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We hope you enjoy our largest issue to date! www.faulknerlifestyle.com

We hope you enjoy our largest issue to date!

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fall <strong>2020</strong><br />


Pumpkins for Home<br />

Decor for Autumn<br />

Mental Health:<br />

The Silent Epidemic<br />

Women in Business Profiles<br />

At Home with<br />

Judge Susan Weaver<br />

faulkner lifestyle<br />


Front, L-R, Meagan Marks, COTA, Rixie Sheffield, COTA, Brooklyn Jimenez, ST, Missy Smith, PT, Dean Cope, PT,<br />

Back, L-R, Austin Reddig, PTA, Kathy Huett, PTA, Angie White, OT, Takeshia Baker, OT<br />

1175 Morningside Drive • CONWAY • 501-327-7642

has allowed us to provide not only<br />

exceptional results, but a pleasing<br />

experience as well.<br />

So whatever the story may be<br />

…and everyone wants to have a smile<br />

they feel good about, no matter their age,<br />

gender, profession, or circumstance.<br />

Understanding that simple fact<br />

has allowed us to provide not only<br />

exceptional results, but a pleasing<br />

experience as well.<br />

So whatever the story may be<br />

Alyse Eddy<br />

Atlanta, Georgia<br />

Alyse Eddy<br />

Atlanta, Georgia<br />

General Dentistry<br />

General Dentistry

contents<br />

inside<br />

6<br />

30<br />

AT HOME 6<br />



ON THE COVER 14<br />




EDUCATION 26<br />



GOOD TASTE 30<br />


FEATURE 37–83<br />


HEALTH 87<br />


SPOTLIGHT 88<br />


PET CARE 91<br />


98<br />

22<br />

COMMUNITY 92<br />


TRUTH ON THE GO 96<br />




26<br />

14<br />

4 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Jennifer Stanley, Andrea Lennon, Mary Ruth Marotte, Mary Etta Qualls, Xochilt Hawks, Detra Clark, Patrick Jamerson, Brandy Strain-Dayer,<br />

Lori Quinn, Drew Spurgers, Jackie Mahar, Shari Hoover, Colleen Holt, Linda Mars, Robin Stauffer, Leah Ashby, and Courtney Bordeaux<br />



Lori Quinn, Editor<br />

Brandy Strain-Dayer, Photography Director<br />


Robin Stauffer<br />


Jackie Mahar<br />

Shari Hoover<br />


Jackie Mahar<br />


Jennifer Stanley<br />

Leah Ashby<br />

Colleen Holt<br />


Leah Ashby<br />


Linda Mars<br />


Mary Ruth Marotte<br />


Detra Clark<br />


Andrea Lennon<br />


Patrick Jamerson aka Dr. FiT<br />


Mary Etta Qualls<br />


Xochilt Hawks<br />


Lindsey Jones<br />


Courtney Bordeaux<br />

Conway Arkansas<br />

EMAIL faulknerlifestyle@gmail.com<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com<br />

Brandy Strain-Dayer<br />

and Lori Quinn<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> <strong>Lifestyle</strong><br />

Publishers / Owners<br />

Welcome to <strong>Faulkner</strong> <strong>Lifestyle</strong>!<br />

The <strong>Faulkner</strong> <strong>Lifestyle</strong> mission is to entertain, inspire, educate<br />

and inform our community with a variety of articles that<br />

will provide something of interest for everyone. People,<br />

business, travel, food, home, wellness, spirituality, style,<br />

events, and the arts will be just a few of our featured topics.<br />

We will have a strong online and social media presence.<br />

Not only will we be distributed as a printed magazine in<br />

high-traffic retail and service locations — like medical and<br />

dental offices, fitness facilities, boutiques, salons, coffee<br />

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will also have live videos and regular interactions with our<br />

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social media. We will saturate the market on all levels so<br />

our advertisers will see direct results and our audience will<br />

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Dayer and Lori Quinn have more than 15 years of invaluable<br />

experience in the magazine, marketing, and advertising<br />

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at home<br />

Pumpkins Add Pops of Color<br />

and Texture to <strong>Fall</strong> Decor<br />

6 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>



Creating a beautiful table setting or decorating<br />

spaces throughout your home or business is easy<br />

when you feature pumpkins like these. Their varied<br />

colors, textures, shapes and sizes will inspire your<br />

autumn home decor.<br />

We have been watching with<br />

anticipation as the pumpkins<br />

grew at the Strack Farm on<br />

Lower Ridge Road in Conway, Arkansas.<br />

This local produce grower pampers their<br />

pumpkins in the field and continues<br />

— up until you select one or many to<br />

take home. We were so inspired by the<br />

numerous varieties and the unique colors<br />

and textures. So much so we decided to<br />

create a photo shoot and create different<br />

uses for these seasonal beauties.<br />

We use these images for print ads as well<br />

as video content as lifestyle branding<br />

for Park Hill Home where we sell home<br />

accessories, furniture and gifts. Our new<br />

line of Todd & Charlie fragrance candles<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 7

is featured in the table setting and of<br />

course the fragrance is Vintage Pumpkin!<br />

Creating a decorative table setting is so<br />

easy, especially when you feature these<br />

pumpkins. We chose a softer palette of<br />

colors and placed them down the center<br />

of our old farm table, tucked some straw<br />

in between and accented with candles<br />

for the evening. This centerpiece will<br />

easily last until it is time to decorate for<br />

Christmas. We’ve had pumpkins last<br />

until late spring! Farmhouse hand-made<br />

pottery dishes, and linen and flax<br />

napkins completed the styling.<br />

We came up with the idea for the<br />

pumpkin snack stack to elevate simple<br />

tooth-picked snacks, using a hollowed<br />

out top pumpkin to hold a roasted red<br />

pepper humus dip. We used a wooden<br />

skewer to create a hole first to make<br />

the toothpick easier to put in place.<br />

8 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

faulknerlifestyle.com 9

Todd also molded a cheese ball into the<br />

shape of a pumpkin to add to the party<br />

theme and dusted the outside with a<br />

dried basil and herb mixture.<br />

As seasonal potted patio plants are now<br />

fading in their containers, a quick fix is<br />

to add a base of hay or straw and fill<br />

these pots with nestled pumpkins. It is<br />

a great way to spruce up the landscape<br />

and quickly add seasonal color.<br />

You will be amazed with the overall<br />

pleasing effect these little creative<br />

touches can do to your home — your<br />

guests will want to linger and stay a little<br />

longer to enjoy the Autumn evening in<br />

the environment you have created.<br />

10 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Holiday Ord<br />

Deadlines<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 11

Available for private<br />

party rentals!<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 13

on the cover<br />

14 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

“<br />

Initially, I was very interested in<br />

estate tax and criminal law. I know,<br />

those are two very different things,<br />

but so are the Cubs, Cardinals, and<br />

Yankees, and I love all of them,<br />

”<br />

Judge Weaver laughs.<br />

At Home with<br />

Judge Susan Weaver<br />



Susan Weaver serves as First<br />

Division Circuit Court Judge,<br />

Twentieth Judicial District<br />

for <strong>Faulkner</strong>, Van Buren and Searcy<br />

Counties. However, she did not initially<br />

set out to pursue a career in law or<br />

politics. “Oddly enough, I wanted to be<br />

a physical therapist when I first went to<br />

college. I changed my major and earned<br />

my Bachelors in Speech-Language<br />

Pathology,” she says.<br />

Upon graduation from the University<br />

of Central Arkansas; however, she<br />

pivoted toward law. “I began my<br />

graduate degree in criminal justice<br />

before switching gears to a law degree.<br />

I graduated from the University of<br />

Arkansas with my doctorate in law<br />

and made my way back to Central<br />

Arkansas. While in law school, I spent<br />

a summer in Cambridge, England, at<br />

Cambridge University, where I studied<br />

international law,” says Susan. Once<br />

she completed law school, she earned<br />

her certification in taxation from the<br />

University of Arkansas at Little Rock.<br />

“I was very interested in estate tax and<br />

criminal law. I know, those are two<br />

very different things, but so are the<br />

Cubs, Cardinals, and Yankees, and I<br />

love all of them,” she laughs.<br />

Susan began her post-law school career<br />

as a law clerk for a private firm in Alma,<br />

Arkansas. Next, she worked as a law<br />

clerk for the Arkansas Court of Appeals<br />

for Supreme Court Justice Karen Baker,<br />

who was then an appellate court judge.<br />

Following this, Susan worked in private<br />

practice while simultaneously serving<br />

as a deputy prosecuting attorney. Next,<br />

she worked full-time in private practice<br />

and served part-time as prosecutor for<br />

the City of Vilonia and later as their<br />

municipal judge.<br />

At this point in her career, the state<br />

restructured municipal judgeships; rather<br />

than having multiple city judges, they<br />

were combined into elected county<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 15

district positions. “That is when I ran for<br />

a state district judgeship, which covered<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> and Van Buren Counties. I was<br />

on that bench in that capacity for six<br />

years before I began as a circuit judge on<br />

January 1, 2019,” explains Susan.<br />

As for her current areas of specialty,<br />

Susan says, “Right now I focus on family<br />

law, civil law, and dependency neglect.<br />

Criminal law was a huge part of my prior<br />

interests, but with the new docket agreements,<br />

I guess you could say I stumbled<br />

into these areas. I had no idea how much<br />

I would enjoy it all. The civil aspect is<br />

interesting in seeing business and contract<br />

aspects of cases, but the dependency<br />

neglect cases have opened a spot in<br />

my heart I didn’t know existed. The<br />

cases are very exhausting, mentally and<br />

emotionally, but helping these children is<br />

the most rewarding thing I have ever had<br />

the privilege of doing. I wish I could bring<br />

all these kids home with me to love, hug,<br />

and protect,” she says.<br />

Susan is involved in the community as<br />

well. “I am currently on the board of<br />

Daughters of Hope and Transformation,<br />

which is an addiction ministry<br />

for women. It is similar in concept to<br />

The Harbor Home, also for women, or<br />

16 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Renewal Ranch, for men. I love all of<br />

these organizations deeply, and there is<br />

such a need for this in our communities.<br />

Dana Davin-Ward, with the Harbor<br />

Home, and Bryce McGee, with Renewal<br />

Ranch, have been mentors for me somewhat<br />

in this board position. Their positive<br />

energy and direction are inspiring. These<br />

ministries reflect where my heart has been<br />

the past few years. I also do food volunteer<br />

for Haven House; I want to provide<br />

the girls with a home-cooked meal for the<br />

holidays to give them something special<br />

when they are away from their own<br />

homes. I have also served on the board<br />

of the Boys and Girls Club of <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County and Conway Noon Rotary.”<br />

In her rare spare time, Susan admits to<br />

being “a chronic over-committer. My<br />

favorite thing is riding horses; cooking<br />

and reading would be close seconds. The<br />

first two are usually with friends, and<br />

I have to admit, we are all really, really<br />

good cooks,” she says.<br />

Give us the chance to exceed your expectations!<br />

1327 Main Street<br />

Conway • AR • 72034<br />

501-436-3695<br />

www.boearkansas.com<br />

Bank of England Mortgage is a division of Bank of England, NMLS 418481, Member FDIC<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 17

