March 2020 - These Curious Times

In this edition, TCT News covers an attack from Gaia TV, hosts a contest for two free tickets to an investigation at the Oman House in Beverly Hills, and editors Tammye McDuff and Andrew Perry decide to be cute and write each other's biographies.

In this edition, TCT News covers an attack from Gaia TV, hosts a contest for two free tickets to an investigation at the Oman House in Beverly Hills, and editors Tammye McDuff and Andrew Perry decide to be cute and write each other's biographies.


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March 2020

TCT Cameraman ATTACKED By Gaia TV

Managing Editor Andrew Perry minutes after the attack.

All Things Paranormal

Tammye McDuff

The paranormal genre has exploded

with dozens of television shows, horror

films, social media groups and ghost

hunting crowds all over the world. All

Things Paranormal [ATP] is a weekly talk

show on Dash Radio [@dashradio] where

myth and paranormal meet science,

religion and truth. The show is hosted

by Frankie Fronk and Britt Griffith and

began as an outlet to inform others,

interested in the paranormal, on what to

do and what not to do in a paranormal


Fronk’s interest in the other side

began when he was a child, which

seems to be the start for most of those

interested in ‘the beyond’. Fronk lived in

a very charged house in a small town in

Wyoming called Worland, “I had many

experiences in that house growing

up,” stated Fronk, ”There were so many

incidents that it caused my parents

concern and we moved out of the house

when I was 11 years old.” He says after the

move the occurrences became less but

even to this day he still feels called to the

house through vivid dreams.

Fronk left school in 1989. He began

his spiritual journey spending time

discovering different religions and their

origins – ultimately leading him to join a

Seminary in upstate Maine. “I lived in the

Monastery for a year with the full intent

to become a Franciscan monk. While

studying for the order, I ran across an old

book that discussed ‘the Rite’ …. Which is

the Catholic practice of performing an

Exorcism. The book told the history of

this practice during the dark ages due to

a large breakout of demonic activity.”

Fronk was fascinated with the true

study of exorcisms “I researched and

read everything I could get my hands

on. I discovered the falsehoods and the

differences within religious practices. This

caused me to delve further into the study

of all types of religion from the Dark Ages

to today’s modern interpretations. It was

my personal quest to find the similarities

of these religions, and I did find them.”

Fronk left the Monastery and

moved to Salem, Massachusetts for the

sole purpose of learning the Dark Arts. “I

quickly discovered the falsehoods in the

practices of witchcraft, which is neither

dark or light, since life is neither black

or white, it is only the intention of the

‘Fronk’ Continued Page 6

TCT Staff

TCT Cameraman Arturo Gutierrez

was attacked by Gaia TV at the

Conscious Life Expo on February 8.

While trying to set up an interview

with Gaia TV, an elderly bald staff

member with Gaia pushed Gutierrez

without any warning, and only while

assaulting him did anyone say there

was no filming allowed.

“There’s been some issues with

some disgruntled people who’ve

been on the show and they (Gaia) felt

that whoever came in filming was

not representing the general media,

but the group of disgruntled show

presenters,” said Dawna Shuman, one

of the organizers of the Conscious Life


“I was just gathering some

footage,“ said Gutierrez. “At first, I was

just filming a band that was in the

lobby, and after a while I noticed that

Andy (Managing Editor Andrew Perry)

A Personal

Encounter With

Peggy the Haunted


Dee Dee Mason

“Hi Peggy” …. That is how I started

my first conversation with Peggy the

infamous haunted doll who now resides

with Zak Bagans, the Executive Producer

of Ghost Adventures, the number one

paranormal show on the Travel Channel.

Bagans acquired Peggy from

paranormal investigator Jayne Harris.

Harris is the owner of Haunted Dolls,

and says that the powers of “Peggy the

doll” have been running amuck on the

internet, causing anyone who sees her

picture to be overcome with feelings of

dizziness, nausea, and even chest pains.

Featured on “Deadly Possessions,”

an episode of Bagans’ series, Peggy is not

for the faint of heart. It’s said you can be

affected by Peggy by just looking at her- in

person or in photos. As a result, a viewer

disclaimer was aired before the show.

The doll now has her own room with

a few other dolls to keep her company.

Every 15 minutes or so a tour group

was talking to someone, trying to set

up an interview. So, I started walking

towards him.”

“As soon as Andy said “paranormal”

while trying to explain the paper,

that’s when that guy swooped in,” said


Prior to this, the film crew had

done several interviews.

“By the time of this incident, I just

suspected Andy was just trying to line

up another interview,” said Gutierrez.

“So, like all the other interviews we did

that day, I started filming.”

Managing Editor Andrew Perry

was the reporter for this two-man

crew. “Y’know, I have heard of Gaia

before, so I was really hoping to line

up an interview,” said Perry. “After this,

I’m convinced there’s something shady

going on with them.”

TCTN will continue investigating

the circumstances behind this assault.

Watch the video on www.


The infamous haunted doll

‘Peggy’ is currently ‘owned’ by

Zak Bagans, Executive Producer

of Ghost Adventures.

will invade her space at the Wengert

Mansion on East Charleston, Las Vegas,

Nevada, otherwise known as The

Haunted Museum where Bagans keeps

the majority of his cursed objects along

with antique furniture; a multitude of

film memorabilia and items from well

documented criminal cases.

