Family News 2018

Peter and Lenora Hammond - Family News December 2018

Peter and Lenora Hammond - Family News December 2018


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Dearest Friends and Family!

What a privilege it is to look back at the year and review

all the many blessings that God has showered upon us

again. We have been blessed with many opportunities,

additions to our family, some heart aches, some travel and

the expansion of our family life here on East Way.

January starts off with a bang every year as we host the

Biblical Worldview Summit and the Great Commission

Course. This year was no exception and we found ourselves

scrambling to accommodate the over 130 participants.

We had a lively and varied bunch of Teens and young

adults and were grateful for the many opportunities this

afforded. Tragically, during our Great Commission Course

portion, during free time, one of our Course participants

heartbreakingly lost his life during a swimming accident.

This caused the group to bond in a way few things can.

We were blessed being able to witness the group’s caliber

in character and testimony. The young man’s family were

very gracious and we had the memorial service and funeral

here in Cape Town.

The third week of January saw me winging my way to

Arizona to visit my mother and to be able to help with

the final packing up of Andrea

and Hunter’s Arizona home. This

was quite a busy time as the home

needed to be show ready daily, but

we were also needing to sort through

many things and make decisions

on what to bring to Cape Town.

My Mom, sister Debbie and I also

needed to make many decisions

regarding family mementos and

ministry paraphernalia to pack in

to the Shipping Container headed

for Cape Town. There was much

rejoicing and celebrating when the

Container Company arrived to pack

up these earthly possessions.

O u r Family Grow s

On Valentine’s day the Combs family arrived to their

new home on our property in Cape Town. What a joyous

day this was. Mixed emotions ran high as they were leaving

family, friends, their home Church and all things familiar

behind to begin their ministry with Frontline Fellowship.

For Peter and I this was one of the highlights of the year,

because few things are more precious to parents than when

your children join you in Ministry. Andrea and Hunter are

living in a 2-bedroom Cottage on our property and it is

wonderful having them so close by.

This year has seen an increase in involvement on my part

with a group called Reach for Recovery. This is a Breast

Cancer support group which reaches out to women who

have undergone mastectomies and visits them in the

Hospital. It is a wonderful opportunity to share with them

your own experiences and to answer as many questions as

they may have. It is good for these women to interact with

women who have managed to build their lives up again

after such radical surgery.

Around Easter time, we were surprised with the news

of another Combs baby due in November. This was the

first time we were able to be a part of the process of a

grandchild being welcomed into our family and was

extraordinary for me. Joshua

Ellis Combs was delivered in the

same Hospital Peter was born

in, in 1960. What a blessing to

have History repeated in such a

wonderful way!

November 7th ushered in the

arrival of Joshua Ellis Combs!

We are thrilled to be blessed

with our second grandchild and

are grateful for good health for

mom and baby. Three-year-old

Jeremy is adjusting well and life

on East Way has become even


My sister Debbie arrived for a visit in May and, as always,

she is such a support to me on so many levels. Nothing

like an older sister to help you see all sorts of things from a

different perspective. We had many moments of fellowship

around the table and it was the first time she had visited

with the Combs family also living here. Our household is a

busy one!

One of the things Andrea and I both enjoy is quilting. She

joined me for the first time this year on a quilting weekend

away. It is a wonderful time of being able to focus on new

projects or on finishing up old ones you keep meaning to.

What a joy it is for me to be able to share this with Andrea.

My involvement with the Dragon boating Fraternity

continues and the middle of the year saw me traveling to Italy

to be a part of the International Breast Cancer Participatory

Dragon Boat Festival. This is an event that takes place

every four years and involves Breast Cancer Dragon Boating

Teams from all corners of the Globe. I was the helm / steer

person for an Austrian Composite Team, and together we

represented 10 Nations. It was a first for me to helm at an

international event and needless to say I was quite nervous!

But our Team won every single heat we were in, and out of

130 Teams we came 37th. Not bad for a Team who had only

paddled together twice before the event. As always, I was

showered with blessings as I had the opportunity to visit my

nephew and his wife after the event and spent 3 glorious days

with my sister Debbie and Hans touring the beautiful Italian

speaking part of Switzerland. God is gracious and I was

humbled at being able to enjoy such splendor.

My involvement with the Symphony Choir of Cape

Town is a musical treat for me, and this year alone we

have performed more Concerts than any other year. From

Mahler, to Mozart to Handel’s Messiah, the repertoire

keeps us on our toes. I am grateful for this creative outlet.

Peter and I are very grateful to see the next generation

of Frontline Fellowship Missionary families bringing in

their own creative energy. We are blessed with three young

families and we love seeing how God is using each of them

in their own way.

