News May 2019 final

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NEWS<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

<strong>May</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />

Year 8s WIN the Redrow Plate in Rugby<br />

Year 11 and Year 13 prepare to leave School<br />

Music Trip to London<br />

Other Great Sporting <strong>News</strong><br />

Geography Trip to Osmington Bay<br />


The Cotswold School PTA <strong>News</strong><br />




We have big plans to raise money and fund important<br />

Please vote for<br />

The Cotswold School when shopping at<br />

Tesco #Stow or #Moreton.<br />

Raising funds to improve the seating and<br />

lighting in the School Hall and help<br />

reduce the carbon footprint.<br />

Thank you<br />

projects for our School and we need someone who<br />

likes to count every penny to help us do it. If you<br />

secretly love to categorise expenses and create<br />

colour-coded pie charts, you have what it takes to be<br />

our parent/teacher group treasurer! Please email<br />

pta@thecotswoldschool.co.uk.<br />

Your PTA<br />

needs<br />

you!<br />


Chastleton National Trust - St Mary’s Church: The<br />

Cotswold School PTA will be serving tea, coffee and cakes<br />

in order to raise extra funds for pupils at the School. Last<br />

year we raised £4,100 and we hope to do even better this<br />

year! If you can bake a cake or two, or if you can spare a<br />

few hours to help us serving during our allocated dates,<br />

please get in touch by emailing:<br />

pta@thecotswoldschool.co.uk. The allocated dates<br />

are:12/6/<strong>2019</strong>, 29/6/<strong>2019</strong>, 6/7/<strong>2019</strong>, 18/7/<strong>2019</strong>,<br />

