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Proposed Merivale Mall

expansion meets opposition

• By Claire Booker

RUSHED AND not needed.

Those are the key messages

coming out of a decision to grant

resource consent which will see a

huge expansion of Merivale Mall.

Mall owner TEL Property

Nominees plans to turn the current

6308 sq m mall into an

11,833 sq m mall, with a threelevel

car park and 24 two-storey

homes included in the project.

But residents are not happy.


Merivale Precinct


president Chris

Aynsley: “I

think the decision

has been


“I think

Chris Aynsley

the people of

Merivale and


should’ve had the benefit of being

able to lend their opinion and

have some robust discussion

without this thing being rubberstamped

in a way that wasn’t very


Mr Aynsley disputed the view

of the city council hearings panels

which granted the resource

consent which said effects on the

community would be minor.

•Turn to page 4

POPULAR: Merivale Mall owners have been granted consent to increase the size of the facility by 87 per cent, and build a

three-level car park and 24 two-storey homes in the area.


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2 Tuesday August 20 2019

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Barber bows out

Redwood hairdresser John Thompson is closing his

Hoon Hay business after 300,000-plus haircuts. ​

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community events

Culture Exchange

Shirley Library will host an event on Friday, 3.45-4.45pm.

Go along and make new friends and practice your


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Tuesday August 20 2019 3


Another Elmwood Park plan opposed

• By Claire Booker

FURTHER controversy has

arisen over the future of

Elmwood Park.

The Old Boys Collegians

Cricket Club has had its lease

renewal approved, and will now

get the ball rolling on its new

$750,000 440 sq m pavilion.

Following residents recent

concerns around the Elmwood

Club’s proposed

bowling club

rebuild on the

park, the new

cricket pavilion

has sparked more

uproar in the





resident Frank

Pipe is a regular park user, and

is concerned over the future of

the park. “Elmwood Park is for

the whole community, not just

sportspeople,” he said.

Mr Pipe says the changes

to the park and the proposed

new mall will impact the whole


“If they’re not careful,

Merivale will lose its whole feel.”

Mr Pipe said.

Old Boys Collegians is the

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largest cricket club in the South

Island with more than 600

players registered.

Its current pavilion suffered

PLANS: The proposed pavilion at Elmwood Park will replace

Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club’s temporary clubrooms (right).

earthquake damage and players

have had to use temporary

building for the past seven to

eight seasons.

Club secretary David

Wakefield said it is time for the

“dilapidated” facilities to be


“The combined development

of these new facilities will

enhance the community use

of the park for cricket players

and all other casual users of the

park,” he said.

“[These] plans will hold

Elmwood Park in great stead for

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generations to come and do the

park’s heritage status justice.”

But Mr Pipe disagrees, saying

the planned new pavilion will be

too large for the park.

“It’s not what the park is

designed for,” he said. “It was

there as a community park, but

now it’s dominated by sports.”

Mr Wakefield said city council

staff advised the community

board and members of the

public that the pavilion will be

the minimum size necessary to

meet the standards of a premier

cricket club.

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The design and city council

consultation processes have

taken about two years, and

now the lease has been

renewed and the proposed

pavilion has been approved

by the Fendalton-Waimairi-

Harewood Community Board.

Construction is set to start in

about six months.

The cricket club has also

proposed new training nets

at the park, which have been

quoted at about $100,000. They

will be fully enclosed to ensure

the safety of park users.

The community board has not

yet approved the installation of

the nets and has requested city

council staff arrange a meeting

with nearby residents and the

cricket club to discuss the scale

and utilisation of the practice

nets and functionality of the


The club hopes the pavilion

is completed before the 2020/21

season begins in October next


In Brief


No one was injured in a crash

on Wairakei Rd involving a car

and a bus on Friday. The crash

happened at the intersection

of Wairakei and Idris Rds, and

blocked the southbound lane.


A new bus shelter will be put in

at the existing bus stop outside

102 Straven Rd in Fendalton.

The shelter is needed because

64 people board buses at the

stop, which is located near

Christchurch Boys’ High School,

on an average weekday. The

shelter was approved by the


Community Board.


It has now become easier to

report abandoned supermarket

trolleys. The city council Snap

Send Solve app has a special

section for trolleys, enabling

residents to let stores know where

their trolleys have been dumped.


The Fendalton-Waimairi-

Harewood Community Board

has approved no stopping

restrictions and 120min parking

limits along Claridges Rd in

Casebrook. They will improve

visibility and general safety along

the road.


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4 Tuesday August 20 2019

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Rangi students

art to go on

public display

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

“YOUR FRIENDS are your rock.

They support, strengthen and

hold you up.”

That is the message Rangi Ruru

Girls’ School year 13 students

Rosetta Brown and Hazel White

want to get across when others

view their artwork.

Along with their schoolmate

and co-artist Georgina Jolly, they

will now spread the message of

friendship after their silhouettethemed

artwork Strength in

Sisterhood was chosen to be

reproduced at Hack Circle on the

corner of Cashel and High Sts.

The artwork won the senior

category in the SCAPE Public

Art Re:ACTIVATE Aspiring

Artists competition.

Strength in Sisterhood

was inspired by Rangi Ruru’s

school theme of the same name

last year.

The theme of the competition

was rock, which inspired the

students to create a piece of

artwork representing friendship.

The artwork is likely to be

hung from a tree and made

using either metal or perspex,

depending on what best suits the


Residents likely to appeal consent

Frank Van


•From page 1

“If you’re going to double the

square footage of the mall, then

you’re going to double the traffic,

double the number of staff,

and that’s going to spill into the

streets,” Mr Aynsley said.

Residents are angry the city

council hearings panel which

granted the


consent said

public consultation

on the

plan was not


They have

major concerns


the impact on

traffic in the


But the hearings panel said

‘no adverse effects of the activity

would be more than minor.’

Traffic engineers advised the

hearings panel the expansion

would have “negligible” impact

on Papanui Rd traffic volumes.

Mr Aynsley’s concerns are

shared by a group of residents

and business people, who plan to

appeal the city council’s consent.

Frank Van Schaijik, who

lives in Merivale and also owns

Aikmans Bar and Eatery, and

Aikmans Pizzeria and Sports

Bar, says the expansion would

•HAVE YOUR SAY: What do you think of the planned expansion of

Merivale Mall? Email your views to

NEW: An artist’s impression of the Merivale Mall expansion.

affect the area’s community feel. in a parking building isn’t going

He has been in contact with a to enhance Merivale,” she said.

lawyer to challenge the process Gillian Archbold, who lives

which granted the resource in Fendalton, is a regular mall

consent. He wants to have the user and thinks the expansion is

consent revoked.


“We have a good following “I think this is a sign of a

of locals. I don’t think we need dysfunctional council. Anyone

more hospitality or retail,” said who comes here knows this road

Mr Van Schaijik.

[Papanui Rd] is full of cars, this

Signs on residential properties, will have a terrible impact on

including Mr Van Schaijik’s, traffic. Just leave it as it is,” she

have appeared in protest against said.

the expansion.


Community Board chair-

Merivale resident Val Williams

also told Nor’West News she is man Sam MacDonald said he

against the expansion.

hoped the consent application

“It’s a boutique mall, and I like would have been notified, which

the village strip shopping feel. would have allowed for public

There’s already enough to build consultation.

on to make it vibrant, just have it The community board would

smaller and do better . . . shoving closely follow the proceedings of


the mall expansion.

