NEWS April 2019

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<strong>NEWS</strong><br />

The Cotswold School<br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

View the Wonderful Images of the Ski Trip<br />

Sixth Form Trip to Berlin & Krakow<br />

World Book Day <strong>2019</strong>!<br />

Budding Scientists Enjoy Trip to CERN<br />

A Fascinating Brain Day & Evening<br />


The Cotswold School PTA News<br />

WELL DONE!<br />

THANK YOU!<br />


The QUIZ NIGHT was a great success. We raised over £1,500—<br />

and it was the best attended quiz to date! Thanks to all who<br />

came along and to the generosity of local business sponsorship<br />

and donations for the raffle. The winning team, made up of staff<br />

from The Cotswold School, was The Rocket Scientists & David!<br />

Well done!<br />

We would like to thank again Essence Hair & Beauty in Bourton<br />

on The Water; J. Hackling Transport in Bourton on The Water; J.<br />

Harris - The Cotswold Tutor; and Robert Cox - Pilates 4 U in<br />

sponsoring some of the Quiz rounds. Thank you to all who<br />

donated prizes for the raffle on the night: High Bridge Jewellers,<br />

Bourton on The Water; Badham Pharmacy - Upper Rissington;<br />

Smith’s Restaurant - Bourton on The Water; The Coach&Horses<br />

Ali Baba Indian Restaurant - Bourton on The Water; The<br />

Cotswold Brewery and Klaudia Lucas, Tropical Beauty Products.<br />


WINNERS!<br />

Can you spare some time to get involved in<br />

The Cotswold School PTA? Come along to<br />

our next meeting on the 21st of May <strong>2019</strong><br />

at 7.00 pm in the School Library.<br />


Chastleton National Trust - St Mary’s Church:<br />

The Cotswold School PTA will be serving tea, coffee and cakes in<br />

order to raise extra funds for pupils at the School. Last year we<br />

raised £4,100 and we hope to do even better this year!<br />

If you can bake a cake or two, or if you can spare a few hours to<br />

help us serving during our allocated dates, please get in touch by<br />

emailing: pta@thecotswoldschool.co.uk.<br />

The allocated dates are:<br />

31/3/<strong>2019</strong> 29/6/<strong>2019</strong><br />

24/4/<strong>2019</strong> 6/7/<strong>2019</strong><br />

19/5/<strong>2019</strong> 18/7/<strong>2019</strong><br />

12/6/<strong>2019</strong> 25/9/<strong>2019</strong> and 6/10/<strong>2019</strong><br />


