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Ayoung woman, with a

mountain of debts and

a cancer-affected father

back home in India is

on the verge of being kicked out

of the country by Immigration

New Zealand (INZ) unless

Immigration Minister Chief

Ombudsman hears her case and

dispenses justice.

We cannot reveal her identity,

for, the woman is petrified

that she would be evicted even

before she and her lawyer have

had a chance to know what and

why things went wrong.

We will call her Bharathi.

She stands on the precipice

of uncertainty betrayed by a

system and a few people who

have tried to extort money, and

worse, sex.

Unfair Stamp of Fraud

INZ has stamped her as

‘Fraud’ and posted on their computer

without proper investigation

and without providing her

an opportunity to explain. The

unilateral decision, it has been

alleged, was taken by INZ because

‘somebody informed them


We would like to know as to

when INZ has started listening

to rumours or allegations and

victimise applicants, without following

appropriate procedures.

The young woman, came to

New Zealand in 2016.

“My passion to work for people

and their wellbeing was

the driving force for me to pur-



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Another victim of Immigration discrimination speaks out

Venkat Raman

Picture Courtesy; Auckland International Airport Website

sue Post Graduation from one

of the prestigious universities

of New Zealand. Life was perfect,

my tenure in the university

was absolutely life changing.

Working and studying with people

from different countries and

cultures made me more adaptive

and prepared me for the diverse

kiwi work force. It was a dream

come true,” Bharathi told Indian


But she underestimated the job

market. Every employer wanted

‘New Zealand experience,’ wanted

references and a ‘manager under

whom she had worked.’

As a student, she had none of


It was then that the cruel aspect

of human beings hit her.

Demand for sex and money

An elderly person, also a

person of Indian origin, told

Bharathi that he had ‘connections’

with the Health Ministry.

He wanted her to ‘pretend

that she is his partner’ so that

he could get INZ to issue a

‘Permanent Resident Visa.’ She

declined saying that she was in

a genuine relationship with her

partner from India.

“Although I stopped seeing or

talking to him, he approached me

through another person saying

that he can arrange, through an

employer, a Work Visa for three

years on payment of $40,000.

These two incidents have left me

to think the job market here in

New Zealand is corrupt and very

unfair. How do I get New Zealand

work experience if I am not able

to secure ajob in the first place?”

Bharathi said.

“My future is at stake just

because someone called

Immigration with false information.

INZ is welcome to scrutinise

and comb through my IRD/Pay

Slips/Bank statements or any other

documents to verify my claims

but they have chosen to believe

the person who has accused me of

fraud,” she added.

Hardship and loans in India

Bharathi said that her financial

situation in India is pathetic. She

has a student loan of about $42,000,

her house is on mortgage, her father

is undergoing expensive treatment

for a pre-cancerous condition

and there is general gloom in her


She has a job offer from an international

company based in

Auckland but without a proper legal

status, she cannot be employed.

Unfair and Unjust

“I think that it is very unfair. It

is very hard to get a job here in

this country. When you finally get

one, your struggle to get a work

visa seems to be never ending. I

am fighting for my work visa since

March. I am sure many of us are

going through this struggle, but I

have chosen to bring this exploitation

to the public,” Bharathi said.

Indian Newslink has spoken to

the Immigration Lawyer handling

Bharathi’s case, a lawyer with a

reputation to bring justice to victims

of INZ’s unfair decisions.

This is a test case for the fairness

and openness that the Labour

government has promised to New

Zealanders and to international


We hope the Immigration

Minister and the Chief Ombudsman

order a thorough examination of

Bharathi’s case and reinstate the

fair image of New Zealand.

Read related story on Page 2 and

our Leader on Page 12.

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JULY 1, 2018

02 Homelink

Immigration lawyer wants offshore education agents regulated

Venkat Raman

An Immigration lawyer has called on

the government to regulate offshore

education agents and protect international

students being exploited.

Auckland based Alastair McClymont of Mc-

Clymont Associates (Barristers & Solicitors)

said in a statement that the New Zealand

immigration system does not include specific

mechanisms to regulate offshore education


He was reacting to a decision of Chief

Ombudsman Peter Boshier not to proceed

with acomplaint filed by his firm against

Immigration New Zealand (INL) for deporting

a large group of Indian students in 2017

and 2018. Indian Newslink had carried news

relating to this issue in its print and web

editions and social media.

Deported Indian students

INL had earlier said that the students were

deported because they had provided false or

misleading information while applying for

student visas to study in New Zealand.

The students had contended that the

information was provided by their education

agents and that they were unaware of such


A McClymont Associates press release

was published in its entirety on our website,

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on June 27,


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Alastair McClymont

In his seven-page letter, Mr

Boshier said that he was satisfied

that INZ had followed the

necessary investigations and

procedures before deciding to

deport the students.

But he criticised the

Department’s policy and

methodology in processing

student visa applications and

noted that the Government

decided not to put in place any

mechanism to regulate or to

monitor the actions of these

fraudulent agents.

Review of applications

As a consequence of the

Ombudsman’s investigation

INZ has offered to review

the files of 213 student visa


Associate Immigration Minister

Kris Faafoi has agreed to

personally reconsider seven

applications in addition to the

213 INZ has offered to audit.

But Mr McClymont said that

neither the Ombudsman’s decision

nor the undertaking of

the Minister went far enough

to address the problem.

“More needs to be done.

If there is no evidence that

the applicants were active

participants in the fraud, their

original visa status should be

reinstated. The National Government

created this mess. I

am now asking our current

government to show compassion

and act humanely.

“The Government has

also held Indian student visa

applicants solely responsible

for the fraudulent documents

that their Indian-based agents

and advisors submitted to

Immigration New Zealand on

their behalf – even if the students

had no knowledge of the

contents of these documents,”

he said.

Education providers


Mr McClymont directed the

responsibility of the dodgy

Indian education agents to

the education providers in

New Zealand, who recruit,

manage and pay the Indian

agents to recruit the students.

The students can choose from

a selection of the schools’

agents, but they don’t pay the

agents – the schools pay the


He claimed that Indian

students are being targeted for

deportation in greater numbers

than other nationalities.

“And this is despite Tongans,

Samoans and Chinese overstaying

in higher numbers.

This can only be happening if

there is a racial bias against

Indian students and work visa

applicants. Indian work visas

are being declined at a rate

10% higher than Chinese applicants

in the same position,”

he said.

Unfortunate scapegoats

Mr McClymont said that the

Government is using Indian

students as a scapegoat similar

to the way that US President

Donald Trump is targeting

Mexicans as ‘bad people.’

“INZ is targeting Indians for

deportation because it claims

they belong to a demographic

group that has been identified

as risk of exploitation.”

The INZ Compliance and

Investigations Unit has been

modelling data of overstayers

to determine which groups

most often incur hospital

costs, overstay their visa or are

involved in criminal activity.

Its harm team has been using

data such as past overstayers’

convictions and unpaid

hospital debts to contribute to

its data model, he said.

Please read our Editorial,

‘Are Indian students naïve

and vulnerable?’ under

Viewlink on Page 12

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Manukau East






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JULY 1, 2018

The world welcomes ‘Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford’

Venkat Raman

The news of the arrival

of the first child (a baby

girl) for Jacinda Ardern

and her Partner Clarke

Gayford on Thursday, June 21,

2018, engaged the headlines

of almost all media channels

including print editions of

newspapers all over the world.

Thousands of messages were

posted on Twitter, Facebook

and other social media, apart

from messages received

through government channels

and directly by media.

Bhaktavar Bhutto


Former Prime Minister of

Pakistan Benazir Bhutto holds

the record for being the first

woman Prime Minister in

modern times to deliver a baby

while in office.

Ms Bhutto was born on June

21 and shares the birthday of

Jacinda Ardern’s new baby.

Her second daughter Bhaktavar

was born on January

25, 1990 in Karachi, Pakistan,

while she was Prime Minister.

Bhaktavar tweeted,

“Congratulations PM @

jacindaardern on the birth of

your daughter! Reposting this

(from the Guardian), relevant

as ever, “Benazir Bhutto

showed you can be a mother

and Prime Minister.”

Ardern’s parents excited

The Prime Minister’s

parents have expressed their

Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford with their baby at the Auckland Hospital on June 21.

(Picture Supplied)

excitement at the birth of their

new granddaughter.

The baby arrived at 445

pm at Auckland City Hospital,

weighing 3.31 kg.

Ms Ardern’s father Ross

Ardern told RNZ that he and

his wife Laurell were “very

proud” and warmly welcomed

the new addition to their


“She will be great company

for our other two grandchildren

and we look forward

to meeting her. We are very

happy that mum and baby

are doing well. We know that

Clarke and Jacinda will make

a great team looking after the

baby and we will of course be

supporting them where we

can,” he said.

Finding a Name

Prior to leaving Auckland

Hospital to go home for the

first time with her new-born,

Ms Ardern announced to the

waiting media that the baby

has been named ‘Neve Te

Aroha Ardern Gayford.’

“We struggled to decide on

the name for many months.

But we decided to wait for the

baby to be born before taking

a decision,” she told reporters.

“We chose Neve, because we

liked the name and we thought

she looked like a Neve. Te

Aroha is a name that we had

decided earlier,” she added.

About Neve and Te Aroha

According to a source,

‘Neve,’ a girl’s name, is

of Irish and Latin origin,

meaning ‘Snow.’

‘Te Aroha’ means “The

Loved, the Compassionate,’

It also denotes radiance,

brilliance and mountain in

the Waikato region, near

Hamilton, the City where Ms

Ardern was born, raised and


Ms Ardern said, “It seems

like a good combination for

Matariki and for solstice.

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Te Aroha is our way of

reflecting the amount of love

this baby has been shown

even before she arrived. It

is also the place from which

my family hails and I grew

up under that mountain.

Ms Ardern said that

holding the baby for the first

time was a moment that she

cherished immensely. “It

happens very, very quickly,”

she said.

Clarke Gayford said,

“Actually, I will not forget the

look on Jacinda’s face. She

looked absolutely stunned

and very, very happy.”

Just before leaving, Ms

Ardern said, “For everyone

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who sent anything, even

a comment on Facebook,

thank you so much. We are

so grateful.”

Inundated with Wishes

Ms Ardern was inundated

with greetings from around

the globe.

The historic occasion has

caused a stir at home and

worldwide - Ms Ardern is

the first world leader to give

birth in office in almost three


As with the pregnancy,

news of the baby’s arrival

came first on social media.

Ms Ardern posted a photo

and a message: “Welcome to

our village, wee one.”

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JULY 1, 2018

04 Homelink

Report accuses Ministry of overspending, underreporting

Phil Pennington

The Ministry of Business,

Innovation and

Employment (MBIE) severely

understated its

spending on external contractors

and consultants, spending

$77 million and telling MPs it

only spent $39 million.

Government departments

spent more than half a billion

dollars on contractors and consultants

last year, almost double

that of eight years ago.

The government said on June

22, 2018 the total figure across

29 departments was $546 million

in the 2016-2017 financial


The spending of another

seven agencies has not been


An independent review of

MBIE spending on consultants

and contractors - completed in

April - showed it spent $77 million

in this way in 2015-2016,

but told a Select Committee that

it had spent almost half that.

No transparency

“The review found that the approach

the Ministry took and

the answers provided to the

Select Committee questions...

were not as clear, full and transparent

as they could have been

about the Ministry’s spending

on consultancy and contractors,”

senior civil servant

Wendy Venter said in the 22-

page review.

Picture of MBIE building for RNZ

by Richard Tindiller

The report appears to have

been put on the Ministry’s website

earlier this month without

any public statements accompanying


The review also showed that

the Ministry spent $95.7 million

last year - or about 15% of the

Ministry’s entire spending - compared

with its statements to MPs

that suggested it spent just $73


No basis for exclusion

Ms Venter said that the

Ministry gave the answers it did

to MPs because it was the way

it had reported on spending in

previous years and it aligned

with a “note disclosure” in its


“These reasons are not a sufficient

basis for excluding these

costs,” she said.

When it released the $39 million

figure at the start of 2017,

the Ministry was reported saying

that it had been “actively managing

down its spend on contractors

and consultants” since

its creation, and that spending

on contractors and consultants

had dropped from $46 million in


In fact, it had risen by 67% although

it was unclear what the

Ministry was excluding from

spending figures in previous


At the time, the Public Service

Association said that all government

agencies should “follow the

lead” of MBIE and release details

of their spending on contractors.

The latest review covers only

2015-2016 and last year.

Varying reporting methods

It found three other major

departments varied how they

reported spending on contractors:

Inland Revenue, Internal

Affairs and the Ministry of Social


“All agencies adopted different

thresholds for the individual

contracts reported. Those variations

showed further policy guidance

would help to and be “in

line with the objectives of open

government,” the Report said.

MBIE could look at making

more information publicly available,

and doing more to ensure

the spending details are correct,

it said.

