initiative to benchmark diversity,

equality and inclusion in iGaming.

Employees and students express gratefulness

to GiG for this great opportunity. Sharing a

wealth of anecdotes ‘Woz’ had the audience

glued to his every word: while working at the

video game company Atari, he had dreamt of

a “computer in color”. After "four days and

nights without sleep", the image of a colored

computer screen had popped into his head. It

was "just a digital number" but that was all it

took to change the industry.

“I am really grateful to GiG for this wonderful

opportunity of a lifetime. I got to meet one

of my role models, talk to him and have him

sign my books and my shirt. Today was a good

day.”, said GiG Solutions Architect and former

MCAST student Chris Demicoli. And listening

into conversations after the event he seemed

to speak for almost every guest that evening.

The 2-day GiGsters Connect event meanwhile

has been featuring many more in-depth

knowledge session, hackathons, parties and

learning opportunities lined up for all 650 GiG

employees in attendance. ST

Credit: GiG


131 Old Theatre Street,

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he best way to look for a good shoe, is to be somewhat creative

and buy shoes which still have adequate foot support. The heel

part of the shoe should be always be sturdy, whilst a slight heel

raise helps to keep the foot in a more comfortable, slightly turned

downward position. The idea of flat shoes is not ideal since a flat shoe

places the foot in a more pronated position causing an increase, in back

and knee pain.

The ankle should also have adequate strapping so to prevent the foot

from sliding in and out of the same shoe. When a shoe is kept loose, the

foot will tend to retract the toes as to keep the shoe in place increasing

muscle tension unnecessary. Keep in mind that due to hot temperatures

feet will tend to swell up more - ideally shoes should be purchased after

a day’s work, rather then right after waking up.

Wearing right

shoes in Summer

By Clinton Schembri Francalanza

With summer

just round the corner and

temperatures starting to climb,

the attire changes accordingly and

so do our shoes. I find myself in a

very difficult situation when my clients

ask me footwear advice for the the hot

summer months. Going to the beach is

inevitable, BBQ gatherings are a must

and strolling along the sea shore is

the norm; however certain people

find it hard to buy adequate


Socks are a great piece of clothing which was invented for a reason.

Cotton socks help to absorb moisture away from the foot, whilst

producing an intermediate layer between the shoe and the foot- which

helps to reduce blisters and unwanted odors; and please do not place

talcum powder inside sock less shoes, since sweat and talcum have

a tendency to stick together and cause very unwanted odors. When

wearing closed summer shoes it is always ideal to wear socks to prevent

the former.

In summer, the chances of foreign bodies being stuck under our feet is

more common, and there is higher chance of getting an infection. The

most important tip is to avoid barefoot as much as possible and to wear

some sort of sandals at the beach to reduce the chances of lodging

pieces of glass, sea urchins, beer caps (I am not joking), metal shavings,

charcoal etc.

In the case that you still listened to my advice and managed to suffer

from a foreign body stuck to your foot, do not try and remove it yourself.

Seek professional advice, since its very difficult to remove a foreign

body from one’s foot without causing damage.

Health in Motion Clinic


One last point from my end would be to increase water intake – 2-3lts

daily as to keep the skin hydrated as much as possible and in the case

of people suffering from dry skin to apply more foot cream, around the

foot especially the heel area. This helps to keep the skin supple and

elastic. Other then that you will end up with cracks. A crack is a portal

for infections so beware! ST

Courtesy: Clinton Francalanza


Nail technician with more

than 12 years experience.

Nail salon also offering

the service of eyebrow &

upper lip waxing.

Eva Garden & Golden Rose

make up.

By Lux nails

Mqabba Road,Zurrieq

ZRQ 1077, Malta

T: 2164 9875

M: 7904 6888

Pascual Bifrutas

Pascual Bifrutas is a complement for your diet to

make you feel completely fine through its unique

texture and its mixture of fruits. Bifrutas milk and juice

is a functional drink made out of Pascual authentic

skimmed milk and the best fruits which provide

an unmistakable flavour and are a natural source

of vitamins A, C and E. Vitamic A is essential for

normal bone growth while Vitamins C and E builds

antioxidants that protect cells from the damage

caused by free radicals and delays ageing. Pascual

Bifrutas range includes Tropical, Mediterraneo, Pacifico

and Ibiza available in 1L, 330ml or 200ml.

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Christine X Art Gallery

Christine X Art Gallery was established in 2004 by Christine Xuereb

Seidu, an artist herself. Her intention was to gather a collection of

local artists and represent them under one roof, promoting the local

art scene. Over the years, Christine curated several exhibitions with

original artworks from the many artists she represented.

