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Connecting Your Community


MP for Christchurch East

For information and advice:

P 03 382 0288


Electorate office:

Level 1, Eastgate

Shopping Centre.

Trees and

shrubs to beat

midge problem

Young high

school athletes

up for awards

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Office Hours

Monday - Friday

9:30 - 3:00pm

Authorised by Poto Williams,

Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Hungerford and Henderson ride to titles

SURF’S UP: Estella

Hungerford and Ava

Henderson (above)

both claimed titles at

the national scholastic

surfing championships.



CANTERBURY surfing team

members Estella Hungerford

and Ava Henderson have

claimed titles at a national

champs in Raglan.

Hungerford, a Haeata

Community Campus student,

dominated the under-18 girls

division, while Henderson,

who goes to Avonside Girls’

High School, dazzled in the

under-14 girls division at the

national scholastic surfing


Both are part of the New

Zealand team to compete at

the world championships in

California next month.

The national championships

saw 131 athletes from 11

regional teams compete.

Waikato claimed the teams

title ahead of Taranaki and

Auckland in second and third.

Canterbury, last year’s

winners, finished fourth.

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New board


lay out their

plans for

the wards

• By Matt Slaughter

A NEW-LOOK community

board will serve the Coastal and

Burwood wards for the next three


Five new board members have

been elected onto the Coastal-

Burwood Community Board,

two of which are also new city


Former radio personality James

Daniels has ousted two-term

Coastal Ward city councillor

David East from his council and

board seat.

The Burwood Ward city council

and board seat was won by

Maugers Contracting Ltd boss

Phil Mauger, who will take over

from three-term city councillor

Glenn Livingstone.

Former board members Kim

Money, Tim Sintes and Tim Baker

did not run for election.

Kelly Barber, Bebe Frayle and Jo

Zervos have been elected to take

their place alongside the board’s

longest-serving member Linda


Cr Mauger said he was “just

awestruck” after the win.

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Tuesday October 22 2019

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Matt Slaughter

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Northern corridor impacts

A student study has found residents want safe streets

when the Northern Corridor opens next year.

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community events

Brighton venue for eBikes

Wheel out your eBike and head to the New Brighton Library on

Sunday from 2 to 3pm. Learn about the machines and gather with


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tasty bites

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Benefits of a plant-based diet

Japan is known for its plant-based diets. This dish embodies the

flavours and benefits of what the country has to offer.

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Tuesday October 22 2019 3


Plan to beat midge problem

MORE THAN 9000 native

shrubs and trees will be planted

beside the Bromley oxidation

ponds over the next few weeks

as part of ongoing efforts to keep

the midge population down.

The trees and shrubs will create

a natural screen

between the oxidation ponds

and nearby homes and help cut

down the light from the residential


Midges, like moths, are naturally

attracted to light.

“We’ve prepared the ground

for planting and over the next

few weeks our contractor, Fulton

Hogan, will be putting in 9330

native trees and shrubs,’’ said

city council three waters and

waste operations manager Adam


“As the plants grow up, they

will shield the ponds from the

light from neighbouring homes

and roads which should make

the residential area less attractive

to the midges.’’

The planting work is part of a

multi-pronged approach the city

council is taking to control the

midge population around the

oxidation ponds.

Midges are not harmful but

over the warm summer months,

they are an unwanted nuisance

for nearby residents.

“Unfortunately midges breed

well in the shallow, warm waters

of the oxidation ponds so we

are continually working to find

new ways of keeping the midge

population down,’’ Mr Twose


“Last summer we

mechanically disturbed the floor

of the oxidation ponds by using

a slow-moving boat fitted with

a raft of chains that dragged

behind it. By doing this, we were

able to create a less hospitable

environment for the midges to

breed in.

“As a result we saw a 35

per cent decline in the midge

population around the ponds

and received fewer complaints

about the midges from nearby






shrubs will

be planted

beside the



ponds in a

bid to reduce

the midge


“We’ll be using the same approach

again this summer so we

hope to see a further decline in

midge numbers.

“We will also have contractors

working on extending the spur

in Pond 2 so that we can alter

the inflow of treated wastewater,

which should also make the

ponds a less attractive breeding

ground for midges.’’

In Brief


Work is under way to upgrade

Woolston Park. The city council

is improving the drainage

network to service the park and

some surrounding properties.

Contractors will renew the sports

field irrigation, cricket wicket

block and re-levelling the playing

surface. There are drainage issues

affecting the ability to use parks

playing surface during the winter

months as well as some drainage

limitations for the community

centre, playground and other

nearby areas.


Entries are open in the Linwood-

Central-Heathcote Edible and

Sustainable Garden Awards. The

awards recognise and support

individuals, groups, schools,

communities and businesses

that grow their own food. There

are residential, school, and

community/business categories

and special awards including best

sustainability features and best

first-time garden. Entries close

January 20.


The mobile library bus will be

visiting the MacFarlane Park

Neighbourhood Centre every

fortnight on a Tuesday from

1-4pm. It will visit the centre on

red bin weeks.




oPEN 7 days

10am - 4.30pm

768 Marshland Road (North End)


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4 Tuesday October 22 2019

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Laryngeal paralysis in dogs

Laryngeal paralysis is a complex, typically progressive,

condition commonly affecting older large breed

dogs resulting in severe difficulty breathing especially

with exercise. This isn’t a common condition but when

these dogs present all hands need to be on deck. These

dogs can often present extremely distressed, unable to

breathe, collapsed and “blue”. Firstly if the dog presents

as an emergency they need oxygen via a cannula or

mask FAST. Often due to their distress at not being able

to breathe, sedation is necessary to calm these dogs

down as is cooling ( For example, fans and wetting

down). Occasionally intubation under anaesthesia

or a temporary tracheotomy can be lifesaving in this


This condition is best managed surgically but surgery

isn’t undertaken lightly and usually these operations

are performed by specialist surgeons. Discussions

need to be had with the client on the procedure and

possible complications post surgery, as in aspiration

pneumonia ( occurs in about 20% patients as a lifetime

risk with or without surgery). If these dogs are to

be managed medically we need to focus on weight

management, exercise control, environmental factors

like living in cooler climates and checking to make sure

these patients are not hypothyroid. Long term medical

management doesn’t have much impact on the disease

really and its likely to get worse due to its progressive

nature. While surgery doesn’t change the disease

progression, it is the preferred approach for long

term management and quality of life for the dog. The

surgical procedure can be tricky requiring anatomical

knowledge of the larynx and associated structures,

delicate specialised surgical instruments, careful control

of bleeding and excellent aftercare for the patient.

