AWC Going Dutch Oct 2018

American Women's Club magazine Oct 2018 edition

American Women's Club magazine Oct 2018 edition


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Going Dutch

October 2018

The Magazine of the

American Women’s Club

of The Hague

Denneweg 56

2514CH The Hague

Tel. 0703458442


AWC treats its Honorary Members to a


See what the Holiday Bazaar has to offer.

AWC kicks off the new Club year!




5 Officers and


6 Volunteer and Honorary

Member Luncheon

8 Message from the


9 October General


9 Vote!

10 Letter from the Editor

12 Membership and


13 Newcomer’s Coffee

14 Club and Community


15 Ongoing Activities

20 One-of-a-Kind Activities

22 Holiday Bazaar

26 Fall Kick Off

28 October Calendar

31 AWC and the Arts

32 FAWCO Corner

34 Recipe

35 AWC Community


36 Chat, Craft and Cake

40 The Dutch Daily

42 Adventures in Madeira

47 Lunch with Girlfriends

48 Announcements

52 Classifieds

53 Index of Advertisers

and Ad Rates

54 Proost! Interview

OCTOBER 2018 3


Audrey Goodman

2018-2019 AWC Officers

Committee Chairs

AWC Clubhouse

Johan van Oldenbarneveltlaan 43

2582 NJ Den Haag

Tel: 070 350 6007



Going Dutch Magazine


Clubhouse Hours

Tuesday and Thursday

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Closed

Dues (Effective 2018-2019)

€ 110 per year (€ 66 after January 1)

€ 90 business, professional

€ 55 valid US military ID

€ 35 student

€ 35 Outside the Netherlands (Going

Dutch magazine not included)

Add € 15 new member registration fee

Design and Layout

Teresa Mahoney

Cover Photo

Cows in Leidschendam by Melissa White


Mary Adams, Jane Choy, Sabine Crowley,

Greetje Engelsman, FAWCO, Dena

Haggerty, Teresa Insalaco, Veronica June,

Suzanne MacNeil, Julie Mowat, Perspektief,

Melissa Rider, Anne van Oorschot, Melissa



Celeste Brown, Jane Gulde, Diane Schaap,

Debbie van Hees

Advertising Manager & Invoicing



Jane Choy, Susanne Dundas, Roberta

Enschede, Jan Essad, Heather DeWitt, Dena

Haggerty, Marsha Hagney, Eileen Harloff,

Deana Kreitler, Suzanne MacNeil, Sunita

Menon, Julie Mowat, Melissa Rider, Lindsay

Turnau, Emily van Eerten, Melissa White



AWC Bank Account Number

IBAN: NL42ABNA0431421757

KvK Den Haag


Honorary President Diane Hoekstra

President Suzanne MacNeil


Vice President Marsha Hagney


Treasurer Sheyla Karman


Secretary Heather DeWitt & Laura Suttles


Club and Community Development

Naya Pessoa


Clubhouse Administrator

Jan Essad


Communications Open



Sunita Menon

Front Office

Liduine Bekman, Siska Datema-Kool,

Dominique Duysens, Amber Gatewood,

Machelle Hollar, Paula Looijmans, Melissa

Rider, Robin Rose, Holly Savoie, Carol

Schapira, Chelsea Wald

Activities: Greetje Engelsman

Arts: Jane Choy

Assistant Treasurer: Teresa Insalaco

Board Advisor: Jessie Rodell

Caring Committee: Naomi Keip

Chat, Craft & Cake: Suzanne Dundas

eNews Amber Gatewood

Events & Tours: Open

FAWCO: Julie Mowat

Front Office Coordinator: Open

General Meeting Programs: Dena


Heart Pillow: Jan de Vries

Historian/Archivist: Open

Holiday Bazaar: Jaimie Keppel-Molenaar

Hospitality: Open

IT Administrator: Julie Otten

Kids’ Club: Lindsey Turnau

Library: Dena Haggerty

Membership: Melissa Rider

Newcomers: Holly Savoie, Greetje


Parliamentarian: Georgia Regnault

Philanthropy: Holly Savoie

Public Relations: Open

Social Media: Ceci Wong and Julie Otten

Tennis: Molly Boed

Volunteer Coordinator: Laurie


Webmaster: Julie Otten

Women with Dutch Partners: Loren


Deadlines: Submissions are due no later than the last Monday of the month preceding the publication month.

For example, for the December issue, submissions are due before Monday, October 29

Please Note: Articles submitted to Going Dutch will be published subject to space limitations and editorial approval.

All rights reserved; reprints only by written permission of the Editor. Please email to: goingdutchmag@


Legal Notice: Articles in Going Dutch express the views and opinions of their authors alone, and not necessarily

those of the AWC of The Hague, its Members or this publication.


AWC Mission Statement

The AWC is an association formed to provide social and educational activities for American

women living in the Netherlands and to promote amicable relations among people of all nations,

as well as acquiring funds for general public interest. Membership in the club is open

to women of all nations who are friendly and welcoming to American culture. The association

does not endeavor to make a profit. The AWC is a 100% volunteer organization.

OCTOBER 2018 5

Volunteer and Honorary Member Luncheon

Message from the President

by Suzanne MacNeil

October General Meeting

by Dena Haggerty

The new Club year is off to a rousing

start! I hope you were able to take part

in one (or more) of the many offerings

in September, whether it was Kick Off,

Prinsjesdag, watching an NDT rehearsal, or

the Welcome Back BBQ. I went to most of

the above and it was fun to reconnect with

Members who’ve been away for the summer

and the new Members who are just getting

acquainted with the Club.

One of the September events held in the

Clubhouse was a Board and Committee Chair

Luncheon. My goal was to help our great team

of volunteers to put faces to names and to

meet others who serve under the same Board

Member. More than 20 Members joined us,

including our favorite Club mascot, three-yearold

Simon (Lindsey Turnau’s son), and the

attendees were able to share best practices, ask

questions, and get to know what’s entailed in

the job of other volunteers.

I did notice a few pieces missing at the luncheon,

though. There are several key volunteer

positions still open and I’d like you (if you’re

thinking of how to become more involved) to

consider jumping into the fray. And, when I say

fray, it’s more like a fun fray, not a brawl, but

an easy way to make the Club better.

Pick one, any one of the volunteer opportunities

still open, and find yourself working

with the best team in The Hague! This is just

a sampling:


A major missing

piece is our Gala

Chair. Our

AWC offers

social events

and activities,

but we also

give back

through our


programs. This

Club year we

plan to hold a

gala in May.

Several Members

have already

approached me

to say they will

serve on the

Gala Committee.

If planning

and project

management are

your forte, please

consider helping

in this crucial

role. If you would like more information about

the position, please contact Naya Pessoa, our

new Club and Community Officer. She can be

reached by email at awcthehague.community@

gmail.com. (To learn more about Naya, please

turn to page 14.)

Going Dutch, our monthly magazine, is

self-sustaining. The ads in the magazine pay

for the printing and mailing of each edition. If

you have sales skills, please consider volunteering

as the Advertising and Invoice Chair.

This is a high-priority role that will enable

Going Dutch to continue.

Have you been to Hoge Veluwe National

Park in Gelderland? Did you know that

Maastricht was once a Roman settlement? Or,

that Waddenzee in Groningen is almost 2,500

square kilometers and is home to millions of

migratory birds, fish, and colonies of seals?

If we had a Chair overseeing tours, she could

design trips that will help us explore more of

our host country.

Have you got www.Kayak.com, www.

Booking.com, and www.Hopper.com down to a

science? We’re missing our own travel agent!

The most recent major trip was several years

ago to Iceland. Pick a place you’d like to visit

and chances are other Members would like to

join you. Many of our Members have traveled

thanks to the Club and we already have information

and contacts to get you started. >>39

Garbage. Not the sexiest of topics but

a topic everyone must deal with on

a daily basis. It’s also an important

method by which individuals can lend a

helping hand in saving the environment.

Separating waste is a part of life in The

Hague. Plastic, tin, drink cartons, paper, glass,

batteries… the list of items that do not belong

in the household waste containers (and for

which you can actually get a fine for improper

disposal) is long and varied. These items are

recycled into raw materials for new products

such as plastic bottles, toys and car parts.

Drink cartons are used to make office supplies,

cardboard boxes and toilet paper. Tin/

steel cans are used to make new food cans,

paint cans, aerosol cans and other materials.

A representative of The Hague will join us for

our October meeting to discuss recycling and

how separating your trash can help save the

environment. She’ll discuss what items can

be recycled (which plastic can be recycled)

and where they should be deposited. She will

also discuss the city’s adopt-a-bin program

and how the municipality is aiming to make

The Hague a cleaner city.

Thursday, October 11

10:00 a.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Register NOW to vote on

November 6, 2018!