The $95 million spending in

2016-2017 was very close to

the total spending indicated in

a spreadsheet leaked late last

year. The Ministry dismissed this

spreadsheet as inaccurate.

The leak triggered a hunt for

the leaker.

The Ministry told RNZ that investigation

was complete, but the

outcome was confidential as it

was an employment matter.

In March, RNZ reported that

the Ministry’s answers to the

Select Committee did not add

up properly, but that the total

spending “could be as high as

$95 million depending how the

latest figures are added up.”

No clarification given

At the time, the Ministry

did not clarify why the Select

Committee report numbers did

not add up. “MBIE has always responded

to Parliamentary Select

Committee questions in good

faith and in line with the available

guidance,” a Ministry spokesperson


“But we recognised that we

could make improvements to increase

consistency and transparency,

and make the complex

information provided easier to


Many recommendations from

the 2016-17 select committee annual

review in February were

implemented, and further improvements

would follow this

year, the ministry said.

“We use contractors and consultants

for projects and to cover

peak demand where it is

economic or necessary to do so,

but we also want to be really


The Public Service Association

said it had heard nothing and

had not been involved.

New Zealand’s accounting

practices followed by departments

did not require disclosure

of spending on consultants and

contractors, but this was considered

good practice.

Shameful act

ACT Party leader David

Seymour said it was a “great

shame” the Ministry misled MPs

about its spending.

“It is a major problem that they

misled the Select Committee, but

let us just remember that the

mischief started with this silly,

arbitrary control on the number

of people working for government,

as opposed to cracking

down on the number of things

that government is asked to do to

people by politicians.”

Today’s figures also showed

that the Department of

Conservation spent $69 million

on contractors and consultants,

and the Internal Affairs

Department $39 million.

The government was now

moving to remove a long-standing

cap on the total number of

core-service government employees,

set at 39,000.

This would reduce the need to

use contractors, it said.

Phil Pennington is a Reporter

at Radio New Zealand. Indian

Newslink has published the

above Report and Picture under

a Special Agreement with

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New Zealand

JULY 1, 2018

Offensive Bacon

advertisement pulled down

Jonathan Mitchell

An advert for Beehive Bacon

on a busy motorway exit in

downtown Auckland states: “I’m

15. He’s 27. My parents love him.

Wake up and smell the bacon.”

Advertising firm Contagion

created it as part of a campaign

with a “wake up and smell the

bacon” tagline including: “My

kids do swimming, French, piano,

ballet and tennis. But we’re not


“The boys will love a vegan fry

up”; and “There’s an innocent

reason he deletes his browser


Wrong Message

National Council for Women

chief executive Gill Greer said

the ad was sending the wrong


“The age of consent for New

Zealanders is 16 - regardless

of gender or sex - and so what

that’s implying presumably is

something that is acceptable to

parents - but is illegal,” she said.

She said the billboard did not

reflect family values.

Contagion Chief Executive

Dean Taylor said the firm was

devastated the slogan had caused

offence and would be pulling it

down tonight.

“We thought that might be

funny – we obviously missed the

mark - so we are pulling it down,”

he said.

Mr Taylor said the other billboards would stay in


He said the idea of the slogans was to “take the piss”

and call out things that were just not right.

Meanwhile, workers at the Beehive bacon factory

in Carterton have been involved in industrial action,

refusing to work overtime.

Jonathan Mitchell is a Journalist at Radio New

Zealand. Indian Newslink has published the above

Report and images under a Special Agreement with


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JULY 1, 2018

06 Educationlink

Young minds should have unbridled expression of thought



Once you can express

yourself, you

can tell the world

what you want

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the world, for good or evil,

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words -Jackie Kennedy

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every child has an inherent

gift of expression.

There are expressions of

hunger, sleep, love, joy and


Nature has blessed humans

and animals alike

with this gift, but we humans

have been blessed the

most as we were given the

power of words, and our in-


g g g

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Freedom of expression would not leave a child behind-A

narrative picture by Ashok Kochhar

tellect has developed many new innovative

ways and expanded this art of expressing

our thoughts.

Humans and Artforms

Humans have devised many artforms, and

as it is said, Art is nothing but an expression

of self. An artist/e is hence someone who

has mastered the art of conveying his/her

thoughts in the most beautiful ways possible.

A poet can make your intangible feelings

come to life while a child’s innocent laughter

can make you feel the purity of the entire

universe in an instant.

The Nine Emotions

In all Indian schools of Art, we recognise

the nine emotions, or the ‘nav rasa’ which literally

translates as the nine essences of life.

The nine emotions are love, joy, wonder,

courage, peace, sadness, anger, fear and disgust.

All these emotions and their expressions

thereof gives rise to art of all kinds.

Most of the Eastern schools of Philosophy

believed that it is only through free expression

that society and humanity as a whole

can thrive and achieve greater stability and


It holds true for every civilisation that has

flourished and has been successful as they all

had art and music at the core of their social

structure, and these societies encouraged artists

to reach the pinnacle

of creativity, which even

to present day provides inspiration

to many.

Declining Creativity

However, we are currently

witnessing a world

that teaches its young

ones to control their

thoughts and puts restrictions

on their expressions

and the result is that

we have lesser artists, artistes,

writers and philosophers

and more bankers

and technicians.

While we are developing

one part of their personality

and intellect (the

analytical side), we are

not paying enough attention

to developing the

emotional and creative

side of their being.

If we need lesser chaos

in the Universe, we need

to start with these young


We need to calm the

storms of discontent and

provide them a medium

to freely speak up

about their thoughts and

dreams, their fears and


Only then can we truly

evolve to being better


We need all the arts to

flourish and start acreative

dialogue across all

genres to bring about a

change in the very way we think and

live. Only then would the peace flow

from within and surround the world

around us.

We need to laugh, play and be childlike

and express all our thoughts and

only then will we be true to ourselves.

We need to unlearn many things that

hold us back and focus on living in the

moment and paint the canvas of life

with Art- The Art of Living Life.

Praneeta Kochhar is a graduate (BA)

in Philosophy. She defines herself as

a ‘Student of life’ and tries to find a

fresh perspective in everyday life experiences.

Creative Writing is among

her best attributes.

The Eighth Annual




Guest Speaker

Sir Stephen Tindall

Founder, The Warehouse Group and

Chair, Team New Zealand



On Monday, July 9, 2018 at 630pm

(Cocktails between 630pm and 730pm)

Pullman Hotel Auckland

Tickets: $150+GST per person;

Supported by

The Institute of Directors

(Auckland Branch),

The Auckland Law

Society and Chartered


Australia New Zealand.

Master of Ceremonies: Hon Jenny Salesa

Minister of Ethnic Communities, Building & Construction

Table of Ten persons: $1500+GST

Ph: (09) 5336377, Mobile: 021 836528,


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JULY 1,2018



Rrahul Dosshi

Bhavini Doshii

Nurturing FutureLeaders

Education, Overall PersonalityDevelopment, GeneralKnowledge,Good Behaviour areall apartof

our daily routine designed dforour children.

From owners to teachers and administrativestaff,there is only one focus all the time:


Which is why, Children love the RainbowCorner.Childrenatour Centresare growing.


OurServices: TheRainbow Corner Early Learning Centre |The Rainbow Corner Homebased Early Learning Service

TheRainbow Corner ConsultancyServices TheRainbow CornerEarly |The RainbowLearning Corner Early Centre Childhood Catering Services

TheRainbow Corner Early



East TamakiRoad,

Centre (India) |ECE



2013. Phone:

app |The

09 282



Corner Medical Suites


300 MasseyRoad, MangereEast. |13PrincessStreet, Takanini |417 EastTamaki Road,EastTamaki |11A Aeroview Drive, Beach Haven

44 Wakelin Road, Beachlands, Auckland

Plus Home Based Services Throughout Auckland

JULY 1, 2018

08 Educationlink

Win the ‘Know India’ quiz and pick up gold and a free trip

Staff Reporter

The Indian government has

announced this year’s edition

of ‘Bharat Ko Janiye’ (Know

India) quiz contest with a

chance to win an expenses-paid visit

to India and win exciting prizes.

Organised by the External

Affairs Ministry in New Delhi, the

Programme, launched in the 2015-

2016 financial year is the second

in the series, aimed at enhancing

the knowledge of India among the

Indian Diaspora.

Eligibility criteria

The quiz contest is open to

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), who

are Indian nationals holding Indian

passports but living outside India

and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI),

who are either former citizens of

India or those who were earlier

holding Persons of Indian Origin

(PIO) cards.

PIO are those who were born

outside India but have ancestral link

with India.

The PIO card was merged with OCI

s p a c e

two years ago. As such, participants

should have OCI cards since PIO

cards are no longer valid.

Participants in the ‘Bharat Ko

Janiye’ Quiz should be in the 15-35

age group.

Contest Rounds and Topics

The Contest will be conducted in

four rounds, the first two of which

will be online and the third and

fourth rounds will be held in India.

The quiz will be set on a number of

topics, including Indian Art, Indian

Democracy, Economy, Geography,

designers ltd

architectural designer.

We have moved to our New Office at

178 A Pakuranga Road, Pakuranga, Auckland 2010

Our new Telephone Number: 09 577 2172 / 021 687162



our strengths

member of ADNZ - recognised professional body

well equipped & established with good reputation

overall personal service

technical competency & professional experience.

Personalities in Music and

Dance, Science & Technology,

Languages & Literature,

Education, Tradition of Indian

Crafts, Indian Cinema, and

Renowned Personalities.

Visiting India

An External Affairs Website

stated that ten top candidates

from each category of NRI

and PIO from the second

round will be invited for a 15-

day ‘Bharat Ko Janiye Yatra’

(Know India Tour) and to

participate in the third round.

“The Government of

India will bear international

airfare and all expenses

including boarding and

lodging. Participants will visit

Delhi, Agra and one State for


The top three winners of

the final round of the quiz

from each category of NRI

& PIO will receive Gold (30

gram 22 carat), Silver (50

gms) and Bronze Medals

(50 gms) and aCertificate at

the Pravasi Bhartiya Divas


There are several

conditions and requirements

to participate in the quiz


All details of this year’s

contest have not yet been

uploaded but will be available


It is also mandatory for

participants to register online:

The picture here shows

Prime Minister Narendra

Modi with External Affairs

Minister Sushma Swaraj,

Minister of State for External

Affairs Retired General

Vijay Kumar Singh, other

officials and winners of the

‘Bharat Ko Janiye’ 2015-2016

at the Awards Ceremony

held in New Delhi

(Picture from External

Affairs Ministry ‘Bharat Ko

Janiye’ website)

The Denture and

Denture Implant Clinics

• Full Dentures

• Acrylic Dentures

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• Flexible Dentures

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• Mouth Guards

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Full dental laboratory services with no dentist

appointments or referrals required!

3/208 Gt Sth Rd, Papatoetoe. 09 277 2233

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Bringing NewZealand HeartSpecialists to Fiji

● Specialist Consultations ● Exercise Treadmill Test

● Echocardiography (Echo) ● Angiography

● Electrocardiogram (ECG) ● Angioplasty (Stenting)

12 Commercial Street, Namaka, Nadi

JULY 1, 2018

Rabuka ruffles feathers over debt to China

Losirene Lacanivalu

Recent claims about the

Government’s Chinese

debt made by SODELPA

Leader Sitiveni Rabuka

on the Australian television

show 60 Minutes have been

dubbed ‘unpatriotic’ by Attorney

General and Minister for Economy

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum, who is

also the Acting Prime Minister

clarified the issue at aPress

Conference in Suva on June 21,

2018 and raised serious concerns

about the former prime

minister’s claims after a number

of media groups reached out

for comments on the remarks

Mr Rabuka made recently on

the supposedly burdensome

Chinese debt on the country.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum also said

the SODELPA leader’s comments

were not factual.

The China Syndrome

During the show, titled ‘The

China Syndrome,’ Mr Rabuka

is reported to have said that

China’s plans in the nation was

“domination” and “domination

of the region.”

On the TV show, Mr Rabuka

said he was not comfortable

with China’s involvement in

Fiji’s affairs and there was a

fear that the Chinese would take

over Fiji’s ports and airports

because it was happening

around the world.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said

that Chinese loans stood at just

10.6% of Fiji’s total debt, both

external and internal, owed to

the Exim Bank of China.

Other debts

He said that the Chinese debt,

as percentage of Gross Domestic

Product, was 4.7%

As far as external debts was

a concern, Fiji owed money to

the Asian Development Bank

(ADB), to the International Fund

for Agricultural Development,

World Bank, Japan International

Cooperation Agency, Exim Bank

of China and a Global Bond, he


“Mr Rabuka made all sorts of

claims, took them (60 Minutes)

to MacGregor Road, to the

building and said, ‘look at this,

this is Chinese now and we owe

money to them.’ No we don’t,”

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said.

He also said the building

at MacGregor Road that was

shown on the television programme

was a private equity.

Worrying Statement

He also described Mr Rabuka’s

statements as worrying.

