Wood packaging from Portugal 17-19 March 2019 Dusseldorf, Germany

Wood packaging from Portugal
17-19 March 2019
Dusseldorf, Germany


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Düsseldorf, Germany

17-19 March 2019




AIMMP's mission is to represent, promote and protect the interests

of Portuguese companies from the five sectorial divisions that make

up the wood and furniture sector: cutting,felling, sawing and wood

packing; panels and panelled wood, carpentry and alike; furniture

and alike; export, import and distribution of wood and derivatives.

These industries export ¤2.5 billions per year.

Inter Wood & Furniture is a structured intervention program

that supports portuguese companies interested in developing

internationalization strategies in order to expand into new growing

markets. This program has already contributed to the growth in

exportations in the Wood and Furniture Industries. Inter Wood &

Furniture has supported over 200 companies in 18 markets and

currently is able to provide up to 50% in funding.




+351 223 394 200

Rua Álvares Cabral, n.º 281, 4050-041 Porto, Portugal

The texts and images showcased by each company in this catalog are of their entire responsibility and AIMMP cannot be held responsible.

CAMARC, Lda., is a company with a wide

range of products and services from the wood

transformation sector. In Portugal we are leading

the production of wooden wine and beverages

boxes. Internationally we export to renowned

brands in France, Greece, Spain, among others.




+351 256 920 050

Zona Industrial da Mata,

4540-420 Mansores, Arouca, Portugal

Carmo is made up of a group of 10 companies

based in Portugal, and the whole process of

transformation, product creation, and technical

development is Portuguese. Carmo offers a wide

range of products in the national territory and

across borders, in sectors as diverse as agriculture,

the equestrian world, construction, tourism,

leisure, security, and telecommunications.

Carmo performs most of its work in the forest

field. Particularly, it creates solutions based on

industrially treated wood through vacuum and

pressure, already being the biggest European

company on outdoor and indoor solutions for

products and structures made of round, sawn and

laminated treated wood, in number and volume.




+351 232 760 130

Zona Industrial de Travassós

3680-170 Oliveira de Frades, Portugal

With over 35 years of experience in the

manufacture of packaging wood and sawmill,

Costa Ibérica is a reference in this sector.

Costa Ibérica provides efficient packaging

solutions, in a competitive way and be a top

partner for our customers, achieving positive and

long partnerships.

Fortifying a leading position in the industry where

is inserted through an orientation to quality

improvement, product innovation and services,

investing in technology and knowledge, with the

constant aim of meeting the expectation and need

of their customers is the basis of Costa Ibérica’s


Costa Ibérica has vertical integration of the entire

production process of wooden pallets and wood

composite blocks. That is, since forest exploitation,

including the reforestation of areas with pine trees,

sorting, sawing, production of wood composite

blocks, culminating in the production of pallets.

So, greater flexibility and greater control of quality

of the products it provides to its customers.

Costa Ibérica has the base of your business!

The future starts here!




+351 232 619 450

EN 16, Vila Garcia

3530-077 Mangualde, Portugal

We create and produce packaging solutions.

Creative and innovative, Embalcut links the

know-how acquired over four decades with

technology and bold design, from the conception

to production of high quality and great value

packaging. The technology available and the

flexibility of their manufacturing processes,

allows Embalcut to provide perfectly customized

packaging solutions, thus meeting market


Embalcut holds a strong position in its market

segment. The company develops projects in the

design and manufacture of packaging for some of

the most prestigious brands of Wine and not only

from Portugal.

Embalcut currently exports its products directly to

several countries. Embalcut has the technology to

work with different kinds of materials and can find

appropriate solutions in different combinations of

internal and external packaging, such as wood/

cardboard, wood/flock, cardboard/cardboard, etc.

The textures, colours and artwork can be studied

and adapted for each project according to the

customers requirements. Thus, the company can

provide a wide range of harmonious packaging

solutions, both from the point of view of

aesthetics, and from a functional perspective.




+351 253 554 130

Rua 1º de Maio, 260

4800-124 Penselo - Guimarães - Portugal

The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL)

ensures a smooth flow of goods in the logistics

world with over 450 million EPAL Euro pallets and

20 million box pallets in the world’s biggest open

exchange pool. Founded in 1991 as the umbrella

association of licensed producers and repairers of

EPAL load carriers, EPAL is globally responsible

for their consistent quality. EPAL pallets are

produced from sustainably grown, CO2-neutral

wood, can be repaired and recycled, and reduce

transport distances thanks to their high level of

availability. As a registered association, EPAL does

not pursue any commercial interests and makes

all its decisions in the interests of its industry,

trade and logistics partners. EPAL is represented

in more than thirty countries by fourteen National

Committees which have committed themselves to

implementing the EPAL objectives.



