MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge Sponsorship 2019

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Celebrating Global<br />

Organizations that<br />

Reinvent the<br />

Future of Work

The grand challenge of our era is to<br />

use digital technologies to create not<br />

only prosperity, but shared prosperity.<br />

We created the <strong>MIT</strong> IIC to recognize<br />

and reward the many amazing people<br />

and organizations that are<br />

working to accomplish<br />

this mission.<br />

Erik Brynjolfsson<br />

Director of the <strong>MIT</strong> Initiative on the Digital Economy<br />

and IIC co-founder

The IIC accelerates innovation-driven<br />

entrepreneurship for a more inclusive<br />

and prosperous economy .<br />

The <strong>MIT</strong> <strong>Inclusive</strong> <strong>Innovation</strong> <strong>Challenge</strong> (IIC) is the premier Future of Work<br />

prize, awarding over $1.5 million to global organizations that use<br />

technology to create economic opportunity for moderate and low income<br />

earners in the digital era.<br />

Our mission is to support and accelerate the success of these<br />

changemaking organizations and to drive a solutions-oriented<br />

conversation about the Future of Work.<br />

Our vision is an economy that works for all.<br />

The IIC is the<br />

flagship program at the<br />

<strong>MIT</strong> Initiative on the<br />

Digital Economy.

75 Nations<br />

Global<br />

Impact<br />

Awarded<br />

$3.5M+<br />

Attendees at 10 Events<br />

3,500<br />

In 2016 through 2018, we have<br />

successfully implemented annual<br />

<strong>Challenge</strong>s & Celebration events that<br />

support <strong>Inclusive</strong> Innovators.<br />

Winners Celebrated<br />

110<br />

Registered Organization<br />

3,000<br />

Core Judges<br />

600<br />

Outreach & Recruiting Partners<br />


The IIC is a global<br />

tournament.<br />

Through <strong>Challenge</strong>s and Celebration events in five<br />

global regions, we identify IIC Regional Finalists. 20<br />

winning entrepreneurs are invited to the IIC Global<br />

Finale at <strong>MIT</strong> where IDE/IIC leadership award 4 Grand<br />

Prizes totaling $1 million.

Who are our IIC<br />

Winners?<br />

IIC Winners are start-ups and entrepreneurial organizations that use<br />

technology to reinvent work and create economic opportunity for<br />

moderate and low income earners. These early- and growth-stage<br />

companies are beyond the idea phase and already have proof of<br />

Our four award categories represent the<br />

opportunity areas that enable a better future of<br />

work.<br />

impact.<br />

Skills Development &<br />

Income Growth &<br />

Technology<br />

Financial<br />

Opportunity Matching<br />

Job Creation<br />

Access<br />


Winners from<br />

around the world<br />

Apli is an AI-enabled jobs marketplace<br />

where candidates can start working on<br />

the same day instead of waiting for<br />

weeks to be hired. [2018 Latin America<br />

Winner, from Mexico City]<br />

Apps Without Code is a global<br />

education platform, teaching<br />

entrepreneurs how to build<br />

profitable app businesses (web<br />

apps, mobile apps, etc.) without<br />

writing any code. [2018 North<br />

America Winner, from Detroit,<br />

USA]<br />

Trezeo provides financial<br />

stability for self-employed<br />

workers in the gig economy<br />

who struggle to access<br />

suitable financial products.<br />

[2018 Europe Winner, from<br />

Ireland]<br />

Wefarm is a free, digital, peer-to-peer<br />

knowledge sharing network available<br />

by SMS for the world’s 500 million<br />

small-scale farmers who have no<br />

internet. [2018 Global Grand Prize<br />

Winner, from Kenya & Uganda]<br />

ftcash is one of India’s fastest growing<br />

financial inclusion ventures, which<br />

aims to empower micro-merchants<br />

and small-businesses through loans<br />

using digital payments. [2018 Global<br />

Grand Prize Winner, from India]

With the <strong>MIT</strong> IIC, we're celebrating<br />

the entrepreneurs and innovators<br />

who are demonstrating many<br />

different ways to put powerful<br />

technology to use to improve<br />

people's economic prospects.<br />

Andrew McAfee<br />

Co-Director of the <strong>MIT</strong> Initiative on the Digital Economy and IIC co-founder

Five Regional Collaborators<br />

Five Regional Celebrations<br />

Five IIC Collaborator organizations partner with the IIC Central team to implement regional <strong>Challenge</strong>s and host Celebration events.<br />

At each of these Celebrations, 12 IIC Regional Finalists pitch to a live audience and win a total of $120,000. These events help build<br />

the <strong>Inclusive</strong> <strong>Innovation</strong> ecosystem around the world. [Our 2018 Collaborators and Regional Celebrations are spotlighted below.]<br />

Africa Nairobi, Kenya<br />

Asia Bangkok, Thailand Europe Darmstadt, Germany LatAm Sao Paulo, Brazil N. America Detroit, USA

One Global Convening &<br />

Celebration at <strong>MIT</strong><br />

The IIC culminates in <strong>2019</strong> with three high-profile events at <strong>MIT</strong> on November 21-22:<br />

the Global Grand Prize Gala, Future of Work Conference, and workshops for<br />

the IIC Winners. These events convene the IIC Regional Winners from across the<br />

world, as well as industry leaders, academics, policy makers, and entrepreneurs<br />

from the Future of Work ecosystem.

