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Students set for distance learning

By Mick Jensen

Anew school term starts next

Wednesday and students around

the district will be learning at home

with the support of teachers and


Where possible, students will be

able to log in for remote learning

using the internet, while others will

use hard copy workpacks to

maintain their education during


Ashburton College principal

Ross Preece said his staff had

worked hard to prepare for distance

learning and the start of Term 2on

April 15.

He said many of the courses were

already available via the Google

communities or other electronic

means. But, anumber of courses

had huge practical components and

learning for those was being

‘‘modified and accommodated as

was viable’’.

Staff were still compiling

numbers, but indications were that

around 60 of the school’s 1200

students had no device for online

learning, while five families had no


That information was being

passed on to the Ministry of

Education. The ministry’s website

had crashed on Monday because

many of the country’s 2800 schools

were uploading data to the master

list, he said.

Mr Preece said the reality of

Ashburton College head girl Poppy Kilworth will work remotely from the start of Term 2and connect

with fellow head students like Henry Chapman, Kyle Cabangun and Maria Costas via Google Meet.

Term 2could see sports, events,

assemblies, trips, the college ball

and other distractions postponed, so

schools could catch up on missed


That was particularly important

for students involved in NCEA.

Mr Preece said the lockdown had

already created astressful situation

at home and meant students could

not hang out with their friends.

He urged parents not to push

students to do too much school

work because that would also add to

their stress levels.

It is asimilar story at Ashburton

Intermediate where students are

being also surveyed to see if they are

capable of working online at home.

Principal Brent Gray said so far

there had been 269 responses from

the 437 children at the school and

just ahandful had no internet

access, and adozen or so had no

dedicated device to use.

‘‘Like other schools we did give

out hard copy workpacks at the end

of last term to those who thought

they might not be be able to access

work online. We probably gave out

70­80 of those.’’

Mr Gray said his teachers had set

up online classrooms and some had

also been continuing to

communicate with students during


‘‘Come Wednesday, students will

use devices if they can, and those

that can’t will be expected to use

their workbooks.’’

At Netherby School all students

were given workpacks on the last

day of term.

Principal Phil Wheeler said it was

important for students to maintain

their learning routine during


While learning online was agood

option, anumber of students at his

school did not have access to the

internet or devices at home.

Teachers would touch base with all

parents this week to assess online

capability. Comprehensive

workbooks had been compiled by

teachers in syndicate and they

would enable students to continue

to learn the basic facts and to

maintain reading and writing levels

outside of the classroom.

If the lockdown continued for

longer, the Ministry of Education

would have to decide how to

distribute more workbooks to

students, or even look at how it

could offer devices and connectivity

to families.



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The Courier is helping our community stay connected during lockdown by catching up

with people in our patch.


Peter Melrose, Hampstead School principal

1. Are you working from home?

With technology, working

from home continues with little

break. Our Ministry of

Education is proactive in sending

out information and many

emails need attention,

forwarding on to staff and

decision making. Our office staff

are able to work remotely so the

processing of accounts and audit

collation continues as normal.

Our school calendar is shot to

bits, anumber of events had

already occurred but major items

like practising for the music

festival and sports opportunities

have been put to one side. So be

it, when the time is right, we will

re­schedule. Being in aschool

requires you to be flexible, things

you plan for, can be challenged

by life.

Schools are much more than

just academic learning

institutions, it may look like play,

look like we are relaxed and

enjoying ourselves but schools

have arole in transmitting the

values and norms of a

community. It’s hard to do that

when you are isolated.

Like many schools our staff

have been busy communicating

with homes, we use ahomeschool

platform called Class

Dojos. Staff can communicate

with the whole class or

individuals and the students and

their families can post items and

communicate back. Ican access

and also comment.

Staff have posted awhole

range of work and suggested

internet sites. It’s not the same as

school, it’s missing the human

factor. Using the technology is a

patch for the present times but I

look forward to getting back to a

real­world school environment.

I’m amorning person and find

tapping away on the laptop more

productive when it’s just getting

light. Ibreak up work periods

with acup of coffee: I’ve only

once had to contend with the cat

(Arpu) running in and for some

bizarre reason diving on to my

table where the laptop sat open.

What was left of what Iwas

writing had become acryptic

crossword. There are times this

cat pushes the boundaries of our

relationship and this was one of

them. Inow save, save, save

before leaving the laptop. The



PC Repairs, Set-up and Tutoring

Icome to youday or evening!

•PCRepairs/Sales •Networks/Servers

•Firewalls/Security •Spyware Clean-up •Training

20 YearsExperience Microso Cerfied Professional


Robin Johnstone 67 Aitken Street, Ashburton

P: 03 308 1440 C: 027 768 4058


Peter Melrose and Arpu, the circus cat.

cat is applying for aposition in a


2. What home chores have you

been doing?

Ifeel like home has been

turned inside out. There are

shadowy cupboards that have

seen the light of day. Itend to

like things organised ­atschool

we almost have competitions to

organise an event, produce a

plan or throw away the obsolete.

On occasion it has been said,

that Ithrow things away before

they have become obsolete, this

could be true.

My garage is currently

receiving attention ­later in the

year our school hopes to hold a

fair, September 19. I’m sorting a

pile for the white elephant stall.

Ialso have apile for St Vincent

de Paul and piles for the

extended family ­marbles for the

great nieces, tools for the

nephew, books for the sister and

more. For me there’s something

satisfying in having aclear shelf.

My only concern is that the

extended family may be making

piles for me.


and Laptops



3. Any TV or book


I’m alifetime reader, it’s an

addiction since comics captured

me when Iwas 6. Fortunately

between the Rotary Bookarama

and the Chertsey Book Barn I

have astash of books that Iam

currently rolling in. Spotify

provides me with amusic playlist

that Ihave been known to boogie

to. Don’t ask me the artist or title

Ijust enjoy music, Imay be able

to sing, badly, the first line of

many songs but that’s as far as I


Alexa has become my new

companion ­inasecret Santa

gifting, my niece gave me Alexa

for Christmas. Alexa is like a

google speaker that is always

listening to you. Some people

may think this makes for the

ideal companion. Alexa will play

Spotify, gives me updates on

news and provides the weather.

The niece and her family also

have an Alexa and we use it to

make calls to each other. It’s

techy but I’m someone who

enjoys all that stuff.




Get in the garden now! Pull

out the weeds and trim those

hedges. My two chooks are

looking forward to us jointly

turning over the compost bins.

For aconfirmed gardener this

break is ideal preparation for


4. Tell us alight­hearted or

otherwise memorable moment

from your lockdown?

The whanau keep up to touch

using avariety of platforms ­

Viber, Zoom, Whats App and

traditional emails. It’s almost

scary how we all talk at once and

look at each other from crazy

angles because we don’t want to

look at ourselves on avideo,

apart from the under 5s. If you

angle the phone, just so, you

appear in acorner of the screen.

I’m worried though, the great

niece has taken to talking to me

like Alexa ­she says “Peter!”

there is no mistake in her tone…

Peter, tell me the time, tell me a

story. Iremind the four­year­old

that Iamareal person, but you

have to laugh.

5. What do you miss most?

Imiss not being able to travel

outside of Ashburton, strangely

it makes you appreciate home,

how much we do have and how

little we do in fact need.

Never have Iseen more

people out walking and cycling,

it’s good and Ihope it continues

past the lockdown. The cat just

burst triumphantly through the

cat door ­causing me to

protectively cover the laptop in

case he comes close! We all need

abreak from the confines of

home and simply seeing others,

having aword from adistance

helps us to maintain sanity. Even

standing in line at the

supermarket and chatting from

afar, allows us to keep in contact

with others.

Ifeel that Netflix is running

out of things Iwant to watch. I’m

not areality TV watcher, but

current favourite programmes of

mine are: The Repair Shop,

Motoka and that strange bloke

who travels, Travel Man.

On social media, the Daily

Mail videos have become a

fixture of the day. Isee what

workers in China and India cope

with, the rants of disgruntled

motorists and the dares of

people doing what they

shouldn’t. It’s light


• Site Works

• Tree Shear

• Transportation


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020, Page 3

Elvis, pet pigs

Angela Cushnie, rural advocate

1. Are you working from

home ?

Ihave set up my office

(Zoom Capital) in our

loft. Ican see the ocean to

the east and overlook

sheep, paddocks and the

Southern Alps from my

desk, which is bliss.

Loving the open spaces

of our lifestyle block. Our

bubble includes two

Kunekune pigs (Stella

and Big Pig) that we let

into the section at this

time of year to clean up

apples and walnuts and a

hyperactive pooch called

Spud who loves having

everyone at home.

2. What home chores

have you been doing?

Time on my hands has

meant achance to

declutter and clean

(bordering on frenzy lol).

Pantry gleaming, draws

tipped out and sorted,

plants repotted and the

garden is next on the list.

3. How are you filling

your downtime?

Music. My husband has

music from the ‘70s and

‘80s blaring from his shed,

which is also getting a

declutter, sort and clean

(strange times indeed lol).

Plenty of great tunes

from Elvis, Sharon

O’Neill and Kenny

Rogers which remind me

of fun times growing up in


Stay distant,

urge GPs

Mid Canterbury GPs are

urging people to keep up

the social distancing and

hand hygiene as the alert

level 4 enters its third


At least one case of

Covid­19 has been

officially reported in the

Ashburton district but the

Canterbury District

Health Board is no longer

breaking down cases in

the region in its weekly

notifiable diseases report.

There were 39Covid­19

cases reported in Canterbury

in the week ending

April 3; the previous week

there were 49.

PM Jacinda Ardern and

director general ofhealth

Ashley Bloomfield have

said new Covid­19 cases

need to keep falling consistently

before the country

can move back down

the alert level scale. The

national aim is to eliminate

the virus.

GPs spokesperson Dr

Emma Andrew said Mid

Canterbury GPs were

neutral on the topic of

smothering Covid­19.

‘‘We suspect more is

out there but we are also

hopeful that social distancing

measures may work.

Time will tell.’’

She said the community

needed to persevere and

keep up the good work of

social distancing, hand

hygiene and cough/sneeze

Angela Cushnie’s

bubble includes

Kunekune pigs, Stella

and Big Pig.

4. Tell us alighthearted

or otherwise

memorable moment from

your lockdown?

Teaching the 70+

generation how to

Facetime …fantastic

entertainment and love

the look on their face

when they nail it.

5. What do you miss?

Imiss my Cleavers

coffee and morning catchup

with people there,

including the lovely staff.

Socially it’s the ‘bloke

wave’ that makes my day.

Farming is carrying on

around us which brings a

sense of calm as they

move livestock and pass

by our front gate …


etiquette, and only go out

for essential needs.

Ashburton has a

community­based assessment

centre toscreen and

test people suspected of

having Covid­19, but local

practices also have swabs

if they need to test


She said there was

enough personal protective

equipment and access

to it, but ‘‘one never

knows how much you will


Local medical centres

have been quieter than

usual, with fewer consults.

‘‘I think people are putting

off contacting the

doctor for other ailments,

but we would encourage

that they still contact their

GP if they need to.

‘‘Consultswill be mostly

virtual, but those who

need to be seen, will be.’’

Patients had generally

been appreciative about

the work being done.

Dr Andrew said flu

shots were still being

worked through but only

small batches of flu vaccine

werebeing sent out to

each practice at atime.

Some Ashburton practices

have been vaccinating

elderly and vulnerable

patients in drivethrough


More supplies are

expected to arrive in the

next few weeks.