The response of dogs to surgery is excellent and you’ll

notice a few hours post operatively these dogs are

breathing easier already.

Each surgeon has their preferred technique and

you need an accompanying surgical nurse who is

competent in anaesthesia. These surgeries are often

performed in the morning so the surgical nurse has

all day to monitor the patients breathing, recovery

and vital signs. These patients are either discharged

to an afterhours hospital for the night or sent home

for aftercare with their family. They need to be in a

“cool’ and ‘calm’ environment, with no boisterous dogs

around for distractions. Diet consists of small meals

of meatballs fed from a height- avoid dry, sloppy and

liquid diets, as the dogs swallowing may be impaired

due to generalised neurological impairment.

“Bella” an 11 year old Border Collie recently had this

surgery performed at McMaster & Heap Vet Practice by

McMaster & Heap

Veterinary practice

Dr Helen Milner, a Registered Specialist in Small animal

Surgery. Bella developed difficulties breathing about 3

months ago quite suddenly. She quickly became puffed

and tired on walks and could only exercise a fraction of

what she was previously doing. Bella had lost her voice,

had effort exhaling on lying down and often looked like

she was having an asthma attack on exercise. This was

distressing for Bellas owners who wanted a better, more

active life for her.

So far so good. Bella can finally once again breathe

with ease - a tremendous outcome for all concerned,

especially Bella who can once again enjoy 3 hour runs

in the Port Hills, chasing rabbits and stalking ducks. The

hardest part has been keeping her rested and quiet for

4-6 weeks post surgery to avoid complications. Bella is

raring to go and looks essentially normal although she

has permanently lost her bark, which the neighbours

are quite stoked about.

Dr Helen Milner now works out of McMaster & Heap

Vet Practice doing Specialist Referral surgeries from

November of this year. Our new hospital has a dedicated

specialised theatre and surgical area and we have

purchased all the necessary surgical instrumentation

to perform referral surgery. A consultation is necessary

before surgery is planned. Please call the Practice if you

would like to find out more about this service.

Dr Michele McMaster

please remember the


on 30th November 12-3pm, where you’ll get

a chance to walk through our new facility

and chat to all our staff.

Update from Bella’s mum

Bella still thinks she is a young dog at 11 years old…

there are lots of things we thought she would grow

out off as she aged like jumping up on people when

she greeted them and trying to round up cars… She is a

very lean dog who loves her food and walks in the hills

but equally as happy lying in wait in the back yard for

the neighbours car to start up…. She has a wee bit of

arthritis in her back knees but otherwise is a very happy

and healthy dog.

So it was quite surprising when one day she chased

some rabbits in Wanaka on a walk and came back

breathing like an asthmatic - gasping and rattling.

She recovered within a few minutes and we didn’t

think much more of it - maybe just old dog breathing.

Gradually over the next couple of months her

breathing, while exercising heavily, got worse and then

we noticed a change in her bark. She suddenly seemed

to have a weird squeaky bark - she kept looking round

to see where the bark had come from. We videoed her

while exercising and headed off to see our vet, Dr Steve


Steve looked at the video and immediately diagnosed

her with Laryngeal Paralysis. At this stage she was

only having issues breathing while exercising and was

having no problem eating. Steve felt, given how fit

and healthy she was, surgery was definitely an option

for Bella. And luckily for us they had Dr Helen Milner

coming on board at the practice who had done loads of

these tricky referral procedures. Plus she was happy to

come and operate on Bella before she had even started

her new surgical role at McMaster & Heap Vets.

Our meeting with Helen quickly dissipated any fears we

had that Bella was maybe too old for major surgery. She

went through every step of what was involved including

any complications and what her recovery period would

be like. We instantly loved Helen and felt we were in

great hands. She has huge empathy with her patients

and Bella loved her too. She was gentle and thorough

in her work up of Bella. She felt Bella would recover well

and would be back walking in the hills before we knew

it. She gave us a huge amount of reading material about

GOLPP which certainly helped in our decision making.

A few days later Bella was back for surgery at

McMaster & Heap. The surgery went really well with no

complications. She came home that afternoon, was a

bit woozy that night but the next day she up and ready

for action. That has been the only downside to surgery

- keeping her quiet and rested for 6 weeks! She has a

brand new flash looking harness as can’t be walked with

a collar anymore. Her ‘bark” has disappeared for good.

Her stitches are out and her wound looks amazing. After

a week of hand feeding her small meatballs she is back

eating her normal diet out of her bowl.

So far so good - watch out Port Hills rabbits. It won’t be

long till Bella is back on the chase…

Bella’s mum, Jo

Open 7 days

Cnr Hoon Hay & Coppell Place | Phone 338 2534 | Fax 339 8624 |

McMaster & Heap

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Tuesday October 22 2019 5


‘I want to get stuck into the red zone’

•From page 1

Said Cr Mauger: “I’m feeling

quite surreal now I have got to

stand up and do twice as much

as I said I would do for Burwood

and the city.

“We have got to prioritise the

spending into the east side of

town and I want to get stuck

into the red zone.

Cr Daniels

said he is excited

to be given the

opportunity to

represent where

he grew up.

“I am

Phil Mauger



committed and

connected to the

ground I walk

on. It’s where

I grew up and

where I will grow


He will aim to

work on three

main issues –

repairs, rates and

relationships –

and says he will

retain a strong presence during

the next three years.

“I’ll be there and people will

know I’m there.”

Mr Barber, a medical supplies

salesman who lives in Prestons,

said he was “absolutely stoked”

Jo Zervos

Bebe Frayle

to be elected to

the board.

“I’m about

to embark on

a fact-finding

mission about

what people

want and I’ve

already talked

Kelly Barber

a little bit to

James [Daniels] and I want to

see how we can work together

to articulate his vision. I’m very

keen to work with people,” he


Said Mrs Zervos: “The

Burwood Ward city

council seat

Phil Mauger - 4267

Glenn Livingstone - 3005

Coastal Ward city council


James Daniels - 2795

David East - 2456

Kelly Barber - 1199

Burwood Ward community

board seats

whole reason I wanted to get

in was just to try and get the

earthquake repairs done in

the area because we’ve still got


New Coastal-





have laid out

their aims,

such as fixing


roads in the


Bebe Frayle - 3334

Linda Stewart - 3282

Greg Sugrue - 3239

Dean Davies - 2568

Coastal Ward community

board seats

Jo Zervos - 2806

Kelly Barber - 2715

Cathy Sweet - 2585

Rebecca Tavete - 1813

Soozie Bragg - 1244

lots of damage that hasn’t been


Mrs Frayle could not be

reached for comment.