She loves spending time at home,<br />

where she provides a loving space for<br />

her animals. Susan owns Opalina, LLC<br />

and Opal Hill Farms. “I have horses,<br />

mini donkey, mini bull, goats, rabbits,<br />

dogs, and cats. Some of the animals<br />

are expecting, so it will be a fun spring<br />

on the farm. My love is with animals,<br />

especially mini-ones; some are available<br />

for pictures, parties, and sale,” she says.<br />

Of her home, she says, “My goal was<br />

to shelter all my animals and to make<br />

my home cozy and country style, so I<br />

can host dinners and entertain guests.<br />

I love to cook for others. My Dad<br />

built my farm table and bench for my<br />

dining room, which seats ten. He also<br />

refurbished my grandmother’s old table,<br />

which I use in my kitchen as well.”<br />

Susan recently upgraded her home<br />

furnishings. She also improved her<br />

outdoor space, largely for her animals.<br />

“My animals benefited from any remodeling<br />

and additions…Outside, I extended<br />

700 feet of water to an outdoor kitchen,<br />

18 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

my barn, and my dog house. I added an<br />

outdoor bathroom with a washing area<br />

for my pets inside. I had a goat shed<br />

built and electricity and water added to<br />

the existing barn. My dogs now have<br />

their own insulated, heated, and cooled<br />

home with windows, a ceiling fan, and<br />

a porch. Their house is still in progress,<br />

but the end result will look similar to my<br />

own home, just dog sized. It is also tall<br />

enough for dog bunk beds and, yes, that<br />

is a thing,” she says.<br />

When curating her personal space, Susan<br />

wanted to support other women in<br />

business and local small businesses. As<br />

such, Peggy and Dapple Eoff, owners<br />

of Bar O F Ranch and Western Store in<br />

Clinton, assisted with Susan’s design<br />

needs. “I love the farmhouse look, and<br />

their ideas created the beautiful home I<br />

have today. I pretty much owe my entire<br />

common areas to them.”<br />

Tired of putting up Christmas lights?<br />








Call us today so you have more time this holiday season with your family!<br />

Call 501.358.5542<br />

www.3wmconway.com<br />

Ann Mann with Dear’s Decor provided<br />

some of the artwork. “She also made<br />

wreaths for my door and table centerfaulknerlifestyle.com<br />


pieces. She is great at helping put my<br />

ideas together and also helped with my<br />

glamper, which even houses some of<br />

her small artwork.” She also credits Sally<br />

Lieblong with Arkansas Peddler’s Mall in<br />

Springhill for ideas on incorporating fun,<br />

unexpected flea market finds.<br />

Susan visits Linda Weaver with Linda<br />

Marie’s in Vilonia for kitchen towels,<br />

seasonal decor, and home décor and Kim<br />

Treece with the Pottery Shop in Clinton<br />

for outdoor pottery. “I have more plants<br />

and pottery than I ever had in my life.<br />

They look beautiful, and I have managed<br />

to keep them all alive,” Susan says. Her<br />

plants came from Freyaldenhoven’s<br />

Greenhouse and the Plant Outlet, both<br />

of Conway. “I encourage everyone to<br />

take the beautiful, scenic drives to visit<br />

these places. I promise you won’t be<br />

disappointed!”<br />

20 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

faulknerlifestyle.com 21

health<br />

Let‘s work to end the stigma associated with seeking<br />

mental health treatment so when people encounter<br />

tough times, they seek help instead of suffering.<br />

The Silent Epidemic<br />


This year of <strong>2020</strong> has really been<br />

historic. We are internationally<br />

experiencing a pandemic, economic<br />

turmoil, racial tension and political<br />

chaos. Nationally we are seeing spikes in<br />

suicide rates, overdoses, addictions, and<br />

marriage/family conflict. Statistics show<br />

us more first responders die by suicide<br />

than in the line of duty and police are<br />

being called to homes for domestic issues<br />

at almost twice the rate now. What about<br />

right here in our community? We are<br />

seeing these trends locally as well. With<br />

so much change and lack of predictability<br />

in our lives over an extended period of<br />

time, our mental health needs attention.<br />

Some are calling mental health issues<br />

the silent epidemic and mental health<br />

workers invisible first responders. Why<br />

silent or invisible? And by being in<br />

the shadows, what impact does that<br />

have on our community? Although<br />

improving, mental health is still largely<br />

misunderstood, and by sharing information<br />

we hope to move out of the<br />

silence and into the conversations.<br />

Here are some common<br />

questions we are asked:<br />

Does Counseling work?<br />

Take depression for example, since<br />

according to the World Health Organization<br />

it is the number one world cause of<br />

disability. Years of research all over the<br />

world conclude that a person seeking<br />

treatment is significantly improved<br />

compared to a person who does not.<br />

How does talking about things make<br />

it better? Talking in a session is not the<br />

same as talking to friends or family.<br />

Think about it like this, if you want to<br />

eat better, you can talk to friends and<br />

family and some may have great advice.<br />

But if you talk to a nutritionist who<br />

has years of education and experience<br />

directly related to diet and nutrition,<br />

your conversation will be completely<br />

different. In this conversation you are<br />

talking with someone who has in-depth<br />

knowledge about the research and<br />

treatment for that area and can help you<br />

create an individualized plan to make the<br />

improvements. Similar to so many other<br />

fields, you are not just talking about<br />

your concerns, you are working with an<br />

experienced professional trained to help<br />

you improve some area of your life.<br />

How long does it take?<br />

This is a common question but no<br />

straightforward answer. Just like any area<br />

you want to make a change in, people<br />

are different in regard to how fast that<br />

change occurs. If a person wants to<br />

manage their money better, some people<br />

can make quick budget changes while<br />

others take longer. Among other things,<br />

22 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

it may have to do with how severe the<br />

issue is, the person’s background and<br />

support system, and any barriers that<br />

need to be removed or supports put in<br />

place. In the treatment of depression,<br />

there are many studies that show people<br />

can make significant improvements<br />

within the first 4 weeks and substantial<br />

improvement within 16 weeks of<br />

consistent treatment with counseling<br />

only. However, each person is unique<br />

and therefore treatment lengths vary.<br />

What kind of<br />

treatments are there?<br />

Many people experiencing depression or<br />

anxiety might first talk with their primary<br />

care physician and seek medication.<br />

One of the struggles with medications<br />

are the side effects and trials to figure<br />

out which one and at what dosage will<br />

work for you. To help that issue, many<br />

offices like ours offer genetic testing to<br />

all of our clients. These advanced tests<br />

use a saliva sample to determine which<br />

medications are more likely to give you a<br />

better response. While medication is one<br />

option and necessary at times, research<br />

shows therapy is more effective in most<br />

cases. You may have heard of CBT or<br />

cognitive behavioral therapy, which<br />

is generally referred to as talk therapy.<br />

Although CBT is one very effective type,<br />

there are many kinds of talk therapy<br />

in which a client and highly trained<br />

therapist confidentially meet to develop<br />

goals and treatment plans. While talk<br />

therapy is what most people think of,<br />

there are many other options today that<br />

involve less verbal communication. For<br />

instance, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Art<br />

Therapy, Play Therapy, Neurofeedback,<br />

CPT, Movement Therapy, and Yoga<br />

Therapy. During a typical first session,<br />

you and your therapist will discuss all<br />

treatment options and create a plan. At<br />

any time, this plan can be revised.<br />

How can I afford counseling?<br />

This is a very real concern at any time,<br />

but particularly now with so many job<br />

losses which result in so many people<br />

losing their health insurance. The first<br />

option is to use health insurance if you<br />

have it. Many providers in our area accept<br />

different health insurance plans and<br />

are happy to help you determine what<br />

your plan pays and expects you to pay<br />

out of pocket. You can also find out this<br />

information by calling your insurance<br />

company and asking what your policy<br />

covers for mental health. Thanks to<br />

mental health parity laws, coverage under<br />

health insurance plans is better. If you do<br />

not have insurance or your deductible is<br />

very high, here are some options. Some<br />

practices offer sliding scale fees based on<br />

income or have grants to provide treatment<br />

to certain groups of clients; a great<br />

place to start asking about these options<br />

is your local mental health center. Others,<br />

such as our office, offer an internship<br />

program. In this case we offer extremely<br />

low-cost sessions (usually $5.00) through<br />

students who are completing their hours<br />

for graduation. These students are at the<br />

end of a master’s or doctorate degree and<br />

must complete practice hours similar to<br />

other health fields. They are still under the<br />

supervision of their training program as<br />

well as an on-site fully licensed supervisor.<br />

How do I get started and<br />

how do I choose a therapist?<br />

All you have to do to get started is call<br />

a practice and they will help you get<br />

scheduled. Choosing a therapist can be<br />

confusing with so many different types;<br />

Ayisha Canant: I have lived in Conway for more than 25 years. My<br />

husband I have five children, and own Conway Counseling & Wellness<br />

Center, Conway Tactical, and Canant Construction.<br />

in Arkansas there are Licensed Clinical<br />

Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed<br />

Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed<br />

Psychological Examiners (LPE-I),<br />

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists<br />

(LMFT), and Licensed Psychologists<br />

(PhD, PsyD). All of these license types<br />

ensure the person has completed a<br />

minimum of a masters’ degree and<br />

3000 hours of clinical experience, so<br />

it is important to look for credentials.<br />

Also, just like any field, many therapists<br />

have specialty areas where they have<br />

advanced training and can usually be<br />

found on their website.<br />

Let’s work to end the stigma associated<br />

with seeking mental health treatment<br />

so when people encounter tough times,<br />

they seek help instead of suffering. We<br />

are fortunate to live in a community<br />

with so many options for mental health<br />

treatment, the right fit for you or<br />

someone you know is available.<br />

Ayisha Canant, LPC, PhD<br />

Owner of Conway Counseling<br />

& Wellness Center, PLLC<br />

Please feel free to reach out to<br />

me any time with questions or<br />

concerns about mental health<br />

at Ayisha@ConwayCWC.com<br />


Ayisha Canant, LPC, PhD<br />

Conway Counseling &<br />

Wellness Center, PLLC<br />

855 South German Lane<br />

For Appointment<br />

501.358.6606<br />

ayisha@ConwayCWC.com<br />

www.ConwayCWC.com<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 23

Cla of 2021<br />

photography<br />

24 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

New Location<br />

Opening<br />

Soon!<br />

local<br />

business<br />

Download our app • Angel’s Boutique<br />

Visit our store<br />

675 Elsinger BLVD.<br />

(Next to TJ MAXX)<br />

1060 main St.<br />

Vilonia<br />

501-514-4916<br />

Join our facebook group • Angel’s Boutique Group<br />

2850 Prince St. Suite A<br />

501.327.3004<br />

CUSTOM<br />

CUSTOM<br />



609 US-65 Greenbrier, AR<br />

LaDona Simone & Heather Aich<br />

Owners<br />

Want to advertise?<br />

Contact us today!<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong><strong>Lifestyle</strong>@gmail.com<br />

Shari Hoover 501.269-0196<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 25

education<br />

Mentor Learning Academy:<br />

Shaping Lifelong Learners<br />


Mentor Learning Academy (MLA)<br />

was founded by Conway<br />

resident Jenny Wallace as a<br />

homeschool option for junior high<br />

and high school students. During this<br />

unprecedented time, Jenny’s goal is<br />

to offer an alternative learning opportunity<br />

for those parents and students<br />

desiring to homeschool with a focus<br />

on critical thinking.<br />

The concept of MLA is not new for<br />

Jenny, who began brainstorming the idea<br />

two years ago; however, she initially<br />

intended for the group to meet in-person.<br />

Jenny is a problem solver, who is not<br />

easily deterred. Thus, given current<br />

circumstances, MLA is a virtual co-op;<br />

classes meet once per week for three<br />

hours. Jenny, a Guy native, is married to<br />

Cameron, and they have four children:<br />

Andrew, Parker, Joleigh, and Piper.<br />

Of MLA’s pivot to online instruction,<br />

she says, “When COVID-19 struck, I<br />

knew the best option would be to meet<br />

virtually. I love the possibility of having<br />

kids from all over the country.” Regardless<br />

of its delivery method, MLA provides a<br />

unique, practical alternative for junior high<br />

and high school learners. “All the co-ops<br />

in our area require parents to be involved<br />

in the co-op. There are a couple of other<br />

options, but they are very pricy. I wanted<br />

to offer an option for parents who were<br />

not able to participate in the co-op setting<br />

but who also struggled to afford the few<br />

options available,” she says.<br />

MLA is exceptional in its classical<br />

approach to education, which offers<br />

a means of learning using skills that<br />

26 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

should be fundamental, such as<br />

deciphering texts, having meaningful<br />

conversations with peers, and learning<br />

by immersion. “We focus a lot on<br />

breaking down texts to gain understanding.<br />

Our weekly online meetings<br />

will consist of conversations centered<br />

around our learning from the previous<br />

week. We use the five common topics<br />

to guide our discussions: definition,<br />

comparison, relationship, circumstance,<br />

and testimony. The ‘teacher’ plays the<br />

role of mentor/lead learner and helps<br />

guide discussions,” Jenny explains.<br />

Much deliberation and thought went<br />

into the texts/canon and assignments<br />

that made the final curriculum. “Our goal<br />

is for students to learn how to learn, to<br />

develop critical thinking skills, and to<br />

be constantly curious. The seventh and<br />

eighth grade course does not use textbooks.<br />

Their assignments were created<br />

around mapping the world. They will<br />

begin their studies in 4500 BCE and<br />

will draw the world throughout the<br />

year and will observe how the maps<br />

have changed throughout the course of<br />

history. Their science will be a study of<br />

general science that goes along, when<br />

possible, with the geography of the<br />

lands they are studying. Literature and<br />

writing will also overlap their mapping<br />

adventure.”<br />

Alternatively, the high school class<br />

does utilize texts. “I spent a lot of time<br />

combing through different textbooks for<br />

our biology and United States history<br />

classes. I chose an advanced placement<br />

history text because of the data-based<br />

inquiry questions. It provides a lot of<br />

opportunities for discussions while<br />

studying primary and secondary sources.<br />

We will also read and discuss several<br />

Supreme Court decisions as we learn<br />

U.S. history.”<br />

With MLA, as with homeschooling in<br />

general, the parent is the true teacher.<br />

The mentors lead the online sessions<br />

and provide assignments and support.<br />

This facilitator model is intentional and is<br />

based on the book The Thomas Jefferson<br />

Education, which focuses on teaching<br />

children how to learn. “They encourage<br />

mentors for students in upper grades.<br />

This means someone who is reading,<br />

writing, and discussing the same material<br />

as the student. We designed our co-op<br />

“<br />

Our goal is for students to learn how to learn, to develop<br />

critical thinking skills, and to be constantly curious.<br />

”<br />

—Jenny Wallace, Founder, MLA<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 27

at home | christmas<br />

after this model. The mentor’s purpose is<br />

to learn alongside the students and inspire<br />

them to dig deeper in their learning. The<br />

mentor will also provide feedback for<br />

writing and in-class presentations,” she<br />

says. Parents can modify assignments as<br />

needed and perform grading duties.<br />

When asked about the advantages of<br />

this specific style of learning, Jenny says,<br />

“This type of learning helps create lifelong<br />

learners. We have tried very hard to cut<br />

out any type of busywork. The students<br />

will be working a few hours a day on<br />

assignments but will have the rest of the<br />

day to explore new hobbies, read, spend<br />

time with family, etc.” She says most<br />

students can adapt to MLA. “In my high<br />

school history class, we will be reading,<br />

listening to podcasts, watching documentaries,<br />

and drawing through history in our<br />

sketchbooks,” she says. This multimodal<br />

method provides options for most<br />

learning styles and abilities.<br />

MLA is also designed with certain<br />

potential pitfalls in mind. Specifically, it<br />

strives to keep homeschooling simpler.<br />

“Parents often feel they aren’t doing<br />

enough, or they’ll compare their learning<br />

environment to the environment of<br />

someone else, and they’ll begin to heap<br />

on more workbooks, more subjects.<br />

This rarely adds joy or a love of learning<br />

to their home. You don’t have to spend<br />

a lot of money to model the love of<br />

learning. A priority in our home has been<br />

reading books aloud together. We have<br />

so many memories wrapped up into<br />

beautiful stories. They’ve provided us an<br />

endless amount of opportunities to ask<br />

questions and dig deeper.”<br />

Jenny will lead the high school course<br />

and brings 21 years of teaching experience<br />

to the role, including teaching her<br />

own four children for the past nine years.<br />

She has a Master of Education degree<br />

and her National Boards for Professional<br />

Teaching Standards. She loves all living<br />

things and has a passion to inspire others<br />

to be lifelong learners. Jenny cannot wait<br />

to learn alongside the students.<br />

Junior high students will have the<br />

privilege of learning with mentor<br />

Rebecca Brudner. Rebecca is an educator,<br />

writer, and performer from Brooklyn,<br />

New York. She graduated cum laude<br />

from Yale University in 2016, where<br />

she studied theater history and dramatic<br />

literature. Her experience includes<br />

tutoring in English and writing. Rebecca<br />

has performed around the country<br />

in musical theater and Shakespeare<br />

productions. Rebecca is excited about<br />

mentoring MLA students.<br />

To learn more about MLA, visit or<br />

message them on Facebook<br />

at Mentor Learning Academy.<br />

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Join First Community Bankers, Grant Gordy and<br />

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A podcast focused on nothing but Conway.<br />

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Like our Facebook page and send us ideas for future podcasts, or just drop by<br />

and see us at 1089 Front St., Conway.<br />


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1089 Front St. Conway, AR 72032 | (501) 764-9640<br />

FirstCommunity.net | 501.764.9640 | Temporary Location: 1089 Front Street, Conway<br />

28 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Flanagin<br />

Services<br />

We are excited to welcome<br />

Dr. David B. Riggs<br />

to our practice.<br />

800 Locust Ave.<br />

Downtown Conway<br />

501.327.4466<br />

Dr. James H. Flanagin III, DDS<br />

Dr. David B. Riggs, DMD

good taste<br />

recipes<br />

30 faulkner lifestyle | august/september <strong>2020</strong>

scene | heard<br />

Cozy<br />

<strong>Fall</strong><br />

Supper<br />



“<br />

The heat of autumn / is different from the heat of<br />

summer / One ripens apples, the other turns them<br />

to cider.<br />

” —Jane Hirshfield, The Heat of Autumn faulknerlifestyle.com 31<br />

Perfect for a chilly Autumn<br />

evening, this meal comes<br />

together easily and can be<br />

made all season long. Sweet<br />

potatoes and Brussel sprouts are<br />

the perfect fall accompaniment<br />

to the melt-in-your-mouth pork<br />

tenderloin.<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 31

Best Baked Pork<br />

Tenderloin<br />

This pork tenderloin is juicy, bursting<br />

with flavor and holiday-worthy, too.<br />


1 pkg. pork tenderloins, trimmed<br />

(comes with 2 pieces, approximately<br />

2 – 2 1/2 lbs. total)<br />

1/4 cup kosher salt<br />

4 cups warm water<br />

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar<br />

2 tablespoons brown sugar<br />

1 cup ice cubes<br />

2 tablespoons lemon juice<br />


1 tablespoon each – chili powder,<br />

garlic powder<br />

1 teaspoon each – salt, onion powder<br />

1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika<br />

1/4 teaspoon pepper<br />

Herbs to add later:<br />

1/2 tsp each – dried parsley, dried<br />

basil, dried oregano, dried thyme<br />


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Lay two<br />

long pieces of foil on a baking sheet to<br />

fold up each tenderloin separately.<br />

In a gallon-size freezer bag, mix salt<br />

with warm water until dissolved. Whisk<br />

in apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and<br />

ice, followed by pork. Brine for exactly<br />

20 minutes then remove pork from<br />

brine, RINSE and pat very dry. The pork<br />

becomes mealy if left in the brine longer.<br />

Whisk together all Spice Mix ingredients<br />

(not the “Add Later Herbs”) in a small<br />

bowl. Evenly rub spice mix all over pork.<br />

Heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in a<br />

large skillet over medium high heat.<br />

When oil is very hot and just smoking,<br />

add pork tenderloins, you may need<br />

to work in batches. Sear each side of<br />

pork until golden, then transfer to foil.<br />

Evenly sprinkle tops of pork tenderloins<br />

with remaining herbs (parsley, basil,<br />

oregano, thyme) then rub into pork.<br />

Evenly drizzle each pork tenderloin with<br />

one tablespoon of lemon juice (2 tablespoons<br />

total), then top each tenderloin<br />

with 3 pats of butter. Bring up the sides<br />

of the foil to completely enclose each<br />

tenderloin (see photos in post).<br />

Bake at 400 degrees F until pork registers<br />

between 145- and 150-degrees<br />

F at the thickest part of the tenderloin,<br />

15-25 minutes depending on thickness.<br />

The pork will be juicy and slightly pink in<br />

the middle. To check the temperature,<br />

carefully unwrap the foil, then wrap it<br />

back up if it needs to continue baking.<br />

When pork is done, loosen foil (for<br />

steam to escape). Let stand 5-10<br />

minutes before slicing. Season with<br />

additional salt and pepper to taste and<br />

serve with accumulated butter sauce in<br />

the bottom of the foil.<br />

32 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Sweet Potato Souffle<br />

This souffle is easy, not too sweet, and<br />

looks beautiful on the plate.<br />


1 tablespoon unsalted butter,<br />

plus more for soufflé dish(es)<br />

Sugar, for soufflé dish<br />

2 tablespoons all-purpose flour<br />

1/2 cup whole milk<br />

1 cup mashed sweet potatoes*<br />

3 large eggs, separated,<br />

and at room temperature<br />

1/4 cup maple syrup (for more<br />

sweetness, use up to 1/3 cup)<br />

1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg<br />

(I used 1/4 teaspoon)<br />

Pinch of salt<br />

Confectioners’ sugar for dusting<br />


Wrap one medium/large sweet potato<br />

in foil and bake on a baking sheet in<br />

a 350 degree oven (I place the sweet<br />

potato in the oven while it is preheating)<br />

until softened, about 40 minutes to<br />

1 hour. Let cool and then remove the<br />

flesh and mash with a fork.<br />

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.<br />

Prepare soufflé dishes by buttering and<br />

then dusting with confectioners’ sugar,<br />

tapping out the excess. [You should<br />

have enough soufflé batter to fill four<br />

6-oz. ramekins; I used a large 5-inch<br />

diameter by 3-inch tall dish (a little<br />

over 2 cup capacity) and a 3 3/4-inch<br />

diameter by about 2-inch tall one.]<br />

In a medium saucepan, melt butter<br />

over medium heat. Add flour, and cook,<br />

whisking, until golden, about 2 minutes.<br />

Gradually add milk, whisking constantly,<br />

until thickened, about 1 minute. Remove<br />

from the heat. Stir in the mashed sweet<br />

potatoes and egg yolks, followed by the<br />

maple syrup and nutmeg. Set nearby.<br />

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with<br />

the whisk attachment, whip egg whites<br />

with a pinch of salt until it just reaches<br />

stiff peaks. Whisk 1/4 of the egg<br />

whites into the sweet potato mixture,<br />

then gently fold in the remaining whites<br />

using a rubber spatula. Spoon mixture<br />

into the prepared soufflé dishes, filling<br />

nearly to the top and smoothing the<br />

surface. Place onto a baking sheet and<br />

bake until puffed (and just slightly jiggly<br />

when moved), about 35-45 minutes.<br />

Carefully remove soufflé from the oven,<br />

set on a plate, dust with confectioners’<br />

sugar. Serve immediately.<br />

NOTE: If you are in a hurry but still<br />

want sweet potatoes on your plate,<br />

try this simple, baked method instead.<br />

Baked Sweet Potatoes<br />


3 sweet potatoes<br />

1 tablespoon avocado oil, extra virgin<br />

olive oil or melted coconut oil<br />

Salt<br />


Preheat the oven to 400F.<br />

Cut sweet potatoes in half, lengthwise.<br />

Place on a rimmed baking sheet.<br />

Drizzle potatoes with the oil and rub the<br />

oil onto the flesh of each potato. Sprinkle<br />

each potato with just a pinch of salt.<br />

Flip the potatoes over, flesh-side down<br />

on the baking sheet. Some oil will spill<br />

over on the sheet pan.<br />

Bake the sweet potatoes, uncovered,<br />

for 30-35 minutes, until the skins begin<br />

to look shriveled and soft. Remove the<br />

potatoes from the oven. The baked<br />

sweet potatoes should be slightly brown<br />

and caramelized on the top of the flesh<br />

and soft throughout the potato.<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 33

