Alice Vol. 1 No. 1

The premiere issue of Alice Magazine, the fashions and lifestyle magazine created by the students of The University of Alabama. Published November 2015 by UA Student Media.

The premiere issue of Alice Magazine, the fashions and lifestyle magazine created by the students of The University of Alabama. Published November 2015 by UA Student Media.


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ISSUE<br />

SHOW ME<br />


How to break the glass ceiling<br />

and navigate the professional world<br />


Tinder drastically alters the<br />

college dating game<br />

BINGE<br />


Get the scoop on the most<br />

addictive shows on Netflix<br />

Fashion tips, tricks, and inspiration<br />

that will blow everyone away this season<br />

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The mailing address is P.O. Box 870170, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487.<br />

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<strong>Alice</strong> is published by the Office of Student Media<br />

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It started with one question: Would you be interested in<br />

developing a women’s magazine? The question, posed to<br />

a room of more than 100 college women last spring, was<br />

a simple yes or no. The women, each from a different part<br />

of campus, from a different background, from a different<br />

state of mind, all said yes.<br />

After months of brainstorming, conceptualizing, and<br />

answering a million what ifs, we’re excited to be debuting<br />

the first issue of <strong>Alice</strong> — your new source for everything<br />

fashion, entertainment, beauty, lifestyle and more. To us,<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> represents everything we love and hate about our<br />

college years. She’s into following the next big fashion<br />

trends, but just as concerned about the big issues —what’s<br />

going on in the world and how can she stay engaged. In<br />

other words, <strong>Alice</strong> is just like us.<br />

Think of <strong>Alice</strong> as your co-pilot as you navigate your way<br />

through college. The transition out of your teens and into<br />

your early twenties is an important one, and she wants you<br />

to make it count. She’ll be there when your friends convince<br />

you to go on your first awkward Tinder date (p. 53), when<br />

you finish your rewatch of Grey’s and need a new Netflix<br />

obsession (we’ve all been there) (p. 72), and when you finally<br />

decide it’s time you learned to cook (p. 27).<br />

And when your time is up and graduation looms, <strong>Alice</strong><br />

will help you prepare for the world. For everything from<br />

how to get a perfectly polished one-minute face (p. 6) to<br />

what to wear to an interview for every job or internship<br />

(p 19) — she’s got you covered. And that includes the big<br />

issues. For example, the upsetting wage gap that exists<br />

between men and women coming out of college (p. 44).<br />

Many of the subjects you've wanted to talk about<br />

during your years in college (and maybe some you haven't<br />

considered) are spelled out in the next 80 pages. So we<br />

wanted to take a moment to thank you, the readers, for<br />

going on this journey with us. We saw a need, and <strong>Alice</strong> is<br />

our way of filling it in a way uncharted by any other college<br />

media. We’re thrilled (and just a dash nervous), that the<br />

day has finally come, but we can’t wait for you to dive in!<br />

Tara Massouleh and Allison Ingram

Editorial<br />


Creative Director MARIA OSWALT<br />

Photo Editor EMILY HEATH<br />

Market Editor SAMANTHA CUPERO<br />

Beauty Editor ARAMIS HARMON<br />

Lifestyle Editor ALLISON COHEN<br />

Fashion Editor DEVEN FELDSTEIN<br />

Food and Health Editor KIMBERLY SUITS<br />

Entertainment Editor MARY-BRADLEY FLYNN<br />






Contributing Photographers RAMSEY GRIFFIN, TRENT MCDANIEL<br />



Advertising<br />

Advertising Manager EMANUEL ADELSON (cwadmanager@gmail.com)<br />

Assistant Advertising Manager DEE GRIFFIN (territorymanager1@gmail.com)<br />

Digital Sales Manager MICHAEL LOLLAR (osmspecialprojects@gmail.com)<br />

Advertising Creative Director MILLE EIBORG OLAUSSEN (cwcreativemanager@gmail.com)<br />

Assistant Creative Director MADISON HOOPER (cwcreativeservices@gmail.com)<br />

Sales Representatives (205) 348-7845<br />

MARISSA GANCYCO (cwzone7@gmail.com)<br />

AMANDA HYDRICK (cwzone8@gmail.com)<br />

GRANT EDGEWORTH (cwzone5@gmail.com)<br />

PATRICK RAINEY (cwzone6@gmail.com)<br />

GARRET HENKE (cwzone4@gmail.com)<br />

LEAH MARSHALL (cwzoneB@gmail.com<br />

JOSH DAVIS (cwzoneA@gmail.com)<br />

Advisers<br />

[2] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

Editorial MARK MAYFIELD (msmayfield1@sa.ua.edu)<br />

Advertising BRIAN GILES (bhgiles@sa.ua.edu)<br />

Published by UA Office of Student Media<br />


Table of<br />

Contents<br />

Beauty<br />










Fashion<br />


17 DAY TO NIGHT<br />



ABOUT THE COVER: It’s the golden hour: the lingering<br />

moments captured between the day’s blistering rays and<br />

the night’s bitter skyfall. In our inaugural issue of <strong>Alice</strong>,<br />

we celebrated the warmth and authenticity of <strong>No</strong>vember,<br />

translating the imagery into wardrobes that embody<br />

the season.<br />

Photographer: EMILY HEATH<br />

See story: PAGE 36<br />

Health<br />

& Food<br />






<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [3]

Features<br />

36 GOLDEN HOUR<br />


44 WAGE GAP<br />


53 SWIPE LEFT<br />

Lifestyle<br />

56 48 HOURS IN NOLA<br />



Entertainment<br />






74 WHO TO FOLLOW<br />


BEAUTY<br />

MAKEUP<br />

FOR<br />

THOSE<br />

WHO<br />

hate<br />

MAKEUP<br />

We get it: you’re one of the girls who<br />

dashes from the beauty aisle, scoffs<br />

at the thought of lip liner, and has<br />

perfected the roll-out-of-bed, readyin-three<br />

routine. And we see where<br />

you’re coming from; it’s easy to avoid<br />

the pricey, messy and overwhelming<br />

selection of beauty supplies and opt<br />

for an au natural look rather than a<br />

caked-on mess. But if you still want<br />

the enhancement of makeup without<br />

the labor or the done-up look, read on.<br />

We broke it down to the basics for a<br />

new routine you might actually use<br />

and (gasp!) enjoy.<br />

If you’re hesitant about a cumbersome foundation, go for<br />

a tinted moisturizer or BB cream for the perfect marriage<br />

of coverage, hydration, and a healthy glow.<br />

Our pick: CoverGirl Smoothers BB cream<br />

Ladies, meet brow tint, your new partner in the fight<br />

against wimpy or “slayed” brows. The spoolie brush tames<br />

and holds hair together for full, defined brows to frame<br />

your face. Just one swipe is all you need to get the job done<br />

— just don’t get it confused for mascara.<br />

Our pick: Ulta Brow Tint<br />

When all else fails, mascara, mascara, mascara. Why?<br />

Well, mascara not only makes your eye color pop, but it<br />

gives the illusion of eyeliner if applied correctly.<br />

Our pick: Ulta Amped Lashes Mascara<br />

Feeling confident about these picks? Head to page 6 for the perfect one-minute<br />

face to complete your makeup relationship transformation.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [5]

BEAUTY<br />

For mornings like this, a<br />

powder foundation gives quick<br />

and easy coverage. For daily wear,<br />

try Ulta's HELLO FLAWLESS<br />

with SPF 15 powder that will give<br />

you sheer to full coverage with an<br />

all-natural glow.<br />

It’s no secret that mascara is<br />

the key to instantly playing up your<br />

eyes and bringing the face together.<br />


builds lush, dramatic volume with<br />

definition, and one or two quick swipes<br />

is all it takes to take your everyday<br />

look to the next level.<br />

Next, grab ULTA BROW<br />

TINT for a quick brow fix.<br />

The multi-purpose Brow Tint<br />

gel not only fills in brows<br />

but conditions as well. Just<br />

go over each brow with one<br />

swipe of this double doozy,<br />

and you’re set, sister!<br />

Lastly, blush is perfect<br />

for a quick highlight; no one<br />

will know you were up until 3<br />

a.m. cramming for a final.<br />

An E.L.F blush will give you a<br />

soft, sheer texture that easily<br />

blends into skin for the<br />

perfect finish.<br />

1<br />

-Minute Face<br />

Despite your best intentions — set alarms, calculated<br />

morning routines, and laid-out clothes — one glance at<br />

the clock confirms the horrible truth: you’re running late.<br />

Do you swipe here, gloss there? Throw on a hat and hope<br />

no one notices your broken-out forehead? Meet the fiveminute<br />

face’s college-aged cousin, the one-minute<br />

routine you’ll actually use before that 8 a.m.<br />

Model: Sylvia Craig<br />

[6] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

BEAUTY<br />



By Brittany Ray<br />

When is it worth it? As a college student, there’s<br />

a running list of items to be purchased, but when<br />

budgeting is an issue, beauty products tend to take<br />

a hit. For makeup-lovers on a budget, sometimes<br />

it’s best to hit up the drugstore for products<br />

normally bought at Sephora or Ulta.<br />

Too Faced “Better Than Sex” Mascara ($23) vs.<br />

Covergirl Professional All-in-One Mascara ($5.24)<br />

“Better Than Sex” by Two-Faced provides both volume<br />

and length, and as an added bonus it can be reapplied during<br />

the day without worry of lashes hardening. It’s smooth and<br />

perfect for making eyes seem more open after endless allnighters.<br />

It’s a great mascara, but at $23, “Better Than<br />

Sex” is a little steep for everyday use. So when the funds<br />

are running a little low, instead try Covergirl’s Professional<br />

All-in-One Mascara for comparable alternative to Better<br />

Than Sex’s at a much more digestible price of $5.24 . The<br />

only distinguishable factor is that Covergirl’s mascara<br />

hardens over time, but the price difference makes the slight<br />

variation worthwhile.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [7]

MAC Lipstick ($17) vs.<br />

Milani Color Statement Lipstick ($5.99)<br />

Milani’s matte lipstick has a velvet finish that doesn’t<br />

dry lips out or require constant reapplication. Plus, it smells<br />

like a candy store and features multiple color options, for<br />

every occasion. The plum and berry pigments are some of<br />

the best out there. On the splurge side, MAC Lipstick comes<br />

in several fun colors that indulge your need to experiment.<br />

While they are high quality and go on smooth, they are<br />

prone to clumping, especially after long wear. Both lipsticks<br />

rank high in quality and color variation, but for the best<br />

pick without clump-worry, try Milani.<br />

Naked Smoky Palette ($54) vs.<br />

Maybelline The Nudes Palette ($9.99)<br />

When it comes to eyeshadow, it’s hard not to splurge on<br />

the newest Naked Smoky Palette. <strong>No</strong>t only is the palette<br />

great for a smoky eye night look, but it also contains all<br />

the right colors for a flawless natural day look. Don’t want<br />

the $54 price tag? Maybelline The Nudes Palette contains<br />

similar colors to the Naked’s with a comparable, longlasting<br />

quality. Plus, there is no need for an eye primer<br />

because neither product clumps after a long day.<br />

[8] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

BEAUTY<br />

Cold Weather<br />


By Emily Heath<br />

As cool breezes and sunshine turn to bone-chilling winds<br />

and frost, don’t let your skin fall victim to the transitional<br />

slump. While it’s easy to blame our dry skin woes on the<br />

frigid temperatures, it’s not just the weather that’s got<br />

our skin all out of whack. Low humidity levels inside and<br />

outside draw moisture from our skin, leaving it flaky, dry<br />

and sensitive. Hot showers, the only saving grace during<br />

icy winter mornings, can also cause major problems — the<br />

extended exposure to water actually washes away skin’s<br />

natural protective oils. Pro tip: If your skin feels tight<br />

after a hot shower, you’ve been in too long. Then finally,<br />

some of our favorite warm-weather products can be totally<br />

damaging come wintertime. What were once our go-to<br />

soaps and light moisturizers become our skin’s worst enemy<br />

once the temperature drops.<br />

<strong>No</strong>t to worry, though; we’ve got plenty of tips and tricks<br />

to help you keep your skin healthy and glowing once winter<br />

rolls around.<br />

Model: Katie Ortiz<br />

DRINK WATER: Stay hydrated. It<br />

will keep your skin elastic and healthy<br />

and serves as your first defense against<br />

cold weather.<br />

CLEANSE: Cleanse your skin with<br />

a simple, non-irritating face wash<br />

such as Cetaphil, Cerave or First Aid<br />

Beauty’s Face Cleanser. Use lukewarm<br />

water and don’t wash your skin more<br />

than twice a day to avoid stripping its<br />

natural protective oils.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [9]

