News July 2019

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N E W S<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

June/<strong>July</strong> <strong>2019</strong><br />







The Cotswold School PTA<br />

Thank you to the few on the committee and to the many who have supported their enormous<br />

efforts this year. It is greatly appreciated and really does go to the heart of this School in<br />

supporting and raising the bar on the teaching and<br />

learning resources we can offer to our children. Thank you. Mr W Morgan<br />

A few words from The Cotswold School PTA…<br />

“As the end of the school year is fast<br />

approaching, we would like to take this<br />

opportunity to thank all of you who have<br />

supported us and who have helped us to raise<br />

so much needed funds for our children.<br />

From September 2018 to date, we have<br />

successfully raised £16,000 through various<br />

initiatives:<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

The bar and raffle at Mary Poppins in<br />

November and at the February Upper<br />

School Production<br />

The Christmas Wreath Workshop (the<br />

<strong>2019</strong> event will take place on 4th<br />

December <strong>2019</strong><br />

The Christmas Raffle<br />

The PTA Annual Quiz<br />

Chastleton Teas<br />

Bags of Help through Tesco<br />

This year we HAVE SUPPORTED ALL<br />

DEPARTMENTS in the School...we have<br />

bought new books for the library, GCSE year<br />

10/11 textbooks, year 12/13 A level books,<br />

History & Geography subscriptions...French,<br />

Spanish, German, Italian language<br />

subscriptions, motivational speakers, the<br />

Rapid Reading programme and the list goes<br />

on...<br />

It was great to welcome new parents at our<br />

meetings, and we hope to see more joining us<br />

in September.<br />

Please do join us!<br />

Our next meeting will be<br />

on Tuesday 17th<br />

September <strong>2019</strong> in the<br />

School Library at 7.00 pm.<br />

You can also follow us on Facebook<br />

@thecotswoldschoolPTA.<br />

We wish you all a great summer!<br />

Best Wishes The Cotswold School PTA”<br />

Fundraising Profit<br />

From 1 st November 2018 (The PTA Financial year)<br />

November 2018<br />

Mary Poppins, bar and raffle - £778.58<br />

December 2018<br />

Christmas Wreath making - £1672.34<br />

Christmas Raffle - £4288.35<br />

February <strong>2019</strong><br />

Upper School Production, bar - £124.50<br />

Tesco Bags of Help Scheme - £2000.00<br />

March <strong>2019</strong><br />

PTA Quiz night - £1501.72<br />

April – June <strong>2019</strong><br />

Chastleton Teas - £1973.93<br />

May <strong>2019</strong><br />

Car Parking - £966.01<br />

November 2018 – June <strong>2019</strong><br />

Easy Fundraising - £252.32<br />

February – May <strong>2019</strong><br />

Amazon Smile- £48.39<br />

Total £13,606.14<br />

For the academic year (September to June)<br />

Sept – Oct 2018<br />

Chastleton Teas - £2291.50<br />

Sept 2018<br />

Easy fundraising - £102.78<br />

Total with above: £16,000.42<br />

With thanks<br />


Welcome...<br />

Contents<br />

2 The Cotswold School PTA<br />

3 Word from HQ<br />

4/5 Cadence/Music Notes<br />

6 Milly Sargent/Upcycling<br />

7 Henry Cannon/Rotary <strong>News</strong><br />

8 The Sharon Laws Sportive<br />

9 Enrichment Week<br />

10-13 Trips<br />

13 Stuart Langworthy<br />

14 Open Days<br />

16 Year 11 Prom/Year 13<br />

Leavers’<br />

17 Aerial Skills<br />

18/19 Sport’s Pages<br />

20 Greystones<br />

21 Year 7 Buddies<br />

22 Create & Cook/Cyber Security<br />

23 Fun Run/Careers<br />

24 LadyDunrossil/De La Haye’s<br />

25 Governors’ Corner/House<br />

Points<br />

26 Diary Dates<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

Alumni Programme<br />

Are you a former pupil?<br />

Do you know a former pupil?<br />

Can you assist with careers and<br />

mentoring?<br />

The Cotswold School is 30 years old<br />

and we want to reach out to as many<br />

former pupils as possible to make it a<br />

lovely celebration. Please sign up at:<br />

Word from HQ<br />

Mr W Morgan, Principal<br />

We are at the<br />

end of another busy and successful academic year! As<br />

the gruelling four weeks of examinations finish, our<br />

thoughts turn to our summer holidays and with that a<br />