Balsamic Cranberry<br />

Roasted Brussel<br />

Sprouts<br />

These Brussel sprouts are amped up<br />

with the addition of balsamic glaze<br />

and cranberry flavors.<br />


3 pounds Brussel sprouts<br />

trimmed & cleaned<br />

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil<br />

garlic salt to taste<br />

pepper to taste<br />

3/4 cup to 1 cup of balsamic glaze<br />

3/4 cup to 1 cup of dried cranberries<br />


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.<br />

You can choose to leave your Brussel<br />

sprouts whole or cut them in half.<br />

Arrange the Brussel sprouts on the<br />

baking sheet(s) and toss with olive oil.<br />

Sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper.<br />

Roast for about 25-30 minutes, but<br />

if you have small Brussel sprouts or<br />

you cut them in half, start checking<br />

on them after 20 minutes, as they<br />

could cook faster.<br />

Drizzle the Brussel sprouts with the<br />

balsamic glaze. Sprinkle on the dried<br />

cranberries. Toss together and serve<br />

immediately.<br />

Any way you slice it,<br />

I am here to make<br />

buying or selling<br />

34 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong><br />

home...<br />

your<br />

EASY AS PIE!<br />

501-730-2857<br />

Realtor<br />


Velda Lueders<br />

609 Locust Avenue - Conway, AR<br />

robin stauffer | owner & art director<br />

501.730.6725 | conway, ar

Why spend extra time<br />

in the kitchen, when you<br />

can stop by PattiCakes<br />

for dessert? This Caramel<br />

Pecan Tarte is decadent<br />

and perfect for your<br />

holiday entertaining.<br />

Conway residents Leah Ashby and Linda Mars<br />

are longtime friends who love entertaining family<br />

and friends. Leah is a business analyst at Acxiom<br />

Corporation, and Linda is a registered nurse at Circle<br />

of Friends Clinic at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 35

36 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

faulknerlifestyle.com 37

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Teri Murphy<br />

Teri Murphy <strong>Lifestyle</strong>/ Designer & Event Planner<br />

Teri, who has spent most of her life in<br />

Conway, is a Conway High School<br />

graduate, as well as a graduate of the<br />

University of Central Arkansas. “I married<br />

a Conway guy, and Conway is where we<br />

chose to stay and raise our family,” she<br />

says. “Family is everything to me! I’m a<br />

mom to two amazing young adults that<br />

make me proud every day. Luke is 22<br />

and graduated from UCA with a<br />

Finance degree in December.<br />

Lauren is 19 and is a sophomore<br />

at the University of<br />

Arkansas, majoring in<br />

International Business.<br />

We also have two<br />

dogs that are part of<br />

our family. Daxx is<br />

our Goldendoodle,<br />

and Scout is our lab.<br />

This year has been<br />

especially challenging<br />

for our family, as we lost<br />

my husband and their dad,<br />

Pat, to cancer in April of this<br />

year. We have a large, extended<br />

family who has helped us<br />

tremendously during this time.<br />

Again, family is everything!”<br />

When asked why she decided to start her business,<br />

Teri says, “I have always loved being creative<br />

and “making things pretty” for others, whether in<br />

their home or for a party/event. It’s rewarding to<br />

know that clients place their trust in me and that<br />

they trust my eye and my attention to detail and<br />

allow me to turn their house into a home. Home<br />

is where you live life, and where you raise your<br />

family and create so many great memories. It’s<br />

also where you start and end each day. I strive to<br />

create unique and unexpected designs that reflect<br />

and capture their style and taste, whether on a<br />

home project or for a party/event. I want clients<br />

to be proud of their home and love being there.<br />

Home truly is where the heart is!<br />

Community involvement is also a priority for<br />

Teri and evident in her daily life. “Community<br />

involvement is so important and such a<br />

great way to give back. I have been involved<br />

with several non-profits and have had the<br />

opportunity to serve on various boards. I am<br />

also involved with my church, Second Baptist<br />

Church - Conway. I have had the opportunity<br />

to go on several mission trips. They are truly<br />

live changing. If you ever have a chance to<br />

go — then go!”<br />

In addition to running her own business, Teri<br />

stays busy doing things she loves in her spare<br />

time. Her interests include traveling, spending<br />

time with friends, listening to music, and<br />

enjoying outdoors and being on the water. “I<br />

love any activity with my family, whether it’s<br />

cookouts, Arkansas Razorback football and<br />

basketball games, or beach trips. I recently<br />

started a new book club with a couple of close<br />

friends. I’m looking forward to meeting new<br />

friends through this book club,” she says.<br />

Teri’s advice to those just starting out is, “Keep<br />

your priorities in order. God, family and friends.<br />

Spend quality time and invest deeply in each of<br />

these relationships. Have a healthy home/work<br />

balance. Be present for your family and give them<br />

your all, but also be the best you can be to your<br />

clients. One thing I love about what I do is that<br />

after working so closely with some of my clients,<br />

many have become like family to me. I have met<br />

some wonderful people and have made some<br />

dear relationships from this line of work.”<br />

38 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Heather Sutterfield<br />

REALTOR ® at Roberts Real Estate<br />

Heather, a realtor at Roberts Real Estate, was born and raised in Greenbrier<br />

and graduated from Greenbrier High School. She also attended<br />

the University of Central Arkansas, where she studied psychology<br />

and business, and also received an associate degree from the University of<br />

Arkansas Community College at Morrilton.<br />

Deeply rooted in the 501 area, Heather aspired to join her family’s real<br />

estate business, “I am the daughter of Charlie and Dallas Sutterfield,<br />

granddaughter of both Jim and Floyma Sutterfield and Martha and Edward<br />

Roberts. There was no question where I wanted to work in real estate,<br />

as my family’s real estate business, Roberts Real Estate, has been<br />

serving Central Arkansas area for over 50 years,” she says.<br />

Of what she most enjoys about living and working in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County, Heather says, “I love being able to help people in my<br />

hometown community with all of their real estate needs. I<br />

wanted to pursue real estate because I loved seeing the joy of<br />

families when I helped them find a place to live in the three<br />

years I was a leasing agent here in Conway.”<br />

Heather’s interests include the outdoors, but she also<br />

has an artistic side. “In my free time, I love kayaking,<br />

canoeing, hiking, waterfalls, riding horses, being out<br />

on the lake and taking my dogs for walks. I also enjoy<br />

painting on canvases with acrylic paints, strumming<br />

my guitar and listening to music,” she says.<br />

When asked what the future holds, Heather replies,<br />

“I am excited to be working in the family business<br />

that my grandfather, Edward, started and would<br />

love for you to contact me today and let<br />

me help you with all of your buying<br />

or selling needs.”<br />

“<br />

If you can think it and believe<br />

it then you can achieve it!<br />

”<br />

—Heather Sutterfield, REALTOR ®<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 39

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Jennifer Barnhill<br />

Jenn Barnhill Designs / Interior Designer<br />

Jennifer is a lifelong resident of <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County, so doing business here was a<br />

no-brainer. “My world revolves around my<br />

girls and my grands. I have three daughters, twins<br />

Julie and Jill and Caroline. Julie is married to Brad<br />

Sanders, and they have two children, Josie and<br />

John Bradley. Jill is married to Bob Edwards, and<br />

they have one child, Hartley Douglas.”<br />

Of living and working in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County, she says, “I love<br />

our county, and I am fully<br />

invested in it. It has so much<br />

to offer and is growing in<br />

all directions, and I am<br />

blessed to work with<br />

so many diverse clients<br />

right here close to<br />

home.”<br />

Jennifer attributes her success to building<br />

relationships with clients. “I take time to get to<br />

know every family or individual I work with.<br />

This helps me understand them and really get to<br />

what they want and need for their home. When<br />

clients come to me for design or decor help, they<br />

are investing in me just as much as I am investing<br />

in them. They are trusting me to deliver, and I<br />

take that personally. No matter what the scope of<br />

the job is, when we get to the end, I feel like my<br />

clients are friends. When my clients refer me to<br />

their friends, that is the ultimate compliment and<br />

is how I measure my success.”<br />

In her spare time, you can find Jennifer and<br />

Caroline in the show barn. “This is where my<br />

hobby of show cattle comes into the picture…<br />

When I am in the barn, that is my happy place.<br />

It can be some of the hardest work I ever put<br />

in physically and mentally, but it’s where I’m<br />

grounded and have the most fun and memories<br />

made,” she says. Her entire family is involved in<br />

show cattle, making it a true family affair.<br />

As for the future of her business, Jennifer says it<br />

is right here in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County. “My roots are<br />

here and run deep. All of my family lives here,<br />

and I have land here that I am working on my<br />

own set of plans to build another home on. I am<br />

also working on plans to expand Jenn Barnhill<br />

Designs to include a storefront and showroom<br />

here in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County,” she says.<br />

Her advice to someone just starting out is, “Don’t<br />

be afraid to follow your dreams! I believe in vision<br />

boards and filling them full of dreams and goals.<br />

Put it where you will see it every single day. The<br />

old saying ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is true. If you<br />

want to make dreams come true and reach goals,<br />

you have to have them front and center where you<br />

can see them and remember what you’re chasing.”<br />

40 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


LaTresha Woodruff<br />

Public Information Officer / Conway Police Department<br />

LaTresha moved to <strong>Faulkner</strong> County in 2004, when she accepted a position as a television<br />

news reporter. Married to Ricco, she grew up in Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi<br />

State University.<br />

“When I was a television news reporter, I often interviewed the Public Information Officer at<br />

Conway Police Department. Traditionally, the PIO had been a sworn, uniformed officer. I<br />

approached the Conway police chief about hiring me for the job. I felt my 16 years of media<br />

experience and my work in the community would make me an ideal person to help the department<br />

work with the media and build a stronger relationship with the community,” she says.<br />

Years later, she was clearly correct. Of living and working in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, LaTresha says,<br />

“I love that people here are compassionate. I have seen that displayed a lot during<br />

the course of my work. Whenever I call on business owners or individuals in the<br />

community to assist the department with a project, they don’t hesitate to lend<br />

assistance any way they can.”<br />

She attributes her success to hard work and dedication. “I also believe<br />

I have been successful because the department and the community<br />

have supported me and embraced me and my ideas,” says<br />

LaTresha. “The wonderful part of my job is that it allows<br />

me to volunteer in the community and get police officers<br />

involved. I started several programs here at the police<br />

department, including the child safety fair, which draws<br />

hundreds of children and families; an annual fan giveaway;<br />

and our annual Cops and Coats program, where we provide<br />

children with warm coats.” She loves the opportunity to<br />

volunteer and give back to the community through her work.<br />

In her spare time, LaTresha enjoys reading and is part of a book<br />

club. She also loves exercising for the sense of calm it provides and<br />

the health benefits. As for her future in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, “Conway<br />

is now home, and I hope to see it continue to grow and<br />

flourish. I want the same for the police department and<br />

its relationship with the community. I will continue<br />

to work hard toward that goal.”<br />

When asked of her advice for others starting out in<br />

their careers, LaTresha says, “Work hard, continue<br />

to educate yourself, ask for advice, take constructive<br />

criticism and enjoy what you do.”<br />

“<br />

The wonderful part of my job is that it allows me<br />

to volunteer in the community and get police officers<br />

involved. I started several programs here at the police<br />

department, including the child safety fair, which draws<br />

hundreds of children and families; an annual fan<br />

giveaway; and our annual Cops and Coats program,<br />

where we provide children with warm coats.”<br />

—LaTresha Woodruff, Conway Police Department<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Emily Walter<br />

Executive Broker/Realtor ® with RE/MAX Elite<br />

Emily was born and raised in Jonesboro and<br />

moved to Conway to attend the University<br />

of Central Arkansas (UCA). Her family<br />

includes her husband and daughter. “I’ve loved<br />

Conway since high school. I attended choir<br />

competitions at UCA and thought it was the<br />

most beautiful campus. The weekend I moved<br />

here, I was introduced to my (future) husband,<br />

who is originally from Conway. We were<br />

married, and after college I was transferred to<br />

Franklin, Tennessee to work. We only lived<br />

there for about two years before realizing we<br />

missed Conway, our family, and Arkansas and<br />

said we would never leave again.”<br />

Emily did not begin her career as<br />

a real estate agent. Though, she<br />

says, “Someone told me when I<br />

was 21 years old that I would<br />

make a great real estate agent.<br />

I never had the nerve to do<br />

it back then. However, the<br />

drive to become a real<br />

estate agent stayed<br />

in the back of my<br />

head for the next<br />

ten-plus years<br />

before I made<br />

the leap of<br />

faith to go<br />

to real estate<br />

school.”<br />

Of what she most enjoys about living and<br />

working in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, Emily says, “If you<br />

know me, you’ll know the number one thing<br />

I love about our county is its history. I love<br />

reading about Cadron Settlement when it was<br />

our original state capital and especially love the<br />

history behind the City of Conway, Downtown<br />

Conway, and the original churches that started<br />

in our community back in 1870.”<br />

She attributes her success to her husband, who<br />

is also her business partner, and her daughter.<br />

“Hands down, there is no way I could do<br />

this job without their support. They are my<br />

biggest cheerleaders and my support system.<br />

A close second would have to be my amazing<br />

circle of clients, family, and friends. I wouldn’t<br />

be anywhere without referrals from family,<br />

friends and especially sellers and buyers I’ve<br />

worked with throughout the years.” She also<br />

has professional designations from GRI, ABR,<br />

SRES, GRLA, SRS, MRP, and CRS. “Education is<br />

another key to success in real estate. I’m a firm<br />

believer in that!”<br />

Emily’s interests include touring homes and<br />

going to historic museums. She also enjoys<br />

visiting different communities and cities in<br />

Arkansas to learn about their way of life. “I love<br />

going to the gym. My time in the gym is one of<br />

the few moments in a week that I can unwind<br />

and relax and have me time.”<br />

She is the immediate past president of the<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County Board of Realtors and serves<br />

as chair of the church council at Conway’s<br />

First United Methodist Church, as well as the<br />

church historian. In addition, she serves on<br />

the Conway Symphony Orchestra Board and<br />

is vice chair for the City of Conway’s Historic<br />

District Commission. She is also part of the<br />

Toad Suck Nation Pipeline group with the<br />

Conway Chamber of Commerce.<br />

Emily’s advice to those just starting<br />

out is, “Save your money before you<br />

get in the business. During your first<br />

few months, take advantage and get<br />

extra education to better your career.”<br />

42 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Jill McCollum<br />

Jill McCollum Catering, Chef<br />

Director of Dining Services, Central Baptist College<br />

Cooking and catering came naturally for Jill, who moved to Conway<br />

with her parents when she was two years-old. She is married to<br />

Kenny, who works for the City of Conway as Director of Permits and<br />

Inspections. She has three stepchildren; a son, Garrett; and two grandchildren.<br />

Jill received her certification from the American Culinary Federation<br />

National Apprenticeship Program in 2009. Her culinary prowess<br />

came as no surprise, as her parents were also in the industry.<br />

“I grew up learning from them as they juggled restaurant<br />

ownership, five children, and 15 years in the governor’s<br />

mansion. I grew up learning the business, and I continue to<br />

learn from my family, as all of my siblings help me in my<br />

catering business. There is nothing more rewarding than<br />

the ability to say I work with my family,” she says.<br />

“Whether in the corporate world or in the intimate production<br />

of a smaller staff, I fully believe anyone respects quality<br />

and excellence. I strive for this in all relationships as Director<br />

of Dining Services and Owner/Operator of Jill McCollum<br />

Catering. I consider my success to come from the<br />

ability to be a people-pleaser as I strive to make<br />

each event as perfect as it can be,” says Jill.<br />

Jill is very involved in the <strong>Faulkner</strong> County community.<br />

She served as director and cofounder of The<br />

Toad Daze Children’s Pageant from 1998 to 2013.<br />

She earned a certificate of recognition from the<br />

American Red Cross as a Community Supporter<br />

for 2009-2010. She is a past supporter of Circle of<br />

Friends <strong>Faulkner</strong> County and Arkansas Children’s<br />

Hospital. Jill has also been involved with Conway<br />

Noon Lions Club and Boys & Girls Club of<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County as a sponsor. Professionally,<br />

Jill was Arkansas Culinary<br />

Federation, Arkansas Chapter’s<br />

Apprentice of the Year in 2004.<br />

As for her advice to someone<br />

getting started as a chef, Jill<br />

says, “Don’t be afraid to step<br />

out of your comfort zone. Listen<br />

to your clients’ needs, no matter how<br />

crazy they are, and start young!”<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Michelle M. Phillips, CPA, PA<br />

Certified Public Accountants<br />

Michelle has worked in public & private<br />

accounting in Conway for 24 years. She<br />

began Michelle M. Phillips, CPA, PA 11 years<br />

ago. Her firm is located at 567 Locust Avenue in<br />

Downtown Conway.<br />

They have five employees, and Michelle credits<br />

them with much of her success. In addition<br />

to Michelle, those employees include Tasha<br />

Moffitt, CPA; Shelby Roofener, Accountant;<br />

Nicole Young, Bookkeeper; and Kayla O’Neal,<br />

Receptionist & Administrative Assistant.<br />

Michelle M. Phillips, CPA, PA is a public accounting<br />

firm, serving individuals and businesses. “Our<br />

services include income tax planning and preparation,<br />

entity formation, consulting services and<br />

accounting services such as contractors’ license,<br />

bookkeeping, payroll, and sales tax. We take pride<br />

in being dependable and building long lasting<br />

relationships with our clients,” she says.<br />

When asked how her business impacts<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County residents. Michelle says, “We<br />

have the opportunity to work with a variety of<br />

different individuals, businesses and nonprofit<br />

organizations throughout our community. We<br />

strive to have a positive impact by providing<br />

assistance and knowledge of financial informa-<br />

L-R: Michelle Phillips, CPA;<br />

Nicole Young, Bookkeeper;<br />

Shelby Roofener, Accountant;<br />

and Tasha Moffitt, CPA;<br />

Kayla O’Neal, Receptionist<br />

& Administrative Assistant<br />

44 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


tion, so our clients can make smart decisions<br />

and be successful.”<br />

CPA services have proven especially helpful<br />

during this trying year. “We have been a trusted<br />

source for individuals and businesses as they<br />

have dealt with the financial impact of COVID-<br />

19. We have helped clients navigate these times<br />

by keeping them informed, adding clarity to<br />

the chaos of new legislation, and helping gather<br />

information needed to apply for loans or other<br />

assistance,” she says.<br />

We have to also include Cassaundra Mierke<br />

(not pictured), who has been an integral part<br />

of our team. Cassaundra received her master’s<br />

degree from UCA in May and recently moved<br />

to Ohio to be close to family. While we miss<br />

Cassaundra, we are excited to have Kayla<br />

stepping into the receptionist position.<br />

“<br />

We have been a trusted source for individuals and businesses as they have<br />

dealt with the financial impact of COVID-19. We have helped clients navigate these<br />

times by keeping them informed, adding clarity to the chaos of new legislation,<br />

and helping gather information needed to apply for loans or other assistance.<br />

”<br />

—Michelle Phillips, CPA<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Bank of England Mortgage<br />