MOISTURIZE: It’s most effective to<br />

apply moisturizer while your skin is<br />

still a little damp from a shower or<br />

face wash. You’ll want to gently pat<br />

your face dry before application. If<br />

you also suffer from cracked lips or<br />

sensitive, flaky skin around your nose,<br />

an ointment such as Aquaphor is a<br />

perfect way to soothe irritation. Apply<br />

it at night before bed and as needed<br />

throughout the day.<br />

TREAT YOURSELF: Spa days<br />

are a haven in the winter months.<br />

Treat yourself at home with moisturizing<br />

face masks once or twice a<br />

week. We recommend the Caudalie<br />

Moisturizing Mask. It will leave your<br />

skin feeling velvety smooth after just<br />

one application.<br />

OIL UP: Interested in beauty oils,<br />

but horrified about what they do to<br />

your skin? There is really nothing to<br />

fear when it comes to the right type<br />

of beauty oil for your type of skin.<br />

Go to your nearest beauty retailer<br />

and ask a specialist for their advice.<br />

They apply similarly to moisturizers,<br />

so be sure to use them only when<br />

your skin is damp. At night, rub 2-3<br />

drops of the oil between your hands to<br />

warm, then gently press into the skin<br />

on your cheeks, chin, forehead and<br />

nose. Wait a few minutes, then apply<br />

your moisturizer.<br />

SOUTH POLE: We’ve covered the<br />

<strong>No</strong>rth Pole (your face), now we’ll go<br />

over the South Pole (your feet). Often<br />

feet fall victim to the cold weather<br />

months by giving way to crackly, dry<br />

soles. Warm and smooth your pups<br />

by applying Aquaphor nightly, then<br />

seal the deal by putting socks on while<br />

you’re asleep.<br />

[10] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

BEAUTY<br />



Four dry shampoos that will change your life<br />

By Laura Martinez<br />

It’s the daily limbo: do we sacrifice our last minutes<br />

of sleep for freshly showered hair before our 8 a.m. or bite<br />

the bullet and rock the top knot? Avoid the compromise<br />

and allow us to introduce you to your new best friend, dry<br />

shampoo, or as we call it, the best thing since sliced bread,<br />

the bees’ knees, and the solution to all your problems.*<br />

<strong>No</strong>t Your Mother’s<br />

Clean Freak Dry Shampoo<br />

The name of this shampoo says it<br />

all: an insanely clean scent that does<br />

the job. A quick application absorbs<br />

the oils in your scalp to leave a matte<br />

finish without making your hair<br />

look dull and clumpy.<br />

Big Sexy Hair<br />

<strong>Vol</strong>umizing Dry Shampoo<br />

This dry shampoo is talc free,<br />

which means no white residue<br />

left on your hair after it works its<br />

magic. Flat, unwashed hair becomes<br />

instantly revitalized with covetable<br />

volume and a clean shine.<br />

Batiste Dry Shampoo<br />

We know it as the holy grail<br />

of dry shampoo — an inexpensive<br />

and effective option that adds texture<br />

and body to your hair. Just spray it<br />

in and comb it out. This dry shampoo<br />

comes in seven different scents and<br />

three hint of color options (light &<br />

blonde, medium & brunette, and<br />

dark & deep brown), so no fear of<br />

pesky white remnants!<br />

Dove Refresh + Care<br />

Invigorating Dry Shampoo<br />

We could rave for days about the<br />

scent of this dry shampoo and its<br />

lightweight quality that does the job<br />

without weighing your hair down. It’s<br />

perfect for days when washed hair<br />

turns greasy after four hours.<br />

*Okay, maybe not all of your problems, but you get it. It’s good stuff!<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [11]

BEAUTY<br />

Beauty<br />

Gurus<br />

to subscribe to<br />

With so many YouTube beauty gurus<br />

sharing tutorials and hacks online these<br />

days, nailing the perfect everyday face is<br />

easier than ever. Through shopping hauls<br />

and lessons on the latest trends, these<br />

gals have taught us what vlogging is all<br />

about, and we are forever grateful.<br />

1. Michelle Phan<br />

One of the most well-known beauty gurus on YouTube,<br />

Phan has collaborated with Loreal Cosmetics, launched<br />

her own makeup line called EM, and she’s even started a<br />

makeup subscription company called Ipsy. Since 2007, her<br />

channel has grown exponentially and now houses hundreds<br />

of videos. From special occasion makeup looks to DIY ideas<br />

and motivational videos, her channel is perfect for any<br />

college girl looking to get creative with her look.<br />

Videos to watch: Barbie Transformation Tutorial, Make<br />

Your Own Pore Strips, and Stretch Your Shoes with Ice<br />

2. Vicky Logan<br />

If you love wigs, makeup and girl talk, then you already<br />

love Vicky Logan. From hair style experimentation to<br />

makeup for problematic skin, Logan’s videos are as detailed<br />

and diverse as her many looks. Logan’s videos make you feel<br />

like you’re talking to your best friend — if your best friend<br />

was a super stylish makeup goddess. She offers advice on<br />

friendship, love and personal issues, all while teaching you<br />

a thing or two about how to care for your skin and look hot<br />

on the daily.<br />

Videos to watch: Full Face Routine: Long Lasting<br />

Makeup + Acne Coverage, Wash, Blowout and Flat Iron<br />

Routine for Natural Hair, Make up for Beginners 101:<br />

Intro and Essentials<br />

[12] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

3. Carli Bybel<br />

Creator of “The Beauty Bybel," Carli Bybel and her<br />

beautiful lashes have become a YouTube star with over three<br />

million subscribers. On her channel you can find anything<br />

from fitness videos to beauty hauls and motivational videos.<br />

She’s even collaborated with BH cosmetics to create her<br />

own makeup pallete.<br />

Videos to watch: How To Grow Your Eyelashes and<br />

Eyebrows DIY, Makeup MISTAKES to AVOID! +13 Tips<br />

for a Flawless Face, Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial<br />

4. ItsMyRayeRaye<br />

ItsMyRayeRaye is the definition of the phrase “Eyebrows<br />

on fleek.” With her big curly hair, thick eyebrows, and<br />

fierce personality, she has her thousands of subscribers<br />

hanging on her every word. From lip swatches to guides<br />

on how to recreate celebrity looks, her channel brings it all<br />

in. The best thing about ItsMyRayeRaye’s channel? Most<br />

of the makeup she uses to achieve her high-end looks are<br />

budget-friendly and can be found at your local drug store.<br />

Videos to watch: Everyday Glam Nude Makeup with Under<br />

Eye Dots (High End), How-To: Master Applying False<br />

Eyelashes, How to Get Rid of Acne Scars, How To Get<br />

Baby Soft Lips<br />

5. Patricia Bright<br />

This witty and stylish Nigerian blogger from the UK<br />

shares some of the best look books, skin care routines, and<br />

girl problem chit chat videos we’ver ever seen. Her style is<br />

chic, sophisticated and casual. Her style and makeup are<br />

ultra natural, but she’s not afraid to dress up in bright<br />

colors and funky accessories either.<br />

Videos to watch: DIY Tutorial: How to Honey Dip Hair<br />

(Ombre Inpsired), How I Cleared My Skin & Got Rid of<br />

Large Pores, My Lazy Morning Routine + Morning<br />

Workout<br />

6. Zoella<br />

For those who revel in the glory of a scoring great deals,<br />

then sharing with friends, Zoella’s channel full of haul<br />

videos is the perfect beauty fix. The UK YouTuber turned<br />

author (Girl Online), gained over a million subscribers with<br />

her haul videos, how-to hair looks, look books and v-logs. We<br />

love her for her charm and bubbly personality that make all<br />

her tips seem easy and totally doable.<br />

Videos to watch: How To: My Quick and Easy Hairstyles,<br />

Autumn/Fall Makeup, Gold Eyes & Berry Lips, What’s<br />

In My Bag?<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [13]


Holiday<br />

Style Guide<br />

Somewhere between football season and the<br />

first Christmas get together, did you forget to<br />

breathe? That’s what we thought. While there<br />

are certainly no complaints about a full social<br />

agenda, nothing dampens the holiday spirit quite<br />

like “but what am I going to wear?”<br />

So we did the planning for you: a fool-proof<br />

guide to any fete on your calendar, from the<br />

first office party to the final cocktail. Let the<br />

celebrations begin!<br />

[14] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

Night Out: Leather & Lace<br />

Going out with friends from home calls for a<br />

killer look versatile enough to last the whole<br />

night. Start with a detailed tunic top, then add<br />

faux-leather pants to contrast. Give ultrafeminine<br />

details like delicate lace and sheer<br />

panels an edge by adding hard complements like<br />

leather pants and heeled booties. Grab a<br />

(fun)ctional fur vest and you’re ready to go!<br />

Outfit: Altar'd State<br />

(Vest $90; Top $70;<br />

Boots $80; Cuff $15)<br />

Models: Tanner Fant, Kryssalyn Bayne

Holiday Party: Winter Whites<br />

Keep your look clean and polished by pairing<br />

crisp cropped pants with playful dressed-up<br />

versions of a classic tank. Look for ways to spice<br />

up basic pieces like the fringe and mockneck<br />

details in this student-designed top. The monochromatic<br />

color scheme is the perfect backdrop<br />

to highlight bold, colorful jewelry like this ruby<br />

red drop necklace.<br />

Outfit: Liza Rogers, student designer<br />

Bracelet: Francesca's, $18<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [15]

[16] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

Family Dinner: Classy Casual<br />

Family get togethers are always chaotic without the<br />

added stress of what to wear. Shoot for a look that’s<br />

comfortable enough to sit around in, but fashionable<br />

enough to impress your ultra-stylish cousin. Remember<br />

to keep your look family-friendly: skirts should<br />

reach mid-thigh, and necklines should be tasteful. For<br />

this look, we dressed up cozy basics like this caramel<br />

slouchy sweater and stretchy knit skirt with a plaid<br />

scarf and rugged statement boots.


Day to<br />

Night<br />

Another day, another afternoon of errands turned into a<br />

nighttime get together, and you’re stuck trying to transform<br />

your casual everyday wear into an ensemble hot enough to<br />

carry you into the evening. With our guide, it’s easier than<br />

ever to go from day to night without the hassle of changing<br />

your whole outfit. The key? Simple staples you already own,<br />

just tweaked and accessorized to up the ante.<br />

Night<br />

Day<br />

Throw on a black knit dress as<br />

an outfit anchor, then add a comfy<br />

cardigan and your favorite boots to<br />

take on the day. For night, switch<br />

the cardigan for a glam fur vest, add<br />

a statement pendant necklace, and<br />

you’re good to go.<br />

Dress: Az Well, $37<br />

Cardigan: Az Well, $60<br />

Vest: Az Well, $33<br />

Necklace: Ellie Crimson, $18<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [17]<br />

Makeup by Laura Martinez

Day<br />

Night<br />

Take a basic tunic sweater from day<br />

to night by switching out colored denim<br />

for a leather mini. Daytime accessories<br />

like suede fedoras and fringe boots<br />

make way for nighttime pairings like<br />

our favorite leather and lace combo.<br />

Outfit: Altar'd State<br />

(Sweater $70; Leggings $50;<br />

Necklace $20; Hat $25;<br />

Bracelet $13; Boots $80;<br />

Skirt $60)<br />

[18] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015


CAREER<br />


How to achieve<br />

the perfect balance of<br />

style and professionalism<br />

Aside from getting your resume together and editing<br />

your LinkedIn account, figuring out what to wear for the<br />

interview can be the most stressful part of applying for<br />

jobs and internships. First impressions last a lifetime, so<br />

don’t be stuck leaving a bad one based off your appearance,<br />

not to mention we’re our most confident when we look our<br />

best. Prepare an interview outfit far in advance to avoid<br />

unnecessary anxiety on the day of your interview.<br />

Model: Anna Leigh Sharp<br />

Trench coat: Az well, $49.99<br />

Necklace: Francesca's, $26<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [19]

Suit Up<br />

If the dress code isn’t specified for<br />

an interview, the business professional<br />

look is a safe home base, and for many<br />

business settings, it’s expected. Think<br />

suits and classic separates for a polished,<br />

pulled-together look – whether<br />

that’s a fail-proof power suit or streamlined<br />

pencil skirt. Stick with closed-toe<br />

shoes, and make sure you can walk in<br />

them!<br />

Jacket and shirt: The Cotton Gin Boutique<br />

[20] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

Keep it Casual<br />

In many settings — mostly in the<br />

creative industry — starched business<br />

clothes don’t necessarily mesh with<br />

their laid back environments. But<br />

before donning your jeans and sandals,<br />

make sure you completely understand<br />

the company’s corporate culture.<br />

And even at that, stick with a more<br />

conservative look for your interview:<br />

cotton pants, relaxed blouses, and<br />

statement jewelry to show your<br />

personal style. Break out your trendy<br />

frocks after you land the job!<br />

Bag: Francesca's, $34<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [21]


Gigi Hadid<br />

By Leah Tobak<br />

Celeb model Gigi Hadid has<br />

heads turning and cameras<br />

flashing with her high-fashion<br />

look and recent rise to<br />

fame. At only 20, she is this issue’s It<br />

Girl. We want to look like her, dress<br />

like her, or just hang with her. What<br />

can we say? We’re smitten with this<br />

California charmer.<br />

In the past two years, Hadid was<br />

named a Sports Illustrated Rookie,<br />

walked in New York Fashion Week,<br />

and modeled for brands like Guess,<br />

Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria’s<br />

Secret PINK. To add to her resume,<br />

Maybelline recently named her<br />

their 2015 Brand Ambassador.<br />

Her Instagram alone has us swooning<br />

over (and maybe a little jealous of)<br />

her flawless selfies, photos with the<br />

ever fierce #GirlSquad, and glimpses<br />

of her super hot boyfriend, Joe Jonas.<br />

There’s no “Bad Blood” when it comes<br />

to Slay-Z!<br />

<strong>No</strong>t to mention, she exudes a chic,<br />

yet easy-going style. A true master<br />

of an effortless street look, Gigi<br />

is regularly spotted in her staple<br />

boyfriend jeans and tank, and even<br />

on the red carpet, she sticks to her<br />

neutrals to let her natural beauty<br />

shine while still looking ridiculously<br />

glamorous. With cut outs and high<br />

slits, our girl knows how to show off<br />

her supermodel body and still keep<br />

it classy.<br />

Another of the many lessons we’ve<br />

learned from this It Girl is that your<br />

style doesn’t have to remain stationary.<br />

Gigi has said her at-home style in<br />

California is very different from that<br />

when she travels to big cities. On the<br />

West Coast, Gigi’s street style gives off<br />

a boho, Cali girl vibe. But when she’s<br />

in New York, Gigi kicks up the glam<br />

factor by dressing ultra modern and<br />

sleek. She’s bringing a new name to a<br />

bicoastal ease — one Instagram, cat<br />

walk and Starbucks run at a time.<br />

Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi, under Flickr Creative Commons (attribution and sharealike license). <strong>No</strong> changes were made to the photo.<br />

[22] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015


The<br />

<strong>No</strong>-Excuse<br />

Workout<br />

Small space? <strong>No</strong> equipment? <strong>No</strong> problem.<br />

With all the demands of college, from social events to<br />

study sessions, staying healthy and avoiding the infamous<br />

“Freshman 15” can be tough, especially for girls coming in<br />

without a solid workout routine. Luckily we’ve formulated a<br />

workout you can do at any fitness level, any time you want,<br />

and in virtually any space — even a shoebox dorm.<br />

1. Jumping Jacks (25)<br />

How It Works<br />

Cardio, abs, arms and legs are all included in this highintensity<br />

workout. Complete the circuit two times through,<br />

taking a one-minute break following the Dive Bombers. As<br />

your fitness level builds, you may want to add onto the number<br />

of times you complete the circuit and increase the pace.<br />

Once you’ve finished the circuits, complete the stretches<br />

and rehydrate.<br />

2. Burpees (10)<br />

Start by standing upright, then<br />

squat and jump up. Immediately drop<br />

into a pushup position, do a full pushup,<br />

then jump back into the upright<br />

position and start again.<br />

Model: Brianna Milner<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [23]