Welcome...<br />

Contents<br />

2 The Cotswold School PTA<br />

Word from HQ<br />

Will Morgan, Principal<br />

3 Word from HQ<br />

4/5 Ski Trip to Wagrain<br />

6 Open Days<br />

7 Trip to Berlin/Krakow<br />

8 CERN Trip<br />

9 World Book Day<br />

10 Brain Day/Bank of England Talk<br />

11 Testicular Cancer Assembly/Lady Margaret<br />

Hall Trip<br />

12 Big Bang Fair/Fame Lab<br />

13 Brittany Trip/Year 10 Work Experience<br />

14 Sportive<br />

15 Holocaust Day/STEM Riat/Pink Kangaroo/<br />

Chipping Norton Music Festival<br />

16/17 Sports Updates<br />

18 Fairtrade Talk/Aston Martin Trip<br />

19 Governors’ Corner/House News<br />

20 Diary/Year 5 Open Day/Red Nose Day<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

Former Pupils’ Programme<br />

Are you a former pupil?<br />

Do you know a former pupil?<br />

Clarity is a keyword to summarise this term.<br />

Thank you to all those who came along to the “Funding Issues –<br />

Reality Check” meeting. It was an engaging and informative<br />

evening for both parents and staff. What is clear is that per pupil<br />

funding is set at £4,778 which falls below the pre-confirmed<br />

£4,800, leaving us with a shortfall that we did not or should not<br />

expect. The definition of clarity is ‘the quality of being coherent<br />

and intelligible’. How can we be coherent and intelligible with you,<br />

when the information that was confirmed changed. We will aim to<br />

be as clear and honest going forward, but it makes it a challenge<br />

when the goalposts keep changing. The feedback at and following<br />

the meeting has been incredibly positive. We have much to do.<br />

Thank you to those who have signed up so far to help with the car<br />

parking, bringing in monies that are ring fenced for School<br />

Teaching and Learning Resources. We will update you after the<br />

Easter holidays with a full summary of findings following the<br />

meeting.<br />

What is also overwhelmingly clear is how busy and outstanding<br />

this School continues to be—recent data has put us in the top 8%<br />

of secondary schools in the county. Thank you to staff, governors,<br />

pupils, parents and carers, this School does go from strength to<br />

strength. Well done to all! You’ve worked incredibly hard in the<br />

classroom and the feedback from the recent trips has been<br />

fantastic. Thank you also for supporting us in our school uniform<br />

initiative – it is working well and if we can all pull together, a smart<br />

appearance will help towards a positive outlook and first<br />

impressions.<br />

We wish all Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 students all the very best<br />

as they embark on the revision timetables in preparation for their<br />

impending examinations. The accompanying E-safety newsletter<br />

sets out the top 10 tips for revision wellbeing. We recommend you<br />

read and follow. Break it down into bite-sized chunks, be focused<br />

on what you are revising at that moment and all will be clear. Good<br />

luck. Wishing you a good Easter break.<br />

Can you assist with careers and mentoring?<br />

In the autumn of 2018, The Cotswold School<br />

will be 30 years old and we want to reach out<br />

to as many former pupils as possible to make<br />

it a lovely celebration. Please sign up at:<br />

www.cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/alumni/<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

Ski Trip <strong>2019</strong><br />

“In February half-term, 52 excited young skiers made the journey to Wagrain,<br />

Austria to take part in the <strong>2019</strong> Cotswold School Ski Trip. The group was made<br />

up of a range of abilities and age groups, from Year 8 to Year 11. The advanced<br />

group led the way and were tackling Black runs on the first day and they<br />

continued to push their instructor (and the teachers) to take on more<br />

challenging runs as the week progressed! Both intermediate groups excelled<br />

and impressed with their control and technical ability throughout and soon<br />

covered nearly all the routes on the two mountains we had access to. For<br />

many of the novice skiers, this was their first experience of real snow and they<br />

showed huge amounts of courage, determination and teamwork to progress<br />

their way up the mountain; with all groups comfortably skiing Red runs by day<br />

5. All pupils contributed to a fantastic trip and made huge amounts of<br />

progress during a wonderful week of skiing. Mr Walker will be launching the<br />

2020 Trip in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for letters.”<br />

Mr C. Jones, Head of Year 11<br />


Ski Trip <strong>2019</strong><br />


The Cotswold School News<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

Berlin & Krakow <strong>2019</strong><br />

We had another fantastic sixth form trip to Berlin and<br />

Krakow, this time blessed with sunny weather in<br />

February! Both places simply ooze with history and<br />

make for a fascinating and rewarding visit. The trip<br />

included some wonderful opportunities to see the<br />

historical sites we have been studying such as The Berlin<br />

Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Wansee Conference,<br />

Topography of Terror and The Reichstag, but also<br />

included some great cultural moments such as seeing<br />

the Brandenburg Gate, Jewish Museum, The Olympic<br />

Stadium, the Medieval town and Castle of Krakow and<br />

the famous salt mines. Despite it being such a busy trip,<br />

we also found time to enjoy a street art workshop! One<br />

of the most poignant days was visiting Auschwitz-<br />

Birkenau extermination camp. It is hard to summarise<br />

this visit and place of such horrific crimes, but I am sure<br />

the memory will last for a long time with all the<br />

students. The students all took a lot from the trip and<br />

represented The Cotswold School perfectly. We are<br />

already looking forward to our next trip in 2021!<br />

Mrs E. Wahlen, Head of History<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