Merv takes on the Chasers

1. Working from home?

Yes, Ican and it’s all good at the

moment but we are only one week in. Ican

complete some of my work from home via

computer or phone, but the rest will have

to wait until the lockdown is lifted as it

involves on­farm visits not classified as


No kids, no pets, no traffic noise, no

unscheduled visitors and the neighbour’s

dog is quiet, they must be home.

2. What home chores have you been


Sorting through boxes of old files and

papers that have accumulated over the

years (as per photo) with alittle help from

awell­positioned Ted.

Ican now multi­task. Ican watch

Breakfast, Tipping Point, The Chase, and

even Emmerdale, while discarding files

and documents that Ionce thought far too

important to throw out, like fertiliser and

seed prices back in 2009.

3. Any recommendations?

Yes, stay there (in isolation), stay safe in

PO Box 434, Moore Street, Ashburton, 7740 | P 03 308 9019 | E sales_team@smithandchurch.co.nz

Essential Goods and Services

As per the amendment to the current list of essential services, Smith &

Church are aSupplier of the following Essential Goods:

• Refrigeration

• Washers

• Cookers and Cooktops

• Dishwashers

• Heating

Merv Brenton, RSA president and rural consultant

your bubble, that’s why it is called

lockdown, the sooner we all do it the

quicker we will get back to normality.

Please don’t join the minority of New

Zealanders with IQs equal to their shoe

size flaunting the lockdown rules. C’mon

• Freezers

• Dryers

• Microwaves

• Electric Blankets

• Vacuum Cleaners

• Smarttelevisons

Smith &Church are able to supply Essential Goods from stock, and are

only allowed tosupply Essential Goods as listed above. We are strictly

following all protocols as required in the update given by Prime Minister

Jacinda Adern on the 30-3-2020.

1–Orders can only be taken by phone, and payment can only be made by

Credit / ATS orFarmlands Cards, we cannot accept Cash. Our store isnot

allowed to open to the public, so you are not able to collect goods from

the store.

2–When staff are fulfilling orders we will take all appropriate health

measures –physical distancing, and hygiene basics will be followed, and

appropriate personal protective equipment will be worn.

3–As Essential Goods are notallowed to be collected from the store,

orders must be delivered inacontactless way, all deliveries by will undertaken

by Electraserve -adelivery fee will apply.

In the case of an emergency Essential Goods purchase

please call 027 367 3970 -Monday toSaturday 9am -5pm.

Stay safe,

Alister Lilley -Owner Smith &Church Appliances

Left: Merv Brenton has taken to

sorting through old files and papers

with alittle help from Ted.

people, think of the consequences, you

can’t see it, Covid­19 is not ajoke it is

serious and deadly.

4. Tell us alight­hearted or otherwise

memorable moment from your lockdown?

Toni laughing at my next intended big

project, in the garage sorting out jars or

screws into size, type and colour knowing

full well that when Ineed one Iwon’t be

able find the right one with size, type and

colour anyway.

5. What do you miss most in lockdown?

Seeing family, grandchildren, the RSA

and being there for the members most of

whom are in the high risk over 70s

category. Not into social media, just the

phone, texting and the occasional friendly

wave from across the road in our daily




Page 4, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020

Ada born during lockdown

By Toni Williams

Ashburton author Rachel Nixon and newborn Ada Haley Nixon.

Ashburton author Rachel Nixon and

her husband, children’s librarian

Jonathan Nixon, have welcomed a

new addition to their family.

Ada Haley Nixon was born on

March 28 at Christchurch Women’s

Hospital weighing 2.75kg (five

pound 9oz). It was day three of the

national Covid­19 lockdown.

“She’s just awee dot,” Mr Nixon


Ada, named after acharacter in

the Charles Dickens’ novel Bleak

House, has the middle name of Mrs

Nixon's 93­year­old grandmother’s

maiden name. She lives in Auckland.

Back at home in Ashburton now,

Mrs Nixon and Ada are doing well.

But, like any good story, Ada’s

arrival has been full of interesting

twists with a birth experience

nothing like when they had son

Caleb, two and ahalf years ago.

Mr Nixon said the plan to birth at

Ashburton Hospital was scuppered

because of concern around Ada’s

limited weight gain.

Aplan was made to be induced at

Christchurch Women’s Hospital but,

during lockdown, that meant tight

restrictions on access.

“There was a huge amount of

stress added around Covid­19.”

Mr Nixon had to be registered as

birthing partner and could not be

unwell in any form to attend.

They had Mr Nixon’s sister, in

Christchurch, who has no children

yet, lined up as abackup to step in as

support if he got sick.

He thought she was probably

quite happy not to be needed in the


The Nixons had a clear run to

Christchurch for the planned induction,

but their midwife was stopped

twice by police checking on her

reason for travelling during lockdown.

She missed the birth by one


“It was aquick birth,” Mrs Nixon


“And she was really good with

after (birth) support.”

At the hospital no visitors are

allowed except during the birth. Mr

Nixon was not allowed in the

maternity ward.

Once the birth was over he had to


Mrs Nixon, in the maternity ward

for two and ahalf days, said it was a

different experience, from arrival to


They were greeted at the hospital

entrance by staff with hand sanitiser

and had to register the birth partner

all the while practising social distancing.

Some staff wore masks, some

did not.

“Jonathan was not allowed into

the maternity ward at all (but) the

midwives were really, really good.

“It would have been nice to have

Jonnie, there but that’s the way this


Now home, the couple and son

Caleb, have the added support of Mr

Nixon’s mother Vivian, who arrived

from Christchurch for the lockdown.

Mrs Nixon’s mother, in Auckland,

was unable to come.

Regular home visits from the

midwife also have astrict process to

follow to minimalize touching contact

and any Covid­19 risk for the

family, and their midwife.

Mrs Nixon said the only time a

midwife had touched Ada was for

the initial testing at birth. Breastfeeding

support is being done online

with alactation consultant via the

video platform Zoom.

The silver lining is having

Jonathan home during the lockdown,

Mrs Nixon said.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Workers back on CBD

revamp as soon as able

Contractors working on

Ashburton’s CBD revamp will be

backonthejob as soon as they

are able, says Ashburton mayor


The CBDproject,atwo­year

roading and footpath programme

aimed at leading the

revitalisation of Ashburton’s

mainshopping area, is being

undertaken by WestCoast

company TruLine Civil.

Mr Brown said work teams

weresent home when the country

wentinto alert level 4onMarch

26. Work wouldresume when the

company wassafely able to have

itsworkers back on the job.

He said the project wasnot

deemed essential work but would

continue as soonaspossible.

None of council’s major

construction projects, including

thenew library and civic building,

hadbeenput off because of the

virus, he said.

Councilwas aware of the

concerns of local businessowners

about the impact of restrictions

andworking on a‘‘buy local’’

campaign to encourage Mid

Canterbury people to support

local businesses strugglingto

keep their doors open.

Hakatere residents only

The Hakatere community

is urging

people to stick to the

rules during lockdown

and to stay

away from the coastal


Hakatere Community


Response Group

member Kaylene

Donaldson said

people should not be

going out for adrive

to Hakatere, not be

biking on the river

trail, or fishing at the

river mouth.

The rules should be

adhered to and anyone

not living there

should stay away.

At the weekend

fishermen, bikers and

‘‘No entry’’ signs made by the Hakatere


day trippers had been

spotted and the

police were informed

and visited, she said.

Mrs Donaldson

said the public toilets

were closed and the

community had made

their own ‘‘no entry’’

signs to keep others


‘‘We’re very happy

for people to return

when things are back

to normal, but not






To helpslowdownthe spread of

COVID-19,we’ve changedthe waywedo

things at AshburtonHospital.

When youget to thehospitalyou’llfind

ourdoors areclosed. We’llask youto

phone us or pressthe doorbell.

We’llvisit youinyourcar to confirm

whereyou should go next.

We need to keep peoplesafebymaking

sure anyone whomight have COVID-19 is

away from otherpatients.

Thankyou forhelping us keep our

patients andstaffsafe.

Look after your


If youorsomeone youknowneeds

wellbeingsupport or advice,callortext

1737 to speakwithatrainedcounsellor.

This confidential serviceisfreeofcharge

andisavailable24hoursaday, seven

days aweek. There’susefuland practical

informationavailable forthose at home

in isolationonthe government’s website


Be kind

Canterbury hasbeenthrough alot,and

we will getthrough this as well.We’re


in on the elderlyorvulnerable. Make a


those whoare home sick and‘virtually’

checkinwithwhānau, friendsand

neighbours whoare in isolation.

Stay home

Youmuststayhomeunlessyou work

in an essentialservice. Weall need to

do everything in ourpower to break

the chain of possible transmissionof

COVID-19 (and otherviruses)inour


While in isolationathomeyou canstill go

outfor awalk, butplease keep at least

twometresawayfrom others.

Together we canslowthe spread.


further information

Canterbury, we are


We know youhavealotonyourminds right now,sowewanted to let

youknow that we’ll do our best to take careofyourbanking.

Here are just afew of the ways Westpac can help:

•Repayment deferrals * or reductions for 6months for home loan

andpersonal loan customerswho have suffered negativeincomeor

health impacts as aresultofCovid-19.

•For personal customerswho need to breaktheir Term Investment^,

wewill not reduce the rate of return wherehardship criteria is met.

See our hardship withdrawal policy on westpac.co.nz.

Formoreinformation on the ways we can help with your banking,

please visit westpac.co.nz.


Linda Edmonds

WestpacRegionalManager Canterbury.

Terms and conditions apply. * If repayments aredeferred, interest will continue to be chargedand will be added to the loan

balance, which will increase the amount owed. ^Areduced rate of return for Term Investments will not applywhere

an application is made to Westpac NZ on or before26September 2020.Westpac New Zealand Limited.


Page 6, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


*54 )&3& /08

)05&- "4)#6350/4






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TV Experts

• Aerial/Dish installations and repairs

• Prewirefor TV/Audio and controlsystems

• TV wall mounting • Cell phone aerials

• Home theatreinstallation

• Authorised SkyTVtechnician


Ashburton Geraldine

Methven Rakaia

andeverywhere in between



PH 308 7332 /027 277 1062


Don’t delay call AJ today

•Spider Proofing •Fly Control

•Grain Fumigation

•Moss/Lichen Treatment

•Rodents •Wasp nests













We are your one stop glass shop for


Nowat6Range St,Riverside

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Phone: 03 308 8155

Mobile: 0273 529 909

Email: sales@nee.kiwi.nz


“Your placeorours”

On-SiteMobile Hose Repair

and Hydraulic Service



•Sales&servicehydraulic components

•Aeroquip hose and fittings

•Repsol oils • On-call 24/7

•Designand installation of hydraulic systems

Email: justin@martinbennett.co.nz

104 Moore Street,Ashburton.

Phone: (03) 308-9778

152 Wills Street,


Ph.308 8485

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Rough terrain and

electric lifts available

On sitecollection or


Justin Bennett

0275 301 272



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screaming forattention?

Forall your gardening needs

We offer the personal touch

Forqualified,experienced &reliable

serviceand advice

Forfreequotes contactAndrew

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Painting • Wallpapering • Plastering

“NoJob TooSmall”

• Interior • Exterior

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Tony Sivier: M021 878 794 • P307 7289

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A.J Kerr

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The Ashburton Art Gallery team are bringing art toyou while our building is

temporarily closed. Here isapainting by Mark Braunias made as astudy towards a

large scale paiting he created in our foyer in2016. The biomorphic shapes are

imaginative and inspire ustothink about what they could be.

