Learning Opportunities Newsletter October 2018

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<strong>October</strong>, <strong>2018</strong><br />

Welcome to the eleventh edition of the<br />

Cotswold School <strong>Opportunities</strong> newsletter.<br />

The aim is to celebrate and advertise some of the many learning opportunities in which you<br />

may wish to get involved. We hope that a few things might take your interest and spark<br />

some thinking and discovery. Enjoy!<br />

<strong>October</strong> is Black History Month in the UK and this is celebrated with numerous<br />

events across the country...<br />

‘Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in the U.S., is an<br />

annual observance in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United<br />

States. It began as a way for remembering important people and events in the history of<br />

the African diaspora.’<br />

Visualising Portraits—Black is the new Black—25th <strong>October</strong>, 2pm<br />

Be inspired by contemporary Britons who have achieved greatness and explore<br />

these stunning new photographs by Simon Frederick. Click on the link below<br />

for more details: Visualising Portraits<br />

Explore the BBC’s resources for Black History<br />

month based around black history, heritage, culture<br />

and achievements. Click on the link to take you to the<br />

BBC’s webpage: BBC Black History month resources<br />

1<br />

Shortlisted for the Wolfson History prize, <strong>2018</strong> ,<br />

Black Tudors by Miranda Kaufmann<br />

‘Enlightening and constantly surprising… Far too<br />

many popular studies of the Tudors return the same<br />

faces. To its great credit, Black Tudors presents fresh<br />

figures, and challenges the way we look at them.'<br />

- Jessie Childs, Financial Times

Continued<br />

Library<br />

Mrs Williams recommends: Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve<br />

Winner of the Whitbread Children's Book of the Year<br />

London is on the rampage again, pursuing a small mining town across the driedup<br />

bed of the North Sea… Tom embarks on a journey to return to the city that<br />

has abandoned him.<br />

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve was first released 17 years ago in 2001—<br />

this is when I first read the book. Its quirky, and highly original creation of the<br />

dystopian world the story is set in, immediately grabbed my attention— well worth<br />

a try.<br />

Read the book before the forthcoming film version is released on 8th December,<br />

<strong>2018</strong><br />

Try these websites for booky ideas too: World Book Day Young<br />

Adult page CILIP Carnegie website BookTrust<br />

And if you are into Graphic novels try this website for inspiration:<br />

Excelsior Award for Graphic Novels<br />

And for informative and entertaining book ideas try these vloggers:<br />

Image from the film, Mortal Engines<br />

PBE<br />

Mrs Holland suggests you check<br />

out: Deity of the Day and look up<br />

any of the 4,000 Gods, Deities or<br />

Spirits!<br />

Click on the link: Deity of the Day<br />

Epic Reads— Epic Reads<br />

Little Book Owl— Little Book Owl<br />

Benjamin of Tomes— Benjamin of Tomes<br />

Tessa Roxxx— Tessa Roxx<br />

Do you enjoy creative writing? Are you stuck for ideas,<br />

or have writers block? Then this App’ maybe just the thing<br />

to kick start that creativity again: Write About This<br />

Maths<br />

2<br />

A maths conundrum to solve:<br />

How do you get to the total number, 24<br />

from these numbers: 3,3,8 and 8? You can use multiplication, division,<br />

subtraction and addition. If you need some help, see Mr Pascoe in the<br />

library before registration on a Wednesday or Friday.