City council head of resource

consents John Higgins said

the hearings panel appreciated

the public concerns over the

resource consent for the mall.

But the panel was bound by

the statutory process under the

Resource Management Act.

“This process is tightly

prescribed and consultation

can only be undertaken in

limited circumstances. These

circumstances were canvassed

thoroughly in the decisions,” he


A Merivale Mall spokeswoman

said the resource consent is a

model for the future, and there

is currently no plan in place. She

said the consent process is ‘just a

future-proofing model, and there

is no intention to develop.’

The hearings panel report

said there were no special circumstances

to warrant public


“We [hearings panel]

acknowledge a proposal such as

this may attract public attention

or interest, but the district

plan anticipates significant

development of the land within

the zone for a range of uses

at a substantial scale, subject

to acceptable outcomes being

achieved with regard to relevant

adverse effects.”

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NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday August 20 2019 5

$180,000 cash injection for organisations

GOOD NEWS came in the

form of a cash injection for

many community groups and

organisations in the north-west.

Almost $180,000 was funded

to a range of groups within the

communities from the Papanui-

Innes and Fendalton-Waimairi

Harewood community boards.

THe purpose of the

Strengthening Communities

Fund is to support communityfocused

organisations whose

projects contribute to the

strengthening of community

well-being in the area.

Successful applicants are

outlined in the board agendas

as those who can demonstrate

they are sustainable, strategic,

community-focused groups

who have a significant presence

within their community of


Christchurch North

Community Patrol:

THe news of the community

board funding has come at

a perfect time for us, said

chairman of the organisation

Sam Hall.

THe patrol was granted $6050

by the community boards.

We rely on these grants to keep

our patrol running, but also for

the safety and well-being of our


Some of this money will go

towards keeping our patrol

cars in a safe condition, as

our vehicles travel more than

3500km each week.

It will mean we have the right

equipment to continue our

patrolling and reporting to the

police, and to keep our patrollers

safe, warm and visible while they

are out in the community.

We are very appreciative of

the money we received, that we

can keep our patrol running

smoothly, keep our patrollers

safe, and continue to assist the

public and the police.

Shirley Ladies Friendship Club:

THe club was granted $500 by

the Papanui-Innes Community


THis grant will be used to hire

two buses over the next three

to six months to take the ladies

on two trips out of the city, said

secretary Sandra Alexander.

THe ladies pay half the cost to

hire the bus and the grant is used

to pay the balance.

THey enjoy the day out to say

a country garden or sometimes

to a destination they have not

visited for many years.

Community Focus Trust:

THe trust was granted $1000 by

the community boards.

THis funding

will help us

provide our



activities and


Mark Hudson

that foster


while giving practical support

for those in need, said manager

Mark Hudson.

THis funding is vital for being

sustainable for the work we are

involved in, not only in our



Cricket Club has

been successful

in securing a

grant from the


boards to help

with purchasing

new equipment

for its junior


local community, but the wider

Christchurch area.

Sporting-Edge Merivale-

Papanui Cricket Club:

THe cricket club was granted

$4500 by the community boards.

THe Sporting Edge Merivale-

Papanui Cricket Club thanks

the community board for its

funding grant which will go

towards the purchase of new

playing/training equipment for

our Junior section, said president

Ross Patterson.

We are fully committed to

providing our young grass roots

cricketers at all levels with the

best opportunities possible to

learn about and play the game

and as a club, we are proud that

during our 50-year history a

large number of our juniors have

continued on to become loyal

members of Merivale-Papanui

Cricket Club in their adulthood.

Other community groups


The Avonhead Community

Trust received $15,500 from

the Fendalton- Waimairi-

Harewood Community

Board towards wages,

training and upskilling,

Christmas carols, and a

community parent event.

Northgate Community

Services Trust received

$10,000 from the Papanui-

Innes Community Board

towards its community

support worker’s salary.

Nor’west Brass received

$8000 towards the costs

of running its community

brass band.

Papanui Baptist Church

Community Services

Freedom Trust received

$21,000 towards the

wages for their community

support worker.

STYX Living Laboratory

Trust received $8282 from

the community boards

towards wages, equipment

and materials and volunteer


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6 Tuesday August 20 2019

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JAZZ: Rangi Ruru Girls’ School student Amelie Spinks plays the

double bass at the Southern Jam Youth Jazz festival last week.

Noteworthy talent proven

• By Jess Gibson

A NUMBER of musicians from

the schools in the north-west

have earned the right to blow

their own trumpet.

Eight out of 14 individual

awards went to secondary school

students from across the region

at the Southern Jam Youth Jazz

Festival on August 10.

Fourteen South Island schools

stayed five nights in Blenheim

to participate in workshops and

master classes before the event.

St Andrew’s College year 13

student Serge Beaton won the

award for most outstanding

trombone player and received

the best soloist award joint with

year 11 Flynn Megaw for their

trombone battle.

Another St Andrew’s year 13

student, Victoria Lee has only

been playing the double bass

since the start of the year and

won most outstanding bassist.

Two Christchurch Boys’ High

School students came away with

awards – Max Young took out

most outstanding guitarist, while

Logan Edwards won best ‘Big

Band’ drummer.

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School year

12 student Amelie Spinks won

the most accomplished rhythm

section performer.

Rangi Ruru also won a gold

IMPRESSIVE: St Andrew’s year 13 student Victoria Lee won

most outstanding bassist in spite of only playing the double

bass since the start of the year. Here she is performing in the

festival with a violin.​

and silver medal, and the award

for Best Jazz Combo.

St Andrew’s College’s Big

Band was named the overall

festival winner for the eighth

time since the event began 15

years ago.

The school’s Big Band also

claimed a gold category award,

and the Soul Band and jazz

orchestra received silver category


Christchurch Boys’ High

School’s Big Band received a gold

category award, while its ensemble

and combo bands claimed


Papanui High School and

Christ College’s big bands also

bagged gold.

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open to all golfers -

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NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday August 20 2019 7

at Southern Jam

DUET: St Andrew’s College year 12 students Archie Milligan and

Pippa McAnergney perform together.

WINNERS: St Andrew’s College’s

Big Band was named the overall

festival winner at the Southern

Jam competition in Blenheim.

SKILL: St Andrew’s College

deputy head boy Lewis Edmond

plays the saxophone.

CONTEST: St Andrew’s College students year 13 Serge Beaton

and year 11 Flynn Megaw jointly won the best soloist award for

their trombone battle.





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Senior Move Managers where you will learn some

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Moving home

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manageable and


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8 Tuesday August 20 2019

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Bowing out after 300,000-plus haircuts

• By Claire Booker

WHEN JOHN Thompson was

21, he dreamed of becoming a

hairdresser. Now 50 years later,

with more than 300,000 hair

cuts under his belt, the Redwood

resident still loves it.

But his business on Coppell Pl

in Hoon Hay will close its doors

for good at the end of the month.

The barber shop has been

Mr Thompson’s second home

since 1969, but it’s time to put

the clippers down and the capes

away and enjoy his retirement.

His loyal clients will miss his

friendly nature.

A client of 50 years, Jack

Jordan, 88, said: “He’s just a

damn nice guy.

“A couple of times when I was

crook, or I’d been to the hospital,

he’d come to my house and cut it

for the same price,” he said.

The lease on the building Mr

Thompson has occupied for the

past 50 years has expired, and he

wasn’t given the opportunity to

renew it.