My health has gone from strength to strength. As a family

we juice daily, and are grateful for our daily supplements

made possible by Joyce and John Hart. In an attempt to

keep my bone density strong, I continue to run, joining the

occasional 10 – 16km races. My hormonal treatments are

not pleasant, but are keeping the cancer at bay.

We are so grateful to the Lord for His many provisions

through your support both prayerfully and practically.

Thank you for your consistent friendship over the years.

May His blessings be yours in abundance as you celebrate

His Incarnation and usher in a new year.

With love and a grateful heart,


On Lions Head, with Table Mountain

in the background

Vineyard in Paarl, Cape Town

From D a n i e l a

A very Merry Christmas to you all & blessings for the New Year!

2018 has been an interesting year! It seems every year gets

faster the older you get.

It began with the Biblical Worldview Summit course,

which we hadn’t hosted in awhile. It was also at a new

venue in Hermanus. We had a great camp with a recordbreaking

attendance. I thoroughly enjoyed fellowshipping

with lovely people from around South Africa and all over

the world and getting involved in the Great Commission

Course where I could. Through the devastating incident

that my Mom mentioned we all bonded very closely and

have made what I believe will be life-lasting friendships.

We learned how to have an eternal perspective on life. This

earth is not our home and every day counts. I don’t think

our lives will ever be the same.

Since Christopher and my visit to Europe last year for

Bible School, we have made good friendships and have had

four friends from Germany visit us in Cape Town! Because

we are so fortunate to live in a beautiful country, the world

often comes to us. Cape Town never gets old and there is

so much yet to see and explore.

In February, my beloved Sister, Andrea, returned with her

sweet family! It has been so wonderful having our family

back together, and having not just one, but two Nephews

to love, care for and play with.

In June, I was able to visit my dear friend Tanya

in Alexandria, Eastern Cape. We had a fantastic

time catching up, seeing her little town, going to the

Grahamstown Festival for some concerts, and visiting their

family restaurant ‘The Lunchbox’ on the R72. The Frontline

Mission team happened to be passing through Alexandria

during the time I was there so we all got to reunite for

breakfast. God’s timing is perfect.

One of my goals for my art / design brand was to get my

stationary / artprints sold in stores. Early this year my work

was accepted into several stores around Cape Town! I am

very excited to grow my design brand. Some of the new

skills I have learnt this year though my work has included

basic animation, chalkboard lettering and event planning.

I will be joining a sign-writing company soon.

This last month I had the privilege to be able to join

my church for a short mission trip to Botshabelo, near

Bloemfontein. During our 5 day outreach, we gave

devotions at the Nurse’s clinic, ran seminar Bible studies

with the church and had a children’s program in the

afternoon. It was a humbling experience living and

experiencing life in another

culture. It was also my first

time speaking with a translator

(their language is Sesotho).

Thank you for your consistent love

& prayers for our family and the

Mission. May God bless and keep you.

Lots of love, Daniela

Exploring Kalk Bay with BWS friends

Top of Table Mountain with GCC

I helped paint a mural outside a school

in Woodstock, Cape Town

From C h r i s t o p h e r

Sound ready, speeding.

Roll camera, set. And Action!

A merry Christmas to all our friends and supporters.

I wish you all a very happy new year. This year has

gone by in such a flash and it has been a year that

has opened up many new doors for me. As always, we

started our year with the Biblical Worldview Summit

followed by our Great Commission Course which was

a great time of fellowship and outreach with brothers

and sisters in Christ.

Shortly after the BWS and GCC I started my studies

in ‘Film, Television and Entertainment Production’,

a 1-year higher certificate course. This short and

compact course was a real eye-opener into the whole

entertainment industry which led to an internship,

6 film shoots and counting! I mainly assisted in the

lighting department and as a production assistant on

commercial shoots.

This year I have also taken up a new challenge and

started with boxing. I find boxing very satisfying as it

keeps my fighting base alive while I further my studies.

Furthermore, I am still deciding if I am going to

continue with my studies and start an undergraduate

BA in Motion Picture medium from February next

year or venture out into the film industry and find

internships. Please keep me in your prayers as I am

still contemplating which path God is leading me to.


10km run with close friends & family

From Cape to Cairo

This year proved to be an amazing and eventful one as I

returned to homeschooling for my matric year. This gave

me the freedom to begin coaching hockey, water polo and

athletics at a local primary school and also partake in many

sporting events around the Country and ultimately the


With my sporting focus this year being on swimming

and running, I was able to be selected for the provincial

team for athletics and biathlon and the national team for

Biathle (a run/swim/run event) which included the World

Championships in Hurghada, Egypt.

