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July / August 2020 Issue 18



• All aspects of roofing & building work

• New builds, extensions & loft conversions

• Tiles, slates & flat roofs

• Soffits, fascias & guttering

• Chimney repair - re-build & re-pointing

• Restoration & refurbishment specialists

• Drives, patios & landscaping

• Moss removal specialists

• Plumbing & heating

• Kitchen & bathroom installations

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Covering areas in Beaconsfield, Penn, Amersham, Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts

Features this issue

Beaconsfield Old Town

Hello & welcome!

24 40 15 & 43

Community, News and Information

The Mayor’s end of year report 6

Buckinghamshire schools update 8

School transport guidelines 8

Thank you to the NHS and key workers 24/25

Beaconsfield market reopens 32/33

Beaconsfield’s French Twinning Association 39

Butterfly Reserve - competition 40

Food and Nutrition news

News from the Greyhound 16

Hawkyns at Home 16

Strawberry and camomile recipe 18

Laura Macdonald: Eat yourself happy 19

Health & Fitness

Use the Listening Ear service 12

Buy or make a face mask 14

News from Hear We Go Audiology 31

Harrold Opticians reopens 35

Business, Legal and Financial News

Back to business - keep it local 15/43

Moving house - the new normal 22

Family law arbitration news 26

fmifa - lifetime mortgages 28/29

Trades Directory 46/47

Lifestyle and Puzzles

Kids’ puzzles 30

Meet the Team

Publisher, Editor & Sales

Therese Cooklin - 07786 735711

Welcome to the summer edition of Beaconsfield

Together. It has been a tough time for us all and I am

sorry if you have a lost a loved one at this time. My

condolences go out to you.

The front cover says it all for me and hopefully the sun

will shine through this period of darkness, and light will

spread over our town, residents and local businesses

again. As cars and noise fill the streets, let’s not forget

what we have learned from this experience.

Life will not be the same again that’s for sure, but we

can appreciate the important things in life, our health,

our family and those around us. If you’ve re-connected

with friends and family again, continue to keep those

connections and make new ones. We are all in this

together, carry on being kind, patient and supporting

our Beaconsfield businesses and community.

Thank you to the Mayor of Beaconsfield who at his

end of term speech, presented me with one of his

awards. I was very touched and honoured. There are

some amazing people amongst us who have done so

much for this community. If you have someone you’d

like to recognise please get in touch with me and let’s

get them recognised.

Take care,


t: 07786 735 711



Magazine Designer

Mathew Peet, Digital Bear Design - 01949 839206

Events and Features Co-ordinator

Judith Morris -

Content is accurate to the best of our knowledge, however Beaconsfield

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damage, caused by errors or omissions. Inclusion of advertisers does

not indicate our endorsement of their products or services.

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and want FREE publicity, join our campaign

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3rd August


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News from the Mayor

of Beaconsfield

Alex Dunlop, Mayor of Beaconsfield,

made history by being the first Mayor in

Beaconsfield to present his ‘end of term

speech’ by video conferencing software!

His tenure should have come to an end in May, but

due to Covid-19, this public gathering could not be

held and elections were cancelled for this year. The

council decided that Alex should continue for a

further 12 months, and he is honoured to be given

this opportunity as he feels it will be a challenging

year ahead and wants to support local businesses.

It is traditional for mayors to present awards at

the end of their term and he wanted to thank

those who have helped him, as well as recognise

individuals who have put a lot of effort into the

community, especially Flight Lieutenant Samantha

Cairns RAFAC.

Sam is currently the officer commanding 606

(Beaconsfield) Squadron. She initiated the ethos

of “Enjoy, Encourage, Empower, Embrace”. The

squadron hosts 60 young people from Beaconsfield

aged between 12 and 20 who perform a range of

activities, from public speaking and leadership, to

flying and parades. Well done to Sam and the young

people within the squadron.

Flight Lieutenant Samantha Cairns RAFAC with the Mayor

of Beaconsfield. Chosen to receive the Mayor’s end of

tenure award.

Alex also wanted to

congratulate his fellow

councillor, Graham Corney,

who has been presented

with the Queen’s award for

voluntary service. Graham

provided Alex with much

knowledge and ‘educated

opinion’ for the Town Council

and was able to facilitate

great accomplishments when

assisting other organisations.

Also thanked are his fellow

councillors and the Town

Graham Corney and his

grandson recently awarded

the Queens Award for

voluntary service

Clerk, Alexa, who supported him through his year as

mayor and he looks forward to working with them

over the next 12 months. For the Mayor’s full speech

please go to:

Beaconsfield Town

Council News

Town Council meetings have always been

public and usually held on the 1st Thursday

of the month. Due to the COVID-19

pandemic public gatherings have not

been allowed, and now we can attend the

meeting from the comfort of our homes!

The next two meetings will be held on August 6th

and September 3rd at 7:30pm. Check the website

for details on how to ‘attend’, and future dates.

Well done to all 16 Town Councillors who continue

their service under the leadership of the Mayor of

Beaconsfield. We praise their commitment and hard

work on behalf of the whole Town.

Initiatives that are currently being considered for the

town are:

- Social distancing around the town where some

pedestrian walkways are quite narrow.

- Community

boards - an

exciting initiative

from the new


Council. These

boards allow

information to

be spread within

the community,

keeping things


- Plans are being drawn up to make the public toilets

in the old town dementia-friendly.

- The Holtspur Sports Field has had some recent

pitch improvements.

The next few months will be very busy, as local

businesses and organisations reopen and engage

with the community. This is a difficult and pressured

time. The Mayor and all the town councillors are

there to support you.

Search for and follow the Town Clerk on Facebook

for up-to-date news or visit the website:

Shaun Guard


■ Aerials - supplied & repaired also poor reception solved

■ Satellite - Sky Q dish upgrades, discreet dish installs & foreign TV

■ Internet - blackspots cured & data cables to your TVs / computer

■ TVs - hung on your wall or set up & tuned

■ CCTV & Door Entry - domestic installations

Call Beaconsfield 01628 439115

In light of the current outbreak,

individuals and families are assessing

their finances and plans.

Some advice areas that we are helping with include:

• Building financial plans around your goals

• Budget planning – income and expenditure

• Protection for family – life cover, critical illness

and income protection

• Review of existing assets/investments

• Planning for School/university fees

• Retirement income planning

• Estate and IHT planning

We are offering FREE Financial Health Checks

throughout July and August.

Email Ben or call for a chat:

m: 07590 263 606

Walter & Partners Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial

Conduct Authority. Registered in England and Wales No.09259743.

Registered office address: 14 Coach & Horses Yard, London, W1S 2EJ.

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email



Buckinghamshire schools - news update

On March 23rd normal life changed

for Buckinghamshire families with

children when the Government’s

protective lockdown measures caused

our schools to close and most children

ceased attending.

Only the children of front line workers and

students with special needs who could not

remain at home continued to attend.

Only 190 out of our total of 234 schools remained

open for the whole time, including the Easter and

Bank holidays. Needless to say, these changes

have been difficult for parents and for schools

since massive adaptations had to take place in

education delivery.

Some schools embraced online teaching

using their own or government material. Others

provided work schemes and individual contact

on a regular basis. Our Head teachers and staff

have worked tirelessly to deliver the best possible

resources in the circumstances.

From June 1 Reception, Years 1 and 6 returned

on a choice basis and currently 68% of eligible

children are attending school. The difficulty is safe

distancing especially in the older schools.

What lies ahead? Examinations were disbanded

and the future plan for 11+ selections is still

under discussion by the Grammar Schools

who administer it. There will be no more year

groups attending this term but secondary schools

will have virtual year’s attendance. Plans for

September are underway using government

social distancing guidelines, which pose logistic

difficulties. One thing is certain, we will always

seek the best and safest outcome for our children

whatever the circumstances.

