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Lots of Bitz for your bike

The good guys at Trick Bitz bring in a bunch of really nice

stuff for your bike and do carry some very desirable bits for

older generation bikes as well, check out their website on

www.trickbitz.co.za to get your juices flowing. We asked for

a walk through their warehouse and had a bit of a scratch

around and found some very interesting magafters. Here

are a few of our favourites:

Chiaravalli Chain and sprocket kits

Not a new concept, but a handy one, sprocket and chain

kits by Chiarvalli, They come with the correct front and rear

sprocket, master link and chain in one blister pack kit, so

you can be sure that everything fits together nicely on your

bike and are the correct ratio’s and pitch. You can be certain

that the product is high quality made by power mad Italians

and wont let you down in a pinch, and they are reasonably

priced as well.

Rubber tech sprockets by Ognibene and JT

Yes, another ‘not so new concept’, but one we have

forgotten about as the sands of time leave us behind. Also

manufactured by some crazy Italians with a lust for speed

but with an ear for symphony and harmony. So, besides

being manufactured of the highest quality materials,

induction hardened process and attention to detail, they are

also designed with the new Silent Technology. One of our

biggest gripes, especially on road bikes is the rattle of the

chain on the sprockets. This rubber technology significantly

reduces that rackets as well as helps extend the life of

your chain and sprockets, but does not negate the need for

proper cleaning and maintenance.

Spare wheels for your paddock stands

Huh? We never knew that … and they come with new stub

axles and everything, even fancy pants colours. Now that

old paddock stand lying in the back of your garage can be

brought back to life, they even stock the bobbins to fit onto

your swing arm as well as the adjustable swivel adaptors

and pins to fir into the yolk of your bike.

Branded Key Rings

Clean, soft, elegant, sturdy and simple and branded with

your favourite bike brand. They wont damage your triple

clamp or paint work and they look good.

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F61 Performance

A Proudly south African

product range by Autocycle

Compression Stabiliser

A little can of head ache and aggravation relief,

sorely needed in every workshop. It removes

gum and varnish from carburettor throat and

combustion intake systems. We have all tried to

clean a gummed up carb before and understand

that you have to do it properly or you are just

going to have to do it again and again and again

… Well F61’s Compression Stabiliser is a bit of

a short cut and will spare your Missus your foul

temper. It also cleans dirty sparks plugs while

reducing emissions while improving acceleration,

performance and fuel economy. You know you

need it …

Brake and Parts Cleaner

How many times has your missus growled at you

for nicking your handy andy or nail polish remover

to clean your bike and brake parts? Yeah, so

Brake and Parts cleaner not only brings about

marital bliss but it also effectively removes grease,

brake fluid and other contaminants from brake disc

and pads while stopping that horrible squeaking

noise from the brakes and enhancing brake

performance. Also great for getting grit, grime

and dirt off engines and etc in those hard to reach

place that your wife’s tooth brush wont get into.

Visit www.autocyclecentre.co.za for your

nearest stockist.

Pocket Bikes

Pocketbike SA was founded in 2006 by Donovan Pearce›s

passion for motorcycles and MotoGP.

While on a trip to China he came across a great product in “Pocket Sized”

motorcycles and recognised the opportunity to introduce the youth of

South Africa to motorcycling and to get them passionate and driven into

the world of motorcycling from ages as young as 3 and 4 years old and

upwards in a safe, controlled and fun environment.

Donovan initially brought in a small quantity of 50cc 2 stroke air cooled

petrol driven 3HP Pocketbikes to test the market and was surprised by the

amount of interest it received and realized that this could go somewhere

so he started to Import 50cc Pocket-bikes, Quads, Dirt Bikes, Go-Karts,

Spares, Performance Parts and Kids Protection Kits, Helmets, Gloves

and Safety Gear which he started retailing and servicing from a small 6m

container in Circle Metals Scrap yard in Kenilworth which then over time

and after growing a large client base lead to Opening a Full Retail store

with Service and Repair Facilities at 163 Voortrekker Road Goodwood,

Cape Town 021 202 7583 as well as to the creation of a website which

then grew to a Online Store which has grown their client base nationally

via www.pocketbikesa.co.za

Their vision and drive from the very beginning was to become the largest

Importer and Retailer of 50cc Pocket-bike spares and kids 50cc entry

level bikes in the SA market and after 14 years of hard work, dedication

and with the support from all their valued customers, (who have become

friends as well), and all the motorcycle stores, service centres, mechanics

and race tracks, (who still continue to support them), they have become a

household name and they are still striving to grow, learn and become even

better over time…

‘We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their

continuous support over the years and the heart that is put into the

business by all the staff on a day to day basis as well as to Ride Fast and

Dirt & Trail for this opportunity. Stay Safe everyone” - from the Pocketbike

SA Team

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