To start the process, it is recommended that you submit a Voter

Registration and Absentee Ballot Request, aka the Federal Post

Card Application (FPCA), to your state election official.

This should be done early in every calendar year you

wish to vote, or whenever you change your address.

If you voted in past elections, do not assume you

will continue to receive automatic mailings or

you could end up missing out on the November 6

midterm elections.

For more information, please visit https://fawco.overseasvotefoundation.org/vote/home.


Photo credit: Federal Voting Assistance Programs

OCTOBER 2018 9

Letter from the Editor

by Audrey Goodman

One of my favorite things about being

an expat is sharing my adventures

with family. Since arriving in the

Netherlands in January, we have had the pleasure

of hosting my mother- and father-in-law,

my sister-in-law, and my mom.

When my in-laws visited in July, we

crossed quite a few things off our bucket list.

We met them in Paris (first time visit for me

and my husband!), where we spent several

days exploring the Louvre, tasting many wonderful

French desserts, strolling through the

Trocadéro while gawking at the Eiffel Tower,

wandering through Versailles, and enjoying a

wonderful dinner on the Seine. But the highlight

of our trip was the two-day adventure to

the Normandy region.

We hired a private guide, Mathias with

D-Day Guided Tours, who made the experience

absolutely perfect. He picked us up

from the train station in Bayeux and took us

to numerous World War II sites on the first

day. Between the stops, while driving, he provided

us with endless facts and stories about

the war. We ended our day at an adorable bed

and breakfast in Bayeux, Hôtel Tardif. The

next morning, Mathias drove us to Mont Saint

Michel, where he again wowed us with endless

facts during our tour. It’s awe-inspiring to

think such an amazing monastery was designed

and built in the 11th century, without the use

of modern tools and technology. It was a trip

that I never thought I would have the opportunity

to take.


My mom visited in August and spent two

weeks exploring with me. During her time

here, we took a trip to Munich and (back) to

Paris. She studied in Germany when she was

in high school and again in college, but was

never able to visit the Neuschwanstein Castle.

When I was a teenager, she and I took a trip to

the Bavarian region, where we enjoyed beers

for the first time together. Sadly, the castle was

under renovation at that time, so we were unable

to take a tour. But we made up for it this

year! We took a day trip from Munich, and

she was absolutely thrilled to finally visit the

castle. And, of course, no visit to Munich is

complete without a stop at the Hofbräuhaus,

for a couple very large beers.

When we went to Paris, we stayed at Hotel

Muguet, just a ten-minute walk from Champ

de Mars. We spent our days drinking wine,

visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, taking a

tour of the King’s Apartments in Versailles,

and wandering the charming streets of Paris.

For her, the highlight of the trip was sitting in

the park and watching the Eiffel Tour sparkle

at night.

It’s sad when family leaves to return to

the U.S., because we know it will be awhile

before we see them again. But it’s thrilling

to spend time with them, enjoying European

adventures that may otherwise be impossible.

Whenever I’m feeling a little homesick, I just

think about the experiences I’ve had since

arriving in The Hague. My time as an expat

will be over before I know it, so I’m taking

advantage every chance I get!


OCTOBER 2018 11


by Melissa Rider

Thank you for

renewing your

membership to

the AWC for

the 2018/19

Club year and

a warm welcome

to those

just joining

the AWC. As

an AWC Member you automatically become

a Member of FAWCO (Federation of

American Women’s Clubs Overseas).

Welcome New Members!

Theres Akesson

LaTasha Baker

Mary Ellen Brennan

Barbara Brookman

Marianne De Beer

Shanon Gonzales

Rachel Hines

Julie Miller

Lori Schnebelie

Michelle Voorn

More benefits of being an AWC Member

include the ability to gain entry into the

wholesale stores Hanos in Delft and Sligro

in Leidschendam and The Hague. The

American Book Center in The Hague offers

a 10% discount and the Crowne Plaza

Promenade offers discounted rates on their

health club, spa, and other services to our

Members. Please remember to bring your

Membership card to these businesses.

If you have any questions about your

Membership, please feel free to contact me

at awcthehague.membership@gmail.com.

Newcomer’s Coffee


by Holly Savoie and Greetje Engelsman

Are you a new AWC Member? Be sure to

attend a General Meeting at the Clubhouse

on the second Thursday of the month.

Meetings start at 10:30 a.m., but please do

stop in a bit early to meet Members, sip coffee,

and get the lay of the land. Also, take

advantage of the monthly events planned especially

for Newcomers. If you have questions

about how to navigate in your expat

country, the AWC Newcomers’ team is very

eager to help. Greetje Engelsman and

Holly Savoie welcome your emailed questions

at awcthehague.newcomers@gmail.


Unique products

for entrepreneurs



Due to changes in European privacy laws, and because Going Dutch will soon be posted on

our external Facebook page, we won’t be sharing birthdays in print any longer. Instead, you’ll

see Members’ birthdays in the weekly eNews, which is sent to your private email account

and is more secure. We value our Members’ privacy. If you have any questions, please contact

Melissa Rider, our Membership Coordinator, at awcthehague.membership@gmail.com.

Sligro The Hague Forepark is the perfect fit for you as entrepreneur.

We inspire and support you with our products and services, that will

help you with your business. Our people are always there for you

with professional and tailored advice.


Linge 2, The Hague


OCTOBER 2018 13

Club and Community Chair

by Naya Pessoa


have been living in The Hague for seven

years, and recently joined the AWC. The

path that brought me to The Hague was

unexpected as I was born in the city of Manaus

in Brazil, and grew up in a multicultural and

multilingual family in the small town of

Gainesville, Florida. I completed my undergraduate

degree at the University of Florida

and graduated cum-laude with a Bachelor’s

Degree in Political Science and Spanish. I

spent time in the beautifully preserved town

of Guanajuato, Mexico in order to improve

my Spanish language skills. As graduation

approached, my interests in human rights

drove me to pursue a Juris Doctorate from

New England Law Boston. During my legal

studies, I was an AmeriCorps Fellow working

on the immigration rights project and also

volunteered at the local legal clinic providing

assistance to Haitians seeking temporary protected

status. I decided to take my experience

global as an International Criminal Process

Clinic Fellow at the ICTY in 2010. During

that time, my personal life changed when I

met the Spaniard who is now my husband.

Upon graduation from law school, I decided

to follow my heart and return to The Hague. I

immediately began working at the Permanent

Court of Arbitration in the Peace Palace where

my work focused on Latin American commercial

contract claims, investor-state claims

under bilateral investment treaties, and interstate

disputes. I recently made the decision to

change my career path and now work at the

Webster University Leiden Campus as the

dedicated officer

for Graduate

Studies where I

can embrace a

healthy work-life


Did you know that any woman who speaks English is

eligible to join the American Women’s Club?

Invite your English-speaking friends, wherever they’re

from, to join us today!


I have been passionately


in volunteer

work for the

past 15 years, including


for Humanity in

the U.S. and Buddy Project for Victims of

Human Trafficking in the Netherlands. Most

recently, I have served as a nonprofit project

manager spearheading refugee-focused

projects including language workshops, access

to higher education programs, active

lifestyle programs, and a number of other

initiatives. The most successful program,

My University Cares Too, is formally part

of the UN campaign to address Sustainable

Development Goal 4 to “ensure inclusive

and equitable quality education and promote

lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

My goal is to help empower others to recognize

they have skills that can be shared. My

aim is to contribute to the continued success

of AWC projects, and also learn from fellow

AWC Members who bring a wealth of

experience to the table. I really am honored

and look forward to this new chapter with

the AWC.

Photo and summary credit: Amazon

Ongoing Activities

Book Clubs

The AWC Book Clubs are open to all

readers, and new Members are especially

welcome! There are no requirements that

you must attend every meeting or lead

a discussion. Snacks are provided by a

different Member each month. There are

two Book Clubs hosted by AWC Members:

One in the daytime and one in the evening.

Questions? Teresa Mahoney organizes the

daytime group, and Dena Haggerty handles

the evening meetings. For more information,

please contact them at awcthehague.

bookclub@gmail.com. Happy reading!

Daytime Book Club

October Selection:

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

This unforgettable New

York Times best seller

begins with the story of

two half-sisters, separated

by forces beyond

their control: one sold

into slavery, the other

married to a British slaver.

Written with tremendous sweep and

power, Homegoing traces the generations

of family who follow, as their destinies

lead them through two continents and three

hundred years of history, each life indelibly

drawn, as the legacy of slavery is fully revealed

in light of the present day.

Thursday, October 25

10 a.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Daytime Book Club Recap – August

Think about post-revolutionary Russia:

Bolsheviks, famine, Siberia, Stalin. Your

images will hardly be gentle and charming.