Anita Cranmer

Cabinet member for Education and Skills

Buckinghamshire Council

School transport

guidelines during


As more pupils return to school,

Buckinghamshire Council is asking

parents to help combat the risk of

spreading coronavirus by reducing

the numbers of children using school

transport services.

Walking, cycling or going by car will enable

better social distancing for those who have

no alternative.


Following Government advice, Buckinghamshire

Council is requesting that parents and carers

obtain or make a suitable face covering for their

child if they do need to use school transport.

This is not, however, compulsory and will not

be suitable for every child.

Temporary mileage payment scheme

To help parents whose children are entitled

to free transport because they have special

educational needs (SEN), the Council is running

a mileage payment scheme of 45p per mile for

parents who can take their children to school


Current advice and guidance on school

transport, as well as the SEN mileage payment,

can be found at:


8 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

Home Counties Loft Ladders,

Quality You Can Trust!

These days most

homeowners suffer from

a lack lack of of storage storage space. space.



















– but where to store it

but where to store it

all? That’s where Home

all? That’s where Home

Counties Loft Ladders

Counties Loft Ladders

come in.

come in.

The company,

The company,

based locally, offers

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homeowners the
















loft ladder,


50sqft with a of loft boarding ladder, and

a 50sqft light - of all boarding fully fitted and

in a light less than - all fully a day fitted from

just in less £355! than But a day it’s not from

just the £355! affordability But it’s not

of just the the package affordability that

makes of the package Home Counties that

Loft makes Ladders Home stand Counties

out, Loft as Ladders manager stand Jamie

Oakley out, as explains: manager ‘Our Jamie

Oakley explains: ‘Our

Need more

storage space?















STARTER PACKAGE: Aluminium loft

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fitted ladder, in light less plus than 50 a day sqft from boarding, £355 fully

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• Loft Ladders • Hatches

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value when in we that leave, we and offer

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old adage that happy

customers lead to more

customers lead to more

happy customers is true

happy customers is true

and we work hard to

and we work hard to

make that happen for

make that happen for

CALL FREE: 0808 301 9558

CALL FREE: 0808 301 9558

every installation we

carry out!’

































301 9558 and he’ll be

301 9558 and he’ll be

happy to pop round and

happy to pop round and

give you a no obligation

give you no obligation

quote so you too can

quote so you too can

make use of your loft!

make use of your loft!



Secure Following





To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email




Better Connected Beaconsfield is co-ordinating

volunteering to help local people affected by COVID-19.

The charity ensures every street in Beaconsfield has

support and has set up a number of useful initiatives.


Over 300 local people have

volunteered to be a BCB Buddy.

The Buddies provide services

such as shopping, collecting

prescriptions and running

errands for neighbours who are

shielding or isolating as a result

of COVID-19. They also collect

food donations, distribute them

to residents in need and provide

essential social contact for many

vulnerable people. Every week,

over 300 people benefit from the

kind support of the Buddies.

Buddy area co-ordinator, Rachel,

says: “The wonderful Buddies,

using their community knowledge,

make sure the residents are

communicated with, provided

for and are safe. They deal with

problems so quickly and effectively

to minimise hardship during

these times - it’s really brought

home what a wonderful, helpful

community we live in.”

If you’d like support from a Buddy,

please contact BCB on 01494




BCB and Beaconsfield Rugby

Club (BRFC), working together,

have created the free prescription

delivery service for Beaconsfield

and Penn residents. They

currently deliver over 300

prescriptions each week.

When the rugby club first asked

its members if they would

make prescription deliveries,

overnight more than 80 people

volunteered. Between them, the

team manages 20 weekly delivery

slots. Grant, the co-ordinator,

is full of praise for the team’s

keenness, their flexibility and their

commitment to providing such a

smooth-running service.

If you’d like to access this useful

service, ask your GP to send

your prescription requests to

Pyramid Pharmacy and then

contact Pyramid, on 01494

673014, to let them know you’d

like the free home delivery


Better Connected Beaconsfield (BCB) is a Charitable Incorporated

Organisation, registered charity n°: 1185885. It was formed in 2019 with

the aim of improving wellbeing for all. If you would like to donate to

help residents who need it most during this crisis, please visit the BCB

website and click DONATE.

www.betterc onnec tedbeac

10 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

Competition Time

win a signed copy!

Win ‘The Lowly Chicken and

other stories’ (RRP £7.99) written

by Darren St Mart about Henry

the chicken. Promoting a positive

message to children which

encourages kindness and

thoughtfulness to others.

Go to the website

and answer this question:

Henry is holding something in his hand,

what is it?

A An apple B A balloon C A football

To win a chance of a copy enter at:

Closing date: 10th August

Good luck!

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email



vulnerable people. Every week,

over 300 people benefit from the

kind support of the Buddies.

If you’d like

please cont


Listening Ear

Better Connected Beaconsfield (BCB)

was founded before the start of the

coronavirus, but had to rethink its activities

to accommodate the pandemic.

It supports (isolating) local residents in a variety

of ways; hundreds of Buddies are helping with

practical matters and the ‘Pop-Up Larder’ to

provide food, and there’s also ‘The Listening

Ear’ for those wanting to talk to somebody in

confidence. Pauline leads this aspect of BCB’s

response to the current situation, so I asked her:

Q: What is The Listening Ear?

A: A network of experienced ‘Listeners’

allocated to anyone who wants someone to

talk to. Maybe they’re lonely even if there are

other people in the household. They don’t want

to burden friends or family with what’s on their

minds. Health or financial issues perhaps, or

they just need someone to listen to them talk

about how life is for them.

Q: What sort of requests do you get?

A: It can be dispiriting to spend a whole day

without any human contact, resulting in worry,

stress or upset. Talking things through helps

to ease the pressure. Some just want one call,

others appreciate knowing that someone will

stay in contact - giving them something to look

forward to. Some want to talk through complex

family issues.

We’re keen that no-one should be put off

asking for a Listener because they don’t feel

‘vulnerable’. We have the scope to help many

more ; so would encourage people to spread

the word to those who haven’t heard about us.

mag layout june.indd 2

Q: You said “no-one should be put off” -

why might some people be reluctant

to call?

A: It might be reluctance to take up time

or resources you think someone else needs

more, or that you expect to be under pressure

because of Covid19. Some people who

might benefit are more used to looking after

other people than looking after themselves.

It doesn’t occur to them to ask for a Listener.

Q: What more can a Listener offer that a

family member or friend cannot?

A: People don’t want to burden friends

or family, or prefer to talk to a stranger in

confidence. That’s when our Listening Ear

can really help. Conversations with a Listener

are confidential and unhurried. Listeners are

used to helping people express things they

might not want to say to anyone else. If

there’s something on your mind, please call

us, that’s why we’re here.

If you want to find out more about our

Listeners, or be allocated one, please call

us confidentially on: 01494 919 232, or visit

Better Con


the aim of im

help residen

website and


12 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together


Mask up! Where to

buy or make a mask


While many of us are able to work from home,

it’s not possible for all and as of 15th of June,

it has become compulsory to wear face

coverings on all public transport and is being

encouraged on ride-sharing services, such as

Uber and community transport.

Scientific evidence shows that face masks –

accompanied by regularly washing your hands

and social distancing wherever possible – can

stop you from passing coronavirus on to others

if you are asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic

(if you are yet to develop symptoms).

There are 3 main types of face masks available to

the public: surgical face masks, KN95 respirator

face masks, and cloth masks. Although the public

are encouraged to reserve single-use surgical

masks for healthcare workers, they are available

in local stores (in varying quantities) such as

Yalden’s DIY store, Richard Adams Chemist, LLoyds

Pharmacy, and Boots. You can also buy them from at just £6.99 for 10.