huge thanks to our staff, pupils, parents, governors<br />

and all our supporters of The Cotswold School.<br />

It has been a learning curve for us this year. The<br />

‘promise’ of the full National Funding Formula per<br />

pupil has not been kept and we are facing severe<br />

underfunding. We have had to look at many new<br />

channels to try to find solutions and ways forward,<br />

including lobbying, support, fundraising and income to<br />

ensure our teaching and learning resources are at least<br />

maintained for a School that I’m proud to say is<br />

‘Outstanding’.<br />

Thank you to all you supporters who have given time<br />

to the School, time to the car parking, gifts, donations,<br />

standing orders, match funding payments...the list<br />

goes on. We believe we have raised £100,000 (this<br />

includes the £16,000 raised by our wonderful PTA<br />

team), and if we are successful in two large bids, the<br />

sum will be considerably larger. A special thanks to the<br />

generous grandparent and their match funding offer<br />

and we are almost halfway there. These monies will go<br />

to teaching and learning resources and will make an<br />

incredible difference. It really does.<br />

It was therefore lovely to be able to inform you all of<br />

the good news that we have successfully won funding<br />

from the capital Condition Improvement Funding pot.<br />

So over the summer holiday, works will commence on<br />

completely refurbishing the Gymnasium and further<br />

works to improving the site security.<br />

Looking after your children is a true privilege but comes<br />

with a huge responsibility. Providing facilities to<br />

enhance education and safeguard your children is<br />

paramount. The hard work continues over the summer in<br />

preparation for the start of the new academic year.<br />

In the mean time, wishing you all a warm, sunny and<br />

enjoyable summer holiday.<br />

www.cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/alumni/<br />



Music Notes<br />

Rhiannon Ashby is pictured<br />

here playing the pedal harp<br />

for the first time. Peaceful<br />

and exquisite—beautifully<br />

played. Well done.<br />

Louis Ayers in Year 13, is a fantastic<br />

pianist! At the Music Department’s<br />

request, he kindly popped in to play and<br />

entertain staff during a recent lunchtime<br />

before he leaves us! He played<br />

Rachmaninov.<br />

Thank you Louis and good luck for the<br />

future.<br />

Back in Black played at Condicote Jazz<br />

Night on Saturday 6 th <strong>July</strong> and the Music<br />

Department received the following<br />

feedback from the organiser: -<br />

“Just dropping you a line to say a huge<br />

thanks to the students of The Cotswold<br />

School Jazz Orchestra Back in Black. They<br />

were brilliant and each year they seem to<br />

get better. A large number of people<br />

commented on how good they are.”<br />

Excellent Work!<br />

Well done to Sophie Finlay who won the Cheltenham Festival of<br />

Performing Arts certificate for Year 7 and 8 level.<br />

Her presentations were ‘A Touch of Gold’ (traditional) Midas and ‘My<br />

Sister’s Keeper (Jodi Picoult) Anna. She gained maximum marks in<br />

Interpretation and Technique in both scenes she performed.<br />

Comments from the judges included, ‘you spoke with audibility and<br />

clarity’ and ‘you answered all knowledge questions fully and in great<br />

detail’. Outstanding!<br />


Milly Sargent, Year 10<br />

Earlier this year, Milly Sargeant of Year 10<br />

won an internal competition to create and<br />

design illustrations to compliment Alison<br />

Lane’s first book. Alison comments, “Milly<br />

worked incredibly hard on these<br />

illustrations. Unfortunately, we cannot<br />

show any of her work until the book is<br />

launched later this year or early next year.<br />

I chose Milly, as her drawings seemed to<br />

fit so well with the storyline and her<br />

attention to detail is excellent.<br />

Her maturity and professionalism throughout the project was second to none. If I suggested some<br />

tweaks or changes, she took it on board and ’got on it’ straight away and I’m delighted with her<br />

illustrations. Thank you Milly.”<br />

Alison presented Milly with a cheque to The Cotswold School to the value of £500 at a recent<br />

