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Catalogue of resources

Catalogue of resources


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ExplorE thE CEntral MEssagEs<br />

of EvEry Book of thE BiBlE<br />

SOLA SCRIPTURA! was the battle cry of the Reformation.<br />

Scripture alone is our ultimate authority. However, while<br />

Christians claim to believe the Bible few have read the whole<br />

Bible. Surprisingly few pastors can articulate the central<br />

message and clear distinctives of each Book of the Bible.<br />

288 pages with 32 pictures<br />

R105*<br />

Old Testament Survey<br />

Book and MP3 Combo<br />

“Holding fast the faithful<br />

Word… be able, by sound<br />

doctrine, both to exhort<br />

and convict those who<br />

contradict.” Titus 1:9<br />

42 MP3 Audio Sermons (29 Hours) and<br />

a PDF book of the Old Testament Survey<br />

R98*<br />

Buy BOTH<br />

Combo packs receive the<br />

Biblical Preaching Handbook<br />

Click Here<br />

to purchase<br />

Combo<br />

The Bible is the greatest Book ever written. It is the most valuable<br />

Book in the world. The Bible is the most inspiring Book in all of<br />

history and it is the most important Book ever written. There is no<br />

question that the Bible is the most life changing Book ever written.<br />

“…But the Word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8<br />

304 pages with 14 pictures<br />

R165*<br />

FREE<br />

New Testament Survey<br />

Book and MP3 Combo<br />

May God be pleased to use this<br />

Biblical Preaching Handbook to<br />

challenge, empower and equip<br />

Pastors to go back to the Bible, to<br />

study, preach and teach through<br />

every Book of the Bible and apply<br />

the central messages of every<br />

Book of the Bible to our daily lives.<br />

112 pages with 24 pictures<br />

R80*<br />

31 MP3 audio Sermons<br />

(25 hours 38 min) and a PDF book<br />

of the New Testament Survey<br />

* postage not included<br />

R98*<br />

Christian Liberty Books<br />

Resources for Reformation and Revival<br />

admin@christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />


Back to Biblical Exposition<br />

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction,<br />

for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete,<br />

thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17<br />

May God be pleased to use this<br />

Biblical Preaching Handbook to<br />

challenge, empower and equip Pastors to<br />

go back to the Bible, to study, preach and<br />

teach through every Book of the Bible<br />

and apply the central messages of every<br />

Book of the Bible to our daily lives.<br />

112 pages, 15 pictures<br />

4 Disc Audio, Data & DVD Boxset<br />

1 MP3 Audio Disc containing<br />

14 Lectures,<br />

2 Video DVDs containing<br />

4 Lectures and 1 Data DVD<br />

containing 5 PDF Books,<br />

4 Screen Captures,<br />

88 Puritan Sermons<br />

13 Lecture Notes,<br />

8 PowerPoint Presentations<br />

and 12 Short Films<br />

Christian Liberty Books<br />

Resources for Reformation and Revival<br />

www.christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be<br />

transformed by the renewing of your mind, that<br />

you may prove what is that good and acceptable<br />

and perfect will of God.” Romans 12:2


What about hypocrites in the church? How can a Good God allow Evil?<br />

Why does God not stop all the suffering? How do you know there is a God?<br />

Isn’t Religion just a crutch for the weak? But aren’t all Religions the same?<br />

w<br />

How can a Loving God send anyone to Hell? What about the Inquisition?<br />

Answering Skeptics book - 144 Pages<br />

by Dr. Peter Hammond<br />

Answering Skeptics Audio and Data MP3 boxset,<br />

32 Audio Lectures, Sermons and Radio Interviews,<br />

PDF Answering Skeptics book, and<br />

8 PowerPoint Presentations on 2 MP3 Discs<br />

“Skeptics, atheists and secular humanists<br />

are on the march with a new militancy.<br />

Peter Hammond's book is designed to<br />

meet these skeptics head-on.”<br />

From the Foreword by<br />

Rev. Erlo Stegen of KwaSizabantu Mission<br />

“We live in an age of skepticism. Peter<br />

Hammond writes for those skeptics who<br />

are prepared to listen and think.”<br />

From the Introduction by<br />

Ray Comfort of Way of the Master<br />

E-Book<br />

E-Books sold separately<br />


0<br />

/ charge you therefore before God and<br />

the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the<br />

living and the dead at His appearing and<br />

His Kingdom: Preach the Word! Be ready in<br />

season and out of season. Convince, rebuke,<br />

exhort,with all /ongsuffering and teaching."<br />

2 TIMOTHY 4:1-2



E-Book<br />

•<br />

The Will of God<br />

will never lead you<br />

where the Grace of God<br />

cannot keep you.<br />

As C. T. Studd declared:<br />

"You only have one life,<br />

it will soon be passed.<br />

Only what's done<br />

for Christ will last!"<br />

William Carey declared:<br />

"Expect great things from God!<br />

Attempt great things for God!"<br />

God gives the very best to those who leave the choice to Him.<br />

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.<br />

Our highest priority is to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind<br />