KN95 face masks are the more expensive of the

three, however they offer a slightly higher level of

protection than surgical masks as they are more

tightly fitted around the nose and mouth. These can

be found in Lloyds Pharmacy as well as Yalden DIY

& Garden, which sell packs of 10 for £22. They also

have a variety of other masks.

Alternatively, re-usable cloth masks not only offer

a cheaper option in the long run, they’re far more

environmentally friendly! Additionally, there is no

clear evidence to suggest surgical masks offer

greater protection than cloth masks. These coverings

can be bought widely on the internet. For example,

washable cloth masks start from around £10 for the

better-quality ones. Met One in Chalfont St Peter are

selling and printing custom made masks, good for a

gift or for business perhaps. (see advert below)

An even cheaper option, which remains sustainable,

is to make your own mask. The Centre for Disease

Control and Prevention suggest using two layers of

tightly woven 100% cotton fabric, as they’re usually

better at filtering small particles, and therefore,

reduce the spread of droplets. So, for example,

a 100% cotton t-shirt can easily be made into an

effective, and reusable, face covering.

For a template to make your own mask go to our


Whether you decide to buy face masks or make

your own, it’s crucial you are making, using and/or

disposing of them correctly – all of which is detailed

clearly on the website.

Double Layered, Intergrated Pocket For

Carbon Filters, Machine Washable

Get Yours From Our Website or Get In Contact To Order 01753 887 177


Please support your local Beaconsfield businesses in these tough times.

If you are a ‘High Street’ business needing urgent FREE promotion please email

Therese at:

Zen House Yoga


A boutique yoga, barre and Pilates

studio in the heart of Beaconsfield

New Town where we make every

breath count.



T: 07506 320 283

Jak & Liza


An Independent boutique founded

by Samantha Kenwright. A focus on

edgy fashion that is both ageless

and stylish at affordable prices.



T: 01494 258 808

Basmati Indian


Providing home cooked Indian

authentic cuisine. Offering safe

collection and ordering system.

All operated online.



T: 01494 671 500

Beaconsfield Hardware

& Shoe Be Do


Offering a wide range of DIY and

hardware products with free local

delivery and a friendly smile. Shoe

repairs and engraving.



T: 01494 678 337

artsmartuk Ltd


Professional tuition for adults and

children daytime and evenings.

Classes in watercolour, oils and

acrylics. Suitable for all abilities.



Jesper Launder



A consulting herbalist with

18 years experience, I teach

mushroom ID and foraging skills

as well as various herbal courses.



T: 07900 544 826

Dental Art


A private dental practice for the

whole family, aiming to provide

a professional standard of care,

together with incredible customer




T: 01494 681 367

Prelibato Italian Takeaway


Providing home cooked Italian

authentic cuisine. Offering safe

collection and ordering system.

All operated online.




T: 07709 278 854

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email



News from

The Greyhound

Daniel and Margriet, co-proprietors at

The Greyhound, have been using the

lockdown period to prepare the pub

and restaurant’s outside terrace – in time

for the hospitality sector’s reopening.

As part of their plans, the team will be

launching a new outside eating area, giving

up to 28 guests the opportunity to enjoy

its modern British food in a comfortable

open-air environment.

The terrace will also welcome guests wanting

to enjoy a drink or two.

Daniel has also been looking after the

Greyhound’s herb and vegetable garden,

with all produce being used in the forthcoming

restaurant’s dishes.

Herbs such as parsley, sage, coriander and

mint will be ready in time for reopening, as

well as vegetables such including cucumbers,

leeks, sweetcorn, tomatoes, rhubarb and


The team has also produced fruits such as

strawberries, blueberries, apples and plums.

While the team are not able to take

bookings at the moment, gift vouchers

can be purchased directly by calling the

restaurant on 01494 671315.


Fine Indian Cuisine at Home

by Chef Atul Kochhar

Now Open!

Call or text 07751 251665|


Wednesday – Sunday, 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Collect for free or delivery within 6 miles for a fee

16 High Street, Old Amersham, HP7 0DH

16 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email



Strawberry &

camomile shortcakes

These delicately flavoured shortcakes

have a complex, subtle spiciness

from the infused camomile and are

a match made in heaven for sweet

British strawberries.

Preparation time: 20 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins

Total time: 40 mins + chilling,

resting and cooling


400g pack Waitrose British Strawberries, hulled

and halved, or quartered if large

2-3 tbsp caster sugar, to taste

Finely grated zest of 1 lemon

For the shortcakes

300ml double cream, plus extra for glazing

2 camomile tea bags

90g unsalted butter, cubed

2 tbsp whole milk

250g plain flour, plus extra for dusting

2 tsp baking powder

50g caster sugar, plus 1 tbsp

Pinch salt

1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste or extract


3. On a lightly floured surface, roll out the

dough to a 2cm thickness. Cut out six

biscuits with a 6cm round cutter, rerolling

the dough as needed. Place on a lined

baking tray and chill for 15 minutes.

4. Brush the tops with a little cream

and bake for 12-15 minutes, until light

golden. Place on a wire rack to cool, then

carefully split in half horizontally. Whip the

remaining cream with 1 tbsp sugar and

vanilla to soft peaks. Spoon onto half the

shortcakes, add the strawberries, then

balance the remaining shortcakes on top.

Cook's tip

The shortcakes can be frozen for up to

1 month. Thaw thoroughly before filling

and serving.

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C, gas mark 6. Mix

the strawberries, caster sugar and lemon zest in

a small bowl and set aside to soften a little.

2. Warm 125ml cream in a small pan with the

teabags until simmering. Remove from the

heat, add the butter and infuse for 5 minutes.

Squeeze the teabags and discard. Rewarm the

pan to melt the butter, if needed, then stir in the

milk. In a large bowl, sift the flour and baking

powder, then mix in the infused cream with

50g caster sugar and a pinch of salt, bringing

together to make a rough dough.

Address: Waitrose Beaconsfield,

Penn Rd, Beaconsfield HP9 2PW

Phone: 01494 676818

Sunday: 10:00 - 16:00

Monday: 08:00 - 21:00

Tuesday: 08:00 - 21:00

Wednesday: 08:00 - 21:00

Thursday: 08:00 - 21:00

Friday: 08:00 - 21:00

Saturday: 08:00 - 20:00

18 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

Eat yourself happy!

Low mood, stress and anxiety are some

of the most common symptoms I see in

clinic. The good news is that nutrition

can be a useful tool in improving them.

There are several key nutrients to consider for

mental health but since the brain is roughly

60% fat I like to focus on omega 3 fatty acids.

These are potently anti-inflammatory and studies

have shown them to be effective in individuals

suffering with depressive symptoms. The best

sources are oily fish such as salmon, mackerel,

anchovies, herring and sardines, and vegans

can find them in walnuts, chia and flaxseed and

fortified plant-based foods.

Tryptophan is another important nutrient for

supporting mood. It is the building block of

serotonin which is nicknamed the ‘happy

hormone,’ and also helps to promote better

sleep (another essential factor in mental health).

Food sources of tryptophan include turkey,

chicken, eggs, cheese, fish, tofu, nuts and seeds.

Magnesium is my ‘hero’ nutrient for clients with

anxiety. It helps with the conversion of tryptophan

to serotonin and supports healthy levels of

gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain,

which has a calming effect. It also plays a role

in regulating stress hormones and supports

sleep. You can find it in avocado, dark chocolate,

nuts and seeds, legumes, whole grains and my

personal favourite - dark leafy greens.

A further consideration is gut health. You could

eat plenty of ‘good mood’ nutrients but if your

gut isn’t digesting and absorbing them optimally,

they’re not going to be able to work their magic.