Valari Bristol, Sales Manager/Loan Officer<br />

Megan Stewart, Loan Partner<br />

Bank of England Mortgage began helping<br />

Arkansans navigate the loan process in<br />

1898. They brought this time-honored<br />

service to <strong>Faulkner</strong> County when they established<br />

the local branch a little over five years ago.<br />

The branch is located at 1327 Main Street<br />

in Conway. Valari Bristol serves as<br />

residential mortgage sales manager<br />

for <strong>Faulkner</strong> County and has been in<br />

the mortgage industry since 1985.<br />

She began by servicing mortgages<br />

and progressed from processing<br />

to underwriting and now loan<br />

origination. Megan Stewart joined<br />

the team as a loan partner for the<br />

Bristol Team in October 2019;<br />

however, Megan has over three<br />

years in mortgage origination.<br />

Bank of England Mortgage<br />

provides mortgage loans for<br />

purchase and refinancing of<br />

primary, secondary, and investment<br />

homes. “Since our doors<br />

opened in 1898 in England,<br />

Arkansas, Bank of England Mortgage<br />

has taken pride in being there<br />

when our borrowers need us. Our mission is<br />

to deliver total value to our customers. This<br />

means competitive rates, stress-free closings,<br />

extensive product knowledge, and a friendly,<br />

helpful attitude.”<br />

The company impacts <strong>Faulkner</strong> County<br />

residents “by providing competitive, quality<br />

home loan products and exceptional customer<br />

service. It’s not just a loan; it’s a home.”<br />

“<br />

Since our doors opened in 1898 in<br />

England, Arkansas, Bank of England<br />

Mortgage has taken pride in being there<br />

when our borrowers need us. Our mission<br />

is to deliver total value to our customers.<br />

This means competitive rates, stress-free<br />

closings, extensive product knowledge,<br />

and a friendly, helpful attitude.<br />

”<br />

— Valari Bristol<br />

46 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Courtney Matyja<br />

Arkansas Hearing and Audiology / Audiologist<br />

Courtney is an audiologist at Arkansas Hearing and Audiology<br />

in Conway. She is married to Shay, who recently retired<br />

from the Arkansas Army National Guard. The couple has<br />

five children: Luke, Brayden, Laney, Noah, and Chloey. “We enjoy<br />

being outdoors, so when we are not home, we are at the ballfields,<br />

hanging out on the lake, or at the cheer gym,” she says.<br />

Courtney is originally from Marshall but has called<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County home for over 30 years. She<br />

earned her Bachelor of Speech Pathology and<br />

Audiology, and her Bachelor of Science from the<br />

University of Arkansas Little Rock. Her Master’s<br />

Degree in Audiology is from the University<br />

of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. “After<br />

practicing for a couple of years, I decided to<br />

go back to college and received my Doctor of<br />

Audiology from the University of Florida.”<br />

Starting her practice here made logical sense,<br />

since she lived here and wanted to raise<br />

her family in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County. Courtney is<br />

involved locally, saying, “I serve on the Junior<br />

Auxiliary of Conway and will be finishing<br />

out my term as a member this year. I have<br />

really enjoyed working with an amazing<br />

group of ladies working to help the<br />

youth of <strong>Faulkner</strong> County.”<br />

Professionally, she is involved as<br />

past president for the Arkansas<br />

Academy of Audiology. “I am also<br />

a member of several national<br />

organizations, but I feel being<br />

involved in your state organization<br />

is so important,” she<br />

says. Arkansas Hearing and<br />

Audiology is located at<br />

2515 College Avenue in<br />

Conway.<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Cinda Montgomery<br />

Owner, Yours Truly Consignment, Inc.<br />

Yours Truly has been a Conway consignment<br />

staple for 21 years. Located at<br />

1052 Harrison Street, the store has 28<br />

employees and offers apparel for men, women,<br />

and juniors. Employees include Jennie Cash,<br />

production leader; Dorothy Denney, production<br />

leader assistant; Glo Bell, sales floor leader; and<br />

Kathleen Jones, sales floor leader assistant.<br />

The vision behind Yours Truly “Was to serve<br />

the masses, to intake and tag thousands of items<br />

each week, and to build a strong shopper base<br />

as a result of offering new items daily.” Yours<br />

Truly accepts a variety of clothing and accessories,<br />

and the store offers items from young<br />

adult/teen to maternity, plus size, women, and<br />

men. Yours Truly adjusts supply to meet the<br />

needs of their loyal shoppers and consignors.<br />

Despite being in business for 21 years, the<br />

staff constantly learns and evolves to meet<br />

customer needs. “We are a growing and<br />

changing business. We have expanded many<br />

times, and we are always adjusting and<br />

working on process improvement. Each year<br />

we learn new ways to serve our customers<br />

and consignors better; we process faster and<br />

are more organized than ever before.”<br />

Yours Truly impacts <strong>Faulkner</strong> County by<br />

building community and offering a needed<br />

service to its residents. “We offer a great place to<br />

shop, and I love to hear the comments of new<br />

shoppers who have just discovered the store.<br />

They are always amazed at how large we are<br />

and how much we look like a ‘new’ store. I like<br />

hearing that, because that is our goal.”<br />

L-R: Glo Bell, Jennie Cash,<br />

Kathleen Jones and Dorothy Denney<br />

48 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Ayisha Canant, PhD<br />

Conway Counseling & Wellness Center, PLLC<br />

Ayisha’s intention in founding Conway<br />

Counseling & Wellness Center, PLLC was<br />

to create a practice that would encompass<br />

high quality mental health treatment<br />

with the best customer experience possible.<br />

She remained in Conway after attending the<br />

University of Central Arkansas (UCA) and<br />

considers <strong>Faulkner</strong> County her home.<br />

She grew up in Danville and earned her Masters<br />

of Counseling from UCA. “After practicing<br />

in the field several years, I decided to return<br />

to UCA and graduated with a doctorate in<br />

psychology in 2014. Not only have I graduated<br />

from UCA, most recently my son graduated<br />

from UCA and my oldest daughter is a UCA<br />

honors college sophomore, so we have turned<br />

into a Bear family.”<br />

After completing her doctoral degree, Ayisha<br />

decided to open a private practice. “I wanted<br />

every client to feel valued in a welcoming<br />

atmosphere and treated with the most up-to-date<br />

options. Luckily, this worked for us, and we<br />

were able to expand from starting with just two<br />

employees to now over 27 providers and three<br />

locations: Conway, Clinton, and Hot Springs.”<br />

Ayisha attributes her success to her staff.<br />

“Absolutely no doubt, our staff is incredible. I<br />

have been so fortunate to work with a team of<br />

people who are passionate about our mission<br />

to improve mental health in our communities.<br />

From the moment a potential client calls all the<br />

way to the end of the appointment, our staff<br />

works to make sure their experience is the best<br />

it can be. Of course, nothing would be possible<br />

unless it was God’s plan and with the support<br />

of my husband and family.”<br />

Her family enjoys being home in<br />

their spare time. “We live on 70<br />

beautiful acres and love to<br />

sit at our fishing dock, ride<br />

four-wheelers, have cookouts,<br />

and just be outdoors.” Ayisha<br />

is involved in ending the stigma<br />

of seeking mental health treatment. “In our<br />

communities we try to participate in outreach as<br />

much as possible. We often host first responder<br />

lunches, are part of STOP DV, participate in<br />

Project Homeless Connect, Charity Tracker, we<br />

speak to students and classes on campuses, and<br />

we try to take advantage of any opportunity that<br />

arises. On a more individual level, I have seen<br />

our staff meet the needs of so many, not as part<br />

of program, and with no recognition,” she says.<br />

Her advice for those just starting out is to ask<br />

someone who has been there. She says, “One of<br />

my favorite things to do is help a new practice<br />

get started or make changes. This community is<br />

fortunate to have so many<br />

great practices and more<br />

are always welcome,<br />

as mental health<br />

is underserved. It<br />

is really hard and<br />

expensive to get<br />

started; I learned so<br />

much the hard way<br />

and am always very<br />

happy to help<br />

someone else!”<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Angela Campagna<br />

Face2Face Therapy / Mental Health Professional<br />

When stepping on a plane to serve her country as a United States Marine<br />

over twenty years ago, Angela, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and<br />

owner of Face2Face Therapy in Conway, always knew she would<br />

return home to provide the very best care to Arkansans.<br />

Angela grew up in Fox, Arkansas and attended the University of Southern<br />

California, where she earned her Master of Social Work and became a Licensed<br />

Clinical Social Worker. She credits her global journey for providing a depth and<br />

breadth of understanding and an exposure to human experiences from broad<br />

and diverse cultures. “It makes many smile, in awe, when they hear about this<br />

woman from the town of Fox, who has lived in California; Washington, DC;<br />

Virginia; Egypt; Poland; Kazakhstan; Romania; and Japan,” she says.<br />

Not surprising, Angela has made positive impacts on communities she has<br />

called home, and she continues this endeavor back home in Arkansas.<br />

A mental health advocate for our Military Veterans, Angela has lent her<br />

experience and expertise to other philanthropic organizations, attempting<br />

to mitigate veteran suicides in Arkansas. Angela also hosts a popular podcast,<br />

Crazy Talk Podcast, in an effort to break the stigma of mental health.<br />

Angela provides her clients with latest interventions and evidence-based<br />

therapy in her practice, Face2Face Therapy. “In addition to traditional<br />

individual, group, and family psychotherapy services, we use art and yoga<br />

therapy to allow patients to express their feelings in ways they might not<br />

be able to articulate with words. Hypnosis can be used to treat trauma<br />

in instances where a situation might be difficult to discuss. We also use<br />

integrative medicine, such as nutrition, herbs, CBD, and exercise to supplement<br />

full mental health support. DBT, a Dialect Behavioral Therapy,<br />

focuses on multiple small changes over time and can dramatically<br />

improve a number of mood patterns,” says Angela.<br />

A mental health advocate for our Military Veterans,<br />

Angela Campagna has lent her experience and expertise<br />

to other philanthropic organizations, attempting to<br />

mitigate veteran suicides in Arkansas. Angela also<br />

hosts a popular podcast, Crazy Talk Podcast, in<br />

an effort to break the stigma of mental health.<br />

50 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Tess Palazolo<br />

Face2Face Therapy / Executive Assistant<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Tess Palazolo is Face2Face Therapy’s executive assistant. She<br />

enjoys working in Downtown Conway and is dedicated to<br />

her work. “Sometimes life throws you in the weeds, and it<br />

is up to you to get back up and try again,” she says. In her<br />

spare time, Tess can be found in her raised garden bed or<br />

sketching and drawing.<br />

For her part, away from work, Angela enjoys a variety<br />

of outdoor family activities. “We spend almost every<br />

weekend morning kayaking on Beaver Fork Lake. As an<br />

avid outdoor hiker, I am steadily working on hiking<br />

to all the notable Arkansas waterfalls. In fact, when<br />

I arrived back in Arkansas just over two years ago,<br />

my very first day back home, we found ourselves<br />

sitting at the base of beautiful Cedar <strong>Fall</strong>s in Petit<br />

Jean State Park.”<br />

“<br />

Sometimes life throws<br />

you in the weeds, and it<br />

is up to you to get back<br />

up and try again.<br />

”<br />

—Tess Palazolo<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Elizabeth Hall<br />

Executive Broker / Realtor ® with RE/MAX Elite<br />

Elizabeth attended the University<br />

of Central Arkansas, where<br />

she received a Bachelor of Arts<br />

degree in Communications. After<br />

college, she decided to stay and<br />

make <strong>Faulkner</strong> County her home.<br />

“Even though I live in the “Big” city<br />

of Conway, a part of me still longs<br />

for the small-town life I grew<br />

up loving. You never forget<br />

where your roots come from.<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County is constantly<br />

expanding, erecting, and<br />

evolving as a community.<br />

And as a close-knit community,<br />

we take care of our<br />

neighbors. <strong>Faulkner</strong> County<br />

remains one of the friendliest<br />

and safest places to reside.”<br />

Family is everything to<br />

Elizabeth. “My family is my<br />

life! My father and two older<br />

brothers farm around 6,500<br />

acres in Monroe and Phillips<br />

Counties. I have four overachieving<br />

nephews, a gorgeous<br />

niece, and three beautiful stepdaughters.<br />

And my amazing Mom<br />

and intelligent sister-in-law are the<br />

glue that help keep us all running<br />

smoothly. I am truly blessed!”<br />

When asked how she achieved success,<br />

Elizabeth says, “That’s simple. God<br />

and Family. I couldn’t make it through<br />

the day without the love and grace of<br />

God. Having faith that it’s all in God’s<br />

hands and His timing, keeps me going.<br />

‘I can do all things through Christ who<br />

strengthens me.’ Philippians 4:13 And<br />

my family has supported me every<br />

single step of this journey we call life.<br />

They encourage me, lift me up, and<br />

make me a better person. Also, just<br />

be kind to one another. When I quit<br />

focusing on making money, and turned<br />

my attentions to helping others, my<br />

business doubled, and I was a much<br />

happier person.”<br />

Elizabeth’s interests are endless with a<br />

big emphasis on the outdoors. “There’s<br />

not a mountain in Arkansas I haven’t<br />

climbed, or a waterfall I haven’t<br />

chased. I simply try to enjoy life to its<br />

fullest. Be it new adventures, traveling<br />

to places unknown, or simply putting<br />

my kayak in the water and reflecting.<br />

Elizabeth’s advice to those just<br />

starting out is, “Dream. Dream<br />

BIG!! Regardless of what life throws<br />

in your direction, keep going and<br />

always believe in yourself.”<br />

“<br />

Dream. Dream BIG!! Regardless of<br />

what life throws in your direction, keep<br />

going and always believe in yourself.<br />

”<br />

—Elizabeth Hall, RE/MAX Elite<br />

52 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


First Community Bank<br />

Jackie Bennett, Tara Mallett, Lori Melton<br />

Jackie, Tara, and Lori work at First Community<br />

Bank at 1089 Front Street in Conway. The trio<br />

joined First Community Bank after realizing<br />

the bank’s dedication to their customers and their<br />

employees.<br />

Jackie Bennett is the newest experienced banker to<br />

join the First Community Bank family. “She has<br />

an incredible work ethic that has proven to<br />

make her very popular with her customers<br />

and any board she has served on.”<br />

As branch manager, Tara can help<br />

with all your deposit account<br />

needs. You can find her at<br />

the bank Monday through<br />

Friday. When she is not<br />

banking, you can probably<br />

find her at a local ballpark<br />

with her kids after hours. “Just<br />

look for her big smile.<br />

Lori serves in business development<br />

and marketing, but she has been around<br />

the banking block for some time and can<br />

help with pretty much anything you need –<br />

“in the bank or out. If she can’t help, she has<br />

a friend or family member who can.”<br />

First Community Bank recently celebrated<br />

its 23rd anniversary. Founded in Batesville,<br />

the organization has been successful with<br />

their banking model of simply doing what<br />

is right for the community. These ladies are<br />

thrilled to bring their style of banking to<br />

Conway and <strong>Faulkner</strong> County. They invite<br />

you to keep an ear out for exciting news on<br />

behalf of the bank soon.<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


St. Francis Veterinary Clinic<br />

Sharon Stone, DVM, Ashley Custer, DVM,<br />

Hannah Mason, Practice Manager<br />

St. Francis Veterinary Clinic is located at 3180<br />

Dave Ward Drive in Conway. Dr. Sharon<br />

Stone, DVM, opened the doors of Nutters<br />

Chapel Veterinary Clinic in 1995 at Nutters<br />

Chapel Plaza. After five years of growth, the clinic<br />

was relocated to its current location and given the<br />

name St. Francis Veterinary Clinic. “The move<br />

afforded us the opportunity to increase our size<br />

and better serve our clientele,” says Dr. Stone.<br />

A companion animal practice that offers<br />

preventative care, surgery, dentistry, and general<br />

medicine, the doctors have special interests in<br />

advanced dentistry and exotics. St. Francis is also<br />

a certified Cat Friendly Practice with the AAFP<br />

(American association of feline practitioners).<br />

“Not only do we provide care to pets who are<br />

family members, we help prevent the spread of<br />

contagious diseases spread by animals, help to<br />

decrease the animal population within the county<br />

by spaying/neutering, and provide education. We<br />

also host a donation drive each year to help stock<br />

supplies for our local animal shelter in Conway.”<br />

Dr. Sharon Stone, DVM, received her B.S.<br />

in biology from UCA, and her D.V.M. from<br />

Louisiana State University. She has practiced<br />

medicine since 1991, with a specialty in feline<br />

medicine. When not working she enjoys<br />

gardening, reading, and being with her family.<br />

Dr. Ashley Custer, DVM, received her B.S. in<br />

biology from Kennesaw State University and her<br />

D.V.M. from Oklahoma State University in 2016.<br />

Her special interests include acupuncture and<br />

rehabilitative medicine. When not working she<br />

enjoys running, reading, traveling, trivia nights,<br />

and cheering on the Dallas Stars Hockey team.<br />

Hannah Mason, Practice Manager, joined the<br />

clinic in 2016 with a background in both finance<br />

and management. While growing with the<br />

clinic, she has organized countless events each<br />

year to keep St. Francis involved in the community.<br />

When not working she enjoys crafting,<br />

traveling, hiking, kayaking, and spending time<br />

with her fiancé and their dogs.<br />

“<br />

Not only do we provide<br />

care to pets who are family<br />

members, we help prevent<br />

the spread of contagious<br />

diseases spread by animals,<br />

help to decrease the animal<br />

population within the county<br />

by spaying/neutering, and<br />

provide education.<br />

”<br />

—Dr Stone, DVM<br />

54 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Cindy Webb<br />

Owner and Operator – Francis M. Fine Jewelry<br />

Cindy is the owner and operator of Francis<br />

M. Fine Jewelry, located on Front Street in<br />

downtown Conway. She was born and<br />

raised in Conway and is a graduate of Conway<br />

High School and the University of Central<br />

Arkansas. After receiving a scholarship from<br />

Jewelers of America, she did course work through<br />

the Gemological Institute of America to receive a<br />

Graduate Gemologist diploma by correspondence<br />

and through laboratory studies in Las Vegas,<br />

Nevada and Washington D.C.<br />

Of what she loves about living and working<br />

in Conway, Cindy says, “Being able to give<br />

back to organizations and to individuals who<br />

helped me in my life along the way. Being<br />

involved in the community is so important.<br />

A bonus of being in a retail store is being able<br />

to visit and work with<br />

friends who I have<br />

known for years and<br />

friends of my family<br />

and just being able<br />

to keep in touch<br />

that way.”<br />

“<br />

If you know in your<br />

heart that it is your<br />

calling then do a lot of<br />

praying, take a deep<br />

breath and go for it!<br />

”<br />

—Cindy Webb, Owner<br />

Cindy’s family has deep roots in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County. Francis M. Fine Jewelry is named after<br />

her late father Francis Marion (Frank) Hudson,<br />

who was a professor of Mathematics at UCA for<br />

32 years and was chairman of the department for<br />

17 years. Her mother, Sandra Hudson, is a retired<br />

teacher of Mathematics and taught at UCA,<br />

Vilonia High School and Mount Vernon High<br />

School. Donald Webb, her husband and business<br />

partner, is a respiratory therapist at Arkansas<br />

Children’s Hospital. She and Donald live in<br />

Conway with their three adopted cats — Jonesy,<br />

The General and Big Sam.<br />

When asked what makes her successful, Cindy<br />

says “I don’t know that I truly know about<br />

success yet, I feel like the fun of it is to keep<br />

pushing, learning and trying new ways to make<br />

a brick and mortar retail jewelry store run well<br />

and offer outstanding service. I have been up<br />

and down many times in my life, and one thing<br />

I strive for is to surround myself with the best<br />

talent around, because we cannot do it all on our<br />

own. So, I try to find the best team of co-workers<br />

that I can, they are your face as well as your<br />

name in a small business. I also like to follow the<br />

golden rule and treat people the way I would like<br />

to be treated.”<br />

Along with Francis M. Fine Jewelry, Cindy is<br />

involved in many nonprofit and professional<br />

organizations. “We are currently involved<br />

with Alzheimer’s Research, CASA, Boys and<br />

Girls Club of <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, HAVEN house,<br />