3. Planks (1 min)<br />

For the first part of the minute,<br />

hold a traditional plank for 15 seconds.<br />

Place your forearms on the floor. Keep<br />

a tight core with your legs straight out<br />

behind you. Make a straight line with<br />

your body making sure not to arch<br />

your back or stick your butt up.<br />

Next complete 15 seconds of commandos.<br />

Start in a traditional plank,<br />

use your right arm to push up onto<br />

your hand, in the process. Follow with<br />

straightening your left arm. Bend<br />

your left arm, and lower back into a<br />

traditional plank. Alternating arms<br />

complete as many of these as possible.<br />

Complete 15 seconds of a rocking<br />

plank. Start in the traditional plank<br />

position. Begin rocking your body<br />

back and forth onto your heels. Keep<br />

your back as flat as possible and your<br />

core tight.<br />

Complete 15 seconds of a side-toside<br />

plank. Start in a traditional plank<br />

position and rotate your core rocking<br />

your hips from right to left. Go as low<br />

to the floor as possible.<br />

4. Reverse<br />

Lunges (20)<br />

Start by stepping forward into a full<br />

lunge. Swing your back leg up in front<br />

of you and straighten your other leg.<br />

Jump up and then back into the lunge<br />

position. Complete 10 on each side.<br />

5. Dive<br />

Bombers (10)<br />

Start in the downward dog position.<br />

Bend your arms and lower yourself<br />

into pushup position. Complete a full<br />

pushup. As you do so, arch your back<br />

and move into upward dog position.<br />

Fall back into downward dog position<br />

to start the next rep.<br />

[24] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015


6. Stretch<br />

Once you've repeated workouts as<br />

many times as possible, cool down with<br />

a 5-10 minute stretching session.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [25]


Taste of<br />

Tin Top<br />

By Audrey Watford<br />

Located in the heart of the downtown<br />

Tuscaloosa entertainment district,<br />

Tin Top Sports Bar & Grill marries<br />

bar food’s ease and approachability<br />

with a Cajun-style quality. Owner Bob<br />

Hallmark says although sports bars<br />

are usually not associated with good<br />

food, he and his wife, Patty, created<br />

Tin Top with the finest casual dining<br />

in mind. Diners can stop in to shake<br />

off the day over a plate of oysters just<br />

as easily as they can kick off the night<br />

with drinks and appetizers.<br />

The versatile menu fits most appetites<br />

and occasions, be it sharing<br />

sashimi with a date or indulging in<br />

smoked wings with friends. Hallmark’s<br />

personal favorite meal is the<br />

shrimp and gouda grits with crawfish<br />

sauce followed by warm strawberry<br />

bread pudding topped with a white<br />

chocolate drizzle.<br />

Tin Top also has a noteworthy beverage<br />

selection, featuring local craft<br />

beers from Druid City Brewing in<br />

Tuscaloosa, as well as Cahaba and<br />

Avondale Brewing in Birmingham.<br />

Tin Top Manager Daniel Lowery noted<br />

these beers’ rising customer popularity<br />

and daily pairs selections with<br />

single dishes. And if you are not in<br />

the mood for brews, Tin Top offers an<br />

ample selection of wine and cocktails<br />

to sip over dinner. Stop by on Thursday,<br />

Friday and Saturday nights for<br />

live music to accompany your dinner<br />

and drinks.<br />

Tin Top’s most popular drink is none<br />

other than the classic Bushwhacker,<br />

an Alabama year-round staple whether<br />

you’re lounging along the Gulf or<br />

hitting the Tuscaloosa streets after a<br />

game. Our favorite adult milkshake<br />

features 151 rum, Kahlua, white and<br />

dark cream de cocoa, and vanilla ice<br />

cream blended together — then topped<br />

with even more rum. Think of it as<br />

the perfect meal-to-social hour transition<br />

or the middle ground between<br />

cocktails and dessert.<br />

[26] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015


Easy Eats<br />

on the go<br />

By Lily Shawver<br />

Chocolate Chip<br />

Mug Cake<br />

Late night sweets cravings have<br />

been ruining our healthful eating one<br />

pint of Ben and Jerry’s at a time. But<br />

this butter and oil-less chocolate mug<br />

cake can satisfy your sweet tooth without<br />

busting your diet.<br />

Ingredients<br />

2 tbsp of coconut flour<br />

2 tbsp of quick oats<br />

¼ tsp of baking powder<br />

1 tbsp of Stevia or other sweetener<br />

¼ cup of almond milk<br />

1 large egg white<br />

1 tbsp of chocolate chips<br />

Directions<br />

1. Combine coconut flour, quick oats and<br />

baking powder in a bowl or mug and mix.<br />

2. Add milk and sweetener, continue<br />

stirring until smooth.<br />

3. Use a fork or whisk to beat the egg<br />

white into the batter, making sure it is<br />

fully incorporated.<br />

4. Fold in chocolate chips.<br />

5. Microwave on high for 2½ to 3 minutes<br />

Protein-Packed<br />

Overnight Oats<br />

Are you a breakfast person, but<br />

lacking the morning time to make<br />

it happen? Overnight oats could be<br />

your schedule’s new go-to. This protein-filled<br />

recipe takes zero effort and<br />

will keep you full until lunchtime.<br />

Ingredients<br />

½ cup of quick cook oats<br />

¼ cup of nonfat Greek yogurt<br />

1-2 tbsp of Stevia or other sweetener<br />

½ cup of almond milk (or milk of choice)<br />

½ a scoop of whey protein<br />

1 tbsp of peanut butter<br />

Directions<br />

1. Mix all of your ingredients (except the<br />

peanut butter) in a sealable container.<br />

2. Leave the container of oats in the<br />

fridge overnight.<br />

3. Top with peanut butter and any other<br />

toppings of your choice.<br />

Grab a spoon and enjoy!<br />

Turkey<br />

Avocado Roll-ups<br />

Roll-ups are a great lunch option<br />

for anyone on the go; they’re portable,<br />

healthy, and not to mention, delicious.<br />

Paired with a juicy red apple or baked<br />

chips, this dish creates a perfect quick<br />

and easy meal. <strong>No</strong> silverware required.<br />

Ingredients<br />

2 oz. deli turkey<br />

1 tortilla wrap<br />

1 wedge of Laughing Cow cheese<br />

A hand full of romaine lettuce<br />

¼ of a sliced avocado<br />

¼ cup of diced bell peppers<br />

Directions<br />

1. Spread Laughing Cow cheese on half<br />

of the tortilla wrap.<br />

2. Layer romaine, turkey, sliced avocado<br />

and diced bell peppers onto the tortilla<br />

wrap.<br />

3. Roll up the wrap as tightly as possible.<br />

4. Cut each end off of the wrap.<br />

5. Proceed to cut the rest of the wrap into<br />

½-1 inch pieces.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [27]


Fresh Market<br />

Smart Buys<br />

Must-Tries<br />

With the opening of the Shoppes at<br />

Legacy Park on McFarland Boulevard,<br />

Tuscaloosa is adding to a growing list<br />

of restaurants and retailers. Bed Bath<br />

& Beyond, World Market, Chuy’s and<br />

Dick’s are all here to stay, as is our<br />

new favorite grocery store, The Fresh<br />

Market. Focusing on high-quality produce,<br />

specialty products, and an ample<br />

organic selection, The Fresh Market is<br />

the perfect place to get all your grocery<br />

shopping done, and with some tips, you<br />

might even save a little money.<br />

Money Saving Tips<br />

Take advantage of $3.99 Tuesdays<br />

— On Tuesdays boneless, skinless<br />

chicken breast and ground chuck<br />

are both $3.99 a pound. Both versatile<br />

proteins are perfect for freezing<br />

to cook later. If you’re nervous about<br />

handling raw chicken, the meat counter<br />

will cut and package your selections<br />

however you like.<br />

$ We also highly recommend trying<br />

their pre-made choices like their chicken<br />

roll ups, which are an easy and delicious<br />

option for a busy college student.<br />

Make nice with the bakery. Ever<br />

make just a couple burgers then have<br />

six extra buns leftover that end up getting<br />

tossed? The Fresh Market bakery<br />

handles this wasteful dilemma by<br />

selling buns and other bread in small<br />

batches.<br />

$ Go online or pick up an in-store<br />

print of the weekly specials. They offer<br />

ideas of what you can make for the<br />

week and what will also be on sale.<br />

$ Get the gang together for a<br />

Thursday Little Big Meal. For $20<br />

you select one of two types of meat,<br />

then add a produce, dairy, rice or pasta,<br />

and a bakery selection. By splitting<br />

the $20 among the group, dinner is a<br />

great deal.<br />

$ Fresh Market is all about sampling.<br />

So if you are not sure if splurging<br />

on the organic, gluten-free, sugar-free,<br />

antioxidant-rich fungi cookies<br />

is worth it, just ask an employee to try<br />

them! They will be happy to open up a<br />

bag for you with no charge. Or if you’re<br />

in the salad line and not sure which olives<br />

you like, just try one. They would<br />

much rather you not go home disappointed.<br />

[28] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

Must-Tries<br />

›› The fresh nut butters, by the<br />

produce, have a station where customers<br />

can freshly grind their own peanut<br />

butter, almond butter or honey roasted<br />

peanut butter. With no added preservatives,<br />

it makes a great option for<br />

your nut-butter needs.<br />

›› The smoothie, juice, gelato and<br />

specialty coffee bar. All of their juices<br />

are freshly made in store with the<br />

same produce that’s on display for<br />

shoppers and with no added sugar.<br />

They have all kinds of juices such as<br />

apple, carrot, orange, beet and ginger.<br />

You can even get the wheat grass shots<br />

added. The most popular juice is the<br />

apple, kale and ginger. Or if you would<br />

rather someone else make a smoothie<br />

for you, go for their most popular: the<br />

green smoothie, which has a healthy<br />

amount of kale. And don’t forget to<br />

grab a scoop of gelato or latte for a<br />

sweet treat as you peruse.<br />

›› Have you tried their chocolate<br />

chunk cookies? Go right now. <strong>No</strong> joke.<br />

›› The pre-made meals and caprese<br />

pizza. All of the salads, sandwiches,<br />

sushi and pizza are made fresh<br />

daily. Take a break from campus by<br />

grabbing lunch to go or stay for your<br />

lunch break.<br />

›› Make your own chocolate bars.<br />

Fresh Market has sugar free chocolate<br />

ideal for sweet tooths. Melt the chocolate<br />

and create your own chocolate covered<br />

delights or cool completely after<br />

melting to make perfect bites.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [29]


Cold Weather<br />

MEALS<br />

[30] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

When cool<br />

weather moves<br />

in, we flock to<br />

sweatpants and all<br />

things warmingly<br />

decadent —<br />

the latter often<br />

reinforcing the<br />

former. We’ve got<br />

a week’s worth<br />

of affordable,<br />

wholesome meals<br />

that are just as<br />

delicious as they<br />

are easy to make.<br />

The plus? Many<br />

of the grocery<br />

list items are<br />

interchangeable,<br />

and meals are<br />

next-day friendly.<br />

Fiesta Night is Chicken<br />

Tortilla Soup Night<br />

Ingredients<br />

1 ½ lbs of chicken<br />

4-5 cups of chicken broth<br />

1 can (10 oz) of diced tomatoes<br />

1 small onion<br />

4 cloves of garlic<br />

2 ½ tsp of chili powder<br />

1 can (14 oz) of corn<br />

1 can (14 oz) of black beans<br />

¼ cup of cilantro<br />

1 tsp each of salt & pepper<br />

1 bag of white corn tortillas<br />

1 cup of shredded mexican mix cheese<br />

Directions<br />

Pour chicken broth and diced tomatoes<br />

into a crock pot, add onion, garlic,<br />

chili powder, corn, drained beans and<br />

rinsed, cilantro, salt, and pepper. Cut<br />

chicken breast in 4 pieces and add to<br />

pot. Let cook on low for 6 hours, or until<br />

chicken is cooked through. Chicken<br />

should start to fall apart; let it shred or<br />

use a fork to shred. Serve warm with<br />

your choice of tortilla strips, chips,<br />

cheese or all three.<br />

To give the soup an extra kick, add<br />

a 4 oz can of green chiles.<br />

Mama Mia, Let’s<br />

Have Some Baked Ziti<br />

Ingredients<br />

1 lb of ground beef<br />

1 cup of onions<br />

1 tsp of garlic powder<br />

2 cloves of garlic<br />

1 tsp of oregano, dried leaves<br />

1 tsp each of salt & pepper<br />

1 cup of chicken broth<br />

1 lb of Ziti pasta, cooked and drained<br />

1 jar (24 oz) of meatless sauce<br />

1 tbsp of olive oil<br />

2 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese<br />

1 cup of grated parmesan cheese<br />

Portobello mushrooms (optional)<br />

Directions<br />

Preheat oven to 350. In a large<br />

skillet, heat oil and cook onions for 8<br />

minutes, then add garlic and cook for<br />

1 minute. Add the meat and cook till<br />

there is no more pink. Drain the meat,<br />

and add sauce, chicken broth, onion<br />

powder, garlic powder, oregano, salt<br />

and pepper. Heat the sauce through.<br />

Place half of the cooked ziti in an oven-safe<br />

13x9 baking dish. Then pour<br />

1 to 1 ½ cups of sauce over the ziti.<br />

Sprinkle 1 ½ cups of mozzarella cheese<br />

and Parmesan cheese over the pasta<br />

and sauce. Repeat the next layer with<br />

remaining ingredients, topping it with<br />

the remainder of cheese. Cover with<br />

aluminum foil and place in the oven to<br />

bake for 20 minutes. Cook till golden<br />

brown and cheese is melted.<br />

If you like mushrooms, add<br />

sliced portobello mushrooms to the<br />

sauces just after adding them in<br />

the skillet.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [31]