Process and Timeline<br />

March:<br />

May:<br />

May-June:<br />

July:<br />

Application<br />

Application<br />

Judges Evaluate<br />

Regional Finalists<br />

Opens<br />

Deadline<br />

Applications<br />

Announced<br />

August – September:<br />

Celebration events hosted in each IIC<br />

Global Region; Regional Winners selected<br />

by live Selection Panel<br />

October:<br />

Champion Committee evaluates Regional<br />

Winners in each Award Category<br />

November 21-22:<br />

IIC Global Grand Prize Gala at <strong>MIT</strong>

Proven<br />

Success<br />

Our stakeholders agree on the impact and<br />

importance of the IIC.<br />

Microsoft certainly wants to<br />

continue being a champion of what<br />

the IIC is doing because it will have<br />

a massive impact on how we<br />

understand the trajectory of where<br />

we are in the future of work. It's my<br />

second year as a Judge and I will<br />

definitely continue to do it.<br />

Nate Yohannes<br />

Director of Corporate Business<br />

Development, Artificial Intelligence, IoT<br />

& Intelligent Cloud at Microsoft and IIC<br />

Judge<br />

What I would really like is for the<br />

IIC…to be a global phenomena with<br />

hundreds and hundreds of<br />

organizations pushing very hard on<br />

the consequences of technology<br />

on workers.<br />

Eric Schmidt<br />

Technical Advisor and Former<br />

Executive Chairman at Alphabet, Inc.,<br />

IIC Supporter<br />

We are so inspired that <strong>MIT</strong> is the<br />

thought leader for such an important<br />

and critical topic for the future of<br />

humanity, and we love learning and<br />

hearing from all the speakers. We will<br />

come home to Mexico inspired and<br />

ready to resolve even bigger<br />

challenges.<br />

Vera Makarov<br />

Co-CEO of Apli, IIC Latin America Winner<br />

As a Core Judge, I was appreciative of the<br />

clear guidelines and systems that you<br />

had put in place which allowed me to<br />

focus on the quality of the team<br />

submissions.<br />

Karen Wise<br />

Oracle, IIC Judge

High<br />

Visibility<br />

Our work has drawn attention to<br />

entrepreneurs who are driving the<br />

global inclusive innovation movement.

Opportunities to Engage<br />

Support & Sponsor:<br />

Contributions enable us to support the IIC Winners<br />

Outreach Partnership:<br />

Officially partner with us to identify potential IIC applicants in your network<br />

Participate:<br />

Join us for IIC events, follow us on social media, and spread the word!<br />

Judge:<br />

Review applications and help select the IIC Winners

Global<br />

Supporters<br />

To identify, recognize, and award the most<br />

innovative Future of Work entrepreneurs, the<br />

<strong>MIT</strong> <strong>Inclusive</strong> <strong>Innovation</strong> <strong>Challenge</strong> relies on<br />

financial support from our global sponsors.<br />

Gustavo<br />

Eric & Wendy<br />

Joseph<br />

Pierini<br />

Scmidt<br />


Regional<br />

Support<br />

Benefits<br />

Gold<br />

Sponsor<br />

$250k<br />

Silver<br />

Sponsor<br />

$100k<br />

Bronze<br />

Sponsor<br />

$75k<br />

Our regional <strong>Challenge</strong>s and<br />

Celebrations are at the core of our IIC<br />

Exclusive Marquee sponsor of IIC Region<br />

√<br />

Global Tournament strategy.<br />

<strong>Sponsorship</strong> at the regional level<br />

Honorary sponsor of the IIC Global Grand Prize<br />

Celebration at <strong>MIT</strong><br />

√<br />

activates the innovation ecosystem<br />

on the ground.<br />

Featured in all IIC Global collateral<br />

Participate in IIC Champion Committee to select the IIC<br />

Global Grand Prize Winners<br />

√<br />

√<br />

Participate in the IIC Selection Panel that identifies the IIC<br />

Regional Winners<br />

√<br />

√<br />

Featured prominently in all IIC Regional collateral √ √ √<br />

Unlimited VIP invitees to the IIC Regional Celebration √ √ √<br />

VIP Invitees to the IIC Global Grand Prize Gala Dinner 6 4 2

Engaging with the IIC allows<br />

individuals and organizations to<br />

positively impact the lives of<br />

working people across the world.<br />

Together we have the power to<br />

Reinvent the Future of Work.<br />

Devin Cook<br />

IIC Executive Producer

Contact<br />

Devin W. Cook<br />

IIC Executive Producer<br />

devinc@mit.edu<br />

www.<strong>MIT</strong><strong>Inclusive</strong><strong>Innovation</strong>.com<br />

Facebook.com/<strong>MIT</strong><strong>Inclusive</strong><strong>Innovation</strong><strong>Challenge</strong><br />

LinkedIn.com/showcase/mit-initiative-on-the-digital-economy/<br />

Twitter.com/<strong>MIT</strong>_IIC<br />


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