Viva Brighton Issue #83 January 2020




Bits & bobs.

8-21. The hand-drawn hand of artist

and illustrator Peter James Field is on

the cover; the ‘variously gifted’ CB

Fry is on the Buses; and Joe Decie is

in need of a new chair (and pen… and

notebook…). Alexandra Loske takes

a detailed look at the Craces’ interior

sketches for the Royal Pavilion; Analog

Sea takes us offline; and Alex Leith awaits

the fate of the nation at the St George’s

Inn. Elsewhere, JJ Waller captures

campaigners out on climate strike, and

Joe Fuller explores the ‘freegrees’ on

offer at Free University Brighton.

My Brighton.

22-23. Olga Hopton, Managing Director

of the PlusX Innovation Hub that’s

changing Brighton’s skyline.



25-31. Prints of Darkness’ Victoria May

Roper on the pleasures of silver-gelatin

prints and dark, enclosed spaces.


33-37. John Helmer is in the wilds of

Waterhall; Amy Holtz is sticking to the

middle ground; and Lizzie Enfield copies

us in.

‘Thanks Mother’ by Victoria Roper

‘Tom’ by Peter James Field


On this month.

39-45. Ben Bailey rounds up his pick of

the New Year gigs; Gavin Henderson

remembers Pete McCarthy at this month’s

Wellsbourne Society; The Heath Quartet

play a Coffee Concert at ACCA; and 1927

have raided the story-book index to bring

Roots to The Old Market.

....6 ....

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