The Good Life – November-December 2019


On the cover - West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller, Local Hero - Fargo Police Sergeant Kevin Pallas, Having a Beer with Radio Host, Scott Hennen, Hunting with Bret Amundson and more in Fargo Moorhead's only men's magazine.


GL: What is your faith?

SH: I call myself an Evangelical Catholic. I spent a lot of

my years as a Catholic thinking that just meant to go to

church on Sunday. Most of my adult years were just about

going to mass. My grandparents were devout Catholics.

My dad converted before he married my mom. My mom

was a very devout Catholic and a strong pro-lifer, so that

was really instilled in me, but honestly, it isn’t as though

we talked about Jesus a lot at home. I’ve since come to

have my faith grow and come to understand that no

matter if I’m Catholic or Protestant, it has to be more than

going to church. It has to be more than just being a good

person. It has to be about having a personal relationship

with Jesus Christ. And the more I’ve learned that the more

I’ve blossomed in the faith. I love the Catholic faith a lot

because it’s so rich. The first university was Catholic, and

healthcare — so much has come from the Catholic faith.

GL: What do you think is one thing people prioritize

too much these days?

SH: When I grew up, I’ll never forget my mom and dad

looking at a house that had two garage stalls when we

were going to move into a new house in Montevideo. That


made me think, “We’re the Brady Bunch! We’re like that

house on TV!” Now it’s not uncommon to see four-car

garages. Honestly, I have nothing against people having

things. I have a three-stall garage at home full of junk,

so I’m not perfect in any stretch, but we're going down a

dangerous path as a culture, valuing stuff more than we

value what we can take with us, and it's none of this; it's

not a lake home or a nicer truck.

GL: If you were to turn into any celebrity for a day,

whose life would you want to live for 24 hours?

SH: I love Johnny Carson because he was such a great

interviewer. He was funny but you really learned

something about the person he was interviewing.

He had great interviewing skills. As a talk show host

and an interviewer, you know where you want the

interview to go, so you kind of push it that way, rather

than just letting it happen and ask a lot of questions.

My dad always said to just listen intently and don’t

worry about what you’re going to ask next, just listen

to them because in their answer you’ll get your next


GL: Well, I’m not doing that very well.

SH: You can’t! You have to go to the next topic.

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