assembly. We cannot wait to see your illustrations and well done!<br />

The Upcycling Design Challenge<br />

Ms S Lombardelli ran, for the first time, the<br />

Upcycling Design Challenge for Year 9 and Year<br />

10—what a challenge! Some incredible designs!<br />

The overall winner was Kate Jacovides in Year 10,<br />

with runners up Isobel Blair, Hattie<br />

Davies–Brown, Aidan Thompson and Poppy White.<br />


Henry Cannon, Year 13<br />

Henry Cannon of Year 13 has been<br />

raising funds for his coming ICS Raleigh<br />

trip to Tanzania. Henry ran in the Rotary<br />

Shakespeare half-marathon in Stratfordupon-Avon<br />

which raised £648. In<br />

addition, the North Cotswolds Rotary<br />

Club agreed to sponsor Henry to the<br />

value of £500. Here is Ed Alexander of<br />

the Rotary, presenting Henry with the<br />

cheque. Henry, have an amazing time!<br />

The North Cotswolds Rotary<br />

“Rotary’s youth competitions offer a platform for talents to shine.”<br />

Each year the Rotary Club runs a series of Youth Competitions. From local and regional heats<br />

through to national levels, these contests are a great way to be challenged in a fun and friendly<br />

environment, plus there are great prizes up for grabs too.<br />

There are a number of competition categories to choose from, and to find out more please visit<br />

https://www.rotarygbi.org/projects/young-people/competitions/. The competitions supported by School<br />

are listed below, along with the key member of staff. You may want to have a go at the<br />

Photographic and Filmmaker competitions over the summer holidays—please visit the website<br />

to discover each competition category. Competition entries will need to be submitted to North<br />

Cotswolds Rotary Club by mid-November.<br />

Rotary Young Chef Competition, please see Ms Lamb<br />

Rotary Photographic Competition, please see Mr Hillier<br />

Rotary Filmmaker Competition, please see Mr Lord<br />

Rotary Young Writer Competition, please see Mrs Dobson<br />

Rotary Environmentalist, please see Mr Ellis<br />



Enrichment Week<br />

On Thursday each group was offered a<br />

bespoke day tailored to their age group<br />

and to celebrate all the good work that has<br />

gone on over the course of the year. Year<br />

7 took part in the annual sponsored fivemile<br />

walk to raise funds for mental health<br />

in School. Pictured above is Mrs K Pulham<br />

with Mr M Smith and Mrs F Hudson, with<br />

the cheque of £1,000 donated to the Emily<br />

Kent Unit—the charity chosen last year. A<br />

presentation assembly was given to kickstart<br />

this year’s Enrichment Week. This<br />

year, all donations/sponsorship will go<br />

towards the provision of mental health in<br />

School.<br />

Year 8 visited Bristol Docks, including the<br />

M Shed and We Are Curious. Year 9 had<br />

fun at Drayton Manor to mark the end of<br />

their Key Stage and Year 10 spent half a<br />

day dedicated to careers and half a day<br />

enjoying wellbeing activities.<br />

The last week of term is always Enrichment Week and this year<br />

the timetable was slightly different! Open to Year 7 to Year 10<br />

and those still in School and not on School residential trips,<br />

the aim was to give it a different feel.<br />

Over three days, we embarked on an exciting<br />

cross-curricular opportunity for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9,<br />

exploring a common theme across all subjects. Our chosen<br />

subject was ‘Africa—its peoples and cultures’ and each subject<br />

explored different aspects, thereby building up a<br />

comprehensive picture for our pupils of this fascinating<br />

continent through a wide variety of creative and unusual<br />

activities. Year 10 undertook a review of the year in each<br />

subject and started to think ahead to the challenges of the next<br />

year. Year 12 were carrying out a week of professional work<br />

shadowing.<br />


Trips—Barcelona!<br />

Year 8 pupils recently visited Barcelona over half-term and visited a<br />

variety of attractions including the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, Camp<br />