The ‘gut-brain axis’ allows for bi-directional

communication between the gut and the brain

and through this it has been proven that gut

bacteria can influence mood. A diet high in

fibre (ideally 30g daily for an adult) helps to

keep these gut bugs happy. Stick to complex

carbohydrates and wholegrains instead of their

refined counterparts (choose brown pasta,

bread and rice instead of white varieties) and

aim for at least two portions of fruit and five

portions of vegetables each day. Another way

to improve mood through gut health is to try

to eat fermented foods – foods that contain

beneficial live bacteria. Good examples are

natural live yoghurt (unsweetened), kombucha,

kefir, miso, sauerkraut, kimchi and tempeh

which are all available in most supermarkets.

There are many other factors that could influence

mood and if you’d like to find out more you can

get in touch at, check

out my Instagram @laura.nutrition or visit my


Laura MacDonald DipION

mBANT CNHC is a qualified

Nutritional Therapist offering

support for a wide range of

health issues in Beaconsfield,

Amersham and the surrounding


To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email



Beaconsfield RFC raise for Wexham A&E

Chris Summers (Chairman) and Aled

Lewis (1st Team Backs Coach) had the

pleasure of visiting Wexham Accident

and Emergency (A&E) in May on behalf of

all Beaconsfield Rugby Club members that

bought the T-Shirts they recently sold.

They met staff at the hospital to hand over their

cheque for £2,500. Chris said, ‘It was a most

humbling experience as the gratitude of the staff

was overwhelming.’

The money will be going towards a specific

project to build a new staff area for the A&E

doctors, nurses and other staff. They need

to raise £60,000 for this project.

Chris and Aled met with Sue, the Senior Sister in

charge, James, the A&E Matron, several nurses

and the chief A&E Consultant, all of whom gave

up time in their very busy days to come and say

thank you. (See centre pages for image)

For more information on the club visit:

Testing times for local cricket

Back in February, when the Beaconsfield CC Committee gathered to make plans for

the upcoming season, there was no way of knowing what disruption lay ahead for the

sport, the club and every other aspect of life as we know it.

The reverberations of Covid-19 have been felt throughout the game and Beaconsfield Cricket Club, a

volunteer-led, not-for-profit organisation, has faced some tough challenges, but, in the last few weeks

nets have re-opened and tentative training begun. Hopefully the sound of leather on willow will soon

return to its regular summer beat.

News from

Beaconsfield Town

Football Club

Like all local and national sporting outfits

Beaconsfield Town FC were also badly

hit the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the pitch the club saw their season declared

null and void in early March and at the time of

writing no date has been agreed for when the

new season will commence or if supporters will be

allowed in to watch. All revenue raising club house

bookings also had to be cancelled as lockdown

measures prevented most social gatherings.

When the new season does start, however,

Holloways Park will be more than ready!

The award winning playing surface has been

further treated and is in tip top condition whilst

a hardy band of (socially distancing) volunteers

have been cleaning, mending, tidying and

generally undertaking numerous tasks across

the ground to ensure everything is spic ‘n’ span!

A new U23 team has also been launched, as have

Youth Teams at U15 and U16 levels, whilst The

Rams Academy that was successfully launched last

season has a full intake of new First Year Scholars

aiming to make their mark in the football industry.

The newly refurbished club venue has also been

spring cleaned and is ready to welcome back

parties, outdoor BBQs and other events as soon

as the Government gives the green light.

For more information:

T: 01494 676868


20 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

Now in Chalfont St Giles



Tel: 01494 873045


•Official Toyota

service centre

•Toyota warranty work

•Toyota safety recalls

•Toyota genuine parts

•Free courtesy cars

•Free collection and


•Hybrid health check

service available

•While you wait


•Toyota service plans

•Bodyshop facilities

•MOT’s £39

15% off your next service with this brochure


Full stock list at



Moving House –

The New Normal

The Government has made special provisions

to allow and facilitate the buying and selling of

property to ensure the housing market remains

active and people can still move.

There is industry guidance published for you to

navigate your way through the marketing and viewing

of property which estate agents and surveyors and

the like will follow and explain to you. The guidance

is on our website at

conveyancing. Central is to maintain safety through

social distancing and vigilant hygiene and there are

useful pointers on conducting viewings, hand-over

keys and checklists for each step of the process.

As a solicitor, I would recommend that now it is

more important than ever to instruct your legal

representative as early as possible. If you are selling

your home, do it at the same time as putting your

house on the market. If you are buying your next

home, do it at the same time as you begin your

property search. With the potential for everything to

take that little bit longer these days, you save time

later down the line by getting all of your paperwork

and identification requirements completed early.

Our office remains open during normal business

hours for clients to visit us, drop off documents, sign

papers or present original identity documents. We

utilise contactless meeting through the glass of a

closed internal door in the comfort of an enclosed

entrance foyer and two-way speaker intercom. This

is our new normal (!) but it is otherwise very much

‘business as usual’ for house moves as a whole.

Janine Heil, Partner,

Leigh Duncan Solicitors

Janine qualified as a solicitor in 2004

and set up Leigh Duncan in 2016 with

her husband Ingmar. She has been

acting in the sale and purchase of

property for over 16 years, the last 11 of those

have been based in Beaconsfield. If you have any

questions, feel free to pop in and speak to Janine,

Ingmar or any of the friendly team next time you

are passing.



Tel: 01494 578040


22 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

No painting or repairs for 25 years?

It must be a ColourFence!

Guaranteed not to warp, crack, shrink, rot or peel

With the warmer weather arriving, there’s

always plenty to do in the garden. However, with

ColourFence, one of the most tedious, timeconsuming

jobs disappears overnight. Not just for

2020 but for the next 25 years! That’s because

there’s no need to paint or repair ColourFence. It’s

guaranteed not to warp, crack, shrink, rot or peel for

the next 25 years. Making it one of the world’s best

maintenance-free fences. And, unlike other fences,

ColourFence can withstand wind speeds of up to

130mph. There’s a choice of colours to harmonise

and enhance your garden’s design. You’ll fi nd our

prices surprisingly competitive too. To see the full

product range, call us today and fi nd out why it

makes sense to choose ColourFence.

Blue Brown Cream

Guaranteed † not to warp, crack,

shrink, rot or peel

Withstands wind gusts of up to


No painting or repairs for 25 years

Create your look with a choice of

colours, designs and sizes

No risk professional installation

† Hose down occasionally – terms & conditions apply.



To see our full range of colours, designs and

get a FREE ‘no-obligation’ quote – CALL

01494 711400

Thank you to all our KEY WORKERS

Local refuse collectors who carried on disposing of

household waste during lockdown.

Lisa & Valerie of Bury Lodge Care home receiving PPE

from Rotary Club Beaconsfield.

Karl (owner), James and Aidan who provided free deliveries

to elderly. A new eco-friendly bike purchased to continue

with local deliveries.

Chris Summers & Aled Lewis presenting a cheque on

behalf of Beaconsfield RFC to staff at Wexham Accident

& Emergency Hospital. See p20 for details.

Rob, Beaconsfield’s postman for Royal Mail.

Andy, market manager at

Beaconsfield Market keeping

the market going.

24 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

volunteering to help local people affected by COVID-19.

The charity ensures every street in Beaconsfield has

support and has set up a number of useful initiatives.


Over 300 local people have

volunteered to be a BCB Buddy.

The Buddies provide services

such as shopping, collecting

prescriptions and running

errands for neighbours who are

shielding or isolating as a result

of COVID-19. They also collect

food donations, distribute them

to residents in need and provide

essential social contact for many

vulnerable people. Every week,

over 300 people benefit from the

kind support of the Buddies.

Buddy area co-ordinator, Rachel,

says: “The wonderful Buddies,

using their community knowledge,

make sure the residents are

communicated with, provided

for and are safe. They deal with

problems so quickly and effectively

to minimise hardship during

these times - it’s really brought

home what a wonderful, helpful

community we live in.”

If you’d like support from a Buddy,

please contact BCB on 01494





















Anita, Michael, Henry, Deborah,

the Trustees of BCB and Jeanette

(External Stakeholder).