In August 2017 Christine moved to Ghana and her brother Jonathan

Xuereb took over Christine X Art Gallery who has been running the gallery

ever since. Over the months, Jonathan brought aboard a few new artists

for customers to be able to view a wider range of artworks in different

styles, media, form, content and technique. At the gallery, one could also

view photography by well-known professional local photographers.

When one visits Christine X Art Gallery, they are sure to find an artwork to

suit their needs and their likes. One would find modern art, contemporary

art, landscapes, views, floral as well as abstract art in all sizes.

Over the years the appreciation of art is constantly increasing.

Purchasing an artwork is for life. It is not a short-term purchase. A work

of art expresses one’s feeling, mood or emotion. An artwork could also

brighten up a room and give it colour. It could also compliment a room

or a corridor in your home or office.

Are you at a complete loss in choosing a gift for a friend or loved one?

Are you undecided what to buy as a birthday gift, house warming,

engagement, wedding or anniversary gift? Why not buy an original

artwork by a renowned local artist? At Christine X Art Gallery, you are sure

to find an original artwork to suit your budget. Vouchers are also available.

Only a few weeks ago, a new website was launched. The website was designed to be user-friendly and easier

to view the artworks, and one could sort by artist or price at a click of a

button. All available artworks are available online. On the website one

could reserve the artwork by filling in their details.

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly emails of all new

artworks received at the gallery. Christine X Art Gallery is also on

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Christine X Art Gallery is situated in Tigne Street (corner with Hughes

Hallet Street) in Sliema. Jonathan may be contacted on 21316708 or

99844653 or via email at ST

Courtesy: Christine X Art Gallery



New alluring Valentino flats, sandals and

pumps have just dropped! Available in both

classic and new styles, these distinctive

pieces are guaranteed to rock any occasion.





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Sunday Trends BORGES Olive Oil Chef

of The Year Competition

Win a free air ticket for 2 persons to Turkey

courtesy of Turkish Airlines.

Thousands of people can't be wrong... According to the people who voted in this year's surveys IN The Definitive(ly) Good

Guide 2017 Awards, these are the best chefs around the island.

David Grech Urpani Chef Donald Baldacchino Chef Marvin Gauci

Chef Edward Diacono Chef Joseph Debono Chef Kevin Bonello

Do you know a chef who you think has what it takes to make it be voted as BORGES

Olive Oil Chef of The Year? Send us your reply at:

and win a free air ticket for 2 persons to Turkey courtesy of Turkish Airlines.


A-Lift Facial for

men and women

Relax, freshen and tighten skin with nanocurrent technology

By Karen Jones



• reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles

• treats acne and scarring

• improve skin problems such as dullness, dryness, dark

circles, sun damage, spots and large pores

renew quicker, toning the muscles around the face, neck and

£65 for 30 minutes or £85 for 60 minutes.

to discuss personalised treatment plans. S




The return

of Ermenegildo Zegna

'Su Misura'

SARTO, the official representatives of Ermenegildo Zegna in

Malta is excited to announce the return of ‘Su Misura’. This

exclusive Made to Measure service was launched in the 1970s

along with the house’s first prêt-à-porter collections. Ermenegildo

Zegna tailor Carlo Minojetti will be available by appointment at

SARTO on Friday 13th April and Saturday 14th April 2018. ST

To reserve a slot customers are kindly requested to contact

SARTO on 2202 1601 or

Ermenegildo Zegna is reptresented by: VFG Group

Credit: VFG Group


The Global Search for Education:

What does the fourth industrial revolution and the extraordinary period of

societal change mean for teachers and learning? How can classrooms equip

learners with the competencies, mindset and agency to shape their own lives

and contribute to the lives of their communities?

A ground-breaking new book by Armand Doucet, Elisa Guerra, Michael Soskil,

Jelmer Evers, Koen Timmers and Nadia Lopez, Teaching in the Fourth Industrial

Revolution: Standing at the Precipice, shares predictions and strategies for an

education system that matches the needs of the AI future.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial

Revolution. It’s a complex, volatile, everchanging

world where we have already

witnessed fundamental shifts in the way

we live. Given this extraordinary period

of societal change, what will this mean

for teaching? How should teachers

equip learners with the competencies

and mindset to approach learning as

being life-long? How can education

equip learners with agency to shape

their own lives and contribute to the

lives of their communities?

Six internationally recognised Global

Teacher Prize finalists have authored

a new book (Teaching in the Fourth

Industrial Revolution: Standing at the

Precipice; Routledge, March 2018)

in which they share their vision and

strategies for an education system that

matches the needs of the future.

The Global Search for Education is

pleased to welcome co-authors Armand

Doucet, Jelmer Evers, Koen Timmers,

Michael Soskil, Elisa Guerra Cruz and

Nadia Lopez.