CARTI, Conway Regional Women’s Council<br />

and Renewal Ranch. In addition, the fine jewelry<br />

industry is blessed to have so many wonderful<br />

professionals in it and it’s really a small industry,<br />

and it’s a pretty helpful community to be in,<br />

as well. Either myself individually or my store,<br />

Francis M. Fine Jewelry is a current member<br />

of the Arkansas Jewelers Association, Jewelers<br />

of America, the Women’s Jewelry Association,<br />

Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association<br />

and American Numismatic Association.<br />

Cindy’s advice to those just starting out is, “Do<br />

not wait for others to tell you to do it! If you<br />

know in your heart that it is your calling then do<br />

a lot of praying, take a deep breath and go for it!”<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


L-R: Jessica Barnett, Misty Cain, Gina Tusson, Alisa Quinn and Dawn Salvitti<br />

56 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Jay Bernard, State Farm<br />

Jessica Barnett, Misty Cain,<br />

Dawn Salvitti, Alisa Quinn, Gina Tusson<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Jay Bernard, State Farm is proud of its<br />

stellar Customer Care team, including<br />

Jessica Barnett, Misty Cain, Dawn Salvitti,<br />

Alisa Quinn, and Gina Tusson. Located at<br />

1150 Bob Courtway Drive in Conway, the<br />

agency consists of 10 knowledgeable team<br />

members.<br />

Jay Bernard, State Farm opened its doors<br />

in December 2000. “Since that time, we<br />

are honored to have earned the Lifetime<br />

President’s Club and Chairman’s Circle<br />

awards. Currently, we are ranked 34 out<br />

of 19,000 agents nationwide. Our biggest<br />

honor; however, is being recognized as the<br />

Best Insurance Agency in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County.<br />

This recognition by our community means<br />

the world to us.”<br />

The agency focuses on auto, home, business<br />

and life insurance throughout <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County. “In an ever-changing and busy<br />

world, our aim is to ease the stress that can<br />

come with insurance by putting a premium<br />

on personalized service. We believe people<br />

prefer to have someone they know help<br />

guide them through both good and bad<br />

times. It is this belief that stands behind<br />

everything we do.”<br />

The staff at Jay Bernard, State Farm make it<br />

their business to be “like a good neighbor.<br />

We are here locally to help manage the risks<br />

of everyday life and help our clients recover<br />

when unexpected things happen. In addition,<br />

we strive to give back to our community<br />

through volunteer work with nonprofit<br />

organizations; Bethlehem House, Milestones,<br />

and Angel Tree to name a few. We also<br />

support our youth by sponsoring a sports<br />

team each year. We have built a trusted brand<br />

by staying true to our values and keeping our<br />

promise. By holding ourselves to the highest<br />

standards, we can continue to be there for all<br />

of <strong>Faulkner</strong> County.”<br />

“<br />

In an ever-changing and busy world, our aim is to ease the<br />

stress that can come with insurance by putting a premium on<br />

personalized service. We believe people prefer to have someone<br />

they know help guide them through both good and bad times.<br />

It is this belief that stands behind everything we do.<br />

”<br />

—Jay Bernard, State Farm<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Vickey Kirkemier<br />

Administrator Superior Health and Rehab<br />

Vickey, administrator at Superior Health<br />

and Rehab, grew up in Hector, Arkansas,<br />

and is a graduate of the University of<br />

Central Arkansas and UACCM School of Nursing.<br />

In 2018, Vickey was recognized by the Chamber<br />

of Commerce as one of the Outstanding Women<br />

in Business from our community. “This is really a<br />

lifetime honor,” she says. Vickey and her husband,<br />

Steven, share three children – Dr. Andrew and<br />

Kelsey Robertson of Fayetteville, Dylan and<br />

Mallory Venable of Conway, and Brody Kirkemier<br />

of Conway.<br />

Vickey’s advice to those just starting out is, “My<br />

advice to others would be to always remember<br />

why you chose this line of work. This profession<br />

is much more than a job. When you are driven<br />

to provide high level care and a pandemic hits<br />

or things get tough if you can remember what a<br />

difference you can make in people’s lives it will<br />

help see you through these difficult times.”<br />

Of what attracted Vickey to her career, she says,<br />

“I have always been interested in caring for<br />

others. I attended UCA thinking that I wanted<br />

a job working with abused children. During my<br />

college years I worked at a nursing home as a<br />

C.N.A. and fell in love with the patients and<br />

co-workers. Through this experience I knew that<br />

I was drawn to take a more hands-approach to<br />

care and then attended nursing at what is now<br />

UACCM. After working in nursing, I was given<br />

the opportunity to work in management with<br />

Long Term Care and obtain my Adm’s license.<br />

This job is like putting together all the experience<br />

I had obtained and being able to apply that<br />

experience in one location.<br />

Vickey takes pride in making an impact daily<br />

in the lives of others. “I would really like to<br />

be remembered for making a difference in<br />

people’s lives. I want to provide the kind<br />

of care where people consider me as a<br />

trusted caregiver. I want to be someone<br />

you can call and ask questions even if<br />

you are not planning to admit soon. It<br />

thrills me to get calls where someone is<br />

preparing me that they are going to need<br />

long term care or rehab help and know that<br />

by calling me I will be there to walk this path<br />

with them,” she says. “The best part of my day<br />

is the interactions that I have with my patients<br />

and staff. It is especially a great day when we<br />

get to send someone home to their loved ones<br />

because they are better.”<br />

58 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Jennifer Boyett<br />

Executive Director of the United Way of Central Arkansas<br />

Jennifer, the Executive Director of United Way of<br />

Central Arkansas, is deeply rooted in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County. Born and raised in Conway, she is a 1997<br />

graduate of Conway High School and 2001 graduate<br />

of the University of Central Arkansas. “I went to<br />

work for UCA 10 days after graduating and worked<br />

there for 12 years. I took a brief detour to Arkadelphia<br />

to serve at Henderson State University but returned<br />

home in February of this year,” Jennifer says.<br />

When asked what brought her back to <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County, Jennifer says, “I came back to <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County because it’s the best place to live, work<br />

and raise a family. Last fall, when our family was<br />

thinking about our next chapter, we knew we could<br />

go anywhere in the world, but what we ultimately<br />

decided was that we longed to come home. While I<br />

was looking for the next step in my career, I learned<br />

that the United Way was in the early stages of<br />

looking for a new executive director, so I reached out<br />

and decided to apply. My love for my hometown<br />

combined with my background in public relations,<br />

marketing, fundraising and nonprofit management<br />

made working for the United Way the perfect opportunity<br />

to make a meaningful impact back home.”<br />

The United Way is a worldwide organization that’s<br />

been around since 1887, and The United Way of<br />

Central Arkansas has been in existence for more<br />

than 60 years. “I’ve found that a lot of people are<br />

like I was and know that the United Way is a local<br />

nonprofit, but sometimes aren’t clear on what<br />

we do. We raise funds that are given as grants to<br />

many local nonprofits that are working to make<br />

positive change in the areas of health, education<br />

and financial stability. We are really involved with<br />

our nonprofit partners. We recognize that we must<br />

work together to ensure our collective success<br />

in helping those in need in the community. I am<br />

blessed to have the opportunity to lead this organization<br />

in my hometown,” Jennifer says.<br />

Jennifer’s husband, Corey, is also a Conway native<br />

and works for the state. Their son, Hunter, is a<br />

student at Ellen Smith Elementary. “I think my<br />

family will be here for a very long time. We moved<br />

away for a few years, but there’s no denying<br />

the comfort of being back home. I want to be<br />

involved in programs and projects that make a<br />

positive lasting impact on <strong>Faulkner</strong> County. I love<br />

being where I grew up. It’s so familiar, but it’s also<br />

progressive. All of <strong>Faulkner</strong> County is growing and<br />

change in so many positive ways.”<br />

Jennifer’s interests include running and bicycling.<br />

“I prefer long distance. I’ve done 3 marathons, but<br />

an ultra is on my bucket list. I love being back in<br />

Conway because I’ve been able to<br />

rekindle my love for bicycling.<br />

We are so fortunate to have<br />

such a bike-friendly community.<br />

I hope that continues to<br />

grow. I don’t do well sitting<br />

still, so when I’m at home,<br />

I’m generally crocheting.”<br />

Jennifer’s advice to those<br />

just starting out is,<br />

“Be authentic to<br />

yourself and to<br />

others. Authenticity<br />

is key in building<br />

relationships that<br />

will last a lifetime<br />

— whether in<br />

your personal or<br />

professional life.<br />

I think that will<br />

carry you further<br />

than just about<br />

anything else.”<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


WACO Title<br />

WACO Title and its former entities are one of<br />

Conway‘s oldest continually operating businesses.<br />

WACO Title’s <strong>Faulkner</strong> County locations are in Downtown<br />

Conway and Greenbrier; however, they have 24 locations<br />

companywide, spanning Arkansas and Missouri.<br />

WACO Title acquired Conway Title in 2007, which marked their<br />

debut in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County. They now have 18 associates locally who<br />

each love working with customers. WACO Title provides full-service<br />

closing services for residential and commercial real estate transactions.<br />

“Nearly a third of real estate transactions in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County<br />

are handled through WACO Title Conway. From large, commercial<br />

transactions to single family homes, WACO Title can handle a<br />

variety of transactions with confidence and professionalism. Working<br />

in conjunction with realtor and lender partners, WACO focuses on a<br />

solutions-oriented approach to close real estate transactions.”<br />

60 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Closing Staff from left to right:<br />

Allison Price, Administrative Assistant<br />

Tori Brock, Closing Processor<br />

Sydney Smith, Administrative Assistant<br />

Tiffany Brockington, Closing Processor<br />

Kayla Cothren, Closing Processor<br />

Danah Cody, Closing Agent<br />

Jesse Warren, Closing Team Lead<br />

Jayla Jones, Closing Agent<br />

Jeanna Branson, Closing Agent<br />

Mallory Hargrove, Closing Agent<br />

Stephanie Nicholson, Closing Agent<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Kimberly Paladino<br />

Owner, Classic Touch<br />

Kimberly is the owner and lead floral and<br />

event designer of Classic Touch, located<br />

on Prince Street in Conway. She grew up<br />

in Southwest Arkansas and graduated from the<br />

University of Arkansas in 2010 with a Bachelor<br />

of Arts degree. Kimberly says, “I always loved<br />

every aspect of the artistic world and am so<br />

thrilled to have been able to incorporate my<br />

love for art into a career. That’s a true blessing,<br />

and a rare one at that. I never saw myself<br />

becoming a floral designer. That part found me,<br />

and I could not be more grateful it did!”<br />

Kimberly is the proud wife of 10 years to Andy<br />

Paladino. Kimberly says, “He works a full 40+<br />

hour week for Reliance Healthcare and still<br />

finds time to clean buckets or chop flowers at<br />

our store. I could not manage this businessowner<br />

life without him. We make a great team,<br />

and he picks up my slack wherever it is needed,<br />

except maybe flower arranging. He draws the<br />

line at that!” Kimberly and Andy have three<br />

sons, Beckett-9, Bennet-6, and Bash-5, who<br />

all attend Woodrow Cummins Elementary.<br />

“Each one is full of their own personality and<br />

keeps us running at all times. Their favorite<br />

time at the store is when no one is around and<br />

they can play hide and seek amongst all the<br />

beautiful, mind you, very breakable objects, we<br />

have for sale. It’s a real thrill for this momma,<br />

but we love them with all our being!”<br />

Andy’s career brought them to Conway six<br />

years ago. “We wanted to be a part of a great<br />

school district for our three boys. I started out<br />

as a stay-at-home mom, working part time as<br />

an event coordinator. After our boys got to be<br />

of school age, Andy and I decided it was time<br />

for me to try something new and expand my<br />

career and passions. When we heard Classic<br />

Touch was open to being purchased, we<br />

knew it was the right fit for our family and fit<br />

perfectly in line with where I saw my career<br />

heading,” Kimberly says.<br />

“I love working with the people in this<br />

community. We’ve made so many great<br />

friends. Everyone has been so supportive<br />

and amazing to us concerning our new<br />

business. It’s hard not to get attached<br />

when your work life and home life cross<br />

paths perfectly with great people.”<br />

As for the future for Classic Touch,<br />

Kimberly says, “I see Classic Touch<br />

as a continued staple of Conway<br />

and <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, but growing<br />

and becoming more and more of a<br />

family-owned and loved business.<br />

I want to see us collaborating with<br />

more local shops for events and projects.<br />

I want to reach out to other organizations<br />

in our community to see how we can help<br />

enhance their own goals and ideas. I’m ready<br />

to start several new projects we’ve had on<br />

our bucket list to give our community some<br />

new teaching opportunities<br />

with floral classes and design<br />

workshops. I think the<br />

future for us is what we<br />

are willing to make it and<br />

we’re ready to push to<br />

the next level.”<br />

Nicole Hurst<br />

Administrator, Superior Senior Care<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


62 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong><br />

Nicole, who is the Administrator for<br />

Superior Senior Care in Conway, moved<br />

to Conway in 1993 and is a graduate<br />

of Conway High School. Nicole says, “I have<br />

worked in the healthcare industry for 22 years.<br />

I was the office manager for Abundant Health<br />

Chiropractic for 16 years prior to becoming<br />

the administrator for Superior Senior Care<br />

in 2014. I have always had the mindset,<br />

if you want it, make it happen! Do not<br />

be scared, do not let anyone or anything<br />

stand in your way of being happy. After I<br />

was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017,<br />

this became even more apparent to me.<br />

Do not live in fear, because when you live<br />

in fear, you are not living.”<br />

Superior Senior Care was founded<br />

in 1985 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in a<br />

one-room office with one telephone. Fast<br />

forward 35 years later, Superior Senior Care now<br />

has 24 offices throughout the state of Arkansas.<br />

SSC’s mission has always remained the same.<br />

To provide quality caregiving assistance to<br />

individuals who want to stay in their homes<br />

either because they do not need full time skilled<br />

care, or they are not comfortable leaving their<br />

homes to live in a residential care facility.<br />

When asked what the future holds, Nicole<br />

says, “I have called <strong>Faulkner</strong> County home<br />

since 1993. I intend to grow Superior<br />

Senior Care even more as the need for help<br />

increases, especially as clients are wanting to<br />

stay home now more than ever.”<br />

“I have one son, Logan, who is 17. He is a<br />

senior at Vilonia High School. We also have<br />

a very spoiled French Bulldog, Dolce’ I have<br />

been so blessed with a wonderful circle of<br />

family and friends that I love spending time<br />

with. I also enjoy traveling, even if it is just a<br />

quick weekend getaway! I always try to have<br />

a trip planned, big or small!” Nicole says.<br />

Nicole’s advice to those just starting out<br />

is, “Honesty! Being honest with your<br />

coworkers and with your clients is key. This<br />

sets the tone for your business, it provides<br />

consistency at your workplace, and builds<br />

loyalty and trust with your clients.”

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Tami Marsh<br />

Realtor with RE/MAX Elite<br />

Tami, a realtor with RE/MAX Elite is a<br />

lifelong resident of <strong>Faulkner</strong> County,<br />

graduated from Conway High School,<br />

received a bachelor’s degree from University<br />

of Central Arkansas and a master’s degree from<br />

Arkansas Tech University. “I am a third generation<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County resident. My grandfather<br />

moved here in the late 1800s,” Tami says.<br />

Of what she most enjoys about living and<br />

working in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, Tami says, “The<br />

people are what make it such a great place to live<br />

and work. They are always doing what is needed<br />

to help others no matter the situation. When<br />

there is any need whether it be natural disasters<br />

like flooding and tornadoes or small businesses<br />

fighting to stay in business, the citizens of<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County rally to make a difference. I<br />

watched that first-hand when COVID hit and<br />

our small businesses had to close; people rallied<br />

to find ways in which to keep them open.”<br />

Tami and her husband, Steve, married this past<br />

May. “I married in May of this year despite<br />

COVID and all the problems that have come about<br />

due to social distancing and number limitations on<br />

events. Our original plans were postponed until<br />

this is over, but we had a small ceremony in our<br />

friends’ driveway, and it was perfect! COVID has<br />

flipped our world upside down. I try to find the<br />

good in every situation. The most positive thing<br />

that I have seen are families spending more time<br />

together — quality time and slowing down to<br />

enjoy each other. When I taught, I was saddened<br />

by the way families were so over-scheduled that<br />

they didn’t have time to be a family. Our boys,<br />

Ethan and Mitchell Davis, are grown and living<br />

away from home, but some of my favorite times<br />

are when they come home for dinner or to hang<br />

out. My husband, Steve, lost his job because of<br />

the pandemic, yet as stressful as that is for a<br />

newly married couple, we know that God is<br />

in control and will help us ride through this<br />

storm. My mantra the last 10 years is: “Life<br />

is not about waiting for the storm to pass.<br />

It’s about learning to dance in the<br />

rain. I’m living proof of this.”<br />

Tami is a member of the <strong>Faulkner</strong> County Board<br />

of Realtors and the Arkansas Realtors Association,<br />

where she serves on several state committees.<br />

In addition, Tami says, “I am on the Conway<br />

Public Schools Foundation Board. It keeps me<br />

connected to education in a way I feel I can help<br />

teachers who work selflessly every day to teach<br />

our children. The future of not only our country<br />

but our world lies in the hands of today’s young<br />

people. The position a teacher holds for a child and<br />

for all our future is so significant. They need all the<br />

support we can possibly give them.”<br />

Tami’s advice to those<br />

just starting out is, “Stay<br />

true to yourself and<br />

your convictions – be<br />

authentic. Don’t allow<br />

anyone to convince<br />

you to think, feel,<br />

believe, or react a way<br />

that isn’t right with<br />

you. When you<br />

make decisions or<br />

choices, be sure<br />

you can live with<br />

them because<br />

you will.”<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 63

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Michelle Parsley<br />

& Elizabeth Tucker<br />

The Parsley-Tucker Team, RE/MAX Elite<br />

women in business<br />

Michelle and Elizabeth<br />

work with buyers and<br />

sellers to complete various<br />

real estate transactions. Michelle<br />

has been in business for 37<br />

years, and Elizabeth has been<br />

in business for 11 years.<br />

And looking back, 10 years<br />

ago in September, the Parsley<br />

family didn’t know if the<br />

dream of working together<br />

would ever become a reality.<br />

Elizabeth was in a car<br />

accident and diagnosed with a<br />

traumatic brain injury. There<br />

are no words to describe what<br />

she went through, but she<br />

surprised many in the medical<br />

field that she was indeed<br />

a miracle whom countless<br />

prayed for. She is now selling,<br />

selling, selling! Michelle and<br />

her husband, Bill, did not<br />

initially plan to live in Conway.<br />

However, “After the sixth day<br />

of shopping for a home in<br />

1987 all over Little Rock and<br />

Maumelle, we stumbled upon<br />

Conway,” she says. She began<br />

her real estate career in San<br />

Antonio, so Conway felt small<br />

at the time. “Even though I<br />

grew up in a town of 10,000 in<br />

Kansas; we believed the Lord<br />

led us to drive over on our<br />

last day of house hunting,<br />

and we fell in love with<br />

this fabulous city. We<br />

have lived here 32 very<br />

happy years.” Elizabeth<br />

was truly born into the<br />

business, as she arrived<br />

after Michelle started<br />

in real estate.<br />

The duo loves what<br />

they do. “We count<br />

among our most<br />

cherished assets the<br />

confidence and goodwill<br />

of those whom we<br />

have served.” One look<br />

through The Parsley-Tucker<br />

Team’s reviews confirms<br />

this security and appreciation<br />

for their work. In fact, the team<br />

estimates 85 percent of their<br />

business is from past clients and<br />

their referrals.<br />

The Parsley-Tucker Team feels<br />

their clients say it best: “…They<br />

made me feel right at home and<br />

made the buying process easy.<br />

I wouldn’t have it any other<br />

way; when we needed to sell<br />

our home recently, Michelle and<br />

Elizabeth worked with me and<br />

got my home sold within three<br />

days,” says one client. Another<br />

adds, “Michelle and Elizabeth<br />

were fantastic. Their level of<br />

service and attention to detail<br />

at every step was meticulous.<br />

They listened carefully to our<br />

needs and wish list. Then they<br />

used their experience and vast<br />

knowledge of the local market…<br />

They were dream agents who<br />

made us feel like family!”<br />

Michelle and Elizabeth work<br />

with buyers and sellers and<br />

offer superior negotiation<br />

skills and market knowledge.<br />

“Those are keys to our success.<br />

We love what we do, and it<br />

comes as second nature.” Their<br />

work directly impacts <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County, as, “We ‘sell’ <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County to potential residents<br />