“It was under Mr Rabuka’s

Prime Ministership that the National

Bank of Fiji collapsed, and

now we can understand more

why it collapsed, he obviously

does not understand finance.”

Speaking on the issue of ports

and airports, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum

asked why the country

would give up its ports and


He reiterated that the Chinese

debt Fiji is in currently was

Sitiveni Rabuka

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

used on the construction and

tar-sealing of the road between

Nabouwalu and Dreketi in Vanua

Levu, Sawani and Serea Road,

Naitasiri, the Sigatoka Valley road,

Buca Bay, Moto Road and the

Public Rental Board development

and the Housing Authority


“They are the only projects for

which we have a debt exposure

for the Exim Bank of China.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said that he

was concerned that Mr Rabuka

was a leader of an alternative

government and was willing to

spread false information.

“The only consistency with Sitiveni

Rabuka is his inconsistency,”

he said.

By Arrangement with the Fiji Sun


Have your say:

Public Forum on

End Of Life Choice Bill

hosted by

Dr Parmjeet Parmar,

National List MP based

in Mt Roskill

Thursday 12 th July

6:30 – 8:30pm

Lynfield Community Church

35 The Avenue, Lynfield


David Seymour, MP for Epsom and

sponsor of the End of Life Choice Bill

Professor Rod McLeod ONZM, a

pioneer and champion of palliative

care services.

If you would like to attend this public

forum, please RSVP by 8 th July to my

office on 09 620 6707 or email

Funded by Parliamentary Service

Authorised by Parmjeet Parmar,

Parliament Buildings, Wellington.


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JULY 1, 2018

10 Businesslink

Got an overseas bank

account or investment?

Now’s the time to check you’re paying the right amount of tax


It’s important that everyone pays the right

amount of tax. That’s why the New Zealand

government has joined more than 100

other countries in an initiative to combat

global tax evasion. It’s called the Automatic

Exchange of Information – or AEOI.

New Zealand tax residents are taxed on the

money they make in New Zealand and in

other countries – even if they don’t bring

money earned overseas into New Zealand.

Money earned overseas could include

interest from an overseas bank account or

income from an overseas investment, rental

property, business and more.

If you’re a New Zealand tax resident who

earns money in another country, your

information may be shared with Inland

Revenue as part of AEOI. So, now’s a good

time to check that you’re paying the right

amount of tax. If you need help getting

your tax right, talk with a tax agent or


New Zealand tax resident,

overseas income

If you’re a New Zealand tax resident and

you receive money from overseas, declare

it to Inland Revenue in your individual

income tax return (IR3). That way you’ll

avoid an unexpected bill down the track.

If you find that you’ve made a mistake in a

past income tax return, let Inland Revenue

know right away. They call this making a

voluntary disclosure.

Find out more

If you want to find out more about AEOI

or have questions about your tax residency,

you’ll find plenty of good information at

An example: Meet Sam

Sam’s a New Zealand tax resident with

substantial investments in other countries.

These include funds in a bank account as an

investment, a rental property, an interest in a

business and retirement savings overseas.

Sam’s situation is complex. There can be

different tax rules for different types of


To make sure he’s paying the right amount

of tax here in New Zealand, Sam needs to

figure out the tax to pay for each investment.

That way he’ll avoid getting caught with an

unexpected tax bill down the track – especially

now that there’s global information sharing.

The best thing for Sam to do could be to

contact a tax agent or accountant for advice

and support.

If, like Sam, you’re a New Zealand tax resident

with an overseas bank account, investment or

other financial interest, now’s agood time to

make sure you’re paying the right amount of

tax in New Zealand.

JULY 1, 2018

Bank of Baroda has No NPL in New Zealand

Venkat Raman

Bank of Baroda (New

Zealand) Limited, the first

Indian bank to establish

its presence in 2010 has

registered a robust performance

for the year-ended March 31,

2018, with no provision made for

Non-Performing Loans (NPL) in

its books.

But the Bank had to make a loss

provision of US$ 8 billion for its

operations in India.

Robust Performance

Mayank Mehta, Executive

Director of the Mumbai based

Bank of Baroda, told Indian

Newslink that the total assets of

the wholly-owned New Zealand

subsidiary as at the end of March

31, 2018 was about $116 million,

of which loans and advances

amounted to $86 million.

“The Bank recorded a net

profit of $1.26 million during its

2017-2018 financial year. We are

happy that Bank of Baroda (New

Zealand) Limited is considered

to be a ‘Well-Disciplined Bank’ by

the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

We are poised to grow and roll

out innovative products and

services here,” he said.

Mr Mehta was speaking to us as

the Board of Directors was meeting

at the Bank’s Head Office in

Mt Eden, considering some of the

new services as Bank of Baroda

(New Zealand) Limited marked its

Eighth Anniversary on Monday,


Economy return fares starting fromNZD 1049*

Departures between 16 July to 30 November 18 &10January to 31 March2019

Saleends on 02 July 2018.

Malaysia Airlines


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Economy return fares starting fromNZD 1199*

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Availabilityisverylimited and Faresmay not be available on all flights.

vTickets must be issued within 24 hrs or same dayofbooking to avoid auto-cancellation.

vSome of the above fares arenon- refundable &Blackout datesapply.

v*Taxesmay vary fordifferentcities and aresubjecttoFXvariation.

v*Airfares Include Fuel surcharges but not Govt and other Taxes.

vPlease visit formoredetails.

Shell 021 915346

Tony 021 915329

“But provisions

hit US$ 8 billion

in India”

Bank of Baroda (NZ) Limited Board of Directors at their meeting this

morning (From left) Anupam Srivastav (Managing Director), Ranjna

Patel, Vijay Goel (Directors) Claudio Sandro Oberto (Chairman) and

Sarangapani Janaki Raman (Secretary).

(Pictures for Indian Newslink by Ronny Kumaran)

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (9 am to 6pm) &Saturday(10 am to 2pm)


June 18, 2018.

“These eight years have been Mayank Mehta speaking to Indian

Newslink on June 18, 2018

eventful for Bank of Baroda

New Zealand Limited. We have

Bank of Baroda (BoB) At a Glance

capital adequacy of 80%, “more

Position As at March 31, 2018

than comfortable” to manage our

BoB Global

BoB NZ Ltd

lending activities. However, our

In US$ Billions

In NZ$ Millions

approach has been one of caution

and strict control of market exposure,

which is why, we have not

Total Business 161.42 115.88

Deposits 90.73 67.06

provided for any non-performing

Advances 70.69 85.84

assets,” he said.

Capital & Reserves 8.29 47.20

Mobile Banking and Expansion

Cash Adequacy Ratio 12.87% 78.06%

He later launched the Bank of

Baroda Mobile Banking services

Total Income 3.82 4.56 (Operating Income)

at the Branch.

Operating Profit 2.08 1.26 (NPAT)

“We are digital savvy in New

5467 3

Zealand. All our transactions

Employees 55662 20

have been digitalised and we are

105 (in 23 Countries)


planning to introduce many other

innovative products,” he said but operations in New Zealand are Bank of Baroda account for the

stopped short of giving details. strong, NPL is a major headache bulk of these loans.

Bank of Baroda New Zealand for commercial banks in India, Mr Mehta said that the total

Limited has three branches in forcing the Reserve Bank of India amount of his Bank’s NPL was

the country, one each in Mt Eden (RBI) to issue new strictures. about US$ 8 billion, which is

(Auckland Central), Manukau According to RBI figures, soured about 12% of the gross assets

(South Auckland) and Wellington. loans, which include non-performing,

of the bank or 5.47% of the net

Mr Mehta said that the bank

restructured or rolled-


adopted a cautionary stand in over loans, reached a record high The Bank made a loan loss

opening new branches.

of INR 9.5 trillion (US $148 billion) provision of about US$ 42 million

“However, we will consider in the middle of 2017, before covering 68% of its NPL for the

branch expansion as we move dipping slightly, prompting some year-ending March 2018.

along,” he said.

relief among bankers that the Capital Adequacy Ratio

NPL in India

worst was over.

“While we are taking all the

While its comparatively modest State-run lenders, including essential steps to recover overdue

Fly to the Indian Sub-Continent

Unit O, 8Bishop Lenihan Place, Flatbush

Phone: (09) 2723522 /2723544



loans, we believe that we have

provided adequately- about 68%.

We have in place a number of

measures,” he said.

RBI has been asking the

lending banks to take recourse to

One-Time-Settlement (OTS) plan

with their NPL, which Mr Mehta

said his Bank would apply as the

last resort.

“As well as following the

‘normal’ process of recovery, we

have initiated processes of debt

recovery through the Debt Recovery

Tribunal (DRT), National

Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)

and then OTS. As a bank we have

a strong capital adequacy ratio of

12.87%, well above the prescribed

limit of 9% of risk-weighted

assets,” he said.

In fact, most banks in India

have about 12% capital adequacy


Last MONTH, Ratings agency

Fitch downgraded viability

ratings of State Bank of India

and Bank of Baroda by a notch to

‘bb+’ and ‘bb’ respectively citing

the lenders’ weakened risk profile

due to poor asset quality and

the vulnerability of their capital

buffers to moderate shocks.

But Flitch said that Indian

banks’ solid and resilient funding

and liquidity positions remained

intact and while deposit growth

had slowed since demonetisation,

depositor confidence remained

high due to state banks’ government


“This is evident in banks’ retail

deposit composition, which

generally exceeds 80%,” it said.

JULY 1, 2018

12 Viewlink

The English Fortnightly (Since November 1999)

ISSUE 395 | JULY 1, 2018

Are Indian students

naïve and vulnerable?

Alastair McClymont has

been our friend since

Indian Newslink was

established 19 years


We consider him one of the

finest and most experienced

barristers and solicitors and

immigration lawyers in the


His passion to get justice for

the wronged is laudable and

often he undertakes legal work

on pro bono basis.

His crusade against Immigration

New Zealand (INZ) has our

support since we too believe that

the Department is often myopic

and discriminatory.

However, his observations

on the decision of the Chief

Ombudsman Peter Boshier not

to proceed with the complaint

he filed against the decision of

INZ to deport a large group of

Indian students in 2017 and 2018

necessitate a closer analysis.

We have carried Mr McClymont’s

press statement in full in

our web edition as well as social

media and a redacted version

under Homelink of this issue.

That INZ does not get it right

many a time, creating serious

inroads into the life and career

of people could be testified by

our frontpage story in this issue.

Deportation of Indian students

In arguing against the deportation

of the group of Indian

students, Mr McClymont said

that they were victims of fraud

perpetrated by education agents

in India.

It has also been reported that

these agents were in collusion

with some banks in providing

false documents.

Following are some of the

points that he raised in his Complaint

to the Chief Ombudsman:

1. The dodgy education

agents in India represent education

providers in New Zealand

who manage and pay them; they

do not represent the students

2. Students choose from

a selection of agents, but do not

pay them

3. The students signed

blank forms – “a practice in the

Indian cultural context” strongly

encouraged by the agents of

education providers

4. INZ has uncovered in

parallel investigations, cases in

which Indian education agents

have created fake email addresses

on behalf of students for

purposes such as averification

of information and undertaking


Exploitation by agents

It is trite knowledge that some

education agents in India demand

large sums of money from

prospective students making

wild promises such as assured

employment upon arrival,

reduced term of study to take

up full time jobs and permanent

residence status in less than a

year. While it is true that education

agents should act on behalf

of education providers, they

often double dip and entertain

false promises and engage them

in fraudulent behaviour.

It is hard to believe that

students, who go overseas for

tertiary studies would be so

naïve as to sign blank forms,

allowing education agents to fill

them as they please.

Signing blank forms may have

been a practice some years ago

in some families because of

the implicit and inherent trust

between siblings, parents and

other close relatives, but not

any more. Indians today, for

the most part, do not sign blank

documents, and commercial

banks do not and cannot give

false statements. It is however

possible that a ‘temporary

statement of available funds’

is issued but only when such

monies are actually lodged in to

the account. Such an act would

require the full knowledge and

consent of the account holder.

Rogue agents

It is true that students choose

from a pool of agents and do not

pay them in the case of a large

number of such operators who

have established a reputation.

This newspaper is aware of

a large number of such honest


But the problem is that of a

small number of rogues who rot

the system.

They exploit students who

want to go overseas by any

means and extort money. We

often hear of reports parents

having mortgaged their land,

jewellery and other assets to

pay large sums of money to the

agents. On arrival, the students

face the harshness of reality.

INZ cannot be blamed for the

plight of some of these Indian

students and the Department

must apply its stringent character


However, we agree with Mr

McClymont that there is an urgent

need to regulate education

agents in Indian and make them


A thorough overhaul of the

system and procedures relating

to the functioning of overseas

education agents is long over


We will support Mr McClymont

and others in their pursuit

of this objective

Indian Newslink is published by Indian Newslink Limited from its offices located at Level

1, Number 166, Harris Road, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013 and printed at Horton Media

Limited, Auckland. All material appearing here and on our web editions are the copyright

of Indian Newslink and reproduction in full or part in any medium is prohibited. Indian

Newslink and its management and staff do not accept any responsibility for the claims

made in advertisements.