25/9/<strong>2019</strong>, and 6/10/<strong>2019</strong><br />


Welcome...<br />

Contents<br />

Page 2 The Cotswold School PTA<br />

Word from HQ<br />

Will Morgan, Principal<br />

Page 3<br />

Page 4<br />

Page 6<br />

Page 7<br />

Page 8<br />

Page 10<br />

Page 11<br />

Page 12<br />

Page 13<br />

Page 14<br />

Page 15<br />

Page 16<br />

Page 17<br />

Page 18<br />

Page 19<br />

Page 20<br />

Page 24<br />

Word from HQ<br />

Music Notes<br />

Sister Act Auditions<br />

Year 5 Open Morning/Book Fair<br />

Parish Council Election Trip<br />

The Sharon Laws Sportive<br />

Geography Fieldtrip<br />

Enterprise/Plastics<br />

Student Head Team<br />

Year 11 Celebrations<br />

Year 13 Leavers’ Events<br />

Accolade Update<br />

Mathematics/Interact<br />

Open Days<br />

Cadence<br />

Sporting <strong>News</strong><br />

Showtime/Mental Health<br />

To sum up this term, I need to say<br />

‘gweithio'n galed’, which is Welsh for<br />

hardworking. Everyone has worked hard<br />

this term, teachers, staff, pupils, parents and governors,<br />

and will continue to do so as the examinations are well<br />

underway.<br />

We also have to keep working hard for the funds that<br />

we need to keep this School Outstanding. Thank you to<br />

all the helpers so far who have offered their time at the<br />

car parking, almost £10K raised.<br />

We hope you received the follow up to our Reality<br />

Checker parentmail and we hope it explains some of the<br />

issues facing The Cotswold School and that funding<br />

expected for the <strong>2019</strong>/2020 academic year from<br />

Gloucestershire County Council is short by £1million. So<br />

we are incredibly grateful for the generous offer a<br />

grandparent has made to double all voluntary donations<br />

made up to £10,000. What a wonderful offer, thank you.<br />

We have to keep raising additional funds to protect our<br />

provision of the Inclusion Hub, protect our vital support<br />

services for our most vulnerable pupils and we must<br />

continue our education experiences for all our pupils to<br />

more than keep this School outstanding.<br />

Page 25<br />

Page 26<br />

Governors’ Corner/House Points<br />

Dates/Display Board<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

Former Pupils’ Programme<br />

Are you a former pupil?<br />

Do you know a former pupil?<br />

The hard work, as I can see in the pages that unfold<br />

continues with Cadence, The Sharon Laws Sportive, PTA<br />

events, Positive Mental Health initiatives and the<br />

Showtime exhibition, plus all the trips and enrichment<br />

that will take place in the next half term.<br />

As ever, thank you to you all for working hard!<br />

Gweithio'n Galed! Have a great half term.<br />

Can you assist with careers and mentoring?<br />

In the autumn of 2018, The Cotswold School<br />

will be 30 years old and we want to reach out<br />

to as many former pupils as possible to make<br />

it a lovely celebration. Please sign up at:<br />

www.cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/alumni/<br />




London Music Drama Trip<br />

The Music Department took a group of<br />

50 pupils from Year 9 and 10 on a music/<br />

drama trip to London on 4th and 5th<br />

April. They had a full-on schedule, seeing the musical<br />

Wicked, visiting The Globe Theatre, watching a Beroc<br />

concert and <strong>final</strong>ly attending Wicked workshops at<br />

Pineapple Studios. At the studios, pupils attended<br />

either a drama or voice workshop.<br />

The pupils behaved impeccably throughout the trip and<br />

we were delighted to receive the following feedback<br />

from the Musical Director of Wicked, who ran the voice<br />

workshop ‘I had a great time and you were one of the<br />

best schools I ever taught!’ He also said he may pop in<br />

to visit us at school, so watch this space. We will be<br />

sending him an invitation to our production later in the<br />

year, Sister Act!<br />





Back in Black, the School Jazz Band are looking for a drummer. If any pupils are interested and play to<br />

Grade 4 or above, please contact musicadmin@thecotswoldschool.co.uk to arrange an audition.<br />

We held our Annual Concert at Sherborne on Wednesday 3 rd<br />

April. The Cotswold School Orchestra opened the evening with<br />

their two energetic performances followed by some of our<br />

talented lower school performers, voice, cello and guitar. In<br />

addition, there were beautiful performances from our Wind<br />

Group and Chamber Choir. The event concluded with The<br />

Cotswold School Choir and a performance from our Year 12 A<br />

level pupils. Well done to all the performers and thank you to<br />

parents for supporting this event.<br />






18th, 19th, 20th<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2019</strong><br />


The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />



The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />

Rhian Sneath and Tori Kennedy, both Year 9 students, visited Cirencester Leisure Centre to view the process<br />

of counting the Parish Election votes. They had the opportunity to meet and interview several candidates, at<br />

a time where there are great changes and movements within British politics. Below are their accounts and<br />

articles of the afternoon. They were both a credit to The Cotswold School. Thank you to Bob McNally, CDC<br />

Press Office, and Sarah Dalby for their warm welcome.<br />

A Changing Cotswold Landscape by Rhian Sneath<br />

On 2nd <strong>May</strong>, the Cotswold District Council and Parish Council elections took place along with 258 other councils in England. The outcome of the vote locally was a<br />

massive swing to the Liberal Democrats, who for the first time in 16 years overturned a Conservative majority. Locally there are 34 Cotswold council seats: In the<br />

end, the Liberal Democrats won 18 (up 8), the Conservatives won 14 (down 10) and there were two new councillors for the Green party and an Independent<br />

candidate from Tetbury. Tony Berry, Head of the local Conservative party, acknowledged that it was a disappointing night for the party and blamed Brexit and<br />

Theresa <strong>May</strong> for their results.<br />

A significant issue that arose in these elections was the lack of young people using their democratic right to vote: In England, you can vote at the age of 18 and yet<br />

only 50% of 18-34-year olds voted. Some had not registered to vote, and others cited that they did not understand what they were voting for and so did not vote.<br />

