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special events each year, such as the Fall

Salmon Celebration when, for the price

of a ticket, the public is invited to enjoy

appetizers and watch salmon spawn in

one of the two streams that run through

the property. In 2002, the family started a

salmon restoration project. What started

with two pairs of salmon has grown to

more than a dozen pairs returning to

spawn after years at sea.

All the hand work involved—hand

weeding, hand growing potted herbs

for sale to the public, and hand harvesting

herb and flower seeds, and hop

rhizomes—is a true labor of love for the

Hagen family. They share a passion for

nature, and a reverence for good food and

good company amid the delicate balance

and beauty of the natural world.

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Bethany Glanville packages seeds for

The Thyme Garden Seed Company.

Thyme Garden sells nearly 500 different

varieties. “We want the seeds to be as

fresh as possible when we ship them out,”

Bethany said.

Each seed variety has a story. For

instance, the African savory came from a

woman in Africa 25 years ago. She didn’t

have two dollars in American currency

for the herb seed she wanted to order, so

she offered to trade some savory seed.

Janet and Rolfe took her up on the offer.

The plant has been a favorite of the Hagen

family ever since.

Janet reuses the seed-collecting bags

season after season. Each year she makes

notes on the brown paper bags about

harvest amounts. “I’m keeping track

to see if climate change is affecting our

plants and seeds.” The verdict? So far, she

has not noticed an adverse effect.

Special Events

November 20th, 2019

7:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Tulare Fairgrounds

215 Martin Luther King Jr Ave, Tulare, CA 93274

• Free Event

• CE Credits Offered

• Seminars & Workshops

• Networking Opportunities

• Free Industry Lunch

• Free Coffee & Donuts

• Cash Prizes

Growers, Applicators, PCAs, CCAs, and Processors Welcome!

Pre-Register at WCNGG.COM/SVNCC

Over the years, The Thyme Garden

business has matured and evolved. It’s no

longer simply a mail-order seed company

and herb nursery, it’s become an event

destination for weddings, and for special

celebrations put on by the family with

the herb display garden and the forest as


Luncheons are a big draw. There are farm

tours and luncheons, and classes and

luncheons. The family also puts on a few

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