Managing Director & Publisher: Jacob Mannothra; Editor & General Manager: Venkat

Raman; Marketing & Sales Manager: Ronny Kumaran; Production Manager: Mahes

Perera; Assistant Editor: Ratna Venkat; Financial Controller: Uma Venkatram CA;

Phone: (09) 5336377 Email:


Trump-Kim Summit high on

glow but slow on substance

Dr Marc Lanteigne

The watershed Summit

between US President

Donald Trump and

North Korean leader Kim

Jong-un held in Singapore on June

12, 2018 was a mixed success, topheavy

with imagery and ‘smile

diplomacy’ but light on concrete

initiatives and promises.

Although the Summit was

ground-breaking, in the sense

that this was the first time a

sitting American president has

ever met directly with a North

Korean head of state, the work

ahead in ensuring that relations

between the two states do not

deteriorate to levels seen last year

will be amuch more difficult and

time-consuming task.

Shedding the past

After a short one-to-one session

between the leaders and their

interpreters, larger meetings

with American and North Korean

officials followed, and by mid-afternoon

the two leaders emerged

to sign a document which the

President called ‘pretty comprehensive’

while the North Korea

(officially the Democratic People’s

Republic of Korea - DPRK) Chairman

stated that meeting served to

‘leave the past behind.’

Trump suggested at the end of

the meeting that the process of

denuclearisation could proceed

‘very quickly’ and that the door

was potentially open for Kim to

visit the White House.

The four main points of the

agreement included (a) A promise

by both sides to establish a

new relationship in order to

create ‘peace and prosperity’ (b)

The pacification of the Korean

Peninsula (c) North Korea would

work towards ‘complete

denuclearisation’ as stated in the

Panmunjom Declaration struck in

April between Mr Kim and South

Korean President Moon Jae-in (d)

Both states would work to recover

prisoners of war and the remains

of those missing in action from

the 1950-53 Korean conflict.

Lack of detail

The document was unusually

light on specifics. Critical questions

remain, such as how the

initiatives will be carried out and

under what timeframe, and what

will be the role of South Korea in

future talks.

The meeting was a considerable

victory for the Kim regime,

given that it finally, after several

decades, received the degree of

recognition that it had been seeking

from Washington, and was

US President Donald Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un

(Picture from Wikimedia Commons)

treated as an equal to the United

States in the course of the talks.

Of note was the North Korean

leader was not taken to task

for his country’s human rights

record and previous belligerent


As well, the negotiations which

will follow will likely need greater

international participation and

engagement, which may be

difficult given the frosty relations

between the US and several key

friends and allies in the wake

of the failed G7 meeting and

opposition to the tearing up of

the Iranian nuclear deal by the

Trump government last month.

Permanent Peace?

Both sides have talked about

establishing a ‘Permanent Peace.’

This could mean some sort of

document affirming the formal

end of the Korean War, which

technically is still going as no

peace treaty was ever signed

between the North and South, but

only an armistice in 1953.

However, any peace treaty

would also need to involve South

Korea, and likely China given

that Beijing has maintained that

it wishes to be part of the peace


Tokyo is also concerned about

any peace agreement since Japan

has been frequently threatened

by North Korea in the past.

A future outcome of the

talks could be a revival of the

Beijing-backed ‘Six-Party Talks’,

which included the two Koreas

along with China, Japan, Russia

and the United States.

President Trump surprised

many by suggesting that further

US-South Korean military exercises

would be suspended as a

gesture of goodwill, a move which

was reportedly not discussed

with Seoul beforehand.

This decision ran counter to

previous US vows that it would

not accept a ‘freeze-for-freeze’

option, meaning a promise to suspend

these exercises in exchange

Emergency at Hawke’s Bay DHB

Hawke’s Bay DHB may

have to activate its

emergency plan if a

nurses’ strike goes

ahead while it deals with an

increasing number of winter

illnesses and influenza cases.

“The health system is likely

to come under greater strain

through the winter as the

expected increase in acute

activity occurs, with the added

complexity of influenza and the

threat of a nurses’ strike,” Chief

Executive Kevin Snee said in a


We are likely to be on a major

incident footing throughout

July and August as a minimum.

However, we have undertaken

for a continued halt to DPRK

missile and warhead testing.

While the South Korean

government continues to throw

its support behind US-led peace

initiatives, there remains the

question of whether the United

States and South Korea are completely

on the same page as the

peace process continues.

The China equation

China, too, will be essential to

any lasting peace and denuclearisation

of North Korea, given its

great power status in the region

and its strong overreaching

economic relationship with the

DPRK. Beijing was largely left on

the side-lines in this process, but

the [Chinese] Xi Jinping government

has made it clear that it supports

the nuclear disarmament

on the Korean Peninsula but also

wishes to be directly involved in

the peace process to come.

As a spokesperson for the

Chinese Foreign Ministry stated at

the end of the Singapore Summit,

‘no one will doubt the unique and

important role played by China; a

role which will continue.’

Persisting uncertainty

There is still much uncertainty

about what can be accomplished

in a single meeting despite its

high profile.

The foreign policy team

of President Trump is still

greatly untested and has showed

numerous signs of being divided

and prone to posturing, as the

G7 Summit in Québec this month


As for the North Korea side, the

regime has already won a victory

of sorts given that it is receiving

international recognition on

levels never before seen, and

there is the possibility of future

international contacts not only

with the United States but also

with other major countries.

Dr Marc Lanteigne is Senior Lecturer

in Security Studies at the

Massey University Centre for

Defence and Security Studies.

considerable planning to put

ourselves in a good state of

readiness,” he said.

It came as the hospital remained

under financial pressure,

with the DHB now forecasting a

$3.1 million deficit for the financial

year ending June 30, 2018.

It had previously been expected

to make a $1.5 million.

-Anusha Bradley (Courtesy:

JULY 1, 2018

The government’s flagship

KiwiBuild housing project

could save millions of

dollars if homes are built

sustainably, a Report says.

Commissioned by Green

Building Council, a not-for-profit

building organisation, the

Report said that all 100,000

KiwiBuild homes should include

factors such as energy efficiency,

warmth, and the amount of

building waste.

The Report’s author, Economist

Shamubeel Eaqub, estimated

that if KiwiBuild homes were

built to the ‘Homestar 6’ standard,

New Zealanders could benefit

by up to $330 million in the

next 30 years.

National Rate Tool

The Council has described

‘Homestar’ as an independent

national rating tool that measures

the “health, warmth and efficiency

of New Zealand houses.”

A home is rated on a scale

from 6 to 10, it said, and houses

with a rating of six or higher

were “warmer, drier, healthier

and cost less to run.”

“If we are really building houses

for first home buyers and

low-income households, then we

want to make sure that the houses

we are building for them are

not expensive to operate and expensive

to keep healthy. Right

now New Zealand is doing exactly

that,” the Report said.

“We build homes that are not


Economist says KiwiBuild should be sustainable

Tom Furley

Construction starts on the Kiwibuild project

(Picture for RNZ by Sophia Duckor-Jones

very healthy, that are difficult

to heat, difficult

to keep warm, difficult

to get dry. We need to

break the cycle and this

is one way of doing it.”

Encouraging private


The Report also noted

that building KiwiBuild

homes sustainably could

spur private developers

to go green and decrease

the additional cost.

“In the UK, what we

have seen is when the

standards first come in,

they tend to be quite

expensive to build because

it is new, it is hard

to source material, all

those sorts of things. But

over time, that premium

tends to shrink, generally

over the course of five


Over time, Mr Eaqub

said savings could be as

high as $680 million if

the costs decrease and

10,000 extra homes were


“Despite knowing that

these higher standard,

higher quality homes are

good for your wallet and

good for the community,

it is not happening.

“The take-up rate is

quite slow. I think there’s

a real opportunity with

KiwiBuild to just show

how quickly you can

move the industry in

terms of building up capability,

to bring down

those costs. And also to

show the market this is

something that people


In the next decade,

Auckland’s Councilowned

Panuku expects

to build 10,000 homes to

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub

(RNZ Picture)

Logistics is the line between Order and Disorder


Homestar 6 standard.



The Green Building

Council said that had

pushed other large developers

to also consider

the standard, with 25,000

houses currently in the


Chief Executive

Andrew Eagles said

KiwiBuild was a massive

opportunity for the

government to live up

to its emission promises

and change the country’s

thinking about housing.

“With KiwiBuild, we

have a monumental,

once in a lifetime opportunity

to shift how we

think about homes. So

when you see 100,000

homes built to Homestar

it clearly signals that this

is possible and that others

could be doing.”

He acknowledged that

the government was being

pressed to produce quantity

but said quality was

equally important.

“Wouldn’t it be sad if

in 10 years time we look

at the homes we’re building

through KiwiBuild and

we’ve got mouldy homes

that have high energy bills

and that are significantly

behind where we could


The Report said that

New Zealand’s Building

Code was “recognised as

being behind international

standards,” citing

criticism from the OECD

and International Energy


Progressive Standards

Mr Eagles said that progressing

standards could

start with KiwiBuild for


“Then, what happens

is everyone sits up and

says if this is possible why

are we putting up with a

sub-par building code because

people can do this.

Then, you set a trajectory

to a decent building code

which considers overheating,

which gives us good

insulation in our homes.

Housing Minister Phil

Twyford said that it was

too early to say whether

the government would

decide to build to the

Homestar efficiency.

“Our big focus at the moment

is on getting homes

built initially and making

sure that they are affordable.

But we would be nuts

if we did not use this opportunity

to build better

quality homes, to increase

the thermal efficiency, to

reduce the lifetime cost of

living in these houses.”

“In all of those areas,

there is an opportunity to

set new standards and I

certainly want us to be at

least better than code but

let’s see how ambitious we

can be.

“We have to improve the

quality and standard of

housing in New Zealand

and this whole area about

thermal efficiency is central

to it.”

While being noncommittal

about the Homestar

standard, he said that the

built environment was

one of the main ways the

government could reduce

carbon emissions to meet

its net zero target by 2050.

Tom Furley is a Reporter

at Radio New Zealand.

Indian Newslink has

published the above

Report and Picture under

a Special Agreement


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Link2 Services (established in 2000) and Link2 Solutions (formerly knownas

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The Link2 Group was the Winner of the ‘Supreme Business of the Year’Award at the Ninth Annual Indian Newslink Indian Business Awards

2016. Chairman Indra Sirigiri (third from right) with Mansa Sirigiri, the then Prime Minister Sir John Key, BNZ Chairman Dough McKay, the

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JULY 1, 2018

14 Businesslink

New Zealand marks milestone with EU trade talks

the US and China should be sorted

out according to WTO rules,

Chris Bramwell

there appears to be no justification

for these US actions and so

rightly they are challenged in the


When the WTO was facing

challenges to its authority, Mr

Finny said it was exciting to see

the EU deal progress, alongside

the revised TPP.

“For a lot of our trade we will

New Zealand and the

European Union have

formally launched negotiations

for a Free Trade

Agreement (FTA).

The EU Commissioner for Trade

Cecilia Malmström said it was an

important milestone in EU-New

Zealand relations and that the negotiations

would aim to remove

barriers to trade in goods and services,

as well as develop rules

to make trade easier and more


New Chapter with NZ

“This is about opening up a new

chapter, new economic possibilities

for our companies, big and

small, and we will focus on the

small and medium-sized companies,”

Ms Malmström said.

Protectionist attitudes towards

agriculture and EU rules allowing

some traditional foods or wine to

be produced only in certain areas

- will be just some of the challenges

in getting the deal over the line.

Trade Minister David Parker

said it was hoped that the FTA

could be completed within a couple

of years but noted that some

of the sticking points in the deal

were likely to be around geographical

indicators, and the EU

Trade Commissioner had asked

for work on those to start early so

that it did not delay the deal.

Minister hopeful

EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström and Trade Minister David Parker at the EU Trade

negotiations press conference. Photo: RNZ/Chris Bramwell

“That demonstrates a willingness

on the European side of the

negotiation which we share in

New Zealand, to bring this to a

conclusion as soon as we can, and

we are hopeful that we can wrap

it up on our side within a couple

of years, but only time will tell,”

Mr Parker said.

The deal would not include

Investor State Dispute Settlement

clauses that have been controversial

in other agreements, such as

the CPTPP.

Former trade negotiator

Charles Finny said that the volatility

went further than US and


“The steel and aluminium tariffs

that are now in place and

impacting on New Zealand, impacting

on EU, Japan, as well as

China, Canada and Mexico,” Mr

Finny said.

“Most immediately, there is this

$50 billion tariff bill being put on

Chinese exports and China is retaliating,

and we have to watch

that very closely - it could get


New Zealand was not given

an exemption when the Trump

administration decided to impose

import tariffs on steel and


State of WTO

Mr Finny had major concerns

about the state of the World

Trade Organisation (WTO), and

its ability to enforce global trading


“It is important that when dealing

with someone attempting

to bully that there are other big

players prepared to stand up and

retaliate because bullies don’t like

that,” he said.

