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November 2019, Issue 1

Radio Karishma Gup Shup

What are you passionate about? An

art form? A Vocation? A Cause?

Whatever it is that you are passionate about, you

care about, feel strongly about, RK Gup Shup is

the platform provided to you to share your talent,

voice your opinion and make your opinion matter.

Participation is only by invitation and RK Adda

members get to be part of one Gup Shup show of

their choice as part of their annual membership

perk. The 30 minute show will be simulcast on

radio and Facebook Live.

If as a listener you would like us to cover a certain

topic, skill or issue on Gup Shup, write to us at


Stay tuned for the first episode

of RK Gup Shup on 1 st

December 2019

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