Better Connected Beaconsfield (BC

Organisation, registered charity n°: 118

the aim of improving wellbeing for all.

help residents who need it most during

website and click DONATE.

www.betterc onnec tedb

mag layout june.indd 2

The Crawford family at Beaconsfield Market who kept the

market going throughout lockdown.

Karen and Wendy at Sunrise Care Home

in Beaconsfield receiving PPE from Rotary

Club Beaconsfield.

Little Chalfont Evening WI pennants to

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email thank all key workers and NHS staff. 25


Arbitration – the attractive alternative

to the court system for family law cases

Given the COVID-19 enforced closure of law

courts, the pressure on the already creaking

system is even more intense.

For family law cases, judges have been discussing

solutions and arbitration is likely to be the answer

- where parties can afford arbitration they will be

directed to come out of the court system and into

the private arbitration arena.

Arbitration is best summarised as “private law”.

dedicated expert Judge who knows your case

well, had the knowledge, skills and expertise to

make their decision on your behalf. The upsides

are significant, not only in terms of legal fees saved

but also emotional considerations caused by the

drawn out court process.

Not only are you gaining the expertise you deserve,

the whole process is for your benefit – financially,

emotionally and to help you move on with your life as

quickly as possible.

If you are unable to resolve your case, instead of going

to court for a decision, you and your former partner

select an arbitrator, who is highly trained and expert in

their field, to work with you and reach a solution.

Although you pay for your arbitrator the benefits

are significant - arbitration is completely bespoke,

considerably quicker than the court process and can

deliver enormous cost savings. An arbitration can

be done in anything from 2 weeks to 6 months – the

court system can take 2 years or more! Arbitration

takes place when you want, avoids the lottery of the

court system and you know that your arbitrator, a

Arbitration is available to anyone; I think you will find

in the coming months the courts insisting on it!

Julian Bremner

Partner in Beaconsfield office and

a qualified Financial Arbitrator.

Julian specialises in medium to high

value matrimonial cases, as well as

Civil Partnership disputes, cohabitation

disputes, separation agreements, pre

nuptial agreements and financial provision

for children of unmarried parents.

RAYDEN_BEACS_LOCAL_DIR_130X90_CMYK_OUT_3.pdf 1 03/12/2019 13:32









26 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

Chalfont St. Peter retirement home

staff lockdown with residents

Residents of Austenmead, a member of the

Abbeyfield Society, passed the first three

months of lockdown safely isolated with

three members of staff who selflessly offered

to stay with them throughout.

Although residents normally live independently

in en-suite apartments, 24-hour on-site support is

always available along with the added benefit of

daily home-cooked meals and a vast array of activities

and entertainment available to enjoy.

Although the residents could not go out and about as

usual, the 11-room house is fortunately situated within

extensive grounds and so they were able to go for a

stroll or to sit on the

sunny veranda at any

time. Vegetables were

grown in the raised

beds and greenhouse

and eaten at gala

dinners held with

everyone dressed

up in their finery, as

well as during a whole

bunting-filled weekend celebrating VE Day!

The fortitude of the residents and generosity of the

staff was admirable. For more information contact:

Affordable, independent,

supported housing

● unfurnished en-suite apartments

● companionship on hand



● all meals and bills included from

● house manager and alarm £1750pcm

system providing 24-hour security

● respite and guest stays available

at Austenmead, Chalfont St Peter

For more information or to arrange a visit,

please do get in touch

Tel: 01753 887267


Registered in England and Wales, Charity No. 261970, Company No. 995212, RSH No. H1470

Chalfonts Society

Making time for older people

Advertise in Beaconsfield or

Amersham & Chalfonts area from


Call 07786 735 711 or Email:


If you think Lifetime Mortgages are

best avoided, it’s time to think again.

Equity Release Myth Busters

With Equity Release you can use

some of the money tied up in your

home to get a tax-free lump sum

through a Lifetime Mortgage. You

can spend this on whatever you like.

Used wisely, it can help create a

more comfortable retirement for you

and your family. Lifetime Mortgages

have changed significantly over the

years. Despite this, there are still

myths that need dispelling.

Please contact Vanessa,

our Equity Release Specialist

for further information.

01494 817151

Penn Barn, By the Pond,

Elm Road, Penn, Bucks HP10 8LB


It’s expensive. Equity Release

interest rates are down to a

historic low: at time of writing,

the best rates are around 2.55%.

We do not charge a fee, and any

other associated fees are usually

significantly lower than those

charged on conventional mortgages.

You’ll have to stay in

2 the same property for the

rest of your life. With most Lifetime

Mortgages, you’re able to move

home and transfer your lifetime

mortgage to the new property

providing it meets the lender’s terms

and criteria. A partial repayment

may be required.

3You’ll leave debt to your

family and loved ones

Providing the terms and conditions

are met, no debt is left to your estate

and you’ll never owe more than the

value of your home once sold upon

death or permanently moving into

long term care.

4Equity can’t be released

if there’s an outstanding

mortgage. You can apply for a

Lifetime Mortgage providing you

pay off your existing mortgage

balance. This can be done either

through the equity you release or

through your savings.

It’s not possible to reduce the

5 outstanding debt. There are

products that offer you the option

to make partial repayments with

no early repayment charges. The

amount that can be repaid is usually

up to a fixed amount each year or

you can choose to pay the interest.

Some products also offer fixed early

repayment charges that apply for a

set time period, so any repayments

after this won’t have a charge.

6You won’t be able to leave your

property as an inheritance.

A Lifetime Mortgage is designed to

be repaid by selling the property

after you move into permanent longterm

care or pass away. Once the

loan has been repaid, all money left

over can go to your beneficiaries.

It’s unsafe and unregulated.

7 Lifetime Mortgages are regulated

by the FCA. Also, the Equity Release

Council (ERC) was established in

2012 to provide consumer protection

specifically for this market. Members

must adhere to its standards of

conduct and practice.

You’ll lose ownership and

8 control of the property.

With Lifetime Mortgages, you’ll be

the owner of your home for as long

as you want to live there, providing

you meet the conditions of the

Lifetime Mortgage.


A Lifetime Mortgage will reduce

the value of your estate

A Lifetime Mortgage may affect your

entitlement to state benefits

Consolidating other debts could

cost you more in the long term

fmifa is a member

of the Equity

Release Council




Financial Management

Independent Financial Advice

Wealth Management | Investments

Retirement Planning & Pensions

Mortgages & Equity Release | IHT Planning

Contact us: 01494 817151

Penn Barn, By the Pond, Elm Road

Penn, Bucks HP10 8LB

Financial Management is a trading title of Philip Harper LLP which is

authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority



(answers on p34)

Family Tree

Given that an arrow points from

someone’s name to that of his or

her child in each case, can help

Kate to complete her family tree?

Odd One Out

Shape Spotter

Which one of these scarecrows is

different to the rest?

Which is the only shape to appear

twice in the box below? You’ll need

a keen eye for this one, as some

shapes overlap others!



3 4

30 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together


Are you experiencing any of the following?

• Pressure in the ears

• Blocked feeling in the ears

• Need to pop your ears but can’t

The safest way to clean your ears...

Microsuction is the safest and gentlest method to remove

wax from the ear canal. It involves placing a suction tube into

the ear canal to gently suck the wax out. There is no water

involved, is a completely dry procedure and can be done on

ears that are not suitable for irrigation/syringing at the GP.

Our associated clinicians are all registered with the HCPC.

They have all undertaken training, and achieved competency

in wax removal and will use best practice procedures to

ensure you walk away a happy and satisfied customer. So don’t

hesitate, book in for an appointment at a clinic near you today.

• Sudden loss of hearing or muffles sound

• Hearing aids whistling

• Underperforming hearing aids

If you are experiencing any of the above then book in to see us today!

Your ears will be happy you did.