“Problems like that between

The Eighth Annual



have rules that are even better

than the WTO, with dispute settlement

mechanisms so if the

WTO system grinds to a halt we

will have a plan B.”

Chris Bramwell, Deputy

Political Editor of Radio New

Zealand based in Wellington.

Indian Newslink has published

the above Report and Picture

under a Special Agreement



Guest Speaker

Sir Stephen Tindall

Founder, The Warehouse Group and

Chair, Team New Zealand



On Monday, July 9, 2018 at 630pm

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Pullman Hotel Auckland

Tickets: $150+GST per person;

Supported by

The Institute of Directors

(Auckland Branch),

The Auckland Law

Society and Chartered


Australia New Zealand.

Master of Ceremonies: Hon Jenny Salesa

Minister of Ethnic Communities, Building & Construction

Table of Ten persons: $1500+GST

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JULY 1, 2018


Migrants get a feel of New Zealand at Expo

Venkat Raman


New migrants, international

students, migrant

workers and tourists

got to know first-hand

the existing and emerging opportunities

for them to progress

their education and career at the

Sixth Annual ANZ Migrant Expo

last fortnight.

Organised by the ANZ Bank

as a part of its service to the

migrant community, the ANZ

Migrant Expo, held at the ‘Cloud’

in Queen’s Wharf on Saturday,

June 16, 2018, witnessed about

12,000 visitors flocking more

than 70 stalls exhibiting a widerange

of services and facilities

offered by the New Zealand government,

government agencies,

departments, and private sector

companies and organisations.

Service Providers’ Stalls

They included the New

Zealand Police, Inland Revenue

Department, Immigration New

Zealand, Immigration Advisers

Authority, Employment New

Zealand, Tertiary Education

Commission, the Auckland Council

and the Auckland District

Health Board.

Companies and Commercial

and Non-Commercial organisations

included ANZ, airline

operators, education providers,

health services providers,

telecommunication companies,

immigration consultants, lawyers,

the media, the New Zealand

Jack Huo speaking at the ANZ Migrant Expo

(Picture by Hemant Parikh)

A visitor at the Indian Newslink Stall (Indian

Newslink Picture)

Indian Central Association and


Informative Seminars

There were six seminars

conducted through the day on

issues such as ‘Pathway from employment

to residency,’ ‘Safety,’

‘Understanding the New Zealand

The Korean Drummers at the Expo (Picture by Hemant Parikh)

Health System,’ ‘Mental Health

Awareness,’ ‘Renting Properties,’

‘First Homebuyers’ and ‘Getting

Ready for Employment.’

Earlier, speaking at a formal

opening ceremony, ANZ Bank

Head of Migrant and Auckland

Asian Banking Jack Hou said that

as a nation of immigrants, more

than 90% of New Zealanders feel

that they have some connection

to another country through

family, friends, travel or other


Understanding New Zealand

“While we are a small country, I

believe that our connection to different

cultures makes us stronger

as a nation, and more diverse

and inclusive as a people group.

New Zealand, and Auckland in

particular, is a wonderful melting

pot of a wide range of cultures. As

a result, we are seeing more demand

for migrant services, many

of which have representatives at

the ANZ Migrant Expo,” he said.

Mr Hou said that understanding

that new migrants, international

students and others must

be aware of employees’ minimum

rights and housing, how to

structure their resumes, who to

call in an emergency and most

other important services and

facilities available in the country

were among the informative stall

at the Expo.

“It can be difficult knowing

what questions to ask, and then

who to go to when you have those

questions. That is why information

days like ANZ Migrant Expo

2018 can be so beneficial,” he


ANZ’s connectivity

Mr Hou said that as the largest

bank in New Zealand, ANZ has a

duty to serve its customers.

“We recently announced a

programme providing $100 million

of interest free loans to help

Kiwis insulate their homes. This

has been well received with more

than 500 customers across New

Zealand registered for the loan.

Visitors at some of the stalls (Picture by Hemant Parikh)

“We also have 15 migrant

banking centres across New

Zealand with more than 600 staff

fluent in a range of languages

including Mandarin, Cantonese,

Korean, Hindi, and Japanese with

a range of products designed to

meet the unique needs of migrant

customers,” he said.

Among those who attended

the opening ceremony were

ANZ General Manager (Retail

and Business Banking) Andrew

Webster, Branch Managers,

Customer Relations Officers and

other officials of the Bank, Labour

MP Raymond Huo, Auckland

City District Commander Superintendent

Karyn Malthus and

other Police officials, community

representatives and company


Cultural performances held

throughout the day included local

kapa haka groups, Korean drummers,

Chinese, Indian, Samoan,

Tongan and Filipino dances.

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JULY 1,2018

16 Businesslink

Beyond Headlines, media houses have other confrontations


Former MediaWorks Chief

Executive Sussan Turner

popped up on the board of

media companyNZME this

week -six weeks after her termas

aDirector of TVNZ endedquietly

with no reappointment by the

Labour-led government.

Sussan Turner

Turner was aone-termer on the

board of thestate broadcaster.

Her departure on April 30 was not

announcedand the Minister of

Broadcasting Clare Curran is yet to

appoint areplacement.

Her expertise in radio at

MediaWorks will be of value for

NZME, which ownsthe other half

of the commercial radio market,

and struggles in the music brands

against the dominant MediaWorks


Turner was consideredclose

to former National Minister of

Finance andTertiary Education

Minister Steven Joyce andas

well as theTVNZ board role,

took up apublic appointment

to the Auckland University of

Technology Council under the last


She will be the fifth and final

directorfor NZME, which has been

building aboardsince listing two

years ago in what wasthen to be

aprecursor to anew mergedcompanywith

Fairfax NZ/Stuff. That

merger did not win approval from

theCommerceCommission or

the High Court but the companies

now await the result of achallenge

heard this month before the Court

of Appeal.

Turner,Chief Executiveofprivate

education companyAspire2,

joins former ASB Chief Executive

BarbaraChapman, accountant

Carol Campbell, investment banker

David Gibson and chair and

former ad man Peter Cullinane on

the NZME board.

Papers sheddingSales

Quarterly newspaper circulation

figures released on Thursdayshow

manyofthe country’spapers shedding

sales at around 10% or more

in the past year, compounding

years of falls.

The two best performingtitles

in the country forminimising the

decline in sales were both from the

south -the Otago Daily Times dropping

just 3% andthe Ashburton

Guardian by 3.3%.

Stuff suffers downtrend

Stuff Ltd, which owns two of

the country’sSundaypapersand

the DominionPost in Wellington,

The Press in Christchurch and

Waikato Times in Hamilton, led

the downward drift.

The DomPost was offby10%

in the year-to-March, the ABC

figures showed, to45,733 copieson

average eachday.Its Christchurch

stablematewas off 9.55 to 46,441

StuffLimitedStable of Newspapers (Picture Courtesy: RNZ

and the Waikato Times by 12.6% to


Of regional papers,Stuff’s titles

in Manawatu, Taranaki, Nelson, Timaru

and Southland were all down

by between 11% and 13%-afar

steeper fall than newspapers owned

by rival company NZME, which

saw its Hawke’sBay and Northland

papers decline at much lower rates

than the industry average.

Stuff Ltdisproudly digital

first -using itsStuff website and an

audience of more than 2.1 million

unique readersamonthtoexpand

into other digital products and

ventures. It clearly is not fighting

as hard corporately to prop up its

newspaper sales.

New Zealand Herald drops

NZME’s flagship NewZealand

Herald contained its circulation

drop to 6% year-on-year but its

average daily sales are now an

anaemic 113,752from 121,059last

March. Within its total auditednet

circulation theHerald has ‘directed

circulation’ or free or promotional

copies totalling 6566 aday,far

higher proportionatelythan the

DomPost at 563 or The Press at 243.

Nielsen Readership

On the same day, the circulation

figures for physical salesofthe

papers are released, publishers also

makepublic the Nielsen readership


These are for the total number of

individuals reading titles,not the

number paying foracopy.

There has always been abig gap

between the two sets of figuresand

now publishers also cite their ‘total

brand audience’ including digital

readersand total companyaudience

which can include radio audiences

as well.

Forexample, NZME claim adaily

brand audiencefor the Herald in

print and online of more than one

million andthe companycites

an audienceof3.2 million New

Zealanders from a“fused” database

for last year “read, watch, listen or

otherwiseengage with our brands.”

Take your pick.

The Herald had agood Nielsen

surveytoMarch 31 -its average

issue readership was up by 8%

to 459,000 from ayearago. But

print readership numbers,too, are

considerably lower than past years.

In 2008, the Herald had an average

issue readership of 585,000and in

2013, that number was 539,000. In

early 2017 the Herald’snumber had

fallen to just over 400,000 so this

week’sresult is acomeback.

With the current Herald

Audit Bureau of Circulation figure

(above) at 113,000 for the March

2018 year, the latestNielsentotal of

459,000 translates to four readers

for every paid copy.

The Herald on Sundayhas a

Nielsen readership of 349,000 and

an ABC sales figure of 82,373 -

meaning eachcopyonaSundayis

read by 4.2 people as well.

Nielsen does not routinely

release its readership data publicly.

Stuff Ltddid not appear to issue

readership numbers by separate


Tim MurphyisCo-Editor and

Co-Founder of Newsroom. He

writes about politics, foreign

affairs, Auckland, and Media. The

above article, whichappeared

under the new column Media

Room appeared on June 25,

2018, has been reproduced by

Indian Newslinkunder aSpecial









Add alittle DRIVEWAYS bit of body text






PH:022 547 8200

JULY 1, 2018


‘Let Me Go’ arrives in New Zealand with its author

Is Dhundh Mein across India which was launched by

Dynamism of love and leave gets worldwide rave

popular music director Shankar Mahadevan.

Venkat Raman

He has entertained audiences in over 500 concerts

them close is a lost school bag,

across USA, India, New Zealand and Australia.

One of the most prolific a missed school bus leading to

Born in Bangalore, Shriram spent his schooling days in

writers and singers will a walk back home, and a few


be in Auckland next cutlets to beat the after-school

He later obtained an MBA from the Melbourne Business

School and is currently working on his third novel

month to celebrate the hunger.

launch his latest book.

Melbourne based Shriram Iyer

will also conduct ‘Book Talk’ of

‘Let Me Go,’ a compelling novel of

romance and suspense.

The event will be held on

Sunday, August 5, 2018 at the

function hall (First Floor) of

Shivani Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

located at 23 Eric Barker

Place, off Kolmar Road, close to

Hunters Corner in Papatoetoe,

South Auckland.

Shriram will also sign copies of

his books purchased at the event,

which will be held from 11 am to

1 pm. Entry is free for all.

After a five-year hiatus,

Shriram Iyer’s second novel, the

highly anticipated ‘Let Me Go’

was released in bookstores across

India in November 2017.

The E-book version is globally

on Amazon.

Here is an overview of what

promises to be an unputdownable


About ‘Let Me Go’

A boy and a girl can become

friends. But can they remain

friends forever?

When Anshuman Kale meets

Indira Kelkar, all it takes to bring

As the now best friends grow

up together, there is nothing

that can come between their

friendship. Or so they think!

At the climax of their teenage

years, as Indira falls in love with

a man five years older than her,

she finds herself caught between

friendship and love, neither of

which she can let go.

But as their lives begin to take

a turn, for good, for bad, and for

the worse, Anshuman is forced

to rethink one of the things he

had considered a given: ‘He and

Indira would be best of friends


Now estranged for years,

Anshuman is looking forward

to marrying the love of his life,

while Indira is waiting to hear

back on her euthanasia appeal.

What could have gone so

wrong that she wants to end her


As their lives intersect once

again, how far will Anshuman go

for Indira?

To Friendship . . . With Love

About the Author

‘Let Me Go’ is published by Fingerprint

Publishing (an imprint

of Prakash books) and is slated

for release in India in November. As readers

might remember, Shriram’s first book ‘Wings of

Silence’ was published by Westland Books/Grey

Oak Publishers in 2012 and was translated into

Korean by Darun Publishers.

A recipient of the Shankar’s International

Award for creative writing from then President

Shankar Dayal Sharma in 1996, Shriram has

also authored a few unpublished short stories,

adapted scripts for theatre and screenplays for

short films.

Shriram has had memorable success as a

singer and songwriter, with over 2.5 million

views on YouTube.

In 2007, he released his first pop music album,

in Melbourne.

A Labour of Love?

Shriram refers to the creative arts as a labour of love,

but outrageous commercial success could make him look

at things differently.

Along with his other creative pursuits, Shriram

has had two seasons as a Commentator for Cricket

Australia, sharing the same media space as legendary

commentators like Harsha Bhogle, Michael Slater and

Mark Waugh.