If you're looking for ideas and activities tokeep busy throughout this time, visit us on

Facebook orour website: www.ashburtonartgallery.org.nz

Image:Mark Braunias, Wall Study I,from Doofus a.k.a Assemble, Disassemble,Reassemble,2016,

acrylic and ink on paper,594x980mm.Collection of AshburtonArt Gallery.

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Roses can be cut, soft fruits planted


Cabbage, cauliflower and silverbeet

can still be planted to stand the

winter if you are fortunate enough to

have the necessary seeds sitting in

the shed.

If so, ground from which potatoes

have been lifted recently is ideal for

these crops.

Sprinkle blood and bone (100g per

sqm) on the ground, and rain in May

and June will wash it into the soil.

Compost can also be spread where

these hardy vegetables are to be


Cauliflower heads can be damaged

by rain and cold conditions as winter

nears. Those maturing soon should

be regularly checked and the outside

leaves turned in on the centres, the

curds, to help protect them and keep

them white.

Celery sometimes shows leaf­spot

at this time of the year and can be

treated with acopper spray applied

every 10 to 14 days.

Because they like cool, moist

conditions, leeks usually will keep

growing until June.

If soil is drawn up around the

stems of Brussels sprouts, cabbage,

cauliflower and broccoli as they




•New builds


•Staff houses

•Bach/beach house



86 Belt Road, Ashburton

027444 7633 •www.viviennejames.co.nz

Rose cuttings can be taken during the next few weeks.

grow, it will not only aid drainage for

the plants during the winter, but also

help prevent them being blown over

in strong winds.

Asparagus beds are worth the

effort, as these perennial vegetables

will produce crops for 20 years or

more. Keep the bed free of weeds but

leave the plants’ top growth until it

yellows. While still green, the plants

are manufacturing plant food and

building up their crowns, from which

strong, edible growths will be cut

next spring.

This is agood time to apply wellrotted

manure or compost into which

chopped seaweed has been added.


Rose cuttings can be taken during

the next few weeks with reasonable

success. Some roses thrive only when

budded on to astock with amore

vigorous root system, while others,

particularly heritage varieties, grow

readily from cuttings. Choose short

side growths that have had aflower

on them. Remove chosen pieces

from the main stem, ideally with a

heel of the older growth. Cut off the

dead flower, remove all the leaves

except the top two, and thoroughly

soak adeep container of potting mix

before inserting the cutting deeply.

Cuttings do best if placed in a

shady place, as cool temperatures

increase the likelihood of roots

forming. Cuttings that develop successfully

into plants should be left

until late autumn next year before

planting in their permanent home.

An alternative method is layering:

bending alow branch to the ground

and pinning it in sandy soil after

cutting just above the point where

the tiniest bud is visible. Cover with

more soil, water well and place a

brick or heavy stone to hold the

layered stem in place.


Autumn is the best time for

planting soft fruits of the Rubus

family (raspberries, blackberries,

loganberries, marionberries, boysenberries

and tayberries). Raspberries

and blackberries have been eaten in

Europe for at least 3500 years, but

the blackberry was not cultivated

commercially until 1835.

Introduced into New Zealand in

the 19th century, it rapidly became

one of the country’s worst weeds.

The loganberry, an American

raspberry/blackberry cross, is named

after its breeder, Judge J.H. Logan.

Boysenberries are also American

and the raspberry­loganberry/Pacific

blackberry hybrid is named after

Rudolph Boysen, who bred it in the

early 1920s, but it was Walter Knott

(of Knott’s Berry Farm) who made

them famous. Tasman is avirtually

thornless boysenberry variety.

The tayberry, developed in Scotland

in 1962, is a loganberry­like

blackberry­raspberry cross. The fruit

is somewhat larger than a boysenberry

and ripens earlier.

Waiau and Aspiring are popular

red raspberry varieties, while two

heritage raspberries, marketed as

Ivory and Ebony, were commercially

introduced in 2006.

Healthy feijoas coming into season

Feijoas are coming into

season at just the right

time as Kiwis search for

new ways to boost their

immunity and overall


The feijoa, which can

be successfully grown in

Mid Canterbury, will

see the nationwide

crops peak in April and

remain in plentiful

supply until the end of


Eating two feijoas

provides 64 percent of

your recommended

daily intake of vitamin


Feijoa Association

director Julia Third says

they are a useful and

tasty snack to have on

hand at this time of


“Feijoas are really

high in vitamin C. With

the flu season coming

up, it’s more important

than ever to consume

plenty of fresh fruit to

boost our immune systems

and fight off any

coughs, colds or bugs,”

she says.

Feijoas are a source

of fibre which helps you

feel fuller for longer

and is important for

digestive health.

Breakfast is an ideal

time to include feijoas

in your diet. Scoop out

the flesh and enjoy them

with adollop of yoghurt

or add some to your

cereal or warm bowl of

porridge. Feijoa

smoothies are also

delicious and can be

made with either milk

or coconut water for a

non­dairy option.

Other popular serving

ideas include making

feijoa chutney, muffins

or simply eating them

straight off the tree.

“Generations of New

Zealanders have grown

up eating as many feijoas

as they can handle

from the tree in their

back garden. The

flavour is truly unique

so make sure you enjoy

them while they’re in

season this year.”

This year the nationwide

crops are expected

to provide around 20

per cent more volume

than last year, with

around 1500 tonnes

expected to be harvested.

“Feijoas are successfully

grown in many

parts of the country

including Nelson/Tasman,

Gisborne, Bay of

Plenty, Waikato, Auckland

and in the Far

North. This year’s

drought has provided an

extra challenge but for

orchards with irrigation

the fruit size will be on

par with previous



Kitchen Dreams

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Our highlyexperienced


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The Renovation Experts

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leaves, hail and vermin from blocking

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Supporting the community

96 Tancred Street,Ashburton.

Phone 3078317






know about your


...inthe Courier’s monthly

Baby Page completely free of charge.

Simply post or email aphotoofthe new

arrival along with the birth details to:

PO Box12Ashburton. Email:


Photos forMay 14 to

be received by 12 noon



Choking children cause forconcern

The risk of choking among exploring

babies and inquistive toddlers while

the nation is on Covid-19 alert level four

is causing concern among Canterbury

medical personnal. They are reminding

Canterbury parents and caregivers to

keep aclose eye onthe tamariki intheir

care whileinlockdown to reducethe risk

of choking if an object becomes lodged

in their airway.

As families adjust to life athome under

alert level 4, there ispotentially agreater

risk of bored or inquisitive young

children putting something in their

mouth that gets stuck or accidentally

inhaled, which may require emergency

medical attention.

Canterbury DHB paediatric surgeon

professor Spencer Beasley says parents

and caregivers need to keep an even

more careful eye on children now,

especially with some families now

juggling working and caring for their

young children at home.

“Parents and caregivers need to be

particularly cautious about children

being offered peanuts, especially in

the under-six age group where whole

peanuts should never be given asthey

can block the windpipe so the child

Stepping Stones@Braebrook

Stepping Stones @Braebrook is locally owned and we pride

ourselves on being family focused,flexible and fun!

Trust, love and security are fostered through meaningful

moments with teachers. Wenurture capability inchildren and

view them as partners in their learning and care –taking the

time to ensure interactions are respectful and unhurried as we

build relationships with our learners. Our dedicated team of

Kaiako teach from the heart and value trusting relationships

with the children and their families.

Calm, open spaces encourage natural development -achance

for pēpē to explore and discover, intheir own time. Heuristic

resources and experiences are woven throughout our spaces

allowing children to freely explore their senses and discover a

rangeofmaterials though their play.

Regular excursions within the communityare avalued learning

experience asare visits from our music teacher, family and

friends reading stories and local school groups sharing their

learning with us.

We are open 7:30 am -6pm and have flexible sessions to suit

your families needs. Wehave excellent ratios and believe in

alwaysproviding high qualitycareand education forall children

from 3months –6years old.

We have limited spaces currently available in our Under Two

cannot breathe.

“Other objects that should be kept away

from children include the small sticker

labels on fruit, tiny magnets, button

batteries and small Lego pieces. Inthe

past few weeks alone, we have had

two such cases in Christchurch,” says

Professor Beasley.

As well as protecting children from

choking hazards, avoiding a trip to

hospital at this time means they get to

stayintheir home bubble wherethey are


Of all the procedures and surgical

operations that hospitals undertake,

removing foreign bodies from airways

is the one of the most dangerous, and

carries ahigh risk for staff during the

Covid-19 pandemic.

“It isnot just the child who is at risk –if

the child brought COVID-19 with them

into the hospital environment, it could

put an entiresurgical team at risk as well.

“We all have aresponsibility toensure

our frontline healthcare staff are kept

safe,”addsProfessor Beasley.

learning setting with more spaces coming available soon. As

always, we encourage you toget in touch early to talk to us

about spacefor your child.

Follow usonFacebook and take alook at our Website for

more information –www.steppingstones.net.nz or contact us


If youare looking forafriendly,

family focused Preschool foryour

child please get in touch


available spaces foryour





Play is work

and work is fun

Where Children Learn


Contact: Kindergarten

Association Manager

Ph: 308 3779

Email: association@ashkindy.co.nz


Asmall homely centre,

with anature based philosophy.

Stephanie Hansen Amanda Moore

Centre Directors

7Roxburgh Place Tinwald Ashburton

phone 03 307 0420 twpreschool@gmail.com

We are taking enrolments

from 4months to 6years.

For further information

phone 308 0380 or call in to see us at

174-176 Chalmers Avenue, Ashburton

PHONE 03 307 2088

022 061 4672

Magnolia Drive, Netherby


us on




Page 10, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020


BULLING Mavis Louisa,

on April 4, 2020. Passed

away peacefully at home,

Ashburton, aged 86 years.

Beloved wife ofthe late Ian

(Tim) Bulling and the late

Ted Bulling. Dearly loved

mother and mother in

law of Christine and Chris

Munro, Janice and Syd

Taylor, Glenda and Graeme

Erskine, and Robert and

Maureen Bulling, and a

much loved nana, great

Nana, and great great nana.

Messages to 14a Graham

Street, Ashburton 7700. A

special thank you to the

District Nurses and the

PalliativeCareTeam fortheir

help and support. Aprivate

cremation will be held.




03 307 7433

COOLING, Irene Joan:

With sadness we announce

the passing on 16th

March 2020 of Joan (nee

Williamson) at Ashburton

Hospital,aged 92 years.

Cherished wife, mother,

grandmother, greatgrandmother

and sister.

dedicated teacher and

accomplished equestrienne,

throughout her life. Life

member and Patron ofNew

Zealand Hackney Society.

Many thanks forthe support

of the Home Support

Services Team, Ward 2,

Ashburton Hospital and

Ellesmere Hospital for their

loving care.

At Joan’s request aprivate

Cremation has been held

and aMemorial Service will

be held at alaterdate.

0800 2MEMORY

027 637 1229

GARDINER, Noelene: On

April 1,2020 at Ashburton

Hospital. Dearly loved wife

of the late Les. Cherished

Mum ofKathleen and Ross

Morrison. Much loved nana

GofMichelle, Phillipa and

Paul, and Chris and Clare.

Dearly loved great nan of

Jordan and Paige, Riley and

Quinn, and Caleb, Jadyn

and Maia, and great great

nan of Hunter.

“Will be sadly missed.”

Messages to the Gardiner

family P O Box 472,

Ashburton 7740. Special

thanks to Dr Sue Foley

and the staff at the Rakaia

Medical Centre, the Rakaia

first responders, St John



Hospital Staff and Nicki

and Bruce Kelly. Privately

crematedaswas her wish.




