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Colloidal silver was erased from textbooks

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Prior to this entire smoke-and-mirrors routine, silver was recognized

for doing what the establishment now claims is impossible. Had silver

medicine not been stripped from the market, the polio epidemic would

have never occurred.

Today’s huge vaccine and antibiotic markets would have never come

into being. Silver had to go. Just to inflate the dishonest vaccine

marketing even more, the F.D.A. and the American Medical

Association began promoting tonsillectomies for all children at the

same time, while knowing that the tonsils are the only organ in the

human body that produces polio antibodies.

They needed polio to spread widely, in order to change the public’s

unfavorable attitude toward vaccinations, which is exactly what


The Food and Drug Administration now admits that antibiotic drugs

are useless for most of the conditions for which they have been

prescribed throughout the last seven decades. The common cold, flu,

and the most common type of pneumonia are all now believed to be

caused by viruses, for which antibiotics are useless against.

However, silver is effective against viruses, so untold people have

died as a result of silver being replaced with antibiotics.

Another suppression campaign against silver began around the time

of the Second World War, when germ warfare agents were being

increasingly studied as the new generation of warfare.

Silver has the ability to neutralize almost every bio-weapon that has

ever been created, because of how it attacks pathogens electrically.

Silver will only be ineffective in cases wherein the bio-weapon is so

toxic that it kills people too quickly for the silver to neutralize it, such

as with ebola. Bio-weapons with that lethality are unlikely to be

intentionally released, because they present a risk for all parties.

Silver’s effectiveness against most bio-weapons is one of the primary

reasons why silver has been suppressed and maligned so aggressively.

There are groups within the U.S. Government that do not want anyone

to be resistant to U.S. Military bio-weapons, so silver medications

have been repressed throughout the world for the sake of a covert

military weapons program that is forbidden by international laws.

If silver medicine were still being distributed officially as the top tier

of medicine, then the bio-weapons program would be rendered

virtually impotent, because victims could simply use colloidal silver

to recover from most germ warfare agents.

Come in

Enjoy FREE


of FUDGE or

samplings of Chef JDs

Award Winning

Sauce & Marinade!

The Covered Bridge, Glades Rd. Gatlinburg


By Chef JD

Are you enjoying all the festivities?

Are you ready for Christmas? I know

that I am! Well like it or not, here we

are once again, the glorious season of


Especially this is the time of year we

ought to be more thankful, giving, and

loving. Yes, you read correctly... Every

time you start feeling the pressure of

the holidays, take a deep breath let it

out slowly, while thinking of your

favorite place, you favorite thing to do,

or love one. Then start listing all the

things that you are grateful for, like;

being in the Smokys, having a roof

over your head and food in your

stomach... or just plainly being alive!

Speaking of being else

would you be able to try out my tasty


The following recipe can be used as a

side, to stuff a turkey, pork chops or

even chicken. Sometimes I just wish to

have stuffing and gravy.

Apple stuffing


·1 large bag Stuffing, seasoned or**

·1 stick Butter, melted

·1 – ½ cup Celery, chopped

·1 Onion, diced

·3 cup Apple, peeled, seeded, and


·1 cup Raisins

** 9 cups stale bread toasted & cubed,

tsp thyme, ½ tsp sage, 1/8 pepper, 1/8

salt. –faster the other way-


Preheat oven 325°

Empty the cavities out of a 16 – 18 lb

turkey. (You may wish to empty the

bag and neck into a sauce pot for your

gravy). Mix together all the ingredients

and stuff the turkey on both ends. Top

your turkey with slices of butter,

including the fold in the legs. Add

about a 1/2 of water, or a tad more, to

the bottom of your roasting pan. Cover

Heartwood Galleries

1450 E. Parkway

Gatlinburg, TN 37738

(865) 661-6207

Largest selection of sculptured

wood artifacts in Galinburg

with foil and back for 3 hours. Uncover

and baste every few minutes until

done. (180° for the turkey)

Next I have a wonderful and easy

recipe for Yorkshire Pudding -

Popovers. I personally rather have

popover any day over rolls, but that's




·4 Eggs, room temperature or set cold

eggs in a bowl of hot water for 10


·3/4 teaspoon Salt

·1 1/2 cup Milk

·3 tablespoon Butter, melted

·1 1/2 cup Flour


Set your oven rack to one below the


Preheat oven to 450°

Grease your cups well, including rims.

Then add olive oil to each cup, about

1/8 of an inch, set aside

Whisk together well: eggs, salt & milk

Add flour and whisk until all is blended

well, without any large lumps

Add melted butter, combine quickly

and well

Fill cups about 2/3's of the way

**DO NOT open oven door while

popovers are baking

Bake, on the lower rack setting, for 20


Turn oven down to 350°, bake another

20 minutes, until they are a nice deep

golden brown

The following recipe can be served as a

side or a dessert. Either way, it's a

crowd pleaser.

Southern Sweet Potato Cobbler


·2 1/2 cups Sweet Potatoes, about 3

large sweet potatoes. Peel and slice

them into about half inch slices.

·1 Butter Stick

·1 1/4 Flour, self-rising

“Your Art is Where Our Heart Is”

DIRECTIONS: In Gatlinburg turn onto Route 321 at traffic light #3.

Go 3 miles. We are on the right.

The Best Italian Bakery in Gatlinburg

680 Glades Road Gatlinburg (865) 640-1222

Hello to all my cozy beautiful people!

·1 cup Raw Sugar

·1 cup Milk

·1/2 teaspoon Salt


·3/4 cup each, Raw Sugar & Light

Brown Sugar

·1 teaspoon Cinnamon

·1 1/2 cup Water, hot

·1 teaspoon Vanilla


Oven 350°

Bring medium pan of water to a boil,

add the sweet potatoes, boil for 12


Combine the syrup ingredients, set


Combine sugars, flour, cinnamon, hot

water and vanilla.

Melt butter, pour into a 3-quart baking


In center of the butter, spoon the flour

mixture, without stirring.

Place the sweet potatoes on top of the

mixture then pour syrup over the


Bake about 50 minutes, until the top of

the cobbler is that beautiful golden


Serving suggestion: Add whip cream

or ice cream

Don't forget to come out and say hello

at my store in the Arts & Crafts

Community! I'm located at the

Covered Bridge on Glades Road,

sandwiched between Split Rail Eats

(where they use my Apple Butter on

their “Jacked Turkey Sandwich”) and

The Jewelry Spot.

Furthermore, if you missed me you can

always order or reach me on my

website: (no www.)

Be safe out there in your travels!

Merry Christmas and may your New

Year be blessed!!!

Chef JD

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