Success at


surf champs

•From page 1

Canterbury members Neko

Tohiariki (St Bede’s College) Myka

Black (Shirley Boys’ High) and Leah

Wilson (Avonside Girls’ High) all

made the finals in their divisions.

Coaches Nick Black and Mark

Perana praised the team’s efforts

against top New Zealand competition.

“While we didn’t bring back

the team title, we had some outstanding

individual performances,”

Black said.

Canterbury team results

Under-18 boys: Neko Tohiariki 4 th

(St Bede’s College), Riley Gibson

25 th (St Bede’s College).

Under-16 boys: Myka Black 3rd

(Shirley Boys’ High School), Jai

Oakley 13th (Papanui High School),

Reuben Lyons 25 th (Kaikoura High

School), James Millar 7 th (St Bede’s

College), Koby Cameron 25 th

(Kaiapoi High School).

Under-14 boys: Tyler Perry 9th

(Kaikoura High School).

Under-18 girls: Tegan Bishop

5 th (Rangiora High School), Estella

Hungerford 1st (Haeata Community


Under-16 girls: Leah Wilson 4 th

(Avonside Girls’ High School).

Under-14 girls: Ava Henderson

1st (Avonside Girls’ High School).

Travelling reserve: Eloise Addison

(Rangi Ruru Girls’ School).

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Tuesday October 22 2019

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163 young athletes and sports teams

• By Jacob Page

THE 29TH ZONTA Awards will

be held in Hornby on Thursday

to recognise the achievements

of Canterbury secondary school


The annual event, initiated by

the Zonta Cub of Christchurch

South in 1990, is a highlight of

the year for many young people.

In the past, recognition

at the awards has heralded

the beginning of some longstanding

and highly-successful

international careers.

New Zealand Paralympic

swimming coach Roly Crichton

will be the guest speaker.

There have been 163

nominations, including teams,

across six categories from 24

schools in the School Sport

Canterbury area, which includes

Kaikoura, North Canterbury

and the West Coast.

Zonta Awards finalists

Category one: The

award for the most valued

contribution to a team by

a young sportswoman

or sportsman who is not

eligible for nomination in

categories four or six

•Girls: Charlotte Allen,

Christchurch Girls’ High

School, rugby. Grace

Fissenden, Rangi Ruru Girls’

School, netball, athletics.

Amber Williams, Rangi Ruru

Girls’ School, rowing.

•Boys: Jack Baker, Papanui

High School, touch. Caleb

Cottom, Papanui High School,

football. George Rutledge,

St Andrew’s College, rowing.

Jimmy Williamson, Middleton

Grange, Basketball.

Category two: The award

for contribution to sports

administration by a young

woman and a young man in

a position of umpire, referee,

coach or tutor

•Girls: Kate Baird, St

Margaret’s College,

badminton. Harriet Fletcher,

Rangi Ruru Girls’ School,

netball. Gemma Harris,

Papanui High School, netball.

Ruby Lange, Christchurch

Girls’ High School, netball.

Jordan Taylor, Christchurch

Girls’ High School, cycling.

•Boys: Zac Barnett, St

Bede’s College, basketball.

James-paul Mountstevens,

Burnside High School, hockey.

Thomas Pilkington, Papanui



Girls’ High

School and

New Zealand

rower, Sally


(front), is a

favourite to

pick up a

Zonta Award

on Thursday






High School, touch. Nathan

van Slooten, Burnside High

School, hockey. Ben Weaver,

Lincoln High School, touch.

Category three: The

award for the most

outstanding achievement

by a young sportswoman

and a young sportsman

with a disability

•Girls: Ella Benn, Rolleston

College, swimming. Montana

Brown, Cashmere High

School, para-athletics. Alisha


Mill, Avonside Girls’ High

School, boccia.

•Boys: Reuben Anguisacabland,

Papanui High School,

athletics, cross-Country.

Nathan Carter, Darfield High

School, athletics, crosscountry.

Celyn Edwards,

Hillmorton High School, paraswimming.

Leuan Edwards,

Hillmorton High School, paraswimming.

Category four: The award

for the most outstanding

individual achievement

by a young sportswoman

and a young sportsman

specialising in one sport

•Girls: Charlotte Darry,

St Margaret’s College,

rowing. Sami Donnelly,

Burnside High School,

track cycling. Macey Fraser,

Rangiora High School,

football. Gabrielle Rennie,

Rangiora High School,

football. Olivia Sloan,

Christchurch Girls’ High

School, archery. Marisa

van der Meer, Middleton

Grange School, football.

Sally Wylaars, Avonside Girls’

High School, rowing. Lucy

Cochrane, Christchurch Girls’

High School, equestrian.

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The Attitude of Living Well

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Tuesday October 22 2019 7

nominated at the 29th Zonta Awards

Cass Hetherington,

Christchurch Girls’ High

School, sprint kayaking.

Helen Matthews, Kaiapoi

High School, basketball. Jess

Nisbet, Papanui High School,

canoe sprint. Brea Roderick,

Mount Hutt College, triathlon.

Caitlin Sadler, Avonside

Girls’ High School, korfball.

Ashley Strawbridge, Rangi

Ruru Girls’ School, hockey.

Brooke Teear, Papanui High

School, trampoline. Jiayi Zhou,

Burnside High School, table

tennis. Jenny Zhu, St Andrew’s

College, badminton.

•Boys: Celyn Edwards,

Hillmorton High School, paraswimming.

Zack Gallagher,

Christ’s College, rugby. John

Gerber, St Bede’s College,

athletics. Wil Gualter, Lincoln

High School, rugby. Sam

Hadley, Christ’s College,

skiing. Kazuma Kobori,

Rangiora High School, golf.

John Morrison, St Bede’s

College, hockey. Lawrence

Pithie, Christchurch Boys’ High

School, cycling. Jack Sexton,

St Andrew’s College, rugby.

