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Historic hotel on the market

• By Jess Gibson

THIRTY YEARS of running

and owning The Grand Hotel

has led to a long list of memories

for well-known Akaroa

personality Eric Ryder.

Among them was the time his

pet cockatoo, James, escaped his

cage during

the night.

“He perched

on a tap handle,


hundreds of

litres of beer

onto the floor

Eric Ryder

of the bar and

draining the

HISTORY: Akaroa’s 136-year-old Grand Hotel is on the market with two neighbouring historic

cottages and a large-scale development site covering almost 4000 sq m of land.

tank dry. That was a hilarious

insurance claim,” he said.

Now, the 74-year-old has

put the town’s oldest hotel on

the market, together with two

neighbouring historic cottages

and a large-scale development

site covering almost 400 sq m of


Located at 4-16 Rue Lavaud,

the popular two-storey hotel,

restaurant and bar are at the

gateway to the Akaroa township.

It was built in 1883 and retains

much of its historic charm and

some of its original features.

Serving as a member on the

late Akaroa Community Board

for 18 years, Mr Ryder was the

main driver in creating the oneway

traffic system in the Akaroa

township that has helped to

create a real tourism hub and

alleviate many traffic issues.

He built many houses in

Akaroa over the years and

bigger projects included the

construction of the La Maison

Restaurant and the school gymnasium.

“I’ve loved it in Akaroa. It’s

the people who’ve kept me here

so long. It’s a small town where

everyone helps everyone. Back

in 1989 when we were snowed

in for 10 days, the Grand was

the only place with a generator

and gas and in the three big

earthquakes the building was


Colliers marketing agent

Courtney Doig said the property

represents a variety of development


The building’s exterior and

the two neighbouring cottages

are protected from being demolished

but new owners would be

permitted to renovate the inside

of the building.

The property is for sale by

deadline private treaty closing

August 8, unless sold prior.






More peninsula

speed limits

set to drop

Fire rages, homes at risk

• By Jess Gibson

MORE SPEED limits are set to

drop around the Banks Peninsula,

some by 80km/h.

The city council approved more

than 40 speed limit reductions

around the Akaroa Harbour, bay

and Little River areas at its meeting

on Thursday.

It comes after its decision

last month to lower the speeds

limits on Summit Rd and its side

streets to help improve safety on

the road.

High-risk travel routes, roads

near small settlements, unsealed

roads and roads where pedestrians

are likely to be present will all see

reductions within the next six to

eight weeks.

On Childrens Bay Rd, the

speed will drop from 100km/h

to 20km/h as it is highly used by

vehicles and pedestrians, unsealed

and has a blind corner.

The entire length of Wainui

Main Rd will be reduced from

100km/h and 70km/h to 60km/h

as it is a high-risk rural route and

has been ranked seventh out of 32

city council priority routes.

Other changes will be made to

roads in Akaroa, the French Farm

and Wainui route, Gebbies Pass

and valley, Le Bons Bay, Little

River, Little Akaloa, Takamatua,

Duvauchelle and Okains Bay.

Loss of income and damage concern to property

•From page 1

However, regardless of outcome,

the plan to lay a pipeline through

Heathcote and Woolston would

have remained the same.

“We’re addressing each

complaint individually and

working with our contractor

to find a solution for residents.

Complaints are followed up with

emails or phone calls from the

project manager and face-to-face

engagement with the contractor,”

Mr Adamson said.

Mr Foxton-McCulloch, who is

the ex-chairman of the Heathcote

Valley Community Association,

was not aware of the consultation

or the drop-in session in 2015.

The only mention of Scruttons

Rd in the consultation document

was to say that the pipeline would

be installed there, as well as in

Godley, Simeon, Norwich and

Gladstone Quays and Port Hills,

and Ferry Rds. It did not mention

anything about disruption to

nearby properties during the

installation of the pipeline.

The city council received 44

submissions in response to the

consultation, five opposed the

project and there was no mention

of Scruttons Rd.

Instead, Mr Foxton-

McCulloch said he found out

about the work which was going

to be done when he saw people

working outside his property and

called the city council.

In an email to the city council,

Mr Foxton-McCulloch said “the

appalling lack of communication

between the city council, those

who you subcontract with and

the people who pay all of your

wages is staggering.”

Mr Foxton-McCulloch and Ms

Foxton have had to temporarily

shut their home-based business

Castle Rock Estate due to the

ongoing disturbance, resulting in

a “massive loss of income.”

“We even left to get away for

a week of sanity,” Mr Foxton-

McCulloch said.

Mr Foxton-McCulloch is

concerned that the work may

eventually lead to damage to their

property with all of the shaking

and banging.

He is also concerned over the

use of a temporary Bailey bridge

to replace the old Scruttons Rd


“To have a Bailey bridge

brought up from Timaru to

be thrown over the old bridge

just until the job is finished

seems a huge waste of time

and ratepayer money when

the bridge is supposedly due to be

upgraded next year.”

THe pipeline will run from

the Heathcote side of Tunnel

Rd, under Bridle Path Rd and

through Port Hills Rd to Mauger

Drive and Scruttons Rd.

It will go under the councilowned

paddocks parallel to

Tunnel Rd, under the Heathcote

River and connect to the

Woolston pump station in Alport


“It’s a necessary evil but the

way they have gone about it

is totally wrong,” Mr Foxton-

McCulloch said.

Fulton Hogan refused to


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