Yet, A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor

Towles, which takes place in Russia between

1922 and 1954, is gentle and charming.

How does Towles do it? He confines

his protagonist, a serene and genteel Russian

count named Alexader Ilyich Rostov, to

Daytime Book Club Reading List:

Thursday, November 15: Educated: A

Memoir by Tara Westover

house arrest in an exclusive Moscow hotel.

With one brief exception, the count spends

32 years within the Metropol. Yes, Rostov is

surrounded by luxury and worldly visitors

but his own accommodation is a small converted

storeroom. As we all must do, Rostov

becomes the architect of his own life within

circumstances over which he has no control.

Rostov’s quest for purpose, meaning, and

love in his life makes for an interesting and

uplifting story. Some of us could have done

without the references to classic Russian literature

but others thought they helped anchor

the story to place and to illuminate the

Russian mindset. Recommended.

>> 16

OCTOBER 2018 15

Photo and summary credit: Amazon

Ongoing Activities (cont.)

Continued from page 15

Evening Book Club

October Selection: A

Long Way from Home by

Peter Carey

A Long Way from Home is

Peter Carey’s latest style

masterpiece; a thrilling

high-speed story that starts

in one way, then takes you

to another place altogether.

Set in the 1950s in the embers of the British

Empire, painting a picture of the Queen and

her subjects, black, white and those in-between,

this brilliantly vivid novel illustrates

how the possession of an ancient culture

spirals through history —and the love made

and hurt caused along the way.

Wednesday, October 10

7:30 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Evening Book Club Reading List:

Wednesday, November 14: A Gentleman in

Moscow by Amor Towles

Wednesday, December 12: The Only Story

by Julian Barnes

Chat, Crafts & Cake

Chat, Craft and Cake is a weekly highlight

for those who enjoy crafts and camaraderie.

Whether your craft is knitting, quilting,

needlepoint or simply mending your

clothes, or whether you are a beginner or an

expert, you are welcome to join us. Fish that

UFO (Unfinished Object) out of the drawer

and get going on it again. CCandCer’s are

always ready with a helping hand, a lesson,

or some advice. Each week, a different

Member brings a cake—tried and true,

or experimental. Babysitting is not available

and there are lots of sharp objects

about (pins, needles, scissors and wit) so

we cannot accommodate children. Contact

Suzanne Dundas at awcthehague.crafts@

gmail.com for more information

Every Tuesday

10 a.m. – Noon

AWC Clubhouse


Heart Pillow Project

Members work together to make heartshaped

pillows designed to help support

the arms of recent mastectomy patients.

Each pillow is made with TLC, wrapped,

and comes with a note signed by an AWC

volunteer. No sewing skills are needed,

as you can cut, stuff, or wrap the heart

pillows. We are proud to provide men

and women with something both practical

and comforting, and we know our work

helps because we often receive thank-you

notes and emails from the patients who

have received a heart pillow. For more

information, please contact Jan de Vries at


Tuesday, October 9

Noon – 2 p.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Visitors Welcome

Out to Lunch Bunch: October

Restaurant De Haagsche Beek is as Dutch

as Dutch can be, and as Haags as The Hague

can be. But for most expats, it is a hidden

secret. It is time the Lunch Bunch discovers

this restaurant in Kijkduin, close to the

beach. The restaurant is located in a >> 18


OCTOBER 2018 17

Ongoing Activities (cont.)

Continued from page 17

modern building but tells you a lot about the

history of the Haagsche Beek (The Hague

brook). The restaurant is used by many citizens

in The Hague for parties, weddings,

birthdays, bridal showers, etc. But also for

dinner or lunch of course: never a dull moment.

The food is international, but with a

Kijkduin touch. The restaurant is easy to

reach by car or public transport. After signing

up, you will receive a leaflet about the

the Haagsche Beek and about the panorama

in the dunes. It’s a piece of art on top of the

dune, opposite the restaurant!

Restaurant De Haagsche Beek, Machiel

Vrijenhoeklan 175, Kijkduin


Friday, October 26

Noon – 2 p.m.

Sign up on GroupSpaces

Tennis League

Players needed! The AWC Tennis Group

plays doubles every Tuesday in Warmond.

Ladies move up and down the courts according

to a ladder tennis system. The emphasis

is on having fun! The League is available

for all levels except true beginners. Contact

Molly Boed at mollyboed@gmail.com for

more information.

Every Tuesday

(except specific holidays TBD)

1 – 3 p.m.

Dekker Tennis Courts

Veerpolder 14, Warmond

€ 275 Members / € 325 Nonmembers

Sign up on GroupSpaces

Thirsty Thursday

Join us again for our monthly gathering.

Thirsty Thursday is a casual evening of

companionship and good conversation—a

new favorite for AWC Members and prospective

Members. Two soft drinks, wine or

beer, plus tapas.

Thursday, October 18

6 – 9 p.m.

Tapisco, Kneuterdijk 11, Den Haag

€ 15 for two drinks and food

No RSVP needed

Walkie Talkies

Whether you count your steps or just want

to walk with friends, the Monday morning

Walkie Talkies is a fun, healthy and

energetic way to start the week. The group

meets in front of the Clubhouse before

heading out to walk to various destinations

in the area, usually racking up 10,000 steps

along the way. Sign up on GroupSpaces

to receive email updates or contact Emily

van Eerten or Greetje Engelsman at



9:30 a.m.

AWC Clubhouse


Sign up on GroupSpaces

Wassenaar Coffee &


If you live in or north of Wassenaar, join

your neighbors for coffee and conversation

once a month without having to drive to

the clubhouse. One Member will host a casual

coffee at her home at 9:30 on the first

Thursday of every month. Prospective

Members are welcome too. Suzanne

Dundas coordinates these meetings and

can be reached at awcthehague.crafts@

gmail.com. Because the location changes

every month, contact Suzanne if you are

interested in attending or for more information.

Thursday, October 4

9:30 a.m.


Cancellation Policy

Members may reserve a spot for an AWC tour, activity or

event in advance. Payment is required within five business

days of the reservation or before the deadline date (whichever

is sooner) otherwise your name will be moved to a waitlist.

It is the responsibility of the Member to notify the Club at

awcthehague.finance@gmail.com to cancel a reservation

prior to the cancellation deadline. Please note that there will

be NO REFUNDS (no exceptions) after the cancellation deadline.

Members may find a substitute in lieu of cancellation

provided that arrangements are made with the tour, activity

or event organizer. Members shall be held responsible for

their guest reservations in accordance with this policy.

AWC Guest Policy

Guests are welcome

to participate in AWC

activities and tours

on a limited basis.

As a nonmember, a

guest is limited to

attend two functions

per calendar year

and will be charged

an additional

nonmember fee. Only

Members are entitled

to use babysitting



OCTOBER 2018 19

One-of-a-Kind Activities

by Marsha Hagney

RSVP directly on AWC GroupSpaces.com. Direct any questions to


Payment must be made within 5 calendar days of reserving or your name will be moved to

a waitlist. Payment can be made in the Front Office by PIN or by bank transfer to the AWC

account NL42ABNA0431421757.

Guided Tour of Dutch Masters

from British Country Houses

This autumn the Mauritshuis will feature a

special exhibit of Dutch 17th-century paintings

from National Trust Houses. This will

be a Mauritshuis exclusive: never before

has such a selection been exhibited in the


Thursday, November 1

6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Mauritshuis, Museum Plein 29

Den Haag

Max 15 / Minimum 12

€ 10 Members (€ 15 nonmembers)

Museum entrance fee of € 15.50 is not

included (Entrance is free with Museum


Registration Deadline: October 22 (Later

registration possible if space is available)

Sign up on GroupSpaces

AWC Members, please connect with

us on LinkedIn




Members: eNews Distribution

A weekly electronic newsletter

is sent to all AWC Members.

If you have not been receiving your


please contact Melissa at


Halloween Trick-or-Treating in


We’re thrilled to be partnering with the

town of Voorburg for a Halloween event

this year. Join us for trick-or-treating. All

are invited, including nonmembers.

Saturday, October 27

Time TBA

Location TBA


See eNews for details

Morning Tea with Diane

Hoekstra, AWC Honorary


Join us for tea, coffee and great company.

Our Honorary President, Diane Hoekstra,

invites AWC Members to gather at her

home. Details will be sent directly to those

who register, closer to the event. Please

note that this event is for AWC Members


Wednesday, October 24

10:00 a.m. – Noon

Location will be provided upon registration

Max 30 / No Minimum


Registration Deadline: October 18

Sign up on GroupSpaces

Tour of Private Art Collection

The AWC and The Arts are honored to offer

this very special activity. The collection

you will visit is a private art space

that houses a multidisciplinary collection

spanning the genres of painting, sculpture,

photography, installations and video. You

will visit this collection in a unique building

which in part is built 26 feet (8 meters)

underground. It is situated close to The

Hague; you will receive location information

once you have signed up on Group

Spaces and confirm that you will be taking

part in the tour.

