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Southern View: October 09, 2018

Southern View: October 09,

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2018 Locally Owned SAME DAY RELINES 03 349 5050 • By Ashleigh Monk TAKE A Kid Fishing will go ahead as planned on Sunday. Weed eradication efforts at The Groynes lakes in August meant Win a holiday Visit the seat display at Christchurch Airport Page 7 PRIZE CATCH: Last year Freya Askew caught a 4kg salmon during the Take a Kid Fishing day at The Groynes, which is set to go ahead this year as planned. the event was at risk of being postponed due to chemicals in the lakes – but the city council has given the all clear. “Weed control has been completed for now, and it is likely that we will need to do some necessary follow up later in the year,” city council head ranger coastal and plains ​Robbie Hewson said. A chemical treatment that was harmless to fish and plant life was used to eradicate an invasive Out of this world Art exhibition celebrates 20 years Page 11 Take a Kid Fishing to go ahead weed, lagrosiphon major, which was choking the lakes. The weed, which formed dense mats of vegetation, had affected lakes at the popular recreation reserve since 2014. •Turn to page 5 New Dentures > Repairs > Relines > 6 Brynley Street, Hornby, Chch 65-year-old pulled out of burning home by neighbour • By Sophie Cornish A SYDENHAM woman has spoken about how she battled “unbearable heat” when pulling a 65-year-old neighbour from his burning home. It was just after 9am on September 29 when Bernadine Worsdale looked out of her window to see smoke billowing from the property next door. She sprinted outside in her pyjamas and saw another neighbour running towards her, who phoned 111. “I was focusing on my neighbour and thinking get him out,” said Mrs Worsdale. Mrs Worsdale ran to the front window of the burning house on Scott St. She pulled it ajar before yelling for her neighbour, who she didn’t wish to name. “I think he was sleeping, if I hadn’t of known his name, he may have not woken up and responded . . . it was so intense, I hate fire, the heat was unbearable.” He appeared a bit “dazed and confused,” said Mrs Worsdale who then helped to pull him out of the window. “I tried to get him to jump but he couldn’t. I pulled him from under the armpits and dragged him out of the window.” •Turn to page 4 This Weekend! OCT 13-14 10am-6pm Sat & Sun ADDINGTON RACEWAY Adults $10, Children free 62 free workshops plus 121 exhibitors! Full details online 111-115 Milton Street Phone 332-6056 as local as you are | $26 9kg bottle fill Terms and conditions apply STAY WELL NATURALLY GO VIR-DEFENCE offers powerful immune support this winter with its nine clinically proven ingredients. SuppORtS: •Reduced•chances•of•colds,• • flu•&•poor•health •Reduced•severity•&•duration• • of•colds•&•flu •Respiratory•health • •Energy•&•wellness • SUPER PRICES: 30’s only $15.90 save $14.00 60’s only $29.90 save $20.00 120’s only $49.90 save $49.90 MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE PROVEN FORMULA Bringing You The Best In Natural Health MARSHALLS HEALTH & NATURAL THERAPY CONSULTING - PRESCRIBING - DISPENSING - MANUFACTURING MEDICAL HERBALISTS 110 seaVIeW roaD, NeW BrIGHToN (Just past C.N.B School) pHoNe 388 5757 - We are alWaYs HappY To Help! -