The Audiobook is an up and coming format for books

and Shriram was chosen by Audible India to narrate

books which include those written by former President

of India Pranab Mukherjee, Shashi Tharoor, Devdutt

Pattnaik, Ram Gopal Varma, Suhel Seth and voiceovers

for bestsellers such as Savi Varma’s Everyone has a love

story and MS Dhoni’s Biography written by Biswajeet


The Marketing


Following his MBA degree, Shriram worked for large

corporates like Sensis and AGL, feeding his passion for

the SMB (Small-to-Medium Business) sector. He currently

helps the SMB segment develop customer acquisition

strategies and drives their campaigns using social media

marketing tools.

He also writes a monthly business column for a

Melbourne-based newspaper.

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JULY 1, 2018

18 Communitylink

Pontiff says we have a ‘New Zeal’ for humanity

Venkat Raman


is enhanced

by the ‘inner


beauty’ of

New Zealanders, making this a

‘Country of God,’ a visiting Saint

has said.

Shri Sugunendra Theertha

Swamiji, Pontiff of the Shri Puthige

Mutt, Udupi in the South Indian

State of Karnataka, said that

although he is on his maiden visit

to this country, “New Zealand

vibrates with piety and spirit of

goodwill and understanding.”

Peaceful and harmonious

“I notice that people of all

religions and beliefs live and

work with peace and harmony. I

have heard and noted that people

of varied ethnicities attend

events and religious ceremonies

and participate in them with

fervour. People of Indian origin

are an asset to New Zealand.

Apart from other unifying factors

like Cricket, Indians have earned

the respect of all New Zealanders

through their hard work,” he


He was speaking to Labour

MP (Mt Roskill) and Ethnic

Communities Under-Secretary

Michael Wood at the residence

of Sathyakumar Katte, a devotee

of Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

on Friday, June 15, 2018, where a

number of devotees had assembled

to pay obeisance to him.

“This is a land that displays

‘New Zeal,’ with his high level of

tolerance and friendship. I am

told that your Prime Minister

is expecting her first baby

and I pray and wish her a safe

delivery. I also hope that she will

visit India and expand our good

relations,” he said.

Labour MP blessed

He presented to Mr Wood a

Shri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji honours Labour MP Michael Wood at the residence of Sathyakumar Katte on

Friday, June 15, 2018

Shri Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji with the Katte Family

unique framed picture of Mother

Earth, seated on a Lotus Flower,

floating on water, holding in

eight hands, symbols of various

religions, the ‘Chakra of Shakthi,’

the Sun shining above – all of

which signified the concept of

‘Vasudhaiva Kuttumbakam,’

meaning ‘The World is One


Later, speaking to Indian

Newslink, he said that having

visited 25 countries across the

Continents, he was gratified to

find that people of India were

conscientiously speaking the

Special Prayer brings devotees

from afar to Balaji Temple

Ragavan Rengachariar

traditional values of India, its culture,

fine arts and social values.

Duty to Youth

“It is our duty to engage our

young people in activities that

promote the goodness of human

beings, inculcating in them the

same moral, educational and

cultural values that we have

imbibed, so that their country of

domicile benefits, bringing at the

same time pride and joy to their

mother country, that is India,”

Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji


He said that the modern world

RAMS Foundation Trustee Ragavan Rengachariar honours Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji with the title, of ‘Vishwa

Vithala Sarathy’ at the Residence of Umesh on Sunday, June 17, 2018

is characterised by speed, haste

and ‘everything and everyone’

expecting instant results because

of the advancement of science

and technology.

Deliverance of Karma

“Certain things cannot happen

instantly. Take for instance, ‘Karma.’

Although Karma is a result

of cause and effect, the result is

not instantaneous. Karma is like

a ‘deposit made in a bank.’ It has

to mature to yield its interest.

Just like a seed needs time to

grow, give its fruits, Karma takes

time to yield. People are often

impatient to realise the fruits of

their work,” he said.

Since his arrival ten days ago,

Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

has been visiting dozens of

homes of his devotees throughout

Auckland, at each of which he

was received with piety, respect

and special poojas. His devotees

say that the ‘Power of His Presence’

is felt for long.

Temple Ceremony

More than 800 people including

Members of Parliament, leaders

of other religions and various

ethnicities were present at Shri

Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan Temple

in Onehunga, Auckland, to participate

and witness ‘Saamoohika

Sansthana Pooja,’ a collective

offering to the Deities of Rukmini

Sathyabhama Sametha Shri


Sugunendra Theertha Swamiji

has brought with him Deities

that were worshipped in the 13th

Century AD by Madhwacharya,

also known as Purana Prajna

and Ananda Teertha, a Hindu

Philosopher and Chief Proponent

of the Dvaita School of Vedanta.

Among the highlights of the

event was a music concert by

Balachandra Bhat, Director,

Source Link Agencies Limited, an

Auckland based company and a

long-time devotee of Swamiji.

On Sunday, June 17, 2018,

RAMS Foundation Trustee and

Indian Newslink Religious Correspondent

Ragavan Rengachariar

honoured the Swamiji with the

‘Vishwa Vithala Sarathy’ Award

and Certificate at the residence of


Balaji Temple in Hamilton

celebrated the

‘Aani Thirumanjanam’

on Saturday, June 23,

2018 in the presence of a large

number of devotees from local

Hamilton and Auckland.

‘Thirumanjanam,’ or Holy

Bath performed during the

Tamil month of ‘Aani’ (and

hence the name) is a Special

Day for the Main Deity of a


Lord Sudarshan, the celestial

Chakra of Lord Narayana

was offered a special

Abhishek with turmeric paste

and turmeric mixed water.

Sudarshan Havan

The occasion was also used

to conduct a special ‘Sudarshan


The Special Pooja started

in the morning with sponsors

of the Havan, with recitals in

praise of this Chakra Lord and

the traditional prayer verses.

At the end of the Havan,

the ‘Purna Ahuthi’ was

offered concluding the Havan

performed by Chief Priest

Pandurangan and Assistant

Priest Kishore Simha Bhatt.

The formal Pooja consisted

Sudarshan Havan in progress (Picture Supplied)

of usual prayers with

various verses for Lord

Balaji (Sri Venkateswara)

and his consorts Goddess

Mahalakshmi and Bhu


The Priests and

Scholars recited the

Pasurams (poetic verses)

of Periayalzhvar, who was

one of the very famous

twelve ardent devotees of

Lord Narayana over the


Theses recitals were

in Tamil and the way in

which the renditions were

done were reminiscent

of the prayers offered at

Venkateswara temples in

South India.

Special Attributes

Special decorations and

floral offerings were made

during the special prayers.

Priest Pandurangan,

who prepared the

Special Prasadam was

also noted for the depth of

knowledge of the Temple

procedures and devotion

to the Lord.

The prayers concluded

with Maha Mangala

Aarthi to the deities.

Then of course all the

devotees were treated to

the Mahaprasad.

Shri Balaji Temple in

Hamilton has grown

within a short time with

the deities being decorated

in the traditional way

with sponsorships and

the spectacular Crown

installed recently (Indian

Newslink, May 15, 2018).

The ‘Panch Pyare’ entering the ‘Gurudwara Singh Sabha Christchurch’

Christchurch Gurdwara

moves into new building

Jitender Sahi

It was a dream come

true on Sunday, June 10,

2018 for the Sikh Community

in Canterbury

as the ‘Gurdwara Singh

Sabha Christchurch’ moved

into a new building.

The new Gurdwara, under

the umbrella of the New

Zealand Sikh Society South

Island Inc is located at 537

Ferry Road, Christchurch.

It took seven years (after

the 2010/2011 earthquakes

and the aftershocks) for

the Christchurch Sangat to

become a reality.

However, the prayers

never stopped during this

period with the Sangat

gathering every Sunday

at the Community Hall in


Work in progress

The team efforts headed

by Harjit Singh resulted

in the New Zealand Sikh

Society South Island Inc

acquiring the building. A bit

of work was carried out to

bring the building to align

with values of Sikhism.

It is still work in progress

and we invite anyone wanting

to contribute financially

or otherwise to contact us.

The whole team was very

emotional when the gates


It was amazing to see a

large number of attendees

coming as far as from Timaru

to get the blessings and

become part of this historic

event in South Island.

Other activities

The Gurdwara will be

open every day in the

morning and evening for


The Sikh Society’s plan is

to organise weekly Punjabi

classes for children within

the Gurdwara premises


There will be daily Sri

Sukhmani Sahib Path and

kirtans as well as langar

organised every Friday,

Saturday, and Sunday.

Jitender Sahi is a

spokesperson for the

New Zealand Sikh Society

(South Island) Inc.

JULY 1, 2018

Mortgage Brokers-Rachana Dave

Mortgage Brokers Feature


Being the first Indian

woman to receive the

‘Best Financial Advisor

(Mortgage) of the Year

Awards at the Indian Newslink

Indian Business Awards in 2017

has given Rachana Dave multiple

opportunities to grow personally,

financially and socially.

“In this growth, I have focused

on PICA, allowing me to grow as

a leader at home, at work and in

the community. PICA describes

my core qualities which fuel my

growth in leading ladies Summit

for Loan Market Australasia, when

conducting free first home/investor

seminars and giving talk shows

weekly on radio,” she said.

P – Passionate, Positive, Patient,

Pro-active, Problem-solver

I – Innovative, Inspiring, Involved

C – Compassionate, Caring,


A – Ambitious, Attention to detail

“Together with my personal

PICA focus, my professional

STAR approach has helped me

to successfully connect with my

colleagues, customers, referral

partners and the community

resulting in successful outcome

such as achieving Emerging

Elite-2018 at the Loan Market,”

Rachana said.

S – Simple & Effective

T – Thoughtful actions

A – Aspiring Attitude

R – Remarkable Relationships

The aim is to continue growing

and influencing the community to

reach their financial and personal


The benefits of using Global Finance Mortgage Advisers

For most of us, getting a mortgage will be the biggest financial decision we ever make.

Global Finance advisers know the industry as a result of years of experience, supplier access

and training. We have relationships with multiple lenders which allows us to shop around on

your behalf for the best deal. We will work with you to have a loan application presented in the

best way to get it approved. Our Interest Saver Plan ensures thousands of dollars of interest

never get paid by you allowing you to become debt free faster based on your financial capacity.

Global Finance has won over 40 awards since its inception in 1999. They have helped over

5,000 families with their first home, growing their property portfolio or buying a business or

commercial property. They have arranged over $8 billion of housing, business and commercial

loans, plus insurance, with a current loan approval rate consistently over 90%.

By using a Global Finance adviser, the advice you receive can put you in a better financial

position than before you received it.

JULY 1, 2018

20 Entertainment link

Alisha Farrer at the Manish Malhotra show in London Communication is an art in which Alisha Farrer is adept Makeup is a passion for Alisha Farrer

Perseverance takes youngster to the heart of Indian film industry

Venkat Raman

While thousands of

young men and

women land every

day in Mumbai,

Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru

hoping to make it in Hindi,

Tamil, Telugu and Kannada

films, success is reserved only to

a few who are highly talented or

fortunate or both.

While a handful begin their

journey in the so-called Bollywood

with anyone willing to give

them an entry level opportunity,

just one or two get the golden

chance of being cast under a

highly acclaimed banner.

Love Games

One such is Alisha Farrer, an

ambitious model and actor who

debuted in ‘Love Games,’ an

erotic directed by Vikram Bhatt

and produced by his brother

Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt.

Released on April 6, 2016, the

film did well in the box-office,

making Alisha an actress with

the ‘luck to turn the wheel of


However, ‘Hotel Beautifool,’

was the first film that she signed

‘three days after landing in Mumbai

in September 2014 along with

her father Rainer (Roly) Farrer

from Perth, Australia, where she

was born, raised and educated.

Parental Push

It is not common for Indian

parents to enthusiastically promote

the Show Business dreams

of their daughters, but in the case

of Alisha, her father encouraged

her to ‘break free,’ go to Mumbai

and give vent to her talent.

“Dad is a Christian from Delhi,


Farrer is a

new Star on

the Galaxy”

and mom (Kavita) is from Punjab.

They raised me and my two

younger sisters Raina and Shirani

with love and care but always

allowed us to pursue whatever

we wanted to do in our life and

career. I began as a makeup artist

and then went into the world of

modelling in Perth. I began to

explore the world,” Alisha said.

Miracle in Mumbai

It took just three days after

landing in Mumbai with her

father in September 2014 for

Alisha to get her first break in

Hindi films.

“I have heard that thousands

of people from all over the world

come to Mumbai and wait for

months and years to just get a

chance for screen test. I signed

to act in ‘Hotel Beautifool’ within

three days after my arrival in

Mumbai. It was a miracle and

I enjoyed every moment,”

Alisha said speaking to Indian

Newslink between shots from


Director Sameer Iqbal Patel was

about to commence the second

schedule of the film and hence

Alisha’s arrival proved propitious

for her.