Tuesday, November 13

10:30 a.m. – Noon

Location will be provided upon registration

Max 22 / No Minimum

€ 10 Members (€ 15 nonmembers)

Registration/Cancellation Deadline:

October 15

Sign up on GroupSpaces

Visit from FAWCO’s Amanda


Amanda Lane, Executive Director of the

Collateral Repair Project, will be visiting

to discuss FAWCO’s Target Project: Hope

Beyond Displacement. This is a great opportunity

to ask her questions and learn

more about the efforts to support refugees.

See the FAWCO article in last month’s

Going Dutch, for more information.

Monday, November 5

10:30 a.m. – Noon

AWC Clubhouse


Sign up on GroupSpaces

OCTOBER 2018 21

Holiday Bazaar - Come One, Come All…

and Shop!

by Amber Gatewood

Believe it or not, the holidays are right

around the bend. This means Santa and

his AWC elves are in full swing preparing

for our annual AWC Holiday Bazaar!

On November 10 & 11 you’ll find the most

unique range of gift options under one roof, as

The Hilton Hotel is transformed into a winter

wonderland. From baked goods to paintings

to textiles to beer and wine, there is something

for everyone. You’ll also have the opportunity

to support several of our own Members who

will be selling their goods.

Let your senses carry you by the Aromatique

Shop. You’ll find a selection of candles, wax

melts and reed diffusers to satisfy all your

fragrance needs. (www.aromatiqueshop.com)

Are you enthusiastic about vintage finds?

Atelier34bc brings flea market discoveries to

life and transforms them into revitalized interior

furnishings. (www.atelier34bc.com)

Need something with some Dutch flare?

Check out a Bazaar favorite, Alexandra

Breeze Ceramics, and her line of imprinted

porcelain Amsterdam canal houses. Each

piece has its own unique character. (www.alexandrabreezeceramics.nl)

The variety doesn’t stop here. Make your list

and check it twice: the AWC Holiday Bazaar

is coming to town!

Hilton Hotel, Zeestraat 35, Den Haag

Saturday, November 10

11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday, November 11

11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Entry: € 2 Adults / Children Free

Kid’s Corner: € 5 per Child

A friend or family member must be with

your child, so bring your spouse, partner, or

friends, and take turns shopping!

Bake for the Bazaar

by Cathleen Owens

The days are getting shorter, which means

it’s almost time to show off those baking

skills! Break out those recipes for your famous

cookies, brownies, or pies (non-perishable).

If baking isn’t in your repertoire,

or you prefer savory treats, why not stir up

spicy cashews or marinated olives? Your

baked goods give our guests the energy to

shop ‘til they drop!

The Holiday Bazaar is taking place this year

at the Hilton Hotel on November 10 and

11. Baked goods drop off takes place at the

AWC Clubhouse on Friday, November 9.

Sign up to donate your baked goods by filling

out the form at http://bit.do/bazaarbakesale.

You will be contacted closer to the date to

confirm. If you have any specific questions,

feel free to email hol.baz@gmail.com.

To volunteer for the Bake Sale, contact

Laurie Martecchini at awcthehague.



OCTOBER 2018 23

We Need Your Hands at the Holiday Bazaar

by Jaimie Keppel

Calling all hands ... and bodies and smiles!

The AWC annual Holiday Bazaar is one

of our major fundraising activities. It’s

also a lot of fun. Volunteers are needed for

both Saturday, November 10 and Sunday,

November 11. There are two shifts each

day: 11a.m. – 2 p.m., and 2 p.m. – close. For

most shifts, we pair an experienced Member

with someone new to the Bazaar. There are

plenty of areas in which to volunteer:

• Entry Table: Welcome visitors and sell

entry tickets

• Floor Monitors: Help as needed

• Bake Sale: See Cathleen’s article on

page 23 for details

• Raffle Table: Sell raffle tickets and

highlight all the wonderful donations

• Payment Tables: Accept payment for

goods using a PIN machine and tallying

funds received. No prior experience

needed, just a comfort with taking payments.

• Kids’ Corner: See Holly’s article below.

Will you come and help? Please contact our

Volunteer Organizer, Laurie Martecchini:


Help Share Christmas Fun at the Kid’s Corner

by Holly Savoie

Do you enjoy crafts or working with

children? Then this is for you! The Kid’s

Corner is a dedicated play space with

activities run by AWC volunteers. All the

activities and crafts will be planned and

organized ahead of time. The children will

be accompanied by a parent or family friend

during their time in the Kid’s Corner.

Saturday, November 10

Sunday, November 11

Shifts: Noon – 3 p.m. & 3 – 6 p.m.

(2 adults per shift)

To volunteer, please contact Holly Savoie

ASAP, at awcthehague.kidsclub@gmail.



OCTOBER 2018 25

Fall Kick


October 2018

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat



3 4

5 6

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m

Chat, Crafts & Cake 10 a.m.

AWC Tennis 1 p.m.

Wassenaar Coffee and

Conversation 9:30 a.m.

7 8






Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m

Chat, Crafts & Cake 10 a.m.

Heart Pillow Workshop


Coffee 10 a.m.

October General Meeting

10:30 a.m.

Buddy Check 12

AWC Tennis 1 p.m.

Evening Book Club

7:30 p.m.

14 15


17 18



Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m

Chat, Crafts & Cake 10 a.m.

AWC Tennis 1 p.m.

AWC Board Meeting

9:30 a.m.

Thirsty Thursday 6 p.m.

21 22






Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m

Chat, Crafts & Cake 10 a.m.

AWC Tennis 1 p.m.

Morning Tea with Diane

Hoekstra, Honorary

President 10 a.m.

Daytime Book Club 10 a.m.

Out to Lunch Bunch Noon

Halloween Trick-or-Treating

in Voorburg TBA

28 29

Walkie Talkies 9:30 a.m


Chat, Crafts & Cake 10 a.m.

AWC Tennis 1 p.m.



Holiday Bazaar - November 10 – 11

Thanksgiving in Leiden - November 22

Jewelry/Pearl Party - December 6

Christmas Lunch - December 14


OCTOBER 2018 29

AWC and the Arts

by Jane Choy, AWC Member and Mauritshuis Docent

Tour of Private Art Collection

The AWC and The Arts are honored to offer

this very special activity. The collection

you will visit is a private art space

that houses a multidisciplinary collection

spanning the genres of painting, sculpture,

photography, installations and video. You

will visit this collection in a unique building

which in part is built 26 feet (8 meters)

underground. It is situated close to The

Hague; you will receive location information

once you have signed up on Group

Spaces and confirm that you will be taking

part in the tour.

Tuesday, November 13

10:30 a.m. – Noon

Location will be provided upon registration

Max 22 / No Minimum

€ 10 Members / € 15 Nonmembers

Registration/Cancellation deadline:

October 15

Sign up on GroupSpaces

RSVP for all Arts Activities directly on

AWC GroupSpaces.com

Direct any questions to jechoy@me.com


OCTOBER 2018 31

FAWCO Corner

by Julie Mowat, AWC The Hague FAWCO Representative

Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, a United Nations NGO with

consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council


This year, our Club sponsored a

Development Grant, naming it the AWC

The Hague Creating Better Futures.

Recipient: Kitchen for Rural Kenyan

Catering Program

Location: Chepkanga, Kenya

Nominating Club: AAWE Paris

Purpose of the Grant: Grant funding will

go to Rafiki Ya Maisha, an NGO that raises

money for two schools in Kenya. The funds

will be used to construct a teaching kitchen

at Sergoek Vocational Training Center in

Chepkanga to help improve professionalism,

as well as the self-esteem of the students.

Wonderful way for our Club to make

a difference again!

Curious to learn about FAWCO? Contact

Julie Mowat or Terri Mahoney

(awcthehague.fawco@gmail.com) to learn


On November 5, Amanda Lane, Executive

Director of the Collateral Repair Project

(CRP), will be visiting to discuss our

FAWCO Target Project: Hope Beyond

Displacement. (Teaser: we will have the

Helping Hands Fundraiser for them on

February 21.) Even if you attended Celeste’s

and my dinner discussion about our Jordan

trip, you will still find this session informative.

This is a great opportunity to ask

Amanda questions and learn more about the

efforts to support refugees.

Monday, November 5

10:30 a.m. – Noon

AWC Clubhouse


Sign up on GroupSpaces

FAWCO’s Biennial Conference will be

hosted by AWC of Central Scotland in

Edinburgh. Mark your calendars for this

major conference, Thursday, March 21

through Sunday, March 24. Many of us

from this Club will be attending. Scotland

is not too far away (last one was in India),

so it is a great opportunity to see what

FAWCO is about and hear some great

speakers. More information to follow in

the near future.