Nou, Poble Espanyol and Montjuic Castle and shopping on Las<br />

Ramblas, including the famous Boquería market. Our first Spanish<br />

exchange trip to Cadiz took place in June and was a resounding<br />

success with pupils having a great time and bonding with their<br />

exchange friends. By Miss E Tingle<br />

In May half-term, around 40 staff and<br />

children from Year 7 and Year 8 visited<br />

the Rhineland on a cultural visit. They<br />

stayed in Boppard and visited small<br />

towns along the river Rhine including<br />

Cochem / Rudesheim / castle at St Goar.<br />

Trips—Rhineland<br />

Highlights of the trip included cable car rides up to<br />

the top of the hills with beautiful views of the Rhine<br />

below and pupils sampling the traditional Kaffee<br />

und Kuchen (coffee and cake) and Spaghettieis, a<br />

vanilla ice cream which is made to look like<br />

spaghetti with strawberry sauce on top!<br />

By Mrs N Christian<br />


Trips—Paris<br />

Students from Years 7 and 8 have spent a<br />

memorable long weekend in Paris as well as<br />

visiting the historic city of Arras and the beautiful<br />

Château de Versailles and its gardens. Sightseeing<br />

included eating lunch by the Eiffel Tower,<br />

going on a boat tour on the River Seine, climbing<br />

the 284 steps of the Arc de Triomphe and seeing all<br />

of these again from 210 metres up the<br />

Montparnasse Tower. Those who were<br />

brave sampled snails and ate in a traditional<br />

Parisian restaurant. Speaking skills were put into<br />

practice to buy various items from the Brie market.<br />

The trip finished with a tour of the Stade de France<br />

en route back home. Mrs Kelman would like to<br />

thank Mr A. Thomas, Dr Pearce, Mrs Barratt and<br />

Mrs Webley for their fantastic support on the trip,<br />

the pupils who were well-behaved and good fun<br />

and to Pete Clarke from Pulham's who did a top job<br />

of driving us around. By Mrs S Kelman<br />


Trips—Aberystwyth<br />

Last week, we (a group of Year 12 Geographers) went<br />

on a fieldwork trip to Aberystwyth in west Wales. The<br />

aim of the trip was to practise our fieldwork skills as<br />

a trial run in preparation for our NEA data collection;<br />

this will help us complete our coursework next year.<br />

On the way to Aberystwyth we stopped in Gloucester<br />

to look at the area’s recent regeneration, testing out<br />

our data collection sheets. En route, we visited the<br />

Elan Valley Dams, one of our case studies for next<br />

year, we focused on water transfer schemes and it<br />

was a welcome break from the singing on the<br />

minibuses! The next day we followed the course of<br />

the River Clarach, recording changes in its depth,<br />

width and sediment size as well as discovering how<br />

much water we could bring home in our wellies! On<br />

our final day we visited sites along the beach between<br />

Borth and the spit at Ynys Las where we spent our<br />

time looking at beach profiles and the impact of local<br />

coastal management. After taking in a little sun on the<br />

beach and a pit stop in Hereford, we made it back to<br />

school late on Wednesday evening. Nothing better<br />

than seeing and experiencing Geography in action!<br />

By Mrs E Johnstone<br />


Trips—Bristol Regeneration<br />

Equipped for 'scattered showers throughout the day' our<br />

Year 10 geographers headed into Bristol on the 14th and<br />

18th of June in order to take part in one of their two<br />

compulsory fieldwork trips for their GCSE course. After a<br />

clear run down the M5, we arrived at the Millennium<br />

Square ready to collect data from the locals and visitors<br />

in order to find out their opinion on Bristol's Urban<br />

Redevelopment. However, the heavy and somewhat<br />

persistent rain reduced the numbers of the general public<br />

around, and our geographers did well to collect as many<br />

questionnaires as they did. Not to be discouraged, they<br />

continued with their data collection, enjoying an hour<br />

long tour courtesy of Bristol Ferry's along the river in<br />

which they were able to learn all about the rise and<br />

decline of Bristol's trading past. Further data collection<br />

saw the geographers doing land use surveys and<br />

environmental surveys before they got back on the bus<br />

and headed home to The Cotswold School. Our students<br />

did us proud and as the saying goes, ‘there's no such<br />

thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes.’<br />

By Mrs F Bradley<br />

Stuart Langworthy<br />

Over the half-term holiday I had the huge honour of rolling a cheese at<br />

the annual Cheese Roll! I had taught at Brockworth for 32 years and now<br />

in my England Manager of the over 50’s England Football Team role, I<br />

was asked and was delighted to accept - it was a colourful and<br />

international event - lots of high spirits and many crazy people who, in<br />

the name of sport and fun, chased an eight pound lump of cheese down<br />

a one in two death slide of a hill. Great experience!<br />

Stuart Langworthy, Holder of The Queen's Award for Enterprise<br />

Promotion, Business Studies Department<br />



Your New Head Students and Deputies<br />

I have helped run the Key Stage 3 Enterprise Club over the past two years, aimed at<br />

increasing awareness and inspiring the lower years of the School about the<br />

importance of the world of business. This has been part of my role as a subject<br />

ambassador for the Business Studies Department. I have also been involved, for<br />

the past few years, in School Council. As a team, we have been discussing how we<br />

could best use our time in our roles and we have decided that we really want to see<br />

more interactivity amongst the whole school. We are a school with talents in<br />

different year groups. If we could have more interactivity, that would be really<br />

special and is something I want to support as Head Boy. I myself have worked<br />

with students in Key Stage 3 and have seen the benefits for both first hand.<br />