I first met Peggy on Friday October

‘Media’ Continued Page 7


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Andrew Perry


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Where Royals were born: the 1,000 year old Kukaniloko birthing site of Hawaii.

The Birthing Stones of Hawaii

Carolyn Ncube

Years ago when Kukaniloko was open

to the public and access to the birthing

stones was completely unobstructed,

I visited this sacred place often. I felt

compelled to share the history of this

site with others because the best way

to preserve the past is to bring it to the

present so that future generations will

benefit from this knowledge.

One day, I decided to make the trek

up to Wahiawa to visit the stones and pay

my respects. As a mother, especially one

who had recently lost a child and nearly

lost her own life because of it, I had a

special connection to this place.

After giving birth to each one of my

three children, I realized how much my

body, all female bodies, are machines

meant to do what they’re supposed to

do. Once laboring mothers come to this

reality, faith stamps out fear, and the

business of bringing precious life into the

world is the only thing that matters.

Motherhood is such a powerful thing

that civilizations worshiped fertility

goddesses, while others feared the power

women had to bring life into the world

through physical pain and suffering and

yet survive to love their children with an

ironic mix of ferocity and tenderness.

Civilizations that feared women’s

power to build nations created laws that

subjugated them and continue to do so

today. Hawaiian culture was far from this


When visiting Kukaniloko, I would


reflect on these things, and I would say

silent prayers of gratitude to all of the

women who labored and delivered great

hope for their people at this place, and I

would honor the wise men that stood

watch and guarded their women as they

did their important work.

Upon one visit I noticed a couple

rambling up the path to look upon the

stones. I knew I would have a significant

encounter with them. As always when I

meet couples for the first time, it took me

less than five seconds to know who loved

whom more in the relationship.

I’ll share more about this strange

ability in future posts, but for now, I’ll say

that in every relationship, there’s one who

loves more and one who loves less. There

is a giver, and there is a taker. One love

feeds the fire. One heart burns desire. I

knew, in this couple’s case, who did most

of the crying … It was her.

The young woman approached and

asked me about the birthing stones. I told

her briefly what I knew of the history

as she half-listened and wandered off

to position herself on one of the stones

trying to mimic what she assumed was

the act of childbirth. Seeing her do this,

the young man laughed out loud and

told her that it wasn’t her best side, which

made them both burst out in further fits

of completely inappropriate laughter.

I was not only floored at their

complete disrespect, I was livid. I knew I

had to do something with the knowledge

I already had about their relationship

dynamic, and so I asked, “So you guys are

Origin Behind Letter “X” on Your Palm


Ancient knowledge of palmistry,

is discerning the lines and symbols

associated with our personalities and

future prospects in terms of career, life,

marriage, money, and health.

The popular ancient practice of

foretelling the future through the

study of the palm traces its roots

to Hindu-Vedic astrology. Based on

several scriptures around the world,

it’s been deduced that in 5th Century

BCE the Hindu sage Valmiki authored

a book containing 567 stanzas, the title

of which translates in English as ‘The

Teachings of Valmiki Maharshi on Male


It is believed that from India, the

knowledge and practice of palmistry

sprawled across the world, through

China, Tibet, Egypt, Persia and to several

other countries in Europe.

It is said that it was the Greek

scholar Anaxagoras, who, during his

time around the Indian sub-continent

learned about Palmistry and later

shared the knowledge with Hermes.

Aristotle found the treatise regarding

the matter of palmistry at one of

Hermes’ altars, which he then displayed

to Alexander the Great. The latter took

great interest and began inspecting the

character of his officers by evaluating

the lines on their palms.

Egyptian scholars suggest that

Alexander The Great had a unique

marking on his palm, which was rarely

found in anyone else in the world. It

is speculated that only three percent

of the entire population claims the

marking of the letter ‘X’.

STI University in Moscow, Russia

revealed their research paper on “X Palm

Mystery and Spirit Science Formula”

which studied more than two million

people across the world to understand

the link between the letter X and the

destiny of subjects. They reveal that

everyone with letter X on both palms

were remarkable people.

People with letter X on both hands

are strong in character and their

destiny is always straight forward and

rarely requires planning. While some

people may plan for success all day long,

people with “double X” palm don’t need

any plan to succeed. It’s just a matter

of time for them until their destiny

automatically shapes into a unique

energy cycle which makes the person

“one of the greatest among the rest”.

These people have great sixth sense

or intuition. The can sense, danger,

infidelity, and disloyalty. Over time they

form a special energy cyclone around

them, which people simply cannot

intrude on. Trying lying to them, they

always discover the truth and if you

Photo by Ancient-Origins.net

trying to have a baby, huh?” Surprised by

my question, the young man shot out

his response like a cannon, “Oh, HELL NO!

We’re nowhere close to that point! We’d

have to get married first, and that’s a long

way off!”

His woman’s face clouded over at his

insensitive admission, and while I didn’t

revel in her great disappointment and

embarrassment, I was amazed by how

spot on the assessment was...she was

definitely more in love with him than he

was with her.

“I was just curious because if you

lay on these stones, you’re going to get

pregnant soon.”