Chickening Out?<br />

Try Baked Chicken<br />

Ingredients<br />

2 or 4 chicken breasts<br />

2 tbsp of olive oil<br />

1 tsp oregano<br />

1 tsp of parsley<br />

½ tsp of onion powder<br />

½ tsp of thyme<br />

½ tsp of garlic powder<br />

1 tsp each of salt & pepper<br />

1 lemon<br />

Directions<br />

Preheat oven to 450 degrees, and<br />

pound chicken breast lightly. Pour olive<br />

oil in a 13x9 baking dish and lightly<br />

coat the chicken breasts. In a small<br />

bowl, whisk together oregano, parsley,<br />

onion powder, thyme, salt and pepper.<br />

Spread mixture on chicken breasts<br />

and bake in the oven for 15-20 mins<br />

(until thermometer reads 160-170 degrees).<br />

Cover with foil and let sit for 5<br />

minutes before slicing.<br />

For a touch of citrus flavor, cut a<br />

lemon in half and squeeze lemon juice<br />

on the chicken just before serving.<br />

Chill, It’s Just Chili<br />

Ingredients<br />

1 lb of ground beef<br />

4 tbsp of olive oil<br />

1 can (14 oz) of black beans<br />

1 can (14 oz) of kidney beans<br />

1 can (14 oz) of pinto beans<br />

1 can (14 oz) of chili beans<br />

1 can (14 oz) of diced tomatoes<br />

1 tsp of oregano<br />

1 onion, chopped<br />

1 green bell pepper<br />

1 tsp each of salt & pepper<br />

1 tsp of minced garlic<br />

1 can (14 oz) of corn<br />

Shredded cheese (optional)<br />

Sour cream (optional)<br />

Directions<br />

In a large skillet, cook the ground<br />

beef on medium, medium-high until no<br />

longer pink. Drain the meat, and put<br />

meat in oiled crock pot. Add remaining<br />

ingredients and let cook for 6 hours.<br />

Serve warm and add toppings like<br />

cheese and sour cream.<br />

[32] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

Let’s Have a Toast<br />

for Pot Roast<br />

Ingredients<br />

2 lbs of chuck roast<br />

1 small bag of baby carrots<br />

1 tsp of garlic powder<br />

2 tsp of onion powder<br />

6-8 chopped potatoes (any variety)<br />

1 ½ cup of chicken or beef Broth<br />

1 tsp each of salt & pepper<br />

Directions<br />

Add all ingredients to a crockpot<br />

and allow to cook for 7 hours,<br />

or until potatoes and meat are<br />

fully cooked.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [33]

Features<br />

Golden Hour<br />

Holiday Makeup<br />

Show Me the Money<br />

Clean and Green<br />

Swipe Right<br />

38<br />

44<br />

48<br />

54<br />

57<br />

Blue top: Peirson Rogers, student designer<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [35]

GOL<br />

DEN<br />

HOUR<br />

Photos by: Emily Heath, Ramsey Griffin<br />

Styled by: Samantha Cupero,<br />

Deven Feldstein<br />

Makeup by: Aramis Harmon<br />

Models: Brianna Milner,<br />

Berta Amelinaite, Hannah Jones<br />

With the sun setting and evening cooling off,<br />

the thrill of possibility is endless — anything can<br />

happen. In Alabama and across the American<br />

South, <strong>No</strong>vember is that golden hour — at least<br />

for fashion anyway. It’s the perfect time to mix<br />

and match; summer and winter harmonize,<br />

and your wardrobe should follow. To layer<br />

your look with the best of both seasons, pair<br />

tank tops and earthy jewelry with all the best<br />

textures and tones of fall — fringe, leather,<br />

and suede, rich burgundy, olive, charcoal. Who<br />

says you can’t have both? Work hard, play hard.<br />

After all, we’re in college - it’s time to embrace<br />

the golden hour.<br />

[36] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

Romper: Ellie Crimson, $54<br />

Necklace: Ellie Crimson, $16<br />

Vest: Az Well, $50<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [37]

Bangles on far right: Francesca’s; $24<br />

Hat: Az Well; $30<br />

Fringe top: Az Well, $40<br />

[38] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

Outfit: Ellie Crimson<br />

(Jewelry $16; Dress $35; Vest $38)<br />

Outfit: Az Well<br />

(Vest $45; Skirt $27)<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [39]

Jacket: Francesca's, $58<br />

Necklace: Francesca's, $18<br />

Dress: Az Well<br />

[40] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [41]


Coming home for the holiday break<br />

doesn’t mean a hold on your social<br />

life. Between holiday parties, family<br />

gatherings, and New Years soirees,<br />

you’re not slowing down anytime soon.<br />

Impress friends and family with these<br />

two sure-fire looks to celebrate the<br />

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Night Out with Friends<br />

After a long week of holiday socializing,<br />

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look after applying moisturizer.<br />

Use the Urban Decay Naked Flushed<br />

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Use gold and black tones to draw<br />

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Finish off your look with a generous<br />

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For a pop of color that’s sure to stun<br />

your friends use Mac’s Flat Out Fabulous<br />

lipstick.<br />

For an extra chic look flat iron your<br />

hair for silkiness and shine.<br />

Models: Tanner Fant, Kryssalyn Bayne<br />

[42] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015


New Years Eve Look<br />

Start this look with a high coverage<br />

foundation and use the Anastasia<br />

Beverly Hills Contour Kit to set your<br />

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Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette<br />

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It’s crucial to prime your eyes before<br />

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Top it off with dark, winged eyeliner<br />

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Liquid Eye Liner and several coats of<br />

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Give your lips a nice pop of color<br />

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with a couple of spritz of Urban Decay<br />

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup<br />

Setting Spray.<br />

To pull the look all together, use a<br />

2-inch curling iron to give yourself big<br />

loose curls.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [43]

By Becca Murdoch & Laura Testino<br />

Georgia Floyd wants to<br />

work to live, not live to<br />

work. The family and<br />

goal-oriented University<br />

of Alabama senior is<br />

currently studying chemical engineering<br />

and has started on her MBA. To<br />

her, the field is appealing because of its<br />

stability and salary — one that may be<br />

high, but statistically, not equal for all<br />

employees.<br />

Although the U.S. Bureau of Labor<br />

Statistics does not have wage gap<br />

statistics for chemical engineers in<br />

particular, it does report that women<br />

working full time are earning about<br />

81.5 percent of the wages of their male<br />

counterpart for architecture and engineering<br />

occupations.<br />

Over a 40-year career, Floyd would<br />

make 18.5 percent less than her male<br />

counterpart; to make the same amount<br />

of money as a male in those 40 years,<br />

she would have to work an extra<br />

nine years.<br />

And Floyd does not want to to live<br />

to work.<br />

“I don’t think that I’m the type of<br />

person who’s just like, ‘Work, work,<br />

work, work, work,’ for the rest of my<br />

– U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics<br />

life,” Floyd said. “You know, not giving<br />

time for anything else.”<br />

According to the 2013 study by the<br />

Bureau of Labor Statistics, women<br />

working full time in the 20-24 year old<br />

age range earned 89.8 percent of men’s<br />

salaries. This wage gap, though recently<br />

shrinking, still poses concerns<br />

to women who are graduating college<br />

with the same degrees as men, yet not<br />

reaping the same benefits.<br />

This gap widens as women age and<br />

continue careers in their respective<br />

fields. When women working full time<br />

enter the 35-44 year old age range,<br />

they earn roughly 80 percent to every<br />

dollar their male counterparts earn.<br />

With each passing decade, their earning<br />

potential diminishes.<br />

Preparation for College Women<br />

Travis Railsback, executive director<br />

of the University of Alabama’s Career<br />

Center, serves students by helping<br />

them to explore, prepare and connect<br />

for future careers. When advising students,<br />

especially women, Railsback<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [45]

[46] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

gives attention to the lack of equity for<br />

women in the workplace.<br />

“We do talk about the mid-career<br />

gap when we’re talking with women in<br />

these classes,” he says. “We’re talking<br />

about the reality of what this wage gap<br />

is and put them in the best position in<br />

order to make them aware of [the wage<br />

gap] and how it could come into play,<br />

but also make sure we’ve given them<br />

the tools that they’re able to effectively<br />

speak for themselves when they’re going<br />

into that salary negotiation.”<br />

Railsback and fellow staff at the<br />

UA Career Center noticed the demand<br />

for women-focused career preparation<br />

and responded with a program known<br />

as Start Smart, an initiative aimed at<br />

educating women on expected salaries<br />

and responsibilities, and preparing<br />

them to enter the job market.<br />

“We’ve partnered for years with the<br />

Women and Gender Resource Center,<br />

and we actually do offer workshops<br />

that target women,” Railsback says.<br />

“We specifically talk on the front end<br />

about the wage gap as it is out there,<br />

and we talk about strategies that women<br />

can employ.”<br />

As the program coordinator for the<br />

WGRC, Paige Miller helps coordinate<br />

the Start Smart program. The American<br />

Association of University Women<br />

— a nonprofit of more than 130 years<br />

— created the program and provides<br />

its audiences with strategies backed<br />

by statistics, including how the gender<br />

wage gap changes over time.<br />

“There would be a smaller [wage]<br />

discrepancy when you first start out,<br />

but what happens is that it grows over<br />

time, depending on what kind of job<br />

you have — your trajectory level,”<br />

Miller says.<br />

A discrepancy of what may be<br />

$2,000 at an entry-level job eventually<br />

expands when that salary becomes<br />

the base for percentage-based raises<br />

or bonuses. This can potentially affect<br />

candidacy for a promotion within the<br />

company.<br />

“So if you start out with less, you’re<br />

going to end up with a bigger gap as<br />

you go along,” Miller says.<br />

The Balancing Act<br />

Many women, like Floyd, hope to<br />

balance a family life and a career. The<br />

Bureau of Labor Statistics’ findings<br />

on women’s earnings reveal a sharp<br />

disparity between the earnings of married<br />

versus unmarried women. Women<br />

who never marry earn 95.2 percent of<br />

what men earn, while women who marry<br />

and have a spouse present earn 78<br />

percent of a male’s earnings.<br />

While these statistics do not prove<br />

that marriage is the only factor for an<br />

increased wage gap, they reveal that<br />

having a family in addition to a career<br />

inversely correlate with women’s salaries.<br />

A lower salary could stem from a<br />

smaller offer for the same responsibilities<br />

as their male counterpart or from<br />

a lack of promotion offers.<br />

As part of Start Smart, women are<br />

encouraged to take note of this statistic<br />

and remember that employers cannot<br />

legally gather information about<br />

an employee’s family life in order to<br />

make hiring decisions.<br />

“I would encourage people, if they<br />

felt like that was the case — that<br />

they’ve been passed over... and you<br />

have evidence where you suspect that<br />

it’s because you have a family or the<br />

perception of your reliability based on<br />

that — certainly it would be within<br />

that person’s right to report that discrimination,”<br />

Miller says.<br />

With the increased awareness of a<br />

gender wage gap, companies have shifted<br />

their focus to create family-friendly<br />

work environments in contrast to the<br />

traditional work-centric atmosphere.<br />

But changes in the workplace can<br />

only move so far without reflecting<br />

cultural repercussions.<br />

Tradition speaks to women tending<br />

family needs more often than men.<br />

Lisa Dorr, an associate professor and<br />

associate dean of the UA College of<br />

Arts and Sciences, says this can put<br />

women who value both their family and<br />

career in a tough position. To Dorr, the<br />

larger battle is the emphasis Americans<br />

place on succeeding in the professional<br />

realm. She said Americans see<br />

working extra hours as noble and admirable,<br />

something which is difficult<br />

to do for women trying to care for their

families and bolster a thriving career.<br />

“We talk about being family friendly<br />

and caring about families but we<br />

really don’t care about families,” she<br />

says. “If you want to succeed in a public<br />

world, I think many women feel like<br />

you essentially have to be a man.”<br />

Dorr says she has been fortunate<br />

to have bosses who respect the multiple<br />

roles of each employee, an attitude<br />

she thinks is valuable in the workplace.<br />

She advises women to speak up, and<br />

not hesitate in making demands, both<br />

in salary, scheduling and negotiations.<br />

For example, simple requests like<br />

agreeing to ignore emails on Saturday<br />

mornings, are relevant and necessary.<br />

“So when you walk into your first<br />

interview, and someone offers you<br />

a job, no matter what they say in<br />

terms of salary, wait 10 seconds and<br />

ask for more,” Dorr says. “Because<br />

they expect it of men and will respect<br />

you for it.”<br />

Understanding Equal Pay for<br />

Equal Responsibility<br />

Whether a woman has a family life<br />

or not, negotiating in an interview<br />

provides the benefit of demanding<br />

an equal pay for equal responsibility,<br />

which can make a large difference over<br />

the lifetime of a career.<br />

“As long as women aren’t making<br />

as much as men, for the same jobs, the<br />

same responsibilities, it means that<br />

it’s much harder for women to be independent,”<br />

says Utz McKnight, chair of<br />

UA’s Department of Gender and Race<br />

Studies and political science professor.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [47]