We are in Region 4, but are invited to other

regions’ meetings. Region 5 will be in

Heidelberg November 9 through 11, for

an opportunity to get to know the newest

FAWCO member club. International

Women’s Club Heidelberg is a brand-new

club and looks forward to welcoming

you. This Regional Meeting will throw

out watches and give ample time to connect,

chat, help, support, understand and,

of course, inspire. Please check out www.

FAWCO.org or reach out to me if you have

any questions.

Did you know as a Member of this Club

you and your family are eligible to apply

for an Educational Grant? Did you also

know that you can nominate your favorite

nonprofit for a Development Grant? Several

of our Members and their families have

received one. There are several different

catagories and it can be well worth your

time! Member Michelle Oliel’s Pillow

Project with Stahili was awarded a grant

this spring and this amazing program has

already started making a difference. Please

check out fawcofoundation.org for further



OCTOBER 2018 33

A Retrospective of Past October Covers

AWC Community Calendar –

Fall 2018

Philanthropy is a large part of what the

AWC does for our community, and this

fall we will again ask you to open your

hearts for Children’s Gift & Clothing Drive

and the Toiletry Drive. Your donations mean

so much to the families who receive them,

and even the smallest gift can go a long way

in the eyes of a child. For those of you who

have contributed in the past, many thanks for

your kindness! And for those considering a

contribution this year, please know the organizations

to whom we donate always deeply

appreciate anything you can give.

Toiletries Donations

Collection of toiletries:

Thursday, November 1 through Tuesday,

November 27

Package toiletries:

Thursday, November 29 (time TBA)

Toiletries drop-off:

Monday, December 3

Holiday Bazaar

Saturday, November 10 (11 a.m. – 6 p.m.)

Sunday, November 11 (11 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

Children’s Gifts & Clothes

Collection of tagged gifts:

Thursday, November 1 through Tuesday,

November 27

Wrap gifts and clothes:

Thursday, November 29 (time TBA)

Gift drop-off: Monday, December 3


OCTOBER 2018 35

Chat, Craft and Cake: The Crafts

(Part Two of a Two-Part Series)

by Suzanne Dundas


Most AWC Members think “quilting”

when they think of CCandC because quilting

is our most visible handwork. It’s hard

to sneak into the Clubhouse unnoticed with

a queen-size quilt tucked under your arm.

Some of our quilts are for charity. CCandC

as a group have made and donated quilts

to be auctioned off for our local causes.

Anja Knoop and Agatha Zwaan made an

“Arkansas Crossroads” quilt out of scraps

left over from the Heart Pillows Project. It

was destined to be auctioned off but was

so beautiful that Sonja Kelle bought it outright.

The money raised was used to buy a

dedicated sewing machine and more fabric

for Heart Pillows.

Every year CCandC quilters contribute

squares to be incorporated into a FAWCO

quilt. Since 1996, Roberta Zollner of the

Munich International Woman’s Club has

sewn together donated blocks to make 24

FAWCO quilts. Auctioned off at FAWCO

conferences, these quilts have raised approximately

$75,000. This year we’re

making a simple “bookcase” block. If

you’d like to make one, contact me and I’ll

send you the instructions.

We have some very experienced quilters

among us. Beverly Bennett is experienced

in all forms of quilting and is amazingly

prolific. In fact, one of our outings was to

see Beverley’s quilt-filled home and her

well-appointed quilting room. She keeps

abreast of what experts are doing in terms

of quilt and fabric design and has had a pattern

of one of her own designs published.

Beverley is a geologist by training and her

quilts are crafted with scientific precision.

As a quilting teacher herself, Beverley

keeps current, taking classes at quilting

shows and online via such sites as

www.craftsy.com. She and I met in a

2008 appliqué class at Quilter’s Palet on

Weissenbruchtstraat in Den Haag.

The instructor was the internationally renowned

quilting superstar, Ted Storm, who

lives in Monster. Lifelong learners, most

CCandC members relish a class that teaches

them either a new technique in their craft

of choice or an entirely new craft.

Agatha Zwaan’s speciality is appliqué

and she turns out three-dimensional blocks

of great intricacy and beauty. Agatha also

has a very large sewing machine, called a

long-arm machine. About ten feet (three

meters) long, it is used to machine quilt

entire quilts. Agatha has an empowering

saying that comforts me when I am struggling

with a quilt. “You are the boss of your


My goal for my quilts is warmth and washability.

No one will ever make a pattern of

the quilt I’m currently designing and working

on (A Tribute to My Dogs), but I enjoy

the process. My dogs, already spoiled, now

strut through the park like runway models.

Susan Baragwanath is not a quilter herself

but an expert nonetheless. Susan is an extremely

knowledgeable collector of historical

quilts. She is currently a long-distance

curator of an exhibit of her own quilts to be

shown in New Zealand in 2019. It’s called

Conversations with the Quilts and features

many fascinating antique American quilts

along with their histories. If we ask nicely

and often enough, Susan may be willing

to speak on this topic at an AWC General


Cross Stitch

Dory Ritchie can cross-stitch anything,

including a “medieval” box. Her latest

project, a mermaid, gleamed with golden

thread and beads throughout.

Dory is currently working on her second

mystery stitch-along. Every month for a

year, instructions are downloaded onto


Each part to be

completed before the next part is available.

You don’t know what the finished project

will look like until it is done. It’s free and it’s

fun for the 10,000 participants worldwide.

There are similar monthly mystery projects

for quilts, called “Block of the Month” .


We have a lot of knitters—Sonja Kelle,

Elaine Pimm, Gabrielle van der Winden,

Hilde Hatlestad Volle—who turn gorgeous

yarns into wearable art. It’s amazing

to see how they can hold up a piece of knitting

and, working without a pattern, modify

the fit, change the sleeves, or add an intricate

border. >> 38


OCTOBER 2018 37

Chat, Craft and Cake (cont.)

Continued from page 37

Message from the President (cont.)

Continued from page 8

Eileen Baker, who has repatriated to

Colorado, is also a superb knitter. I had the

good fortune to win a set of her famous fingerless

gloves and a scarf at an AWC auction

one year. She is also extremely knowledgeable

about wools, especially handspun

wools. The patinaed wooden spinning wheel

that stood in her dining room was not a conversation

piece. It was well used.


Yes, we sew. Susan Baragwanath and

Loren Mealey maintain, mend, and modify

their clothing, often with advice from

Anja Knoop, who has been sewing her own

clothing since she was a young girl. Anja is

so skilled at sewing that she has been known

to make her own, very intricate bras.

Dutch women of a certain age learned to

sew, and sew very well, at school. Dory

brought in a charming yellow cotton dress

for a young girl, beautifully detailed and

sewn by hand.


Gabrielle van der Winden, our Jill of all

Trades, also sews, her latest creation being

a Tory Birch inspired summer dress with

long sleeves and an embellished neckline.

Gabrielle also dyes silk scarves and sews

elegant cushions.


At any given time, CCandC’s table can

be laden with needlepoint destined to be a

pillow, green rope being crocheted into a

purse, or family photographs—hard copies

being arranged in an album or virtual ones

being organized onto a laptop.

Once or twice, an adult coloring book has

made an appearance. That makes sense.

Though they yield nothing wearable or usable,

adult coloring books distill the soothing

repetition of handwork into its purest

form. Creativity can take many forms and

operate at many skill levels. Chat, Craft

and Cake welcomes them all.

Interested in history? Specifically, the

Club’s history, dating back to 1930? The

Historian/Archivist Chair is available.

Preserving almost 90 years of history was

started by a Member who recently repatriated,

so this isn’t a start-from-scratch job.

Our AWC offers numerous opportunities to

use our skill sets in significant ways, whether

you chair a committee or join other Members

for the events and activities we offer. One of

the most significant ways we can reduce the

stress of moving to a new country and putting

our own career on-hold (for those of us who

were employed outside the home) is helping

one another realize we are significant, no matter

the role we play within our family, at a job,

within the Club, or with friends.

I subscribe to a number of expat Facebook

pages. Some posts are funny, some members

ask advice, while other posts are written by

expats who need a boost because they’re experiencing

loneliness, miss their home country

comforts, and are looking for a way to enjoy the

expat experience without self-imposed guilt.

One recent post caught my attention. It was

written by a woman who had been floundering,

having given up her long-time career to follow

her husband to a country that didn’t offer her

the opportunity to continue working in her

field. She found workarounds and is building

her new life piece-by-piece through her volunteer

work. In her post, she wrote that she’s gone

from success to significance. For many of the

Members of our American Women’s Club, this

is what we’re doing. We are all significant and

have much to offer one another.