ST: How can education lead us through

an unknown future to a place of peace

and prosperity?

Michael Soskil: Only by keeping

education rooted in human relationships

and empathy can we meet the great

challenges on the horizon. Our students

are craving the opportunity to make a

difference and shape the planet they

will inherit from us. Our global society

faces dangers of inequity inside and

outside our schools. If we are to realize the peaceful and prosperous vision of the

future we desire, a focus on equity through and within our educational systems must

be one of our main driving forces. Ever widening inequity will be one of the gravest

threats to the health of our future society.

ST: How does a good teacher prepare her students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Nadia Lopez: Teachers must be life-long learners. Teaching is not just about preparing students

for a particular workforce, but to also become agents of change that have a positive influence

within humanity. When we teach girls that they can be entrepreneurs, architects, computer

scientists, and engineers, then we begin to dismantle the stereotypes that limit them from

pursuing any and every career. Education can build bridges across the globe and we can learn

from one another.

ST: What are some of the key take-aways from your research in Teaching in the Fourth

Industrial Revolutionwith other teachers?

Elisa Guerra Cruz: Children need the artistic touch of human connection to reach their unique

potential. Even in environments devoid of technology, excellent pedagogy is still leading to

astonishing student learning outcomes. True educational success lies in a system that meets

the needs of the individual, with or without the use of technology.

“Passion is what engages and empowers students. Schools

have timetables; learning does not.”

— Armand Doucet


Yes They’re Ready to Teach in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By C. M. Rubin

ST: You write about the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution requiring a shift to holistic education. What are the

steps we must take to accomplish that?

Michael Soskil: We need a shift in focus from accountability measures based on standardized test scores toward metrics that take

into account universal access to quality teachers and learning environments, robust curricula that include the arts, as well as student

engagement and well-being. Passionate teachers having professional discussions about what is best for kids leads to a better education

system. Each individual student is a new independent and constantly changing variable in an ever-changing context.

ST: You talk about “flipping the system” that is changing education from the ground up. How do we do it?

Jelmer Evers: It will take professionalism and also activism by teachers to help build those new systems. We need to embrace a

new paradigm: the networked teacher. We need to build our classrooms, schools and educational systems based on the principles

of collaboration and trust. We need to be aware as teachers how global forces influence our classrooms. Students need to be

invested in what they learn.


“As the world continues to become

more globalized and interconnected,

the ability to understand diverse

perspectives and work with those that

have divergent worldviews will become

increasingly important.”

— Koen Timmers

Elisa Guerra Cruz, Armand Doucet, Michael Soskil, Koen

Timmers, Jelmer Evers, Nadia Lopez, C.M. Rubin

ST: You talk about the learner profile (Teach ME) as a

practical guide to allow teachers to introduce a holistic

approach to learning. What are some of the key drivers?

Armand Doucet: Teachers need to evolve from simply

delivering traditional knowledge towards designing

lessons that develop literacies, competencies and

character. Society needs to be as concerned with the

education of our teachers as we are with the education

of our students. As educators, our responsibility is not

solely to create the next workforce; it is to help raise the

next generation of citizens

ST: True personalization involves more than content being chosen for

students by algorithms. A few thoughts on how tech and traditional

learning will co-exist?

Armand Doucet: Without great pedagogy, technology integration is

worthless. Passion is what engages and empowers students. Schools have

timetables; learning does not.

Koen Timmers: Technology is a pedagogical catalyst. It can make good

classroom practices great, and it can make bad classroom practices even


ST: What’s the key take away you want other teachers to have from

your book?

Koen Timmers: Education is a human right. Everyone, everywhere has

a need and the right to quality Education. As the world continues to

become more globalized and interconnected, the ability to understand

diverse perspectives and work with those that have divergent

worldviews will become increasingly important.

Armand Doucet Jelmer Evers: Education should be at the core of any

proposed solutions, and teachers must play an integral part in shaping

them. Teaching is not an exact science, because, quite simply, humans

are involved. Rather than passively wait for history to take its course, or to

succumb before the inevitable shifts that come ahead, we want to inspire

educators and the society in full to make active decisions and take whatever

roads we need so as to guarantee that every child in the world has the

opportunity to thrive. As we enter a new age of Renaissance in education,

it is key that in each educational jurisdiction, we align our vision to what is

truly happening in the classroom. ST

Creditline: David Wine;