CERN Trip <strong>2019</strong><br />

With great excitement the group of 20 students, Miss Reeves, Mr Duffy<br />

-Turner and Mr Redding headed to Geneva to visit CERN. CERN is an<br />

international nuclear research organisation, founded in the 1950s but<br />

most famous now for the Large Hadron Collider which discovered the<br />

Higgs’ Boson, in 2012, the fundamental particle that gives mass to<br />

everything in the Universe. Currently in a phase of shut-down and<br />

upgrade, we were able to experience a high quality tour from a<br />

Scientist who works there, seeing the original 1950s cyclosyncrotron.<br />

Visitors are now able to view as the radiation levels have fallen to safe<br />

levels.<br />

In the afternoon we headed to the Patek Phillipe Watch Museum and<br />

saw plenty of watches worth more than the teachers’ houses.<br />

Fondue was a popular choice at the restaurant in the evening, before<br />

the students showed off their knowledge in the quiz, the question of<br />

the common name of puffinus confounding all. The next day was spent<br />

completing the Geneva treasure hunt and a visit to the museum of<br />

Science and Technology followed by more fondue.<br />

Geneva is a wonderful city to walk around and with the fascination of<br />

CERN, a great trip was had by all. We look forward to returning in two<br />

years’ time with a new bunch of A level physicists.<br />

Mr T. Redding, Head of Science<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

World Book Day <strong>2019</strong><br />

The highlight for this years World Book Day was a visit from the author Tim Hall. Tim, is a former journalist who has written<br />

for the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, as well as writing freelance articles for magazines.<br />

His first love however, is writing Young Adult fiction. His debut novel, Shadow of the Wolf, is a dark, fantastical reimagining of<br />

the Robin Hood legends. Tim has just finished writing his second novel which is due out in July of this year.<br />

Tim worked with Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 classes on a mix of creative writing and non fiction writing. Students came away<br />

from the workshops inspired and informed. Some of the students were even lucky enough to win a copy of his book, kindly<br />

donated by Tim.<br />

There was a wonderful 'booky buzz' in the library throughout the day, as students had the chance to meet Tim Hall and order<br />

his book. There was a new and nearly new book sale, proceeds of which will go to the charity, Book Aid International.<br />

Students could use their World Book Day tokens towards purchasing a book from Scholastic's TEEN magazine. A special thank<br />

you must go to the Student Librarians who helped with the various events during first and second lunch.<br />

Mrs K. Williams - School Librarian<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

Brain Day<br />

The Psychology Department held their annual ‘Brain Day’ on Friday<br />

15 January <strong>2019</strong>. Dr Guy Sutton, our visiting speaker, spent the<br />

morning session talking about the brain, during which he discussed<br />

neurons, nerve impulses and synapses; genes and brain<br />

development; lateralization and localization of cognitive function<br />

and brain imaging techniques. As part of the morning session, Dr<br />

Sutton also dissected a sheep brain for the students to observe.<br />

In the afternoon session, Dr Sutton turned to Forensic Psychology in<br />

which he covered perspectives on criminality, the psychology of<br />

violence and intimidation, offender profiling, and a number of other<br />

interesting and useful topics including implications from research<br />

for the law.<br />

An evening lecture was also held by Dr Sutton on Thursday 14th,<br />

‘From Here to Maturity: Inside the Teenage Brain’. The lecture<br />

explored the truths and myths regarding the adolescent brain. A<br />

retiring fund for the evening lecture raised £150.00 for Cancer<br />

Research UK.<br />

Economics Talk<br />

Mr Ben Martin of the Bank of England<br />

visited the school on Wednesday 13<br />

March and spoke with A Level Economics<br />

students about the work undertaken by<br />

our central bank. Students benefitted<br />

from this visit as all Economics students<br />

need to have an understanding of how<br />

and why monetary policy is devised and<br />

applied within the UK. The roles of the<br />

Bank of England were discussed in terms<br />

of setting interest rates and quantitative<br />

easing and regulation of the financial<br />

sector. Students were attentive and asked<br />

detailed and thought provoking questions.<br />

Mr M. Sweetlove, Head of Economics<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