Nigel Adams is the Cotswold Returning Officer, a job that oversees the registration process, postal voting service, setting up polling places (including staff) and<br />

declaring the results for elections. He feels that we should be engaging more young people in politics and thinks that 16-year olds should be able to vote in local<br />

polls as they can in Scotland. In fact, in some countries such as Austria and Brazil, 16-year olds can vote in national elections. We also spoke to Sabrina Poole, the<br />

new Green party councillor in Cirencester, who felt that 13-year-olds should be given the vote, as most issues in politics are to do with changes that will impact on<br />

their future and therefore we should be engaging those people whom it will affect the most. She also added that young people in her experience have the most<br />

innovative ideas and she spends much of her time talking to young people through Guides, Scouts and schools.<br />

The new cabinet and council leader for the Cotswold District Council is a young man called Joe Harris (26 years old). Joe was born in Cheltenham and grew up in<br />

Cirencester attending Deer Park School. Joe was inspired to get into politics after a late-night assault that occurred in Cirencester when he was 18. The attack took<br />

place in front of a CCTV camera, but he was shocked to discover that the District Council had cut the CCTV monitoring hours because of a lack of funds and<br />

therefore it had not been filmed and no justice could be served. He felt so strongly about this that he got involved in local politics and campaigned for the CCTV to<br />

be 24-hour to prevent crimes in Cirencester town. He has kept his promise, and in 2014 a 24-hour CCTV surveillance system was introduced in Cirencester which<br />

he wants to extend to other towns within the Cotswolds.<br />

He campaigns on a platform of crime prevention, period poverty, rural area transport, road management and sustainable development within the Cotswolds and<br />

a few years ago at 23, he was elected <strong>May</strong>or of Cirencester, becoming the youngest <strong>May</strong>or in the UK.<br />

As someone who has never spoken to a politician before, I can honestly say that having interviewed Joe Harris, I felt inspired to get involved with local politics. At<br />

14, although I can’t vote, I am becoming aware and frustrated by the impact of political decisions on my future. Knowing that there is a 26-year-old heading up<br />

our local council who is campaigning against The Cotswolds being turned into a national park, to ban single-use plastics in the council and to improve bus services<br />

and rural transport systems for young people, is reassuring. It is a sad statistic that the average electoral candidate in the UK is 52, white and is most likely to be<br />

called David. Funny as this may seem, you only have to look at what happened this week in Alabama to know what white, middle-aged men are capable of<br />

imposing on a world where most of us strive to be inclusive and promote equality. If electoral candidates are too identical, with views that are several generations<br />

behind ours, the decisions that are made for our district won’t necessarily be ones that will benefit the younger generation, who will have to live with them for<br />

decades to come.<br />

To make sure that your views count, make sure you can vote at 18 by encouraging your parents to put your name on the electoral register when you are 16<br />

through the council tax form. You can also get involved in local politics by either getting involved in the count once you are 16 or simply going along to a meeting<br />

of the local political parties, the details of which are all online. Thank you to Mrs Sewell, Mrs Hudson and Mrs Allison for making our trip happen and to the<br />

Cotswold District Council and councillors for being so helpful in our interviews.<br />


The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />

A Hive of Activity<br />

But is everyone engaged in local politics? By Tori Kennedy<br />

Tense and quietly hardworking, the votes were being counted by the worker bees in a hive of activity at the Cotswold Leisure Centre, Tetbury Road, Cirencester.<br />

Throughout the night of Thursday 2nd <strong>May</strong> and into the early hours, first the count for District Wards, and after a few hours rest, the hall was humming again as<br />

the Parish and Town counts were conducted.<br />

Rowley Hughes, a Liberal Democrat, was excited by the prospect of standing for the 12th year, and won his seat by a staggering 87%. Being elected by such a<br />

majority must have meant a lot hard work, but when asked how he won so many people’s favour, he simply replied, “Everybody knows Rowley!”. But underlying<br />

this victory was a lot of campaigning: he had hand-posted 36,500 envelopes, sharing his priorities with the community (for example: fixing potholes, trimming<br />

hedgerows, establishing youth clubs etc.). He also mentioned that he thought the voting age should be brought down to 16 years old - as one is entitled to count<br />

the votes at the age of 16, yet still not eligible to vote - he doesn’t believe that is right.<br />