Call for more information on

Call: 07903 013 123 or 07535 603 744



Consulting Suite, 19 London End Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP9 2HN

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email


Welcome to Beaconsfield Market

Andy Savage - manager of Beaconsfield

Market - has kept the market in operation

throughout the coronavirus pandemic

lockdown. Credit goes to three key stalls:

Andy’s stall supplying key household goods

(including the much in demand toilet rolls!),

Crawford’s supplying fruit and vegetables

and McCarthy’s supply of bread. They set

up their stalls every Tuesday 8.30am-2pm

notwithstanding reduced footfall and low

trade. Huge thanks are due to the key

traders from Beaconsfield Market for their

commitment and dedication.

The worst of the pandemic appears to have

passed and familiar stalls are now back. Andy

is delighted to introduce some new stalls,

this summer, including a fishmonger, butcher,

coffee-and-cake mobile van and a sweetie stall.

Many people are increasing footfall, giving the

market a new lease of life! Come and support

these wonderful traders. Meet them on these

pages and pop down on Tuesdays and put some

names to faces so you can say hello! (Of course,

respecting the 2 metre social distancing.) Andy

says, “Thank you for supporting the market

and keeping us going. We shall be here every

Tuesday, come rain, come shine, to serve the

Beaconsfield community”.

Market Traders

Andy Savage Household

Supplies household goods. Quality

goods that are value-for-money.

For stall enquiries call 07795 547 705

James Taylor - Fresh

fish from Grimsby

A fresh choice of fish, crevettes,

dressed and fresh crab, cod

loin, salmon.

Crawford’s Fruit & Veg

Established since 1953, a family business supplying

an array of fresh produce sourced daily from Western

International Market.

Deli Mobile

Jeremy Brooks,

Rector at

St Mary &

All Saints


Tom has been supplying British

cheeses and locally sourced fresh

eggs, sausages and other meats

as well as a variety of olives for over

11 years.

32 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

Finest Plants

Kerry and Danny, brother and sister

supply quality plants from English

growing nurseries and cut flowers from

Holland. Good on plant advice too!

London Mobile Bar


Eddie (pictured top next to

Alex Dunlop) supplying hot

and cold drinks and delicious

home made cakes

Paula’s Silver

Has lived in Beaconsfield for 50 years

and trading for 16! Sells high quality

secondhand and vintage silver goods

plus commemorative royal mugs.

Glanville Framing

Richard inherited the stall at

Beaconsfield from his father, Roger,

who established the stall in 1982.

Brings affordable framing to all.

Follow on Facebook:

Beaconsfield Market

Hedges Butchers

Established since 1896. Supplies

locally sourced fresh meat including

free range chicken, duck, steaks and

much more. Deliveries available.

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email



Green Goddess

Author of Save

Pounds and the Planet

The Covid-19 Pandemic has

been devastating in many ways,

but being the eternal optimist,

I wanted to investigate if there

were any environmental

positives we could gain from.

Yes of course less travel, less manufacturing etc

means less pollution. But what I want to explore is

how our habits have changed at home due to lock

down. Are any of these new habits worth keeping

when we all get back to the new normal? Will the

new normal eventually be better? I personally am

optimistic. Just to mention a few positive things I

hope you have all noticed too is, people smiling at

each other when they pass, being more polite and

patient and more neighbourly. These are all really

positive things that I hope will continue.

Family Tree

So what are the main habits I have come across

that are worth keeping that are good for the planet.

Well in a nutshell, we walk more and get out in the

open air. You don’t need me to tell you that is good

for our mind, body and the planet. But honestly,

me included, I think that before lockdown, most

of us (me included) would admit we did not make

that a part of our daily routine, instead taking the

car or just staying indoors telling ourselves we do

not have enough time. But the reality is we have

noticed we are just as productive, if not more so.

By taking that time out for half an hour or so, to

run an errand on foot or just get away from work or

the computer, all helps make a difference. A habit

worth keeping, I think.

Another positive spin on one of our new habits

we’ve had to embrace, that’s a massive plus for our

time, money and the planet - you’ve guessed it,

Which is the only

to appear twice i

below? You’ll nee

eye for this one,

working from home. Besides the time and shapes faff overlap o

of getting to work, quite clearly a significant

number of jobs do not need to be done 9-5 at

work, saving you time and money by avoiding the

daily commute. Surely now the culture of being in

the office all hours to prove your worth, has been

broken. Old fashioned business fears of reduced

productivity have not being realised and only cost

savings are to be gained. I doubt we will go back

to the old way of doing things. All this, with group

video calls the new normal, will mean the need

for office space will plummet further. Hot-desking,

flexible part home working being the norm for office

based jobs, than the exception. With more modern

ways of working this will enable a greater work life

balance and also has the potential to improve our

wellbeing. Of course those companies that rely

on business travel from petrol stations to airlines

will struggle and have to refocus to survive. On

the positive more in-town office space could be

converted to flats, providing much needed more

affordable homes. This would also breath life back

into our town centres and protect our green spaces.

Given that an arrow points from someone’s name to that of his or

her child in each case, can help Kate to complete her family tree?

The list goes on ... but more on that next time.

I am passionate about our planet.

In my book ‘Save Pounds and the

Planet’ I share hundreds of

planet-friendly tips that save

you Time & Money too. To

download your E-book visit

Shape Sp




Family Tree







Odd One Out

3: The red dots on

his shirt are missing.

Shape Spotter



Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

Kids Family Tree.indd 2 11/06/2020 2:31:36


Harrold’s Optician

is now open!

The practice staff at your local Harrolds are

here to answer your questions and needs

concerning your eyes, glasses and contact


Our opening hours have been extended and we are

here for you from Monday - Saturday 9 - 5.30pm.

We are practising social distancing, hand gel is freely

available and using PPE where appropriate to ensure

everyone remains safe and well.

If you have noticed any change in your eyesight

recently or have any concerns you can now book

your routine NHS or private eye test.

Have you been reading more or spent more time on

your laptop, tablet or mobile phone? Do you know

that there are lenses specifically designed that can

help by reducing eye strain, annoying reflections

and glare?

With longer Summer daylight hours, more driving

is likely, so it is important to check that your vision

meets driving standards, especially if you have

neglected to keep your eye test up to date.

If you’ve appreciated the fabulous sunshine...

Have you remembered to protect your eyes with

sunglasses? Our new collection of prescription

sunglasses from £79 makes choosing the perfect

pair easy, enjoyable and great value.

If you are due your routine eye test please call us

and we can arrange a suitable time for you.

For all things eyes please call us to ensure we can

give you the time and space you need. We will be

very happy to help.

Helen Gilbert FBDO


Your vision...Our care

Let us show you the difference...

... Ask about office lenses




Including SV UV lenses. Polarised add £40 .Varifocals add £100.Conditions apply.


Ever wondered about contact lenses ? Nicole and her team can advise you on our latest offers and


Under 25s get

Free lenses and a


Half price eye test

* Excludes other offers and All inclusive range. Assumes non eligibility for NHS. Ask for details.

The health of your eyes is as important as your vision. With retinal photography as standard and the

option of OCT , you can be assured you’re doing the very best for your eyes.

explain all options from disposables to multifocals. Ask for a FREE trial.

To book an appointment or for any other info call 01494 672193 26 Gregories Rd Beaconsfield HP9 1HQ

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email



In your community…



Al-Anon Family Groups is still available to

provide support to anyone whose life is, or

has been, affected by someone else’s drinking.

Free confidential helpline: 0800 0086 811 or

0207 403 0888



The Arts Society Beaconsfield (TASB) formerly


Watch exclusive virtual lectures on a wide range

of art related subjects.

July 2nd

Paul Jagger: Livery Companies of the City

of London

July 16th

Susan Owens: Christina Rossetti - Poetry in Art

August 6th

Mariska Beekenkamp: The Dutch Golden Age


Chiltern Textiles (CETG)

CETG is keeping in touch with members

through weekly newsletters, sharing photos

of stitching projects and suggesting online

resources and sewing challenges. We hope

to support one another in our group and others

in our local community to help them keep well

and carry on stitching.