The competition was extremely tough and with this being

my first experience in international racing, I learnt many

tough lessons and finished in 8th place on the world stage

for the junior men’s biathle race which includes a 1,600m

run, followed by a 200m open water swim in the Red Sea

and then another 1,600m run. I am eternally grateful for

the part my Grandma played in helping me to raise the

funds necessary for this once in a life time experience.

I have too often taken for granted that we are blessed with

amazing abilities by God and that we are called to use them

for His honor and glory. I would like to consider a possible

Sports Ministry and as the new year fast approaches, I

am making preparations to study at a local Bible Institute

in Cape Town. I am still seeking the Lord’s guidance for

direction and feel this year will give me more grounding

needed to make decisions for the future.

In my spare time, I plan to compete on the athletics track

to try improve my 800m and 1,500m times, as well as

going for a sub 82 - minute half marathon at the very hilly

Two Oceans Ultramarathon event. I will continue with

multisport events and also do a few long distance open

water swimming races. I would like to get involved in either

Life Saving or Sea Rescue as an opportunity to volunteer

on those fronts.

May God bless you all this Christmas Season and in the New

Year. Thank You for your prayers, friendship and blessings,

Bible study at the Biblical Worldview Summit


Running by the Red Sea

T h e Combs Corner

This year has come and gone

like a flash of lightning. Just a year

ago we were still in our townhouse

in Glendale, Arizona, with boxes

piling high in every room as we

prepared to move, and now we

are well settled in our South

African home 9,627 miles (15,493

km) across the globe. It’s hard to

believe we have been living and

breathing in the South African

culture for most of 2018

Crossing Continents

Four days after ringing in the New Year, our house

went on the market! Within weeks, our home was under

contract and on the 3rd of February a 20-foot shipping

container rolled away with our belongings. Ten days later,

after many tearful farewells, our little family boarded the

plane that took us to Seattle, then Amsterdam, and finally

Cape Town. When we finally reached our destination on

Valentine’s Day (February 14th), we were greeted with

the happy hellos and excited embraces of the Hammond

family! Fatigued and weary, we fell into our beds in

disbelief that we had finally finished the long journey we

had spent nearly a year preparing for.

Sweet Surprise

Within three weeks of landing on African soil, we

discovered we were expecting another baby! It was an

absolutely joyful and welcomed surprise. In the midst of

adjusting to this big life change, knowing we would be

adding a precious baby to our family made this chapter

that much more special! It took a while for the three of

us to readjust to the South African culture and fall into

a rhythm and routine, but after a couple of months, it

became more natural to call our new home, Home.

Mountain Mission

We hadn’t been here for a month before Hunter was

invited to join Ben, Abrie, and John on their mission to

the Nuba Mountains. It was sooner than we’d planned

for Hunter to go on a cross border

mission, but we knew this was an

amazing opportunity he needed to

take. He left on May 1st – just one

day before our container was set to

arrive on our doorstep. Their 23-day

long mission was eventful, productive

and at times frustratingly slow. It was,

however, an immense blessing to be

a part of this mission. They travelled

through unstable military areas and,

at one point, were escorted by nearly

a hundred military personnel. By way

of container, they were collectively

able to distribute 34,000 Bibles, 50,000 Story of Jesus

picture books and share the Gospel with tens of thousands

of Nuban children in 130 local schools. Please keep the

Nubans in prayer as we receive reports that the Sudanese

Armed Forces are currently mobilizing troops to launch an

attack on the Nuban people.

Containers Can’t Contain Emotions

It was an emotional experience for me to see our boxes

and the few pieces of furniture we kept being delivered to

the very street where I grew up. It was unbelievably surreal

to know just how far it all had to travel to get here. Three

months had passed since we loaded up the container and

sent it on its way. I’d shed a few tears seeing our empty

home in Arizona and I got fairly misty-eyed seeing it all

delivered to our new home. God was so good to have

orchestrated every last detail in the way He did. We are

so grateful for the support and prayers that made the

container a reality.

Cross Country Family Mission

Hunter was given an amazing opportunity to teach at

Back to the Bible Mission (BBM) in Barberton, South

Africa, at the end of August. He spent a full week teaching

the students there on Biblical Ethics. The student body is

mostly made up of pastors and leaders who come from all

over the continent of Africa. Hunter was also invited to

minister to Adullam Mission in Secunda on the way up

to BBM. He was so grateful for the opportunity to share

some of what he gleaned throughout his years at ACU and

Phoenix Seminary.