Whilst present at the count, I had the opportunity to interview a few other candidates, eagerly awaiting their results. One by one the announcements were made.<br />

One victor was Sabrina Poole, representing the Green Party, who defended her seat on Cirencester Town Council (Four Acres Ward) with 34% of the votes. Her<br />

passions lay not only with the environment, but her enthusiasm for youth. She has already spent time speaking to the Girl Guides about what she does as a Town<br />

Councillor and is keen to engage with other groups of teenagers. In her early 20s, she is one of the youngest councillors and has always been fascinated by politics.<br />

After studying Politics at university, she went to work with her father, which gave her the flexibility to pursue her interest in local politics and attend Town Council<br />

meetings.<br />

Another candidate I was able to speak with was Joe Harris, a Liberal Democrat. Joe was first involved in politics at the age of 18 and went on to become the<br />

youngest mayor in the UK, serving from <strong>May</strong> 2013-15, at the age of 20. His interest in politics was catalysed after being mugged. He was frustrated that the police<br />

had not been able to trace the offenders due to the axing of CCTV camera monitoring. He successfully campaigned to have 24/7 camera monitoring reintroduced -<br />

in the hope that no one will have to go through an experience similar to his. On Thursday 2nd, he was elected for St. Michael’s Ward, winning his seat by 72%.<br />

Again this success can be put down to hard work at grass roots level: he began his campaigning for this election a year ago, delivering leaflets, sending letters<br />

about topical issues by direct mail and most importantly, face to face meetings.<br />

Nigel Adams, the Returning Officer, is making an effort to highlight the importance of voting and is trying to provoke interest, visiting universities and schools, in<br />

the hope of encouraging young people to take up their voting rights and raising awareness of the whole voting process. His specific aim is to engage with 16-17<br />

year olds who are approaching the age of being eligible to vote. He also sends letters to every household saying who is entitled to a vote and reminding people of<br />

deadlines.<br />

The insight I gained from this experience is the importance of individuals’ campaigns, but also a general need to raise awareness of the importance of voting<br />

amongst the electorate, but in particularly the young. I considered Rowley Hughes to be a perfect role model for a town council representative - he lived in and<br />

understood his community’s needs - everyone knew him is and he was committed to engaging with the voter. In an age when many young adults are not<br />

exercising their voting right, candidates who wish to represent them must address this level of disinterest, if they wish to be successful, as a key part of their<br />

campaign; however it is a great encouragement to see so many young candidates involved in local politics.<br />


The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />


The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />


Year 8 and Year 9 have enjoyed a successful Geography trip to<br />

Osmington Bay on the beautiful Dorset coast. It is an excellent<br />

place for students to explore the Dorset World Heritage<br />

coastline.<br />

Within the Geography Department, we often see students working hard and demonstrating huge<br />

amounts of enthusiasm and we like to be able to recognise this! Every year, we run a trip to celebrate the<br />

effort and enthusiasm of our Year 8 and Year 9 Geographers.<br />

We left for Osmongton Bay PGL on Friday 10 th <strong>May</strong> with a band of very excited students. We carried out<br />

field visits to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, measuring beach profiles and footpath erosion on a very<br />

sunny Saturday, taking time to try the awesome ice cream shop at Lulworth and followed this with an<br />

afternoon of zip wire and team games. On the Sunday, we just managed to fit in some more zip wire,<br />

giant swing and fencing before heading back to school. The students were amazing ambassadors for the<br />

school; Mr White, Mrs Bradley and myself were very proud of the way they conducted themselves. An<br />