Upon hearing the white lie I told

to get her off the stone, the young man

freaked, yanked his woman up, and

dragged her away quickly back to their

car. I imagined that their car ride back to

town was either dead silent or the exact


William Shakespeare aptly wrote in

his play The Merchant of Venice, “To do a

great right, do a little wrong. And curb the

devil of his will.” I had no idea if what I told

them about the stones being charged

with the power of fertility was true, but

I needed to stop her offensive action

before her ignorance brought upon some

more severe cosmic reckoning. I would do

it all over again if I had to.

Maybe, just maybe, through that

experience, the young woman was able

to find another relationship path that

would lead to a shared destination. There

are no coincidences - only synchronicities.

do them wrong they will unleash the

hounds o f hell on you. They might

forgive, but they’ll never forget.

These people are sharp, intuitive,

have a great knowledge and the

memory of an elephant. They are easy

to adapt to changing circumstances

and have the tendency to make no fuss

about the things around them.

No-one or no-thing can bring

harm to those lucky few who have

the ‘X’ on their palm.

The Partially Informed Philosopher

The Landmark Forum, Part 1 of 3:

Finding Zen in Three Days

Andrew Perry

Ah, the Landmark Forum. For a

long time I had resentment towards

my boss stemming from my wrong

answer to his loyalty question. I

apparently answered it wrong; and

they transferred all my duties. Guess

what? That resentment is now a thing

of the past! And it’s all thanks to a

transformational and surprisingly

satisfying weekend with the

Landmark Forum.

The Beginning of


Five years ago one of my boss’s

lackeys barged into my office just as

I was about to leave for the day. At

that point, I had been a city employee

for ten years, serving in a largely PR

capacity, as that was the area of my

college coursework. Because of my

10 years of experience, I was friends

with residents, business owners, city

councilmembers, community leaders,

and reporters because I often wrote

about them, filmed them, wrote

speeches for the council members,

and so on. I was on my ‘A’ game, and felt

like an accomplished man. Then she

walked into my office like an assassin,

with a dagger aimed not at my heart,

but my career, if I answered her riddle


This is what she asked me

verbatim, “[The boss] sees that you

are friends with residents, businesses,

city councilmembers, community

leaders, and reporters. He wants to

know that the people who work under

him are loyal. Are you loyal to the City


Taken by surprise by her audacity,

but also careful about the ethical issues

this question raised, I responded, “I’m

loyal to the City.” This was apparently

the wrong answer, and she struck what

she and my boss thought was a fatal


My boss stripped my duties,

changed my job description and

banished me to the basement two

months afterwards. All I needed was a

red stapler (an Office Space reference,

if it escaped you).

Five Years to Stew

It’s been five years since that

incident. That lady is long gone.

Multiple employees had complained

about her, making public a long series

of unethical outbursts and behaviors.

But [my boss] is still there, making

sure I have no work or that my work

is minimal. Simultaneously, I became

super involved in the union, as that

was the only thing that had kept me


I think most people would

understand that as I stewed in that

office, I grew to hate my job (or lack


A Change in Perspective

And then I attended the

Landmark Forum, and it changed my

perspective. If I could distill what the

Landmark Forum is: through practical

applications, your ego will shrink away

until at some point, you will find ‘zen’,

for lack of a better word. You will be

inspired to live life, and take action for

the things you want to change.

You’re probably saying, “Easier

said than done.” That’s the beauty.

What the Landmark Forum excels at

is making sure you actually do it. At

first, it’s scary to take ownership for

your actions. But with the homework

and the inspiration to take action,

that weekend will be one of the most

rewarding in your life.

The only criticism is the final

night – Tuesday night. The forum

leader pressured us to bring family

and friends, and the reasoning behind

it made sense. I would caution about

having family and friends fly from long

distances, because Tuesday night ends

like an aggressive sales pitch. If you’ve

ever been to a timeshare presentation,

it’s like that. Please Landmark, just

advertise like regular businesses!

This article is the first in a series of

three articles. I’m not going to lie, this

will ultimately be a positive review,

but it’s also going to be dead honest. I

was a skeptic, and I no longer am one.

But I have a few pieces of constructive

criticism. In the end, however, the

Landmark Forum is a good thing.

To prove it, for the first time in

years, I actually LOVE going to work!


Social media, the British press and the Crown Prosecution Service have

all been blamed for their treatment of the star, while celebrity well-wishers

have been attacked for hypocrisy and politicians have mooted a

reform of the media.Caroline died by her own hand February 18, 2020.

Is Social Media the Modern

Day Monster?

Dee Dee Mason

Ethics in the media is a tricky

subject. Fake news can be a wrecking

ball personally and professionally. Let’s

take a deeper look into the dark side

of these ethics and that proverbial

aforementioned ball that can quickly

turn into a death blow.

You may have heard the tragic

news about the recent death of Caroline

Flack, host of the very popular United

Kingdom reality TV show ‘Love Island’.

In 2019 Flack was accused of

attacking her boyfriend. Fans of the

show quickly took to social media.

Instead of simply airing their personal

views on the matter, some diehard

fanatics decided to take things a bit

further and take a large leap over that

invisible line known as disrespect.

Using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

these people began to bully Caroline

with a constant barrage of cruelty

that tragically tipped her over the line

to the point where Flack felt her only

option was to bring an end to her

emotional pain and end her life.