“Show Business has been my

passion since my formative

years and I always wanted to be

a makeup artist, dancer, model

and actor. I lived in the protected

world of my parents and my

younger sister Raina but as a

girl who loved independence, I

was keen to find my way into the

Hindi film industry. I am grateful

to my father who was always a

source of encouragement and my

mother (Kavita) who supported

my efforts. I have just begun

my journey and look forward to

milestones,” she said.

Testy First Day

Meeting people and speaking to

them with objectivity is natural

for Alisha, whose graduate (BA)

degree in Journalism from the

Curtin University and a degree

from the West Australian Academy

of Performing Arts (both

based in Perth) instilled in her

confidence and courage to face


“But the first shoot was very

testy,” Alisha said.

“It was the first day of shooting

for ‘Hotel Beautifool,’ and I was

to ask Johnny Lever questions

about a painting. I was a bundle

of nerves; it took 23 takes before

the shot was approved by the

director. I guess everyone has

gone through their first camera

appearance,” she said.

“This is nothing new. Almost

everyone from Amitabh Bachchan

to Zarina Wahab have had

their fear of the lens on the first

day of their shooting. In fact,

actors who have dozens of films

to their credit, are tensed on the

first day of shooting a new film,”

we wanted to say but stopped


Jhol and MOH

‘Hotel Beautifool’ was released

in August 2017 but immediately

after completing its First Schedule,

she was offered the role of

‘Ritu’ in ‘Jhol,’ a comedy film

produced under the ‘Shasan Arts’

banner, following which she

began shooting for her upcoming

college-based film ‘Zindagi’

(Rajshri Productions) in Delhi.

The film is currently under post


There is much hype over

‘MOH,’ a romantic thriller directed

by Rajesh K Rathi in which

Alisha has been cast opposite Dev

Sharma and Ashima Sharma.

“I am really excited about this

film, which is now in its final

stages of production. It is due for

release in November this year

and I am sure that it would be

successful. Having been raised

in Australia, my accent was

different, but I have overcome

this problem. I love to have my

own voice in dubbing. It brings

out the ‘real me’ on the screen,”

she said.

Alisha has also acted in Kumari

18+, a Telugu film.

“It is a pleasure to work in

South Indian films, especially

Telugu. Everyone is punctual

and cooperative; I suppose that

is why Telugu films are so very

successful,” she said.

Catwalk and Catcalls

Modelling came naturally for

Alisha and her father said that

she started performing on the

stage when she was just five

years of age.

“Her talent, skills, confidence

and family support have taken

her to a level that often remains

a dream to many. I believe that

parents should encourage their

children to achieve their goals

and objectives in life. We are

proud that our little girl has

completed four Bollywood films

and hundreds of thousands of

fans all over the world follow

her on Facebook and other social

media,” Roly said.

Awards and Citations

While her histrionic talents

have been exposed on the big

and small screens (her television

appearances include ‘SuperCops

vs SuperVillains,’ ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,’

‘Ishqbaaaz,’ ‘Gumrah:

End of Innocence,’ DD National

and MTV Splitsvilla X), her stage

performances have also brought

her accolades.

Among the Awards and Citations

to her credit have been ‘Best

Dancer and the Most Talented

Dancer,’ in Jaipur; First Runner

Up in Miss North India (2012 New


Alisha is a regular invitee to

participate in fashion shows and

host programmes all over the

world. Here is a sample: fashion

show by famous Bollywood

designer Manish Malhotra in

London; Independence Day Celebrations

in Sri Lanka; modelling

and cultural programmes in

Thailand, London and different

States in India.

Forthcoming Show in Perth

Alisha is due to in Australia

over the next fortnight to appear

in a show with her sister Raina at

the Perth Crown Casino.

“I look forward to the event,

due to be held on Sunday, July 8,

2018. I also hope to have my own

Make-Up Studio and Boutique in

Australia,” Alisha said.

JULY 1, 2018

Model of the Fortnight



“Dark is Beautiful,” and say it with pride

I stopped seeing

my skin colour as a


flaw but a gift from

God to change the views of the

society on what it means to be

beautiful, the magnitude of my

confidence grew,” says Sabby Jey,

our Model of the Fortnight.

She is an advocate for ‘Dark is

Beautiful,’ an organisation that

helps women feel confident in

their own skin and challenge

dark skin shaming in South Asian


Miss Universe aspirant seeks

funds for Children’s Charity

Priyena Prasad (Standing second right) with other Miss Universe New Zealand Contestants

(Pictures Supplied)

Venkat Raman

AMiss Universe New

Zealand contestant is

organising a Netball

Tournament this month to raise

funds for ‘Variety, the Children’s


Priyena Prasad, a young

New Zealander of Fijian origin

said that the Tournament is

scheduled to be held on Sunday,

July 29, 2018 at the Manurewa

Netball Centre, located at 95

Browns Road, Manurewa, South


Winners of the Tournament

would receive $600, $500 and

$400 respectively as First, Second

and Third Prizes.

“There would be food stalls at

the Tournament, which is being

organised for members of the

Fijian and Indian communities.

In addition to the prize money,

I am seeking sponsorship of my

event called the ‘Entrepreneurial

Challenge,’ which is a part of

the Miss Universe New Zealand

Contest. I am hoping to raise as

much as possible for ‘Variety’

as well as for the Pageant. I am

Looking forward to the support of

our people,” Priyena said.

The Miss Universe New Zealand

Final will be held on Saturday, August

4, 2018 at SkyCity Convention

Centre in Auckland.

About Priyena Prasad

Twenty-One-Year old Priyena

Prasad was born in Auckland

and was educated at Epsom Girls

Grammar School. She is a Fijian

by lineage (her parents are from

Suva and Ba) and is currently

employed at the Social Development

Ministry and is pursuing

graduation studies in Business at

Massey University.

Passion for Sports

Her passion for sports took

her to the Auckland and North

Harbour NPC where she was the

only girl of Indian origin to play

with the Fiji Under 21 team.

“While I am grateful for what

Sabby is a professional model

and an upcoming actor in Tamil

films produced in Tamil Nadu.

Stage and Screen aspirant

As well as working as a model

for many agencies and appearing

in television commercials and

printed advertisements in New

Zealand and India, she is keen to

make it big in the film industry. “I

hope to act with Joseph Vijay, my

favourite Tamil actor and then

try my luck in Hollywood,” she


Priyena Prasad promotes, ‘Variety,’ a Child Charity

Priyena Prasad ready for Netball Tournament

I have achieved in Netball, I

thought it would be a good time

to try out for the Miss Universe

New Zealand Competition,” she


Priyena Prasad can be contacted

on 020-41449581. Email:

This New Zealand-born youngster

of Sri Lankan origin, has

completed a graduate (Bachelor

of Business with Finance and

International Business Major)

from the Auckland University of

Technology (AUT). Her parents

and younger sister live in Sydney.

Employed at Huawei as a Key

Opinion Leader for their latest

‘Huawei P20’ Sabby also works

as ‘influencer’ for many local

Kiwi brands including Judy Gao

Couture and Caci Beauty.

Social Media Management

She recently established

‘Sabby Jey Social Limited,’ a social

media management company to

provide social media strategy to

increase sales generation through

Facebook and Instagram for New

Zealand companies.

Her hobbies include working

out at the gym and staying fit.

She works with her personal

trainer Vanya Simeonova, a Bikini

Athlete three times a week.

Singing and Dancing are her

favourite hobbies.

Timely treatment benefits

cardiovascular patient

Supplied Content

Aroutine cardiovascular

risk assessment was able

to highlight the need for

intervention for a patient

attending one of Procare’s affiliated

Medical Centres.

People with diabetes like ‘Mr X’

attend medical centres every three

months for assessment of blood

pressure, lipid profile and Hba1c (3

month average blood sugar) levels.

During these appointments, an

ongoing prescription for medications

is prepared for them.

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Medical centres also have a yearly

task of completing a cardiovascular

risk assessment for patients like ‘Mr

X’ who have long term conditions.

This assessment calculates an estimate

of health risk that can indicate

the need for further intervention or

intensification of treatment.

People with diabetes have a

greater risk of damage to the blood

vessels and this can bring greater

possibility for heart and brain events

(heart attack or stroke), along with

possible damage to eyes, kidneys and

nerves. Because of the seriousness

of the potential impact of these

health conditions this yearly check is


Patient information

The check needs two recent blood

pressures, a blood test with lipids

(cholesterol) and Hba1c levels, a

foot check and a report from eye

screening along with other patient

information like smoking status,

medical conditions and medications

issued. Information on the patients

exercise level can also be added.

In January 2018, Mr X’s calculation

was completed, showing areas of


The Hba1c had increased greatly

“Do the things that make you

light up and excited. It may just

be a hobby but who knows, you

could make it your career if you

are smart and work hard at it,”

she said.

-Venkat Raman

If you wish to be featured

as our Model of the Fortnight,

please write to

Blood Pressure check is a part of routine

examination of patients suffering from cardiovascular

diseases (Picture Supplied)

and the need for regular sugar

lowering prescriptions was given to

the patient.

Education around food and ways

to increase physical activity was also


Dietary differences

Decreasing high GI (Glycaemic

Index) foods including less

carbohydrates, eating less high GI

foods (for example containing less

sugar, flour, rice and potatoes) and

reducing calories overall can make a

big difference to glucose levels.

Regular physical activity with

greater effort and variety also has

significant benefits for health and

blood sugar levels even if weight loss

does not happen.

As gaining muscle mass reduces

insulin resistance and glucose levels

and so decreases the potential harm

to health.

Benefits of lifestyle change

Mr X was able to change his lifestyle

once he realised the benefit to

making the changes, he has obtained

a dog to encourage regular exercise.

He is taking the sugar lowing

medications regularly now that

he understands the benefit of well

controlled glucose levels.

His estimated risk level is now 7%

as of June 2018, reduced from 10%

in January.

A 30% reduction in risk for serious

medical complications is a good

result for Mr X and the staff at the

medical centre.




H O T E L & S U I T E S

JULY 1, 2018

22 Classifieds/Entertainmentlink

Search begins for Miss Indianz

2018 and other titles

Grand Finale on Saturday, September 15, 2018 (730 pm) at Mahatma Gandhi Centre, Auckland




Kiwi-Indian Elegance

since 2002




Venkat Raman

Every year, as he

launches his Miss

Indianz Pageant

and Competition,

Dharmesh Parikh of Reshab

D Productions Limited and

Rhythm House Limited calls

us and our colleagues at

Radio Tarana to discuss promotional

strategies for what

is now the country’s most

Indian Newslink and

Radio Tarana are the only

two organisations that have

been a part of my journey

which began in 2002. They

have shared my anxieties,

challenges and problems and

supported me in overcoming

them. I believe this is a

unique relationship and we

will continue our association

with these two very valuable

partners,” he said.

Core Principles

We have always

encouraged Mr Parikh to

follow principles of honesty,

integrity, accountability

and transparency and have

enabled him to establish Miss

Indianz as a unique brand

that attracts young talent and


“We do not ask our contestants

to seek sponsorship or

sell tickets for the show but

request them to concentrate

on their costumes, various

segments of the show including

the talent and Q&A

Round. There is no burden

on them. The only tough

part of Miss Indianz is the

intense competition that the

contestants face, because is

each is as good as the other,”

he said.

Expanding reach

Miss Indianz was confined

to Auckland in the initial

years but has now grown to

evince the interest of young

women from Hamilton,

Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, Palmerston

North, Wellington,

Christchurch and other


With some of the title

winners and runners-up

winning in global contests,

the level of popularity and

confidence is high.

Major challenge

“A major challenge for

contestants outside of

Auckland is taking time out

to be here for the event. This

is clear evidence that Indian

fashion, music and dance are

becoming more popular in

this country,” Mr Parikh said.

With this issue, we begin

profiling each of the contestants

as the files are received.

Therefore, they are not in

any order.

Saturday 15th September, 7:30pm

Mahatma Gandhi Centre,

145 New North Road, Auckland

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Photo /

Bhiku Bhula

Kamya Patel

Born in Kapadvanj, a small town in the Kheda

District of Gujarat in India, Kamya Patel arrived

in New Zealand when she was four years old.

A student pursuing Biological Sciences degree at the

University of Auckland, she has appeared in TV commercials

and has appeared in ‘Brave Love,’ a film directed by

John Calder.

(Pictures by of Kamya Patel by Peter Jenning)

‘Sanju’ testifies the growing trend of biopics

The recently released Hindi

film Sanju follows agrowing

trend in Bollywood of

making biopics on famous


Ranbir Kapoor plays the titular

role in the Rajkumar Hirani

directed film based on the life of

actor Sanjay Dutt.

It is for the first time though

that a film has been released on

the life of a current actor in the

industry. The film focuses more

on the human story of the person

behind the macho actor Sanjay





Apurv Shukla

Ph : 09 357 0922

021 488 525

Email :

518 Dominion Road Mount Eden

Chasing new ideas

Filmmakers are always

looking for new stories and

ideas to engage and entertain

the audiences. Biopics can be

an attractive proposition if the

material is presented in an

interesting and more importantly

neutral manner.