We are continuing the Membership drive

that was started last Club year. More than

five new Members joined the day of Kick Off

and more say they will soon become part of

our AWC. And we welcome them with open

arms! It’s important that we keep welcoming

new Members as the expat community

in The Hague and nearby communities is

constantly shifting, and with that shift, we

sometimes lose Members who repatriate or

leave for personal reasons. One such recent

loss is Rebecca Niles-Pourier who served

on the Board as our Communications Officer.

We wish her well.

As you can see, it’s a bit of a chess game

to maintain our numbers, but we have so

much to offer women who are looking for

their home away from home. Whether you

hear someone speaking English at your

neighborhood Albert Heijn, or read a post

on a local Facebook page written by a

woman who wants to meet other expats,

please reach out and let her know that our

AWC offers many possibilities for interesting

and unique experiences. I truly believe

the warm welcome new Members receive

from our amazing group of women is what

separates our Club from all other organizations.

Thanks to everyone for all you do to

make our AWC special and for making each

and every Member feel significant.

Tot ziens,

Going Dutch is Available Online


Go to www.awcthehague.org to share the current month’s issue with friends and family. You

will also find links to our annual advertisers, whose support makes this magazine possible. If

you visit or contact one of our advertisers, let them know

Going Dutch sent you!

OCTOBER 2018 39

The Dutch Daily

by Eileen Harloff

Broken Record

One of the complaints that are often made

by visitors, temporary citizens and nativeborn

Dutch people themselves has to do

with the weather here, especially the summer

weather—the sun never shines, it is

cold, it’s always raining, etc. This is the reason

that once vacation days come around,

the airports and the roads are overcrowded

with people escaping to the south and east,

to the sun. This year, however, there was a

turn-about: the country experienced the longest

ever period—since records have been

kept beginning in 1901—of warm, sunny

weather. One day it was even so hot that

people didn’t want to go to the beach and

bask in the sun. The previous record of 53

days in a row occurred in 2003. In fact, the

2018 record may even be higher by the end

of the summer, we shall have to wait and

see. So if you were here for only the beginning,

the end, or the whole summer period,

you have experienced a rare phenomenon

that may never happen again, or may instead,

according to the environmentalists,

be the weather of the future.


Another Record

Near the end of summer each year, Stichting

De Noordzee (North Sea Foundation) carries

out a clean-up day by volunteers of

the beaches from Schiermonnikoog in the

north to Cadzand in the south, with local

groups each covering some 10 kilometers.

The purpose of the clean-up, aside from

beautifying the beaches, is to see how much

trash is left, as all trash eventually ends up

in the North Sea where it becomes part of

the “plastic soup”. Not only is the soup unsightly,

it is also the cause of death for many

sea animals. This year, the 125 volunteers

from The Hague area were asked to focus

especially on cigarette butts, as these tend

to remain on land and are often mistaken as

food by birds. The findings were amazing—

between the Hook of Holland and Monster

(The Hague’s neighbor to the south), 14,696

cigarette filters were found, or 184 filters per

100 meters of beach. Add to this the findings

of another organization with a similar aim,

TrashUre Hunt, whose volunteers cleared

up 31,712 cigarette filters from the beach

at Scheveningen last year, and the danger

is clear. Filter cigarette butts are the worst

of all beach trash as they account for 95%

of cellulose acetate plastic, which takes two

years to deteriorate. There is a lesson to be

learned from these clean-ups. If one insists

on smoking, don’t throw your butts away,

put them in a container for trash. But most

of all, just stop smoking—our air will be

purer and your breathing will be easier.

Windmills in the Limelight

Who hasn’t seen or heard about windmills

in the Netherlands? There are 1,200

of them: 397 are for drainage purposes as

26% of the country lies below sea level,

594 are industrial and corn mills, and the

others, in my view, are there to pretty-up

the landscape. The most famous group of

windmills is at Kinderdijk, where 19 rise

above the flat landscape and are so remarkable

that they are on the UNESCO World

Heritage list. But windmills don’t just work

on their own volition. They have molenaars

or millers who maintain and run them, and

these important people have now also been

added to UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage List,

describing this as “a splendid trade that is

through and through interwoven with the

Netherlands culture”. At present there are

50 professional millers and hundreds of

volunteers who are keeping the Dutch mills


Historical Exhibition

Across the street from the Mauritshuis is The

Hague Historical Museum, where an exhibition

devoted to the life and times of Johan

van Oldenbarnevelt (1574 – 1619) will open

on December 1. This man rose from a modest

background to become the most powerful

person in the country. He lived in turbulent

times, with the Netherlands rebelling

against and breaking away from Spain, the

murder of William of Orange, the country’s

so-called ”Father”, and giving support, advice

and encouragement to his son and successor,

Maurits. The two worked together in

harmony for several years, but eventually

fell out over state and religious matters, with

the result that Maurits and his followers accused

van Oldenbarnevelt of high treason,

which ended in a public beheading on the

Buitenhof in The Hague on May 13, 1619.

This is the first ever exhibition held on this

historic figure and is named “Johan van

Oldenbarnevelt, Man, Power and Murder”.

Aside from an historical interest in this figure,

Club Members may want to know more

about the person for whom the street on

which the Clubhouse stands is named.

In Short

• According to a German institute for economic

research, the Netherlands has the

fairest income distribution in Europe.

Next in line are Finland and Norway, with

Lithuania, Italy and Romania showing the

least fair distribution of income among

their citizens.

• By the end of this year, smoking will be

forbidden in all Paris parks, following the

example of Strasbourg, which initiated

the ban on July 1. The reasoning behind

this decision is that parks are the lungs of

the city and that citizens must be given the

cleanest possible air to breathe. Moreover,

each year some 350,000 kilos of cigarette

butts are swept off public property;

last year fines of € 68 each were issued

to 21,000 people for discarding butts in

parks and on the streets. Also, since 2015

smoking has been forbidden in the vicinity

of all children’s play areas.

• In an effort to attract entrepreneurs and

institutions with ingenious and doable

innovations, the City of The Hague has

laid out a 100 x100 sea mile experimental

garden outside the Scheveningen Harbor.

Experiments can be carried out, new ideas

tested and demonstrations held. These

experiments will deal with sailing, boats,

water sports and technology that can detect

drowned victims.

• The headlines read that 1 out of 5

Netherlanders between the ages of 18

and 34 suffers from serious mental complaints,

which can lead to a burn-out.

The cause? The smartphone. From tests

it was found that 80% of those questioned

took their telephones to bed with

them, with the result being that they fell

asleep later than intended, and 5% even

set their phone alarm so as to wake up in

the middle of the night to check for any

new messages so that they would not miss

what was going on in their social and/or

work environment. Facebook, Instagram,

Twitter, etc., all lead to distress. The test

sample revealed that 17% of those questioned

felt they were acting badly if they

did not immediately respond to a call or


OCTOBER 2018 41

Adventures in Madeira

by Melissa White


must admit that I have always been geographically

challenged. When an AWC

Member first mentioned years ago that

she thought my family would love Madeira,

I had no idea what she was talking about, as

the only Madeira I had ever heard of was a

type of wine. More recently, Jan Essad came

back from Madeira raving about it and said

that she thought it was a perfect vacation

spot for my adventurous family. The timing

of her recommendation was ideal, as I had

just begun to investigate options of where

to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Rather than a romantic holiday for two, we

brought along our two daughters, Veronica

and Ashlynn, to celebrate their 21st and 18th

birthdays, respectively.

Madeira is an autonomous region of

Portugal, located 620 miles (1,000 kilometers)

southwest of Portugal. It was founded

by Portuguese mariner Joao Goncalves Zarco

in 1418 and became autonomous in 1976.

Nearly half of the island’s 280,000 inhabitants

live in the capital city of Funchal, named

by the first settlers due to an abundance of

wild fennel. Formed on top of a volcano, the


terrain is very rugged and hilly, forming one

of Europe’s highest sea cliffs: Cabo Girao at

1,932 feet (589 meters). With a subtropical

climate, the island is like a vast garden with

incredible plant diversity.

When researching our travel plans, I was

happy to see that Transavia had very affordable

flights to Madeira. However, their return

flights were over twice as expensive. Luckily

TapPortugal’s fare was more reasonable for

our return and I was happy to learn that they

offer free layovers in either Lisbon or Porto.

Thus, we were able to add a two-night stay

in Lisbon for less than the Transavia flight

would have cost, even after considering the

cost of our additional accommodation.

While I was originally determined to rent

a villa with a private pool for an entire week,

I had to compromise with just four nights

in Arco do Calheta in the western part of

the island, and an apartment in Funchal for

the remaining three nights. Although I was

initially disappointed, these arrangements

turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it

allowed us two entirely different experiences

during our stay.