Equal responsibility requires looking<br />

beyond a job title. It means recognizing<br />

specific tasks associated with a<br />

job that then may differ between employees<br />

depending on gender. Women<br />

should not be expected to work twice<br />

as hard for the same pay as men, McKnight<br />

says.<br />

Finding wage equality for equal responsibility<br />

requires companies to go<br />

beyond hiring women just to satisfy<br />

the law and equal representation politics.<br />

This can be difficult to do, McKnight<br />

says, because many Americans<br />

believe equal representation is already<br />

established fully in the law. He says it<br />

will be difficult to make more progress<br />

without a social movement on behalf<br />

of women.<br />

“I think that’s the way to approach<br />

wage gap, is to say, ‘In America, in a<br />

democracy, if you can get away with<br />

paying somebody less because they’re<br />

a woman or black, should you?’” McKnight<br />

says. “And the answer should be,<br />

‘<strong>No</strong>.’ <strong>No</strong>t, ‘oops.’”<br />

McKnight says the information on<br />

women’s pay collected from the current<br />

generation of college students might<br />

raise awareness, but more should<br />

be done.<br />

“And there are barriers to collecting<br />

the information, and we need to push<br />

past them,” McKnight says. “There<br />

are the politics of that, and then also<br />

we need to re-envision the way we<br />

think of gender in the workplace.”<br />

While women in the current generation<br />

do not have to fight gender discrimination<br />

to enroll in higher level<br />

education — they currently account<br />

for more than half of the UA student<br />

population — there are still considerable<br />

challenges to be faced in the<br />

realm of equality. Only time will reveal<br />

if women today will experience<br />

the same phenomenon of those before<br />

them: an increasing wage gap over<br />

time. Working women in their 30s are<br />

still feeling the legacy effects of gender<br />

discrimination from past generations,<br />

and those in their 40s are deep in<br />

those repercussions.<br />

Moving Forward<br />

Despite their historical underrepresentation<br />

in certain fields, Railsback<br />

says women are now being<br />

sought out by more and more companies<br />

— and not just as a part of a<br />

diversity initiative.<br />

[48] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

“It won’t surprise you to know,<br />

traditionally, women have had higher<br />

graduation rates [than men], women<br />

have had higher GPAs,” he says.<br />

“Clearly that’s a huge percentage, and<br />

a large percentage of companies would<br />

be foolish to ignore that talent pool.”<br />

Floyd chose to apply for a co-op<br />

position, and was selected to work at<br />

Eastman Chemical Company for three<br />

semesters. When Floyd began applying<br />

for co-ops, she said UA advisers<br />

pointed her toward Eastman because<br />

the company is known to be respectful<br />

of women in the workplace.<br />

“[Eastman] made it very hard [to<br />

know what kind of company I’d like<br />

to be at], because I know that there’s<br />

probably not going to be many companies<br />

like them, and I think they kind<br />

of spoiled me,” Floyd says. “I definitely<br />

think that I thrive in that type of<br />

environment, so now I know what to<br />

look for.”<br />

While some companies boast a family-friendly<br />

work environment, others<br />

expect a career-centric lifestyle, at<br />

least for the first few years of employment.<br />

Either way, Railsback says companies<br />

are usually upfront about their<br />

expectations when hiring.<br />

In addition, women appear to be<br />

utilizing career preparation resources<br />

more than men at the University of Alabama,<br />

Railsback says. Out-attending<br />

men at almost every career fair and<br />

event, except for the Technical Career<br />

Fair, women seem to be more keen on<br />

taking advantage of opportunities afforded<br />

by the University. With a power<br />

system in place that has historically<br />

favored men in the job market, women<br />

see that they have to work even harder<br />

to prepare for future careers.<br />

“I can say that other students might<br />

be too confident and not think that<br />

they need to take advantage of those<br />

[resources], and that doesn’t necessarily<br />

happen along gender lines,”<br />

Railsback says. “But other students,<br />

women included, may realize, ‘Hey, I<br />

should put in the work here and really<br />

do everything I need to do [to start<br />

my career].’”<br />

$40.0/1.00 = 40 years<br />

$40.0/.815 = 49 years<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [49]

[50] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

Vegan<br />

Smart & Safe<br />

By Lauren Lane<br />

According to the Vegetarian Resource<br />

Group, the number of Americans<br />

who eat a vegan diet has doubled<br />

in the past five years—and for good<br />

reason. A diet that removes animal<br />

products, like meat, eggs and dairy,<br />

has been proven to provide both immediate<br />

and long-lasting benefits. Even<br />

iconic celebrities like Beyonce, Ellen<br />

Degeneres, Carrie Underwood, Ellie<br />

Goulding and Ariana Grande swear by<br />

the lifestyle; so why not give it a try?<br />

While going vegan in college can<br />

seem overwhelming, expensive and<br />

even dangerous, the lifestyle is actually<br />

very adoptable. Check out our tips<br />

for how to live a safe and satisfying<br />

vegan lifestyle, and you’ll be on well on<br />

your way to having more energy, glowing<br />

skin and a leaner body.<br />

1. Get to the grocery store<br />

How you look is a reflection of what<br />

you’ve been putting in your body, so if<br />

you want to glow from the inside out,<br />

it’s time to start eating more fresh and<br />

nutrient-dense foods. Energy-dense<br />

foods such as hamburgers and ice<br />

cream will fill you up with loads of<br />

calories and saturated fat, but nutrient-dense<br />

foods such as spinach and<br />

whole grains will fill you up with the<br />

vitamins you need to fight off sickness<br />

and lose unwanted fat. Fill up your<br />

grocery basket with both fresh and<br />

frozen fruits and vegetables, beans,<br />

whole-grain bread, rice, pasta, hummus,<br />

oatmeal, and nut butters.<br />

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment<br />

Explore your local grocery store or<br />

farmer’s market for healthy meat and<br />

dairy substitutes you may not have considered<br />

before. Coconut-based yogurt,<br />

black bean burgers, cashew milk ice<br />

cream and tofu are all delicious examples<br />

of vegan options that can replace<br />

some of your favorite non-vegan foods.<br />

Just be mindful that vegan ice cream<br />

is still a dessert. If you’re still intimidated,<br />

Pinterest can help you out with<br />

hundreds of pins on how to seamlessly<br />

incorporate these foods into your diet.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [51]

3. Start with supplements<br />

The eventual goal of a vegan diet<br />

is eliminating the need for a multivitamin,<br />

except for B12, which can be<br />

taken weekly. But when you’re just<br />

starting out, find a multivitamin that<br />

covers all bases, especially Iron, Vitamin<br />

C, Calcium and Vitamin B. You<br />

may want to make a food journal for<br />

the first few weeks, checking each day<br />

to see if you are getting enough macro<br />

and micronutrients.<br />

4. Clean your plate<br />

Founder of the successful McDougall<br />

Diet program, Dr. John McDougall,<br />

suggests listening to your hunger<br />

and satiety cues throughout the day to<br />

determine when to eat. Whether that<br />

means eating five times a day or three<br />

square meals, vegans are encouraged<br />

to eat as much as they want, as long as<br />

they are abiding by a plant-based diet.<br />

This means eating mostly whole grains<br />

and starches, fruits, vegetables, beans,<br />

and nuts and seeds.<br />

5. Be exotic<br />

Stray away from strictly American<br />

and fast food restaurants that may<br />

have a hard time accommodating your<br />

vegan diet and instead opt for cuisine<br />

from around the world. Chinese,<br />

Italian, Indian and Japanese restaurants<br />

all offer plenty of menu items<br />

or options suitable for a plant-based<br />

diet. Even pizza joints, such as Mellow<br />

Mushroom and Domino’s, offer<br />

vegan and cheese-free pizzas loaded<br />

with veggies.<br />

[52] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015


By Becca Murdoch<br />

Model: Donna Pate<br />

<strong>No</strong>pe.<br />

<strong>No</strong> thank you.<br />

<strong>No</strong>t a chance in hell.<br />

These were just a few — and some<br />

of my milder thoughts — on using<br />

millennial dating app/hook-up platform,<br />

Tinder. We’ve all heard horror<br />

stories about online dating, most of<br />

them the warnings of our tech-wary<br />

mothers, and we’ve all made our fair<br />

share of snarky comments about apps<br />

like Tinder.<br />

I am not excluding myself from the<br />

mix. I too resisted Tinder from the getgo,<br />

but out of curiosity found myself<br />

downloading the app and consequently<br />

spending hours swiping away through<br />

hundreds of Tuscaloosa’s most eligible<br />

bachelors. Despite matching with<br />

quite a few guys, I refused to pull the<br />

trigger and let anything happen.<br />

Call it what you will — my mother’s<br />

warnings subconsciously warding<br />

me off, fear of being kidnapped<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [53]

Taken style, or sheer apathy on my<br />

part toward any of these suitors. For<br />

some reason, Tinder just wasn’t going<br />

to happen for me.<br />

That was true until I was assigned<br />

this story and bit the metaphorical<br />

bullet for the sake of journalistic integrity.<br />

Sorry, mom, your daughter is<br />

going on a Tinder date.<br />

The Reflection<br />

A year ago, the idea of a pseudo-date<br />

with a complete and total stranger was<br />

completely out of the realm of possibility.<br />

I thought there were only a few<br />

options for how that encounter would<br />

transpire: a) I am immediately kidnapped<br />

and murdered, proving every<br />

parent’s paranoid neuroses to be true,<br />

b) I am paralyzed with anxiety and<br />

have absolutely nothing interesting<br />

to say at all, or c) they are the most<br />

boring person to ever grace the planet,<br />

and I will have to listen to them tell me<br />

[54] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

about their super-rad intramural team<br />

and how much they dominate on the<br />

field/court/whatever.<br />

Present-day Becca has found life<br />

to be so weird, wonderful and terrible<br />

that these fears do not affect her much.<br />

The worst thing that could happen is I<br />

lose half an hour of my day to no benefit.<br />

I mean, murder is of course always<br />

the worst-case scenario, but the probability<br />

of that happening is so slim, I’m<br />

not going to lose any sleep over it.<br />

The Prep<br />

First comes the profile, then comes<br />

marriage, then comes an embarrassing<br />

story to tell your future grandchildren.<br />

Thankfully, Tinder is linked to<br />

Facebook, which removes the hurdle of<br />

coming up with the perfect username<br />

to encompass the entirety of your totally<br />

desirable personality.<br />

<strong>No</strong>w for the pictures; it’s time to<br />

cultivate the most alluring version of<br />

yourself without borderline catfishing<br />

the person on the receiving end.<br />

For people like me who rarely upload<br />

any photos, this is where Tinder<br />

gets tricky.<br />

Do you use the picture from two<br />

years ago where you look like you almost<br />

have abs? What about that picture<br />

of you and your dog? Does that<br />

make you look like a sensitive animal<br />

lover? Does that even matter?<br />

Maybe it’s safer to go with a few<br />

recent tagged pictures, the ones that<br />

show that you have friends and like<br />

to have a good time, but are also very<br />

down-to-earth and low maintenance.<br />

With pictures carefully, but not too<br />

carefully selected, we’re on to the bio.<br />

How do you show that you’re witty<br />

and cool without seeming like you’re<br />

trying too hard to appear witty and<br />

cool? In my case, a Drake lyric is the<br />

obvious choice.<br />

<strong>No</strong>w that my profile is set, I’m feeling<br />

pretty confident. I change the dis-

covery settings to a more limited and<br />

far less creepy age range than 18-50<br />

years old and adjust the location settings<br />

to show only people within a 15-<br />

mile radius. I am not taking a road<br />

trip for a Tinder date.<br />

The Swipes<br />

The hunt is on. I start swiping right<br />

for the cuties with potential and left<br />

for the hard passes – there is a significantly<br />

higher rate of left swipes.<br />

The Tuscaloosa Tinder population is<br />

slightly disappointing and led me to<br />

developing a list of red flags that issued<br />

immediate left swipes.<br />

Becca’s List of For Sure <strong>No</strong>-Go's<br />

• Group Pictures – Which one are<br />

you? There is no way anyone would<br />

hide themselves in a picture with 50<br />

other dudes if they have a reasonably<br />

human-looking face. I am not going to<br />

play I Spy in your pledge class photo.<br />

There is no way not to be disappointed<br />

in this situation.<br />

• Sunglasses – Or really any other<br />

instance of intentional face concealment.<br />

I don’t know if you just don’t<br />

have any good face pics or if you’re trying<br />

to hide a Sloth-from-the-Gooniesesque<br />

disfiguration, but either way,<br />

I’m wary.<br />

• Blatant Display of Alcoholism –<br />

Why do you have to be double-fisting<br />

two Natty Lights in your very first<br />

picture? I get it, you are clearly killing<br />

it at college, but this is just tasteless,<br />

and not just because it’s Natty Light.<br />

By the way, ew.<br />

• Confederate Flags – Does this really<br />

need an explanation? Please don’t<br />

be this person or ever swipe right for<br />

this person.<br />

As for the bios, I found most to be<br />

fairly bland and vague. Hoping to find<br />

one potential soulmate that also used<br />

a Drake lyric to sum themselves up, I<br />

was unfortunately disappointed.<br />

The Chat<br />

After swiping for what felt like an<br />

infinity of basic boys, I accumulated<br />

a handful of possible date mates. In a<br />

bit of a time crunch due to the article’s<br />

deadline, I sent the first shout into the<br />

romantic void, a shining example of a<br />

modern, independent feminist woman’s<br />

power in the dating world. My<br />

first message, you ask?<br />

Hi<br />

And so the small talk begins. Where<br />

are you from? What are you studying?<br />

Insert light-hearted attempts at banter<br />

here.<br />

With such a short window of time to<br />

charm my matches, it was up to me to<br />

suggest a meet-up with one of the more<br />

promising (and clearly interested) candidates.<br />

The ball was in my court and I<br />

decided to play it safe, and what’s safer<br />

than Sunday lunch at Chipotle?<br />

The Date<br />

I arrived at Chipotle precisely at<br />

our agreed meeting time, and then<br />

proceeded to wait 10 minutes for my<br />

match to make an appearance. Okay,<br />

so he didn’t look exactly like his profile<br />

picture and could have done without<br />

the faded Bama baseball cap, but<br />

I didn’t feel completely hoodwinked by<br />

his profile.<br />

Our next half hour was spent<br />

playing the traditional dating get-toknow-you<br />

game. We talked about our<br />

hometowns and majors, devoting a<br />

surprising amount of time to discussing<br />

autumnal weather and wardrobe.<br />

He talked more; I was fine listening<br />

and eating my burrito bowl. Conversation<br />

flowed with some bumps that were<br />

few and far between.<br />

It was a fine way to spend my Sunday<br />

afternoon. I didn’t feel a world-shaking<br />

spark or irresistible chemistry but<br />

also didn’t find myself sold into the<br />

sex-slave trade the next morning, so I<br />

would chalk this date up to a win.<br />

Tinder might not be my preferred<br />

way to find love, but I can’t deny that<br />

it removes some of the coy complications<br />

of dating. People on Tinder are<br />

typically clear with their intentions,<br />

virtuous or otherwise. Or at least they<br />

are when they’re not using the app as<br />

a façade for an attempt at investigative<br />

journalism.<br />

To all you Tinder enthusiasts out<br />

there, keep on swiping.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [55]