Testicular Cancer Awareness Assembly<br />

Ben Hughes joined Mr Smith, Design & Technology teacher, and<br />

presented an assembly to Year 12 and Year 13 male students on<br />

testicular cancer. Both Ben and Mr Smith have suffered from<br />

Testicular Cancer and in Ben’s case it was all down to his brother<br />

Chris going on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ programme that he realised<br />

he may well have cancer. He made an appointment with his GP<br />

and was subsequently diagnosed. Testicular Cancer affects<br />

mainly men under the age of 24 years. Thank You.<br />

Lady Margaret Hall Trip<br />

On Friday 1st March Mrs Newby and Miss Jones<br />

took 30 Year 11 students to an Outreach Event<br />

run by our link college at the University of<br />

Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall. The day started<br />

with a session dispelling many of the myths<br />

surrounding applying for and studying at a top<br />

university. As we sat in a beautifully ornate mini<br />

lecture theatre, the Outreach Officer gave the<br />

students a flavour of what the tutorial system is<br />

like. Our students defended their points of view<br />

admirably against the Marling students in a<br />

philosophical conundrum. After a tour of the<br />

beautiful grounds and facilities, we were<br />

treated to a delicious lunch in hall, followed by<br />

a session with two former Cotswold head boys,<br />

Pip Cull and Joe Salf, and former students,<br />

Sophie Taylor and Ben Darwent – all now<br />

thoroughly thriving during their degree courses<br />

at Oxford. It was an inspiring day, showing our<br />

students what could be in store for them in the<br />

future. Mrs A. Newby, Stretch & Challenge<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

Big Bang Fair<br />

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists &<br />

Engineers Fair is the largest celebration<br />

of science, technology, engineering and<br />

maths (STEM) for young people in the<br />

UK.<br />

The Big Bang Fair aims to show young<br />

people aged 7 to 19 the exciting and<br />

rewarding opportunities out there for<br />

them with the right experience and<br />

qualifications, by bringing classroom<br />

learning to life.<br />

A large group of The Cotswold School<br />

Year 7 pupils attended the Fair at the<br />

NEC in Birmingham and had a rewarding<br />

and fascinating trip.<br />

We look forward to lots of budding<br />

STEM students’ heading their way up<br />

through the School!<br />

FameLab<br />

The Cotswold School took part in Gloucestershire Schools’ FameLab Academy final this week at EDF’s headquarters in<br />

Gloucester. Megan O’Brien competed with the finalists from 13 other schools supported by Sam Hollier, Giorgia Griffini,<br />

Sophia Torris and Luca Devereux who had taken part in the workshops at school leading up to the final. Megan gave a<br />

fascinating, confident and well researched three minute talk on ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ and in the face of tough opposition<br />

lost out to the winner Arwen Borthwick-Hunter from Westonbirt School. Our students have benefited greatly from the<br />

experience, enabling them to become effective science communicators of the future.<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

French Exchange<br />

What a thrill to take such a great bunch of young people over to France! Twenty-three Year 10 and Year 12 students<br />

headed to France to stay with their French partners on the return leg of our exchange. Six out of our eight Year 12s had<br />

visited two years ago, and they loved it so much that they wanted to go back! This time, they enjoyed a two-day work<br />

experience in various locations including restaurants, a primary school and sports places. We visited the<br />

Océanopolis Sea Life Centre, ate in our favourite créperie, and attended lessons at<br />

the school. We also visited the market, where we ate snails at ten in the<br />

morning, before meeting the mayor of Lannion! We also had a beautiful<br />

day at the Mont Saint Michel with our French partners and enjoyed some<br />

family time at the weekend, with a fantastic time at our disco party on<br />

Saturday. It all came too quickly to an end, but on our way back to the UK,<br />