Hunter Simpson, Rangiora

High School, softball. Jack

Wang, St Andrew’s College,


Category five: The awards

for the most outstanding

team of young sportswomen

and sportsmen or mixed


•Girls: Avonside Girls’ High

School, rowing under-18

double. Christchurch

Girls’ High School, cricket.

Christchurch Girls’ High

School, hockey. Christchurch

Girls’ High School, rugby.

Rangiora High School,

futsal. St Andrew’s College,

badminton. St Margaret’s

College, rowing under-18


•Boys: Christchurch Boys’

High School, cycling under-20

team time trial. Christchurch


Avonside Girls’ High

School student

and boccia player

Alisha Mill has been

nominated for a Zonta


Boys’ High School, rowing

eight. Papanui High School,

cross-country. St Andrew’s

College, swimming relay.

St Thomas of Canterbury

College, futsal.

•Mixed finalists: Burnside

High School, golf. Burnside

High School, table tennis.

Lincoln High School, touch.

St Andrew’s College,

adventure racing. St Andrew’s

College, swimming.

Category six: The award

for the best all-round

young sportswoman and

young sportsman who has

achieved in more than one

sporting code

•Girls: Tegan Bishop,

Rangiora High School,

surfing, skiing, skateboard.

Sophie Bowden, Christchurch

Girls’ High School, hockey,

rowing. Jaidyn Busch,

Christchurch Girls’ High

School, rugby, athletics.

Anneka Calder, Rangi Ruru

Girls’ School, hockey, rowing.

Kate Herman, Lincoln High

School, touch, basketball,

rugby. Millie Thompson,

Lincoln High School, hockey,

touch, equestrian, ki-o-rahi.

Naia Toaolamai-holden,

Christchurch Girls’ High

School, rugby, sevens,


•Boys: Louis Clark, Christ’s

College, water polo, surf

lifesaving, swimming. Wil

Gualter, Lincoln High School,

touch, rugby, volleyball.

Cameron Henderson,

Christchurch Boys’ High

School, rowing, rugby. Suli

Samasoni, Hillmorton High

School, basketball, kI-o-rahi,

volleyball, rugby.


Tuesday October 22 2019


Exhibition to

feature mosiacs

MORE THAN 20 mosaic artists

from around the South Island

have come together to present

their work at the Eastside Gallery

in Linwood.


from the


Mosaic Art

Group are


their work


now and

November 9

as part of an


called Media


The group of artists main aim is

to promote mosaics as a genuine

art form.

Media Freedom has

mosaics made from a wide

range of materials, including

opulent stained glass, fine

china, rich natural stone and even


Various creations, including

pictures, mirrors and decorative

crafts, are included in the


Many of these pieces are for


•The exhibition will be open

Monday to Saturday, 11am to


Students study Northern Corridor impacts

• By Claire Booker

ST ALBANS residents want

more greenspace and the ability

to use their streets safely, a

student study has found.

With the Christchurch

Northern Corridor set to open

next year, the suburb is in for

some major roading changes.

So a group of Canterbury

University geography students

decided to ask residents what

they want for their area in a

three-month study.

The residents said they

want people and safety to be a

priority, rather than cars, when

the Christchurch Northern

Corridor opens next year.

Said Canterbury University

student researcher Matt Stent:

“In response to some of the

major changes and work being

planned within the suburb of

St Albans and the surrounding

area, we were interested in

finding out what some of the

positives people saw in their

streets and what could be


Mr Stent said the students

findings will not be

implemented by them, but the

information will be available

to the St Albans Residents

Association to use in the future.

“We are working to help the

residents association understand

Latest Canterbury news at

GREENSPACE: Canterbury University students Tessa

Williamson, Ashley Beaton, Dipshika Chand, Matt Stent and

Rachel Aitken have completed a study on roads in St Albans.

Right - Massey Cres in St Albans. PHOTOS: GEOFF SLOAN ​

the wishes of the local

community so they can keep

pressuring for the best outcome

for the residents of St Albans,”

he said.

Mr Stent said the project was a

good opportunity to be involved

with the community through

a challenging time, given the

predicted 48,000 vehicles per

day set to travel through the

suburb after the corridor opens.

“We are hoping that a

more positive outlook will be

beneficial for the local residents,

compared to the current council

plans and the flow-on effects.

“This course has reminded

us of the importance of this

kind of work to communities, as


‘This course has

reminded us of the . . .

consequences when the

process doesn’t work for

people’ – Matt Stent

well as the consequences when

the process doesn’t work for


The students have already

presented their findings to

more than 80 members of the

community, and will receive a

grade on the project next month.

Seven retirement villages

in Canterbury



& Relax



2019 Pegasus Post Winner



• Halswell • • Rangiora •

• Mairehau •

Thank you to everyone who

entered this competition

• Beckenham • • Riccarton • • Papanui • • Hornby •

Proudly supported by • 0800 000 290

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free luxury



• 50 oz

• Polyester

• Cut Pile

• Extra Heavy Duty

• 2 Colours




installed for xmas guaranteed


grange Fell

• 50 oz

• Solution Dyed Nylon

• Cut Pile

• Extra Heavy Duty

• 5 Colours



$109.00 per metre

$139.90 per metre

Windsor twist

/cable bay

• 36oz • Solution Dyed Nylon

• Cut Pile • Extra Heavy Duty

• 11 Colours





• 48oz

• Cut Pile • Extra Heavy Duty

• 100% Wool

• 1 Colour




$119.90 per metre

$119.90 per metre

½ Price carpet Remnants

Hundreds of small to large lounge

size pieces available

South island’s

largest Stockist

Of vinyl


garage carpet

6m by 6m

fully installed




Conditions apply



Railway line

312 Wilsons Road North, Waltham Phone 366 0070

Open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 10am-1pm

q card Finance


Alpine ice



10 Tuesday October 22 2019

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by Nadia Lim

With vegetarianism and veganism on the rise, New Zealanders are

not only becoming more aware of the benefits of following a plantbased

diet, but also of the negative impact farming animals can

have on the environment. Celebrity cook, nutritionist and co-founder

of My Food Bag, Nadia Lim, says she has wanted to put out a

cookbook dedicated entirely to vegetables for a while, but has been

waiting “for the right time”. That time is now.

Nadia has just released Vegful, a book she describes as “a

vegetable cookbook” rather than a vegetarian cookbook.

It provides inspiration for those of us who know we can do better

with vegetables - we just need a little guidance!