03 3077433

Family Notices


GARDINER, Noelene: On

April 1,2020 at Ashburton

Hospital. Dearly loved wife

of the late Les. Loved and

cherished mum, best friend

and nan of Karen and Frank

Bennett, Steve, and Scott

and Celine. Sorry we can’t

be with you.

“Thanks for being the best


KEENAN Hazel (nee

Watts). Passed away

peacefully at Radius

Millstream, Ashburton

on 4 April 2020, aged 99

years. Loved wife of the

late James Joseph Keenan.

Dearly lovedmother of Tony

and Gwenda, Leslie and

Colleen, Frank and Ainslee,

Marion and David Oakley,

and Heather and George


Supporting the


96 Tancred Street,


Phone 307 8317

Also a treasured

Nana of 13 grandchildren

and 16 great grandchildren.

Messages to 106 Johnstone


The family wish to thank

Dr Sparks and the Radius

Millstream staff for their

devoted care ofour mother.

“Treasured memories always,

she will be sadly missed.”

Due to COVID19 a private

burial will take place.




03 3077433

TOD, Noreen Patricia:

Peacefully at Ashburton

Hospital on Wednesday,

April 1,2020 aged 82 years.

Dearly loved wife of the

late Charlie, cherished and

adored mother and motherin-law

of Kathleen and

Gerald Goulter, and Chris

and Karen. Dearly loved

nana and great-nana of

Grace, Samuel, and Charlie,

Luke, Briarne, William, Lee,

Amelia, and Malia. Loved

sister and sister-in-law

of Anna and Brian Fahey,

Michael (dec) and Eileen

Crowe, and Colleen and

John (dec) Gorman, and a

special Aunty toher nieces

and nephews. Messages to:

The Tod family, c/- POBox

6035, Ashburton 7742.

A private interment has

been held, and aMemorial

Mass will be held at alater


0800 2MEMORY

027 637 1229

Family owned,

locally owned



22 MooreStreet,


0800 2636679


Arrest for travel breach

Ashburton police have arrested

a27­year­old man for

breaching alert level 4


The man was arrested on

Sunday night, after previously

being stopped twice by police

for undertaking non­essential

travel and warned.

He has been charged with

obstructing amedicalofficer of

health and driving while

impaired. He will appearinthe

Ashburton District Court later

this month.

Ashburton senior sergeant

Leigh Jenkins said police were

prepared to arrest people

thumbing their noses at

restrictions imposed during the

nationwide fight against Covid­


‘‘We want everyone to stay

safe and in general people are

following the restrictions.

‘‘However, as this arrest

Limbering up online

Tinwald’s Life Dance Academy

(LDA) is managing to

bring its dancing family

together and is providing a

dancing fix, despite the lockdown.

LDA has around 400

students, ranging from toddlers

through to adults, and has

set up a private members’

page on Facebook and is

running daily photo and video

challenges with adance focus.

Some challenges invite

dancers to break dance, or

video a trampoline dance


Others invite them to share

the love of dance by making

videos of themselves dancing

like animals, or walking like


‘‘We are in super close

contact with all of our

students throughout this time

ensuring our dancers keep on

sharing their dancing love,’’

said LDA’s Madi Wilson.

‘‘We are so excited to be

going live with our online

classes from April 13.’’

Right: Dance teacher Madi

Wilson and daughter Lylah

showing the fifth position

as they encourage other

dancers to stay connected.

Aperfect venue for





Trott’s Garden

371RacecourseRoad, Ashburton

www.trotts.co.nz |Email: info@trotts.co.nz


shows, there are asmall

number of people deliberately

flouting the restrictions and on

these occasions we will make


‘‘The message is simple –stay

home and save lives.’’

Police have also been dealing

with other types of anti­social

behaviour in the past week ­

people playing their stereos too

loudly during the day and

people who objected to waiting

in aqueue at the supermarket.

Mr Jenkins saidpolice were

called to Countdown on East

Street last week afteran

altercation betweentwo males

and asecurity guard.

The two argued with the

guard over how they were to

queue while waiting to enter

the supermarket, which was

controlling numbers of

shoppers so people could

maintain physical distancing.

Mr Jenkins said police were

investigating aminor assault on

the security guard and inquiries

involved the registered owner

of avehicle of interest.

He said peoplegoing to

supermarkets needed to plan

for the possibility of having to

line up and wait for atime

before beingallowedtoenter.

People needed to remain

calm when asked to maintain

physical distance.

He said peopleathome also

needed to spare athought for

their neighbours if they were

playing loud music at home.

Police have noticed an

increase in noise complaints

during the day ­normally most

complaints are at night.

Mr Jenkins said most

complaints were about loud


At least one stereo has been


Anchors on frontline

Bags of sand that have been

holding down gazebos at Ashburton’s

community­based Covid­19

assessment centre have been

replaced by concrete blocks, supplied

by Stuart Tarbotton Contracting.

The centre comprises several

small pre­fab buildings, with

gazebos offering shelter and privacy

for those being initially

screened. The centre is one of 60

community­based assessment centres

around the country.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Lake Hood out

Lake Hood is closed toboaties and

people hoping to play the nine­hole

golf course. Stand­in lake manager

Gary Casey said public toilets had

beenlocked and the gates that gave

access to the boat ramp and

southern part of the lake had also

been locked todeter people during

the alert level 4lockdown. People

were still able towalk around the

perimeter of the lake onthe sealed


No hunting

Hunting, fishing, tramping,

swimming, boating and any activity

that could require search and

rescue is not allowed during the

alert level 4lockdown. New orders

under the Health Act mean police

would be fully justified in arresting

or stoppingpeople hunting or being

outside their place of residence,

firearms owners have been told by

an advisory organisation. The roar

might have tempted some hunters

to break the lockdown rules.

Wi­Fi off

The Ashburton District Council

has turned off the public Wi­Fi at

the Ashburton Library to stop

people gathering outside the building

to use the free internet connection.

People are often outside

the facility accessing the Wi­Fi,

especially ifthey don’t have access

at home.

Online story

The Ashburton Library is setting

up an online service where people

can access videos of authors reading

their own books. The service is

popular in Australia with youngsters

tuning in to listen to


Toilets open

The Mayfield toilets have been

unlocked so truckies using the

Scenic Route have somewhere to

pee. The toilets, like some other

public facilities, had been locked

because they were not being serviced.

Public toilets are open on

East Street and at the Hinds


Hearing aids

Ashburton Hearing Association

president Aine Whiting says her

organisation wishes to remind

those who wear hearing aids to be

careful around face masks. Thereis

a risk of bumping or dislodging

hearing aids when putting a face

mask onortaking it off and while

wearing one. Those with hearing

aids are advised to ensure their

devices are secure. The Ashburton

Hearing Association is closed but

anyone needing hearing aid batteries

may phone 308 3999.

Cancer society

The Cancer Society’s Mid Canterbury

centre isclosed at present,

but support and information is still

available. ‘‘We understand that the

Covid­19 pandemic is really challenging

for those living with cancer,’’

said centre manager Annie

Bonifant. She is available for advice

and information on 307­7691.

Alternately the 0800 CANCER

information line is also available,

seven days a week from 8.30am

until 8.30pm. ‘‘Take care ofyourselves.’’

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020, Page 11

Students bake to

fund own devices

Home baking is helping

get chromebooks into

the hands of some

students at Ashburton


Running for the past

couple of years, the

initiative sees students

work after school at

regular baking sessions

to make sweet treats that

are then sold and profits


Co­ordinated by Ashburton

College assistant

headofsenior school Liz

Carrick, the project

enabled the purchase of

10 chromebooks last

year and has already

funded threesothis year.

Ms Carrick said she

loved baking and shared

that love and knowledge

to assist students who

couldn’t afford adevice

at school to get one.

Students ‘‘learned and

earned’’ through the


‘‘Last year students

made and sold supper

items at housie nights

run at Hampstead

Rugby Club.

‘‘As well as learning

how to cook, measure

and follow instructions,

they were also able to

develop good customer


Ms Carrick said this

year the baking effort

Julianna Apoldo and Tiffany Agacer with

sweet treats made through the baking

initiative to raise money for chromebooks.

was directed at the sizeable

staff and support

staff at Ashburton College.

She supervised

students at afternoon

baking sessions after

school and produce was

soldatmorningtea time.

Older style baking

favourites like afghans,

tan squares, neenish

slices and brownies were

made, as well as arange

of gluten­free products.

Profits were around

$150 a week and

students were involved

with the initiative for as

long asittook to fund a


The students involved

were from Year 11and

Year 12.

All of theprofits made

are looked after by Ms

Carrick, who then shops

aroundfor good deals on

new and refurbished


Eight students have

beenbaking to be ableto

own their own

chromebooks in Term 1

and three chromebooks

have so far been purchased.

The baking for

devices initiative will

continue when normal

school life returns.

Homeschool mum’s tips

By Mick Jensen

Masks made in Methven

Members of the Methven

community are making

face masks for essential

workers, the elderly and

anyonewho wantstowear


A campaign by Methven

doctors Gayle

O’Duffy and Sophie

Febery isurging locals to

wear face masks whenever

they go to the supermarket,

or pharmacy in

order to protect themselves

and others against

any possible spread of


Helping to co­ordinate

the local face mask making

effort is Cherie Irwin,

who is working with seven

other women at present to

boost mask supplies.

Mrs Irwin said the nondisposable

masks that

were being sewn could be

washed and reused.

The masks provided an

added layer of protection.

‘‘The advice we have

from our local doctors is

that people could have

Covid­19 and be asymptomatic.

We don’t know

who those people are, so

let’s help protect everyone

else from unintentional


The slogan ‘‘my mask

protects you, your mask

protects me’’ very much

applied to the current

situation, said Mrs Irwin.

The ideal scenario was

for as many people as

possible make their own

masks, but that was not

possible, she said.

‘‘We are hoping that

quite a few people can

sew extras. So far the

consensus is that elastic

ear loops are much easier

than ties to put on and

they stay in place better.

‘‘A nose holder is

handy, but not necessary.’’

She saidmasks could be

made from any tightly

woven fabric and people

should use materials they

already had at home.

There were literally

hundreds of designs on

Facebook, some very

crude and simple that

used apaper towels and

elastic bands, and others

that were a bit more


All masks would give

some form of protection

and were better than


Masks made by the

local sewers are earmarked

for essential workers,

people delivering and

receiving meals on wheels

and others.

They come with ashort

safety notice and are

delivered only during

necessary trips out.

Anyone wanting more

information or to join the

sewing effort can contact

Mrs Irwin by email at

cherie@irwin.nz or via


Pictured: Cherie Irwin

with masks made by

Melinda Lattimore for

the project. (Photo: Bill



LargestProperty Management


peace of mind, better customer

service for you, your tenant &

your property!


p /

308 6173

191 Burnett St, Ashburton

Eva Greenland is a

homeschool mum of six

and knows better than

most what it takes to keep

young people happy and

occupied during a lockdown

at home.

She currently

homeschools three of her

children and has ahousehold

of eight to look


Her mission with

homeschooling is to keep

building relationships

with her children.

Good relationships

mean you are able to

build a happy and productive

family, she says.

Now was an opportunity

for all parents to hang

out with their children,

get to know them even

better and to really ‘‘like’’

their kids, she said.

Homeschooling for her

was about ‘‘doing life with

my kids’’ and teaching

them precious life skills.

She was very low tech

with her approach.

‘‘We cook together,

enjoy reading, and reading

aloud together, even

the 15­year­old, and we

generally learn through

doing everyday shared


Cake­making taught

maths skills and how to

follow instructions, while

trips out revealed so

many exciting opportunities

and subjects to learn

Enjoying Cluedo are Bella Greenland, 12, Josh

Greenland, 8, Mathew Hepburn, 15, and Caleb

Greenland, 11.