Bourbon Street<br />

By Katie Huff<br />

Away game weekends transform a normally bustling<br />

Tuscaloosa into a ghost town, and if it’s not time for a trip<br />

home or to couch surf at your friends’ schools, you’re bound<br />

for a Netflix and Crimson To Go weekend. But why settle<br />

for the routine when you’re only a five-hour drive to the<br />

Bayou paradise of New Orleans, Louisiana? We took the<br />

liberty to break down your Big Easy itinerary for you, so<br />

there’s no excuse not to hit the road.<br />

Photos submitted by Ellen Johnson<br />

[56] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

Day 1<br />

9 a.m. If you go to New Orleans<br />

and don’t make the pilgrimage to<br />

Café du Monde, did you really go?<br />

At first glance the line may deter<br />

your intentions, but trust<br />

us, it moves quick thanks to a<br />

well-versed wait staff. Order a<br />

heaping mound of powdered sugar-covered<br />

beignets to dunk in<br />

a signature cafe au lait — or a<br />

hot chocolate for non-coffee lovers.<br />

Think of it as New Orleans’<br />

power breakfast.<br />

10 a.m. After you clean the<br />

powdered sugar off your face,<br />

walk across the street to Jackson<br />

Square, a park in the heart<br />

of the French Quarter with the<br />

stunning St. Louis Cathedral<br />

framing the backdrop. Peruse<br />

the various street artists and<br />

performers surrounding Jackson<br />

Square for just a taste of<br />

the art and culture rampant in<br />

New Orleans.<br />

12 p.m. Time to refuel after<br />

your French Quarter excursions,<br />

and our pick is none other<br />

than a New Orleans’ classic:<br />

the po’boy. While almost every<br />

menu boasts its own version of<br />

these bad boys, Johnny’s is the<br />

best. It’s a hole-in-the-wall, but<br />

once you catch a whiff of the<br />

Beignets at Cafe du Monde<br />

Jackson Square, with St. Louis Cathedral in background<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [57]

delicious eats inside, you’ll understand<br />

the hype. Shrimp, crawfish<br />

and roast beef po’boys are<br />

highly recommended.<br />

1 p.m. Next, venture to Magazine<br />

Street for shopping and<br />

enjoy winding in and out of the<br />

unique boutiques and art galleries.<br />

Track down thrift stores for<br />

one-of-a-kind items, and head to<br />

Peaches Records for everything<br />

from the Clueless soundtrack<br />

to Outkast.<br />

3 p.m. Take a streetcar from<br />

the French Quarter to the Garden<br />

District. <strong>No</strong>t only will you<br />

give your tired feet a rest, but<br />

venturing into the Garden District<br />

is a great way to see more<br />

of the city and get the true New<br />

Orleans experience.<br />

Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shops on Frenchmen Street<br />

7 p.m. Ready for some authentic<br />

Cajun delicacies? Head to the<br />

Gumbo Shop and try the namesake<br />

— either chicken or seafood<br />

gumbo.<br />

9 p.m. After eating dinner, it’s<br />

finally time to explore Bourbon<br />

Street. Most bars are open 24/7,<br />

but the festivities don’t begin until<br />

later in the night. Don’t forget<br />

to get your fill of daiquiris and<br />

hand grenades — it wouldn’t be<br />

the New Orleans nightlife without<br />

them.<br />

[58] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

House of Blues<br />

Local tip: College-aged crowds can be found at Bourbon<br />

Heat, Beach on Bourbon, Cats Meow, Snake & Jake’s<br />

Christmas Club and Bourbon Cowboy.

Day 2<br />

9 a.m. – 11 a.m. After a late<br />

night, you should sleep in because<br />

as Tom Haverford says,<br />

“Treat yo self.” When you’re<br />

ready to take on another day in<br />

the “Big Easy,” head to District<br />

Donuts to start the day off right.<br />

12 p.m. Make your way over to<br />

Frenchmen Street for music and<br />

shopping. Frenchmen Street is<br />

known for having local musicians<br />

singing in the streets and<br />

inside restaurants and bars.<br />

1 p.m. As you wander further<br />

down Frenchmen Street, you will<br />

eventually run into the French<br />

Market. Here you will find many<br />

local vendors selling a variety of<br />

goods and food. Eat lunch at one<br />

of the delicious pop-up restaurants<br />

that line the market. Also,<br />

make sure to try the world-famous<br />

pralines; the free samples<br />

will be coming at you from<br />

all directions.<br />

2 p.m. Make sure you stop in<br />

Jazz Funeral. The store houses<br />

large horse carriages full of<br />

beads used in the Mardi Gras<br />

parade. Also, check out Rocket<br />

Fizz, a candy shop with enough<br />

sugar and soda to make your<br />

head spin.<br />

Chartres Street<br />

Jazz Funeral on Frenchmen Street. The Carriage is used to throw<br />

beads during the Mardi Gras parade.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [59]

3 p.m. If you’re interested in<br />

New Orleans's history, head to<br />

one of the many cemeteries that<br />

surround the city. The cemeteries<br />

have above-ground tombs<br />

due to the city’s below-sea level<br />

stature. Some of the graves associated<br />

with Voodoo may have<br />

rituals performed on them, and<br />

gifts will be left at the graves.<br />

Fun Fact: Our boy, Nic Cage,<br />

has already purchased his tomb<br />

at St. Louis Cemetery <strong>No</strong>. 1, the<br />

oldest cemetery in New Orleans.<br />

5 p.m. For your last meal in<br />

NOLA, head to Drago’s Seafood<br />

Restaurant for an unforgettable<br />

dining experience. Drago’s<br />

is known to have some of the<br />

best oysters, and their parmesan<br />

cheesy goodness definitely does<br />

not disappoint.<br />

St. Louis Cathedral<br />

7 p.m. Take one last stroll down<br />

Bourbon Street, and promise<br />

that you’ll be back soon.<br />

Chartres Street, St. Louis Cathedral in the background<br />

[60] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [61]


[62] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

Organize<br />

Like a Pro<br />

with a Ban.do planner<br />

By Imani Manley<br />

Convenience Tabs<br />

Since this is a seventeen-month<br />

planner, there’s lot to flip through.<br />

Tabs navigate between each section<br />

while staying tucked in the planner’s<br />

cover to prevent tearing or bending.<br />

Relatable Sayings:<br />

These pick-me-ups are a final detail<br />

that Ban.do includes throughout the<br />

planner. With funny, inspirational sayings<br />

like “You are the stars. You are<br />

the galaxy,” they’re just what the doctor<br />

ordered to take your mind of the<br />

stress of a hectic school day.<br />

The <strong>No</strong>tes Section<br />

This is a convenient, multi-purpose<br />

section tracking everything from grocery<br />

lists to last minute reminders.<br />

Whip it out mid-meeting should you be<br />

stranded without a separate notepad.<br />

Day-to-Day Entries<br />

Ban.do prides itself on providing<br />

ample white space for each of the daily<br />

entries. The layout gets major bonus<br />

points for preventing cramped and<br />

hard-to-read handwriting we’ve all become<br />

accustomed to in daily planners!<br />

Monthly Introduction Pages<br />

Each month in the planner has<br />

a creative and colorful theme; the<br />

expressive pictures make it easy to<br />

identify which month you are using or<br />

are trying to find.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [63]


First Date Tips & Tricks<br />

By Jill Holloway<br />

In the words of everyone’s favorite<br />

relationship icon, Carrie Bradshaw,<br />

“One reason people still risk the<br />

possible horror of a first date is the<br />

possible magic of the first kiss.” But<br />

before you get to Point B, you have to<br />

navigate Point A: the first date, which<br />

we all know can be awkward and confusing.<br />

Here are some tips to make<br />

sure your next one is truly memorable,<br />

in a good way.<br />

First and foremost, be yourself<br />

It’s often intimidating, especially on<br />

a first date, to just be yourself. We’re<br />

constantly worried he might be looking<br />

for something else, or maybe we think<br />

we can’t compare to his exes. Instead<br />

of worrying about the “what ifs,” use<br />

your charm, wit and humor to create<br />

an easy-going environment. Whatever<br />

you do, don’t clam up. If you usually<br />

break the ice by telling a joke, then do<br />

that with him too. Plus, he’s probably<br />

equally as nervous, so there’s nothing<br />

to be afraid of.<br />

Dress appropriately<br />

for the occasion<br />

<strong>No</strong> matter what you’re doing, you<br />

want to dress to impress. The key,<br />

[64] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

though, is to not overdress. For dinner,<br />

a tunic top with jeans and booties<br />

would be appropriate, or a sweater<br />

dress with a fur vest is always a safe,<br />

sweet choice depending on the weather<br />

and type of restaurant. However,<br />

if your date wants to do something<br />

more active like bowling or hiking,<br />

wear a pair of leggings with an oversized<br />

sweater; accessorize with a scarf<br />

for a look that will be both cute and<br />

functional for the activity.<br />

Let’s talk table manners<br />

Do not text or use your phone at the<br />

table. I know your girlfriends are dying<br />

to know the details, but that’s for after<br />

the final “good night.” Your date deserves<br />

your full attention. If your date<br />

is paying for your dinner, that does not<br />

mean you have to order a salad or the<br />

smallest item on the menu. It’s okay to<br />

order the burger or the fish, but on the<br />

same note, keep it within reason. The<br />

same goes for drinks. If your date is<br />

ordering a beer and encourages you<br />

to get something too, then you should<br />

by all means order that glass of Pinot!<br />

However, if he is sticking with water or<br />

tea, do not jump straight to the wine<br />

list. You need to play it casual as well.<br />

Keep the conversation basic<br />

The first date is not the time to find<br />

out his deepest secrets or how many<br />

kids he wants in the future. Keep the<br />

conversation light and keep it fun.<br />

This isn’t to say that you can only talk<br />

about new movie releases or what parties<br />

are coming up; the best dates are<br />

ones where you connect on a deeper<br />

level to the person you’re with. We’ve<br />

all heard people say not to talk about<br />

religion or politics, but if those topics<br />

naturally arise, and you can discuss<br />

them in a respectful manner, then by<br />

all means do! He’ll respect you more<br />

for keeping the conversation flowing<br />

about something that doesn’t just relate<br />

to college life.<br />

Be confident<br />

With these new tips in mind, go<br />

out and be your best self on your first<br />

date this weekend. Don’t second guess<br />

yourself and don’t make excuses. First<br />

dates are only fun when you relax and<br />

believe that they will be.


Upcoming<br />

Movies j<br />

The Hunger Games:<br />

Mockingjay — Part 2 (<strong>No</strong>vember 20)<br />

The fourth and final installment of the Hunger Games series picks<br />

up right where we left off: Panem is now in a full-blown revolution, the<br />

Capitol is desperately trying to regain control, and Peeta still wants<br />

Katniss dead. It seems our favorite heroine can’t catch a break. Fans of<br />

the books and movies alike have eagerly awaited the arrival of this final<br />

film. Don’t forget to bring the tissues.<br />

The Danish Girl (<strong>No</strong>vember 27)<br />

Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne proves himself once again in The<br />

Danish Girl, a film documenting one of the first known gender reassignment<br />

surgeries. The film, based on a book of the same name by<br />

David Ebershoff, is set in 1920s Copenhagen with Redmayne in the<br />

starring role as Lili Elbe, alongside Alicia Vikander and Matthias<br />

Schoenarts. Elbe’s wife, Gerda Wegener (Vikander), initially supports<br />

her decision to undergo the surgery, but things get complicated when<br />

Hans Axgil (Schoenaerts) shows up and creates a complicated love triangle.<br />

This one’s sure to snag an Oscar nom, so make sure you’re in the<br />

know come award season.<br />



11/25: Victor Frankenstein (Daniel<br />

Radcliffe, James McAvoy)<br />

12/25: The Hateful Eight (Samuel L.<br />

Jackson, Kurt Russell)<br />

12/23: Alvin and the Chipmunks:<br />

The Road Chip<br />

12/25: Point Break (Teresa Palmer,<br />

Luke Bracey)<br />

12/25: Concussion (Will Smith,<br />

Gugu Mbatha: Raw, Alec Baldwin)<br />

12/25: Daddy’s Home (Will Ferrell,<br />

Mark Wahlberg, Vince Vaughn, Linda<br />

Cardellini)<br />

Snowden (December 25)<br />

This political drama recounts the true story of former CIA employee<br />

Edward Snowden, who leaked classified government information to the<br />

media. This film features Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role, as<br />

well as Shailene Woodley, Scott Eastwood, Nicholas Cage, and Zachary<br />

Quinto in supporting roles. With big names like Gordon-Levitt, and<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [65]

not to mention Clint Eastwood’s son, plus a compelling story we’re all<br />

familiar with, Snowden is at the top of our must-watch list.<br />

Joy (December 25)<br />

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper reunite on the big screen to<br />

tell the story of a family over four generations. The film focuses on a<br />

woman, portrayed by Lawrence, who creates her own powerful empire.<br />

The film also stars Robert De Niro. Yes, the same trio who stole the<br />

show in 2011’s Silver Linings Playbook. This one is a can’t miss.<br />

Star Wars Episode 7:<br />

The Force Awakens (December 18)<br />

Fans young and old will flock to the theaters to see the newest film<br />

in the Star Wars franchise. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison<br />

Ford return to reprise their original roles as Luke and Leia Skywalker<br />

and Han Solo, respectively. Our favorite trio of space heroes return to<br />

the big screen after a 32-year hiatus (Episode 6 was released in 1983).<br />

The veteran cast, including Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, is joined by<br />