We began our adventures after leaving

the airport. Since we couldn’t check into our

apartment until the afternoon, we had several

hours to kill. James asked the rental car

agent if she had any suggestions of places

that would be easy for us to park and she suggested

that we head to Garajau to see Christo

Rei (Christ the King), a 49-foot (15-meter)

statue built in 1927. The views from the top

of the cliff were incredible. After our short

hike, we hopped on the cable car down to

the beach. What we assumed would just be

a snack bar at the bottom turned out to be

a nice café with a lovely terrace. It was the

perfect way to start our trip. Although there

are a few black-sand beaches on the island,

Garajau Beach consists of grey pebbles and

black basalt stones, but that didn’t stop our

daughters from swimming and sunbathing.

Our apartment in Funchal was exactly as

advertised on www.booking.com with amazing

views of the hills and the ocean from

every room and an incredible rooftop terrace

where we ate many of our meals. It was in a

great location within easy walking distance

of the old town, so we had no need for the

car. We thoroughly enjoyed wandering >> 44

OCTOBER 2018 43

Adventures in Madeira (cont.)

Continued from page 43

the small streets and alleyways of what we

affectionately nicknamed Funky Town. The

Painted Doors Project in the old town has

transformed that neighborhood into an openair

art gallery.

We had planned to go up the mountain

via cable car to the village of Monte to take

the carrinhos (wacky wood and wicker sleds)

pulled by two guides in traditional costumes

down the mountain, but we never managed

to get our timing right. James and Ashlynn

also hoped to go scuba diving, but had failed

to book in advance and were turned away

when they arrived at the dive center. Luckily,

we did manage to fulfill one of our biggest

desires: whale and dolphin watching. Our

two-hour sea safari on a semi-rigid boat was

incredible! While there were no whales to

be seen, we saw dolphins in three locations.

At the last, James and the girls got in the

water, held onto a rope and were dragged

along so that they could “swim” with the

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. When three dolphins

swam right along beside her, Ashlynn

forgot that she was human and nearly forgot

to lift her head to breathe.

Often island prices seem very inflated, so

we were surprised that the grocery store at the

modern shopping center within a short walk

of our flat was cheaper than Dutch stores. We

became quickly addicted to the local bread:

bolo do caco, which is made with sweet potatoes

and is cooked over a stove or stone rather

than in an oven because of a medieval ban

on using ovens without paying an extra tax.

Restaurant prices were also very reasonable,

which was another pleasant surprise.

Driving in Madeira is not for the faint of

heart. While I am not afraid of speed, I am a

wimp when it comes to mountain roads, so I

opted to sit in the backseat and let Ashlynn

play navigator. The drive to Funchal wasn’t

too scary, but the drive to our villa was rather

hair-raising. Much of the journey was on

the main road around the island which went

through a series of tunnels built to keep the

road relatively flat. However, once off that

road we encountered a series of incredibly

steep switchbacks. Although there was always

a guardrail, I still found the roads terrifying.

Luckily James doesn’t share my fears

and drove with confidence. Once he perhaps

had too much confidence as he attempted to

drive up a road with a warning sign about a

32% grade. As he neared the crest, he realized

that he wasn’t going to make it. Luckily

there was no one behind us and he was able

to back into a driveway to turn around.

For our anniversary, we piled into the

car and drove further up into the hills so

we could hike to an incredible lagoon and

an impressive waterfall. Most of Madeira’s

hiking trails are narrow paths built alongside

levadas, stone irrigation canals dating back to

the 16th century used to carry surplus water

from the wet northwest of the island to the

more arid parts. The path to the levada itself

was quite steep, but most of the route was

quite flat and easy going.

After our hike, we continued to drive

up and over the island to make our way to

the northwest town of Porto Moniz. I kept

my eyes closed for much of the journey, but

the views coming down into the town were

breathtaking. Our destination was the natural

swimming pools formed by the volcanic

rock along the rugged coastline. There was

a nominal entry fee for what proved to be an

excellent way to spend a few hours. Once

back at the villa, the girls made us a lovely

three-course anniversary dinner. >> 46


OCTOBER 2018 45

Adventures in Madeira (cont.)

Continued from page 45

Lunch With Girlfriends

by Kathy O’Malley (submitted by Rebecca Failor)

For one last adventure, James and the

girls went diving. I also know how to scuba

dive, but prefer diving in warmer water. I

entertained myself by walking up the steep

roads to the modern art museum, followed

by reading in a café until their return. Our

final day was spent just hanging out at the

villa, which was relaxing and a wonderful

end to our week. As Jan had said, Madeira

was perfect for our family. Perhaps it is for

yours as well?

Elaine’s vertigo has never been worse

Kay can’t recall where she left her purse

Rhonda’s about to replace her knees

Linda’s breathing is tinged with a wheeze

Donna’s left boob has a troublesome lump

Diane’s on her third trip to take a dump

Lorraine’s husband can’t remember a thing

Nine years a widow, Marge still wears her ring

Marlene is dealing with another UTI

Sally’s giving a hearing aid another try

Marie has decided she can’t drive at night

Sharon still wears clothes two sizes too tight

They’ve been through divorces and babies and wakes

They do for each other whatever it takes

They’ve already buried Marcia and Kate

And truthfully, Lizzie’s not looking so great


Thanksgiving Ceremony at the Pieterskerk

Thursday, November 22

Meet at Starbucks in Den Haag Centraal at 9:45 a.m.

The Thanksgiving Ceremony will take place at the Pieterskerk in Leiden, at 11:00 a.m.

After the ceremony, lunch will be at Restaurant Koetshuis de Burcht, Burgsteeg 13,


The ceremony is Free / Lunch and transportation is at your own expense

Registration deadline: November 20

Sign up on GroupSpaces

Contact Greetje Engelsman with questions (awcthehague.newcomers@gmail.com)

So whenever they can, they get out to eat

Open bottles of wine and forget their sore feet

There’s laughing and crying and letting down guards

And when the bill comes, there’s ten credit cards

So here’s to the waiters who keep orders straight

And to the places that let lunches run three hours late

And here’s to the girlfriends, those near and those far

Here’s to the girlfriends, you know who you are!!!


OCTOBER 2018 47


Leiden Liberation Celebration

This annual Leiden event commemorates

the Spanish siege and subsequent relief

of the city in 1574. The party starts on

Monday, October 2 at 1 p.m. with a huge

fun fair and market that covers a large part

of the city center. On Tuesday, October 3,

the official day of liberation, Breestraat is

turned into a lively street theater boulevard

with a giant parade featuring floats,

bands, and dancers starting at 1 p.m. This

year is the 131st anniversary of the parade

with a theme of: Parade Royale. The day

concludes with fireworks at 11:30 p.m.


Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October

7 from noon to 6 p.m. Within the informal

atmosphere of these studios, visitors can

view and buy artwork as well as see artists

working in different disciplines. www.


Community Fair for


Experience the 16th annual “I am Not a

Tourist” Fair, a community fair for internationals

and expatriates living in

the Netherlands, hosted by Expatica in

Amsterdam. Whether you’ve lived in the

Netherlands for five months or five years,

you will no doubt find a workshop or entertainment

session of interest to you. One

hundred and twenty-five exhibitors will be

available to offer advice on topics as diverse

as employment, housing, relocation,

taxes and banking. Free tickets are offered

online: www.expatfairamsterdam.nl

Sunday, October 7

10 a.m. − 5 p.m

Beurs van Berlage

Damrak 243, Amsterdam

Japanese Garden Open

The Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park,

home to rare trees and plants, is so fragile

that it is only open six weeks per year, four

in the spring and two in the fall. Don’t miss

the chance to see this special garden in magnificent

fall colors. Free entrance.

Saturday, October 13 –

Sunday, October 28

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Clingendael Park, Den Haag

Canal Race in Amsterdam

On Saturday, October 13, the canals of

Amsterdam will come alive with 140

rowing teams participating in the 32nd

edition of the Grachtenrace Amsterdam,

a 15-mile (24-kilometer) race in the city

center. In addition to staying out of each

other’s way, the boats must contend with

many narrow bridges and tourist boats.


>> 50

Open Ateliers The Hague

Sixty-five artists in the center of The

Hague will open their studios to visitors on

The Arts Society Lecture

The Changing Face of London

The Romans arrived 2,000 years ago on

the banks of the River Thames. Then

came the Norman Invasion, Elizabeth l,

the Great Fire of 1666, Samuel Pepys,

Christopher Wren, John Betjeman, the railways

and Docklands. The street names remain

while the buildings change constantly.