Elton John

The definitive portrait, with unseen images

by Terry O’Neill

“Looking at Terry’s photographs is like gazing through a window at the

most extraordinary and exciting moments of my life. I’m so glad he was

with us throughout the madness: in his evocative and stylish photos he

captured those moments as no other photographer could.” - Elton John

Elton John and iconic photographer Terry O’Neill worked together for

many years, taking in excess of 5,000 photographs. From intimate

backstage shots to huge stadium concerts, the photographs in this

book represent the very best of this archive, with most of the images

being shown here for the first time.

O’Neill has drawn on his personal relationship with Elton John to write

the book’s introduction and captions.

The Giver of Stars

by JoJo Moyes

Inspired by a remarkable true story, the unforgettable journey of five

extraordinary women living in extraordinary and perilous times.

Alice Wright has travelled halfway across the world to escape her

stifling life in England. Handsome American businessman Bennett

Van Cleve represents a fresh start. But she soon realises that

swapping the twitching curtains of suburbia for newlywed life in

the wild mountains of Kentucky isn’t the answer to her prayers. But

maybe meeting Margery O’Hara is. The heart and backbone of the

small community of Salt Lick, a woman who isn’t afraid of anything

or anyone, Margery is on a mission.

Tall Tales

And Wee Stories by Billy Connolly

‘Coming from Glasgow, it’s weird, I don’t really tell jokes, like Irish jokes and

all that. I tell wee stories. And some of them don’t even have punchlines. But

you’ll get used to it as the night goes on, and on, and on, and on and on...’

In December 2018, after fifty years of belly-laughs, energy and outrage, Billy

Connolly announced his retirement from live stand-up comedy. It had been

an extraordinary career

Tall Tales and Wee Stories brings together the very best of Billy’s storytelling

for the first time and includes his most famous routines including, The Last

Supper, Jojoba Shampoo, Incontinence Pants and Shouting at Wildebeest.

With an introduction and original illustrations by Billy throughout, it is an

inspirational, energetic and riotously funny read, and a fitting celebration of

our greatest ever comedian.


PH 384 2063

while stocks last (see instore for terms and conditions)


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spoilt for


Cypriot Grain Salad


• 1 bunch coriander, chopped

• ½ bunch parsley, chopped

• ½ red onion, finely diced

• 1 cup bulghur wheat (cracked wheat,

quinoa or cous cous can be used as an


• Chicken stock

• ½ cup puy lentils

• 2 tbsp toasted pumpkin seeds

• 2 tbsp toasted slivered almonds

• 2 tbsp toasted pine nuts

• 2 tbsp baby capers

• ½ cup currants

• Juice of 1 lemon

• 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

• Dash of red wine vinegar

• Sea salt to taste

• Cumin seeds to taste


• Soak bulghur wheat in chicken stock

(until just covered). Blanch lentils in

boiling water until just cooked. Drain

well and allow to cool.

• Cover with the cumin seeds and season

with sea salt. Set aside.

• Make a vinaigrette by mixing olive oil,

red wine vinegar and honey.

• In a medium bowl, place the coriander,

parsley, red onion, bulghur, lentils,

toasted nuts, capers, currants,

pomegranate seeds. Add vinaigrette,

mix well and season to taste.

• To serve layer a few spoonfuls of greek

yoghurt on top.

Recipe supplied by Nikki of Bin Inn,

14/68 Hawke St, New Brighton, it is a

favourite go-to recipe. Phone 388 7214

regional winner

2019 Best Chip shop award

2 x Cheese or 2 x pineapple Burgers

& a scoop of Chips

For $10.00 only


Ph: 388 2531, QEII Shopping Centre, 251 Travis Rd

Mon - Wed 11.30am - 8.30pm (Tues from 4.30pm), Thurs - Sat 11.30am - 9.00pm

Sun 12noon - 8.30pm, Daily break 3.15 - 4.30pm


* with this coupon. Expires 31 October 2019.



Local supplier.



Puy Lentils

Great in salads.

Available by the scoop.


and Specialty Groceries


• Folic acid

• Low in cholesterol

• Low fat

Mon–Fri 9am–5pm Sat 9am–4:30 Sun 10am–4pm

14/68 Hawke St, New Brighton Ph: 388 7214

$3.80 * WAINONI

Excellent Thai Cuisine

Our Concept:

✓ Freshest Ingredients

✓ Best Taste

✓ Best Value

✓ Best Service | 03 388 0784 | /monthaichristchurch

QEII Shopping Centre, 251 Travis Road, North New Brighton

Best Buys



1 litre


Jim Beam


1.25 litre


Cody’s Bourbon

& Cola RTD 7%

12pk cans



Shingle Peak Wine Range

Excludes Pinot Noir


Gordons Gin & Tonic RTD 7%

12pk cans



Riverstone Wine Range

$9 each or

2 for $18



12pk cans


165 Pages Road, Christchurch

Ph: 381 4999. Mob: 0211 764 985

Mon-Thu & Sun 10am-9pm, Fri-Sat 10am-10pm


Tuesday October 22 2019

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Senior Net New Brighton

Tuesday, Wednesday and

Thursday, 10am-noon (by appointment)

This group offers assistance

to mature people with modern

technology, including computers,

tablets, smartphones, email, Facebook,

Skype, Word, cellphones

and the internet. Phone 382 6048

for more information.

202 Marine Pde (next to the

New Brighton Club)

JP Clinic at Shirley Library

Tuesday, 10am-1pm

A justice of the peace will be

available to members of the community

to witness signatures and

documents, certify document

copies, hear oaths, declarations,

affidavits or affirmations and

sign citizenship, sponsorship or

rates rebates applications. No


Shirley Library

SAYGo Steady As You

Go Falls Prevention Exercise


Tuesday, 10am

This is a specially-designed

class to help you avoid a fall.

There is a $2 koha entry but no

booking fee. Those interested are

invited to turn up on the day and

see what it can do for them.

Parklands Community Centre

Email by

5pm each Wednesday

Sit and Be Fit

Thursday, 9.30am

Complete a class of exercises

without even leaving your

chair. The cost of the class is

$5.50 and you’ll get a cup of tea

or coffee.

Taiora: QE II Recreation and

Sport Centre

Rocket Club

Wednesday, 3.30-4.30pm

Go along and take part in different

activities based on

local and current events in a

learning environment. Homework

help is available during

this time. Free and no bookings


Aranui Library

Scrabble Club

Tuesday and Wednesday, 1.30-

3.30pm and 1-2.45pm

Go along to the Scrabble

Club. No obligation, just go

along when you can and join the

friendly group. All materials are

supplied. No fee.