12 of the Best 4-Wheel Drive Cars to

Buy in 2018

The new car market in 2018 is laden with truly brilliant models, so if you're

looking for a new car yourself, you're really spoiled for choice. With that being

said, I've picked out the very best four-wheel drive performance cars that

your hard-earned money can buy. Four-wheel drive is a system of drivetrain in

which a car's engine power and torque are sent to all four wheels, as opposed

to two. Benefits include better traction, better cornering, and an all-round

safer driving experience. Here are four-wheel drive stars of 2018:

1. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

It isn’t often that a sports utility vehicle can truly be called a performance

car, but Alfa Romeo has really achieved something amazing with its Stelvio

Quadrifoglio 4x4. The fire-breathing SUV features a 2.9-liter turbocharged

V6 engine that produces over 500 horsepower, which is delivered to all

four wheels via an 8-speed transmission. Some road testers have even said

that the Stelvio Quadrifoglio is actually even better to drive than the Giulia

Quadrifoglio saloon over broken road surfaces.

2. Audi R8

Although it's been around for more than a decade now, the Audi R8 is still

one of the cars that epitomizes what a modern supercar that you could

use every single day if you wanted to is all about. It boasts attributes that

one comes to expect of Audi, such as slick exterior styling and a beautiful

interior, but it’s very much defined by its four-wheel drive system and its

ability to put its power down with a minimal amount of fuss.

3. Audi S1

This model is one that almost everyone has already forgotten about, but

it really shouldn’t be that way. Its price-tag means that it’s more expensive

than conventional front-wheel drive superminis, however the technological

punch that this car packs shouldn’t be overlooked. Granted, it isn’t quite as

exciting to drive as rivals such as the Ford Fiesta ST, but its four-wheel drive

system makes it unique in its class and gives it poor-weather ability that’s far

greater than its rivals. This model is one that almost everyone has already

forgotten about, but it really shouldn’t be that way. Its price-tag means that

it’s more expensive than conventional front-wheel drive superminis, however

the technological punch that this car packs shouldn’t be overlooked. Granted,

The BMW M5 is synonymous with sideways hooliganism, so it’s

it isn’t quite as exciting to drive as rivals such as the Ford Fiesta ST, but its

interesting to think that the latest iteration of the model is actually

four-wheel drive system makes it unique in its class and gives it poor-weather

four-wheel drive. With that being said, the car does has a “drift

ability that’s far greater than its rivals.

mode”, which sends all of its 592 horsepower to the rear wheels

(cue destroyed tires). It’s believed that BMW decided to go with a

four-wheel drive powertrain on the latest version of the M5 due to

the fact that previous rear-wheel drive versions struggled to contain

their (lesser) power outputs!

4.BMW M5

5. Ferrari GTC4Lusso

If you ever fancied a Ferrari capable of getting you up to a ski resort high in the

mountains in the middle of winter, then this is the one for you. The GTC4Lusso

features a hugely complicated drivetrain, with the front wheels being driven

by a separate transmission to the rear. It also features four-wheel steering,

making it extremely nimble for a car of its size. The car’s grunt comes from an

enormous 6.3-liter V12 that produces over 680 horsepower.

Should you wish to own a Focus that pays homage to the four-wheel

drive rally versions driven by the likes of the late Colin McRae, then

this is the one for you. The most recent version of the Focus RS has

a GKN “Twinster” rear clutch pack, which features torque vectoring,

allowing 100% of the car’s power output to be sent to a single rear

wheel. The result is that the Focus RS will go sideways just as well as

the best rear-wheel-drive cars can. If you want one, then put your

order in now, because the Focus is about to be replaced by Ford

and there’s no new RS model in sight as yet.

6. Ford Focus RS


Continued on pg 50

Cold Tomato Soup


* 1 kg (35 oz) ripe tomatoes

* 500 ml (17 US fl oz) water

* 100 g (3.5 oz) breadcrumbs

* 100 ml (3 US fl oz) Borges olive oil

* Salt

* Pepper

For the mint oil:

* A bunch of mint

* Borges Extra Virgin Olive oil

Step by step

To make the mint oil, blanch the mint, then plunge

into ice water, dry and crush with the olive oil.

Cut up the tomatoes and put into a bowl with the

breadcrumbs (it’s best to do this the day before, so

that the bread softens and soaks up all the flavour).

Blend to make a thin paste and then add salt, pepper

and olive oil. Strain through a chinois to remove any

skin and seeds. Chill well.

Add a little mint oil before serving. ST

Borges Malta

Tel: +356 2144 9184- 2148 0392/3


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The latest version of the Honda NSX (badged as an Acura in the

US) is nothing short of a technological marvel, featuring a twinturbocharged

V6 engine coupled with an electric motor to drive

the rear wheels, as well as a further two electric motors that

drive each front wheel respectively. What’s more is that it has

no less than nine gears to put its 573 horsepower to the road.