He said when he was first given

the news that he had to be out of

the building within a month, he

was shocked, but said that’s just

the way things go.

The 71-year-old will now retire

after 54 years as a barber.

The barber shop Mr Thompson

occupies was where his hair

was cut as a child, and when he




turned 21, he bought the business

and hasn’t looked back since.

“I remember coming home

from school one day and saying

[to his father] I think I want to be

a hairdresser,” he said.

In September, he would have

marked his 50th year of owning

the business, but he will have to

close the doors just a few days

before the anniversary.

The red leather barber’s chairs

in the shop have been around

since 1956, and Mr Thompson

said he will sell them once the

business closes. Otherwise, his

house will become too cluttered.

In the antique leather chairs,

he has seen many boys argue

with their mum about the length

of hair they want.

“A boy would get shorter

than he wanted, but not as

short as mum was hoping,” Mr

Thompson said.

He’s seen it all in his years of

hairdressing, from short to very

long, and the mullets in between.

TRIM: John


gives Jack

Gordon, who

has been his

client for 50

years, a bit

of a tidy up

before he

closes the

doors at the

end of the


(Right) – Mr


cuts his


hair in the

kitchen of

his home

about 25

years ago.

Mr Jordan his longest-serving

client and has been getting

his hair cut there before Mr

Thompson owned the shop.

He said the place “hasn’t

changed a hell of a lot” over the


He never has to tell Mr

Thompson what he wants,

because his hairstyle never


“I’ll never find anyone like this

will I,” Mr Jordan said.

Mr Thompson is upset he was

given such short notice to close

the business.

“Going quickly doesn’t give me

time to thank them [clients] all,”

he said.

Mr Thompson will miss

meeting people and the

rewarding feeling of people

bringing their grandchildren

in for a trim so he can cut three

generations of hair.

“They’re more than just

customers,” he said.

Mr Thompson will finish

his last hair cut at the shop on

August 29.


At Christchurch’s finest address

The Russley Village is set within award-winning gardens and grounds with the centrepiece being

the Homestead, where you will find Abode Café & Brasserie, a cinema, library, arts & crafts space

and hair salon, being some of the extensive facilities on offer.

There is only a limited selection of brand new apartments left in the Sefton Apartment building,

priced from $495,000. A stunning combination of architectural-design and timeless style makes

these apartments a must see.

The Ashley Suites, our boutique care facility and serviced apartments, is due to open in

November and will provide residential care up to hospital level.

For more information or to

take a tour of the village make

an appointment today.

03 357 9392

73 Roydvale Ave,



NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday August 20 2019 9

Experience our

Ryman communities

Join us for a tour of our villages in Riccarton and Papanui.

Thursday 29 August

Leave your car at home, and forget about the

traffic while you relax and enjoy being our guest

for the day!

Our van will pick you up from home and arrive at

Margaret Stoddart in Riccarton for morning tea at

10am and a tour.

We will then go to Ngaio Marsh in Papanui for lunch at

12pm and a tour of the village, followed by an information

presentation on retirement living.

Phone Marie on 354 6608

or Michelle on 337 6500

to reserve your place.

23 Bartlett Street, Riccarton 95 Grants Road, Papanui


Tuesday August 20 2019


Max takes on the world

at economics Olympiad

MAX SURVEYOR fought off

fierce competition to finish third

at the International Economics

Olympiad in St Petersburg,


Max, who lives in Fendalton,

is in his final year at Christ’s

College. The 17-year-old was the

only secondary school student

in the five-strong New Zealand


They competed

against 29 countries

at the event and

answered questions

on financial literacy,

economics and a

business case study.

Max received

the third-highest

individual score and

the New Zealand

team finished


“When I first

arrived at the

Olympiad, I realised

most people

there had graduated and were

studying at business colleges.

I was worried I was going to

embarrass myself so each night

after dinner I would read over

my textbooks until 3am,” he


“Economics is not an exact

science and this is why I love it.

Max Surveyor

It’s both maths and art. While its

basis is in mathematics, the fact

that things aren’t so clear-cut

leaves room for you to creatively

use the models to explain the

problems that are thrown in

front of you. I also like politics,

and between politics and

economics, you can pretty much

explain how most of the world


Christ’s College

head of commerce

William Bell said

Max naturally

picks up concepts

related to economics

and works hard

to improve his


Max is now

applying to schools

in the United

States and United


“Ideally I would

eventually like to

study philosophy,

politics and economics at Oxford

University. I find it funny how

some boys seem to have plans

for their entire future down to

the exact firm they would like

to work for. All I know is that I

would loosely like to work in the

fields of finance, politics or law,”

Max said.

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Shirley Rd bus stop plan

given nod of approval

• By Matt Slaughter

A PLAN to upgrade a Shirley Rd

bus stop has been approved.

The Papanui-Innes

Community Board greenlighted

the plan, which will

involve the extension of the

existing bus stop outside Shirley

Intermediate School and the

construction of a new bus

shelter beside it to make room

for two buses at a time.

Innes Ward city councillor

Pauline Cotter said she hopes

the upgrades will be completed

by December.

Pegasus Post reported last

month the board delayed

approving the plan and asked if

more space could be created to

move the bus stop and shelter

back to make the facilities

accessible for wheelchair users

and people with mobility issues.

Board members originally

asked if a Ministry of

Education-owned berm space

outside the school could be

used to create the extra room.

But Cr Cotter said this was no

longer necessary as an extra

50cm of space would be

created using city councilowned


Cr Cotter said the board

has taken about five months

to come up with a plan which

satisfied it. She is pleased it has

now been finalised and said the

wait has been worth it to ensure

the extended bus stop and new

shelter will cater for all bus


“I think that it’s going to

look really good for Shirley to

have that, you know, improved,

more comfortable, more fit-forpurpose

shelter and bus stop

. . . there’s some seating and then

there’s room also for wheelchairs

or pushchairs,” she said.

“We want to really encourage

people to use these buses and

one of the ways to do that

is for council to step up and

address our infrastructure




The plan

to extend

an existing

bus stop on

Shirley Rd

and construct

a new bus


beside it will

go ahead.


Environment Canterbury

manager of public transport

strategy, planning and

marketing Edward Wright

said the new stop will help

achieve the goal of ECan’s

regional public transport plan

to increase the frequency of bus


“The Palms is a key suburban

hub on our bus network. The

upgrades to this stop will be

appreciated by the many people

who use it every day. It is the

main stop at The Palms for the

Orange Line travelling towards

the city centre, and the Orbiter

travelling towards Northlands.

The Orbiter and Orange Line

are already high-frequency bus

services,” he said.

Kirsty Nixon


24 August - 18 September 2019

Like portals to paradise, Kirsty Nixon’s large-scale paintings invite the viewer to

pull back the ‘fringes’ of our native flora to reveal quintessentially New Zealand

landscapes hidden in behind. Framed by the structural forms of our native

foliage, like cabbage tree leaves or nectar-laden flax flowers, and almost always

with a native bird or two in attendance, unfolding before your eyes could be

an endless coastline, a deep, green cove or perhaps even a glimpse of the far


Kirsty is repeatedly drawn to the New Zealand landscape

in its various guises and while on holiday at the bird

sanctuary island Tiritiri Matangi recently she experienced

a sense of utter peace while watching the bellbirds

flitting about the feeders and hearing their hypnotic song.