Sports with all their highs and

lows carry stories which can

be interestingly translated on


Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

One of the best biopic on Indian

athletes was the 2013 Rakesh

Mehra directed Bhaag Milkha

Bhaag. Farhan Akhtar played the

titular role of the track and field

sprinter from Punjab, Milkha

Singh. It narrated the multiple

Asian Medal winner’s life and

Translation Service

Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu, Sinhalese,

Arabic, etc.

Accurate, professional, prompt service

by accredited translators.

Approved by LTSA/AA/Immigration

New Zealand.

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Certificates, Diplomas, Letters,

Driving license ,etc.

Kartika Singh

Born in Fiji,Kartika Singh migrated to New Zealand

with her family when she was just three years old.

Following her school years at Waitakere College,

she joined a Hairdressing School and is now an entrepreneur

by her own right.

“As a self-made businesswoman, I believe that there

are no secrets to success. It is the result of hard work and

learning from failures. My journey as a business woman

started four years ago all I knew was that I imagined, I

believed and I achieved,” Kartika said.

(Pictures of Kartika Singh by Keethan Sundar)


The film was aheart

warming tale of the triumph

of hope over misery,

and won both critical and

commercial acclaim.

MS Dhoni biopic

The biopic on MS Dhoni

was also well received as it

was a well researched and

authentically presented

portrayal of India’s World

Cup winning captain.

Critics though were quick

to point out that it did

not delve into the murky

issue of match fixing at

the Indian Premier League

(IPL) at all.

Mohammed Azharuddin

A classic case of a

biopic gone wrong is

Azhar. Emraan Hashmi

played the role of cricketer

Mohammad Azharuddin in

the Ekta Kapoor produced

film. The 99 test veteran

scored three centuries in

his first three tests against


Azhar was appointed

India’s captain in 1989 and

lead India in 3World Cups.

Later he was accused and

implicated in match fixing

charges. But the film appeared

to many as a futile

case in point of portraying

half baked caricaturist

Sinthia Kumar

characters, trying to glorify

the cricketer and absolve

him of any wrongdoings.


Neerja is another example

of a well made biopic.

It struck a chord with the

audiences as it brought to

light a wonderful story of a

brave and selfless woman.

Filmmakers have to

strike a fine balance

between ensuring biopics

are not gimmicky but still

engaging. Also any film is

a commercial product and

cannot come across as a

documentary. The actor’s

commitment to a role also

reflects on screen and can

add tremendous value to

the enterprise. Remember

the striking physical resemblance

Ranbir Kapoor’s

Sanju has to the real life

Sanjay Dutt.

More biopics coming

Coming days will see a

large number of biopics

release. Former India

Hockey Captain Sandeep

Singh, martyred war hero

Captain Vikram Batra and

Commonwealth Games gold

medallist Sania Nehwal all

are having films made on

their lives.

Audiences are keen to

watch the stories of well

Eighteen-year-old Sinthia Kumar is currently studying

to gain a Bachelor’s degree in Business at the AUT


As an athlete, she has played Football and Volleyball while

at High School.

She also studied dance, drama and performing arts, all of

which she says are her passion.

“Dancing and photography are my hobbies and I am a

proud winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year at the Lion

Foundation’s Young Entrepreneur Scheme (YES),” she said.

(Pictures of Sinthia Kumar are by Andrew Bignal)

known people on screen.

Bollywood has realised the real life stories

of people make for a rich and layered reel

interpretation. The onus lies on filmmakers

to create a balanced product fairly representing

all aspects of the person’s life, and

respecting the audience’s sensibilities at the

same time.

Apurv Shukla is a Sports and Entertainment

Commentator for Indian Newslink.

JULY 1, 2018


Chicking comes to Auckland with trendsetters

Venkat Raman


When A K Mansoor,

Dubai based

Managing Director of

Chicking, one of the

fastest growing food chains in the

world, formally opened the outlet

in Sylvia Park in Auckland on

Tuesday, July 26, 2018, it marked a

spectacular new Chapter.

For shop owner and entrepreneur

Kamanie Silochan, it was the

fructification of months of hard

work, consents, compliance and a

host of other things.

Soon after its opening at 9 am

with a traditional powhiri at

New Zealand’s largest shopping

complex opened its doors to business,

men and women gathered

at Chicking, as if there was no


That in fact has been the

trend at every centre where the

fast food chain established its

presence, beginning with Dubai

in 2000.

Passion for quality

Chicking is a vivid demonstration

of Mr Mansoor’s passion

for quality, affordability and

commitment to every market

around the world.

“I believe in careful, planned

and strategic growth that can

be managed easily. Having

created Chicking 19 years ago

in the United Arab Emirates, the

vision was to mark its presence

worldwide. The Auckland outlet

is the 146th in the chain, followed

by Hamilton,” he said, speaking to

Indian Newslink from the world’s

AK Mansoor with Kamanie Silochan at Chicking, Sylvia Park

newest Chicking Restaurant.

Extensive range

Kamanie said that staying away

from the junk food industry,

Chicking offers healthy, tasty food,

with its range comprising 21-piece

Family Bucket, Individual Meals,

Supreme Sandwiches, Wraps

and Sandwiches, Chicking Pizza,

special meal for children and


Grilled Chicken and Griller

Burgers are a speciality at


“This is a totally new and satisfying

dining Restaurant. Chicking

will add to the great shopping

experience of Sylvia Park. We

will continue to achieve customer

satisfaction,” she said.

New Zealand Master Franchisers

Amal Jayaprakash and Abbey

Abraham said that a Chicking

Restaurant will be opened in Wellington

on September 14, 2018.

“We are planning to expand

and establish our presence at

all cities and major shopping

centres. Chicking is set to change

Sinthia Kumar

Kamanie Silochan with her husband Basanth, daughter Bhasuree

and son Jathin

the dining scene in New Zealand,”

they said.

Worldwide Presence

Mr Mansoor said that he plans

to have more than 1000 Restaurants

in over 70 countries across

the Continents by 2025.

“This would be the only

worldwide Halal Restaurant, with

standardised specifications and

our own innovative recipe,” Mr

Mansoor said.

According to him, the cost of

establishing a Chicking Franchise

is no more than US$ 50,000 per


“It could become cheaper as we

expand our Restaurant chain to

more countries. Our equipment

comes with guarantee of quality

and reliability. Everything good

need not be expensive,” he said.

Modest beginnings

Born and raised in the Hindu

Temple town of Guruvayoor near

Trissur in Kerala, Mr Mansour

arrived in Dubai in 1987 and

commenced his career on a salary

of about US$ 50 per month.

Keralites are known for hard

work, enduring hardships with

perseverance, patience and the

courage to venture into new

areas of activity. They are known

to learn the industry of their

involvement well with a sound

knowledge of the market.

Understanding the trend in Dubai

in the mid-1980s, Mr Mansoor

commenced his entrepreneurial

adventure with video and electronic


Seven years after arriving

in Dubai, he started ‘Al Bayan

Cargo.’ The year was 1994 and the

Emirate was on the threshold of

accentuated growth.

‘Al Bayan Water’ came in 2000

and became an instant success. In

a region that is devoid of potable

water, the Company was a boon

to consumers. Fifteen years later,

Mr Mansoor sold it to concentrate

on his other ventures within Al

Bayan Group.

One of them was Chicking.

With intense research and

evaluating market dynamics

The Chicking Team at Sylvia Park

(Indian Newslink Pictures/Ronny Kumaran)

in the fast food industry, the

mantra of consistency in taste and

constant innovation was adopted

as key for converting Chicking as

successful global brand.

Al Bayan Group

The current portfolio of Al

Bayan Group of companies

comprises versatile business

operations in the service and

manufacturing sectors, including

healthcare, marine engineering,

allied industries and fast food.

“Our Mission and Vision are

combined to fulfil the Group’s

objectives with stringent quality

measures conforming to the

highest standards through diverse

range of solutions, especially

in health and hygiene sectors.

We strive consistently to deliver

impeccable service that exceeds

customer expectations finding

more room for innovation and

process improvement, thereby

rendering quality lifestyle to the

community,” he said.

JULY 1, 2018

24 Sportslink

All Blacks frustrate France and wrap up the Steinlager Series

The Final Test in Dunedin (49-14) reinforces their supremacy

Sheevas Dayal

Damian Mckenzie, the All

Blacks halfback scored

twice and winger Rieko

Loane’s hat trick saw

the All Black’s depth as they

accomplished a 49-14 triumph

over France in Dunedin that

gave them a3-0 series sweep.

The final match, held at the

Forsyth Barr Stadium on June 23,

2018 was a treat to watch.

Veteran Full-back Ben Smith

and replacement Crusaders

flanker Matt Todd also scored as

the All Blacks tried to shut the

game down in the second half.

Indomitable McKenzie

Damian McKenzie started at

his preferred position and the

All Blacks profited from his

speed and innate ability to find

the gaps and exploit spaces.

The French could not defend

McKenzie attacking the line the

way he did with such pace and

intricacy to his angle that he was

able to twice score directly off

first phase possession without a

hand being laid on him.

It was an intolerable business

for France, who no doubt had

hoped that an All Blacks side

with four new caps in it, would

have been raw, nervous and


Skipper replaced

France scrum-half and Captain

Morgan was replaced by Baptiste

Damian McKenzie makes an offload against France.

Photo Courtesy: Andrew Cornaga for Photosport (Through RNZ)

Serin early in the match, who

scored a try whilst returning

centre Wesley Fofana crossed

the line for the visitors, who

were beginning to impress in

the first half before arelentless

ABs had their say.

Refereeing Controversy

There was more refereeing

controversy as McKenzie rounded

up the Referee John Lacey to

go through a hole in the French

defence to score a try.

France lost the first two Tests,

going down 52-11 in the first

and 26-13 in the second. Both

of those defeats hinged on poor

refereeing decisions; a Yellow

card in the first Test (at Eden

Park, Auckland, on June 9) which

saw the French outfit smashed

after holding the All Blacks to

11-11 after 50 minutes and a red

card in the second (at Westpac

Stadium, Wellington on June 16)

which cost them a match they

could have won.

The Score Board

New Zealand 49 (B Smith, M

Todd, D McKenzie (2), R Loane

(3), Tries; DMcKenzie; seven


France 14 (B Serin, W Fofana

tries; A Belleau- two Conversions

All Blacks: 15 Ben Smith,

14 Waisake Naholo, 13 Jack

Goodhue, 12 Sonny Bill Williams,

11 Rieko Ioane, 10 Damian

McKenzie, 9 Aaron Smith; 1 Joe

Moody, 2Codie Taylor, 3Owen

Franks, 4 Sam Whitelock (c), 5

Scott Barrett, 6 Shannon Frizell,

7 Ardie Savea, 8 Luke Whitelock.

Replacements: 16 Liam Coltman,

17 Karl Tu’inukuafe, 18 Ofa

Tuungafasi, 19 Jackson Hemopo,

20 Matt Todd, 21 TJ Perenara,

22 Richie Mo’unga, 23 Jordie


France: 15 Benjamin Fall, 14

Teddy Thomas, 13 Remi Lamerat,

12 Wesley Fofana, 11 Gael Fickou,

10 Anthony Bellau, 9 Morgan

Parra (c); 1 Dany Priso, 2 Camille

Chat, 3Uini Atonio, 4Bernard Le

Roux, 5 Yoann Maestri, 6 Mathieu

Babillot, 7 Kelian Galletier, 8

Kevin Gourdon. Replacements:

16 Adrien Pelissie, 17 Cyril Baille,

18 Cedate Gomes Sa, 19 Felix

Lambey, 20 Alexandre Lapandry,

21 Baptiste Serin, 22 Jules

Plisson, 23 Maxime Medard.

Sheevas Dayal is our Rugby

Correspondent. He covered the

Three-Test Steinlager Series held

in Auckland, Wellington and

Dunedin over the past three Saturdays-

June 9, June and June 23,

2018. His reports were published

in our Web Editions, Facebook,

Twitter and LinkedIn on the days

following the matches.


The Eighth Annual


Guest Speaker

Sir Stephen Tindall

Founder, The Warehouse Group and

Chair, Team New Zealand




Monday, July 9, 2018 at 630pm

(Cocktails between 630pm and 730pm)

Pullman Hotel

Corner Princes Street &Waterloo Crescent, Auckland

Guests of Honour:

Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand

Former Governor General of New Zealand

Lady Susan Satyanand

Master of Ceremonies

Hon Jenny Salesa

Minister of Ethnic Communities,

Building &Construction


Dr Rajen Prasad

Former Member of


Tickets: $150+GST per person

Table of Ten persons: $1500+GST

Supported by The Institute of Directors (Auckland Branch),

The Auckland Law Society and Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand.

Right of Admission Reserved •Phone: (09) 5336377 •Mobile: 021 836528 •Email:

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