The NSX is capable of 0-60 mph in under 3 seconds and will hit

a top speed of 191 mph.

7. Honda NSX

8. Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Many enthusiasts believe that Lamborghini has gone soft with its

recent offerings, but any doubters about its true intentions should

take a closer look at the Huracan Performante. This 631 horsepower

weapon has a stiffer suspension than a “regular” Huracan, active

aerodynamics and a four-wheel drive system that’s biased toward the

rear of the car. Despite being such a focused car, it’s still surprisingly

forgiving when driven on the road.

Mercedes’ AMG E63 is arguably more at home barrelling down a

highway with its occupants in sumptuous comfort and in relative

silence than anywhere else, but it’ll definitely slide around a corner

if you want it to. This super-saloon can reach 60 mph in 3.4 seconds

thanks to its 4-liter, twin-turbocharged V8, but it also happens to be

a very predictable car to drive quickly. Nevertheless, it still features

a drift button if you fancy being a hooligan on any given day…

9. Mercedes-AMG E63

10. Nissan GT-R

It’s hard to believe that the R35-generation Nissan GT-R has been

around for ten years at this point, and it’s still as appealing a car as

it was back then. The model was recently facelifted, and the interior

was also improved. It’s supposed to be able to go from 0-60 mph in

just 2.7 seconds, and its four-wheel drive system is an inherent part of

its dynamics. It’s true that the rest of the manufacturers have caught

up with models to match its staggering ability, but the GT-R is just as

complete of a performance car as it ever was.

11. Porsche 911 Turbo

Just as with the Audi R8 mentioned above, one of the hallmarks of

the latest generation of 911 Turbo is its everyday usability in spite

of its prodigious performance capability. Four-wheel drive has long

been a key feature on 911 Turbos, and with good reason – the

drivetrain helps to keep ever-increasing power outputs in check

and ensures that the car is usable in all conditions. It’s not the most

exciting model in the 911 line-up, however, it’s a very reassuring car

to drive in the wet and over pour surfaces.


12. VW Golf R

Many enthusiasts believe that Lamborghini has gone soft with its

recent offerings, but any doubters about its true intentions should

take a closer look at the Huracan Performante. This 631 horsepower

weapon has a stiffer suspension than a “regular” Huracan, active

aerodynamics and a four-wheel drive system that’s biased toward the

rear of the car. Despite being such a focused car, it’s still surprisingly

forgiving when driven on the road. ST

Content source: Images are all © their respective manufacturers.

PTV Group cooperates with FIA at the Formula E race in Rome

PTV presents sustainable mobility solutions at

the FIA Smart Cities Forum

Sustainable mobility concepts are becoming

increasingly important for the International

Automobile Federation FIA. Evidence of this is

the electric racing series Formula E. On 14 April

2018, the gladiators of the E-Prix conquered

the newly created racing track in Rome for

the first time – a spectacular highlight in the

current season. In the accompanying FIA

Smart Cities Forum event, decision-makers

from the automobile industry, cities and the

industry discuss pioneering scenarios for our

mobility of tomorrow. The transport experts

at PTV Group will be taking part in the forum.

Mayoress Virginia Raggi initiated the

Smart Cities Forum in Rome. PTV CEO

Vincent Kobesen welcomes the initiative:

“Motor sport is immensely important for

the perception of our mobility. It is a great

opportunity for representatives from the

city and the automobile industry to be

working hand in hand here and taking on a

visionary role together for Smart Cities.” PTV,

as provider of technology, will illustrate how

cities can optimise their existing ecosystems

for mobility and make them fit for the future.

“It is an honour for me to discuss alongside

FIA President Jean Todt and Rome's Mayoress

Virginia Raggi about how we can use

innovations to improve road safety and the

quality of life in our cities in the future.”

Motorsport and particularly Formula E is the

pinnacle of e-Mobility technology and PTV is

at the pinnacle of smart cities technology as

is electric racing for vehicle mobility. The PTV

Group plans and optimises everything that

moves people and goods and, in addition

to its 20 international subsidiaries, has its

headquarters in Karlsruhe. Right next to the

racing track, not far from the Colosseum

in Rome, around 40 employees at PTV

Sistema develop software solutions for traffic

management in real time.

FIA introduced its concept for Smart Cities to

interested transport planners at the Italian

user meeting for Traffic Software at PTV

Sistema on 11 April.

Background information:

The FIA Smart Cities Forum in Rome will be an opportunity

to discuss how cities facing similar issues as Rome can

accelerate the progress towards more efficient, inclusive

and environmentally friendly mobility by using of technology

and innovations. The Fifth Smart Cities will local authorities,

international mobility experts, representatives of global

industry players and members of the startup community to

share knowledge and experience related to urban mobility

transformations. Participants will also have an opportunity to

observe the latest innovations in the field of e-racing and learn

about their potential transfer to road cars.