we managed to see the Bayeux tapestry and visit the D-day beaches.<br />

Everywhere, people complimented our group as one of fun, well-mannered,<br />

tolerant and open-minded youngsters, who enjoyed discovering new<br />

cultures and horizons, representing so well Britain abroad! Thank you to<br />

their amazing British families who showed so much support.<br />

Mrs G. Moss, French Teacher<br />

Year 10 Work Experience <strong>2019</strong><br />

To coincide with National Careers Week, the<br />

Year 10s took part in their week-long work<br />

experience. The variety of placements<br />

included Hairdressing, Veterinary Practice,<br />

Primary School Teaching and time at a<br />

Community Radio Station, Aston Martin,<br />

BMW and Renault F1. One student event went<br />

to Italy!<br />

On Monday 1st <strong>April</strong>, the Grand Final took<br />

place. Nine students presented on their week<br />

of work experience. Three guest judges, all<br />

from local businesses, kindly gave up their<br />

time. The judges were Richard Emsley,<br />

Graham Ramsay and Sarah Hoyle—an<br />

enormous thank you.<br />

By all accounts, it was not an easy decision,<br />

but the overall winner was Callum Woolley, in<br />

second place Theo Mitchell and in third Kate<br />

Jacovides. Well done!<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

Sharon Laws Sportive<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

Holocaust Day<br />

As reported in the last edition of The Cotswold News, on<br />

Wednesday 23 rd of January, as part of their RE day on the<br />

Holocaust, Year 10 students had the privilege of listening<br />

to visiting speaker Ernest Simon. Ernest spoke of his<br />

experiences and specifically of how he had witnessed<br />

Kristallnacht, after which his parents managed to secure<br />

him a place on the Kindertransport.<br />

The feedback from students after listening to Ernest<br />

reflects the value of the day and the importance of<br />

remembering events such as the Holocaust:<br />

‘….no one should have to experience what he<br />

experienced and the fact that he shows no anger or<br />

resentment shows how much he understands and<br />

appreciates life, which to me is an amazing thought.’<br />

‘…..listening to him was a once in a lifetime experience’<br />

‘….after hearing about all the dreadful things that<br />

happened, it made me happy to know that there were<br />

some people who escaped.’<br />

‘…..you could really feel what he went through’<br />

Intermediate Kangaroo<br />

Math’s Challenge<br />

In the recent Pink Kangaroo Math’s Challenge, one<br />

student received Gold in the intermediate Math’s<br />

challenge with four receiving silver and ten bronze!<br />

Well done!<br />

Chipping Norton Music Festival<br />

A note from the Music Department!<br />

The Chipping Norton Music Festival was another<br />

great success and the Music Department was nobly<br />

represented with fantastic performances. The<br />

Festival draws many candidates from Oxfordshire<br />

and Gloucestershire. Instrumental pupils perform<br />

every year and consistently gain high results with<br />

praise and feedback from the Adjudicators. They<br />

are a credit to the School—it takes courage to<br />

perform in a competitive environment which is also<br />

of a very high standard. A big well done to::<br />

Gemma Fifield’s pupils:<br />

Piano: Romilly Gapp, Year 8, Emily Melchior, Year<br />

9, Luca Devereux, Year 9, Albertine Wheeler, Year<br />

10 and Henry Wheeler, Year 8.<br />

Senior vocal: Jenny Morafkova, Year 12<br />

Speech and Drama: Maite Capper, Year 8<br />

Piano and Guitar: Reuben West, Year 8<br />

Rosie Meyrick’s pupils:<br />

Clarinet: Albertine Wheeler, Year 11 and Ben<br />

Douglas, Year 9<br />

Flute: Tisa Maunder-Bushell, Year 10<br />

STEM RIAT Event<br />

Robots are used in a variety of settings, particularly in<br />

situations where it is too dangerous for humans such as<br />

in the military. A message needed to be sent over a long<br />

distance and across mountainous terrain, which was far<br />

too treacherous for humans... The brief was to design<br />

and construct a tower using wood and aluminium,<br />

then create a mechanism for remotely raising a flag and switching a light on and off in order to send a coded message. This<br />

required students to design a pressure sensor, solder and build it into a circuit, design a suitable system for raising the flag and<br />

programme a robot to carry out their precise instructions - quite a challenge!! The Year 9 triple scientists did a fantastic job,<br />

demonstrating a high level of resilience and team working skills. Our thanks to Simon Kettle from STEMworks for coming in to<br />

deliver the session. The winning team won 5 tickets for the Royal International Air Tattoo and will go on to represent the<br />

School at the Royal International Air Tattoo in June.<br />

Miss K. Reeves, STEM Coordinator<br />


Sporting Successes<br />

NETBALL <strong>NEWS</strong><br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

Year 7 won against Chipping Norton 33-10<br />

Year 7a won against Pitville Park 11-10<br />

Year 7b won against Pitville Park 6-2<br />

Year 8 won against Chipping Norton 40-2<br />

Year 9a won against Kingham Hill 38-6<br />

Year 9b won against Kingham Hill 13-11<br />

https://cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/fixtures-and-results/<br />