Returning home, she became keenly aware of the absence

of native birdsong and thus her new works pay tribute to

the ways in which the melodic voices of our native birds

have the ability to enrich our lives as we navigate daily life.

Based in Auckland, Kirsty has been painting full-time

since 1997, initially in the medium of watercolour but

now having found her home in the freedom and impact of


Little River Gallery open 7 days, Main Road, Akaroa Highway.

Kirsty Nixon’s

Original Painting

‘Kereru and Karaka’

Kirsty Nixon’s

Original Painting

‘Three’s Not a

Crowd It’s a Party’

Seven retirement villages

in Canterbury

• Halswell • • Rangiora •

• Mairehau •

Kirsty Nixon


24 August - 18 September 2019

Main Rd, Little River 03 325 1944

• Beckenham • • Riccarton • • Papanui • • Hornby • • 0800 000 290

NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday August 20 2019 11

House of Travel couple

bring home bag full

of windsurfing trophies

• By Jess Gibson


Travel owners have returned

from their trip to Hawaii with

extra luggage.

Annie Crombie, 51, and

husband Terry Beentjes, 53,

each bagged two trophies at

the US Slalom Windsurfing

Nationals in Maui from July


Crombie won the sport section

and was third in the women’s

competition, while Beentjes

was second in both the semi-pro

and men’s 40-59 racing events.

“We’re stoked. We didn’t have

any expectations to be on the

podium,” Crombie said.

Both took part in 24 races

over the three-day event and

had only trained for one week in

the lead-up to the competition.

“We came out of winter and

haven’t windsurfed since February

so it was a hard seven days.

I got blisters all over my hands

and feet,” Crombie said.

She said they stayed fit before

heading over by mountain biking

and doing yoga.

Beentjes almost opted out of

competing after he broke his

thumb the day after the flights

were booked.

“He was only three weeks

out of his plaster when he competed.

Once we got up there the

SUCCESS: Annie Crombie

and Terry Beentjes came

away from the US Slalom

Windsurfing Nationals in

Maui with two trophies each.


vibe of the event got a hold of

him,” Crombie said.

The couple had more than

just trophies to celebrate during

the prize-giving – it was on the

same day as their 31st wedding


Crombie and Beentjes have

both been windsurfing since the

early 90s and have competed

in many competitions in New

Zealand and overseas.

Crombie said their two

teenage daughters, Kate and

Emma, have been all “around

the world to windy places.”

St Margaret’s student gets

taste of new Olympic venue

• By Jacob Page


rower Charlotte Darry has

helped her New Zealand

coxless four to fifth at the

junior world championships in


The 16-year-old was in the

bow seat and was joined by

Sally Wylaars, Lucy Burrell and

Alison Mills at the event.

The combination finished

second in their heat, maintaining

that place throughout the

race and finishing in a time of

6min 46.090sec, 3sec behind


the Italian crew but still good

enough to make the final


In the final, the crew made a

strong starts and held second

position at the first 500m mark,

but were unable to maintain

the speed of China, Italy and

Germany, which took gold, silver

and bronze respectively.

Darry, Mills, Burrell and

Wylaars finished

fifth in a time of

7min 14.50sec.

The junior

world champs

course, known

as the Sea Forest


is a newlyconstructed

venue for the

2020 Olympic

and Paralympic


St Margaret’s

College rower


Darry (back)

helped her

New Zealand

women’s four

crew to fifth at

the junior world


in Japan.





Games. Fifty nations took part

in the event and more than 550

athletes competed.

School’s not

for everyone!

















027 557 8839

50 Hazeldean Road, Addington

0800 834 834 |


Tasty Bites

The role of protein in

people’s bodies, its

sources and the benefits of

consuming it across the day

can’t be underestimated.

These recipes provide a

science-based approach to

ensuring you get enough in

your diet

Orange kumara and

haloumi fritters

Serves 4


1.2kg orange kumara, peeled and

coarsely grated

320g haloumi, coarsely grated

2 tsp ground cumin

Light olive oil spray for cooking

2 cloves garlic, crushed

4 spring onions, white part thinly

sliced into rounds, green part

thinly sliced diagonally

120g baby spinach leaves

Avocado dressing:

80g medium-sized avocado

⅓ cup (80ml) white wine vinegar

or apple cider vinegar

½ tsp dijon mustard


Tuesday August 20 2019

To make the avocado dressing,

blend all the ingredients in a jug

with a hand-held blender until

smooth. Season with black pepper

and set aside.

Heat a large non-stick frying

pan over low-medium heat.

Combine the kumara, haloumi

and cumin in a bowl and season

with freshly ground black pepper.

Lightly spray the pan with

olive oil and drop in firmly

packed cup measures of the

Latest Christchurch news at

Getting protein through a science-based diet

kumara mixture, pressing down

to form 8cm circles. Depending

on the size of your pan, you will

probably need to do this in two

batches of four.

Cook for 5min each side

or until golden and cooked

through. Remove and cover to

keep warm. Lightly spray the pan

with a little more oil and increase

the heat to high.

Add the garlic, white part

of the spring onion, spinach

and 60ml water. Cook, tossing

constantly, for 2min or until the

spinach has just wilted. Remove

the pan from the heat and season

with black pepper.

Serve two kumara fritters per

person, layered with the spinach

mixture. Spoon over the dressing

and sprinkle with the green

spring onion.

Roast herb chicken and


Serves 4 with leftovers


½ cup finely chopped flat-leaf


2 Tbsp finely chopped rosemary

1 Tbsp mixed dried herbs

6 cloves garlic, crushed

¼ cup (60ml) olive oil

¼ cup (60ml) red wine vinegar

1.8kg lean chicken tenderloins

1 head cauliflower, cut into florets

7 carrots, sliced into rounds

7 zucchini, thickly sliced into


750g button mushrooms

Light olive oil spray for cooking

1 cup (250ml) salt-reduced

chicken stock

Lemon wedges and flat-leaf parsley

leaves, to serve



Heat the oven to 200 deg C (or

180 deg C fan-forced).

Combine the parsley, rosemary,

dried herbs, garlic, olive

oil, vinegar and chicken in a

large bowl. Season generously

with freshly ground black pepper

and toss well to coat the chicken.

Divide the vegetables among

two large roasting tins and

lightly spray with olive oil. Toss

to combine, then top evenly with

the chicken mixture.

Pour half the stock over the

ingredients in each tin. Bake,

swapping the tins halfway

through and tossing the chicken

and vegetables, for 25-30min

or until the chicken is cooked

through and the vegetables are


Divide one-third of the chicken

and vegetables among four for

dinner, with lemon wedges and

parsley. Cool the leftovers, then

divide evenly between two large

airtight containers.

Store the leftovers in the fridge

for up to two days or in the

freezer for three months. Thaw

the frozen mixture in the fridge

overnight. Transfer the chilled

mixture to a baking dish and

reheat in a preheated 220 deg C

(200 deg C fan-forced) oven for

15-20min or until hot and crisp.


See website for details


Biggest bra sale. Sets from $20,

Bras 2 for $35, Sleepwear from $20.

Selected styles. While stocks last.


Buy one, receive the second item half

price. 2nd item the cheaper of the two.


50% off the lowest marked price

storewide. Valid 22 Aug to 25 Aug.

Exclusions & conditions apply.


Blazers & Jackets $30. White business

shirts now $10. Selected styles.




2 for $100 hoodies & joggers.

Conditions apply.