After her passing, Flack family

decided to release her very last

Instagram post, the one that she had

not sent, the one the public did not get

to see. It read:

“The reason I am taking to

Instagram today is because my family

can no longer take the persistent

malice and brutality any more. I have

lost my job, I have lost my home. I have

lost my ability to speak. The truth has

been taken out of my hands and used

as entertainment. I am NOT a domestic

abuser. We had an argument and

an accident happened. An Accident.

The blood that someone SOLD to a

newspaper was MY blood and that was

something very sad and very personal.”

(Quote taken from BBC News) / (@


That is the darkest of the dark

side of social media. Of course not

all social media is bad but with us

reaching for our phones throughout

the day; logging onto our computers

without thought …. How many times

do any of us actually stop and think

before we let our fingers get carried

away posting whatever we want into

the obscure world of the internet? Do

we pause before we make the subtle

leap? Or join in an open conversation

on Facebook that inevitably can end

in a word palooza bitch fight? How

many times have we been the victim

of a social media version of Mean Girls?

How many have been a real life Regina

George, poised with that proverbial

fluffy pink pen ready to write those

burn book style words.

We must remember that the

words we post could hurt someone,

with or without our knowledge or

intention. The fault is not in the device

we choose but the fact that we choose

to put it out for all to see.

There is the example of a woman

that lives in Henderson, Nevada – not

far from Las Vegas -who for many years

has had a very unhealthy; unhinged

obsession with a number of celebrity

men. She uses Twitter primarily to

bully their female fans when they

make innocent comments.

Last year this same woman took to

targeting a number of fans using social

media. She would stalk them; verbally

bully them and slander these fans.

She had delusional dreams of having

an unblocked connection to a famous

person; boasted of having a secret

affair with a Vegas based television

producer and claimed they even have a

love child all while claiming another on

and off affair with an LA based actor.

When the LA actor was asked about

this affair, he stated “I had honestly

never heard of this woman until I had

been made aware of what she was

saying about me on Twitter.” There are

some crazy people in this world. [The

names of these individuals have been

removed for their privacy.]

Facebook has also been under

scrutiny recently regarding how they

moderate the millions of posts that go

live into the world from their platform

24/7. What do you think should be done

to keep innocent platforms from being

used as a tool for bullies?

Remember that the power to

influence is in your hands or fingers

in this case. We all have the capacity to

feed that beast; turn social media into

a monster or starve it and stop the



The Editors of TCT News

Tammye McDuff: A Believer

Who Practices Skepticism

Andrew Perry

Her parents believed she was

destined to be a writer, so they named

her Tammye Gayle McDuff. For them, it

was the perfect pen name.

McDuff is one of the co-founders

and managing editors of These Curious

Times. She has an extensive background

in journalism, and has had several

paranormal experiences.

Tammye McDuff is a Texan; born

in Beaumont and raised in Texas City.

She went to the same high school her

dad went to, and perhaps coincidentally

even dated the son of a woman her dad

dated. “He was a Montague,” said McDuff,

“and so it fits in with the whole author

thing. It’s very Shakespearean.”

Her first paranormal experience

happened when she was very young.

Her most vivid experience happened

later, when she was 17. After her mom

and sister went to the grocery store,

leaving her alone with her dog. She was

practicing the piano, and not too long

after her mother left, McDuff heard her

name called. She turned around and

there in the same room as she, stood a

woman with long, flowing brown hair

and a beautiful white dress.

“We actually made eye contact, and

she said to me that she has something

that I needed to hear,” said McDuff. “I did

not want to hear it and ran to my room,

and locked the door until my mother

came back.”

To this day, McDuff does not have

any idea what the lady in white wanted

to say.

McDuff has always had an affinity

towards writing. “I always wrote for

the school paper, though I didn’t take it

seriously at the time.” She even wrote for

the local paper, the Texas City News.

So in 2002, McDuff began writing

again, first with a paper called The

Examiner and later with Hews Media


She has experienced multiple

paranormal experiences, and even

several in California where she now


Why did she start These Curious Times?

“I always wanted to do something in the

paranormal field, but it never seemed like

it could be lucrative. I had a conversation

once with a friend named Andrew Perry

that explored that concept.”

Perry is a skeptic of the paranormal

and he also has a strong background in


That initial conversation was mostly

centered around creating a credible

paranormal investigation team, with

actual scientists. That was in March 2019.

A few months later, when McDuff

interviewed Ben Hanson, the star of

Fact or Faked , and Ghosts of Morgan

City, she walked away with a profound

idea. “I knew then that I wanted to be a

paranormal journalist,” she said.

In July she called up her friend Perry,

whom she had that initial conversation,

pitched the idea of a paranormal news

network, and thus was born These

Curious Times.

Andrew Perry: A Skeptic Who Wants to Believe


Tammye McDuff

Co-founder and Managing

Editor of These Curious Times News,

Andrew Perry wants to believe, “I don’t

disbelieve in spirits or the afterlife, I

have just never had that experience

and I want to.”

Born in Harbor City and raised in

Lomita, Perry is a true Californian born

and bred. From an early age, he loved

to read. He had a profound awareness

of words and in reading everything he

could get his hands on. Writing down

his experiences, soon followed.

Perry became interested in

journalism while still in college.