amazing fun-filled weekend was had by all! By Mrs E Johnstone<br />


The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />


By Ethan Waller, Business Ambassador<br />

Over the past several months, Enterprise Club has been operating with a number of Year 7s. The club, ran<br />

by Mr Langworthy, Kevin Seyon and Ethan Waller, saw students from Year 7 group together to run their<br />

own ‘businesses’. Each group was given a loan of £10 to fund their venture. Then they had to come up<br />

with a successful business idea, then conduct the operation of their business whilst taking into account<br />

skills such as teambuilding and marketing. Whilst some days of selling saw sales rocket high, other days<br />

saw more challenges than success, but the students then came together to find ways to be more<br />

successful next time whilst selling. After operating, the groups each had to do a presentation,<br />

highlighting what they had learnt and especially what they would do differently next time. All businesses<br />

did well to stick to the project, especially when faced with the challenges they met, but in the end a<br />

winner had to be decided. After a tough decision between the well-organised Marble Station and Ultra<br />

Realities, it was decided that Ultra Reality Group should be the winner, as a result of deciding to do<br />

something different. Normally the businesses set up in school go creative in the types of products they<br />

sell. However, the Ultra Reality Group set the bar higher by deciding to operate a service in the form of<br />

offering fellow students and staff the experience of virtual reality. Clearly a very big well done to the<br />

group! Half of the profits made by the group will go to charity whilst the rest will be kept by the<br />

entrepreneurs themselves and Enterprise Club itself look forward to inviting a new set of students on<br />

after the holidays.<br />

As we all know plastic waste is a serious problem. As a School we throw<br />

away a huge number of pens, board pens, highlighters, correction fluid<br />

bottles, board pens etc. Tutor Group 8SB is to start coordinating a new<br />

scheme called TerraCycle. This company collects and recycles all these<br />

products. Boxes will be placed in each classroom for pens that have run<br />

out—this is for all pupils and staff. Tutor group 8SB will come round once<br />

a fortnight to collect. There is also a box in the staff room! Currently<br />

Cleeve school is our nearest collection point, but as soon as more places<br />

become available we could hopefully financially benefit from this too.<br />

For more details on the scheme, please visit:<br />

https://www.terracycle.com/en-GB/brigades/the-writing-instruments-brigade-r<br />




The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />


It’s with pleasure that we welcome our new Student Head Team for the <strong>2019</strong>-2020 academic year. Our<br />

new Head Girl is Kate Edgerton, and Head Boy is Ethan Waller. Our New Deputy Head Girl is Sabrina<br />

Torris, and Deputy Head Boy is Huw Dickinson. Many congratulations. <strong>May</strong> we take this opportunity to<br />

thank our outgoing team, Finlay, Niamh, Priscilla and Hal – they have carried out a successful year –<br />

THANK YOU!<br />

The handover begins...passing the baton! We will meet<br />

From Left to Right, New Head Girl Kate Edgerton, new<br />

the new team in the next edition and once AS level<br />

Head Boy Ethan Waller, outgoing Head Boy Finlay<br />

examinations are over!<br />

Macdonald, and Niamh Powell, outgoing Head Girl.<br />

Thank you to our outgoing Head team!<br />

Finlay is off to study Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London and Niamh to study Law at<br />

Cardiff University. Hal is heading north to Birmingham to study Philosophy, Beliefs and Ethics and<br />

Priscilla has an unconditional offer to study Fashions Textile Design in 2020. We wish you all best<br />

wishes for the future. Please keep in touch!<br />









The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />


We recently received a letter from Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP,<br />

the Minister of State for School Standards and he writes:<br />


The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />


On Tuesday 30th April, a number of Year 8 students entered the Junior Mathematical Challenge<br />

organised by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust. They had 60 minutes to answer 25 questions<br />