Shirley and Parklands


CV help

Thursday, 10-11.30am

A librarian will be on hand to

assist customers who need help

with their CV or resume.

New Brighton Library

Technology Help Drop-in


Thursday, 3.30-4.30pm

Go along to a drop-in

session for help with

email, searching the internet, using

the library catalogue, eBooks

and general computer queries.

Shirley Library

Cards Club

Friday, 1.30-3.30pm

This weekly club is held every

Friday, just go along and join the

fun. Free, no bookings required.

Shirley Library


Friday, 10.30-11.30am

Do you like solving puzzles?

Then go and have fun with

friendly little mBots and have a

go at some of the challenges.

New Brighton Library


Friday, 3.30-4.30pm

Go along to a weekly Makerspace

session and get hands-on

with activities for all ages. Something

new every week.

Aranui Library

Culture Exchange

Friday, 3.45-4.45pm

Make new friends, practice

english and learn about New

Zealand and Christchurch.

Shirley Library

New Brighton Seaside


eBikes in


will be held

at New


Library on

Sunday from

2pm until

3pm. Those


about eBikes

will get the


to learn

about them

from New


local bike


Free, no


required. ​

Saturday, 10am-2pm

Enjoy a warm and fun atmosphere

beside the seaside. With

live entertainment, food and free


New Brighton Pedestrian


Golden Oldies Movie- Reach

for the Sky (G)

Monday, 1.30pm

Kenneth More stars in this

1956 war/ drama. A biopic

about RAF group captain

Douglas Bader who, after losing

both legs, flew a British fighter

plane during World War 2. Cost

is $2, go early for a cuppa and a


New Brighton Museum, 8

Hardy St

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Hip pain: Do I have arthritis or

could it be mainly my muscles?

The team at Physical Sense in Sydenham

sees clients with a range of symptoms but

many of their middle-aged and senior clients

visit complaining of pain in one or both hips.

Physiotherapist Ietje van Stolk suggests

that a major part of the pain could be due

to muscle pain rather than simply arthritis.

“Even if an x-ray shows arthritis, the reason

for the pain may be the muscles around the

joint,” she explains. Alternatively, a back

muscle could also be the cause, as shown in

the image.

Ietje recalls one case where an 89 year old

client with severe arthritis who walked with a

stick, told her, “I will end up in a wheelchair,

I cannot put any weight through my right leg

due to pain in my hip and buttock”. “Within

4 treatments, she was walking with her stick

but without the severe pain,” says Ietje. “The

arthritis was one of the factors that made her

muscles spasm but the other was that older

people move less and the flexed position

the hip is in when we sit is particularly bad

for the hip.” Ietje is happy with the fact that

although the client was 89 and could have

been “given up on” or told to live with the

pain, she made a difference to her health and


At Physical Sense, hands-on techniques

Hip muscle that causes hip pain

(the crosses are the areas of the muscle spasms, the red areas is where the pain is felt)

(massage and triggerpoint deactivation

techniques) are used to release the muscles.

The client also gets a home exercise program

designed to mobilize and stretch the hip,

strengthen the important core muscles and

increase general strength and balance. They

teach a movement sequence that stretches

the hip in all directions whilst the client is

able to lie safely on their bed, perfect for

older or less mobile clients.

In many cases having the muscles released

and being taught how to maintain it, is

enough to stay on top of the problem. If

severe arthritis is the underlying cause, some

maintenance therapy may be necessary, but

that is often more affordable and, for older

patients, better tolerated than surgery. In

very few treatments the client will know if

it is going to work for them or not, without

financial commitment.

Back hip muscle that causes hip pain

Physical Sense Gym & Physio is located

at 300 Colombo Street, Sydenham.

There is a bus stop in front of the door

and there is ample parking. To enquire

about specialised exercise classes or

physiotherapy treatment, phone 377-2577 or

visit Call before

end of October for your FREE assessment.

Physical Sense Gym and Physio is located at 300 Colombo Street, Sydenham. The Blue Line Bus stops in front of the door and there is ample

parking. To enquire about specialised exercise classes or physiotherapy treatment, phone 377-2577 or visit

Kickstart your

Education Career

with Vision College!


NZ Certificate in

Early Childhood Education


NZ Diploma in

Early Childhood Education


You are Invited






50 Hazeldean Road, Addington

Study Early Childhood Education with

us and kickstart your career! Learn

valuable skills and gain real work

experience – No UE required!

Contact us today to see if you

qualify to study for FREE* Don’t

miss out – places are limited!

call 0800 834 934 or email


0800 834 834 | VISION.AC.NZ

*conditions apply

14 Tuesday October 22 2019

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Have you been declined treatment by the DHB ?

The Canterbury Charity Hospital may be able to treat you at no cost.

To be treated by the Charity Hospital you must:

• Have been turned down in writing for treatment by the CDHB

• Not have medical insurance

• Not be able to afford the treatment privately (means tested)

• Have a referral from your doctor

Our current services are:

Colonoscopy (acute and screening); Gynaecology and women’s health; Vasectomy;

Rectal bleeding clinic; General surgery (abdominal, rectal); Urology; Oral surgery and

dentistry*; Counselling (self referral); Orthopaedics (upper and lower limb); Cataracts.

* All dentistry and oral surgery patients need a dentist’s referral.

Dentistry is available for WINZ clients only.

Why are the Charity Hospital’s services at no cost to the patient?

They are free thanks to the hard work of around 300 volunteers, including surgeons, dentists, anaesthetists, nurses and administration staff who

provide their services at no cost. If you would like to volunteer please visit our website.

The Charity Hospital does not receive any Government funding.

Of every dollar donated, 82 cents goes directly to patient care.

Please donate online at or complete the form below and post it to us at

PO Box 20409, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8543.


I would like to support the Canterbury Charity Hospital

to help Cantabrians in need.

OR donate online at


I am paying by:

Cheque enclosed (payable to Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust)






(please circle) Visa Mastercard

Card number

Expiry date

Name on card





Please send me information about

including The Canterbury Charity

Hospital Trust in my Will.

I would like to make a regular gift by

automatic payments.