and strength, and to love our neighbour as ourselves.<br />

Christ's last command must be our first concern.<br />

His Great Commission must be our supreme ambition.<br />

Do not waste your life on lessor things.<br />

Give up your small ambitions! Follow Christ!<br />

From the Revivals in Romania and KwaZulu, to the killing fields of Mozambique, to the war in<br />

Angola, to Bible smuggling behind the Communist "Iron Curtain" and ministry behind enemy<br />

lines in the Nuba Mountains of Islamic Sudan - come the insights in this book with vibrant and<br />

compelling challenges. You will be rebuked and encouraged, burdened and blessed as this<br />

book helps you to apply the Lordship of Christ to all areas of life. Your life will be<br />

transformed as you launch out in the exhilarating adventure of Putting Feet to Your Faith.<br />

Putting Feet to Your Faith (152 pages, 14 chapters) is available from<br />

Christian Liberty Books, PO Box 358, Howard Place 7450, Cape Town, South Africa<br />

Tel: 021 689 7478 Fax: 086 551 7490<br />

ad mi n@ch ristia n I ibertybooks.co.za www.ch ristia n Ii bertybooks.co.za<br />

Putting Feet to Your Faith is also available as an E-book.


Nuwe Afrikaanse<br />

Hulpbronne<br />

"Die wat met trane saai, sal met gejubel maai."<br />

Psalm 126:5<br />


Geskiedenis vertel ons wat gewerk het en wat nie<br />

gewerk het nie. Ons het nodig om die vermoë te<br />

ontwikkel om hierdie lesse in elke area van ons lewens<br />

raak te sien en om ons oorsprong te ontdek. In die<br />

geskiedenis kan ons voorbeelde sien van<br />

uitnemendheid en illustrasies van die mens se<br />

verdorwenheid en rebellie teenoor God, God se seën,<br />

genade en Soewereiniteit in Sy toetreding tot die<br />

verloop van menslike gebeure.<br />

216 bladsye met 228 prente en kaarte<br />


“Ons Here se opdrag om te ‘gaan en dissipels te maakl<br />

van elke nasie’ is ‘n opdrag aan elke gelowige. Slegs<br />

dissipels kan ander dissipel. En hierdie nuwe boek is<br />

‘n leerder se handleiding, met baie praktiese hulp vir<br />

elke generasie. Dan, net soos baie van dr. Hammond se<br />

ander boeke, kyk hy na die deurslaggewende betekenis<br />

van Herlewing. Die hoofstuk ‘Andrew Murray en die<br />

1960 Herlewing’ is, byvoorbeeld, die moeite werd om<br />

oor en oor te lees.” - vanuit die Inleiding deur eerw.<br />

Erlo Stegen, KwaSizabantu Sending.<br />

176 bladsye met 27 prente<br />

Christian Liberty Books<br />

Hulpbronne vir Hervorming en Herlewing<br />

admin@christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />

www.christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />


South African History<br />


This power-packed boxset provides tremendous resources for Parents, Pastors,<br />

and Teachers wanting South African History from a Biblical Worldview<br />

220 pages<br />

185 pictures<br />


Swellendam<br />

Graaff Reinet<br />

Bloemfontein<br />

Pietermaritzburg<br />

Krugersdorp<br />

Lichtenburg<br />

Lydenburg<br />

Potchefstroom<br />

Pretoria<br />

Wellington<br />

The Voortrekker Monument<br />

Fort Schanskop<br />

E-Book<br />

E-Books sold separately<br />

EVENTS:<br />

The Battle for South Africa<br />

The French Huguenots<br />

The Great Trek<br />

The Battle of Blood River<br />

The Anglo-Zulu War<br />

The Battle of Majuba<br />

The Anglo-Boer War<br />

PEOPLE:<br />

Jan van Riebeeck<br />

Georg Schmidt<br />

Wolraad Woltemade<br />

Paul Kruger<br />

David Livingstone<br />

Andrew Murray<br />

Carl Hugo Gutsche<br />

President Martinus Steyn<br />

Danie Theron<br />

General Christiaan De Wet<br />

General De La Rey<br />

Emily Hobhouse<br />

James Barry Hertzog<br />

P O Box 358 Howard Place 7450 Pinelands Cape Town South Africa<br />

Tel: 021 689 7478 ~ admin@ChristianLibertyBooks.co.za ~ www.ChristianLibertyBooks.co.za