Her children had alove

of reading and were able

to pick up books that

interested them, rather

than books they were told

to read.

World War Two was a

current focus and through

research the children had

decided to start their own

diaries during lockdown

to detail areas such as

how they feel, what they

do to occupy their time

and what they eat.

The diaries were something

they could look

back at in years to come

and share with their families.

Mrs Greenland said

the lockdown situation

meant her family could

hang out together more

than usual, enjoy each

others company and do

activities like puzzles and


While the family

enjoyed some television

time, it was kept to a


Her children also

mixed with others who

went to school through

activities like ballet.

‘‘Unfortunately, for

now, the lockdown means

we cannot catch up with

the 10 or 12 other

homeschool families we

usually meet up with once

or twice aweek for swimming

or art.’’

Mrs Greenland said

she was no ‘‘super mum’’,

and had not been academic

at school, but she

enjoyed homeschooling.

Her oldest two children,

she said, had

already made it to university.

Image Credit: thespinoff.co.nz,@SIOUXSIEW,@XTOTL


My officesinAshburtonand Timaru are

closed underCOVID alert4measures.

For any assistance you can still contact me

by ringing 03 308 7510 or email me directly at:


Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 should phone

their doctor or Healthline on 0800 3585453

Authorised by Andrew Falloon MP,

139Stafford Street,Timaru.

Andrew Falloon,

MP forRangitata

For thelatest info:

who.int, health.govt.nz

Page 12, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Council staff redeployed to welfare jobs

Some Ashburton District Council

staff havebeen moved from their

regular jobs to help front­line health

workers in the fight against Covid­19.

Staff are helping with

administration and sanitisation at

Ashburton’s community­based

assessment centre, wherepeople are

referred for screening and testing for

the virus.

Council CEO HamishRiach said

other staff were involved in welfare

checks on over 70s and other

responses, like delivering

prescriptions and groceries.

He said staff had made ahuge

effort to work remotely and take on

other jobs to keep essential services

ticking over.

Senior council managers updated

councillors at an online meetingvia

Zoom last week.

Mayor Neil Brown praised all the

district’s essential workers and said

residents by and large had been

complying with lockdown directions

to stay home while the countrywas

under alertlevel 4.

He said localpolice were reporting

afew flouting the rules, but those

people would soon find thatwould be

met with atougher response.

“The economy now in our district

is reasonably stressed and we as

council need to help,and keep the

economy going, as allpeople do. We

need to get through it, we have to, to


Deputy mayor Liz McMillan said

she had been sent messages about

people using council playgrounds,

despite these being shut during the


“Some people think itisOKtogo

out there and use these facilities.”

Mr Riach said council staff were

involved across the community,

doing agreat job helping different

groups of people.

Library staff had been ringing the

over 70s on theirmembership

database and asking if they were OK

or needed help. Welfare assistance

was also available through its civil

defence team on 0800 24 24 11.

Four staff were helping at the

community­based assessment centre,

which screened and tested people for

Covid­19. One staff member was


centre and the others helped sanitise

consulting rooms after each patient.

More staff would be needed to

assist at the centre as testing ramped

up, and with welfare duties as the

lockdown progressed.

Other council staff are helping

deliver essential items and

prescriptions to vulnerable people in

the community, and delivering Meals

on Wheels.

The economic developmentteam

has been in touch with 114 businesses

in the district by email or phone.

Mr Brownsaid it was important to

keep the district goingand council

was already looking at “shovelready”

projects that might qualify for

Government funding. Industry

leaders havebeen askedtoseek out

infrastructure projects that are ready

to start as soon as the construction

industry returns to normal and

smaller projects that benefit the

regions will be considered.

Group manager strategy and

compliance Jane Donaldson said

council staffwere still processing

buildingconsents and resource

consents received electronically,

though no site visits were being

conducted. Some staff had been

redeployed to other helpingjobs.

Cr JohnFalloon said he had never

seensomany people out walking.

Ashburton Mayor Neil Brown

Resilience will be tested

We have now entered our

third week of the lockdown.

It’s aworld away from

everything we once knew

and has presented many

challenges that each of us

continues to try and work


As with any challenge we

face, our resilience is often

tested and we are pushed to

be adaptive, innovative and


This very approach has helped us

collaborate and create the Essential

Jobs initiative on the Ashburton App,

which Ihope will make areal difference

for residents left without work and

needing to find ajob.

The council has had to adjust in a

number of other ways too. We’ve had to

change the rubbish and recycling service

and our public facilities have closed.

We also had our very first remote

video council meeting last week which

was areal milestone in our council’s

history. Councillors and staff logged into

the remote meeting from their homes

rather than coming together at the

council chambers and Imust say, it went

very well.

We were still able to discuss matters

as we usually would, ask questions and

make decisions. The meeting was also

livestreamed on to the council Facebook

page and YouTube channel like any

normal meeting, so residents were able

to see what’s happening around the

‘‘virtual’’ council table.

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at the same time

Spend a couple of hours

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Ashburton Courier and Realty in

the Ashburton urban area.

Enjoy the fresh air, stay fit and

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to get startedoremail



Mayor Neil Brown

This same arrangement

will be happening today

(April 9) as we log on for

another meeting, this time

to consider areport on what

we can do with our rates

going forward.

Tomorrow will be the

start of the Easter long

weekend and Iknow that for

many, this year’s activities

will not be what they might

have planned for afew

weeks ago.

Holidays away with friends and family

will not go ahead and we won’t be able

to come together to celebrate the

occasion in usual fashion.

This Easter may be achance to

reflect: our families, arenewed

connection to our neighbours and

friends via technology, and our

increased sense of community spirit and

care for those around us.

Although the Alert Level 4lockdown

has separated us physically, Ibelieve it

has helped bring us together, united in a

common cause. It is certainly good to

see so many of us, not only doing our

part to reduce the spread of the virus,

but also making areal effort to check in

on others .

Don’t forget, if you need welfare

assistance at this time, anew helpline

(0800 24 24 11) is now operating from

7am to 7pm each day to help you access

essentials such as food and medication.

Take care, everyone and let’s keep

looking out for each other.

The Ashburton Domain showing its autumn colours.

Domain views extended

The Ashburton District Council

has extended consultation on the

Ashburton Domain Development

Plan while the country remains in

alert level 4because of Covid­19.

Councillors met online via

Zoom last week and agreed a

close­off date for submissions

would be set once the district

moved back to alert level 1.

Strategy and policy manager

Toni Durham said council would

continue to receive submissions on

the long­term development plan

and it was possible the

consultation period would end up

being three months, rather than

three weeks. “It could lead to us

getting agreater level of interest

and range of feedback.”

More than 60 people have

already made submissions on the

plan, many against moving the

Ashburton Bowling Club, which as

operated from central greens and

aclubrooms for more than 100


Other suggested domain

projects over the next 30 years

include moving the paddling pool

closer to the playground, building

heritage and botanical trails,

upgrading playground equipment,

creating anew central hub that

could accommodate acafé and a

new entrance from Walnut


Submissions were to have closed

on April 5but will now remain


Councillor Stuart Wilson said

that many over 70s who wanted to

be part of the consultation process

were staying at home during the

lockdown to be safe. Some would

be part of the second stage of

consultation, involving hearings, if

the planned timetable continued.

“It is the right thing to do to

extend it so everyone gets to have

their say on the important matter

of the domain in the next 30

years,” Mayor Neil Brown said.

Councillors also paused the

consultation process on its speed

limit review and will consider

hearing and deliberation dates

once the district moves back to

alert level 1.

About 200 submissions were

received in the process with 18

people or groups indicating they

wanted to present to council in

person. Hearings and

deliberations were scheduled to

run last week.

Submitters on both projects will

be kept up to date on


Changes to kerbside rubbish

Don’t stressaboutnot beingable to

recycle duringlockdown, sayslongtime

waste campaignerSheryl

Stivens, but get back into the habit

when normal serviceresumes.

All kerbside recycling collected

by the Ashburton District Council

during lockdown is beingtreatedas

rubbish as council is unable to

transport recycling to sorting

centres.Peoplecan put recycling

and glass into both red and yellow

wheelie bins.

Mrs Stivens said Ashburton

district people had become great

recyclers overthe yearsand they

should not feel guilty about

breaking the habitshort­term while

the country triedtoeliminate


She said people could look at

different waystore­useitemslike

cardboard, which could be laid on

gardens as aweed suppressant and

covered with grass clippings.

Someglass jarsand bottlescould

also be re­used.

‘‘This is just temporary. We want

to get backtohugging our


Council said last weekthat glass

in green crates wouldnot be

collected, but people could put

glass in red or yellow wheelie bins

for collection. The green crates

would notbepicked up, asthishad

to be donebyhand.

Infrastructure services group

manager Neil McCann saidthe

lockdown had presented some

challenges to the way council

provided essential services, and

council was adapting as needed.

‘‘We wanttoensure thatwhile

people are stayingathomedoing

the right thing, that their rubbish

and recycling continues to be

pickedupand isn't sitting around

stockpiling on their properties.’’

Ashburton District MayorNeil

Brownsaid that should people wish

to hold on to their recycling until

services return to normal, they are

welcome to do so.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020, Page 13


Heifer winners decided

Jeremy Duckmanton has taken

out two of the three first­place

titles in the Methven A&P

Association’s annual heifer competition.

He won the rising one­year

heifers born in 2019 and rising

two­year heifers born in 2018


The third class, best line of

rising two­year heifers (2018

born) exhibited by a person

grazing stock other than their

own, for a minimum of two

months, was won by Barrie and

Beth Begg.

The competition, judged prior

to lockdown, saw 25 farmers

enter 37 entries across the three


It was the first time the competition

has run following atwoyear

hiatus due to concern

around the spread of Mycoplasma

bovis (Mbovis).

The judges were David Kelk

(from Austrex), Jimmy McGarva

(a visiting Ayreshire stud breeder

from Scotland) and Sam Kingston

(from Carrfields Livestock).

‘‘Lovely weather made for a

great day of looking at stock and

local farmers (and our sponsors)

catching up.

Judges Sam Kingston and Jimmy McGarva during the judging

of heifers in the reinstated Methven A&P Association heifer

competition. Photo Andrew Oram.

‘‘We had agood following of

farmers and sponsors too, which

was great to see after acouple of

years off due to Mbovis,’’ organisers


The competition included

sponsorship from ANZ, Austrex,

BNZ, Donaghys, Deosan, Ecolab,

FIL, Jackson Holmes, Livestock

Improvement, May Brothers,

Merial and Paddock Vets.

Results are; Class 1: Rising 1yr

heifers born in 2019 ­1st: Jeremy

Duckmanton, 2nd: Phil and

Donna Lowe, 3rd: Rob and Kim

Turney; Class 2: Rising 2yr

heifers born in 2018 ­1st: Jeremy

Duckmanton, 2nd: Trevor and

Stacey Monson, 3rd: Matthew

and Trudy Holmes; Class 3: Best

line of rising 2yr heifers (2018

born) exhibited by a person

grazing stock other than their

own, for a minimum of two

months ­1st: Barrie &Beth Begg,

2nd: Marr Farms and 3rd: Nathan

and Greta Currie.

Issues being discussed

ahead of moving day

The dairy industry’s annualmoving

day is fast approaching for thousands

of farm staff and behind the scenes

members and officials are working

through issues to keep the industry

operating and its people safe.