Sign up to Smart Deals & be in the monthly draw for a $100 Dress-Smart gift card!

CHRISTCHURCH 409 Main South Road, Hornby

Open 10am-5pm, 7 Days 03 349 5750






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Tuesday August 20 2019 13

In your


Pharmacy offers free prescriptions

plus other valuable services

The large Pharmacy sign can be

seen from Memorial Avenue.

The pharmacists at Healthworks Pharmacy, on the corner

of Memorial Avenue and Ilam Road, say there is a number

of ways customers can qualify for free prescriptions and

they are happy to advise on how they can get these.

They include free prescriptions after 20 items per year

have been dispensed, which applies to the whole family,

and free prescriptions for under-13 year-olds,

“We also send free text reminders to our customers

when their next repeat prescription is due,” says pharmacy

owner Carolyn Oakley Brown. “They just need to text back

‘Yes’, and their prescription will be renewed.”

The pharmacy offers catalogue specials four times a year,

and customers that sign up to their Facebook page will

see other special promotional offers on there too, Carolyn


Healthworks also offers medico packing for prescription

medicines, which makes it easy for people to see what

meds they need to take and at what time of the day.

Another valuable service the pharmacists offer, which

can be especially helpful for people unsure about what

their medications are for, or when and how to take complex

medicine regimes, is the free, one-on-one meeting between

pharmacist and customer.

“We work in conjunction with their doctor, and we

explain everything about the customer’s prescription, how

it works for them, and make sure everything is correct. It’s

great for people who are on several medications,” Carolyn


Healthworks Pharmacy in Ilam has two full-time

pharmacists, two pharmacy interns, three technicians,

who dispense the prescriptions, and one pharmacy retail


Currently located behind the Ilam Medical Centre,

the pharmacy, along with the medical centre, will be

accommodated in a brand-new building due to be

constructed on the same site, with the work expected to

start in 2020.

The Healthworks Pharmacy staff. Back row

from left: Alesha, David, Violet, Leanne and

in front: Christine. (Absent Jyr)

“This will be a fully integrated health care centre, so will

be much better and more convenient for our customers

and for the medical centre’s patients,” Carolyn says.

Healthworks Pharmacy has drive-in access off Ilam

Road, with off-street parking available, and exit onto

Memorial Avenue.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am-6pm.

Brand new salon open in

your neighbourhood

Mention this ad and receive

$10 OFF your first visit

Cnr Isleworth Rd & Leacroft St, Bishopdale | 03 359 0224

Call us today for a


one-on-one consultation

with a pharmacist

• Ask questions about your medications

• Get advice on how to get the most

out of your regular medicines

Call us today and book a time!

108 Memorial Ave, Burnside | Phone 03 351 8633

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am-6pm

Naturally protecting family

health for generations

Quality ingredients Quality products Quality prices

Now available in Christchurch

and surrounding areas!

For catalogue/pricelist,

contact us.

Independent Rawleighs Distributor

Fiona Head, 283 Wooldridge Road, Harewood, Christchurch 8051

Ph: 03 550 1544 Mob: 022 086 7300 E:

Shop 8/501 Wairakei Road, Harewood

Phone 03 359 2166

Open Monday to Friday 6.30am-3.30pm

and Saturday 8.00am-3.00pm

Sydenham Bakery


14 Tuesday August 20 2019

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Superior new magnesium

offers more health benefits!

Magnesium deficiency is widespread with

researchers estimating up to 90% are not

receiving adequate magnesium in their diet.

According to medical researcher Dr. James

DiNicolantonio magnesium deficiency

increases the risk of numerous types of

cardiovascular and other diseases, costing

nations around the world an incalculable

amount of healthcare costs and suffering, and

should be considered a public health crisis.

Some of the typical signs of a magnesium

deficiency are: muscle cramps – especially

in the legs, muscle spasms and twitches,

fatigue, high blood pressure, poor

circulation, sore – heavy or uncomfortable

legs, irregular heart-beat, muscle and back

pain, insomnia, headaches, migraines and

anxiety. Sub-optimal magnesium levels are

also associated with many diseases including

diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s,

cardiovascular, ADHD and kidney.

There are many popular magnesium

supplements on the market, however most

use low cost sources of magnesium that are

also poorly absorbed offering little benefit.

Seeing the serious impact on health that

low magnesium levels are having a New

Zealand company “Biosphere Nutrition”

have developed a new magnesium that offers

superior absorption and more health benefits

compared to most other products available.

Biosphere Magnesium has been created to

be the cleanest, most bioavailable magnesium

supplement available. It combines three

types of the most bioavailable forms of

magnesium to create the ideal dose with

optimal absorption. Each serving provides

a therapeutic dose of 400mg elemental

magnesium to help people maintain

optimum magnesium levels. It is also easy

to take as it comes as a great tasting, easy to

mix powder that is also free of binders, fillers

and artificial ingredients. It is flavoured with

a natural lemon flavour and sweetened with

natural stevia and monk fruit extracts and

coloured with a dash of turmeric.

Magnesium Citrate is the first of the three

magnesium’s. Biosphere have used a natural

marine based magnesium citrate as it has a

great absorption rate and mixes well with


Next is Magnesium Lyscinate Glycinate

Chelate a stable magnesium designed to be

the most bioavailable possible as well as easy

on the stomach.

The last is Di Magnesium Malate a

fantastic form of magnesium for people

suffering from fatigue, since malic acid is

a vital component of enzymes that play

a key role in ATP synthesis and energy


Optimal magnesium levels have been

shown to: Improve Energy, Improve

Sleep, Normalise Blood Pressure, Control

Inflammation, Reduce Pain, Regulate Blood

Sugar, Stop Cramping, Support Normal

Nerve and Muscle Function, Support Healthy

Bones and Help Maintain Good Health.

Biosphere Magnesium and further more

detailed information is available from

the Natural Health Advisers at Marshall’s

Health & Natural Therapy, 101 Seaview

Road, New Brighton, and Phone: 388-5757.

We are always happy to help you!

New magnesium offers

enhanced health benefits!

Magnesium deficiency is widespread with

researchers estimating up to 90% are not receiving

adequate amounts. According to Dr. James

DiNicolantonio this deficiency is increasing the risk

of cardiovascular & numerous other diseases as well

as reducing lifespan & quality of life.

There are many popular magnesium supplements

on the market, however most use low cost sources

of magnesium that are poorly absorbed & offer little

benefit. Seeing the serious impact on health that

low magnesium levels is having a New Zealand

company “Biosphere Nutrition” have developed

a new magnesium that offers superior absorption

& more health benefits compared to most other

products available.

Biosphere Magnesium comes as an easy to

mix lemon flavoured powder that makes a very

pleasant drink.



- kNowledge makes the differeNce -

30 sachets (1 month supply)

only $33.90, save $6.09

275g powder (2 month supply)

only $59.90, save $10.09

Some common symptoms of magnesium deficiency:

• Muscle & leg cramps

• Twitches

• Tremors of hands

• Restlessness

• Poor sleep

• Irregular heartbeat

• High blood pressure

• Poor circulation

• Dizziness

• Headaches & migraines

• Poor concentration

• Muscle fatigue &


• Sore, heavy or

uncomfortable legs

• RSI & Nerve problems

• Muscle & Back Pain

• Chronic fatigue syndrome

• Fibromyalgia

• Mild to moderate


Bringing You the Best in Natural Health! MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE

marshalls health & NatUral theraPY


101 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email:

Reading to Dogs

Today, 3.30-4.30pm at

Shirley, Thursday 3.30-4.30

at Papanui

Reading to dogs encourages

children to practice

their writing skills and develop

a love for reading. All

the dogs have been trained

and tested for health,

safety and temperament.

