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Southern View: October 23, 2018

Southern View: October 23,

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2018 Locally Owned Bus change Longer route for Westmorland service Hockey success Canty under-13s take the Collier Trophy again Page 7 Page 17 Stroke victim back on his bike • By Anan Zaki A KEEN cyclist and triathlete Grant Cowan enjoyed an active life. But his world came crashing down 18 months ago when he suffered two strokes. The former police officer and father of two teenagers lost the ability to speak, lost feeling in his right arm and right leg. Mr Cowan’s cycling hobby came to a halt. He now resides at St John of God care facility in Halswell. Having lost touch with pedals, Mr Cowan’s family and friends took him to the New Zealand Bike Expo last week. It was there, that they saw an expression almost unseen for a 18 months. Said his friend of 30 years Rodger Wyatt: “The look on his face, he was just absolutely humming.” “I didn’t know you could enjoy someone else’s joy so much,” he said. Mr Cowan, 52, tried a recumbent tricycle. The trike is able to be ridden while sitting down. “I was just wrapping my brain on how do we get this to happen and get some public support,” he said. Mr Wyatt gathered two of Mr Cowan’s closest friends and former cycling teammates, Jan Hales and Derrick Murray, to buy the trike. But the trike was $16,500. The trio quickly hatched a plan to raise money for Mr Cowan. They will race in the Blue Dog six-hour blast at McLeans Island on Saturday, a race that the team previously took part in with Mr Cowan. Mr Murray, who now lives in Sydney, will fly across the ditch to fundraise. “We’ve got a spot for Grant, he’s in the team but obviously he can’t race,” Mr Murray. “It seems like a very fitting way to get word out about our mate,” Mr Murray said. The race at McLeans Island brought back many memories, Mr Wyatt said. “We did a race together out at McLeans Island as a mixed team about four or five years ago. “Grant came off his bike and tore his leg open on his gear leaver. It was pretty ugly.” Mr Cowan was taken to hospital and the team finished second place. “We still bag Grant now about letting the team down,” Mr Wyatt said. He said Mr Cowan is aware that his friends are trying to help him. “He knows he wants a bike, he knows it’s going to give him something to look forward to. “I think he’s had a reasonably dark 18 months and the look on is face [on Monday] was just extraordinary,” Mr Wyatt said. Mr Murray just wants to see his best friend mobile again. “My thing is, he’s my best mate, we’ve done so many crazy adventures all over the South Island,” he said. “He doesn’t deserve to be in a rehab facility, we just thought we’ve got to find a way at to at least come on a small ride with us,” Mr Murray said. He also wants to raise ALL SMILES: Grant Cowan tries a tricycle with Trikes NZ owner Brian Gilbert. Mr Cowan’s friend of 30 years Rodger Wyatt (above) is helping raise money for the trike. awareness for signs of stroke among 40-50 year-olds. The Stroke Foundation of New Zealand recommends to learn three observations to look for in identifying stroke victims. If the person’s face drooping on one side, if one arm is weak or if their speech is slurred, phone 111. It’s abbreviated as FAST. Face, Arm, Speech and Take action. •To donate money for Mr Cowan’s trike, visit www. BLINDS...Cleaned, Repaired & Restored... Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with our re-oiling service. Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS High-tech Cleaning We clean and repair all types of blinds – Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Roller, Hollands, Romans and Pleated – with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Temperature Controlled Drying Re-oiling & Rejuvenating Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and Roman Same Day Pick Up & Drop Off We offer a same-day, pick up and drop off service for most types of blinds. Bookings are required. Convenient Location We are located at 330 Cashel Street (near the Fitzgerald end), parking available onsite Roller Blinds cleaned from as little as $22 per blind Ph 377 0770, 330 Cashel St, Christchurch SCAN QR code for Info > WE ARE OPEN Mon - Fri 8.00am to 5.00pm 111-115 Milton Street Phone 332-6056 as local as you are | $26 9kg bottle fill Terms and conditions apply