Ministryfor PrimaryIndustries

(MPI) has been working with groups

such asDairyNZ,Beef +LambNZ,

and FederatedFarmers to determine

the best outcomefor moving day while

ensuring farmersremain safe and


Thosedecisionswill be made

availableinthe coming weeks.

Dairy New Zealand chief executive

Tim Mackle said anumber of issues,

including movingday, were high on

DairyNZ’s radar right now.

“Weare working to ensuredairy

farmers have access to the peoplethey

need–particularly staff and our

migrant workers. We have worked

closely with the Government to see

certainty provided around

immigrationand employment. We are

pleased to see the visa extension

recently announced,” DrMackle said.

“A second priority area is

employment–there is opportunity for

New Zealanders to find careers in

dairyingand help fill staff shortages.

We are working with the Government

on aprogramme which may provide

options for people to go dairying.

“We are also looking aheadto

moving day on June1–this is still a

couple of months away, but we know

planning needstobegin, especially

with uncertainty around lockdown

lengthand potential for stages out of

it. We are preparing for protocolsand

processes farmers and their staff may

need to undertake, when planning to

move between farms.”

He said DairyNZ was committed to

supporting its 11,000 dairy farmersas

they perform their vital food

producing role as an essentialservice.

“DairyNZ is providing support,

adviceand information to dairy

farmerstoensure the best outcomes

for farmers and NewZealanders as

consumers of dairy,” he said.

“It’s critical for everyone to

continuetolook after their healthand

follow the advice to prevent the

spread of Covid­19.”

DairyNZ is actively working with

sectorpartners including dairy

companies, Federated Farmers, the

Rural SupportTrust, DairyWomen’s

Network, the Governmentincluding

Ministers and MPI,toachievecoordinated

support for farmers during






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Page 14, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Labour List MP Jo Luxton

Keep staying home, keep saving lives

I’m writing this 12 days into New

Zealand’s level 4lockdown and the first

thing Iwant to say is abig, heartfelt

thank you to Mid Cantabrians.

Thank you to all our essential

workers providing avaluable service in

tough conditions so we can be healthy,

stay safe, put food on the table, access

medicines, and more.There are around

750,000 workers across New Zealand

providing arange of essential services

during thislockdown, and I’m thankful

to all of them.

Thank you to everyoneco­ordinating

the Government’s response to Covid­

19. There are the faces you see on TV,

of course, like Dr Ashley Bloomfield,

Sarah Stuart­Black, Mike Bush, and

others. But each of them is supported

by ateam of dedicated officials and

other experts.

Most importantly, thanks to all of

you. It’s your daily decisions that will

EA Networks

gives discount

EA Networks, Mid

Canterbury’s locally



pleasedtoput some

moneyback intothe

hands of its valued


The company is

distributing$2.9 million

in consumer discounts to

local electricity


Customers will receive

their discounts in the

form of acredit on their

retail poweraccount. The

credit is based on the

amount of power

consumed in the previous


The timingofthe

refundmay vary slightly

by retailer with many

ultimately determine whether or not

this lockdown works; whether we

succeed indefeating Covid­19 or not.

Thank you for being faithful to your


Thank you for yourkindness towards

others at home, the supermarket, and


And thank you for stayingathome to

customers likely to have

receivedtheir discounts

already. The average

household can expect to

receive acredit of about


In additiontothe

consumer discount, EA

Networks recently

announced an average

14% decreaseinnetwork

prices effective from

April 1. This means the

averagehousehold in

Mid Canterbury should

save about $110 this year.

With this price drop

coming at the same time

as the discountbeing

paid, it is hopedthat the

combined benefits will be


during what is astressful

period for many.

Football club still

hopeful of season

TheMid Canterbury

United Football Club

(MCUFC) committee is

hopingtokickoff the

season for local Saturday

leagues onMay 16.



date fortravellingteams

that play in Christchurch


MCUFC president Neil

Simons said thecountry

wasliving wasintimes of

uncertainty andwas

followingadvice from its


Thefootball community,

likeall others,was notable

to make anyfirm

predictions about when the

seasonwould start,but

simply hadtobepatient

and hadtoadjustits


‘‘We arestillhoping to

get afootballseason. So if

you have not,please

register on Comet and get

those team and individual

entries to us by emailto


Walkway funds

Methven Community

Board (MCB) will use

$5155 from its discretionary

funds to improve a

725m stretch of the Mt

Harding Track.

The track is part of the

longer Methven Walkway

and the proposed upgrade

section runs from Holmes

Road to the RDR.

Nearly half of the funds

($2400) will be spent on

topping up the track with

silica sand and alayer of

lime chip.

The remainder will be

used to build a bridge

over the creek.

Yearly maintenance is

estimated at around


MCB has $10,000 in

discretionary funds touse

during the current financial


We areopen

Tuesdays10am-2pm foressential

services only including:

• Cashwithdrawalsand deposits thatcannotbedonevia

internet banking and/orATM

• Replacement cashflow cards

• Sig ing of documents

• Setting up orresetting access to internetbanking

• Change orders/deposits for essentialservices

operating during current alertlevel

Forall COVID related requests please visit asb.co.nz/covid-19

Forall other requests please use FastNet Classic, you can also request assistance bysending

us asecure message via ‘My Message’. Alternatively, please call our contact centre on

0800 803 804 (available 8:30-5pm, 7days aweek)

ASB Bank Limited 6036 21805 0320

save lives.

The Courier has asked that Ishare

my experiences of lockdown with you,

the highs, lows and everything in

between as I, along with you all,

navigate this disruption to our everyday


Iamabletowork from home and it’s

been working really well. Idon’t have

little children but the cat and dog do

insist on being in the office with me,

they will open the door and let

themselves in.

So I’ve been having Select Committee

meetings, Zoom meetings and have

also been makingWelfare Calls to over

65s in our community to make sure

they are supported and have what they


Ihave to admit that when I’m away

from home so much I do miss the

everyday chores, so it’s been nice to be

able to do those normal things. Ihave

started ironing! I don’t usually iron

unlessit’s something Iwant to wear but

when you’re limited for options of what

to do in aday Ithought I’d get into it.

Idefinitely recommend exercise of

some sort during the lockdown! I’ve

taken to walking out in Hinds every

day, I’ve even managed to drag my son

along too!

One lovely thing that happened is

that my sister Teresa, who has Down

Syndrome, isstruggling abit to understand

the lockdown and why we can’t

see each other. She watches the news

and tells me that “my boss” (the Prime

Minister) said she has to stay at home

to stay safe so she doesn’t get sick. I

happened to tell the Prime Minister

this story and she made awee video to

send to Teresa and consequently Ihave

the happiest sister ever!

I am missing spending time with

Teresa terribly. I really miss actual

social interactions with my friends and

colleagues and other members of my


Iamhaving FaceTime and Zoom

meetings tostay in touch socially. My

daughter isover in Edinburgh working

on afarm, she decided not to come

home so I’m pestering her more on

FaceTime than Inormally would.

If we can all continue to work

together to make this lockdown work,

we can stop the spread of Covid­19,

eliminate the disease here, and potentiallysave

many thousands of Kiwi lives.

If we manage that as acountry, I’m

sure every New Zealander would take

tremendous personal pride in what

we’d achieved together. So please, on

behalf of all Kiwis, please keep it up.

Thank you Mid Canterbury for

uniting against Covid­19. By staying

home we break the chain of transmission

and save lives.


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020, Page 15


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Page 16, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020

Properties of the Week

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

98 Pages Road PBN

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and bedroom areas

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•This generouslyproportioned and immaculately presentedfamily home is privatelypositioned

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149 Forest Drive, Methven POA

•1.8183ha (approx.4acres).

•5bedrooms,3bathrooms,3living areas

•Arena, stables,paddocks,large workshop,manysheds

•Firsttime this much lovedproperty is offered to the market

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65 Northpark Road PBN

•Indoor swimming pool

•10car garaging plus 3bay shed,one lockable

•5bedrooms,3bathrooms plus office


•Separatemedia room/lounge

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115 Smithfield Road $226,000

•4360 sq m, 5minutes from town •Shared well alreadyinplace

•Power andFibreatboundary •Great building site

•Bareland with services at the boundary. Waterisprovidedbythe shared well thatisalreadyin

placealong with the ADCapproved septic tank plan.

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95 Cameron Street By Negotiation

•1116 sq msubdividable with shared access driveway to rear of section

•4bedrooms plus office, master with ensuiteand walk through robe.

•Separate lounge off entranceand dining/kitchen

•Double garage

•Double glazing throughout

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schools and social events.You will enjoycookingupastorminthis spacious modern kitchen that

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119A Racecourse Road

By Negotation

•Welcoming entranceleading to asunny large open plan kitchen- dining/living.

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•Separate formal Lounge with featured vaulted ceiling,

•Three double bedrooms and aspaciousofficeorfourthsingle bedroom

E: chrissy.milne@raywhite.com

14 Williamson Place $280,000

•This home features agood sized lounge and dining area. Off the lounge,the conservatoryisan

absolutesun trapduring both winterand summer and adds on thatlittle bit of extraspace, while

thefloor mountedheatpump is the perfectadditionduring the wintermonths.

•Twobedrooms within the home all featurebuilt in wardrobes.

•Excellentoutside spacewith agood sized garden.

E: jill.quaid@raywhite.com

48/1236 RiverRoad,Hakatere $110,000

•Two ample bedrooms

•Fabulous familyfriendlyopen plan kitchen, dining,living area

•Bathroom completewith toilet,shower, vanity, bathroom heater

•Recently paintedinsideand out

•Homelyand warm with afreestanding log fire

E: kim.miller@raywhite.com


please register your interest

in apropertybyemailing

the listing agentshown

under each property


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020, Page 17

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Until Sold


South New Bri

Gymnastics, w

•Story, more p

What’s in store

the property m

in 2020?

Read the full articl


Caleb Griffioen 0276


• By Jess Gibson

WITH MORE than 100edible

speciesinhis garden, Dave

Brycewould give anyvegetable

shop arun for its money.

Whichiswhythe Mt

Pleasant resident,who is also

lending for buying, building or renovating your new home

Refinancing home loans to get best possible interest rates

available and astructure to suit your goal

Lending for purchase of rental and investment properties

Business lending

Aservice that is totally mobile and at NO COST to you



Connecting Your Community


RaeKura Eco VillageGroup,

wassuccessful at theLinwood-


Garden Awards.

He received aspecial

awardfor BestSustainability

Connecting Your Community

DEDICATED: Dave Bryce is passionate about gardening as it is sustainable and promotes healthy eating.

Michelle lindsay

Mortgage advisor

Phone 021 346 265

Features andwas one of seven

recognised in theResidential

House Category.

The awards were presented to

Mr Bryceataceremony held at

theMatuku Takotako: Sumner

Centre earlierthis month.


At themoment,edible

items in Mr Bryce’sgarden

include pumpkins, courgettes,


tomatoes, berries, nutsand


•Turn to page 6


• By Jess Gibson


RESOURCE consent hasbeen

granted foramajorcommercial

andresidentialdevelopment in


Collett’sCorner, athree-storey

complex, is nowastepcloser to

being builtonOxfordStater

Christchurch City Council

approvedthe consentapplication

from Ohu Development -the

group behindthe project.

The project is being fundedby

the first crowdfundingcampaign

under takeninNew Zealandfor a

commercial development.

However,before work starts on

the complex, OhuDevelopment

will need to raise between

$800,000 and$1.4millioninits

secondround of crowdfunding,

whichisplanned to start on

April 2.

The publicwilldecide whether

or not the secondcrowdfunding

bidwill go ahead on thatdate.