Ministry in the Cape

In Cape Town, Hunter and the team of Frontline

apprentices focused their evangelistic efforts on

evangelizing a least reached people group and university

students with the Gospel. They spent many afternoons

on the University of Cape Town (UCT) campus sharing

the Gospel with students from a wide variety of religious

backgrounds. Hunter, Emma, and Alpha (two of the

missionary interns) helped run a Discovery Bible Study

over the course of two semesters with students they met

while evangelizing on campus. In addition to the student

ministry, they also focused their efforts on witnessing to

a least reached people group in South Africa. The team

conducted roughly 55 outreaches this year in Cape Town

and were blessed to see the hand of the Lord at work.

Welcome, Baby Blue Eyes

We’re thrilled to present to you, Joshua Ellis! He was born

at 9:36AM on November 7 in Cape Town, South Africa, via

C-section. His birth weight was 3.86kg (8 1/2 lbs) and 53cm

(20.9 inches) long. We are so thankful to God for bringing

this sweet little man into our lives and for using an amazing

medical team to safely do so. We are entirely smitten with

him and Jeremy has adapted wonderfully to his new role as

big brother! Our hearts have grown immensely!

We chose to name him “Joshua” after his Daddy’s

middle name as well as the Biblical character, and

“Ellis” after my Grandpa’s (Bill Bathman’s) middle

name. Ellis is also a family name that goes back several

generations on my Mom’s side. We wanted to honour

his memory in this special way. He was a major

influence in both of our lives and we are so grateful

for all the love and wisdom he and my Grandma have

poured into us both over the years.

Frontline and Family

It has been an immense blessing for us to be a part

of Frontline Fellowship and the vast opportunities to

invest our time in the Kingdom of God. We love living

so close to the Hammond family for the first time since

being married. It’s been a joy seeing Jeremy enjoy his

Noni, Oupa, uncles and auntie. We praise God for His

faithfulness in bringing our little family all the way around

the world to serve Him in South Africa.

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers. As we celebrate

the birth of Christ, we pray that He would fill your hearts with

His love and joy. May the Lord be your strength and peace in


With love in Christ,

Hunter, Andrea, Jeremy, & Joshua

P e t e r’s Pag e

Peter has added more hours to each day somehow

and has once again been blessed with the strength and

endurance to accomplish much. His year included 9

Missions, conducting conferences and services from as

far afield as Australia to America. This year has seen the

conclusion of a 6-year study and preaching project going

through every Book of the Bible. The Old Testament

Survey was published in 2016 and the New Testament

Survey is on track to be published in the New Year. Just

in time for the 500th Anniversary of the Swiss Reformer

Ulrich Zwingli’s launch of Biblical Exposition in 1519.

Hunter and other next generation Missionaries completed

the Biblical Preaching Handbook which forms a vital part

of this Back to the Bible Movement, which our Teams are

emphasizing on Missions throughout Africa. In July 2019

Peter plans to be a part of the Reformation 500 Global

Church Council in Zürich, Switzerland.

Inspired by the return to Cape Town of our favorite

journalist, Andrea, Peter launched a new initiative;

the Henry Morton Stanley School of Christian

Journalism with weekly meetings on uncensored

news behind the news. You can view some of his

articles and presentations on video on our new www.

HMSSchoolofChristianJournalism.org website.

This year Peter was honored by the Western Cape Armed

Forces Veterans for his years of service. He now serves

as one of their Chaplains. He has also continued to be

the Chaplain for the Rhodesia Association’s Annual

Remembrance Services. This year was particularly

significant as the 100 TH Anniversary of the Armistice

which ended the First World War.

Earlier this year during the record breaking Bibles to the

Nuba Mountains Mission, Peter felt the burden of four

of our best young Missionaries, in a dangerous field, all

at one time, all are married, three of them with young

children at home and with three of the wives expecting,

including our own daughter Andrea. Although Peter

routinely took similar risks when our children were just

as young, it is obviously harder to trust God for other

people’s safety. However, there was much joy and pride in

the accomplishments of Hunter and the rest of the Team

for successfully distributing over 34,000 Bibles to 130

Schools in the remote Nuba Mountains of Sudan.

For Peter’s Annual Mission Report visit www.

FrontlineMissionSA.org. His weekly radio podcast

From the Frontline is also accessible from our website.

F ro n t l i n e Fellow s h i p

PO Box 74 Newlands 7725 Cape Town South Africa

Email: lenora@frontline.org.za

peter@frontline.org.za mission@frontline.org.za

Web: www.FrontlineMissionSA.org www.ReformationSA.org

www.TheBibleAndAnimals.org www.LivingstoneFellowship.co.za


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