Originally, his major was going

to be Sociology, the study of the

development, structure and

functioning of human society, “ I was

intrigued by the dynamics of social

behavior, politics and the enclaves

of various cultures. But then I took a

Journalism 101 class and I found a way

to mix my love of reading, writing and

studying social interaction together. I

found my creativity. I found my voice.”

He stopped being religious in

his 20’s. He was raised in the Catholic

Church and then transitioned to a

Pentecostal experience.

He had taken on the personal

challenge of reading the bible all the

way through ,”But there were some

things that just didn’t add up,” said

Perry. This spurred his curiosity to

begin investigation into other forms

of faith and the search for truth,

claims of miracles and the existence of

the other side.

There was a time in his life when

he became a militant agnostic, “I

was dismissive, and I didn’t have a

particular faith, but at the same time

did not disbelieve in God.”

His spiritual journey led him on

to become a Buddhist and then the

Past Master of a Masonic Lodge. “I have

always been interested in spiritual

things and the paranormal. My

interest in the paranormal is this ~ if I

experience a true event, it will answer

many of the questions that I have or

it will open up a whole new line of

questions. Is there an afterlife, are

there other beings, other dimensions?”

“I fell in love with the idea of

These Curious Times, because I want to

investigate the paranormal with a

scientific eye and journalist curiosity,”

added Perry.

He managed his college paper;

worked with other writers and

enjoyed running the editorial

board. In 2003 Perry joined Hews

Media Group as a reporter for four

years. Perry currently owns his own

company called Legend Makers and

is an Analyst for the City of Artesia. He

studied Communications at California

State University in Fullerton.


Book Review: Thoughts On Positive Thinking

Melinda Young

Last month I read “The Power

of Positive Thinking” by Norman

Vincent Peale, one of the first and

most influential books on positive

thinking ever written. Although many

of the examples in the book are dated,

it was informative and a great place

to start when exploring the power of

our thoughts and how those thoughts,

positive or negative, shape our reality.

In his book, Dr. Peale gives a ton

of instruction on changing thought

patterns that inhibit the quality (and

maybe even the quantity) of our lives. I

chose one simple activity to put to the

test. It seemed easy and a good place to

start since it only involved seven days.

The instruction was to think

positive thoughts and use positive

words for one week. Dr. Peale recognized

that negative thoughts would come

up and suggested that every time you

have a negative thought, stop and

replace it with a positive thought or

recall a positive experience in your life.

I thought, “Challenge accepted, this will

be a breeze!” After all, I did consider

myself to be reasonably positive.

Here is how my experiment went...

I began this exercise on Monday

morning. Mondays are a great time

to begin, for me anyway! But alas,

when Monday morning came I was

already in a mood because our lovely

little KitCat had kept me up the night

before. She slept all day Sunday and

decided Sunday night was her time to

jump on furniture and knock things to

the ground for sport and attention.

Tuesday is a better day to start

anyway, right?

Tuesday morning had a great

start. I was up on time and thinking

optimistically! At work, I had a negative

thought but I turned it around just

like Dr. Peale instructed. Easy Peasy.

Then another thought came up and

I realized two things; I have a lot of

negative ‘micro thoughts’. These are

the tiny passing wisps of thoughts and

notions. This was going to be much

harder than I realized. Still, I forged


Wednesday morning came and

so did an itty bitty case of road rage

on the way to work. Maybe I should

start over. Maybe I should begin NEXT

Monday. Maybe this exercise is not so


I tried this exercise three times

before I was able to think and speak

positively for seven days straight. I

actually decided to use the old rubber

band trick. I wore a rubber band

on my wrist and snapped it when I

had a negative thought or word. The

irony of doing something negative, i.e.

snapping a rubber band, in order to get

a positive outcome did not escape me.

Studies show that our

subconscious brains cannot process

negative words so when we hear

things like ‘don’t touch that’ our

subconscious hears ‘touch that’. Of

course, our conscious brain processes

the statement, but the subconscious

actually skips the negative word! Have

you ever heard someone say, “I wish I

Norman Vincent Peale was an American minister and author known for

his work popularizing the concept of positive thinking.

Wikimedia Commons

was as fat as the first time I thought

I was fat”? Did we think ourselves fat?

Maybe. Our thoughts guide our lives

and control our conscious thoughts,

eventually; they begin to seep into our


I learned a lot from this

experience. I learned that I am much

more negative than I had previously

recognized. I began to see the negative

talk in others more quickly, and instead

of judging them and feeling superior, I

felt a kinship, realizing that I am right

there with them, the only difference

was that stupid rubber band on my

wrist reminding me to take a different


The result of the week? It was

positive! I mean of course it was; how

could it not be? I felt better, my outlook

was improved, I found myself thinking

happy thoughts about the future, my

family, and my job. I also found that

when I was positive, it cleared the

path for me to pray and listen to God.

Thinking positively is not about being

fake. Thinking positively can change

your life. It is as simple, but not as easy,

as that.

I am currently looking for my next

book to read. Log in next month to find

out which book I read, and how I put it

to the test.



Linda Vista: Most Haunted Hospital in California

Anthony Almaraz

Linda Vista Community Hospital

is one of the most sought after ghost

hunting hot spots . It has been

closed to the public and boarded up

for decades. There have been reports

of glowing red lights that would move

through the fifth floor hallways;

footsteps echo through the empty

wards; investigators have been pushed

and sorrowful crying can be heard.