Sing your pain away

Online group singing

classes for wellbeing,

health and fun. Meet

via Zoom on Thursdays

at 2.45pm (Gerrards Cross

/ Chalfonts / Beaconsfield) and

3pm on Wednesdays (Amersham).

Sing, laugh and dance around your living room

to songs from the ‘50s, 60s, shows and Abba.


Rotary Club of

Beaconsfield PPE

Donation programme

The Rotary Club of Beaconsfield proudly

handed over PPE (overalls, surgical

masks and gloves) over the weeks

during lockdown.

These went to Wendy and Karen at Sunrise of

Beaconsfield, Elizabeth and her team at Bradbury

House and Lisa and Valerie at Bury Lodge Care

Home. A huge thank you to Buckinghamshire

Council, Nikki White Wright, PMCD, Mr Kazi Islam

Elizabeth from Bradbury House and Mohammed Khaled

from the Rotary Club

and Mr. Akthoraz Miah for their generosity. Thank

you to Mohammed Khaled from Basmati Indian

Restaurant for their generosity and community

support. ( )

36 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together



School News

Beaconsfield School has been busy

making the school safe for pupils

returning to school.

They welcomed back Year 10s and 12s on

15th June and the teachers and site team have

been working really hard to make the school

site safe and operational for students and staff.

The outdoor areas are improved but they are

fundraising for a marquee and outdoor recreational

facilities with a target of £9,000 and have reached

over £4000 so far.

They have identified a need for 4 large marquees,

1 smaller marquee, some table tennis tables as well

as picnic benches and already received some very

generous donations from parents, businesses and


If you would like to donate, please go

to their Golden Giving page to donate:


For more information go to:

Did you know?

In Greek mythology, Iris is

the personification and

goddess of the rainbow

and messenger of the

gods. The flower, Iris

comes in array of different

colours. This is the most

well known colour of the Iris.

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email


New Hobbies,

New Friends

See where life takes you at Woodland Manor

Book a visit at

Or call 01494 917671


Woodland Manor, Micholls Avenue, Chalfont St Peter

Buckinghamshire SL9 0EB (Sat Navs SL9 0RJ)



French Twinning


The Beaconsfield Twinning Association (BTA)

was established in 1995 after Langres in France

was selected as the preferred twin town from a

European shortlist.

Self-funding via its membership it supports cultural

and civic links, establishing friendships and other

connections through events, visits and exchanges.

Music, film, walks, food, socials, educational and

boules events also figure in the usual calendar for

members! Each month a pop-up “Café Langres” is

held in the Reading Room, on Farmers’ Market day.

There is also a friendly class if you want to brush up

your French.

Model at Bekonscot

Model Village

built up around the Railway Station. Edmund Burke

the parliamentarian and philosopher lived here at

Gregories, and his portrait hangs in the Town Hall,

his name echoed in Burke’s Road.

For Twinning, 2015 saw a 20th year celebration in

Langres, attended by association members and a

small civic group, with the signing of a Twinning

Charter by the respective Mayors. A time capsule

was also set into part of their 4 km long town

ramparts, suitably renamed Le Promenade de

Beaconsfield. Previous visits have included Bastille

Day celebrations, their music festival, together with

artisan and trade fairs in the historic quarter.

A counter Charter was jointly signed in

Beaconsfield in 2016 with a party from Langres

and their Mayor visiting, with a model recreation

of their ‘Hotel de Ville’ (Town Hall) and ramparts

opened at Bekonscot Model Village. The French

visitors, including teachers, attending a visit and

luncheon with members at Waddesdon as well

as events in Beaconsfield including the Bonfire

Night Fireworks.

Langres, in the Champagne-Ardenne tourist area,

is a town standing on a high promontory of a

limestone plateau bearing its name, at the

junction of a dozen Roman roads. Prospering

in the middle ages its Cathedral became the

centre of the diocese and fortifications were

updated from the 15th to 18th centuries. Their

most famous son, the Enlightenment Philosopher

Denis Diderot, has his statue in the centre square,

Place Diderot, a stone’s throw from the secondary

school Diderot College. By their town hall stands

the Diderot Museum, wherein is mentioned

another contemporary 18th c. radical thinker,

one Edmund Burke. Beyond the ancient walls

modern commercial premises, sports facilities and

housing lie, as does the railway’s Gare de Langres

by the canal.

Beaconsfield by contrast grew as a market town

lying at the old crossroads of the Aylesbury to

Windsor and the London to Oxford Roads. With

buildings dating from the 15th century on, much

clad with later Georgian facades, the Old Town

contrasts with the modern New Town to the north

Everyone is

welcome to join

whether your

interest is in

language, art,

food, travel,

sport or other

with the

opportunity to

share interests

here and

abroad. Annual

Membership of

the Association, from July 1st each year, is just £10

single, £15 for a couple or young family. Website

and email contact details below.

Jacqui Hogan, Chairman, Beaconsfield Twinning


01494 680 997

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email


Summer competition

Win £100 Waitrose Voucher.

If you’ve enjoyed being outdoors after many weeks of being indoors why not take the

family out during the summer months and continue to enjoy our beautiful county with our fun

summer quiz? Answer these questions and win yourself a £100 voucher from Waitrose Store in

Beaconsfield to buy some local food and drink to enjoy on a summer picnic!

What am I?

Holtspur Bottom Butterfly Reserve, is a haven

for butterflies and moths. The land is owned by

Beaconsfield Town Council and managed by

Butterfly Conservation Upper Thames Branch.

Find out what these 2 species are. One is a butterfly

and one is a moth! You can find the answers on the

information boards.

Question: Name these species in photographs

1 and 2

1 2

What number am I?

On Riding Lane to the Butterfly Reserve,

you may hear the sound of trains. Find

this impressive bridge and answer the


Question: What is the number inside

the bridge?

For the chance to win £100 Waitrose vouchers go


and fill out the online form.

Information & Directions to the Butterfly Reserve

Go to: and park under the impressive bridge in Riding Lane or park at

The Beacon Centre. Use an ordnance survey to navigate your way to the butterflies!

40 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together


Building perfect indoor pools for over thirty five years

Call Origin on 01895 453993

or email for our information pack



Buy in


The Beaconsfield Society exists to involve local

people with the past, present and future of our


Only rarely do we use our social media presence to

promote businesses, but in response to the current

situation we have started a temporary campaign

called the #BuyInBeaconsfield campaign.

Using our very active Facebook page,

BeaconsfieldNow, plus Twitter and Instagram,

we are working with over 100 local businesses

to help promote them during this tough time.

We aim to:

• Inform people about the local impact of

economic recession

• Encourage people to use local shops and


• Raise awareness of local shops and businesses

We have created an online local businesses

directory on our website and highlight local deals

and initiatives on offer. We also email our large

subscriber list with details of local suppliers of goods

and services. With support from our community, we

hope to help our independent traders survive and

recover from the impact of lockdown.

For more contact us at or

visit the Facebook page Beaconsfield Now or find

us on Twitter and Instagram as @The BecSoc

Always good

to network

Ben Walters set this group up back in

September last year, aimed at owner run

businesses in Beaconsfield.

The purpose is to share ideas and successes, help

each other where possible and ultimately have a

club where people in Beaconsfield can come to get

a range of professional services.

Since it started, the group has grown to include

any local business that wants to be involved and

we now have around 20 businesses represented

– these include Solicitors, Graphic designers,

Accountants and Tax advisers, Publishing,

Business Coach, Financial Planners, Estate agents,

IT and Telephony support, HR and recruitment,

Psychologist, FX brokers, Car Leasing and

Experiential Marketing.