In conjunction, I want more of my peers in the Sixth Form to have the opportunity to take up<br />

unique leadership roles. This is why I am very fond of the work of the Sixth Form Student<br />

Council, enabling individuals to be able to take forward what interests them. I want us all to work<br />

together to leave a legacy. It’s not just about grades, but also it’s the spirit of making the world<br />

greater each day. The support our teachers are willing to provide, to assist individuals to achieve<br />

their ambitions is second to none.<br />

After Year 13, I’m keeping my options open but want to go into business, perhaps finance. I’m<br />

hoping to be able to study Business Economics at University. I feel inspired by people who show<br />

dedication to achieve something over a long period of time. The idea of every day improving<br />

things is what inspires me. Ethan Waller, Head Boy<br />

At School, I have been a House Sports Captain, peer mentor and subject<br />

ambassador for both History and Languages, as well as Captain of netball and<br />

hockey teams. My main objective this next year is to give something back to<br />

School through fundraising. It is also to raise further awareness of current affairs<br />

with clubs, assemblies, perhaps a current affairs bulletin! I also feel strongly<br />

about environmental issues and sustainability and hope to support reducing the<br />

amount of plastic in the School as well as linking up with charities and their<br />

initiatives. I love the friendliness of the School, the support and happy<br />

atmosphere. I hope to either join the Navy or go to University . My inspirations are<br />

