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PELOBiotech Newsletter Nov/Dec. 2018

Welcome dear Scientist,

the end is near, I can feel it, and yes I can see it, too, summer

is over, oooo, but: yephee, ski season is coming. And as we

have celebrated a great teenie birthday party with our partner

baseclick, we just continue partying: So get a good deep

look at our Offers this time. We might just have right tools for

you and your project and ...maybe we have even the

right cell for your project. Cheers!

Christiane Büchsel

Editor in Chief PELONews

"If you are going

through hell,

keep going!“

-Winston Churchill --


Happy Birthday…


Meet us at… TEDD

NEW Products by



abc biopply

Happy Birthday …. 10 years baseclick. The

Neurieder Biotech company, famous for its

Great meeting at

click chemistry Assays, celebrated at Literaturhaus

in Munich. CEO Thomas Frischmuth

EACR in Berlin

was in best festive mood.

Cell Biologics

Cell Systems

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Primary Cells


Aged cells




Pics. Noviocell

Noviocell BV is a

highly innovative

biotech company

headquartered in

Oss, The Netherlands.

It focuses on

the development

of the first ever

synthetic solution

for 3D cell culturing,


from organoid

growth to personalized


Noviogel acts as novel wound dressing

Full-thickness dorsal skin wounds in mice were treated with Noviogel for 3 and 7 days. No foreign body

reaction, but even a significant decrease in granulocyte population in the wound was observed. Noviogel

acts as a novel wound dressing, because it gelates upon contact with the human body, and remain in

place without any additional support. Furthermore, it can be easily and painless applied and removed

because of its reversible thermosensitive behavior.

Reference: Roel C. op ‘t Veld et al. Biomaterials, 2018:Vol. 181, p 392-40.


Noviogel is a bioelastic reversible thermosensitive synthetic solution for 3D Culture based on Polyisocyanopeptide

(PIC) hydrogel, a new class of advanced polymers. PIC hydrogel is an improved platform for cell studies, because it

combines the unique benefits of natural and synthetic biomaterials. PIC hydrogels uniquely perform like collagen,

while possessing the same characteristics as other commercial hydrogels.

fully reversible thermo sensitive and cells can be easy recovered


Noviocell Syntrix is a synthetic, bioactive cell culture matrix based on self-assembling hydrogel technology. Gels

form rapidly and spontaneously under physiological conditions from appropriate precursor solutions, allowing

mild encapsulation of cells.

presenting a low-adhesion surface to cells

enhance cell adhesion and performance

New @ Cell


Also check out ->

Human Primary

cells of Smoker´s:

just check the

Human cell list.

Aged Mouse & Rat cells

Our partner Cell Biologics has a specialty now. They offer Aged

Mouse Cells (25-78 week old). You can customize your Cell

BKS db Mouse Cells

and control cells ->

Just check the Animal

product list.

Just click to get one

of the broadest

portfolios of Animal

and/or Human

Cells here or just

scan the QR-code

to request your personal

copy here.

Look at this: Aged Mouse Aortic Endothelial Cells

Aged Mouse Aortic Endothelial Cells are isolated from aorta of pathogen-free laboratory mice of 58-78 weeks. A-

ged Mouse Aortic Endothelial Cells are grown in T25 tissue culture flasks pre-coated with gelatin-based coating

solution for 2 min and incubated in Cell Biologics’ Culture Complete Growth Medium generally for 3-7 days. Cultures

are then expanded. Prior to shipping, cells are detached from flasks and immediately cryo-preserved in vials.

Each vial contains at least 1x10 6 cells per ml and are delivered frozen.

The method we use to isolate primary endothelial

cells was developed based on a

combination of established and our

proprietary methods.

These cells are pre-coated with PECAM-1

antibody, following the application of magnetic

pre-coated with secondary antibody.

Find out more about all the other aged

cells here.


3D CoSeedis TM : The

Micro-Organoid Histology System

The micro-organoid histology system: all components

for successful paraffin embedding are


Pic : abc biopply

Our partner abc biopply has

recently released its new

micro-organoid histology

system, being the latest extension

to abc biopply’s 3D

CoSeedis technology


The micro-organoid histology

system offers a validated

and standardised work process

form the generation of

spheroidal or nonspheroidal

3D cell aggregates

to paraffin embedded

micro-arrays of 3D cell structures.

Detailed protocols

take the researcher through

each step in a comprehensible and reproducible way.