Continued<br />

Watch!<br />

Maths<br />

5 Maths tricks that will<br />

blow your mind!<br />

Click on the link below<br />

to take you to the<br />

video<br />

5 Maths Tricks<br />

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery<br />

Exhibition: Fabric Africa: Stories told through<br />

Textiles—30th June to 19th May, 2019<br />

Fabric Africa is a stunning snapshot of the diversity<br />

of modern and historic textiles across the<br />

continent of Africa<br />

Click on the link below for more information:<br />

Fabric Africa<br />

D.T/Textiles<br />

Interested in photography? here are some photo ideas<br />

provided by Mr Edwards (history) you might like to try:<br />

The Alphabet challenge—take 26 photos, in order, to show the 26<br />

letters of the alphabet.<br />

The one spot challenge—stand in one spot and take as many contrasting and different images as<br />

you can. Perhaps return to that spot at different times and lights.<br />

The Abstract challenge—take images of objects around the house from strange and unusual angles<br />

or positions. Try to look for lines, shadows, angles or interesting contrasts.<br />

Mr Edwards would love to see the photos you create<br />

Run the Solar system is back!<br />

Science/P.E.<br />

The British Science Association have relaunched their hugely popular initiative, Run the Solar<br />

System. The virtual race is an immersive tour of the solar system, featuring each planet as a distance<br />

marker. This was first available exclusively during British Science week in March, 2017 when thousands<br />

of people from all over the world participated.<br />

Due to the huge success of the App’, and in response to popular demand, the BSA (British Science Association)<br />

have decided to make Run the Solar System permanently available.<br />

Please click on the link for more information on how to take part: Run the Solar System<br />

Thought-provoking current affairs articles. In their own words, ‘academic rigour,<br />

journalistic flair’. Do feel free to share what you have learnt with us – maybe a quiz or<br />

presentation you design for your tutor group.<br />

Please let Mrs Newby or Mr Edwards (History) know if you take this extra step.<br />

Click here to enter the website: The Conversation<br />


Continued<br />

Competition: The Tower Poetry competition, 2019 is now open for entries:<br />

Every year, six young people scoop a total of £5000 in prize-money for writing a poem. The first prize is<br />

£3000, second, £1500 and third £500, with three runner up prizes of £250 each. And all this for a poem on<br />

a set theme, judged each year by a panel of successful contemporary poets.<br />

The theme this year is ‘Underwater’. The winners come to a presentation event in Oxford, in the splendour<br />

of Christ Church.<br />

For more details on how to enter click the link: Tower Poetry competition<br />

History<br />

Visit the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and see their Exhibition, SPELLBOUND<br />

‘Explore the history of magic over eight centuries in this immersive and thought-provoking exhibition. The<br />

intriguing objects on display show how our ancestors used magical thinking to cope with the unpredictable<br />

world around them.’ Click on the link for more information: Spellbound exhibition<br />

Bristol Museum and Art Gallery<br />

Art & Culture<br />

Exhibition: Masters of Japanese prints: Hokusai and Hiroshige<br />

Japanese prints—22nd September to 6th January, 2019<br />

Bristol museum and art gallery has a collection of some 500 floating<br />

world pictures (ukiyo-e) which celebrate the pleasures of life in Japan.<br />

The collection ranks in the top five regional UK collections.<br />

Click here for more details: Hokusai and Hiroshige exhibition<br />

4<br />

Over Half Term & beyond<br />

Stroud Book Festival—7th to 11th November<br />

The Mshed, Bristol—exhibition: Wildlife Photographer<br />

of the Year, <strong>2018</strong>—20th <strong>October</strong> to 24th February<br />

Hound of the Baskervilles at The Barn Theatre,<br />

Cirencester—24th <strong>October</strong> to 24th November<br />

Othello at The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham—<br />

16th to 20th Of <strong>October</strong><br />

An exhibition to commemorate the end of WWI at<br />

The Wilson, (Open Archive) museum in Cheltenham—<br />

The National Cypher challenge is back…<br />

The National Cipher Challenge, is a nationwide,<br />

online codebreaking competition, which will run again<br />

from <strong>October</strong> 4th <strong>2018</strong> to January 9th 2019.<br />

Who is the competition for?<br />

The competition is aimed at students who have a particular<br />

interest in maths and computer science.<br />

Mr Lord says: “ The University of Southampton<br />

and GCHQ created the competition which requires<br />

students to crack 8 encrypted message challenges”<br />

“This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to<br />

challenge their cyber security skills”<br />

Click here for further information: Cypher Challenge

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