The Forum in Rome will address:

• The scope of policies and actions under the Sustainable

Mobility Urban Plan;

• The state of the art in innovative smart urban mobility,

including infrastructure and traffic management;

• The role of new technologies piloted in Motorsport in

advancing sustainable urban development;

• The role of partnership and cooperation in deploying

large-scale innovative solutions.

The electric racing series Formula E was successfully

introduced four years ago and is enjoying growing popularity

alongside the classic Formula 1. The new course in Rome runs

through the southern part of the city and has a total length of

2.86 kilometres. This makes Rome the second-longest circuit

in the racing calendar after Marrakech. The Circuto Cittadino

dell'EUR includes 21 curves which wind through the south of

the Eternal City. Rome will be the sixth venue in the Formula E

calendar. After the race on 14 April 2018, the series moves on

to Paris, Berlin, Zurich, New York and Montreal. ST


Courtesy: PTV. The Mind of Movement





Groundfloor exclusive for women

Full Equipped Gym

A room for : Boxing | aerobics |

stretching | classes

Bertu’s Gym,

Excelsior Street,

Gharghur, NXR 0001

T: 21413406

Find us on


During Valletta 2018 European Cultural Capital, as part of the Cultural

programme, the Solar Cinema will visit the islands of Malta and Gozo

with a selection of films which will be screened under the stars in

several locations like village squares and beaches. Solar Cinema will

be touring the islands from May to October 2018 with weekly or biweekly


Enjoy films

The concept of Solar Cinema has been travelling the world for ten

years, bringing unseen films to unusual places, all powered by 100%

solar energy.

The Solar Cinema is a converted Volkswagen Transporter van with

three 170 wp solar panels on the roof. These panels gather energy

which is stored in a AGM battery pack. A converter converts 12v into

220v to power all audiovisual equipment needed for a big outdoor film

screening. Sunlight is converted to power for the projector and sound

equipment at night.

After sunset open-air film screenings are organised in public spaces.

The Solar Cinema is completely self sufficient and the solar system

works easy and fast. It makes no noise and the sun is always available

especially here in Malta. The battery pack stores enough energy for a

film screening and within a day the pack is fully charged up again.

The Solar Cinema was first created in The Netherlands and was the

founder of a international network called Solar World Cinema. This

network has created new solar cinemas across the globe and has

helped to connect them together. In the last few years, new solar

cinemas have been set up in Croatia, Brazil, Australia and even in the

Sahara Desert. The network has reached out to the most remote and

culturally deprived areas of the world.

Back in 2012, the Solar Cinema already briefly visited Malta for a mini

tour of three screenings in Valletta, Birgu and Qbajjar in Gozo. At that

time there were far less solar panels in use in Malta. Valletta 2018

made it possible for Solar Cinema to come back and it is amazing to see

how many roofs have solar panels on them and how the Maltese are

discovering the great power of solar energy!

The mission of Solar Cinema is to democratize the access to cinema,

creating a special platform to screen films with social matters for free,

turning public spaces into self sustainable open-air cinemas. The Solar

Cinema brings unseen films to unusual places. Our objective is to

raise awareness and stress the importance of switching to renewable

energies. This awareness is embedded in the daily life of the audience

by organizing free screenings, workshops and cultural activities.

Furthermore we are an alternative distributor of independent cinema

that reaches an audience in remote places that are normally difficult to

reach. We go beyond the borders of the traditional cinematic world.

Not only is the Solar Cinema an innovative tool itself, it also brings

sustainable solutions in people’s daily life, but also bringing inspiring

content is an important mission.

In Malta this summer Solar Cinema will offer a curated programme of

local and international short films, thought-provoking documentaries,

animations and feature films. All selected within the themes of:

sustainability, climate change, migration, travelling, island life, the

sea and memories. We have selected over eighty short films in nine

curated programmes, from twenty different countries in the world. We

will also be showing three documentaries and two feature animated

films. Many of these films have their premiere here in Malta!


powered by the sun!


Some of our screenings will have a side programme of spoken word, music

or an introduction. All the screenings are free and suitable for all. You can

bring your own chair or cushion, food and drink and get comfortable

watching films under the stars.

Solar Cinema is also working on stop-motion film workshops for children

that bear a green theme thanks to the use of recycled materials. The short

films produced in the workshops will be screened on the big screen.