The first time Los Angeles

Paranormal Research Society [LAPRS]

visited Linda Vista, there were 500 people

that showed up for a meet and greet of

like-minded investigators and reporters.

The second night was the actual

investigation. Only four people were

allowed in, I was one of these four who

were locked in the building for the night.

The founder of the group asked who

would like to check out the basement –

alone, I immediately volunteered.

With flashlight and recorder in hand

I proceeded to walk downstairs while

the other three stayed on the main

floor. I don’t scare easily, but this hospital

had a creep factor of defcon ten! There

was one point on my decent into the

basement that I thought someone was

Inside the spooky hallways of Linda Vista Hospital.

walking behind me. At first I thought

perhaps it was the echoes of my own

footsteps. But when I stopped to listen

further, the footsteps continued and

kept getting closer. I stopped and stood

for a minute, just listening but nothing

happened. I continued down the long

dark, wet corridors. Again there was an

overwhelming feeling someone was

right behind me. I could feel a heavy

presence, it was an uneasy sensation. I

turned around, only to see the darkness

of the corridors. Suddenly and without

warning every hair on my body stood

up, and I felt the temperature drop

dramatically. It was frigid. I shivered and

continued on my way to the basement.

While walking through the

underground room, I happened across

a room so small I thought it might be

a closet. I shined my flashlight into the

room and saw three stained mattresses.

It was difficult to tell if it was movie

blood or real blood. Many horror movies

have been filmed at the hospital. In

the basement was the Incinerator

Room. At first I did not realize it was

the crematorium, where the hospital

would burn the bodies of unclaimed

souls. I opened the big metal drawers

that were underneath the ovens and to


my astonishment; they were filled with

human remains. I looked for a piece of

wood and scooped out some ashes only

to find pieces of bone and teeth. There

were dozens of urns lined up against

the wall that were full and marked with

names of the forgotten. The fact that no

one had come to claim the final remains

of these patients was a tragic statement

to their lives.

Linda Vista Community Hospital,

originally called the Santa Fe Railroad

Hospital, and Santa Fe Coast Lines

Hospital is located in Boyle Heights,

California. The hospital was originally

built for the railroad employees and

was one of four employee hospitals

‘Fronk’ from Front

practitioner that makes it so,” professed

Fronk. “

I found a ‘grounding’ in Paganism

and came to the realization, for me

anyway, that it was truly the ‘original’

religion of mankind and very Earthcentered.

I discovered it was rightfully

practiced in the Native American tribes

and that it was only modern man that

had twisted it into something evil, when

in reality, it is an ancient practice that

honors all living beings.” Fronk added

that he now sees modern day religion as

a manipulative practice that is used to

control populations and cause war.

After this in-depth look into religion

and non-conformist religious history he

realized his true calling was to find the

real reason for life and the afterlife “Like

the Egyptians did with the writing of ‘the

Book of the Dead’,” said Fronk.

In 1999 Fronk founded the Western

Association of Scientific & Paranormal

Studies [WASPS] as a way to bring science

into the spiritual realm, “Which by the way

is totally not accepted by most scientific

standards. But with the equipment

we have, we can ultimately detect

paranormal activity due to the chemical

makeup of the human soul or spirit,” adds

Fronk “I have investigated thousands

of unusual activities and can, with this

equipment and intellectual knowledge

of religion and common sense, rule out

95% of activity as simple sounds, it is the

remaining five percent that encourages

run by the Santa Fe Employee Hospital

Association. The property was originally

purchased for $5,000 and the hospital

was constructed at a cost of $147,000.

By the late 1970s, the hospital

facilities were experiencing a decline in

use, as more and more workers opted for

more conventional medical insurance

policies. The Santa Fe Railroad sold

the 150 bed hospital to a management

healthcare company in 1980. When

Linda Vista tried to reduce operational

expenses in response, the hospital was

blamed for an increase in facility death

rates. During that time, the hospital

would regularly treat gunshot and knife

wounds, from the brutal neighborhood

of Boyle Heights, which affected its

mortality statistics.

The quality of care at Linda Vista

Community Hospital continued to

decrease; doctors moved to other

hospitals and in 1991 the hospital ceased

all operations after 86 years. Linda Vista

became a popular filming location for

horror themed productions, including

film, TV shows, music videos and adult

movies and became very popular with

the paranormal community as a whole.

Several movies have been filmed

at Linda Vista Hospital. To Live and Die

in LA (1985), In The Line of Fire (1992),

Outbreak (1995), Suicide Kings (1997), L.A.

Confidential (1997) and Day of The Dead

Two (2005).

If I had a chance to go back to Linda

Vista once more, would I? I definitely

would. But they have turned the

hospital into a retirement home for the

elderly and have changed the name to

Hollenbeck Terrace.

For now the senior citizens that

reside in the buildings must coexist

with those spirits that still roam the

corridors … perhaps giving the living a

glimpse into what is to come.

me to continue my research in the

paranormal field.”

There is more to life than what

we can believe with our five senses. The

truth can be found in the remembered

stories of our ancestors, in the myths and

legends of the olde days, “What is dark in

this world will remain dark in the next

and what is light will also be in the next.

There is a thin veil between this physical

world and the spiritual realm and we are

just beginning to see it surface,” noted

Fronk “I feel if we spent more time loving

and respecting each other, then we will

ultimately graduate from cavemen to

enlightened species.