We were meeting in a private room at the back of

The Beech House in Beaconsfield, which worked

well until lockdown happened. Our first ZOOM

meeting was set up in May, when we shared

some really interesting experiences of the last few

months. We will be continuing by ZOOM until

further notice.

If you would like to join please email Ben at

42 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together


Please support your local Beaconsfield businesses in these tough times.

If you are a ‘High Street’ business needing urgent FREE promotion please email

Therese at:

Mira Gifts


New and unusual gifts, jewellery,

clothing and gifts for the home.

Order online or visit the shop.

Address: 7 Burkes Court, Burkes

Road, Beaconsfield, HP9 1NZ

Open: Mon – Sat 10.30am-4.30pm.


T: 01494 677 990

Sara Torrome


Sara is a BACP registered

counsellor, specialising in loss and

bereavement. Also relationships,

infant loss and post-natal



T: 07800 968 681

Nails & Brows


Luxury concept nail and brow styling

boutique. Also offers hair removal,

massage and facial treatments.

Address: 1 Warwick Road,

Beaconsfield, HP9 2PE


T: 01494 670 555



Selling sports goods and equipment,

for all racket and ball sports. 15%

discount on a range of sports goods

for Bucks affiliated tennis clubs.

Address: 43 Station Road,

Beaconsfield, HP9 1QG


T: 01494 674 533

The Nagundo Tree


Specialising in cut flowers and

flower arranging for weddings.

Creates bespoke floral wedding

flowers with a wild and natural look.



T: 07845 605 518

Studio 67


Located at the Town Hall, Adel

Hanna specialises in weddings,

functions, events, schools and

commercial photography.



T: 01494 681 595 / 07717 330 601

Grace Boutique


Specialising in designer ladies’

outerwear. Brands include

J Brand, Joseph, Pinko,

Charle and many more.

Address: 6 The Highway,

Beaconsfield, HP9 1QD


T: 01494 679 908

Wainwright & Sons


Established in 1919, family-owned

shoe shop for ladies, men and

children. Open 8.45am – 5.30pm

Mon – Sat.

Address: 188 Maxwell Road,

Beaconsfield, HP9 1QX


T: 01494 673 971

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email



The wonder of

the Elderberry

Elder is a tree with a wonderful variety of

uses (mostly as food and medicine) as well as

historical associations. It was believed to ward

off evil spirits and as such it was considered

good luck to have it growing near your house.

If you’re lucky enough to have an elder tree

growing in your garden then it would be a shame

to pass up the delicious flowers and fruit of this

small native tree.

Elderflower cordial is a well-known refreshing

early summer drink, perfect with sparkling water.

But the berries, which ripen from mid-August

in the south of the country are equally as

valuable, being rich in anti-oxidant anthocyanins

and Vitamin C.

Elderberry can act as a tonic to the immune

system. It has been shown to exert anti-viral

activity against the common cold, flu, and similar

viruses and has a long tradition of use for these

conditions in the form of Elderberry Syrup or

Elderberry Rob (a spiced, slightly alcoholic syrup),

both easy to make and delicious, as well as

effective. The berries are also renowned for

producing a delicious burgundy-style red wine,

the perfect home-brew tipple.

by Jesper Launder

(Medical Herbalist and Foraging Teacher)

Complimentary support

service for local NHS

hearing aid users

As a gesture of thanks to the NHS, local

audiologists, Help in Hearing, are offering

a complimentary support service to all local

people who wear NHS hearing aids.

Although not able to see people face-to-face,

they can supply batteries and carry out hearing

aid cleaning and mould re-tubing.


One grateful lady thanked the clinic for “saving

her sanity” by fixing her husband’s hearing aids

after his NHS appointment was cancelled.

Another client, who normally lives in Brighton,

was staying locally with his son when his

hearing aids developed a problem and became

uncomfortable to wear. Thanks to their safesupport

setup, which keeps patients and

consultants safe, Help in Hearing were able to

make the hearing aids work better and be more

comfortable wear – a result greatly appreciated

both by the gentleman himself and his family!

The clinic re-opened for face to face visits from

June 1st. Strict Covid-19 restrictions are in place

to ensure the safety of customers and staff, so

please do not turn up without an appointment.

Contact the surgery:


T: 0345 222 0579 (Freephone)


Help in Hearing | Southmead Clinic

Blackpond Lane | Farnham Common

Buckinghamshire SL2 3ER

Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

Buckinghamshire Adult Learning

Contact us on

01296 382403

Online courses now available

Enrol now on over 150 online courses.

Courses include:

Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga and Meditation

French, Spanish and Italian at a range of

different levels.

Over 50 creative classes including

floristry, drawing, painting, garden

design, cooking and creative writing.

Beaconsfield Advisory Centre

Help given to those who need advice in confidence.

Appointments available outside office hours & home

visits can be arranged for the housebound.

Open: Monday - Friday 10am - 12pm

18 Aylesbury End (next to the United Reformed Church)

t: 01494 672 987


Helping local people in crisis

Contact us to donate or volunteer.


t: 01494 775668 w:

Registered charity number 1146699

There’s no weakness in

forgiveness. Put differences

behind you & make-up

To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email


Trades Directory -


Share your recommendations with us at


SMB Services

Family owned business. Specialists in roofing

and building. Free estimates.

t: 01494 676 922 / 07795 597 264



A J Dunlop Car Servicing Ltd

We have provided friendly advice, quality

servicing, repairs and MOTs since 1985. Online

booking, collection and delivery available.

t: 01494 650 510



Oliver Twist Chimney Sweep

Safe, efficient chimney sweeping for open fires,

stoves or boilers.

t: 0777 5630 432



Wilkinson Electrical Ltd

Domestic and commercial installations, lighting,

socket outlets, re-wires, power circuits, consumer

units, safety checks and periodic inspections.

t: 07813 205 628 / 07384 892 482



Tames Tree Services

All aspects of tree surgery

and hedge cutting undertaken.

t: 01494 758 862 / 07788 763 127




D Hearn & Sons Painters and Decorators

Top quality workmanship for all your interior

and exterior decorating needs.

t: 01494 784 727 / M: 07888 181 320

N. Gillie Decorating Services

Experienced, friendly professional internal

and external decorators who have been

working in the area since 1993.

t: 01494 681 794 / 07771 521 263




Castle Glass

Specialists in the installation of windows, doors,

conservatories, gutters, soffits and fascias.


t: 01494 873 399



Low maintenance metal garden fences that

stand the test of time.

t: 01494 711 400



Gutter Pro

Gutters cleared – no call out charge.

t: 01628 878 448




Back to Life Cleaning Services

Carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

t: 0800 2118 387(Freephone) / 07726 491 580


46 Beaconsfield Together is part of Community Together

Chalfont Ovens

First class results every time. Ovens,

hobs, extractors, grills, stoves, microwaves,

Aga cookers, barbecue trays.

t: 01753 889 922 / 07950 962 214


Home Counties Loft Ladders

Complete loft storage solution

t: 0808 301 9558


Oxford Aerials

Local TV aerial and satellite installation and repair

services, internet/Wifi blackspots fixed.

t: 01628 439 115




Origin Pools

Add another dimension to your home

with a private swimming pool – indoors

or outdoors.


t: 01895 823 366



Aquarius Window Cleaning Ltd

Exceptional hand window cleaning, jet washing

and gutter cleaning. One off or regular service.

t: 07970 915 972


Red Kite Kitchens

Creative ideas, stunning design and the

finest craftsmanship ensure you get the

luxury kitchen of your dreams.

t: 01494 681 444


To advertise please call 07786 735 711 or email


flexible membership packages are designed with you


mind. With no joining fee and features that enable quick


consistent access to our experienced team, right


you need it, Your Doctor membership delivers




Affordable Monthly Membership from £48*

peace of mind.

*Adult monthly fee

GP Appointments



Your health, your choice. 0330 088 2020

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