Lecturer Andrew Davies is the author of

nine books and is a frequent contributor to

radio and television. Previously known as

DFAS, The Arts Society The Hague aims

to bring people together through a shared

curiosity for all types of art. Nonmember

fee is € 13. www.theartssocietythehague.


Tuesday, October 9

Doors open at 7:15 p.m.

Lecture begins at 8:00 p.m.

Cultural Centrum Warenar

Kerkstraat 75, Wassenaar


OCTOBER 2018 49

Announcements (cont.)

Continued from page 49

International Children’s Art


From October 19 to 27, children between

the ages of 2 and 12 years old will be

treated to 550 enchanting performances

of both Dutch and international origin and

workshops at 50 different locations around

The Hague as part of De Betovering (The

Enchantment). Performances, a number of

which are suitable for a non-Dutch speaking

audience (highlighted in the program

as NDR), include puppet shows as well as

dance, music and film. To see the program,

go to: www.debetovering.nl

LEGO World

LEGO World is the largest LEGO event in

the Netherlands for kids of all ages. Your

kids can play and build with millions of

LEGO bricks, giving them the possibility

to build anything they can imagine.

Your little ones can play with DUPLO


in a separate area. Discounted tickets are

available online: www.legoworld.nl

Thursday, October 18 to

Wednesday, October 24

10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Jaarbeurs Utrecht

Jaarbeursplein, Utrecht

Sea Sights Festival

This festival at Scheveningen Beach from

Friday, October 19 – Sunday, October 21,

offers a unique insight into the future of cities

by the sea. In ten sea containers placed

on the boulevard, you will find a variety of

forward-thinking start-ups, students, artists

and architects presenting their vision on the

development of our coast. www.seasights.nl

Dutch Design Week

During Dutch Design Week (DDW) in

Eindhoven from Saturday, October 20 –

Sunday, October 28, you can see with your

own eyes how tomorrow’s world is taking

shape with smart solutions and inventive

designs by 2,500 national and international

designers offering new perspectives. This

year’s theme is If Not Us, Then Who? meaning

it is up to all of us to embrace and stimulate

creative solutions because together we

will decide how the world will look in the

future. DDW offers 400 events at 100 venues

throughout Eindhoven, including exhibitions,

experiments, lectures and workshops.


Wildlife Film Festival

This multi-day film festival, organized

by a non-profit foundation, focuses on the

screening of 40 wildlife films and documentaries.

The main program consists of a juried

competition that is open to professional and

non-professional nature filmmakers from

the Netherlands and abroad.

Wednesday, October 24 –

Sunday, October 28

Cinerama Filmtheater

Westblaak 18, Rotterdam


Crossing Border Festival

Ever since the first edition in 1993,

Crossing Border has examined the frontiers

of music and language in the city center of

The Hague. It has expanded to become one

of the most progressive international music

and literature festivals in Europe featuring

more than 100 artists ranging from

renowned names to promising upcoming


Monday, October 29 –

Sunday, November 4

Various venues in Den Haag Centrum


Affordable Art Fair

Amsterdam is also hosting an art fair early

next month. This four-day event presents a

wide array of contemporary art from a variety

of galleries. You can find thousands

of original paintings, prints, sculptures and

photography all under one roof, and all under

€ 6,000. The work of young, emerging

artists hangs alongside some of the biggest

household names.

Thursday, November 1 to

Sunday, November 4

De Kromhouthal

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231, Amsterdam


Annual Church Bazaar

The American Protestant Church of The

Hague will host its 61st Annual Bazaar.

You can savor appetizing dishes and delicacies

from the international kitchen, as

well as shop for books, clothing, accessories,

arts and crafts, and more. Free entrance

with proceeds from sales to support

charities worldwide. www.apch.nl

Saturday, November 3

10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Esther de Boer-van Rijklaan 20,

Den Haag

Frans Hals and the Moderns

This year marks the 150th anniversary of

the rediscovery of Frans Hals (Antwerp c.

1582 – Haarlem 1666) and his transformation

from a drunkard into a modern idol.

He was admired and venerated by late 19th

century artists like Manet, Singer Sargent,

Liebermann and Van Gogh. From October

13 through February 24, this exhibition

shows the immense impact Hals had on

these modern painters as works by the famous

17th century portrait painter are being

shown alongside responses to his work

from other major eras of painting. www.


Postman Joseph Roulin by Vincent

van Gogh, 1888, Museum of Fine Arts,


OCTOBER 2018 51


Bijoux-dor Gold &


Professionally trained gold

and silversmith specializing

in handmade and custom

jewelry, and repairs. AWC

members are eligible for a

10% discount on custom work.

Visit my atelier at Noordeinde

47, 1st floor, The Hague

or call 0687598566 for an

appointment or send an email

to meriemoukil@hotmail.com.


Blossoming Health and


Looking for a professional,

licensed acupuncturist?

Contact Linda Chen

at 06-37315840. With a

background in leadership

development by Shell, Linda

graduated with Cum Laude

in TCM Acupuncture. She

is a registered member of

the professional association



reimbursement of the fee is




Member Privacy

Counselling International

For professional, confidential

individual counselling or

coaching, relationship/couple

therapy or conflict mediation.

Experienced, multilingual

professional Els Barkema-Sala,


Contact 071 528 2661 for FREE

initial telephone consultation

or for an appointment.



Expat Families in Transit &

Work Life Balance

Ingrid offers Child & Teens

Counseling, Life Work

Coaching, Accountability

Coaching and Workshops

& Training. Experienced

Bilingual Psychosocial

Therapist/Counselor & Coach.

Certified NFG member.

Check for Coverage Health

Care Insurance. Contact

0640216544. FREE 30 MIN




Job Search and Career


HR professional with 20+

years U.S. experience is providing

coaching for resume

writing, job search tactics

and strategy, and career

planning. Specializing in expats

returning to the U.S. job

market. Certified in Myers

Briggs and other assessments.

Mebrennan625@gmail.com or


Pippa’s Friendly Pilates

I am a certified Stott Pilates

Instructor offering private

matwork and reformer lessons

in a comfortable setting at

my home studio in central

Den Haag. Please contact

me at pippahillstrathy@gmail.

com or 06 82529931 for more


Event information, suggestions or comments for eNews?

***New email account***

Please send all eNews information to awcthehague.enews@gmail.com no later than end of day

each Friday for the following week’s eNews.

Please be reminded that the AWC Membership List is for AWC Member reference only and use of this

information in any communication other than AWC official business is strictly prohibited. Members may

not share the list with anyone other than another AWC Member in good standing and never to any

third party.

The AWC takes care to protect Member information and adherence to this policy is critical to maintain

Member privacy. Members are asked to report suspected misuse of the list to any AWC Board Member.


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Deadline: In general, the 1st of the month prior to the

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change due to holiday schedule.

AWC Member Rates:

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OCTOBER 2018 53

Proost! Questionnaire

Answers by Deana Kreitler

What do you love best about living here?

Everything, truly everything. The pace is

slower, everyone speaks English, it’s a better

environment. There’s time to just live, and

people take time to stop and smell the roses.

Give us a quick wrap-up of your family.

I have three children: two boys and one girl.

Darren, my husband, has one of each. We

met, and our families came together about 12

years ago. We have two grandchildren. Aidan

just started kindergarten and Lily is 10.

What do you consider the most overrated

virtue of being an expat?

I don’t think any of it is overrated. I get to

travel and meet new people. None of that is


Which Dutch words or phrases do you most


“Tot ziens!” I’ve been trying to incorporate

more Dutch, but it’s really all just


What is your greatest travel extravagance?

Excursions. We try to splurge on the


What was your best travel experience?

Our trip to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

National Parks. We did a road trip through

South Dakota and Wyoming for about

three weeks. It was the most beautiful and

interesting trip. We got to see so many things,

and it was relaxing.

Which locations haven’t been ticked off

your bucket list?

I don’t have a bucket list, but we still want

to go to Australia, Japan, and so many other


Which talent would you most like to have?

There are two: I wish I could sing really well,

and be a good photographer without even


Tells us about your pets.

We have Maggie, who is a one-and-a-halfyear-old

corgi. Then there are the cats: Oreo,

Tigger, Snuggles, and Molly. We started our

pet collection almost 11 years ago.

What is your motto?

Oh, I have so many! But I always tell the

children, “Make good decisions.”

What is your most treasured possession?

Some of my mom’s possessions… A quilt

she made for me, some of her jewelry, and a

Christmas runner for my table.

What is your favorite drink?

That’s evolving. My new favorite is gin and

tonic. But I also really love a good margarita

or chocolate martini.

Where is your favorite place in the


Maastricht. It was one of the first places we

spent a weekend, so it still had newness. We

were still in awe of the country. We had the

most delicious dinner at Courage, from the

Chef’s menu. And we brought Maggie for

that trip!


OCTOBER 2018 55

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