I truly feel this is my purpose. We live

in a world where most people are sheep,

where so many would rather follow than

take the lead and this is why we are in the

state that we are in, perhaps the answers

really do lie in the land of the paranormal.

Imagine the doors that would open if we

could finally and concretely prove there is

an afterlife!”

The goal of ATP is to produce

conversation between fact and fiction so

paranormal enthusiasts are not swayed

by reality television. Fronk added “There

are only a handful of fact-driven shows

out there. Now that attention of skeptics

and enthusiasts has been triggered

it is the responsibility of those in the

paranormal field to inform them about

the realism of the business.”




Peggy, trying real hard to be intimidating.

‘Peggy’ from Front

11th, 2019 as I toured the museum for

this review. I had made my way around

the upper floor of the museum. Our

tour guide, who was a very nice and

knowledgeable young man, opened the

door and quickly stepped aside. I walked

in behind everyone else. I asked to step

to the front … the crowd parted … and

there she was.

“Peggy the Doll” has a long paranormal

history. She is said to be one of the most

haunted and dangerous dolls in the world.

It is believed that Peggy is possessed by the

spirit of a woman born in 1946 in London’s

Holland Park who died of a chest-related

condition, possibly an asthma attack, and

psychics have speculated that she was of

Jewish descent, with ties to the Holocaust.

“I was very skeptical of the claims

made about Peggy until the doll caused

terrifying activity during filming,

including manifestations of flies, camera

problems, negative mental effects on

me, and poltergeist activity,” said Bagans.

“Peggy will be displayed at The Haunted

Museum, but releases will have to be

signed should visitors want to see her.”

Peggy stands in a doll house, built

purposely for her where she can rest

behind a glass enclosure. Peggy was

looking right at me. In respect of the

very powerful entity that uses the doll

as a vessel, I lowered my gaze and said

“Hi Peggy”. A spirit box has been placed

in front of her display.

“Hi Dee” Peggy replied via the PSB11

spirit box placed in front of her.

I had not said my name and was

slightly surprised but laughed a little

because a few years ago I had a brief

encounter with Peggy and whatever

resides in that doll had done me a

favor and now was my chance to say

thank you.

“Peggy do you remember a few

years ago I had that migraine … that

three day migraine attack and when

I gazed upon your photo …. you

instantly took my headache away

even though you normally give people

headaches or nose bleeds?”

The spirit box replied, “I remember.”

“Well Peg, I’m here today to say

thank you for doing that for me, even

Photo by Dee Dee Mason

though we had not met and had

become friends.” I replied.

The doll replied, “You’re welcome.”

Now you need to take into account

that a spirit box scans the white noise

so fast that to hear more than one

word at a time is rare but the more

powerful spirits can sometimes speak

sentences over a number of seconds.

On my way out of the room, I said

“Bye, Peggy sweetie”

Her reply startled me, “Bye Bye Dee

– See you tomorrow!” … that is exactly

what she said.

Yes, it was true that I was visiting

the museum again the following day,

but had told no one. Upon my return

on Sunday, I walked straight to her

display and she welcomed me, noting

that I was a friend of Zak and she

knew me well. I was later told that

Peggy knows all. If you choose to visit

the museum and wander into Peggy’s

room, remember that she is more than

just a doll … she is a very powerful

spirit … chances are you will see her

long before you visit the museum.

My tour concluded with the

Demon House exhibit and a bone

chilling feeling as the guide pulled

down the viewing shutters.

I highly recommend a visit to Zak

Bagans Haunted Museum, it is ever

changing, magical, and enthralling,

but be ready because not everyone

may be able to weather the seen and

the unseen.

We may never know the exact

identity of the entity inhabiting the

doll, but her effects on people have

been well documented. It’s also believed

that in addition to causing violent

migraines and severe chest pains,

the entity can even affect a person’s

dreams and predict tragedies. Back in

2015 a video of Peggy hit YouTube, and

it’s been reported that over 80 people

who watched it suffered chest pains,

nausea, and crippling headaches. This

is something that… no matter what

you believe… should not be trifled


Until next time loves …. Stay





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Tammye McDuff

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Send your name, contact information and why you would like to join the investigation to

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David Oman’s Creepy House in Beverly Hills

David Oman with Frankie Fronk of All Things Paranormal, Katie Burr of

World’s Greatest Ghost Hunt and Cody & Shawn of The New Reality with

David Oman on Cielo Drive, Hollywood.

All good stories begin with ‘Once

Upon A Time’ … As a matter of fact

a 2019 comedy-drama film written

and directed by Quentin Tarantino

received ten nominations at the 92nd

Academy Awards and grossed over

$374 million worldwide. The film lightly

dances around the many tall tales that

surround the life styles of the rich and

famous and spins a web of intrigue

regarding the Sharon Tate / La Bianca

murders. But did you know that there

really is a story of a family whose lives

intersected the Manson family on more

than one occasion spanning decades?

If you are a paranormal fan then

you have heard of the David Oman

house at least in passing. But what

you are probably not aware of is the

history of his family, the coincidences

surrounding the purchase of the

property and the numerous spirits that

reside on Cielo Drive in Hollywood.