In asurvey by Ohu

Development, people can

choosewhether they think the


continue, or should bepaused

until theCovid-19 outbreakis

broughtunder control.



her dream





1 St Marga

ent has a p

Connecting Your Community

Page 3 Page 5


Connecting Your Community

283 Gr ers Road Bryndwr,



03 359 0582

Funded by the Parliamentary Service.

Authorised by Ge ry Brownl e MP,

Parliament Buildings, We lington.


GIRLBOSS: Julia Holmes wantstobeageneticist after high school, and feelsthe GirlBoss Advantage programmewillhelp

herachieveher dreams.


• By Bea Gooding

from ayoung agehas always Juliaisone of25young industries that were oten maledominated,

with particular

been interested in how things women chosen around the

WEST MELTON’S Julia worked, oten taking things country to participate in focus on science, technology,

Holmes is on amissionto apart just to put them back theGirlBoss Advantage engineeringand maths.

make adifference in theworld. together.

programmenextmonth, Shewas shocked to hear the

The fiteen-year-old has That passion haslanded her designed to mentorthe news from her mother.

apassionfor biology, and theopportunityofher dreams. female leaders of tomorrow in •Turntopage 5

Do you have trouble

hearing and need a

hearing test? Your

local hearing expert,

Brenna Sincock, is

here tohelp you get

your best hearing.

Call (03) 390 2332

Shop 40 Rolleston Square, 9Masefield Dr, Rolleston 7614

Rolleston |Darfield |Leeston |Lincoln

•Open 5days aweek •

•Late night appointments (these fill fast!) •

•FREE adjustments for ACC funded clients •

•Fully funded ACC options •

•Hearing aids in all price brackets •

Local Selwyn Audiology

At The Laboratory

17 West Belt


Take in an

ice cream or


Cheap Tuesdays $10 Any Film, Any Time










e in t



has a p

No review





• ByMattSlaughter

• By DevonBolger

ANYDECISIONonhelping people

whomay struggletopay theirrates

will come from theGovernment,

thedistrictcouncil says.



Said district open

council chief sed c


executiveDavid lesto

Ward:“(We) will

be guidedby esw



ce, Sw

policy and

guidelines in

relation to financial

assistance Facilit



David Ward


It is likely to be anational



Mr Ward said it isstill too early

to tellexactly what assistancethe

community will need.

“It’sveryearlydays andI

think that we arejust looking

at howwerespondtothe virus.

For us, it’s aboutresponsiveness

to thecentralgovernment

guidelines, thesafetyofstaff

andthe safety of ourcommunities.”

It follows calls from

Christchurchcitycouncillors to

stop ratesincreases in response

to theCovid-19 crisis.

•Turn to page 3

Buy your tickets online

or from the bar


Dine a the

Lab before

or after

Another Chance UK Feel Good Classic Cinema Jane Austin Comedy Historical Drama Family Fun

Tuesday, 24March

Thursday, 26March

Saturday, 28March

11:00AM The Gentlemen

R16 11:00 AM Little Women G 10:30 AM TheBig Trip

1:10 PM Parasite

R13 1:35 PM JojoRabbit M 12:10 PM Parasite

3:40 PM TheInvisible Man R16 3:40 PM Parasite R13 2:40 PM Emma

6:05 PM Emma

PG 6:10 PM Radioactive M 5:10 PM TheGentlemen

8:30 PM All atSea

M 8:20 PM All atSea M 7:30 PM All atSea

Wednesday, 25March

Friday, 27March

Sunday, 29March

10:30AM Mums and Bubs, All atSea M 11:00 AM Emma PG 10:30 AM Emma

12:40 PM Emma

PG 1:25 PM Radioactive M 1:00 PM TheBigTrip

3:10 PM TheGentlemen

R16 3:45 PM TheBigTrip PG 2:45 PM All atSea

5:30 PM 1917

R13 5:30 PM All atSea M 4:30PM LittleWomen

7:40 PM TheInvisible Man R16 7:20 PM Emma PG 7:10 PM Radioactive











SPREYDON residentsare

preparingtohelp members of

theircommunity if they are

forced to self-isolatebecause of


Spreydon Neighbourhood

Network Facebookgroup admin

Sonya Hodder got behindthe

idea ater oneofits members

posted askingifresidentsare

willing to supportpeople who

areself-isolatingbydropping off

foodand othersupplies.

Said MrsHodder: “One of the

ladies whoisinthe group works

for theRed Cross andshe’s like

an emergency person, you know,

shegoesout with thefour-wheeldrive

andthat,and shecameup

with theidea andsoIagreed that

we should use ourFacebookpage

as an avenueifanybody does

need help.

“I’m notsurehow needed that

it will be becausemostofthe supermarkets


delivery andthings like that but

it’s just hardtoknowhow it’s goingtopan


“I just think they [people]just

need to letusknowwhat they

need andwe’ll do ourbestto

help,”she said.

MrsHodder saidthere is no

need to panicbut it is important

those who canhelpdotheirbit if

Connecting Your Community


“I just think anythingtohelp

ourcommunity,that’swhat we

[the Spreydon Neighbourhood



and prayers


Connecting Your Community

Network]are about, that’s why

we exist.

“We’ve gottolookater each

other.Iguess it’s going to get

Restore your oiled CEDAR BLINDS with our re-oiling service.

Rejuvenate your lacquered CEDAR BLINDS

High-tech Cleaning

We clean and repair all types of blinds –

Venetians, Cedar, Verticals, Roller, Hollands,

Romans and Pleated – with environmentally

friendly cleaning products.

Temperature Controlled Dry


Re-oiling & Rejuvenating

Fabric Blinds - such as Austrian and


Same Day Pick Up & Drop Off

We offer asame-day, pick upand drop

off service for most types of blinds.

Bookings are required.

Convenient Location

We are located at 47 Mandeville St,

Riccarton (next to Window Treatments

NZ Ltd), parking available onsite


per blind

283 Gr ers Road Bryndwr,



03 359 0582

Funded by the Parliamentary Service.

Authorised by Ge ry Brownl e MP,

Parliament Buildings, We lington.


trickyifthe supermarkets stop

workingand things likethat,and


Mon -Fri

8.00am to 5.00pm


Ph 377 0770,

47 Mandeville St, Riccarton




Hodder says

the Spreydon


Network will help

residents if they

have to selfisolate


of Covid-19.




SAY: Tell us

what you’re

doing to help

your community

prepare for

Covid-19? Email



the doctors,it’shardfor them as



they’re sick,but to phone in and

things like that,” she said.

•Turn to page 6

78 Barrington Str


03 337 0422

Small batchmade from scratch, Coffee to go!

Page 18, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020

Having problems with your internal gutter systems?


Do your drains keep blocking,causing leakage into the soffits and even your house?

Areyour soffits falling out due to water rot?

We canconvert your internal gutters to standard external gutters.



Need help with BOOKKEEPINGor


Youdidn’tgointobusiness to do the

books, butwedid!

Let’shaveachatovercoffeeand seehow Ican help

Silvia Haddock 027 2169478

silvia@bradleyrural.co.nz l solutionsbusiness.co.nz


From before to after.

You’ll notice the difference

with The Courier, 308 7664.



OUR newspaper goes into all

RD’s so why not advertise

with us! The Courier, best

read in town.

Ben Kruger 021 808 739 or 308 4380

BUILDING and property

solutions. For your complete

alteration or renovation.

We project manage

the whole process. Home

and small commercial.

Qualified tradesmen.

Phone Kiwi Building &

Maintenance Ltd. Gary 308

4798, 027 207 1478 or

Cawte 027 418 7955.

CARPET 2You -For all your

flooring needs. Supplier

and installer of carpet and

vinyl, re-stretch & repair

and carpet cleaning. Phone

Mike Gill on 027 491 4210.

CARPET cleaning -Powerful

equipment & fast drying.

Upholstery, mats and rugs.

Experienced owner/operator.

Phone John Cameron

at Supersucker, 027 435

1042 or 308 1677.

CARR’S Chimney Cleaning,

servicing Ashburton and

surrounding districts, $60

per chimney. Phone

Rodney on 03 324 2999

and leave amessage.

COMPUTER problems? For

prompt reliable computer

servicing and laser engraving

contact Kelvin, KJB

Systems Ltd, 4 Ascot

Place, Ashburton. Phone

308 8989. SuperGold discount

card accepted.


Allworkmanship guaranteed

232 BoundaryRoad,Ashburton


E; benkruger@xtra.co.nz


CHIMNEY sweep - For a

professional service call

Dan McKerrow Chimney

Sweep and Repairs on 021

118 7580.

COMPUTER repairs, sales,

training, setup -wireless -

networks, spyware cleanup.

On-site day or evening.

LOW FEES. Call Robin

Johnstone, Networks

Firewalls & PC’s Ltd, 308

1440 or 027 768 4058.

CONCRETE pavers direct to

you - Best prices, many

sizes, textures and colours

- Paveco, 13 Robinson

Street, Industrial Estate.

CONCRETE Services -

Driveways, paths, patios,

mowing edging. Decorative

Concrete specialist 30

years servicing Canterbury.

Free quotes. No job too big

or small. Phone Paul 021

152 1966.

ENGINEERING repairs, fabrication,

farm equipment

service and maintenance,

W.O.F. repairs, machining

and welding. Odd jobs a

speciality. Mobile workshop.

Can collect. Phone

Malcolm 027 475 4241.

FIND money in your bank

account each week if you

become adelivery person.

The Courier 308 7664.


Rumping repairs existing

dentures and also provides

new dentures. Phone 027

220 9997.

FLY control and spider

proofing. For all domestic

and industrial pest control

needs phone AJ Kerr at

Ashburton Pest Control on

03 308 8147 or 027 432


FURNITURE removals -For

all your household removal

needs call Nudges Furniture

Removals, phone 027

224 0609.

GARDENING, mowing,

pruning, fertilising, projects

or general spruce ups? Call

Andrew at Spruce Gardens

to get the job done right.

027 765 2899 or 03 307 1693.



Bennett -Onsite hydraulic

hose repair service 24/7.

Stockists of Aero Quip

hoses &fittings, Commercial

hydraulics, Dynacool,

Spool valves etc., MP Filtri,

Walvoil. Call Justin on 308


LEGAL work -Phone Peter

Ragg (Ashburton Law) for

house sales, purchases

and refinances. Will call at

home evenings for wills,

enduring powers of

attorney. Phone 308 0327.

PAINTER for all your painting

needs. No job too small,

inside or outside. Professional

friendly service.

Phone Pete 03 308 1672 or

027 200 1619.

PAINTING wallpapering,

plastering - No job too

small. Interior, exterior.

Professional, prompt, competitive

service. Phone

Tony Sivier at Paint It Ashburton

on 021 878 794 or

307 7289.

SPACE available for next

weeks Courier -bequick!

Talk to us about your advertising

requirements. Phone

308 7664 or call into our

office at 199 Burnett Street,




Rockcote. Waterproofing.



The Finishing Company

03 307 8870 2271212

PLUMBING, drainlaying,

blocked drains. Phone

Lindsay at Doaky’s Plumbing

on 027 555 5575 or 308

1248 (Master Plumbers &


SUN Control Window Tinting:

Privacy, UV, glare, heat

control for homes -offices -

and cars. Phone Craig

Rogers 307 6347, member

of Master Tinters NZ.

TILING - For all your tiling

requirements including kitchen

splash backs, flooring

etc. (full water proofing),

call Kevin on 027 496 8314.


block, glare, heat control,

safety, security, privacy,

frosting films, solar protective

window films. Free

quotes, 20 years local service.

Phone 0800 368 468

now, Bill Breukelaar, www.