Please find enclosed my gift of: (please circle) $200 $100 $50 $20 Other $

Please do not add me to

your mailing list or include

me in acknowledgements.

Donations of $5 or greater may

qualify for a tax rebate - an official

receipt will be issued.

Canterbury Charity Hospital - 349-353 Harewood Road, Bishopdale, Christchurch -

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A natural remedy for good health

Black Seed oil is often referred to as “The Remedy

for all things.” The Prophet Muhammad called it “a

remedy for every illness except death.” Black seed

oil is extracted from black cumin seeds (Nigella

sativa) & has been used therapeutically for over

3,300 years, since its first reported discovery in

King Tutankhamun’s tomb. For thousands of years

it has been used by practitioners of Ayurvedic &

Chinese traditional medicine for an endless list of

conditions, from migraines to diabetes & cancer.

Since 1959 scientists have carried out over 600

peer review studies proving many of its remarkable

health benefits. It has been shown to be medicinally

very effective against various illnesses including:

cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, inflammatory

conditions, infertility, neurological & mental illness

as well as various infectious diseases due to bacterial,

fungal, parasitic, & viral infections. According

to the “National Institute of Health” superbugs

are becoming a significant public health risk

as they are virtually impossible to treat. In the

USA an increasing number of hospital patients

are developing infections from superbugs with

more than 90,000 of these patients dying every

year. Researchers at Jawaharlal Nehru Medical

College wanted to confirm the benefits of black

seed oil against these superbugs compared with

common antibiotics. According to the study,

“out of 144 strains of superbugs tested, most of

which were resistant to a number of antibiotics,

97 were inhibited by the black seed oil. Microbes

or micro-organisms have been linked to most

disease & there are few things known to be

as effective against them as the black seed oil.

Croatian scientists studying mice with cancers

found that the phytochemicals in black seed oil

resulted in a 52% decrease in tumor cells. Diabetes

drugs can have numerous side effects but research

by the “Indian Council of Medicine” found that

black seed oil helps regenerate pancreatic cells &

decreases elevated serum glucose in both type 1 &

type 2 diabetes.

Amazing Herbs in the USA produce the original

& #1 selling organically sourced premium black

seed oil. When looking at unbiased reviews of

this oil on the internet it is amazing to see the

incredible results people are getting with it.

Comments like: miracle product, this product is

amazing, it works!!! It really works! are common.

Further information & “Amazing Herbs

Premium Black Seed Oil” is available from

Marshall’s Health & Natural Therapy, 101

Seaview Road, New Brighton, Phone: (03) 388-

5757. Bringing You the Best in Natural Health!

Put your shine on for Race Day!

Race Day is around the corner and your

appearance is on the top of your mind. You are

probably thinking about your outfit. Your style.

Your lips. Your smile. Your skin. Oh yes, your


Your skin is just coming out of its winter

hibernation and is thirsty for attention. Now is

the time to contact Turn Back Time Beauty for


These local skin experts are home to a machine

that is sweeping the globe. This machine is based

on LED technology and offers eleven beauty and

healing treatments within one facial mask.

LED was invented by NASA as they were

looking for a light source to grow plants in space,

from this they found that it had amazing skin

cell rejuvenation and it wasn’t long before LED

infrared was used in hospitals around the world.

Doctors then noticed patients started looking

younger whilst under a program of RED LED

light treatments after their surgery and injuries,

which led them to study colour. It was found that

skin cells recognise colour and that each colour

has a job to play in the performance of the living

skin cell.

People from all over are experiencing

documented results in:

Anti-Ageing – Wrinkles, Age spots, Scaring

Anti-Acne – Antibacterial, Reduces


Cell Rejuvenation - Eczema

Reduce Redness – Rosacea, Sunburn

Even Skin Tones – Hyper-Pigmentation

Skin Booster – Collagen Rejuvenation

Skin Soothing – Psoriasis

Pain Blocker – Reduce swollen capillaries




in just 1 hour?

NZ’s Certified

Teeth Whiteners

Money back guarantee!

T&C’s Apply



Charmaine McFarlane and Turn Back Time

Beauty, located in Somerfield are the resident

experts in this Aduro LED light therapy with

tremendous benefits. She is able to run this

service parallel to her popular Sparklewhite

Teeth-whitening program.

“The success stories and the testimonials we see

and hear are incredible. Lives are changing and

people are finding results with the LED light


View: or and make an

appointment today, call 339 7374

Beauty never felt so good!




over 10 weeks

Phone 339 7374 |



Black Seed oil is often referred to as “The Remedy for all

things.” The Prophet Muhammad called it “a remedy for every

illness except death.” Black seed oil is extracted from black

cumin seeds (Nigella sativa) & has been used therapeutically

for over 3,300 years, since its first reported discovery in King

Tutankhamun’s tomb. It has been used for an endless list of

conditions by Ayurvedic & Chinese traditional doctors & has

been extensively researched worldwide since 1959 with over

600 scientific studies. Many users report remarkable results

especially where nothing else has worked.


The original and #1 selling

black seed oil. Organically

sourced & cold pressed

• Stabilised blood sugar levels

• Liver & kidney health

• Weight loss

• Strong immune system

• Protection against antibiotic

resistant super bugs

• Healing of infectious

diseases due to bacterial,

fungal, parasitic & viral


240ml only $49.90

473ml bottle only $79.90


• Fertility

• Hormone balance: reduces

hot flushes

• Cholesterol: reduces LDL &

increases HDL

• Reduced blood pressure

• Cancer: may protect against

& help fight

• Natural anti-inflammatory:

reduces pain



101 SEAVIEW RD, NEW BRIGHTON • PH 03 388 5757 • Email:



100 capsules (original) only $32.90

90 capsules (premium) only $39.90

• Joint health: arthritis &

rheumatism, helps with

stiffness, pain & aching


• Skin Health: eczema,

psoriasis, dermatitis,

rosacea, acne, flaky dry skin

• Deep restful sleep

• Energy & endurance

• Exceptional good health

Bringing You the Best in Natural Health! MAIL ORDER AVAILABLE

16 Tuesday October 22 2019

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Tasty Bites

Benefits of a Japanese plant-based diet

Japan is known for its plant-based diets, an intimate relationship with the sea, and one of

the oldest living populations in the world, this dish embodies the flavours and benefits of

what the country has to offer

Deconstructed sushi bowl

Serves 4


Pickled cucumber

1 cucumber, thinly sliced

½ cup (125ml) rice wine vinegar

or apple cider vinegar

2 tsp coconut sugar

1 Tbsp tamari

1 tsp sesame oil

2 Tbsp sesame seeds

Red rice

2 cups (400g) red or brown rice

¼ cup (60ml) sushi rice vinegar

Teriyaki roasted cauliflower

6 Tbsp tamari

¼ cup (60ml) water

3 Tbsp rice wine vinegar

2 tsp ginger, grated

4 Tbsp coconut sugar

1 Tbsp cornstarch

1 head cauliflower, chopped into


8 small carrots

Salt and pepper, to taste

Olive oil

4 baby or two medium-sized bok

choys, thinly sliced lengthwise

To serve

½ pack of nori sheets cut

diagonally into triangles

4 radishes, thinly sliced

Coriander, to garnish


To make the pickled cucumber,

place sliced cucumber in a bowl

and sprinkle with a generous

pinch of salt – gently mix.