and have for years. We know<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County is the best, so<br />

that is an easy task. We love our<br />

community and have a desire to<br />

help others,” they say.<br />

64 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Annette Aikman<br />

Cadron Valley Dental<br />

Annette founded Cadron Valley Dental<br />

in an effort to establish an environment<br />

that would be relaxing and comfortable<br />

for patients and staff. She and her husband,<br />

John, quickly seized the opportunity to return to<br />

Arkansas after years away for his career. They<br />

have two children. Lexi, 15, is a sophomore at<br />

Conway High School and Matthew, 12, is in<br />

seventh grade at Ruth Doyle Middle School.<br />

Annette grew up in Paragould and went on to<br />

graduate from the University of Arkansas for<br />

Medical Sciences with a Bachelor of Science in<br />

Dental Hygiene and later from the University<br />

of Mississippi Medical Center – School of<br />

Dentistry in Jackson with a Doctorate of<br />

Dental Medicine. She is a member of the<br />

American Dental Association and the Arkansas<br />

State Dental Association. She is also a member<br />

of the Academy of General Dentistry, where<br />

she is working toward her AGD Fellowship.<br />

“Arkansas had always been our home, and<br />

deep down we knew we wanted to return…<br />

Conway was at the top of the list! We love the<br />

size, the beauty, the mix of new and old, the<br />

college atmosphere, the variety of community<br />

involvement, the schools, the location, the<br />

people, the list could go on and on. Conway<br />

has been perfect for us,” says Annette.<br />

Of starting her own dental practice, she says,<br />

“Upon entering the dental field years ago,<br />

it didn’t take me long to realize that most<br />

people did not want to be at the dental office.<br />

It was for that reason I wanted to incorporate<br />

as many relaxing elements into the practice<br />

as possible, starting with the name. I wanted<br />

it to be something that related to <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County and the surrounding area. I also<br />

wanted the name to be original.”<br />

“As I continued to build on my practice concept,<br />

I tried to gather as many pearls from previous<br />

experiences, filter out any negative, and establish an<br />

environment that would be comfortable for both<br />

my patients and my staff. I couldn’t be happier with<br />

the outcome.” Cadron Valley Dental offers hand<br />

paraffin treatments to patients during appointments,<br />

ambient music, and essential oil diffusers to help<br />

provide a more relaxing atmosphere.<br />

Annette loves giving back to the community. “It<br />

brings me such joy knowing I have the opportunity<br />

to give back to the community. I have many<br />

opportunities to provide dental services to the people<br />

of <strong>Faulkner</strong> County by participating with a variety of<br />

local outreach programs. I thoroughly<br />

enjoy building relationships<br />

with both the people I serve<br />

and the people who work<br />

next to me. The people of<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County are such<br />

a blessing.” Her family<br />

is also active at Second<br />

Baptist Church.<br />

She is excited for her<br />

future. “I may have<br />

only lived here for three<br />

years, but I am excited to<br />

be here and appreciate<br />

the many wonderful<br />

things <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County has to offer.”<br />

As for her advice to<br />

those just starting<br />

out, Annette says, “It<br />

may be a long, hard<br />

journey to get where<br />

you are going, but it<br />

will all be worth it in<br />

the end.”<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 65

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Amanda Bledsoe<br />

Bledsoe Chiropractic<br />

Amanda established Bledsoe Chiropractic<br />

in 2017 and is excited to help <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County stay healthy. Her family includes<br />

husband Adam, and children Audrey and Hunter.<br />

Bledsoe Chiropractic uses chiropractic, rehabilitation<br />

therapy, massage therapy, laser, Kinesio<br />

taping, and custom orthotics to give hope<br />

through healing. “We get our patients out of<br />

pain as quickly as possible and help them safely,<br />

affordably, and comfortably stay in great shape<br />

for the rest of their lives.”<br />

Amanda credits her strong team of 18<br />

employees for their success. “We proudly<br />

employ women and men of all races and ages.<br />

We have three chiropractors, four massage<br />

therapists and many amazing assistants from<br />

billing to the front desk. The Lord sent us an<br />

amazing team,” says Amanda.<br />

Amanda is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic<br />

College in Kansas City and has a Bachelor of<br />

L-R: Dr. Amanda Bledsoe, Kim Crow, Emily Pennington,<br />

Ashlyn Osborne, Susan Skinner, Lauren Alexander,<br />

Dr. Caitlin Corona, Abby Herring<br />

66 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Science in Biology from the University<br />

of Central Arkansas. The practice<br />

most commonly treats conditions<br />

such as low back pain and radiating<br />

lower extremity pain, neck pain,<br />

sinuses, allergies, dizziness/vertigo,<br />

ear pain, TMJ pain, and foot pain.<br />

“I really love helping patients correct<br />

their feet, which are the foundation,<br />

and seeing that change their life<br />

by avoiding knee surgery and hip<br />

replacement. I enjoy giving them<br />

mobility back and helping them<br />

work without pain. Most of all, I<br />

love seeing them enjoy life…We hear<br />

stories of hope and healing daily,<br />

which is the best part of our jobs!”<br />

Bledsoe Chiropractic sets itself apart<br />

through its patient interaction. “We<br />

love our patients like family. We<br />

go above and beyond and offer<br />

more bang for your buck than other<br />

chiropractors,” says Amanda. She is<br />

especially grateful for the community’s<br />

support this year. “I am honored<br />

to get to employee many residents<br />

of our county, serve patients from<br />

this county, and give back a portion<br />

of what we’ve been blessed to many<br />

worthy organizations in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County, such as the Bethlehem<br />

House and Deliver Hope.”<br />

As for the future of Bledsoe Chiropractic,<br />

Amanda and company plan<br />

to continue offering the best care<br />

with the latest technology. “We want<br />

to offer hope through healing to<br />

more patients. We strive to support<br />

our community more each year,<br />

finding new partner organizations to<br />

help and creating jobs for amazing<br />

team members to impact lives in and<br />

out of our clinic with loving service.”<br />

“<br />

I really love helping<br />

patients correct their feet,<br />

which are the foundation,<br />

and seeing that change their<br />

life by avoiding knee surgery<br />

and hip replacement. I enjoy<br />

giving them mobility back<br />

and helping them work<br />

without pain. Most of all, I<br />

love seeing them enjoy life.<br />

”<br />

—Dr.Amanda Bledsoe<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Megan Morris<br />

Chief Executive Officer at Conway Behavioral Health<br />

Conway Behavioral Health fills a gap in mental<br />

health care by offering an acute psychiatric<br />

hospital providing both inpatient and outpatient<br />

services to <strong>Faulkner</strong> County. Megan is the mother of<br />

two boys and is excited to be in Conway.<br />

A native Arkansan raised in Paragould, she graduated<br />

from the Arkansas School for Mathematics and<br />

Sciences in Hot Springs and has a Bachelor of Science<br />

in Biology from Lyon College in Batesville and Master<br />

of Science in Social Work from the University of<br />

Tennesseein Knoxville. “I’ve spent the last 16 years<br />

working with children, adolescents, and adults in the<br />

field of mental health in Arkansas.”<br />

Megan came to <strong>Faulkner</strong> County when Conway<br />

Behavioral Health opened in January 2018. “The<br />

community was especially welcoming to us and<br />

provided a talent pool for building a remarkable team<br />

to serve our patients,” she says. “Suicide is the tenth<br />

leading cause of death. Over 48,000 people died by<br />

suicide in the United States in 2018, and Arkansas<br />

accounted for 547 of those deaths. Suicide is preventable,<br />

and I feel privileged to be part of the Conway<br />

Behavioral Health team in bringing change to the<br />

lives of those we serve,” she says.<br />

“We are always looking to invest in the services our<br />

community needs,” says Megan. As such, Conway<br />

Behavioral Health partners as a learning institute<br />

for several colleges and universities to provide<br />

educational opportunities to future nurses,<br />

therapists, and physicians to build a professional<br />

workforce in those who are potential future<br />

employees. “Our Partial Hospitalization Program<br />

and Intensive Outpatient Programs help adults<br />

who need greater than individual therapy but<br />

don’t need to be in the hospital. We expect<br />

we will continue to grow in these areas.”<br />

Megan attributes her success to surrounding<br />

herself with mentors, colleagues, and other<br />

professionals in the field. “I’m not afraid to<br />

ask questions or get guidance. No one can do<br />

it alone! I try to stay open to new ideas and<br />

think outside the box. As a clinical social<br />

worker, I have an advantage of understanding<br />

the clinical perspective along with<br />

the business perspective in my market.”<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Beth Reed<br />

Design Actually / Interior Designer<br />

Beth’s specific brand of interior design includes providing high customer service<br />

standards. She earned her Bachelors of Interior Design from the University of<br />

Central Arkansas in 2005, and is an active member of IDS, Interior Design Society.<br />

Part of her excellent customer service is starting each project with a lengthy questionnaire<br />

that helps her get to know her clients on a personal level, which sets expectations<br />

and helps ensure a smooth experience. “I truly value my clients’ opinions, but I never<br />

shy away from offering new and exciting directions to meet their objectives. I like to<br />

say, ‘Good design is a combination of yours, mine and ours,’” she shares.<br />

Beth describes her own style as classic, traditional and chic with saturated colors.<br />

“I like to incorporate things that are on trend, but I try to implement them in such<br />

a way that my clients don’t feel like they need to re-do their home in five years.<br />

Although, if they want to, I consider that job security!” In her rare spare time,<br />

Beth loves playing tennis with friends and family.<br />

As for her favorite aspect of her work, she says, “Walking into someone’s home and<br />

knowing immediately the things we could do to make a big impact to improve the way<br />

they live. By listening to what they think they need, I help them understand their style.<br />

Once I have crafted a concept that is right, my team and I implement and manage all<br />

phases of the project. From knocking down walls to installing furniture with white<br />

glove delivery service, just like you see on HGTV.<br />

68 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Debbie Goodwin<br />

Co-owner / Arkansas Roofing Kompany<br />

and Arkansas Outdoor Concepts<br />

women in business<br />

Arkansas Roofing Kompany is a<br />

residential and commercial roofing<br />

company. Arkansas Outdoor Concepts<br />

is a one-stop outdoor living destination<br />

location. Both are owned by Debbie and<br />

Tim Goodwin, who have been in business in<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County for over 10 years.<br />

Debbie attributes their success to “The<br />

highest quality work and greatest team.<br />

They are family to us, and we appreciate<br />

how dedicated they are...We truly work<br />

as a team,” she says. In addition to being<br />

the most awarded roofing company,<br />

we have a louvered solar patio covering<br />

company called Equinox.<br />

Rain or shine, hot or cold, our stylish<br />

Louvered Roof makes any outdoor space a<br />

year-round outdoor living area that’s perfect<br />

for entertaining or relaxing. With the touch of<br />

a button, louvers go from fully open to fully<br />

shut for the ultimate shade/cover solution.<br />

Jo Moorehead serves as office manager<br />

for Arkansas Roofing Kompany and says, “I<br />

love the quality of work the company stands<br />

behind. I also love that we are all like family<br />

and care about one another. It’s a joy to work<br />

each day for owners who are Christians<br />

and who care about us.” Natalie Horton is<br />

Arkansas Roofing Kompany’s controller. “...<br />

We are like family. We have many different<br />

personalities, talents, and viewpoints, and<br />

we make them work together...We are<br />

treated like part of a team; our owners value<br />

our input and opinions.”<br />

“From the start, we planned to have the<br />

highest ethics, customer service, and quality<br />

workmanship in the construction industry in<br />

Arkansas. Tim vowed to hold the company<br />

to higher standards by documenting each<br />

phase of every job and staying in close<br />

contact with the homeowner throughout<br />

the life of the project,” she says.<br />

“Remodeling, restoring, or building can be<br />

one of the most stressful aspects of home<br />

ownership. We developed a system for<br />

avoiding the frustrations and aggravations<br />

of construction and remodeling. Convenient<br />

communication is the number one priority.”<br />

Customers deal with the same point of<br />

contact for the duration of their project, for<br />

starters. They also have additional staff to<br />

inspect ongoing projects.<br />

The company has a crew of trained,<br />

certified technicians, who are comfortable<br />

with the materials and<br />

products they install.<br />

In addition, “every<br />

Arkansas Roofing<br />

Kompany employee<br />

is bonded and<br />

insured, as is the<br />

entire company, which also holds an A+<br />

rating from the Better Business Bureau.<br />

Whether you need roofing, siding,<br />

windows, gutters, or a complete exterior<br />

make-over, call Arkansas Roofing Kompany<br />

and place your project into the competent<br />

hands of a company that will take the worry<br />

out of the job.”<br />

The Goodwins also own Arkansas Outdoor<br />

Concepts in Conway off Hwy 65 just past<br />

Pickle’s Gap A longtime dream for Debbie.<br />

“For more than 27 years, we have nurtured a<br />

strong business relationship with the Amish<br />

communities and are proud to feature an<br />

entire line of their quality made outdoor<br />

living products. Many products are now<br />

produced from recycled materials, such as<br />

post-consumer milk containers collected in<br />

community recycling programs,” she says.<br />

“We feature daybeds, Adirondack chairs,<br />

gliders, dinning and patio sets, outdoor pool<br />

tables, gazebos, pergolas, windchimes, bird<br />

feeders, hot tubs and everything you would<br />

need for your outdoor living space.”<br />

Katelyn Bratton manages Arkansas<br />

Outdoor Concepts and says, “Every<br />

day, I fall a little more in love with our<br />

outdoor products...I love getting to help<br />

people realize the true potential of their<br />

outdoor space, while offering eco-friendly<br />

products.” Elizabeth Quattlebaum is sales<br />

and design coordinator manager and enjoys<br />

the people she encounters through work.<br />

“I am able to meet people from all walks of<br />

life that allow me to help them make their<br />

environment beautiful and relaxing.<br />

L-R: Elizabeth Quattlebaum, Katelyn, Bratton,<br />

Debbie Goodwin, Jo Moorehead, Natalie Horton<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 69