including,<br />

Q. Sam has eaten three-quarters of the grapes. What is the ratio of the<br />

number of grapes that remain to the number Sam has eaten?<br />

A 1 : 3 B 1 : 4 C 1 : 5 D 1 : 6 E 1 : 7<br />

Q. How many minutes is it from 23.35 today to 01.15 tomorrow?<br />

A 100 B 110 C 120 D 130 E 140<br />

Q. What is the last digit of the smallest positive integer whose digits add to <strong>2019</strong>?<br />

A 1 B 4 C 6 D 8 E 9<br />

We are still awaiting with baited breath for the awards for Gold, Silver and Bronze, all to be updated<br />

in the next edition!<br />


Interact Club, supported by the North<br />

Cotswolds Rotary Club and our own Mrs<br />

Gleed, have raised enough money through a variety of<br />

events to give their chosen charity, Barnados, £500. Please<br />

join us in congratulating them on their success.<br />


The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />


The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />


Sporting Successes<br />






For full fixtures and results, please visit: https://cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/fixtures-and-results/<br />

Year 8 Rugby 7s team,<br />

following their win in<br />

the Sibford 7s, qualified for the<br />

Northampton Saints Redrow 7s<br />

series. Teams from Colchester,<br />

Bedford, Cambridge, Warwick and<br />

Wellingborough played and following<br />

the different stages of the<br />

competition, The Cotswold School<br />

were the winners of the Redrow Plate<br />

with a <strong>final</strong> win of 4-2 against Lincroft<br />

School. Well done!<br />


ROWING<br />

Sporting Successes<br />

Izzy Honour, Year 11, rows for Gloucester Rowing Club, pictured here on the left. Last summer, she<br />

was entered into a Talent ID program ‘Discover your Gold’ because of Izzy’s height and sporting<br />

ability. She then had a trial at Cardiff University where they assess athletes and recommend to<br />

National Governing Bodies. They were recruiting for Rugby 7s, speed skating, cycling, rowing and<br />

other sports. Izzy was asked to attend Hartpury University for a trial where they head up the Olympic<br />

start program for GB Rowing. As a result, she has been offered a place on the Rowing Academy and<br />

will start in September, where she will board and allow her time to train, as well as studying for her A<br />

levels in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. We will miss you in the sixth form, but the very best of<br />

luck for the future!<br />


Our very own Mrs Holland, Head of<br />

Philosophy, Beliefs and Ethics, took part<br />

in the Manchester Marathon back in April.<br />

Despite suffering from shin splints, a dodgy<br />

ankle and a cold, she completed the race with<br />

a Personal Best of 3 hours, 53 minutes! Well<br />

done! If you would still like to sponsor her, she<br />

is raising money for Mind (mental health<br />

charity) and her giving page can be found<br />

at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/<br />

HelenHolland2.<br />



WATCH OUT 2020 and 2022!<br />

Ryan Mills, back row, has been selected for the<br />

2020 World Qualifying Great Britain squad.<br />

From left to right, Lex Goddard, Year 9, Kyle<br />

For full fixtures and results, please visit: https://cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/fixtures-and-results/<br />

Chilton, Year 9, and Dylan Glockling, Year 8, have<br />

all been asked to start training for the 2022 squad.<br />

Amazing <strong>News</strong>!<br />


Year 12, Ollie Hanks, recently won<br />

Gold at the Spring<br />

International Ghent<br />

Regatta in Belgium!<br />

Well done Ollie!<br />


Fern O'Brien in Year 9, with her pony Rosie, was awarded the<br />

Area Champion at Cheltenham. Fern says, “We had our tack<br />

checked and Rosie wouldn’t stand still! Then the race began and<br />

I was in about third on the inside rail, but as I didn’t want to get<br />

crushed, I steered to the outside and kicked on to get in front.<br />

The second we turned into the home straight (which is about<br />

half a mile long), I started pushing and we got into a bigger<br />

lead. Then, as we were about 1 furlong (220 yards) from the<br />

finish, two other ponies started to catch up with us, but we<br />

managed to hold on to the win by a half a length (1 length = the<br />

length of 1 horse). It turned out that we were the fastest race of<br />

the day (meaning that we were the quickest out of over 120<br />

ponies), and I was awarded Area Champion.”<br />


The Cotswold School <strong>News</strong><br />


It was Mental Health Awareness Week, 13th to 17th <strong>May</strong> <strong>2019</strong>, and to<br />