Bookings required.

Shirley and Papanui


After School Activities

Friday, 3.30-4.30pm

Suitable for ages eight to

13. Go along for an interactive

session which includes

technology, games, crafts,

and books. Take your

friends with you, or make

some new ones.

Papanui Library

Knit ’n’ Yarn

Today, 1-3pm, at Bishopdale,

Friday, 10am-noon, at


Take your knitting,

crochet or another craft

project and have fun with a

social group. This is a free,

drop-in event.

Bishopdale and Papanui



Today, 12.15-12.45pm

If you have questions

about your i-Pad, smartphone

or tablet, head

to GenConnect where

Papanui High School students

will help you for free.

Papanui Library

Free seminar for parents

of teens

Thursday, 7-8.30pm

This seminar will

help parents assist

their teens to consider

future career/study

options. It covers career

pathways, supporting

decision-making and

communicating effectively.

Book a free space at www.

John Britten Building,

Canterbury University, 69

Creyke Rd.

Games at Papanui

Thursday, 2.30-4.30pm

If you love games, head

along and choose from a

wide selection, including

the classics, at this fun and

social event. Free for all

ages to enjoy. No bookings


Papanui Library


Wednesday, 1-3pm, at

Bishopdale, and 1.30-

3.30pm at Shirley

Play Scrabble with a

friendly group. Just head

down when you can – no

bookings required. All

materials are supplied at

this free event.

Bishopdale and Shirley


JP Clinic

Today, 10am-1pm, at

Papanui and Shirley,

Wednesday, 10am-1pm, at


A justice of the peace

will be available to the

community to witness

signatures and documents,

certify document copies,

hear oaths, declarations,

affidavits or affirmations,

as well as sign citizenship

or rates rebates applications.

Papanui, Shirley and

Bishopdale libraries

Tabletop Games

Monday, 11am-5.15pm

Play tabletop board

games and enjoy some

downtime. Free event, no

bookings required

Shirley Library


Monday, 1-3pm

Go along and play

Rummikub – an exciting,

interactive strategy game.

Free, drop-in event.

Bishopdale Library


Email by

5pm each Wednesday


Library will

host Culture

Exchange on

Friday from


Go along

and make

new friends,

practice your

English and

learn about


Super Saturday Storytimes

Saturday, 11-11.45am

Go along and encourage

learning through stories.

This is an interactive programme

involving stories,

songs, rhymes, craft and

play. Free.

Shirley Library

Rotary New Horizons


Wednesday, 6–7.30pm

Go along to the rotary

club’s weekly meetings

to learn about how you

can make a difference

in your community.

Projects are often based

in St. Albans. For

more information visit

BreakFree Hotel, 165

Cashel St

Activity Zone

Monday, 3.45-4.45pm

The after school club has

technology, games, crafts

and books. This is suitable

for children aged six to 10

and caregivers are asked to

remain in the library during

the session. Free – no

bookings required.

Shirley Library


Saturday, 2-4pm, at

Shirley, Monday, 2-4pm, at


Go along if you are

interested in playing or

learning about mahjong.

Free. Registrations required

at Shirley Library.

Shirley and Papanui


Cards Club

Friday, 1.30-3.30pm

This weekly card club is

on every Friday, go along

and join the fun. Free, no

bookings required.

Shirley Library

RoboFun for Adults

Saturday, 10-11am

Go along to Shirley

Library for an introductory

course looking at the world

of robotics in a fun and

engaging way. You don’t

need to take anything with

you – just a curious mind.

No bookings required, just

drop in.

Shirley Library


NOR’WEST [Edition NEWS datE]

Latest Christchurch news at

Tuesday August 20 2019 15



Baby gear to hire or buy

The arrival of a new baby in the family is exciting for

everyone, and it’s a time when special things are

needed to keep baby safe, comfortable and happy.

Offering a wide selection of baby gear for hire and sale, Baby on

the Move in Wairakei Road is the specialty store where parents and

grandparents will find quality products for baby, right from birth,

including infant capsules for babies up to six months old, car seats,

portacots, regular cots, buggies and toys.

The child restraints that are hired are well-known brands and

are well-maintained, with every customer receiving personalised

service at Baby on the Move.

As qualified child restraint technicians, business owner Jane and

her two staff members will advise on hiring the correct capsule or

car seat for the type of car and the customer’s lifestyle, explain how

to use it, and fit it into the vehicle.

Correct installation of the car seat is vital, while having enough

leg-room for the front-seat passenger is also important, Jane says.

“Our short-term car-seat hire is popular with grandparents, who

have family visiting,” she says, “and they often pick up their hired

seat on their way to the airport. We have many repeat customers

who use this service and we get good feedback on it.

“Installation of carseats hired or purchased from Baby On The

Move is always free,” Jane adds.

Baby on the Move was established in New Zealand more than 20

years ago, and the Wairakei Road store is one of two in Christchurch.

It is located at 515 Wairakei Road, close to Roydvale Avenue.

Phone 960 9752.

Lovely gifts for babies at

Baby on the Move.

Business owner Jane shows a selection of car

seats available for hire at Baby on the Move.

Everything you need for a

happy baby at meal time.

High quality

affordable early

childhood education

for children 0-6 years

Your local specialists for


all things




we offer 20 hours free

Monday to Friday

8.30am – 2.30pm

Contact Katie or Marcia today

Phone 352 6816 or

027 715 8201 or email us

Your local specialists for all things baby.

>> Carseats, buggies and strollers

>> Cots, portacots and linen

>> Highchairs and feeding products

>> Breastfeeding products

>> Gifts, toys and so much more

>> Hires - short or long term


- short or

long term

Drop in and see us at

97 Harewood Road, Papanui

Nutritious meals for little tummies

We believe that growing bodies and personalities thrive on

well-balanced, healthy diets - so you can trust us to give your

toddler a wholesome meal.






CHRISTCHURCH NORTH 03 960 9752 / Unit 3 & 4, 515 Wairakei Road, Burnside.





• WEEKly







• 3 yEaRS aND uP

Available at New World Redcliffs, Bishopdale, Durham

Street, Northwood and St. Martins; Fresh Choice Merivale,

Barrington and Raeward Fresh Harewood.

Amanda J Staniford B Ed ATCL Dip Tchg

Educational Kinesiology Practitioner

Certified Expansion Coach

Ph: 022 1259 645 E:

: Kids Life Academy

16 Tuesday August 20 2019

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A vision of excellence!

1B Wood Lane, Fendalton

Price: $3,495,000

5 bedrooms | 6 bathrooms | 7 toilets | 4 living rooms | 1 dining room | 3 car-garage | Listing Number PI57782


This new property offers a unique and

desirable proposition, underpinned by this

historic site and first-class address.

A magnificent architecturally designed

home that emanates a sense of refined


Large family home of 513sqm offering a

fantastic lifestyle for families with plenty of

separation and versatile living areas.

The execution of this home offers total

luxury and light with no expenses spared.