Long before there was a ‘Once Upon

A time …in Hollywood’ ~ before there

were Ghost Adventures or any number

of ghost hunters or the Oman House,

even before there were people named

Sharon Tate or Charles Manson, there

were Native American Tribes that

traversed California. The Tongva, later

known as Gabrielinos lived a peaceful

existence fully utilizing the mild

Southern California weather, what the

land yielded and abundance of wildlife.

This area was a self sustaining paradise,

the people worshiped the gods of

nature and nature supplied them with

a good life.

As the story is told, there were three

tributaries of fresh water that were

referred to as ‘the three sisters’. These

three rivers came together to form

a marshland which the Gabrielinos

considered to be a sacred site. When the

Spanish came to conquer the tribe, they

brought disease and chaos. In return a

tribal elder, a Shaman, cursed the land

…. And that is how it all began.

Fast forward to the 1960’s, Beverly

Hills and Benedict Canyon. It was a place

of dreams, and nearly everyone who


was there was, at one time or another,


Legends like Joni Mitchell, Neil

Young, the Mamas and the Papas, Carole

King, and it is said that the haunting

guitar of Jimmy Hendrix could be heard

echoing through the hills at all hours of

the day and night. Many of the houses

were cottages with stained-glass

windows, and fireplaces that warmed

the living rooms in the chilly L.A. nights.

They made music together, played

songs for one another in all-night jam

sessions. They took drugs together;

formed bands together, broke up those

bands, and formed other bands. If you

wanted to be somebody, this was the

place to be seen. It was a scene that

Charles Manson wanted to part of.

The Oman family lived in Beverly

Hills. They were a normal family,

working hard and succeeding in life. In

the newly released book ‘Ghosts of Cielo

Drive: the Afterlife of Sharon Tate and

the Spirits of the Oman House’ written

by David Oman, he recalls “I remember,

when I was a young child, my mother

would often pick up three young

women who were hitchhiking through

the canyon. She would take them only as

far as our house, which she would point

out, and say to the girls it was time to

travel on. I always thought the girls had

an odd, vapid stare in their eyes.”

On more than one occasion the

Oman house had been marked by the

‘creepy crawl’. This was a practice of the

Manson family. They would secretly

enter someone’s home and, without

harming anyone, leave only a trace

of evidence that they had been there,

some reminder that the sanctity of the

private home had been breached.

In the book, Oman tells of the

synchronicities of his father finding an

empty lot in Beverly Hills, the unusual

activity that had some contractors

leave and never return, the many

celebrities that lived in the Tate house,

just yards away from where David was

to build his home and the deaths that

are still an open case.

From a murdered Native Warrior

to Rudolph Valentino, Mae West and

finally to Sharon Tate, the Oman house

is alive with the reverberation of many

spirits over hundreds of years. It is truly

the most haunted place in Hollywood.

While the original Tate house no

longer exists, filmmaker David Oman

built his house a mere 150 feet from the

site where the grisly murders took place.

Oman is convinced that the murder

victims still haunt his residence. You

can purchase this most engaging book

by visiting ghostsofcielodrive.com

David Oman, writer and producer.

A Psychic and A Seer

When Debra Sweat Smith was a

child, she saw things and felt things

that other children did not. She would

recall past lives; tell her teachers that

an earthquake was coming and would

often times drift off and speak a

foreign language that she had no way

of knowing.

She was one of those children that

are all too often ridiculed or made

fun of, and probably would have been

if the things that she was professing

never happened. But they did.” One day

I refused to go to school. I insisted to

my mother that the whole world was

going to be crying and they were going

to close the school for a couple of days,”

she recalled, “This was two days before

President John Kennedy was shot.”

Her school mates would gravitate

to her, to ask if a crush liked them back

and would often pass out rocks to

friends who needed help with a test.

Debra was gifted at an early age and

she knew how special her gifts were.

Her true spiritual journey started

well over 30 years ago, “Since that time

I have found out who I really am. I

have studied angels, crystals, Feng

Shui, space clearing, mediumship,

ghost hunting, reiki healing and

studied these things in depth to fully

understand myself and my gifts.”

In her meditations, she is often

visited by her guides who deliver

information either audibly, in visions

or by automatic writing.

Rose Cremation Extends Services to

Furry Friends


Rose Cremation Services located

in the city of Bellflower, exists to offer

a more compassionate approach

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From the heart wrenching

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“We offer the cremation services,

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Offering the same kindness and

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Working alongside Pet Haven

Cemetery and Crematory, there is

the option of offering aquamations,

which uses water flow, temperature

and alkalinity to conduct a natural

decomposition. The process results in

clean, pure sand like appearance that

holds the cherished memories of pets.

Rose Cremation also offers the pet

owner other options to memorialize

their fur baby. The ashes can be saved

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creating a stuffed animal in the pets’

likeness, with a special pouch for the


Pet haven was founded in the city

of Gardena in 1948. Over 30,000 pets

are ‘at rest’ in their burial grounds.

The land is dedicated with the state

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The loss of a beloved pet is never

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New Retail Creations from Ghosts Unlimited

Matthew Grange

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Ghosts and Ghouls purchases

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We have designed a fun logo for

G&G, something a little less serious

than Ghosts Unlimited, something a

little more fun; something a little more

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Check out our websites: www.

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Top: G&G’s homemade spirit board with handcrafted

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Two new episodes of Then Again with Herbie J Pilato,

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