Portuguese National Committee

AIMMP - Paula Barroso

+351 927 963 959



The company José Afonso & Filhos, SA, is a

reference, both national and internationaly. It takes

on a strategy with dynamics investment in forest

exploitation, in the industry of transformation of

wood and its derivatives, transport and energy.

Located in the industrial zone of Oleiros, the

company wins the capacity of mobilization and

proximity, determinants of the sawmill of the

pine wood and for the production of Pellets and


The company has FSCÒ, PEFC, ENplus-A1 and A2,

SBP certifications. Offered quality products such

as: Sawn Pine Wood, Pellets and Briquettes with

the "Pini Key" format, linked to a quality service,

the basis of the professionalism and know-how of

a specialized qualified team.




+351 272 680 110

Zona Industrial Açude Pinto

6160-301 Oleiros - Portugal



Plantações e

exploração florestal

s de gestão


tidade e Compromisso

> Plantações e imento de Prazos

> Serração de madeiras

ade de Serviço e Apoio ao Cliente > Embalagens de madeira


> Lenhas para indústria e uso doméstico

> Serrim e casca de pinheiro

> Comércio, importação e exportação

de origem familiar, constitu

mércio e indústria de made

IPOÇAS com mais de ses

esta empresa foi criada co

vidade de Comércio e Indú

de especialização e renta

em desenvolvimento. Dep

damente comercial, integr

construiu novas instalaçõe

e comercial próximo da dim

dos seus atuais objetivos c

so de forte investimento em

sultar numa unidade mode

transformação de madeira

bientais e fitossanitárias qu

como principais produtos

para a indústria de constr

indústrias de mobiliário, c

específicas para exportaçã

mo industrial e doméstico,

ída em 2005, tendo por objeto o coiras

e derivados. Integrada no grupo

senta anos de atividade no sector,

m o objetivo de autonomizar a atistria

de Madeiras numa perspectiva

bilidade das estruturas existentes e

ois de uma fase de arranque marcaou

uma unidade industrial do grupo,

s e, hoje, detém um parque industrial

ensão pretendida para a satisfação


omerciais e empresariais. O procesinstalações

e equipamentos irá rerna,

incluindo a primeira e segunda

s, adaptadas às preocupações ame

a todos dizem respeito. Apresenta

acabados todo o tipo de madeiras

ução civil e obras públicas, para as

arpintarias e embalagens, madeiras

o e lenhas apropriadas para consuincluindo

entregas ao domicílio.

O aumento das exportações

portuguesas e a melhoria das

nossas instalações fabris e

comerciais vieram permitir

um aumento da fabricação

de embalagens específicas

para outras indústrias e

atividades exportadoras de

outros sectores bem como

comercializar embalagens

e paletes em tamanhos

standard necessárias ao

transporte dos mais diversos

produtos fabricados em


Madeipoças – Madeiras, L.da, is a Portuguese

company of family origin.It was established in

2005, relating to trade and timber and timber

industry. Integrated in IPOÇAS group, this

company was created in order to empower

the activity of Trade and Timber Industry in

a perspective of expertise and profitability

of structures to develop and existing ones.

After a markedly commercial start-ups, joined

an industrial unit of the group, has built its

own facilities and today has an industrial and

commercial park close to the desired size of

the satisfaction of its commercial and business

objectives. The strong investment process in

plant and equipment will result in a modern unit,

adapted to the environmental and phytosanitary

concerns that concern us all.




+351 224 769 050

Av. José Joaquim Ferreira N.º 251,

4515-462 Melres, Portugal

Madeca is a company that specializes in the

automated production of pallets. It was created in

1952 and since then has been considered a pioneer

in the market. It is known for its rigour, quality

and experience. The company has experienced

enviable growth in this last half of the century,

always meeting our customers' needs. We commit

to continuing like this during many more years to

come, because without Madeca there are clients,

but without our clients Madeca would not exist.




+351 249 570 000

Rua 9 de Junho, N.º 21 Apartado 1

2436-909 Caxarias - Portugal




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