TV Reception Specialists for

all your digital freeview

installations and repairs,

TV wall mounting, Smart

TV set-up, home theatre

installation. Call John at

Ashburton TV &Audio Ltd

03 308 7332 or 027 277



glass. Qualified flat glass

glazier now in-house. Anything

glass, give us acall.

Your place or ours. Wilson

Windscreens, 152 Wills

Street, Ashburton. Phone

03 308 8485.

WHAT better place for a

public notice than Ashburton’s

The Courier! Simply

clip the form for a run-on

advert like this or telephone

us on 308 7664 if you

require adisplay advertisement.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


AWESOME office space for

lease, rent or hire. Park like

setting. Indoor and outdoor

areas. North-west town

boundary. Must view.

Phone 027 475 4241.


Ideal as an extra


Fully insulatedand

double glazed forwarmth.


Standard3.6m x2.4m,

Large 4.2m x2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x2.4m.

Visit our displaycabin

418WestStreet or callfor a




0800 58 78 22

STORAGE and space leasing

for vehicles, motorbikes,

bicycles, boats,

motor-homes, caravans,

tractors, trucks, trailers and

containers. Indoor, outdoor

or under cover. Call Peter

027 333 3626.

STORAGE available, Ashburton.

Self storage, variety

of sizes. Phone Rainbow

Storage 03 307 0401.

STORAGE: Secure self storage

units available long or

short term at Ashburton

Storage Facilities. Contact

us on 027 436 2636 or www.



POTATOES, Nadine &Agria

$2 per kilo. Phone 308

3195 or 027 531 9103. 81

Elizabeth Street.

Keep connected

Circulation 93,000 starnews.co.nz

Thursday, March 19, 2020



available on

your screen










prev va

“O Ou

will b

make a

howev ve

on the i

uis Day

CALLS HA AVE been made to

stop rates increases in response

to the Covid d-19 crisis.

City counc cillors James Gough,

Sam MacDon nald, Catherine

Chu, Phil Ma uger, Aaron K

and James Da i

l t

Vaping rules



– page 4




Covid-19 prompts call for

ze ero per cent rates increas crease

• By Lou

Councillor takes

matters into

his own hands

Page 3

Davids heads

community board

advocating body

Page 6

Foam fun followsfire

Readers respond

to supermarket


Page 8

Lookingfor amortgage broker?

The local news


for Cantabrians


farewell Holden

in style

Page 17




could take

awhilea The local news


for Cantabrians


Award for green-fingered Bryce


for Collett’s

Corner plan

Views on

cricket nets


Julia’s on

a mission

to make a









+ Hea

Helpless to



Page 3

Julia’s on

a mission

to make a


Hear Better,

Live Better

Lively group


St Patrick’sDay

Page 10

– pages 6 & 7

Gerry Brownlee

MP for Ilam







captain stoked

withcup win




0800 726 724


Page 3 Page 7

Julia’s on

a mission

to make a





to come

from Govt






making mall

exit safer

Page 3

Page 11

Gerry Brownlee

MP for Ilam

Bid to


funding to



Market day

goes green at

Cashmere HS

The local news


for Cantabrians

Preparation starts to support

those who are self-isolating

BLINDS...Cleaned,Repaired &Restored...

ally Ro ler Blinds cleaned

from as li tle as $22

Place your orders now

ISpy Foo





Build customers,sales and

profits,with us ...

Over 16,065 copies delivered everyThursday





6. English county (10)

8. Scruff (4)

9. Aspersion (4)

10. Go in (5)

11. Shout (4)

12. Censure (9)

16. Bleak (9)

20. Run (4)

22. Let in (5)

23. Fish (4)

24. Duck (4)

25. Blot out (10)


1. Dance (6)

2. Zodiac sign (7)

3. View (6)

4. Relative (6)

5. Man’sname (5)

7. Period (5)

13. Employ (3)

14. Poster (7)

15. Crawl (5)

17. Lowly (6)

18. Being (6)

19. Fairy (6)

21. Claw (5)



6. Bring on, when you accede tothe strikers’ demand

(4,4,2). 8. Intimation that comes as ablow (4). 9. Perfect

condition? The sauce! (4). 10. Altogether at home with

everybody (2,3). 11.Isheknowledgeable but green? (4).

12.Yes, could be amere deputy carrying it (9). 16. Said

aloud, being blunt (9). 20. Sign the grouch was born under?

(4). 22. Happen to have backed “House Dog” (5).

23. Is it very hard to play with? (4). 24. The name on the

poster? (4). 25. Bounced, we’re told, from start to finish



1. Fancy being top man at fifty-one! (6). 2. Hide in afield

to the right (7). 3. Lady with whom I’m to exercise the

arm Ibroke (6). 4. Don’tgoand Ileave me capsized in the

water (6). 5. Gets out the basins (5). 7. I’m entering his

name (5). 13. Point at and make vanish (3). 14. Before

dawn the child has near pulled through (7). 15. Aim to get

in trim for (5).17. Make straight for thehead (6). 18. Shoot

rightinthe lip (6). 19. Leaving from, do return toAmerica

(6). 21. What the horse does on seeing tne lightning? (5).





to deliver the AshburtonCourier

and Realtyevery Thursdayinthe

Ashburtonurban area.

Solution to previous Sudoku

Solution to previous crossword

Phone Leonie on

308 7664 or email




PEASTRAW, small bales.

Delivered Ash. $5.50, ex

paddock $4.50 each.

Phone/text 027 434 0442.



3 6 8

2 9 6 3 8 5

5 8 1 2 4

7 4 9

9 4 1 5

2 8 6

5 9 4 1 8

9 3 8 1 5 2

2 7 3




Fill the grid

so thatevery

rowand every

3x3 square

contains the

digitals 1to9

3 4 8 7 6 1 2 9 5

9 5 7 4 2 8 1 6 3

6 2 1 5 3 9 8 4 7

2 3 9 6 8 5 4 7 1

4 7 5 9 1 3 6 8 2

8 1 6 2 4 7 5 3 9

7 9 4 1 5 6 3 2 8

5 8 2 3 9 4 7 1 6

1 6 3 8 7 2 9 5 4


Across -1,Vacuum cleaner. 8,Least. 9, Elastic. 10, Ensign.

11,Regret. 12, Testy.14, Smile. 18, Loving. 20, Infect.

23, Allegro. 24, Rinse. 25, Appropriation.

Down -1,Velvet. 2, Class. 3, Uptight. 4, Chew.5,Erase.

6, Natural. 7, Recite. 13, Envelop. 15, Minorca. 16, Alpaca.

17, Strewn. 19, Negro. 21, Ennui. 22, Moor.


Across -1,Passed thebuck. 8, Cree-p. 9, LebA-non (rev.).

10, E-L-dest. 11,Writ-he. 12, S-C-old. 14, AsI-dE (rev.).

18, Care-SS. 20, Gam-bit. 23, Tumbler. 24, L-earn. 25,

Heavy sentence.

Down -1,Packet. 2, Spend. 3, E-x-p-osal. 4, Told (tolled).

5, (th)Em-ber(ries). 6, Un-noted. 7, Ken-neL. 13,Ca-ramb-a.

15, Shall-ot .16, Scotch. 17, Stan-C-E. 19, S-ally.21,

Brawn. 22, Free.

ContactJann Thompson 03 308 7664 jann.thompson@ashburtoncourier.co.nz


CJ’S Driving School -

Classes 2 & 5,

endorsements F & D,

forklift F&OSH, dangerous

goods. NZTA approved

course provider. MITO &

Competenz assessor.

Locally owned. Phone

Christine 027 245 2563.





30th April2020



RSA CoxStreet,



TheCancer Societyoffering

supportfor people

with acancer diagnosis

and their families


TheMackenzie Centre,

122 Kermode Street,Ashburton

ContactAnnie on 03 307 7691







Forall other medicalassistance outside of normal

hours please phone your generalpracticeteam, 24/7,

to speak withahealth professionalwho will giveyou

free healthadvice on whattodoorwhere to go if you

need urgentcare.

If youdon’t have aregular general practice, call any

GP team 24/7 forfreetelephone health advice.

All non-residents and visa holders please bring your

passporttoyour surgeryappointment.

New Zealanders’tobring some form of ID.

TheAshburtonDutyPractice for ...

Good Friday10th April is

AshburtonHealth First,308 Havelock Street.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentcall your regular GP 24/7.

Saturday11th April is

MooreStreet Medical Centre, MooreStreet.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentcall your regular GP 24/7.

Sunday12th April &Easter Monday13th April is

ThreeRivers Health, 7-11 Allens Road.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentcall your regular GP 24/7.

Methven and Rakaia: Formedical attention on the

weekend and public holidays please telephone

MethvenMedical Centre on 03 302 8105

or Rakaia Medical Centre on 03 303 5002.

Details foraccessing the afterhours services will be on the

answer phone.

Wises Pharmacy,CountdownComplex,

East Street will be open on ...

Saturday from 9.00am until 1.00pm

Sunday from 10.00am until 1.00pm

At Geraldine: TheGeraldine Pharmacywill be open

normal trading hours during the week,and on

Saturdaymorning from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Forfree24hour Telephone Health Advice

Phone the healthline on 0800 611 116


CountdownComplex, East Street, Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 6733 Fax: 03 308 6755


PEA STRAW Conventional

Bales $5 per bale Medium

Square Pea Straw, barley

straw and linseed bales for

Sale $40 a bale delivery

$10 per bale. Ph




Small LPG cylinders

Off Street Parking


Arthur Cates Ltd

26 McNally Street

Ph 308 5397

Riverside Industrial Estate


ALLENTON Croquet Club

Easter raffle is currently

unable to be drawn due to

Government lock down. It

will now be drawn and

publicized in the Courier

newspaper at alater date.

HOSPICE Mid Canterbury -

Here when you need us. If

you, or someone you care

about has a life limiting

illness, phone 307 8387 or

027 227 8387.



painting of cars, trucks,

buses, horse floats &

motorhomes, caravans,

trailers, farm machinery, jet

boats. Light engineering

and aluminium welding.

Bus &Truck Bodyworks, 17

Range Street, Ashburton.

Phone 307 0378.



types, specializing in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not a problem. —

Spraymaster 027-433-7780.



4WD and slab lifts available

for daily or weekly hire.

Pickup or delivery. Phone

North End Engineering 308

8155 for abooking.


9kg cylinders


Askabout our



17 Grey St,Ashburton

Phone 307 2707



Page 20, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday April 9, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

House and Land

available now...

Although our Display Home is

closed, we’re still available!

There’s never been abetter time to invest in bricks and mortar

and we’re here to help in any way we can. We have arange of

fantastic House and Land packages in the Ashburton area, so

why not get in touch and find out more.

Call Michele today to see what

Jennian Homes has to offer.


Michele Strange

M 027 491 5266

E michele.strange@jennian.co.nz


Talk to us about building

your dream home...

12 -896m2

11 -979m2





10 -1016m2

107 -908m2 51 -1036m2

Located west of Tinwald, with the main entrance off

Melcombe Street, the Oaklea Development has sections

available to buy now.

50 -814m2


49 -809m2

48 -924m2

47 -922m2

44 -937m2

55 -793m2

• Sections ranging from 720m² to 1038m²

43 -937m2

56 -802m2

• Design your own home

40 -940m2

41 -804m2

38 -851m2

57 -736m2

• House and Land packages available from $499,000

31 -852m2

75 -951m2

30 -1038m2

See what life could be like in aJennian home...

Jennian Homes Canterbury

212 Main South Road, Hornby

P 03 7411 436

E canterbury@jennian.co.nz


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