B<br />

Booklet with<br />

52 pages<br />

Booklet with<br />

22 pages<br />

E-Books sold separately<br />

Booklet with<br />

24 pages<br />

Booklet with<br />

24 pages<br />

E-Book<br />

Booklet with<br />

24 pages<br />


PO Box 358, Howard Place, 7450, Cape Town, South Africa<br />

Tel: 021 689 7478<br />

admin@christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />


Christian Liberty Books<br />

Resources for Reformation and Revival<br />

www.christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />


book presents the incredible stories of the courageous Reformers and the events<br />

that God used to bring about the greatest Revival of faith and freedom in<br />

history. The energies that were released by the rediscovery of the Bible in the<br />

common tongue, led to the most extraordinary<br />

spiritual Revival in history. The Reformers of the 16 th Century won for<br />

us the principles of religious freedom, liberty of conscience, the rule<br />

of law, separation of powers and constitutionally limited republics.<br />

Read about the Reformers who changed the world forever.<br />

220 Pages<br />

180 Pictures & Maps<br />

Total Running Time: 51 Minutes<br />

E-Book<br />

E-Books sold separately





J<br />

224 pages<br />

& over 200 pictures,<br />

photographs, maps or charts<br />

The Greatest Century of Missions is a treasure trove of incredible<br />

adventures, inspiring exploits and unbelievable achievements of some of the<br />

most extra-ordinary people in the most momentous era of Christian advance.<br />

This book will be an invaluable resource for pastors and missionaries and<br />

a textbook for senior home-schoolers, Christian schools and Bible colleges.<br />