Star Wars newcomers Lupita Nyong’o, John Boyega, Adam Driver,<br />

Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, and Gwendoline Christie, to name a<br />

few. Whether you’re new to the franchise, or have been a fan for years,<br />

you won’t want to miss this holiday release.<br />

Star Wars Cheat Sheet<br />

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far<br />

away…George Lucas came up with the<br />

idea of the Star Wars franchise. Lucas decided<br />

to start the franchise with Episodes<br />

4, 5, and 6, which makes understanding<br />

the chronology of events in the films a<br />

little difficult. Since many people will be<br />

taking their families (willingly or not)<br />

to the highly anticipated Episode 7 movie<br />

this Christmas, we figured we’d make<br />

your life a little easier by breaking down<br />

the release dates and events of the Star<br />

Wars films thus far. So don’t stress, we’re<br />

here to help you out.<br />


Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker<br />

Carrie Fisher as Leia Skywalker<br />

Harrison Ford as Han Solo<br />

Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)<br />

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back<br />

(1980)<br />

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)<br />


Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker<br />

Natalie Portman as Padmé Amidala<br />

Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi<br />

Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)<br />

Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)<br />

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)<br />


Released this Christmas, the sequel series<br />

will pick up where Episode 4 left off,<br />

with the characters of Han Solo, Luke and<br />

Leia, in addition to new characters that<br />

will be introduced.<br />


(in Star Wars time, that is)<br />

Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)<br />

Episode II: Attack of the Clones (2002)<br />

Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)<br />

Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)<br />

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back<br />

(1980)<br />

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (1983)<br />

Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)<br />

[66] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015


Upcoming<br />

Music j<br />

Justin Bieber<br />

After an unforgettable performance<br />

at the VMAs in August, his first in<br />

nearly five years, Justin Bieber has his<br />

sights set on the charts again. Set to<br />

be released <strong>No</strong>vember 13, Bieber’s LP,<br />

titled Purpose, will include EDM-influenced<br />

tracks if his new songs<br />

“What Do You Mean?” and his collaboration<br />

with Jack Ü on “Where Are<br />

Ü <strong>No</strong>w?” are any indication of what’s<br />

to come. This marks a new start for<br />

Bieber, who has endured a torrent of<br />

bad media in the past few years. So,<br />

Beliebers, get ready to beliebe again.<br />

Adele<br />

Despite the great reception following<br />

her Grammy Award-winning contribution<br />

to 2012’s James Bond with<br />

“Skyfall,” Adele has stayed relatively<br />

quiet since the release of her second<br />

studio album back in 2011. Although<br />

the details of her upcoming album are<br />

under lock and key, rumour has it (get<br />

it?) that she’s been in the studio with<br />

Pharrell Williams, Blur’s Damon Albarn,<br />

and OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder,<br />

to name a few. Cue the excitement.<br />

Kanye West<br />

For those still waiting for Kanye’s<br />

new album, which was supposed to<br />

drop this past summer, the time of<br />

deliverance may be nearer than we<br />

think. The delay, according to West,<br />

is due in part to his busy schedule<br />

(see: announcement of his presidential<br />

bid, 2015 VMAs). According to<br />

Rolling Stone, <strong>No</strong>rth’s daddy says<br />

he’s been working “slowly, to make it<br />

an art project.” Tracks West previously<br />

collaborated on with big names<br />

like Paul McCartney and Rihanna<br />

might not even be included in the<br />

final track list. West’s seventh studio<br />

album should be released sometime in<br />

the upcoming months. Praise Yeezus.<br />

Coldplay<br />

Described by frontman Chris Martin<br />

as “something colorful and uplifting,”<br />

Coldplay’s seventh studio LP, A<br />

Head Full of Dreams, will come in<br />

contrast to the band’s meditative last<br />

album, Ghost Stories. If you need another<br />

reason to pay attention, Martin<br />

has also hinted to BBC Radio 1 that<br />

this release could be the band’s last.<br />

OTHER<br />



Ellie Goulding<br />

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis<br />

Chris Brown<br />

Haim<br />

Frank Ocean<br />

Gwen Stefani<br />

Radiohead<br />

Foxxes<br />

Kings of Leon<br />

My Morning Jacket<br />

Panic! At the Disco<br />

Rhianna<br />

Santigold<br />

Sky Ferraira<br />

T-Pain<br />

All information was taken from<br />

Rollingstone.com or Billboard,<br />

unless otherwise noted.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [67]


What’s on our<br />

nightstand?<br />

By Ellen Johnson<br />

A trip to Barnes & <strong>No</strong>ble can be a panic-inducing adventure<br />

even for the most devoted bibliophiles. Rows of<br />

tables advertise the season’s hottest reads, and we’re left<br />

wondering how we’ll ever find a good book in a sea of<br />

choices. As college students, it isn’t always easy to find<br />

new books, or even find time to read at all. Instead of<br />

a Netflix break, try reading some of our favorites this<br />

season. Here’s what’s on our nightstand this month:<br />

[68] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

The Art of Racing in the<br />

Rain by Garth Stein<br />

<strong>No</strong>t all great stories are told from<br />

the human perspective. Calling all animal<br />

lovers, this book is told by family<br />

dog Enzo. Enzo loves his master, Denny,<br />

and Denny loves Enzo. They help<br />

each other through life, and sometimes<br />

it’s hard to tell which is the human. If<br />

you enjoyed Marley and Me by John<br />

Grogan, or you just have a special<br />

place in your heart for a four-legged<br />

friend, chances are you’ll get a kick out<br />

of this sweet story.<br />

A Thousand<br />

Splendid Suns by<br />

Khaled Hosseini<br />

After The Kite Runner became a<br />

classic novel beloved by millions, Hosseini<br />

released A Thousand Splendid<br />

Suns in 2008. The story chronicles<br />

thirty years of Afghan history through<br />

the eyes of two women, Mariam and<br />

Laila. Throughout the story, readers<br />

catch glimpses of what it’s like to be<br />

a woman in the Middle East. Despite<br />

abusive treatment, both women grow<br />

to be strong and powerful. The female<br />

soul is empowered in this tale of love<br />

and friendship.<br />

The Opposite<br />

of Loneliness:<br />

Essays and Stories<br />

by Marina Keegan<br />

This collection of both fiction and<br />

nonfiction essays and stories personifies<br />

the heart and soul of a college<br />

girl figuring out her place in this<br />

world. Author Marina Keegan graduated<br />

from Yale University in 2012<br />

and had a bright future ahead of her.<br />

Five days after graduation, she died in<br />

a car crash, after which her essay for<br />

the Yale Daily News, The Opposite of<br />

Loneliness became a global sensation.<br />

Keegan’s pareents then set about collecting<br />

her works for this book, which<br />

was published posthumously.<br />

The Glass Castle:<br />

A Memoir by<br />

Jeannette Walls<br />

In this moving memoir, Jeannette<br />

Walls tells the true story of unconditional<br />

love and growing up in an offbeat<br />

family. Walls mixes both imagination<br />

and reality as she recounts her<br />

memories. She spent the first part of<br />

her childhood moving from place to<br />

place with her free-spirited parents,<br />

who raised their children while yielding<br />

to their wanderlust. But when the<br />

family runs out of money, Walls and<br />

her siblings are often left to fend for<br />

themselves in a life of poverty.<br />

Where’d You<br />

Go, Bernadette<br />

by Maria Semple<br />

This charming novel is an easy<br />

read that’s sure to please. Published<br />

in 2012, the story centers on Bee<br />

Branch, a 15-year-old girl who wants<br />

nothing more than to go to Antarctica.<br />

When Bee’s eccentric mother, Bernadette,<br />

goes missing right in the middle<br />

of her intervention, Bee and her<br />

father, Elgin, must band together to<br />

reunite their family. Through a series<br />

of emails, documents and letters,<br />

Bee begins to solve the mystery of the<br />

missing Bernadette. If you’re looking<br />

for a whimsical and upbeat story, this<br />

unforgettable book might be just what<br />

you’re looking for.<br />

Why <strong>No</strong>t Me?<br />

by Mindy Kaling<br />

After the popularity of her first<br />

book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without<br />

Me? (And Other Concerns), actress<br />

and comedian Mindy Kaling released<br />

her second book, Why <strong>No</strong>t Me? in September<br />

of this year. In this entertaining<br />

collection of essays, Kaling writes<br />

of her trials and tribulations in finding<br />

her place in Hollywood. With openness<br />

and wit, Kaling shares her story in<br />

a manner that is as poignant as it is<br />

laugh-out-loud hilarious. Check out<br />

this book if you’re a fan of other snappy<br />

stories like Bossypants by Tina Fey<br />

and Yes Please by Amy Poehler.<br />

Books provided courtesy of Barnes & <strong>No</strong>ble<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [69]


New Shows<br />

That You Should Be Watching<br />

By Claire Turner<br />

Scream Queens<br />

From the creators of American<br />

Horror Story and Glee comes their<br />

new anthology lovechild. FOX’s<br />

newest show follows the Kappa Kappa<br />

Tau sorority sisters as they face a<br />

mysterious homicidal stalker, known<br />

as the Red Devil, whose 20-year-old<br />

unsolved crime has left him vengeful<br />

and vicious. The show focuses on the<br />

Kappas struggle against the Red<br />

Devil’s brutal murders that leave girls<br />

in pieces. This new series stars Emma<br />

Roberts as Kappa’s president, Ariana<br />

Grande and Abigail Breslin (Little<br />

Miss Sunshine) as her minions, Nick<br />

[70] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

Jonas as a fraternity brother with<br />

a dark side, Lea Michele (Glee) and<br />

Keke Palmer as new sorority pledges,<br />

and Jamie Lee Curtis as the dean.<br />

Catch Scream Queens Tuesdays at 7<br />

p.m. on FOX.<br />

Quantico<br />

With romance, the FBI, and the<br />

biggest United States terrorist attack<br />

since 9/11, Quantico’s got all the<br />

makings of our new favorite drama.<br />

Alex Parrish is undergoing training<br />

to work in the bureau in Quantico,<br />

Virginia, where she falls for fellow<br />

trainee Ryan Booth. Through a series<br />

of flashbacks and flash-forwards, it is<br />

revealed that one of the FBI trainees<br />

will be the mastermind behind the<br />

attack, and Alex will be the one blamed<br />

for the crime. Starring Mary Kom’s<br />

Priyanka Chopra and Believe’s Jake<br />

McLaughlin, Quantico airs Sundays<br />

at 9 p.m. on ABC.<br />

Supergirl<br />

Superman’s tale just isn’t complete<br />

without the inclusion of his cousin,<br />

Kara Zol-El, better known as<br />

Supergirl. CBS’s new series Supergirl<br />

chronicles Kara’s escape from her<br />

home planet and her ensuing struggle<br />

to suppress her powers and remain in<br />

good graces with her foster family the<br />

Danvers. The show explores the dayto-day<br />

life of 24-year-old Kara as she<br />

tries to balance time with her foster<br />

sister, feelings for her close friend, her

Melissa Benoist as Supergirl|CBS<br />

job as an assistant and crime fighting.<br />

Melissa Benoist (Marley Rose on Glee)<br />

emerges as Supergirl Mondays at 7:30<br />

p.m. on CBS.<br />

The Last Kingdom<br />

History meets fiction in The Last<br />

Kingdom, a series telling the tale of<br />

King Alfred the Great and his quest<br />

to unite multiple kingdoms under<br />

the banner of England. Vikings have<br />

overtaken all of the other kingdoms<br />

and only King Alfred and his Kingdom<br />

of Wessex remain free. Meanwhile,<br />

Uhtred, an orphan of noble descent<br />

raised by Vikings must choose where<br />

his loyalties lie – with his birth<br />

country or his upbringing? This epic<br />

new series includes adventure, thrills,<br />

romance, politics and history as a<br />

new home is born. A cast from eleven<br />

different countries forms this show,<br />

including Peaky Blinder’s Davis<br />

Dawson as King Alfred and Pride<br />

and Prejudice’s Matthew Macfayden<br />

as Lord Uhtred. The Last Kingdom<br />

premieres on BBC America on<br />

Saturdays at 9 p.m.<br />

Jessica Jones<br />

Private investigator Jessica Jones<br />

tries to rebuild her life following a<br />

short-lived super hero career that<br />

met a catastrophic end. Marvel’s<br />

Jessica Jones is coming to Netflix<br />

this fall, part of a series of shows<br />

that will cross over into a Defenders<br />

miniseries. Jessica Jones does not<br />

wear a mask or a costume, nor does<br />

her life have any real structure. She<br />

attempts to curb her post-traumatic<br />

stress disorder with a drinking<br />

problem while also trying to pay for<br />

her apartment. Jessica’s nine-tofive<br />

routine is shaken up with the<br />

return of Zebediah Kilgrave, a.k.a<br />

the Purple Man, a character from<br />

Jessica’s past who uses mind control to<br />

psychologically torture people. Dexter<br />

showrunner Melissa Rosenburg heads<br />

the new series, with Krysten Ritter<br />

and David Tennant starring. The show<br />

premieres in full series on Friday,<br />

<strong>No</strong>vember 20.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [71]