progress, improvement and self-development—the satisfaction you get out of<br />

achieving things and the progress made. Kate Edgerton, Head Girl<br />

I have been a Physics subject ambassador and on the<br />

School Council (Sabrina) and I’ve been a Subject Ambassador<br />

for Art and Drama (Huw).<br />

Sabrina Torris, Deputy Head Girl and<br />

Huw Dickinson, Deputy Head Boy<br />

Huw would like to study an Art<br />

foundation year and ultimately go into<br />

TV and production and Sabrina is off<br />

to study Politics and Economics with<br />

a view to entering the Finance world.<br />

Our proposal for the year ahead is to work at integrating<br />

the Sixth Form community and new initiatives for the Arts,<br />

such as a Year 8 Boys Art Club. We also want to put into<br />

place more frequent ‘beyond school’ programs such as<br />

career talks. We love the welcoming atmosphere of the<br />

School and that we can express our individuality and it is<br />

great to see people who do well in things they love!<br />


YEAR 11 PROM<br />




The Sports Pages<br />

District and County Champions <strong>2019</strong>!<br />

Well done to Year 9 and Year 10<br />

An excellent season!<br />

Cotswold 177 for 5 off 20 overs<br />

Pates GS 104 for 8 off 20 overs<br />

Cotswold won by 75 runs<br />

Amazing! England World Cup here we go again!<br />

Sport’s Day<br />

Year 7 and Year 8<br />

Apollo 239<br />

Artemis 245<br />

Poseidon 193<br />

Zeus 271<br />

Year 9 and Year 10<br />

Apollo 238<br />

Artemis 201<br />

Poseidon 180<br />

Zeus 159<br />

Freya Partridge and her own 16 year old dark<br />

bay gelding Master Macky has been selected<br />

to represent Great Britain on the Charles<br />

Owen squad at this years Great FEI European<br />

Championships for Ponies which will take<br />

place on 15-18 August in Strzegom, Poland.<br />

This is a massive achievement. Well done and<br />

Good Luck!<br />

Back in May, Guy Salter<br />

got through to the Mid-<br />

West Regional RDA<br />

Competition and<br />

managed to qualify for<br />

the RDA National<br />

Championships which<br />

were held on Saturday<br />

13th <strong>July</strong> at Hartpury<br />

College.<br />

He came 7th out of 25 in<br />

his class, 'Walk & Trot<br />

Dressage', scoring<br />

67.5% on Benson,<br />

narrowly missing out on<br />

a rosette by 2 marks.<br />

He did really well<br />

and thoroughly<br />

enjoyed competing<br />

for the Chipping<br />

Norton RDA group.<br />

Well done!<br />


The Gym and Dance Show<br />

Wow what can I say? I'm struggling to put into words just<br />

how proud I am of the gymnasts, dancers and<br />

cheerleaders who came together to put on a spectacular<br />

Gym and Dance Show! The dedication and determination<br />

that the girls showed with their commitment to rehearsals<br />

and choreographing routines were admirable. On the<br />

night the girls were so professional and shone like stars!<br />

I have had so many messages complimenting the girls on<br />

their performances and it just goes to show that hard<br />

work really does pay off! A special mention to Emily<br />

Franks, without whom the show wouldn't have gone<br />

ahead. She worked so hard to choreograph routines,<br />

raise money and design costumes for which the PE<br />

department are very grateful. Loxie Chiles was our<br />

narrator and she was amazing, Well done to you all.<br />

By Mrs H Joynes<br />


Greystones<br />

A group of students from the Cotswold School are working with Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust at<br />

Greystones Farm. The young people are getting the chance to develop skills, old and new, away<br />

from school and the classroom whilst creating a wildlife garden from scratch.<br />

The project at Greystones is called 'The Branching Out Project'. The project is funded by Health<br />

Connect and Cotswold District Council to facilitate learning out of the classroom and experience<br />

on land based learning activities. Pupils also benefit from the outdoor space supporting their<br />

wellbeing and social skills. Twelve Key Stage 3 pupils attend Greystones once a week and will be<br />

achieving AQA units during their time on the project. The project will be running from May <strong>2019</strong> to<br />

April 2020.<br />

Mr S Powles comments, “The project has allowed our pupils to experience learning outside of the<br />

classroom and this has clearly developed their social skills. Amy from Greystones has worked<br />

wonders with our pupils and the project has been a massive success to date.<br />

The project would benefit from some donations, currently we are looking for a water butt,<br />

guttering, hand tools (trowels etc) and non-peat compost. Thank you for your help.”<br />


Year 7 Buddies<br />

A number of current Year 7s had a training day to become a ‘buddy’ at the recent Year 6<br />

Inductions Days that took place on third and fourth of <strong>July</strong>.<br />

The two days are always filled with excitement and trepidation as the Year 6s attend the two days<br />

to familiarise themselves with the School layout, timetable and get ready for their start of their<br />

secondary school career! Our ‘buddy’ scheme works well and all did an amazing job! The Year 6s<br />

greatly benefit from these two days and we know from their comments how much they enjoyed<br />

the days and how excited they are for School to start! Well done! Mrs K Bridgwater<br />

