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2018-19 Southern Adirondack Guide

6 Corinth, NY By Pam

6 Corinth, NY By Pam Morin Corinth, NY is an Upper Hudson River waterfront community, south of Hadley and Lake Luzerne and 15 minutes from Queensbury and Glens Falls, with three miles of flat water, allowing watersports to capture the hearts of both resident and summer visitors. These clean clear waters add to the centerpiece of this quaint town and village. To highlight this peaceful attraction, the community has created a wonderful series of parks that are conjoined by an easy stroll from the beach along the walkway allowing for family picnics, reunions and special events to be a common practice. The very popular Pagenstecher Park screams of adventure as its high rise picnic area hangs above sheer cliffs known as palisades. These are the only palisades on the 350 mile Hudson River besides those on the northern New Jersey shoreline banks just before entering in to the Atlantic Ocean. A park visitor in the Village walking along the river can also be very captivated by the extreme drop in elevation and the dramatic 90 degree angle eastward that the river takes as it passes by the old pulp mill and heads to Queensbury and Glens Falls. In days gone by, the railway system spurred from the pulp mill and shirt factories in town to the main line as product was transported south to the metropolitan areas. The military pride in Corinth in always accented and the Town Hall Veteran’s Memorial and Park are true examples of their heritage and history. The Honor Roll in front of Town Hall reflects all those In Active Duty and the Civil War Monument that stands vigil at Town Hall. Corinth also has program honoring World War Veterans. On November 14th at the Corinth High School auditorium, we will be holding our Veterans Day celebration. There is plenty to do in this community as the watersports top the chart, while special events, hunting, fishing, hiking , biking, snowshoeing and summer music concerts come in second. Above all, and taking first place would be the leisure world of camping in the Adirondack Mountains by the river or lake sweeps away the blues as the repeat fresh air lovers spend every minute they can get away to rejuvenate in the small community. The arrival of the railroad to Corinth was one of the big events in the history of the community. With it came the telegraph, and Corinth was brought hours nearer to the big world centers. The twenty-five miles to Hadley was completed by 1865. The building of the railroad has to be one of the more important historical events in the development and progress of the Town and Village of Corinth.accented and the Town Hall Veteran’s Memorial and Park are true examples of their heritage and history.. Reach our advertisers at: 1818–2018 Celebrate Corinth’s Bicentennial Buy Wooden Nickels • $1 ea Write your name, phone number and nickel number on the sheet to be entered into a special drawing for prizes! BICENTENNIAL EVENTS July 7 Independence Day Celebration & Parade August 11 International Paper Day August 12 Faith of Our Fathers Sunday with Bell Ringing August 17 1960’s Party August 18 Parade and and Firematic and EMS Events Fall Events will be announced at a later date. For information, contact Bicentennial Chairman and Town Supervisor Richard Lucia For more information and poictures visit: www.facebook. com/Corinth-Bicentennial- Events-and-Planning Native Daughter, Renowned Artist, Cate Mandigo created 2 custom prints for Corinth Bicentennial Celebration. Available at Town Hall. • • •

7 Corinth – Still Celebrating 200 Years Corinth is a quaint little town in Saratoga County, Upstate New York. The Hudson River winds peacefully through Corinth, making it a favorite vacation spot for tourists of all seasons looking for a place that has swimming, boating, fishing, waterskiing, beautiful fall foliage, snow skiing, snowshoeing, and much more all centrally located. In the extreme southwestern corner of Corinth is the famous Mount McGregor, where Gen. Ulysses S. Grant died. Come enjoy the serenity of Corinth, and still be only 15 minutes from all the fast paced attractions and entertainment offered in neighboring communities of Saratoga, Glens Falls, and Lake George. I.P. Museum. This building was the first headquarters of International Paper Company, Corinth, NY. It later became the offices for the Mill Managers of Hudson River Mill. The downstairs became the time office for the then 1500 employees to punch their timeclocks in and out for their respective shifts and pick up their paychecks. When International Paper Company closed its doors in 2002, the town of Corinth asked to have the building donated to the Town to serve as a papermaking museum. After several years this did happen, and the Town has begun the slow process of making the museum a reality on the National Historic Roll. Summer programs have been scheduled there. Visit IP Museum at for a list of Summer Programs. Corinth 2018 Bicentennial Mr. & Mrs. Corinth Donald & Janet Briner Contact Supervisor Richard Lucia at or the Corinth Merchant Contact Supervisor Richard Lucia at Association at 518-654-2648 for further information. 600 Palmer Ave., Corinth, NY 12822 • (518) 654-9232 Queen - Chesnie York King - Nikklas Milligan 2018... The Town of Corinth is celebrating its 200th birthday (actually, on April 20, 1818). We are in the process of a year-long grand celebration ending with a mammoth parade on August 18. There are many volunteers needed to accomplish such an undertaking. If you are available to volunteer please email We are having a selection of a King and Queen, selection of a Mr. and Mrs. Corinth, a Faith of our Fathers Sunday, International Paper Company Day, a Cate Mandigo print to auction off and get prints, history book, firemen activities, EMS activities, old fashioned town board meeting, time capsule, quilting show, bicentennial dance and tons of other activities. We would like to get every club, organization or group to participate in an event during the year and in the huge parade. Reach our advertisers at: • • •

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