Set aside for 5min then rinse

and drain.

In a lidded container, combine

rice vinegar, coconut sugar,

tamari, sesame oil and sesame


Add cucumbers to the

container and, with the lid on,

toss to marinate.

To make the rice, cook rice as

per package instructions. Once

cooked, add sushi rice vinegar

and stir well to combine.

To make the teriyaki roasted

cauliflower, heat oven to 200 deg



Add tamari, water, rice wine

vinegar, grated ginger and

coconut sugar in a medium pot.

Bring to boil and simmer on low

heat for 5min. Dissolve cornstarch

in a small amount of water.

Add this cornstarch mixture to

the pot to thicken, mixing well.

Simmer for a further minute and

stir occasionally. Add cauliflower

to the pot and toss to combine.

Spread cauliflower in a single

layer on a lined baking tray.

Place carrots on separate lined

baking tray. Sprinkle generously

with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Roast both the cauliflower and

carrots in the oven for 20min or

until done.

To saute the bok choy, heat olive

oil in a pan over medium heat.

Add bok choy and season with

salt and pepper. Cook for a few


To serve, add a scoop of rice,

some toasted cauliflower, bok

choy, carrots, pickled cucumber,

a couple of nori sheets and some

radish in a serving bowl. Garnish

with coriander and extra sesame


Otago Daily Times

Your trusted

source of news

from across

the South



1 Memorial Ave


330 Riccarton Road


144 Moorehouse Ave


712 Gloucester St


661 Russley Road


1705 Main Road


712 Edgeware Road


308 Travis Road


432 Marshlands Road

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All decked out!

10 Challenger Lane, Redcliffs

Asking price: $1,350,000

4 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 3 toilets | 2 living rooms | 2 office/study | 3 car-garage

2 off-street parks - Listing Number: SM0267

This luxuriously appointed executive home

is up-market and impressive. Designed

by highly regarded O’Neil Architecture

and built by quality hill specialist DJ

Hewitt Builders this home is highly

specified with local stone and peace of

mind construction. Well positioned just

above Redcliffs on the lower slopes you

will enjoy spectacular ever-changing and

uninterrupted views across the estuary to

the ocean incorporating Moncks Bay and

Shag Rock.

Live all on one level as the upstairs hosts

everything except the triple car garage

and the 5th bedroom/office. Two light

filled living areas have huge walls of glass

and over height ceilings giving a spacious

bright feel. The stunning streamlined

kitchen has engineered stone benchtops,

an island breakfast bar, walk-in-pantry

and a clever study nook for flicking off

the quick email while you wait for dinner.

Warm timber floors and deep charcoal

carpets are complimented by fresh white

paintwork for a clean contemporary

look. The front of the home wraps

around extensive decking to maximise

the sea views from nearly every room.

Entertaining family and friends will be a

pleasure on the enormous sundrenched

decks with built in BBQ and seamless flow

from both living rooms.

There are four excellent sized bedrooms

with a striking tiled main bathroom. The

master suite has a corner window seat with

dazzling views and timber louvres to let in

the cooling sea breezes. It has a large walkin-robe

and fully tiled ensuite bathroom

with dual vanities and large walk-in

shower. Three of the bedrooms have direct

access onto the front deck while the 4th

has sliding corner doors that could double

up as a media room.

There is level access into a triple car

garage with internal access and plenty of

off street parking. The property has been

beautifully landscaped with extensive

use of local Redcliffs stone in both the

construction of the house and the garden

walls giving that final touch of class.

A superior lifestyle is to be had here in

such a sought after location where you

can easily stroll down to the supermarket,

Redcliffs shops, Moncks Bay waterfront

and yacht club. Our owners are now

residing in Auckland and a sale is eminent.

Challenge yourself to find better. View

now before the word gets out!

Open Homes: Sunday 12-12.45 p.m.

See you at the open homes or for a

private viewing or for more information

contact Alison Carter of Harcourts

Grenadier Sumner (Licensed Agent REAA

2008) on 384 7950 or mobile 0274 318 960.

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Tuesday October 22 2019

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Toyota Hilux

1954 MG TF T-Car Mk II Replica

Aluminium Boat & Trailer

NZ-made Fishing Rod

1952 Morris Oxford Mo

Mercury Bottom End & Stern Leg, 115hp


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Lunar Freelander Caravan 524

4 Old Crocks

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Murray Yard-King Ride-on Mower

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Chook House


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Bentwood French Rocker

1998 Honda Accord

Foot joy DNA Golf Shoes

Teardrop Camper


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2004 Ford Courier With Dog Box

Three-piece Lounge Suite

Romess Potbelly Stove

Mercedes Benz C230

Old Scales

Nomad Nifty Awning


ID 31327


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ID 31751


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Tuesday October 22 2019 19

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QEII Collision Repairs.

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We’re for

growing with you June 2018 | 100%


Plants For

Snap it up

Enter our annual

winter wow

Birdlife Photo

Competition to win

Cool Choices

great prizes!

For Colour

& Contrast


clear the air

Why groWing

indoor PLAnTs is

so good for you

give it a grow

from gArLic

From swamp

to sea views

The journey

begins with sarah

the Gardener

$7.90 incl. GST

To chinese


We hAve your

groWing TiPs


the latest releases

into the rose world

+ rose care

through winter

The magazine for

gardeners who like to get

their The hands new dirty local

news destination

for Cantabrians


$43. 50*

*6 issues/6 months


0800 77 77 10


20 Tuesday October 22 2019

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