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Kim Slaughter<br />

The Blue Focus Marketing<br />

Kim owns The Blue Focus Marketing<br />

and enjoys all aspects of design<br />

work. A native of Gravel Ridge, she<br />

graduated from the University of North<br />

Carolina at Wilmington with a Bachelor’s<br />

Degree in Business.<br />

She designs home remodels, pools,<br />

and outdoor living spaces for<br />

her husband, Johnny’s business,<br />

Conway Remodeling and More.<br />

“This makes it possible for our<br />

clients to see a 3D rendering of their<br />

project before it begins.”<br />

After living in Dallas for a time, the<br />

family made the decision to return<br />

to Arkansas. “After much thought and<br />

consideration, <strong>Faulkner</strong> County was at<br />

the top of our list. I fell in love with it from<br />

the moment we moved here a little over six<br />

years ago. The community has welcomed our<br />

family with open arms,” says Kim.<br />

As for her work, Kim says, “I believe success<br />

takes a passion for what you do. Many<br />

people call me a workaholic, but if<br />

you love what you do, it isn’t work.<br />

Being creative and providing my<br />

community a service is what drives<br />

my ambition. Johnny and I are very<br />

active in our community. We are<br />

contributors to Harbor Home, Bethlehem<br />

House, Deliver Hope, and The United Way.<br />

I donate promotional product to local schools<br />

and churches. I am a member of the Chamber<br />

of Commerce, a Chamber Ambassador, and<br />

pipeline member.”<br />

Kim is launching a new business next year as<br />

well. “I plan on building a mini golf for Conway.<br />

Toad Suck Mini Golf is set to open in Summer<br />

2021. I hope it will bring a fun family environment<br />

for the county I have come to love.” To any young<br />

entrepreneur, Kim would say, “Follow your dreams;<br />

do what you love; and be fearless in your pursuits.”<br />

70 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Teneicia Roundtree<br />

Owner, Treehouse Cleaning, LLC<br />

Teneicia, owner of Treehouse Cleaning, LLC,<br />

is originally from Blytheville, Arkansas but<br />

spent much of her childhood in Jonesboro. She<br />

attended the University of Central Arkansas briefly.<br />

“My goal is to graduate and (as my mother would<br />

say) finish what I started by 2024.” Teneicia is a<br />

mother of 4, ages 14, 9, 9 and 7. “That’s right, twins!<br />

One boy and 3 girls, in that order. They are a sweet<br />

bunch. I am thankful for them every day,” she says.<br />

According to Teneicia, TreeHouse was built out of<br />

necessity. “I was unemployed and struggled to find<br />

a reasonably paying job that would also be flexible<br />

enough to care for my family. There were many<br />

times we would scrape change to buy discount bread<br />

or make decisions between paying the light bill and<br />

buying my children’s shoes. Let’s just say we had<br />

many candlelight dinners. One day, my mother and<br />

I were speaking over the phone, and she asked if I<br />

ever thought of cleaning houses. I was not a fan of the<br />

idea at all. But over time (and more struggles later). I<br />

embraced the idea and instead of scraping change for<br />

bread, we scraped change for cleaning supplies. And<br />

with a $20 bill TreeHouse Cleaning was born.<br />

Of what she most enjoys about living and working<br />

in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, Teneicia says, “First, there is a<br />

natural sense of belonging. I love how this community<br />

embraces you where you are and are diligent about<br />

developing programs for you to become the best<br />

version of yourself. There is a great balance<br />

in our ecosystem. I enjoy the stillness<br />

that is provided in our many parks and<br />

nature trails to be present with my<br />

family while also experiencing the<br />

excitement of growth and new<br />

opportunities in our cities.”<br />

When asked to what she<br />

attributes her success,<br />

Teneicia responds “The<br />

best choice I ever made<br />

in business was prayer. I<br />

asked the Lord to align me<br />

with the right people. And, he<br />

was faithful. Alignment matters. There were<br />

many times I was tired. I wanted to give up. I<br />

wanted to just put my head in the sand to make<br />

it all go away. But, because I have the right people<br />

supporting me, speaking life into me and my business,<br />

and helping me navigate my way through to push<br />

forward. I am stronger than my struggles. Therefore,<br />

consistent positive results are inevitable.”<br />

The current president of the Noon Rotary’s Young<br />

Professionals, Teneicia is also a participant of multiple<br />

leadership think tanks, including Representative<br />

French Hill Venture Ecosystem Summit in Conway.<br />

In addition, she is a mentor for the UCA Women’s<br />

Leadership Network and a sponsor for a host of<br />

nonprofit organizations. In addition, she serves on the<br />

board of directors for the Conway Area Chamber of<br />

Commerce and Minority Business task force.<br />

Teneicia’s advice to those just starting out is, “Be<br />

willing to ask for direction from a credible source.<br />

Oftentimes new business owners are excited about the<br />

idea of the business but are not always prepared when<br />

unforeseen circumstances arise. Maybe<br />

they’ve hit a rocky point or have<br />

experienced astronomical growth.<br />

Both are equally daunting. If you<br />

surround yourself with great<br />

mentors with experience or join<br />

entrepreneurial programs such<br />

as The Conductor in Conway,<br />

those hurdles won’t seem as<br />

challenging to climb over and<br />

you’ll more likely stick to<br />

your path to attain<br />

your goals at hand.”<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Sharri Wyatt Jones<br />

Executive Secretary / Events Coordinator / Sissy‘s Log Cabin, Inc.<br />

Sissy’s Log Cabin is a name<br />

most Arkansans will<br />

recognize. The Pine Bluff<br />

originated store has grown into<br />

a legendary jeweler in Arkansas<br />

and the surrounding states.<br />

While they’re known for their<br />

brilliant diamonds and extraordinary<br />

service, Sissy’s Log<br />

Cabin is exceptionally unique<br />

because of their family involvement.<br />

One family member<br />

you will find in-store is Sharri<br />

Jones, Executive Secretary,<br />

Events Coordinator, and wife<br />

of CEO Bill Jones. Sharri grew<br />

up in Pine Bluff and attended<br />

both the University of Arkansas<br />

and the University of Arkansas<br />

Little Rock before graduating<br />

from the University of Arkansas<br />

Pine Bluff. She was a teacher<br />

before ultimately joining the<br />

family business alongside her<br />

husband, sons, mother-in-law,<br />

and a host of other relatives.<br />

She and her husband Bill<br />

recently came to <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County to open another Sissy’s<br />

Log Cabin store. “Bill actually<br />

had the idea to open our fifth<br />

Sissy’s Log Cabin location in<br />

Conway. We love Arkansas<br />

and were excited to spread<br />

our reach further in Central<br />

Arkansas with the Conway<br />

store,” she says. “We love<br />

working in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County. The people are<br />

so wonderful and<br />

kind! Conway is truly<br />

filled with southern hospitality<br />

and charm.”<br />

Sharri attributes her success<br />

and the success of Sissy’s to<br />

good customer service. “At<br />

Sissy’s, we strive to treat every<br />

customer who walks through<br />

our doors as if they’re a treasured<br />

part of our family. That’s<br />

‘The Sissy’s Experience.’”<br />

In her spare time, she enjoys<br />

cooking, riding horses, reading,<br />

and quality time with her<br />

family. “Bill and I are extremely<br />

family oriented. We love<br />

spending time with our evergrowing<br />

family. Being a family<br />

owned and operated business<br />

has given us so many unique<br />

opportunities to connect and<br />

grow together,” says Sharri.<br />

As for her advice to those<br />

getting started in business,<br />

Sharri says, “The customer is<br />

always right. This is part of our<br />

dedication to customer service<br />

at Sissy’s Log Cabin. It’s even<br />

inscribed on a plaque in all five<br />

of our store locations.”<br />

“<br />

We love working in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County. The people are so<br />

wonderful and kind! Conway<br />

is truly filled with southern<br />

hospitality and charm.<br />

”<br />

—Sharri Jones, Sissy‘s<br />

72 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Lisette Washispack<br />

CPA, First Security Bank<br />

Lisette Washispack is a Certified<br />

Public Accountant (CPA), licensed<br />

in the state of Arkansas and works<br />

full-time in the banking industry. She<br />

currently manages the Credit Administration<br />

department of a privately-owned<br />

Arkansas based commercial bank, First<br />

Security Bank. Her primary responsibilities<br />

are overseeing the commercial and<br />

consumer loan underwriting process<br />

and providing support/training for the<br />

bank credit analysts statewide. She has<br />

a Commercial Banking/Finance degree<br />

from Louisiana State University (Baton<br />

Rouge, LA) and a Master of Accountancy<br />

from the University of Central Arkansas<br />

(Conway, AR). She is a member of the<br />

following professional organizations:<br />

American Institute of Certified Public<br />

Accountants, Arkansas Society of<br />

Certified Public Accountants, Risk<br />

Management Association, and Arkansas<br />

Bankers Association.<br />

Lisette was born and raised in Thibodaux,<br />

Louisiana. She was one of six children<br />

and loved to climb trees, work in the<br />

yard with her mom, cook meals for the<br />

family and sew clothing for herself. She<br />

was an adapted aquatics instructor for<br />

many years, teaching swim lessons to<br />

children and adults with disabilities. After<br />

graduating from high school, she moved<br />

to Baton Rouge to attend Louisiana State<br />

University (LSU), where she obtained<br />

a bachelor’s degree in Commercial<br />

Banking. It was while attending LSU she<br />

met Quentin. After graduating from LSU,<br />

Quentin and Lisette were married and<br />

moved to Metairie, Louisiana to begin<br />

their respective careers. Lisette was hired<br />

by a local bank as a commercial credit<br />

analyst intern.<br />

Two years later, Lisette and Quentin<br />

moved to Dallas, Texas where Quentin<br />

attended Dallas Theological Seminary,<br />

and Lisette worked full-time at NorthPark<br />

National Bank as Assistant Controller.<br />

While in Dallas, their first child, Abigail<br />

“Abby”, was born and Lisette traded<br />

her banking career for her new role as a<br />

stay-at-home mom --- best job ever!! Fast<br />

forward 18 years, which included 3 more<br />

beautiful children, 6 moves, 4 cities, and<br />

10 years of homeschooling… and Lisette<br />

re-enters the banking world.<br />

Lisette was hired by First Security<br />

Bank in August 2007 to manage their<br />

newly formed Credit Administration<br />

department. It was a perfect fit with her<br />

educational background, organizational<br />

skills and leadership capabilities. During<br />

her time with First Security Bank, she<br />

attended the University of Central<br />

Arkansas part-time to earn a Master of<br />

Accountancy degree. She then made a<br />

career move to public accounting for a<br />

couple of years, became a licensed Certified<br />

Public Accountant and returned to<br />

First Security Bank to resume the position<br />

of Credit Administration Manager. It was<br />

like returning home to family.<br />

For the past five years Lisette has also<br />

taught business classes at New Life<br />

Church College (formerly Ouachita<br />

Baptist University at NLC). Courses<br />

include Personal Finance, Intro to<br />

Economics and Business, Managerial<br />

Finance and Principles of Accounting.<br />

When asked what attributed to her<br />

success in life, she stated, “My faith, my<br />

family and my friends!” Her personal<br />

mantra is — NEVER STOP LEARNING!<br />

Intentionally strive to improve yourself,<br />

whether through reading, going back to<br />

school in your late 40’s or relationships.<br />

Surround yourself with people you want<br />

to learn from. Remember: Some of the<br />

most important life lessons are learned<br />

in the struggle. Embrace the journey,<br />

learn from your mistakes and<br />

continue to move forward.<br />

Lisette is married to Quentin<br />

Washispack (also known<br />

as Dr. Q), the Missions and Outreach<br />

Pastor at New Life Church. She has been<br />

married to Dr. Q for 36 years. They have<br />

four children: Abby 30 (husband, Ryan<br />

30), Hope 28 (husband, Zack 27), Seth<br />

26, and Ethan 23; and one ADORABLE<br />

grandson (parents, Abby & Ryan), McCoy<br />

18 months old. They moved to Conway<br />

in 2001 from Mountain Home, AR.<br />

However, both Lisette and Dr. Q are true<br />

“Cajuns” from south Louisiana.<br />

Pre-COVID 19, Lisette travelled to China<br />

1 to 2 times a year (with Dr. Q) and has<br />

visited China 19 times. She is involved<br />

in the community through New Life<br />

Church – Local Outreach, Arkansas<br />

Dream Center, CityServe of Arkansas,<br />

and Conway Strategic Planning Steering<br />

Committee. She enjoys gardening,<br />

painting, cooking and spending time with<br />

family and friends. Lisette loves to open<br />

her home for good food and fellowship!<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 73

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Erica Speer<br />

Infection Preventionist / Conway Regional Health System<br />

Erica serves as infection preventionist<br />

for Conway Regional Health System.<br />

She grew up in Cabot, attended<br />

Arkansas State University at Beebe, and<br />

went on to complete the nursing program<br />

at the University of Arkansas for Medical<br />

Sciences. She and her husband are<br />

expecting their first child in November.<br />

“I love working at Conway Regional<br />

because of the family atmosphere. Conway<br />

Regional is small enough to maintain those<br />

important ‘work family’ relationships; the<br />

leadership really makes a proactive effort to<br />

get to know the staff, and that makes a big<br />

difference,” says Erica.<br />

She is a member of the Association for<br />

Professionals in Infection Control and<br />

Epidemiology. In her spare time, Erica loves<br />

to craft. “I think you can learn pretty much<br />

anything on YouTube. I have been able to<br />

teach myself to sew, cross stitch, knit, and<br />

crochet,” she says.<br />

Erica’s advice for those just starting out is,<br />

“Don’t give up. Even if things get hard, you<br />

just work harder and stay consistent.”<br />

“<br />

I love working at Conway Regional<br />

because of the family atmosphere.<br />

Conway Regional is small enough to<br />

maintain those important ’work family‘<br />

relationships; the leadership really makes<br />

a proactive effort to get to know the<br />

staff, and that makes a big difference.<br />

”<br />

—Erica Speer, Infection Preventionist<br />

74 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Andrea Harrison<br />

Director of Quality Resources, Registered Nurse<br />

Conway Regional Health System<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Andrea is director of quality resources for Conway Regional<br />

Health System. She is married to Kevin, and they have a son,<br />

Paxton. A Benton native, she attended nursing school in Virginia.<br />

“My husband had the opportunity to transfer to Arkansas, and we<br />

jumped at the opportunity. His [new] territory was based out of<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County, and we settled in Vilonia. Our son was four when<br />

we moved here, and he is now a senior at Vilonia High School. I really<br />

wanted to stay in this area for work. I think a lot can be said about<br />

working in the community you live in,” she says.<br />

Andrea began her career at Conway Regional working as a bedside<br />

nurse. “I love that I get the opportunity, daily, to serve my neighbors<br />

and my community. For nearly 100 years, Conway Regional has<br />

provided high-quality, compassionate healthcare to the communities<br />

we serve, and I am blessed to be part of this great organization.<br />

Conway is the biggest small town, so it is rewarding to see recovered<br />

patients out-and-about and know you had part in their healing.”<br />

She attributes her success to hard work and determination, saying<br />

these are “critical components to success. There are no shortcuts in<br />

healthcare. I chose nursing because I wanted to make a difference<br />

in people’s lives. Conway Regional has given me the opportunity<br />

to grow into a leadership position from a bedside nurse. Also, my<br />

husband is very supportive in my goals and aspirations; he has<br />

picked up the slack on multiple occasions!”<br />

In her spare time, Andrea is an avid concertgoer. “I love live<br />

music of all kinds. Also, I love Razorback football.” She<br />

is also involved in the community. “I recently joined<br />

the board for Stop DV, an organization in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County focused on improving safety for domestic<br />

violence victims and increasing access to resources<br />

for survivors.”<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Lori Harwell<br />

Owner, Harwell Designs/Boutique<br />

Lori opened Harwell Designs in<br />

Vilonia, where she lives with her<br />

family. She is married to Kevin, and<br />

they have two children, daughter Baylea<br />

and son Brandon; they also have their<br />

“little yorkie, The Razz.”<br />

Lori grew up in Conway and attended<br />

the University of Central Arkansas. She<br />

loves living and working in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County and would never want to be<br />

anywhere else. “The people in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County are the best. We always knew<br />

we wanted to work and raise our family<br />

where we grew up, and we have.”<br />

She attributes the success of her boutique<br />

to “The Good Lord, hard work, integrity,<br />

and the support of my family,” she says.<br />

Harwell Designs offers women’s clothing,<br />

shoes, and accessories. Lori’s goal is to<br />

help women look and feel their best.<br />

She is active on the Boys and Girls Club<br />

of <strong>Faulkner</strong> County board and in the<br />

Vilonia community. In fact, they are<br />

currently raising funds for local schools.<br />

As for her advice to those starting out,<br />

Lori shares a Roy T. Bennett quote,<br />

“Listen with curiosity. Speak with<br />

honesty. Act with integrity.”<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Whitney Long<br />

Mortgage Loan Originator at First Service Bank<br />

Whitney, a mortgage loan originator at First<br />

Service Bank, moved to <strong>Faulkner</strong> County in<br />

2010 when she married, and has lived here<br />

ever since. She and her husband, Ryan, have one son,<br />

Harrison, who is three years old. Whitney attributes<br />

her success first and foremost to the blessings of God,<br />

as well as working hard and serving well.<br />

Of what she most enjoys about living and working<br />

in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, Whitney says, “I love that in<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County you can experience a small town<br />

feel and closeness in a community, but still have the<br />

amenities (shopping, restaurants, entertainment,<br />

culture) of larger metropolitan areas.”<br />

In addition to riding horses in her<br />

spare time, Whitney is involved<br />

in many ways in the community.<br />

I am very involved in my church,<br />

The Church Alive. I also serve on<br />

the Haven House board. Through<br />

our mortgage department we are<br />

involved in many community<br />

events and support as<br />

many of the local nonprofit<br />

organizations that we can,”<br />

she says.<br />

Whitney’s advice to<br />

those just starting out<br />

is, “Work hard, dream<br />

big and believe God!”<br />

76 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Karen Bernard<br />

Events Rental and Floral<br />

women in business<br />

Karen enjoys coordinating events, and<br />

providing rentals and florals through Events<br />

Rental and Floral. She is a proud mother of<br />

three “amazing, grown children,” and she grew<br />

up in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County. “I moved to Dallas right<br />

after high school and started my first business<br />

there when I was 20 years-old. My dive into<br />

entrepreneurship was prompted by opportunity<br />

and necessity. I’ve been self-employed ever since.”<br />

Karen operates by her company’s mission<br />

statement, ‘All About You.’ “Even though I give<br />

suggestions and guidance, it is ultimately the<br />

client’s event or wedding. In all my years of<br />

planning and decorating events, I can honestly say<br />

I have never done one event the same,” she says.<br />

She adds, “Parent entrepreneurs have dual responsibilities<br />

to their businesses and to their families.<br />

Finding ways to devote time to both is key to<br />

achieving that elusive work-life balance, especially<br />

in a business that isn’t always nine-to-five.”<br />

In her spare time, Karen enjoys the great outdoors.<br />

“I was raised in rural <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, so when I’m<br />

not creating magic with all the pretty stuff, I spend<br />

my time hiking, kayaking, and chasing waterfalls.<br />

It is where I find my inner peace and recharge.”<br />

As for her future in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, “In this<br />

industry, it is all about reinventing and keeping up<br />

with the times/trends. I am excited to announce<br />

“<br />

In this industry, it is all about reinventing and<br />

keeping up with the times/trends. I am excited to<br />

announce a private consult and planning business<br />

in Downtown Conway to give Events Rental and<br />

Floral clients our undivided attention. Our other<br />

location at 3230 Vail Avenue will still provide<br />

service for walk-ins and rental pick-ups.<br />

”<br />

—Karen Bernard, Owner<br />

a private consult and planning business in Downtown<br />

Conway to give Events Rental and Floral<br />

clients our undivided attention. Our other location<br />

at 3230 Vail Avenue will still provide service for<br />

walk-ins and rental pick-ups,” says Karen.<br />

Her advice for someone just starting out, is, “Do<br />

something you love. Don’t do it for the money.<br />

In business, there will be good times and bad<br />

times. Some you can control, and some you<br />

can’t. If you don’t have that passion, you will<br />

look at your experience as a burden instead of<br />

the joy you intended it to be.”<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Nabholz<br />