For full fixtures and results, please visit:<br />

HOCKEY<br />


Year 11/12/13 – The Cotswold School vs Sibford<br />

Cotswold won 3-0<br />

Star Players: Zoe Lenihan and Eleonore Gilbert<br />

“We played really well together, especially as we haven’t<br />

practised or trained together as a team. We were really good<br />

at making the ball do the work and used triangles as a<br />

formation to get around players. The ball was transferred<br />

quite a few times with success, as the opposition quite often<br />

crowded, which gave us a lot of space to transfer the play. I<br />

thought Freya from Year 9 played really well and everyone<br />

was strong throughout the whole game so it would be hard<br />

to choose a standout player!” Zoe Lenihan<br />

Year 7a – The Cotswold School vs Pates<br />

Cotswold won 10-9<br />

Star Player: Hattie Backhouse<br />

“We played in the Sports Hall to avoid the bitter<br />

wind! We started the match off with two lovely<br />

goals from The Cotswold School. The opposition<br />

was strong at attacking but we had great defence;<br />

Charlotte Carol , Lulu Lane-Fox and Emily Baxter.<br />

Some great centres were taken by Lily Morgan and<br />

goals were scored by Martha and Hattie. It was a<br />

great game! Well done girls.” Hattie Backhouse<br />


Maite Capper, Cross Country<br />

In early March, Maite ran for<br />

Gloucestershire for the first time in the<br />

inter county cross country race in<br />

Loughborough.<br />

“It was a great experience and has<br />

opened my eyes to a whole new world.<br />

Thanks to all the PE team.”<br />

Hannah Rowley, Squash<br />

In February, Hannah won the Bristol Open. Following<br />

this success, she then competed for her county,<br />

Gloucestershire, as number two seed, and came seventh<br />

at the Inter-county finals in Northamptonshire. Then in<br />

early March, she came second in the Thame Open and<br />

then won the Marlborough Open—a busy few weeks!<br />

Well done Hannah.<br />

In addition, she joined Chipping Norton Leisure Centre<br />

Box League and joined in at box five our of six, being the<br />

only under eighteen and only female AND won all her<br />

matches! Go Hannah!<br />

FOOTBALL <strong>NEWS</strong><br />

<strong>April</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

Year 7 won against Chipping Norton 2-1<br />

Year 8 won against Chipping Norton 3-2<br />

Year 9 lost against Chipping Norton 2-0<br />

March <strong>2019</strong><br />

Year 8 won against Farmors 6-1<br />

February <strong>2019</strong><br />

Year 8 won against Winchcombe 6-1<br />

January <strong>2019</strong><br />

Year 8 won against All Saints 7-2<br />


The Year 8 Indoor Cricket Team won the<br />

Gloucestershire Finals at Cheltenham Prince of<br />

Wales Stadium. The boys had to win the District<br />

Tournament to qualify for the County Cricket Club<br />

(CCC) run. They continued their undefeated season<br />

by winning matches against Redland School,<br />

Winterbourne School, St Bedes School and Crypt<br />

School, who were unable to deal with the plethora<br />

of spin bowlers deployed! They became County<br />

Champions. Oliver Forbes former pupil and<br />

Gloucestershire Youth Cricket coordinator,<br />

commented “How talented the whole squad were.”<br />

HOCKEY<br />

Players of the tournament were Ben Gilespie and<br />

Henry Wheeler.<br />

Year 8/9/10 – The Cotswold School vs Pitville<br />

Cotswold won 11-0<br />

Star Player: Keira James<br />

“Due to lack of availability through the years, Year<br />

8, Year 9 and Year 10 pulled together to play as<br />

one team. The team did so well in all aspects and<br />

started to use the width of the pitch which<br />

widened their game and helped the play<br />

dramatically. Stand out player was Megan Jones,<br />

due to her excellent team spirit, when she<br />

volunteered for the other team!” Keira James<br />

Good Teamwork!<br />

Well done boys!<br />


The Cotswold School News<br />

Midcounties Fair Trade visit<br />

On Monday 4 of March, Year 9 food pupils were treated to a visit from<br />

Judy Cheyne from Bourton Midcounties Co-operative. She was here to<br />

talk to pupils about Fairtrade fortnight, 25 February to 10 March, which<br />

links in well with the current module of international cuisine. Pupils learnt<br />