It should be required reading for prospective missionaries.<br />

11<br />

This book is at once the most concise and comprehensive<br />

testimonial record of pioneer missionaries. 11 Rev. Bill Bathman<br />

'I I '/ II I

380-P<br />

over 250 P<br />

Also available as<br />

35 Lecture<br />

MP3 Aud

96 Pages<br />

21 Pictures<br />

288 Pages<br />

200 Pictures<br />

128 Pages<br />

24 Pictures<br />

Christian Liberty Books<br />

Resources for Reformation and Revival<br />


E-Book sold separately

, • b<br />

,<br />

'<br />

.Jhis book sets the record straight with chapters<br />

on "Muhammad, the Caliphas and Jihad", "The<br />

Oppression of Women", "The Sources of Islam"<br />

and "Slavery - the Rest of the Story".<br />

With over 200 pictures, maps and charts, this book is richly<br />

illustrated. It consists of 16 chapters and 13 very helpful<br />

appendixes including demographic maps of the spread of<br />

Islam, a Glossary of Islamic Terms, and a Muslim Evangelism<br />

Mam,al, which includes a comparison of the Bible with the<br />

Ouran, Jesus and Muhammad; and questions you ca<br />

to challenge Muslim friends.<br />

•<br />

290 Pages<br />

& 200 Pie<br />

Slavery, Terrorism and Islam Audio MP3 Disc<br />

I<br />

18 Messages by Dr. Peter Hammond<br />

1. Slavery- What You Have Never Been Told<br />

2. Uprooting Terrorism<br />

3. Resisting Sharia in Nigeria<br />

4. Slavery and Jihad in Sudan<br />

5. The Sources of Islam<br />

6. Comparing Muhammad with Jesus<br />

7. The Oppression of Women In Islam<br />

8. The Challenge of Islam<br />

9. Comparing the Bible With the Qural\<br />

1 O. Challenging Muslims<br />

11. Guidelines for Muslim Evangelism<br />

12. The Crusades and Jihad<br />

13. The Reformers on Islam<br />

14. The Great Siege of Malta<br />

15. Reformation or lslamisatlon<br />

16. The lslamisation of Europe and How to Stop it<br />

17. The End of/slam<br />

18. The Challenge of David Livingstone Today


Serving the Persecuted Churches in Sudan<br />

Faith Under Fire in Sudan<br />

340 pages & 200 pictures<br />

“Faith Under Fire in Sudan is an<br />

important document for Christians<br />

of all denominations at this time in<br />

the history of the continent.”<br />

Bishop Frank Retief,<br />

Church of England in South Africa<br />

E-Books sold separately<br />

E-Book<br />

Three films on Sudan on one DVD<br />

• Sudan: The Hidden Holocaust: 55min<br />

• Terrorism and Persecution -<br />

Understanding Islamic Jihad: 55min<br />

• Three Days in Sudan: 22min<br />

Total running time: 132min<br />

Christian Liberty Books<br />

Resources for Reformation and Revival<br />

P O Box 358 Howard Place 7450 Pinelands Cape Town South Africa<br />

Tel: 021 689 7478 ~ admin@ChristianLibertyBooks.co.za ~ www.ChristianLibertyBooks.co.za

“Now these things became our examples, to<br />

the intent that we should not lust aer evil<br />

things as they also lusted... Now all these<br />

things happened to them as examples and<br />

they were written for our admonition...<br />

1 Corinthians 10:6-11<br />

E-Books sold separately<br />

A4 Manual<br />

E-Book<br />

MP3 Audio

Africa Christian Action<br />

On the Frontlines of the Fight for<br />

the Faith, the Family and our Future.<br />

E-Book<br />

256 pages with<br />

22 infographics &<br />

23 pro-family<br />

action pictures<br />

“Do not be afraid of them...<br />

Remember the Lord,<br />

Who is great and<br />

awesome, and fight for<br />

your brothers, your sons<br />

and your daughters, your<br />

wives and your homes.”<br />

Nehemiah 4:14<br />

info@christianaction.org.za Tel 021 689 4480 www.christianaction.org.za

25<br />


cur,<br />

urviva<br />

'<br />

32 Pictures<br />

•or. Peter Hammond has ably laid<br />

out our duties and responsibilities <br />

in light of the Word of God and also<br />

in this crisis time of impending peril<br />

to the Church. You will benefit greatly<br />

•• from this book There are many areas<br />

_ , of preparation listed in the<br />

-... Security and Survival Handbook./ ,<br />

-You ... must read<br />

.,..,,.<br />

the boo<br />

.<br />

....,.._<br />

You must leam..,)'ou must prepare -<br />

yourself and your family. You must<br />

prepare your church and your mission.<br />

You will never be the same after reading<br />

this book. It leaves no room for neutrality.•<br />

From the Introduction by John Weaver<br />

is handbook comes at a critical time and<br />

maybe; just maybe it will help to save the lives<br />

of young men and women who have answered<br />

the call.Am I aware of the world around me?<br />

Am I prepped, emotionall y, ph ys ically, spiritually?<br />

If you do something you may live. If you do<br />

nothing you have a ve,y real chance of dying.<br />

If you read this manual you have done something.<br />

If it saves even one life then it has fulfilled its<br />

objective:<br />

From the Foreword by Rob Brown

Confronting<br />

in South Africa<br />

Postage not included<br />

318 pages with 64 black & white<br />

and 23 colour pictures<br />

“Colonel Schalk Visagie’s book Under Fire in South Africa provides fascinating and important insights into<br />

the life of a policeman who was eyewitness to tumultuous events and dramatic developments. The very fact<br />

that Schalk Visagie is alive today is a powerful testimony to the grace of Almighty God and His answers to<br />

the timely prayers of a devoted mother. It has been a special privilege to know Schalk and Rozanne Visagie,<br />

for over 3 decades and witness their faith and life in most difficult circumstances.”<br />

Excerpt from endorsement by Dr Peter Hammond.<br />

“I have known and had the privilege of journeying with the author since 2005. Every book has a cover<br />

and as the proverbial saying goes a book is judged by its cover. Every person has a story to tell and<br />

until we read the account of each person’s own life story we will truly understand without judging.<br />

Instead we will have greater appreciation for them.”<br />

Excerpt from endorsement by Past. Brad Espin COTR Cape Town<br />

Christian Liberty Books<br />

Resources for Reformation and Revival<br />

Tel: 021 689 7478<br />

admin@christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />

www.christianlibertybooks.co.za<br />


Slavery, Terrorism<br />

and Islam<br />

by Dr. Peter Hammond<br />

Faith Under Fire in Sudan<br />

– & three films on Sudan –<br />

Islam Rising<br />

DVD<br />

Holocaust in Rwanda<br />

by Dr. Peter Hammond<br />

Available in both<br />

English and French<br />

Behind Enemy Lines<br />

for Christ DVD

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