The system includes all required components for successful paraffin embedding

and therefore guarantees an easy entry point to IHC on organoids.

The micro-organoid histology system is fully compatible with other

products from the 3D CoSeedis product line and can therefor be integrated

into already existing workflows

without effort.

Contact us or Marco Leu, Co-Owner abc

-biopply, for further information and


Meet us

at… TEDD

This year’s TEDD Annual

Meeting brings together experts

from diverse fields

with a shared interest in

advanced 3D models. Join

our Swiss partner abc biopply

and Dr. Peter Frost, CEO

PELOBiotech, for this meeting

to celebrate another

fruitful collaboration year

with new perspectives


And if you haven´t seen 3D

CoSeedis in action so far,

here is your best opportunity

to ask Peter und Marco


Organised by ZHAW Institut

für Chemie und Biotechnologie

-> Campus Grüental, GA

203 & Kalthaus GC 181,

8820 Wädenswil

-> 25. October 2018

Check out

our NEW

3D Flyer

Pic: Marco Leu

Step-by-step protocols take the researcher from cell aggregation all the way to a

paraffin-embedded micro-tissue arrays of 3D cell structures.

According to Andreas R. Thomsen et al., Lab Chip, 2018, 18, 179 - 189

Pic. abc biopply

Pic. Funkoshi

Check out our NEW Products:

NIPRO's Antibody Immobilization Bag A

When stimulating cells by antibodies, antibodies are immobilized on cell culture microplate. However, this method

involves hard work if many cells are required to be stimulated on many microplates should be used.

NIPRO's Antibody Immobilization Bag A saves cost and time.

Just put antibody solution, antibodies are immobilized on inside of the bag and after that, cells can be cultured in

this closed bag system.

This bag has excellent gas permeability; just place it in CO 2 incubator.


High gas permeability

High safety

High transparency

Needleless support * Please use lock type syringe Curious?

Read more and download your flyer here.

Ask for our extensive product list of Dyes and TR-FRET: sales @pelobiotech.com


PolyamineRED is the world's first reagent for detecting intracellular polyamines in live cellswithout any pretreatment

and cell lysis.

This TAMRA (tetramethylrhodamine)-conjugated derivative of glycine propagyl ester specifically reacts with linear

primary alkylamine and has cell-penetrating properties, specifically reacts with polyamines inside the cells and

labelled polyamines with red fluorescent dye TAMRA.

Read more here.


Specifically labels polyamines

Can be detected by filter set for Rhodamine (Ex./Em. = 560 / 585 nm)

Cell permeable : compatible with live cell imaging

No pretreatments required

Can do semi-quantification of total polyamines amount (*) by intracellular fluorescence intensity.

* Only total polyamines, not for each polyamine.


World's first Acrolein Detection Reagent in Live Cells

Acrolein, which is found in a common dietary and environmental pollutant, is known as a highly toxic metabolite

for cells. Not only in outer environment, but also acrolein is endogenously gererated in cells,

especially under the oxidative stress condition.Acrolein has being researched for more than half century and many

detection methods were developed, such as fluorometric method, mass spectromy or antibody based detection

method, etc. However, conventional methods are not appropriate for the detection in live cells and show poor selectivity

and sensitivity.

Our AcroleinRED is the world first cell based acrolein detection reagent in live cells condition without

any pre treatment and cell lysis.

This reagent is based on novel phenylazide acrolein click chemistry discovered by Drs. Katsunori Tanaka and Ambara

Pradipta. AcroleinRED specifically react with either extracellular acrolein conjugate released from cell surface

lipids or intracellular acrolein generated via enzymatic pathway and label acrolein with TAMRA fluorophore. More

infos here.

Pic. Funkoshi.

Antibody-free Primary Cells

PELOBiotech partner Cell Systems has recently been selected to supply antibody

-free human primary cells for a pioneering manufacturer of 3D organ-on-a-chip

devices. Industry leaders in the 3D- and microfluidic device field are now providing

high-quality cells with their chips, to give researchers the best shot at a viable

culture and successful experiment.

Cell Systems human primary cells were selected for their

antibody-free isolation process, viability, consistency, and

deep inventory. We are proud to provide these high-quality

primary cells to our customers in the EU!

How to

reach us:

If you need any further

assistance or if you like

what you see, tell us:

PELOBiotech GmbH

Klopferspitz 19

82152 Planegg | Germany

Tel.: +49 89 517286 59 0



HRB 197203

Dr.Peter Frost

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