Hagley Park, Botanic Gardens and golf

course within easy walking distance giving

occupants an amazing lifestyle

A large home low on maintenance may

seem a contradiction in terms, but this

property has more than achieved that, with

three living areas, five double bedrooms

all with en-suites and three outdoor living

decks. Triple garage with large space for


Luxuriously appointed throughout with

the highest quality fixtures and fittings

including high-end Gaggenau appliances

in the kitchen and butler’s pantry.

The master bedroom has two en-suites

opening to a private balcony with river

views and there is a luxurious guest

bedroom on the lower level with river


Zoning for some of Christchurch’s most

desirable schools including Girls High and

Boys High.

- Location, design and exacting execution

couple with an uncompromising approach

to quality and detailing has resulted in a

compelling and contemporary home, to

truly appreciate what’s on offer and find

out more about the long list of attributes,

contact the agent to view today!

To arrange a private viewing phone

Cameron Bailey on 352 6166 or mobile

0275 557 079 of Harcourts Gold Papanui

(Licensed Agent REAA 2008)

Properties For Sale

Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd. Licensed REAA (2008)

Thinking Of Selling?

Experience the difference,

we could save you thousands.

46 Mistral Road, Northwood

Cheryl Hunt

45 Munro Street, Redwood

Monty Parti

Real estate fees

typically start

at around


Instead ours start

around 25%

lower at

2.95% up to $390,000+gst

and reduce to* 1.95%+gst thereafter

406 Main North Road, Redwood

Cheryl Hunt

55 Twyford Street, Bishopdale

Monty Parti

Call us for your FREE no-obligation

property appraisal.

Your local experts.

Monty Parti

Brand and Territory Owner

021 223 6999

Cheryl Hunt

Licensed Salesperson

027 430 3906

Olly Drew

Licensed Salesperson

022 098 8642

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Get rid of

dampness in

your house

The facts about

Home Ventilation

Balanced Pressure

vs Positive Pressure

Now with the colder and wetter weather

on its way, home owners are focusing on

ways to make their homes comfortable,

warm and healthy for their families

throughout winter. Rising damp is an issue

that affects many of our older properties

which suffer from poor, or no, insulation.

In Canterbury especially, post-quake, many

people have relocated to homes that suffer

from rising damp which can be associated

with health problems. Independent tests

have shown that up to 40 litres of water

can rise from the ground and enter a

house every day, leading to mildew, mould,

condensation and musty smells. Moulds

can produce various allergic reactions

and the frail, elderly and very young are

especially vulnerable.

Canterbury Foam Concrete Ltd is a

locally owned and operated firm. The

team understands the problems caused

by rising damp and are there to help.

They will come to your damp home

and pump a lightweight, flowable foam

concrete under your timber floored home.

Specially adapted for our New Zealand

conditions and applications it provides a

layer of protection against rising moisture.

An unexpected benefit that the team at

Canterbury Foam Concrete have noticed

recently, is that many owners of properties

which had underfloor foam concrete

installed, reported that it also provided

protection against liquefaction after

the earthquakes.

Contact Canterbury Foam Concrete

Ltd now for your free, no obligation

quote and complimentary appraisal of

your underfloor ventilation needs. Phone

03 376 4608 or 0508FOAMCO for more


Under the New Zealand Building Code,

all buildings, including residential, need

to be suitably ventilated, either with

opening windows or forced ventilation.

Clause G4.1 states: “The objective of this

provision is to safeguard people from

illness or loss of amenity due to lack of

fresh air.” There are many benefits to forced,

or mechanical, ventilation over opening

windows, including warmth, security,

reduction of outside noises and reduction

of condensation.

Traditional domestic ventilation systems

are ‘positive pressure’. They bring air in

from outside via the roof space and force

the stale air out through gaps around

windows and doors. The incoming air

from these systems has to be heated or

cooled to keep the house warm in winter or

cool in summer.

The Smooth-Air HEX390 is a ‘balanced

pressure’ system. It extracts air from the

house and at the same time brings in fresh

air. These two streams of air pass through

a heat exchanger, which warms incoming

air in winter and cools in summer if air

conditioning is being used. This means that

up to 80% of the energy which would be

wasted using a traditional positive pressure

system is recovered, resulting in significant

energy savings and therefore lower heating

or cooling costs.

Until recently, balanced pressure

ventilation systems have been considerably

more expensive than traditional

positive pressure systems. However,

with Smooth-Air’s unique

manufacturing capabilities, a

HEX390 balanced pressure system

can be installed for a similar price as

a traditional positive pressure system.

You can contact Smooth-Air on

0800 SMOOTH (0800 766684).


Ventilation Equipment Suppliers



The most efficient way

to ventilate your home


HEX 390

For Healthy Indoor Air

T. 03 376 4608



Heat is transferred to the

incoming filtered fresh air



Amazin’ WINTER Specials!!

• We will offer you the best quality brands and

option of heat pump for your home/business

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 17 years to Cantabrians

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote


PHONE 03 366 0525

“A local team for local people”

Substantial energy savings

over traditional domestic

ventilation systems.


(0800 766 684)

Made in New Zealand,for New Zealand conditions

Fresh air

from outside

Warm, stale

air from house

264 Annex Rd



03 343 6184

Exhaust air

to outside

Warm fresh air

to house

Monday - Friday

7.30am - 5pm

18 Tuesday August 20 2019

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Be in to

WIN your



Pre-purchase your

tickets from

for only $10pp

or get a ticket on

the day for $20pp


sunday 25th August, 2019, 10am–3pm, Air Force Museum, Christchurch

Fashion | Venues | Entertainment | Stationery | Jewellery | Catering | Floristry | Make-up | Beauty

Celebrants | Cakes | Hair | Photography | Transport | Wedding Planners | Honeymoon Destinations

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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Car Parts


Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services



STEERING box $250

Ph 0275490048 or 021




STEP. $45 Ph 0275

490048 or 021 3363 666

Community Events



want to have a drink that’s

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757


Fashion Designs & Colours

Discontinued Designs

End of Lines Bargain Prices

Call at Our Shop


71 Hawdon St Sydenham

Ph 366-5026


& Supplies



UP? Shrub, hedge &

tree pruning, Lawns,

Gardening, consistently

reliable general property

upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10

yrs experience, One off

tidy ups or on-going

service. Nick’s Garden

Maintenance. Keeping

your garden beautiful.

Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440

& 022 264 7452



Australia QLD





All Units Have Ocean Views.

Heated Pools, Spa & Sauna,

Free Wifi, Tennis

& Mini Golf.



0061 7 5443 5011

JUNE to AUG temps 20C


PROF MAN. (Ret),

single, NS, living in NW

of city, seeks a slim perky

zesty & happy single lady

for company, outings etc.

Ph 027 6594425

Vehicles Wanted

CASH/CASH for any

unwanted vehicles, ph

347 9354 or 027 476 2404

Wanted To Buy





Free Appraisals

Call Matt at

The Stamp and

Coin Exchange

134a Riccarton Rd

0800 39 24 26

We can come to you.

Call today.

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture,

Beds, Stoves, Washing

machines, Fridge Freezers.

Same day service. Selwyn

Dealers. Phone 980 5812

or 027 313 8156

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

Trades & Services



Rope & harness

a speciality,

no scaffolding


30 years of




Exterior staining,

exterior painting,

moss and mould

treatment and


Phone Kevin

027 561 4629

• New homes

• Extensions

• Renovations


• Light Commercial

• Repairs and


Brandon Taw

Phone 027 370 2572



• Video inspection

• Waterblasting

• liquid Waste

pH: 03 365 7960

24 hours // 7 days



Book now for Summer

and receive 20%


Rope and harness a speciality.