all about the Fairtrade products that are available at the Co-Op, what<br />

Fairtrade meant and why it was introduced. And being a food lesson,<br />

pupils were of course allowed to try some produce! Cookies made from<br />

Fairtrade chocolate and sugar, and banana smoothies, all of which were<br />

well received. A big thank you to Judy for taking the time to come in and<br />

talk to pupils.<br />

Trip to Aston Martin<br />

Back in November, Year 9 Design and Technology students, took part<br />

in a Cotswold Car Challenge supported by Aston Martin Lagonda. The<br />

prize for the winning team, Team Egg, made up of Jake Clarke, Charlie<br />

Gillett, Milo Lane-Fox, Charlie Phipp and Jake Vanstone, was to visit the<br />

Aston Martin factory at Gaydon…..and so they did!<br />


Governors’ Corner<br />

Governors have a four year tenure and therefore there is always a rolling programme of election.<br />

There are various types of governor - we have one local authority approved governor (this is<br />

currently Dr Warren, our Vice Chair). Then we have an equal balance of six co-opted governors who<br />

are invited on to the board for their particular expertise, six parent governors who are elected by<br />

the parent community and two staff governors who are elected by the staff. Associate governors are<br />

nominated for a year at a time and this includes four further senior colleagues and maybe one or<br />

two governors who have come to the end of their term but who are invited to stop on for a year in<br />

order to complete any unfinished business. A list of our governors is on the website with a quick<br />

profile about them.<br />

We recently held a parent governor election and were pleased to have a good field of three strong<br />

candidates. As it turned out we had three vacancies so were delighted to welcome Mr Backhouse<br />

and Mrs Havill aboard for the first time and to welcome back Dr Emsley who was standing for<br />

re-election<br />

Monitoring of the School Self Evaluation Document which feeds into the next School Development<br />

Plan will be coming up for governors after Easter. There will of course be the<br />

usual policy reviews and presentations and updates on governor visits.<br />

On behalf of the governors can I wish you all a very Happy Easter.<br />

Mrs F. Hudson, Clerk to the Governors<br />


Year 7 Boys ARTEMIS<br />

Year 7 Girls POSEIDON<br />

Year 8 Boys ZEUS<br />

School House Totals<br />

7799<br />

Year 8 Girls<br />


Year 9 Boys ARTEMIS<br />

Year 9 Girls ZEUS<br />

Year 10 Boys POSEIDON<br />

7258<br />

8557<br />

7759<br />


Diary dates...<br />

<strong>April</strong><br />

6-11 <strong>April</strong> Madrid Trip<br />

23 <strong>April</strong> Summer Term Begins<br />

25 <strong>April</strong> Year 8 Y-Half Parents’ Evening<br />

29 <strong>April</strong> Premises Governing Meeting<br />

29 <strong>April</strong> Finance Governing Meeting<br />

May<br />

2 May Year 8 X-Half Parents’ Evening<br />

6 May Bank Holiday Monday<br />

10-12 May Year 7 & Year 8 Osmington Bay Trip<br />

13 May National Examinations Begin<br />

13 May Full Governing Body Meeting<br />

14 May Teaching & Learning Governing<br />

Meeting<br />

16 May Year 7 Y-Half Parents’ Meeting<br />

21 May PTA Meeting in the Library<br />

23 May Year 7 X-Half Parents’ Meeting<br />

23-27 May Barcelona Trip<br />

23-27 May Rheinland Trip<br />

27-31 May Summer Half Term<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

Principal: Mr Will Morgan<br />

The Avenue, Bourton on the Water<br />

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 2BD<br />

Telephone: 01451 820554<br />

Fax: 01451 810658<br />

Email: admin@thecotswoldschool.co.uk<br />

Marketing: marketing@thecotswoldschool.co.uk<br />

Website: https://cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/<br />

School returns on Monday 3 June <strong>2019</strong><br />

Red Nose Day <strong>2019</strong><br />


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