Enter the land of mind mush,<br />

wasted sleep hours, and endless<br />

tears shed over fictional<br />

characters; the guilty obsession<br />

we all have and don’t plan on confronting<br />

anytime soon: Netflix binge<br />

watching. The subject: Friday Night<br />

Lights season one. The tester: our<br />

writer, a first-time viewer but self-processed<br />

Netflix junkie. Warning: this<br />

article contains spoilers.<br />

This is a firsthand account of binge<br />

watching the first season of Friday<br />

Night Lights for the first time. Yes,<br />

I watched the full 22-episode season,<br />

but condensed them all into the top<br />

four, so here we go:<br />

I pull on my coziest sweater and hop<br />

into bed. My Anthropologie candles<br />

are lit, filling the room with a warm<br />

glow and an enticing aroma. I have my<br />

Boom Chicka Pop lightly sweet popcorn<br />

to the side and my green tea in<br />

my London Starbucks mug in hand.<br />

[72] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

Here’s where math comes in. There<br />

are 22 episodes, each 45 minutes long.<br />

It’s 3 p.m. So how long will it take me<br />

to watch the season from start to finish?<br />

Well, put it this way, by the time<br />

I’m done watching it will be 7:30 a.m.<br />

There’s really no better way to spend<br />

my Friday night.<br />

Episode 1: Pilot<br />

Wow, the southern accents are<br />

on point.<br />

Who are all these people? There are<br />

so many characters. How will I keep<br />

up with all their names and stories?<br />

This Matt Saracen guy seems like<br />

such a sweetheart.<br />

Is Tim Riggins supposed to be in<br />

high school? He is very attractive,<br />

but looks 25. I am a sucker for long<br />

hair though.<br />

So many side plots. So many<br />

relationships.<br />

I love Tami and Eric Taylor. They<br />

actually seem like a real life relationship,<br />

not just some TV show couple.<br />

This is definitely bringing me back<br />

to the good ole high school cheerleading<br />

days.<br />

“Texas forever.” What a sweet<br />

bond between Jason Street and<br />

Tim Riggins.<br />

“Clear, eyes full hearts, can’t lose.”<br />

The football game is finally on. I’m<br />

getting very excited about it, almost a<br />

little too invested in a TV show football<br />

game.<br />

<strong>No</strong>body warned me I would cry the<br />

first episode. <strong>No</strong> one told me Jason<br />

Street gets injured.<br />

The Dillon Panthers win! Matt Saracen<br />

pulls through for the Panthers.<br />

I am cheering in my bed and popcorn<br />

flies out of the bag.<br />

That was so intensely emotional<br />

that I had to make a quick Krispy<br />

Kreme run with my friend. Human<br />

interaction and food are good when

you decide to shut yourself away for 16<br />

hours of pure-unadulterated Netflix.<br />

Episode 10: It’s<br />

Different for Girls<br />

As the title suggests, no one cares if<br />

Tim sleeps around, but Lyla (Jason’s<br />

girlfriend) is slut-shamed by her own<br />

cheer teammates for one mistake that<br />

may or may not involve hooking up<br />

with one Tim Riggins.<br />

This is not right, but this show<br />

should win awards for bringing up real<br />

issues. *Looks up on IMDB* 14 wins<br />

and 66 nominations.<br />

Oh my God. Janice from Friends is<br />

one of the teachers at Dillon.<br />

The Streets are suing Coach Taylor<br />

for not teaching Jason to tackle. <strong>No</strong>.<br />

I will not stand/ lay here with my almost<br />

empty popcorn bag for this.<br />

Matt goes over to Julie’s and they<br />

watch The Office. This might just<br />

have to be the subject for my next<br />

binge watching session. To backtrack,<br />

a sweet little plot line between Mr. Nice<br />

Guy Matt and Coach Taylor’s innocent<br />

daughter Julie has been brewing for<br />

the past few episodes.<br />

At the pep rally the football players<br />

dress as cheerleaders. I almost choke<br />

on a popcorn kernel at the sight of Tim<br />

in a cheer uniform.<br />

Coach Taylor is trying to get Matt<br />

to not date his daughter. Why can’t<br />

one plot line just be happy?<br />

Dillon wins; I guess that’s the happy<br />

plot line.<br />

Smash goes to mini golf with Waverly.<br />

His nose bleeds. Please stop doing<br />

steroids. By the way somewhere between<br />

Episode 1 and 10 Smash started<br />

doing sterioids.<br />

Tim convinces Lyla to cheer at the<br />

classic and Jason shows up. This can’t<br />

be good.<br />

Episode 20: Mud Bowl<br />

A train accident leaves the football<br />

field unusable. This sounds like the<br />

beginning of Grey’s Anatomy episode.<br />

Coach Taylor wants to play on some<br />

10-acre cow pasture. He seems super<br />

passionate about it, which gives me the<br />

feels.<br />

Thank you Lyla for standing up to<br />

Jason for not appreciating you, even<br />

though you cheated on him, but it’s<br />

OK, you apologized.<br />

The lawsuit is finally settled and everyone<br />

is happy. Why does it feel like a<br />

weight has been lifted of my chest?<br />

The state semifinal is officially going<br />

to be on this makeshift field that<br />

the team helped create.<br />

Where did the cows go?<br />

It is pouring rain and the game<br />

turns into a mud bowl. I would love to<br />

be at this game in real life.<br />

Tyra, Tim’s former girlfriend and<br />

resident bad girl, is almost raped.<br />

Tears are already falling.<br />

Dillon is going to State and Julie<br />

runs onto the field to and hug Matt.<br />

The slip in the mud, then start rolling<br />

around a la Ten Things I Hate About<br />

You. Oh, young love.<br />

Landry, Matt’s dweeby best friend,<br />

holds and cries with Tyra in the diner.<br />

I can’t remember how many times I’ve<br />

cried during this show.<br />

Episode 22: State<br />

They are playing Voodoo’s team in<br />

the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Refresher:<br />

Voodoo almost stole Matt’s spot as<br />

QB1 way back when before transferring<br />

schools. Yes, FNL.<br />

Tami tells Coach Taylor that she<br />

is pregnant and his eyes light up. My<br />

eyes are filled with tears.<br />

The game starts. Panthers aren’t<br />

playing well and are down at halftime.<br />

Coach Taylor’s speech makes me<br />

want to suit up and hit some people.<br />

Panthers win! I am actually cheering<br />

out loud.<br />

Coach Taylor is trying to decide if<br />

he’ll stay with his family and team in<br />

Dillon or take his dream job as a coach<br />

at TMU.<br />

Coach walks into the Dillon locker<br />

room and the team starts a slow clap<br />

for him. The camera pans to all the<br />

characters. Coach Taylor’s face is the<br />

last one on the screen before it goes<br />

black. Like clockwork, with every ending<br />

of a binge watch session, I bawl like<br />

a baby.<br />

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [73]


Who to<br />

FOLLOW<br />

By Jada Culver<br />

Instagram<br />

Hannah Bronfman: (@hannahbronfman)<br />

Hannah Bronfman is that<br />

fit and fabulous best friend we all<br />

wish to have! With a successful beauty<br />

app and business under her belt, this<br />

gorgeous DJ makes her Instagram<br />

presence heavily known with plenty of<br />

photos featuring yoga poses, healthy<br />

meals, on-fleek fashion, and adorable<br />

shots of her fiancé, Brendan.<br />

Joe Jonas: (@joejonas) As the second-oldest<br />

brother of the former Jonas<br />

Brothers, Joe Jonas is a force to be<br />

reckoned with on his Instagram page<br />

that’s filled with hilarious memes,<br />

TBTs, and other laughable posts.<br />

Twitter<br />

Benjamin Higgins: (@benhiggi)<br />

The world just hasn’t been the same<br />

since Ben H. stepped onto the scene<br />

on season eleven of The Bachelorette.<br />

<strong>No</strong>w as season twelve’s bachelor, Ben<br />

makes sure to show that he’s still down<br />

to earth by constantly interacting with<br />

fans on Twitter.<br />

Ellie Hall: (@ellievhall) With great<br />

humor, wit and true adoration of pop<br />

culture, Ellie Hall makes Twitter her<br />

stomping grounds with sassy comments<br />

and just-what-you-were-thinking<br />

remarks. This BuzzFeed reporter<br />

give us plenty of reasons to hit “follow.”<br />

Vine<br />

Arielle Vandenberg: After her rise<br />

to fame for hitting the sickest “whip”<br />

in a six-second slow-mo, the insanely<br />

fashionable Arielle and her boyfriend<br />

Matt Cushall keep it real on Vine by<br />

constantly posting hilarious real-life<br />

situations we can all identify with.<br />

Chrish: Whenever you need a pick<br />

me up, Chrish is the one you should be<br />

following for his unbelievable sass and<br />

insane comebacks. This man keeps you<br />

rolling till you cramp.<br />

Snapchat<br />

1. Shawn Booth: (@shawn_booth)<br />

It’s been over three months since Bachelorette<br />

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn<br />

Booth got engaged. You can watch<br />

their crazy adventures, like wedding<br />

crashing and spontaneous late night<br />

dance sessions all through Shawn’s<br />

Snapchat.<br />

2. Kylie Jenner: (@kylizzlemynizzl)<br />

Keep up with the youngest daughter of<br />

the Kardashian/Jenner empire as she<br />

goes on dates with Tyga and throws<br />

insane sleepovers with her ever-growing<br />

group of besties.<br />

Periscope<br />

Mashable: (@mashable) Mashable<br />

is a digital media website headquartered<br />

in New York City that brings<br />

interviews from today’s top artists, innovators<br />

and leaders straight to your<br />

phone screen.<br />

Rich Wilkerson Jr.: (@richwilkersonjr)<br />

With his new TV show Rich in<br />

Faith, premiering December 2 on Bravo,<br />

Rich Wilkerson Jr. is everyone’s<br />

favorite pastor with great humor and<br />

style. And don’t forget, he’s the one<br />

who married Kanye West and Kim K.<br />

[74] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015

TUSCA-<br />

LOOSA’S<br />

MUSIC<br />

SCENE:<br />

MORE<br />

THAN<br />

JUST<br />

COVER<br />

BANDS<br />

By Emily Williams<br />

The South has always been a hotbed<br />

for music. Nashville is Music City,<br />

USA, Austin is known as “the live<br />

music capital of the world,” and college<br />

towns everywhere embrace the culture<br />

with their active art communities. So<br />

where does Tuscaloosa, home to all<br />

things football, fit into the regional<br />

music scene?<br />

“I think, much like anything, it’s<br />

really hard to get synergy going where<br />

you’re turning over artists and residents<br />

so quickly,” says Bo Hicks, owner<br />

of Druid City Brewing Company.<br />

“Cities like Athens and Austin manage<br />

to retain artists a lot more than Tuscaloosa<br />

does. That’s one of the challenges<br />

we’re facing.”<br />

Hicks said supporting local artists<br />

is vital to the quality of life in town.<br />

Druid City Brewing Company, he says,<br />

along with Green Bar and Egan’s, are<br />

some of the few venues that hire groups<br />

to play original songs rather covers.<br />

“People used to complain that there<br />

wasn’t a good scene in town,” he says.<br />

“But any bar that’s willing to take a<br />

chance to support local music, that’s<br />

what will bring more people here. We<br />

don’t want people to feel like they have<br />

to drive to Birmingham to see good<br />

live music.”<br />

Ask local musicians Ferguson and<br />

the Copper Dogs, and they will tell you<br />

the scene has room for improvement.<br />

The band says a lack support from<br />

the community often hinders the success<br />

of bands trying to break out in<br />

the business.<br />

“The Tuscaloosa music scene has<br />

potential,” says lead singer Sarah Ferguson,<br />

who also bartends at Druid<br />

City. “It’s definitely growing, but it’s<br />

disheartening because there aren’t a<br />

Sarah Ferguson<br />

lot of venues where original artists can<br />

play and make money off of it. Very few<br />

places support local music.”<br />

A group of four Alabama natives,<br />

Ferguson and the Copper Dogs<br />

have been working their way up the<br />

ranks since they first started performing<br />

at open mic nights. The<br />

group is composed of guitarist Daniel<br />

Walker, drummer Michael Ray,<br />

bassist Matt Young, and lead singer<br />

Sarah Ferguson.<br />

Ferguson, who is every bit the front<br />

woman with electric blue hair and the<br />

vocal power of Joss Stone, is a standout<br />

among the almost exclusively allmale<br />

groups in town.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> spoke to the group about<br />

their sound, their favorite places to<br />

play, and what it’s like to be a femalefronted<br />

band in a male-dominated<br />

music scene.<br />

<strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015 [75]



Where did the name Ferguson and<br />

the Copper Dogs originate?<br />

Sarah: I’m from Walker County, Alabama,<br />

and it’s known that we have a<br />

lot of (laughs) “high brow” behavior,<br />

a lot of meth, a lot of drugs in general.<br />

You hold close guard over your air<br />

conditioning units because people will<br />

steal the copper. And there are also a<br />

lot of stray dogs that run around. So I<br />

wanted to do something to pay tribute<br />

to that, make it endearing.<br />

How long have all of you been<br />

playing together?<br />

Sarah: Dan and I have been playing<br />

music together since 2011. We wrangled<br />

in Michael, and Matt was a mutual<br />

friend. Last December (2014) was<br />

our first show together.<br />

[76] <strong>Alice</strong> <strong>No</strong>vember 2015<br />

How would you describe your sound?<br />

Michael: I would say it’s alt-rock<br />

with blues vocals and a singer-songwriter<br />

guitar style.<br />

Sarah: We’re still defining our<br />

sound, but we’re influenced by everything<br />

from country, to jazz, to blues.<br />

Personally, I’m inspired by Bonnie<br />

Raitt, Led Zeppelin and more modern<br />

groups like Alabama Shakes and<br />

Shovels and Rope.<br />

Most of the bands in town have male<br />

singers, what’s it like being a female<br />

lead singer in this town?<br />

Sarah: Initially it made it terrifying<br />

to try anything. I wasn’t taken seriously.<br />

It was hard to get support. If I<br />

hadn’t had the support of these guys, I<br />

wouldn’t make it. Green Bar open mic<br />

night is where I really got my confidence.<br />

There are a lot of girls who sing<br />

there. I will always try to encourage<br />

more girls to get up there sing.<br />

Daniel: She really has this thing<br />

that no other band has. It’s a totally<br />

different energy. She’s bringing something<br />

with her voice that nobody else is<br />

bringing.<br />

Michael: We have a more active reception<br />

with her as our front person.<br />

It’s all about her personality, her<br />

“stage-fidence.”<br />

How do you write songs?<br />

Matt: Sarah writes the lyrics, Dan<br />

writes the music, and it’s just a big jam<br />

session until we figure it all out.<br />

Sarah: It’s really a team effort. We<br />

get along stupid-well.<br />

Who are you listening to right now?<br />

Sarah: Dr. Dogg, the Annuals. A lot<br />

of Alabama music: Alabama Shakes,<br />

Lee Baines, Banditos. Taylor Hollingsworth<br />

– anywhere he plays I feel like I<br />

have to be there.<br />

Dan: I’m listening to The Amazing;<br />

it’s this Swiss band with the really<br />

pretty, slightly atmospheric sound.<br />

What’s your favorite venue to play<br />

in Tuscaloosa?<br />

Sarah: Egan’s. The sound isn’t<br />

great, you can’t hear yourself, but it’s<br />

so nitty gritty.<br />

Michael: You have to walk past the<br />

band to get to the bathroom. <strong>No</strong> one<br />

has any morals, it’s great.<br />

Matt: Green Bar is good, and of<br />

course we love Druid City Brewing.<br />

Ferguson and the Copper Dog’s<br />

self-titled EP was released in September.<br />

Find them on Facebook, Youtube<br />

or Twitter: @FCDMusic.<br />

Other local bands to check out:<br />

Looksy<br />

CBDB<br />

The Doctors and The Lawyers<br />

Steels<br />


Ask about<br />

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