Maths Challenge<br />

The Junior Mathematical Challenge <strong>2019</strong> results are in!<br />

Number of entries received and marked: 66<br />

Certificates awarded: -<br />

Best in School 1<br />

Best in Year 1<br />

Gold 1<br />

Silver 20<br />

Bronze 20<br />

Jack Peyton of Year 8 won the Best in School, Best in Year<br />

and Gold. Outstanding Achievement! Well done.<br />


Create & Cook<br />

Lottie Denne and Isla Mackintosh<br />

of Year 9, reached the finals of the<br />

Midcounties Co-operative Create<br />

and Cook Challenge and achieved<br />

second place. Their macaroon<br />

stack was well received, created<br />

from local ingredients from<br />

Cotteswold Dairy and Mudwalls<br />

Berries! YUM!<br />

Year 12 Cyber Security<br />

Nine Computer Scientists in Year 12<br />

recently attended a cyber security workshop at<br />

the University of South Wales. During the day,<br />

the students were shown around the modern<br />

facilities on the edge of the River Usk. The<br />

students participated in activities relating to<br />

ethical hacking and social engineering. After<br />

lunch, they took part in a cryptography<br />

competition which saw Mr Lord and Mrs<br />

Bogdiukiewicz give the young minds a run for<br />

their money! By Mrs M Bogdiukiewicz<br />


Fun Run<br />

Can your tutor group run<br />

26 miles instead of me?!!<br />

Mrs Carter, as Head of Key Stage 3 and Head of Houses, ran a<br />

marathon of a morning! Mrs Carter had every intention of running<br />

the London marathon this year, but her time dedicated to looking<br />

after Key Stage 3 meant she ran out of time. She asked each tutee<br />

to run a mile, with the intention of every tutor group running a<br />

marathon! Could we help her achieve lots of marathons instead?<br />

The morning event was held<br />

on a lovely morning and as<br />

well as a chance to be outside,<br />

money was raised for the<br />

School’s three chosen<br />

charities! Over £1,000 was<br />

raised. An amazing morning!<br />

Thank you.<br />

Careers Evening on Wednesday 16th October <strong>2019</strong><br />

The annual Careers Fair will be taking place on Wednesday 16th<br />

October from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm.<br />

We are in the process of organising exhibitors and have the<br />

following sectors missing which we would love to have this year.<br />

Can you help?<br />

We are seeking career experts in Dentistry, Arts, Cyber Security,<br />

and Trades.<br />

If you are willing to spare a few hours and share your<br />

experiences with our pupils, please contact<br />

Marketing@thecotswoldschool.co.uk.<br />



Lady Dunrossil—Happy Birthday<br />

At the start of this academic year,<br />

we celebrated our 30th year of The<br />

Cotswold School and honoured<br />

Mavis, Lady Dunrossil with our first<br />

Exceptional Contribution Award.<br />

It is a 30-year story of ‘friendship<br />

and knowledge’ and without her<br />

support and drive, this School<br />

would not be what it is today.<br />

It is with a special congratulations<br />

that we wish Mavis, Lady Dunrossil<br />

a very Happy Birthday on her 90th<br />

at the end of this month.<br />

With Best Wishes<br />

Mr W Morgan, staff, pupils and<br />

governors<br />


Governors’ Corner<br />

Governors have been as busy as ever – more visits to departments have taken place enabling governors<br />

to discuss with pupils and teachers alike. This is a really important part of a governor’s role as they are<br />

then able to report back to the Full Governing Body as to how they can best support our teachers in their<br />

day to day work.<br />

Governors have also had a full agenda in their two major meetings this term including reviewing the<br />

school’s Self Evaluation Plan and how the school did against its targets for last year’s Development Plan.<br />

The new Development Plan for <strong>2019</strong> - 2020 has also been approved and will be reviewed twice more in<br />

the coming year. They have discussed with our School Council representatives and analysed the staff<br />

survey.<br />

The individual committees have also been busy – Teaching and Learning has heard presentations<br />

about Art and about the House system and from two Heads of Department. Premises has worked on the<br />

refurbishment of the gym. Finance has been working hard on the budget and Pay and Performance has<br />

been monitoring Performance Management. All committees have reviewed relevant policies for approval<br />

by the Full Governing Body. The various school events that have been supported and you will see that it<br />

has been a very busy term.<br />

Thank you to all our governors for their hard work and support on our behalf over the past academic year.<br />

It is much appreciated. If you would like any more information about who our governors are and what they<br />

do please visit the governor link on the school website.<br />

School House Totals<br />

12,524<br />

12,278<br />

12,485<br />

12,561<br />

TRIPS<br />

As well as enrichment week, we have an<br />

unprecedented number of trips heading out<br />

at the end of the year.<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Battlefields<br />

PE Adventure<br />

German Exchange<br />

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award—<br />

Morocco<br />

Iceland<br />

Galapagos<br />

Bon Voyage !<br />


August<br />

15 A level Results<br />

22 GCSE Results<br />

September<br />

4 Pupils Return<br />

5 Year 7 Launch Evening<br />

10 Year 12 Launch Evening<br />

12 Speech Day<br />

16/17 Year 7 Residential<br />

17 Year 10 Launch Evening<br />

17 PTA Meeting<br />

18 Year 12/13 History Festival<br />

25 Year 9 Lion King Trip<br />

27 Year 13 Trip to Gloucester Court<br />

27 De La Haye’s Fundraising event<br />

30 Year 10 Art Trip<br />

October<br />

2 Main School Open Day<br />

4 German Exchange Pupils Arrive<br />

7/10 Year 7 trips to Goodrich Castle<br />

8 Year 11 Parents’ Evening<br />

9 Inset Day<br />

15 Year 7 Parents’ Evening—Tutor only<br />

16 Careers Fayre<br />

24 Year 13 Parents’ Evening<br />

25 Half Term<br />

30 Year 13 Oxbridge Examinations<br />

The Cotswold School<br />

The Avenue, Bourton on the Water<br />

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 2BD<br />

Telephone: 01451 820554<br />

Fax: 01451 810658<br />

Email: admin@thecotswoldschool.co.uk<br />

Marketing: marketing@thecotswoldschool.co.uk<br />

Website: https://cotswold.gloucs.sch.uk/<br />

Principal: Mr Will Morgan<br />

Au revoir!<br />

Have a great summer break!<br />


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