recognise this in School, we carried out tutor time sessions in the run-up<br />

to our own Positive Mental Health and Well-being Week, which ran<br />

during the last week of this term.<br />

Five pillars underpinned the activities<br />

Connect I Be Active I Keep Learning I Take Notice I Give<br />

We made reference to the Heads Together new initiative, SHOUT, which<br />

was launched a couple of weeks ago: https://www.headstogether.org.uk/shout-launches-in-the-uk/<br />

Activities planned ranged from tea & chat sessions with students and staff, Rounder's match and Frisbee,<br />

baking, gardening, group singing, 1:2 pastoral talk time through to positive pebble painting.<br />

Supporting all of the above was a voluntary Social Media Blackout by students and teachers at<br />

The Cotswold School for the whole of the week!<br />


Governors’ Corner, By Mrs F. Hudson, Clerk to the Governors<br />

In their most recent governors meeting, as well as the customary update from all the<br />

committees, governors had a full agenda to discuss. Mr Smith spoke about the School<br />

Evaluation Form which evaluates the progress we have made as a school in all areas over<br />

the past academic year. This then prepares the ground for the main priorities identified in<br />

the School Development Plan for the coming year. Governors review these regularly<br />

throughout the year.<br />

The various committees updated the Full Governing Body too including the annual SEND<br />

report. Finance and premises had been very busy and reported back on school finances.<br />

Governors also discussed the budget and what could be spent on improving the school<br />

environment.<br />

We were pleased to welcome representatives of the School Council who spoke very<br />

clearly on the issues they had discussed including protecting the environment and charity<br />

initiatives.<br />

Preparations to implement the annual staff survey were underway. Governors continue to<br />

visit departments. There is one more Full Governing Body meeting this<br />

term with a couple of committee meetings as well. Can I take the<br />

opportunity to thank all governors for their commitment to and support<br />

for the school over the past year.<br />


8941 8731<br />

8451 9034<br />


Diary dates...<br />

JUNE & JULY<br />

3 June School returns<br />

5 June Year 5 Open Day<br />

6-13 June Exchange trip to Spain<br />

11 June Tea Time Concert<br />

12 June Rural Economy & Agriculture Careers Day<br />

14 & 18 June Year 10 Bristol Geography Trip<br />

17 June Year 10 Examinations<br />

19 June House Charity Day, Key Stage 3<br />

24 June Year 11 Prom<br />

25/26 June Year 12 Induction<br />

27 June Year 8 Mini EPQ<br />

2 July Showtime<br />

4/5 July Year 6 Induction<br />

5-8 July Trip to Paris<br />

5 July Year 13 Leavers’ Dinner<br />

9 July Sports Day<br />

6 July The Sharon Laws Sportive<br />

7-14 July Exchange to Germany<br />

9 July Sports Day<br />

10&11 July The Greatest Showman Gym/Dance Show<br />

12 July Cadence<br />

12-20 July PE Adventure Trip<br />

15-19 July Trip to Iceland<br />

15-19 July Trip to the Battlefields<br />

18-29 July Trip to Galapagos<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

Principal: Mr Will Morgan<br />

The Avenue, Bourton on the Water<br />

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 2BD<br />

Telephone: 01451 820554<br />

Fax: 01451 810658<br />

Email: admin@thecotswoldschool.co.uk<br />

Marketing: marketing@thecotswoldschool.co.uk<br />

Website: https://cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/<br />

School closes for summer on<br />

Friday 19 July <strong>2019</strong><br />

School opens for the <strong>2019</strong>/2020<br />

academic year on<br />

Wednesday 4 September <strong>2019</strong><br />



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