No scaffolding required.

30 years experience.

Also waterblasting paths,

driveways and moss removal.

Free quotes, call

Craig 021 060 2392


Exp. Repairs, uplifting,

AAA HANDYMAN relaying, restretching.

licensed carpenter Phone John on 0800

LBP, all property and 003181, 027 240 7416

building maintenance,

repairs, bathroom/shower


installations, with free

Prompt & reliable

quotes 03 383 1927 or 027

registered electrician

245 5226

with 24 years experience


for all residential and

Renovations, complete commercial work, new

service from start to finish,

free quotes, ph Dave 027

334 4125

housing and switch board

replacements. Phone Chris

027 516 0669



George Lockyer. Over Registered, electrical

40 years bricklaying installation and repairs,

experience. UK trained. Gorbie Electrical, ph 021

Insurance work, EQC 026 73375 or 03 322 4209

repairs. Heritage

brickwork & stonework PAINTING

a speciality. No job too & Decorating Wingfields

small. Governers Bay. Contracting, all interior

Home 329 9344. Cell & exterior painting & all

027 684 4046. E mail forms of interior plastering & jib fixing, ph Mark 021



No job too small. Install PLUMBER

heat transfers, repair/ A Top Plumbing job







completed at a fair price,

prompt service, all work

027 884 2330. Liability guaranteed, Ph Brian 960-


7673 or 021 112-3492

concrete & paving

• Driveways

• Earthquake repairs

• New Home Specialists

• Patios & Paths

tel: 0508 873 7483


kitchen renovation

Kitchen looking tired?

Revitalize with new colour at a

fraction of replacement cost

• Alterations & Hardware available

• Laminated Kitchens no problem

• ‘On Site’ finishing available

• Over 20 years experience

• Free Quotes with no obligation

• All Joinery & Furniture repair & Spraycoatings


27 Birmingham Drive, Middleton

03 338 6280 | 021 541 323


Belfast engraving. Shoe

repairs, key cutting &

engraving. (10 yrs exp)683

Main North Rd, ph 027



Spouting Unblocked,

Cleaned Out and Flushed

Out. Call Trevor 332 8949

or 021 043 2034


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


35 years exp, no job too

small. Ph Ross 027 4311440.


Flooring - Splashbacks - Wall

incl tile removal, reg master

tiler, ph Dave 027 334 4125


Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

audio amps, soundbars. Aerial

& satellite installations,

kitsets, 480D Moorhouse

Ave, ph 03 379 1400


& all camera tapes

converted to DVD, video

taping special occasions,

ph 03 338-1655


dyers upholstery services

(Ex Leacroft St, Bishopdale)

We specialise in

re-upholstering all types of

household furniture

inc squabs.

Trusted craftsman for over

30 years. Fabric samples,

Free quotes, pick up &


All work guaranteed.

Ph. 359 5033 or

022 106 0108


Exposed Aggregate

Stamped Concrete Plain

Concrete Resurfacing

Things we offer...

Competitive/affordable pricing

Attention to detail

Professional service

free quotes/insurance scopes

Cell 0278 145 848



Call us now for fast friendly service.

Get your problems sorted out

quick smart - on time!!

Phone for a


quote now.

Phone 03 377 1280 | Mobile 021 898 380



Let us help take

your business to

new heights

Advertise your business in our

Trades and Services column.

For assistance contact Vicky

Phone 03 364 7419 or email

Reach 168,000 readers

with just one ad placement

Call Shane Victor on 021 381 765 to find out how!

20 Tuesday August 20 2019

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up to

50 % off

Clearance Models









Model Beds





7 Day Money Back Comfort Guarantee on Queen and King Beds



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Life’s Warmer

at Summerset

Summerset on Cavendish Open Weekend

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 August, 10am - 3pm

147 Cavendish Road, Casebrook



22 Tuesday August 20 2019

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Love the life

you choose

When you move into a Summerset retirement village, you’re not just

moving house – you’re joining a vibrant and warm community where

you’ll feel completely at home.

At Summerset we put you at the heart of everything

we do, so you can enjoy the freedom of living the life

you choose.

The perfect home is waiting for you. From villas and townhouses, to

apartments – you’ll find a place to make your own. Our homes are built

for warmth, and there are no worries about maintenance or upkeep as

we do it all for you. Pets are also welcome, and you can even go away

on holiday knowing your home will be safe and secure. We’ll also make

sure you’re aware of all costs, giving you the certainty that there won’t

be any unexpected surprises.

When it comes to activities and events, there’s always something

happening to keep our Summerset community involved and

entertained, and you can choose to do as much or as little as you like.

If you need some extra care or support, our continuum of care means

we’ll be there for you as your needs change, giving you the peace of

mind to continue living life to its fullest.

Over 5,000 residents are already enjoying the Summerset life across

25 villages around New Zealand. If you’re interested in Summerset for

yourself or a family member, come and visit Summerset on Cavendish

to find out more about our village life.

Summerset on Cavendish

Open Weekend

Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 August, 10am - 3pm

Visit for more information.

NOR’WEST NEWS Latest Christchurch news at

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Love the Summerset life

Love the Choice

At Summerset you’ll find a wide range of homes specifically designed

for the over 70s. Choose from one of our lovely, modern, purposebuilt

homes, then make it your own. All our homes are designed with

accessibility and warmth as priorities.

Love the Community

At Summerset you can continue to live the life you choose with the

added peace of mind of living in a warm and friendly community where

you’ll feel completely at home.

As a Summerset resident you’ll enjoy all the benefits of being part of

a thriving Summerset community, including easy access to village

facilities and community spaces. And there’s support on hand if you

need it.

Love the Confidence

At a Summerset village you can live fully independently or, should

you need it, you can receive support and care in your own home or

apartment, or in our fully certified care centre. So, if your needs change,

you can be confident you will get the support you need, without having

to leave the village.

As a Summerset on Cavendish resident, you’ll have access

to a range of community facilities, including;

To find out more about Summerset on Cavendish,

call 0800 SUMMER (786 637) or visit

Divine Café

Exercise room

Communal vegetable


Residents’ bar

All-weather bowling green

Residents’ workshop

Hair and beauty

Swimming pool and/or

spa pool

Regular visits from

health practitioners


24 Tuesday August 20 2019

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Life’s Warmer at

Summerset on Cavendish

Brand new homes available now!

Come in from the cold and experience Summerset warmth. All new homes at Summerset

on Cavendish come fully insulated, with thermal curtains, double glazing and heat pumps.

And now, they’re even more appealing than ever, thanks to our wonderful winter offer*.

But we don’t just build warm homes - we build warm, welcoming communities too, where

our residents live life however they choose, with easy access to community spaces,

village facilities, activities and support.

Open Weekend

Saturday 24 August

Sunday 25 August

10am - 3pm

Summerset on Cavendish

147 Cavendish Road,


These brand new homes at Summerset on Cavendish are proving extremely popular, so

make sure you come along to the Open Weekend to see our beautiful homes for yourself.

If you would like to get some information prior, including more about our wonderful winter

offer, you can make an appointment or call in and visit us at any time - we are open 7 days.

Take bus route 28 straight to our gate!

*Offer valid for specific villages only, terms and conditions apply.

To find out more about Summerset on Cavendish,

call us on 0800 SUMMER (786 637) or visit


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