Twenty four screenings will be executed during the summer, and the kick

off screening took place during the Valletta Green Festival on Saturday the

5th of May at St. George’s Square in Valletta at 8.30pm. During the event,

the short films produced by the children during the stop motion animation

workshops which will were held on 3,4 and 5 May were premiered.

All our screening dates and programme info can be found on our Facebook

page: ST

Solar Cinema is Valletta 2018 project.

All rights reserved - Copyright 2018







Air Malta Appointed Official Carrier of Unite With

Tomorrowland Malta 2018 Air Malta has been

appointed the official carrier of the second edition of

Unite With Tomorrowland Malta 2018.

On July 28th the People of Tomorrow from Abu

Dhabi, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Mexico, Spain and

Taiwan will witness a magical celebration with a

massive line-up and a live satellite connection from

the Tomorrowland main stage in Belgium. Under

the colourful flags of UNITE With Tomorrowland,

Malta will be part of a memorable global event shot

through with that “indescribable Tomorrowland

vibe”. Steve Aoki, NERVO and Vinai will fly to Malta

to perform live on the magical stage designed by

Tomorrowland. A magical connection will also be

set up with Tomorrowland in Belgium and guests at

UNITE with Tomorrowland will experience 3 DJ sets

of Tomorrowland headliners, live from the legendary

Belgium Mainstage and united with hundreds

of thousands of people around the world, all

synchronised simultaneously. Thousands of people

hailing from over 50 countries have attended last

year’s event in Malta.

The festival, which was very well received by those attending, was described as a

big success. Through this collaboration, Air Malta and Unite With Tomorrowland

Malta are offering travel packages which include the event ticket and special

flight fares on selected routes. Both Air Malta and Malta will benefit from the

international media exposure this event generates. Commenting on this event,

Paul Sies, Air Malta’s Chief Commercial Officer said, “We are thrilled to be

associated with this prestigious event. Malta is truly an amazing place to organise

such events, especially in peak summer. Apart from enjoying our entertainment

scene, visitors can also enjoy a great holiday in Malta with fantastic beaches,

exciting water sports including diving, great cuisine, and the awesome historical

and cultural heritage the Islands have to offer.” Air Malta has always been at the

forefront as the national airline to assist the organisation of such activities held on

the Maltese Islands. Through its participation it continues to show its commitment

and support to national events that benefit the Maltese community. ST

Creditline: Airmalta

A Safe Haven for Your Beauty Needs

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HUGO BOSS is joining up with professional

German soccer player Toni Kroos. Within the

scope of this partnership, the international

player will also represent the BOSS brand

beyond the world of sports: at events,

public appearances and campaigns.

“We already know Toni through our

collaboration with the German national

team and with Real Madrid F.C. and we

hold him in high esteem. Therefore, we are

very pleased to be able to welcome him on

board as one of our brand ambassadors”,

states HUGO BOSS CEO Mark Langer.

As a player, Toni Kroos is characterized by his precision, his focus, and his passion. He is a strategist who can turn any game around with

a decisive pass. Above all, his willpower makes him a vital member of the team. Whether he is playing for the German national team

or internationally for the record-breaking Spanish club Real Madrid, Toni Kroos has repeatedly proven himself by consistently playing

to an excellent standard.

“HUGO BOSS has been a part of my professional career for many years, at first during my time at FC Bayern, followed by the national team,

and now with Real Madrid F.C. I am a huge fan of BOSS because I know the brand and the people behind it very well”, says Toni Kroos. ST

Hugo Boss is represented locally by: VFG Group

Credit: VFG Group


Travels of Odysseus

The Odyssey is an epic, an adventure story attributed

to the Greek poet Homer. Most historians think The

Odyssey was composed in the 7th or 8th century BCE.

The Odyssey tells the adventures of the Greek hero Odysseus, a

veteran of the Trojan War. (The Odyssey is a sequel to Homer's

other epic, The Iliad, which tells the story of that war.)

Follow the footsteps of

an ancient adventurer

Cursed by Poseidon, god of the sea, but favored by Athena,

goddess of wisdom, Odysseus sails the eastern Mediterranean

for 10 years before reaching his home and family on the island

of Ithaca.

Use this geotour to follow Odysseus and his crew as they

encounter nymphs and narcotics, cyclopes and sirens: https://

Fast Facts

Inspired by The Odyssey

The travels of Odysseus have inspired writers

for more than 2,000 years.

• The Roman poet Virgil wrote The Aeneid

in the late 1st century BCE. The Aeneid

is the story of Aeneas, as The Odyssey

is the story of Odysseus. Both books

tell the legend of the Trojan Horse, and

both the Trojan Prince Aeneas and the

Greek King Odysseus have adventures

throughout the eastern Mediterranean.

(Aeneas and his company of Trojans go

on to settle in the western Italian region

of Latium—where they became the

founders of Rome.)

• Ulysses, by James Joyce, was published

in 1922. Widely regarded as one of

the most important English-language

novels of the 20th century, Ulysses

is a day in the life of two friends,

Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom.

As Odysseus met unanticipated

adventures as he roamed the

Mediterranean for 10 years, so Dedalus

and Bloom meet everyday adventures

on their errands and strolls through

Dublin, Ireland, on June 16, 1904.

• The Penelopiad, published in 2005, is

Margaret Atwood’s “parallel novel” to

The Odyssey. The Penelopiad tells the

story of Odysseus’ wife, Penelope, from

her own point of view. She recounts

her childhood, her marriage, and how

she governed the kingdom alone for

20 years. Penelope, narrating from the

underworld of the 21st century, wonders

why Odysseus’ stories have survived for

so long, when Odysseus himself admits

to being an accomplished liar.

Geography of The Odyssey

No map of The Odyssey is definitive. “You

will find the scene of Odysseus’ wanderings

when you find the cobbler who sewed up [his]

bag of winds.” So wrote the ancient Greek

geographer Eratosthenes in the 2nd century

BCE. Nevertheless, countless geographers,

classicists, historians, and literary critics have

speculated on the landmarks of Homer’s

epic. Some speculations are more exotic than

others—from the Azores to the Amazon, the

Caribbean to Great Britain.

The Odyssey

The travels of Odysseus form just one

part of The Odyssey. Another part, called

the Telemachy, focuses on Odysseus’ son,

Telemachus, who left home in search of

his long-lost father. The final section of The

Odyssey is called the Nostos (“homecoming”

in Greek). The Nostos addresses Odysseus’

adventures once he returns to Ithaca:

meeting Telemachus, who was an infant

when Odysseus left two decades earlier;

slaughtering his wife’s suitors—the men who

would take Odysseus’ place as king; and,

finally, reuniting with Queen Penelope, who

had remained a faithful wife for 20 years.

HOMER (c. 8th cen - c. 8th cen) and

Samuel BUTLER (1835 - 1902)

The Odyssey is one of the two major ancient

Greek epic poems (the other being the Iliad),

attributed to the poet Homer. The poem is

commonly dated to between 800 and 600

BC. The poem is, in part, a sequel to the

Iliad, and concerns the events that befall the

Greek hero Odysseus in his long journey back

to his native land Ithaca after the fall of Troy.

It takes Odysseus ten years to return to

his native land of Ithaca after ten years of

war; during his 20-year absence, his son

Telemachus and his wife Penelope must

deal with a group of unruly suitors who have

moved into Odysseus' home to compete

for Penelope's hand in marriage, since most

have assumed that Odysseus has died. The

poem is a fundamental text in the Western

canon and continues to be read in both

Homeric Greek and translations around the

world. (Summary from Wikipedia) ST

Research by the Editor


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The Kiki


The high-quality, leather Kiki Sandal

is handcrafted by Cocobelle in Italy.

The Kiki Sandal is a double strap

leather slide sandal with buckle

closure on an ultra-soft foot bed

with rubber outsole. The perfect

sandal for a casual chic look!

Pair with your favourite wardrobe

staples to add some classic style

and comfort all day long!

Order yours now!

About four years ago, I came across this

very cheap pair of tan sandals at a market.

I typically go for quality when it comes to

footwear, especially when we’re talking

about shoes I travel with, but I bought them

on a whim.

They had become my favourite pair of

sandals because the style and coluor

went with EVERY kind of outfit. They were

neutral enough to dress up or dress down,

so it made packing a breeze. Although

they had very thin soles (and were falling

apart), they remained my go-to sandals —

but I wished they were made of a higher

quality material that would hold up along

my travels. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a

similar pair anywhere!

So, I partnered with Cocobelle, one of my

favourite sandal brands, to re-create the

perfect travel sandal. I knew Cocobelle

was the perfect, high-quality partner that

could help me build my dream travel sandal

based on what I loved about my old pair,

and enhance the parts I didn’t like.

I’m so excited to introduce…

The Kiki Sandal!

Handcrafted in


The Kiki Sandals are handmade

by Cocobelle in southern Italy’s

Puglia region, near the coastal

town of Otranto. With expert,

local craftsmanship, centuriesold

Italian artistry and high

quality materials, these will be

your go-to sandals, that you

can dress up or dress down, for

years to come!

These handcrafted sandals are

refined, beautiful, comfortable

and timeless.




Kiersten Rich is the bikini-obsessed author of

award-winning solo female travel and lifestyle

blog, The Blonde Abroad, featuring travel tips,

fashion, food, festivals and photo

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