Jayme Mayo, Samantha Thomas, Destany Rorick<br />

Nabholz, headquartered<br />

in Conway, has been<br />

in business in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County since 1949. A multi-service<br />

contractor specializing in construction,<br />

industrial, civil, specialty, and<br />

environmental services, they now<br />

have 1,200 employees in 13 locations<br />

across seven states. A unique<br />

benefit afforded to all employees<br />

is the Nabholz Wellness Program,<br />

a results-based incentive program<br />

with an emphasis on the top five<br />

drivers of health insurance<br />

claims: cholesterol, blood<br />

glucose, blood pressure, obesity,<br />

and nicotine use. Jayme Mayo,<br />

Samantha Thomas, and Destany<br />

Rorick are a key part of managing<br />

this successful program, along with<br />

Dr. Steve Long, and Northwest<br />

Arkansas team members Mallory<br />

Swan and Yajaira Rodriguez.<br />

Jayme Mayo, Wellness Director<br />

Jayme is the heart and soul of<br />

Nabholz’ wellness program. She<br />

developed the program when she<br />

joined the company in 2007 — a<br />

time when corporate wellness<br />

wasn’t a buzz word. Her ability<br />

to connect with Nabholz’<br />

workers and convince them<br />

to improve their health has<br />

made this program successful,<br />

so much so that it has<br />

kept the company’s<br />

healthcare costs much<br />

lower than the<br />

industry average.<br />

From 2010 to<br />

2018, Nabholz<br />

premiums<br />

have only<br />

increased an<br />

average of 1.62 percent<br />

per year. In comparison,<br />

average health care<br />

costs across the U.S.<br />

rose by 4.3 percent<br />

a year. In the same<br />

time frame, Nabholz<br />

employee statistics<br />

show high blood pressure<br />

and cholesterol have<br />

fallen from 40 percent to<br />

15 percent and 46 percent<br />

to 26 percent, respectively.<br />

Tobacco users have<br />

dropped from 49 percent<br />

to 26 percent.<br />

Of course, Jayme’s qualifications<br />

go far beyond relatability. She<br />

has an M.S. in Medicine and<br />

a B.S. in Kinesiology. She is a<br />

licensed Physician Assistant,<br />

Physical Therapist Assistant, and<br />

is certified in group fitness, CPR,<br />

and first aid.<br />

Samantha Thomas,<br />

Wellness Coordinator<br />

Wellness Coordinator Samantha<br />

Thomas has been with Nabholz<br />

since 2013. She specializes in<br />

fitness, and has a B.S. in Health<br />

Education, with an emphasis<br />

in Wellness and is an AFAA<br />

Certified Personal Trainer. With<br />

certifications in Heartsaver First<br />

Aid CPR and AED, Samantha also<br />

helps educate many of Nabholz’<br />

employees in basic first aid. She<br />

passes this knowledge on to<br />

Nabholz’ employees, especially<br />

those in management in the field.<br />

After receiving training such as<br />

this, these employees have saved<br />

lives on and off job sites. She<br />

loves seeing people’s faces light<br />

up when they see results from the<br />

healthy changes they have made.<br />

Destany Rorick,<br />

Medical Assistant<br />

Medical Assistant Destany Rorick<br />

joined the Nabholz Wellness<br />

team in 2016. She is often the<br />

first face or voice Nabholz<br />

employees encounter when<br />

seeking medical advice from<br />

one of the company’s on-site<br />

providers. She has her Medical<br />

Assistant Certificate, CPR<br />

certification, and is a graduate<br />

of the Eastern College of Health<br />

Vocations Mental Health Education<br />

program.<br />

78 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Destiny Lankford<br />

Centennial Bank / Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS #1961683<br />

Destiny, a Mortgage Loan Officer with Centennial Bank, grew<br />

up in Mount Vernon and completed her education at Arkansas<br />

Tech University with a degree in Public Relations. Her husband<br />

completed flight school at Fort Rucker, Alabama, and, once completed,<br />

the opportunity became available to call <strong>Faulkner</strong> County home once<br />

again. “We knew it would be the perfect place to raise our family,”<br />

Destiny says. Destiny and her husband have two sons, Dyson<br />

and Denver, with another on the way. “They keep us on our<br />

toes and make life so fun. My husband is a Blackhawk pilot<br />

for the Army. With his work, mine and the boys’ activities<br />

lives are crazy, but the beautiful kind of crazy.”<br />

Of what she most enjoys about living and working in<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County, Destiny says, “Everything! I love the school<br />

systems, the fact that it’s big but feels like such a small, close<br />

community. Mostly, I love the people. I love that people from<br />

all over Arkansas come here, and they never want to leave.”<br />

She attributes her success to her amazing support system, “I<br />

have an amazing support system in my family and a mother<br />

who taught me an incredible work ethic. A company that is<br />

always providing growth and opportunity. One that also<br />

has some incredible role models and leaders who have<br />

helped guide and teach me along the way.”<br />

Destiny’s advice to those just starting out is, “Never<br />

give up! I started at Centennial Bank in Loan Operations<br />

and have had four different positions before<br />

landing where I am now. Hard work, dedication, and<br />

loyalty go a long way and will get you where you<br />

want to be; just be patient and have faith.”<br />

Of what she most enjoys about living and<br />

working in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County:<br />

“ Everything! I<br />

love the school systems, the fact that it‘s big<br />

but feels like such a small, close community.<br />

Mostly, I love the people. I love that people<br />

from all over Arkansas come here, and<br />

they never want to leave.<br />

”<br />

‐Destiny Lankford<br />

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Angel Duncan<br />

Owner of Angel‘s Boutique<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Angel is the owner of<br />

Angel’s Boutique, located<br />

in the Conway Commons<br />

Shopping Center. Her husband<br />

is a utility inspector, and Angel<br />

finished her education in<br />

Kentucky after leaving Greenbrier<br />

in the 8th grade. Her son<br />

is a professional golf caddy<br />

at Alotian, and her daughter<br />

is a photographer and on<br />

the social media team for<br />

Angel’s Boutique. Angel<br />

says, “Fun fact – one<br />

of my best friends<br />

growing up in<br />

Greenbrier is now<br />

my dentist. Dr.<br />

Jennifer Weaver is<br />

the best!”<br />

When asked what led her<br />

to open a business here,<br />

Angel says “My dad was<br />

a pastor in Conway for<br />

many years, and we met<br />

so many wonderful people<br />

through our church and just<br />

fell in love with the town.<br />

One of the families that visited<br />

our church quite often had a<br />

fragrance store for sale, and we<br />

wound up buying it from them.<br />

It has now turned into a boutique<br />

with an online store, and we also<br />

have an app. Since my store was<br />

mainly a fragrance store, I just<br />

wanted to expand to be more of<br />

a one stop shop. We try to offer a<br />

little bit of everything.”<br />

Of what she most enjoys about<br />

living and working here, Angel<br />

says, “I have had multiple out<br />

of town customers tell me that<br />

Conway is one of the best cities<br />

they’ve ever visited. I just feel like<br />

we have wonderful people, great<br />

restaurants, and amazing churches.<br />

It a great place to raise a family.”<br />

She attributes her success to not<br />

only a lot of prayer and hard work<br />

but also to several important people<br />

who contribute to her achievements.<br />

“I have the best attorney,<br />

Skip Davidson, banker, Skip Colvin,<br />

and accountant, Lisa Stephens.<br />

They are truly amazing and are<br />

miracle workers! I’m so thankful to<br />

have them in my corner. God said<br />

to always get advice from godly<br />

people, and that’s what I try to do.”<br />

Angel attends Central Baptist<br />

Church, and her interests include<br />

swimming, playing tennis and<br />

enjoying Baggo with her family.<br />

Through her business, she<br />

also supports Harbor Home, a<br />

residential community that provides<br />

training and assistance to women<br />

whose lives are in crisis.<br />

Angel’s advice to those just starting<br />

out is, “Work hard, keep God first<br />

in everything you do, and don’t<br />

stray from your standards. Surround<br />

yourself with a good support group,<br />

and people who will help you<br />

become better. Build a great team!”<br />

Maret Wicks<br />

Vice-President, Marketing Manager / Arvest Bank – Central, NE, SW Arkansas<br />

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


80 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong><br />

Maret grew up in Tempe, Arizona but has lived in<br />

Conway for 16 years. She and her husband, Jeff,<br />

both work for Arvest Bank. “We are a blended<br />

family with five children between us, Andy Moore, Ethan<br />

Moore, Grace Moore, Kyle Wicks and Jordan Wicks.<br />

We live in Conway with two of our kids currently<br />

in residence, Ethan and Grace. We share our home<br />

with three pets, Cali, Stella, Miss Kitty and 2<br />

grand-dogs, Nash and Presley.”<br />

Of what she most enjoys about living and working<br />

in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, Maret says, “I have worked<br />

and lived in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County for 16 years. It has<br />

a small town feel but offers the amenities of a<br />

much larger town. I loved raising my kids here.<br />

I met my husband here. I fell in love with a<br />

community that is willing to give back with<br />

their passion, their talents, their time and<br />

even their funds. I saw this firsthand when<br />

I worked at United Way and, now, I see it<br />

from a slightly different side. Arvest gives<br />

back in all the ways described above, and I<br />

am proud to continue to be able to be part of<br />

a transformational organization.”<br />

Maret attributes her success to many<br />

in her life. “They say it takes a village<br />

to raise a child, but it also takes a<br />

village to move through the world<br />

with any kind of success. I attribute my accomplishments<br />

to many great friends and mentors who help me understand<br />

my strengths and my opportunities for learning. I<br />

must give a nod to my parents who instilled in my siblings<br />

and me an extremely strong work ethic. That strong ethic<br />

will drive one to seek out answers and skills to help them<br />

thrive in almost any situation.”<br />

Many in the community are aware that Maret is also an<br />

artist. “My favorite medium is acrylics although I like to<br />

draw with charcoal, as well. I am working on a painting<br />

for Corey and Emily Shumate and their lovely little boy<br />

John Ryan. After that, I will begin one for my brother,<br />

Brendan, and his wife, Nora and their little bundle of joy. My<br />

husband, Jeff, and I are also avid DIYers. This hobby keeps<br />

us very busy. We also love cycling and kayaking.”<br />

Currently, Maret sits on the Conway Art board. She<br />

says, “We are tasked to find opportunities for public art<br />

in Conway. Additionally, I am on the steering committee<br />

for Bank On Arkansas Plus, an organization that strives to<br />

bring banking to the non-banked and under-banked. Both<br />

organizations fit my passions nicely.”<br />

Maret’s advice to those just starting out is, “Find something<br />

you are passionate about and the rest will follow!”

<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Raegan McGhee<br />

Oak & Ash Home Décor / Owner<br />

Oak & Ash is inspired by a love and<br />

passion for all things design. Founded by<br />

Raegan McGhee, the boutique offers the<br />

latest in home decor, furniture, and accessories.<br />

Raegan is married to Bryce, “a huge supporter<br />

of my dreams and a great business partner.”<br />

Raegan grew up in the Conway area and graduated<br />

from the University of Central Arkansas<br />

with a Bachelors in Logistics and Supply Chain<br />

Management. On her decision to open her<br />

business, she says, “I love supporting small<br />

businesses but found myself shopping outside<br />

Conway to find those unique decor pieces to<br />

complete my spaces. I always dreamed of a<br />

place close to home where I could find them.<br />

Sensing this need, I wanted to bring that to<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County. With that, I’m excited to see<br />

what the future holds for Oak & Ash.”<br />

Starting a business was<br />

not a new concept for<br />

Raegan. “My family<br />

is full of entrepreneurs<br />

who have<br />

always encouraged<br />

me to pursue my<br />

dreams. My<br />

grandmother,<br />

Linda Linn,<br />

has been my<br />

role model;<br />

I hope to give back to the community as she<br />

has done,” she says.<br />

Raegan loves the people of <strong>Faulkner</strong> County.<br />

“This community is an incredible group of<br />

people who are invested in our city. From<br />

small businesses to local nonprofits, this area is<br />

brimming with support and love. My husband<br />

and I are very involved in the community.<br />

We attend The Summit Church and work for<br />

Renewal Ranch, where Bryce works full time<br />

as Director of Marketing and Fundraising. We<br />

also love bringing pieces of the community<br />

back to life by restoring homes through our<br />

business Urban Mortar,” says Raegan.<br />

As for her advice for someone just starting out,<br />

she says, “Follow your dreams and passions<br />

and simply have fun. Remember to find joy in<br />

each step of the process, so your dreams never<br />

become just a job.”<br />

L-R: Katie Bernard,<br />

Raegan McGhee,<br />

Cassandra Greenfield.<br />

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WOMEN in<br />


St. Joseph School<br />

Carrie Simon, Christy Pasierb, Jackie Elsinger, Amy Rehm<br />

St. Joseph School, located at 502 Front Street<br />

in Conway, has been part of the community<br />

since 1879. The mission at St. Joseph School is<br />

empowering students academically and spiritually<br />

to become advocates of Catholic social teachings<br />

rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ. With a student<br />

enrollment of approximately 500 students PreK-12,<br />

St. Joseph is proud to employ these women who<br />

make education fun and meaningful for their<br />

students daily. Here’s what they said when asked<br />

why they chose education as a profession:<br />

Carrie Simon - Pre-K Teacher and 11th year at St. Joe<br />

I love working with my preschool kiddos. One of<br />

the joys in teaching is working with my students<br />

and doing experiments. When doing experiments,<br />

I love to see their minds working and learning<br />

while using multi-sensory skills. I want them<br />

to get hands-on experience, so we do a lot of<br />

sensory bins. Preschool is an area where you<br />

never know what they’re going to say or do, they<br />

are extremely entertaining! When working with<br />

preschoolers there is never a dull moment!!<br />

Christy Pasierb - Library Media, K-6,<br />

9th year at St. Joe and is also a St. Joe graduate<br />

My love for working with children and my<br />

passion for reading inspired me to change careers<br />

and pursue degrees in the field of education. I feel<br />

blessed to be working in the library, at the school<br />

my daughters attend, and my alma mater.<br />

Jackie Elsinger - 3rd year at St. Joe,<br />

Food Preparation, Science 7, & Science 8<br />

High School, St. Joseph Honorary Alumni - 2017<br />

Why teach? I love children; I love learning, so I<br />

love to teach! I had several college professors who<br />

told me I should be a teacher after high school, but<br />

it wasn’t my plan at the time. I graduated with a<br />

degree in computer science. After working, raising<br />

my children, and substitute teaching for many<br />

years, I felt the calling. I went back to school and<br />

earned my master’s degree in Education. Learning<br />

should be fun--I teach science and a Basic Food<br />

Prep Class...how fun is that? I feel truly blessed to<br />

be doing what I love.<br />

Amy Rehm - Elementary First Grade teacher -<br />

3rd year at St Joe<br />

There is something so rewarding about witnessing<br />

the spark in a child’s eye when they understand<br />

what they are learning. God gave me the passion for<br />

teaching and there is nowhere else I would rather be.<br />

St. Joseph School serves 326 families from the<br />

Central Arkansas area. The school offers students<br />

opportunities for service through several classes<br />

and clubs, and much of that service work impacts<br />

the Conway community—Feed My Starving<br />

Children Mobile Pack, Salvation Army Bell<br />

Ringing, and the Angel Tree Program to name a<br />

few. To foster future leaders in our community,<br />

St. Joseph student representatives participate in<br />

Teen Court, the Conway Area Youth Leadership<br />

Institute, Boy State, Girls State, and HOBY each<br />

year. Apply today at www.stjosephconway.org.<br />

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<strong>2020</strong><br />

WOMEN in<br />


Velda Lueders<br />

Realtor / Coldwell Banker RPM Group-Conway<br />

Velda is an accomplished realtor with Coldwell<br />

Banker RPM Group in Conway. She<br />

has been married to “Coach” Barry Lueders<br />

for 28 years and has two daughters, Elisabeth and<br />

Catherine, and a granddaughter, Zoe.<br />

“What I love most about working and living in<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County is the community. The relationships<br />

and friendships both in my personal and professional<br />

atmosphere have been extremely meaningful. In real<br />

estate, I most love the connections I have with my<br />

clients, the relationships I have built with my fellow<br />

colleagues, and the joy I have from working in a<br />

career I truly enjoy each and every day,” says Velda.<br />

In her spare time, she enjoys sports, reading, camping,<br />

traveling, and baking. She also believes in giving back<br />

to the community. “I am on the Board of Directors for<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County Home Builders, the Board of Directors<br />

for Bethlehem House, and am a lifetime member<br />

of the National Association of Junior Auxiliary. I am a<br />

member of the Conway Chamber of Commerce, the<br />

Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce, and the Conway<br />

High School Booster Club. I love helping with our<br />

local school 5Ks, reading to kids, and giving back to<br />

our teachers and educators,” she says.<br />

Professionally, Velda says, “I am very involved with<br />

the local, state, and national Associations of Realtors.<br />

I currently serve as a Director for the <strong>Faulkner</strong> County<br />

Board of Realtors. At the state level, I serve on the<br />

Professional Standards Committee, Legislative<br />

Committee and as an ARPAC Trustee. At the<br />

national level, I’m serving a three-year term on the<br />

Board of Directors for the national association…I<br />

enjoy traveling to the annual mid-year meetings in<br />

Washington, DC and our national conventions held<br />

each November. Being involved is an important part<br />

of my business, and the networking is an opportunity<br />

to send and receive referrals. I was inducted<br />

to the <strong>Faulkner</strong> County Hall of Fame, awarded<br />

the 2019 <strong>Faulkner</strong> County Board of Realtors<br />

Realtor of the Year, Arkansas Realtors 2019<br />

Realtor of the Year, and received the medal<br />

of service for the National Association of<br />

Realtors - Omega Tau Rho.”<br />

As for her future in <strong>Faulkner</strong> County, Velda<br />

says, “I plan to continue growing my business;<br />

being active in local, state, and national<br />

associations; and traveling more with my<br />

husband and family.” Her advice for someone<br />

just starting out is,<br />

“Stay true to yourself.<br />

Always respect your<br />

colleagues that you<br />

work with day-in and<br />

day-out. Work hard<br />

and never give up!”<br />

women in business<br />

TOGETHER FOR Better.<br />

Arkansans appreciate community. We work<br />

and raise families. Care for our neighbors.<br />

And come together in good times and bad.<br />

At First Security, that local strength is what<br />

we love best about our home state. There is<br />

commitment here. And heart. And hope.<br />

Thank you to everyone who is standing<br />

together, learning from one another, and making<br />

Arkansas a place we all love to call home.<br />

Member FDIC<br />

We’re proud to be your community bank.<br />

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photography<br />

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Put your home’s equity to work with a<br />

Home Equity Line of Credit.<br />

From renovation plans to life’s surprises, it’s there for whatever you need.<br />

Stop by one of our convenient locations to see if a HELOC is the right solution for you.<br />

Benefits:<br />

• Competitive interest rates*<br />

• Accessing funds is as easy as writing a check<br />

• Interest may be tax-deductible**<br />

• Quick & simple application process<br />

Visit one of our Conway offices today.<br />

Conway Main ⋅ 551 Harkrider ⋅ 501-932-3000<br />

Conway East ⋅ 1104 E. Oak St. ⋅ 501-932-3060<br />

Conway North ⋅ 1745 Old Morrilton Hwy. ⋅ 501-932-3020<br />

Conway Salem ⋅ 545 Salem Rd. ⋅ 501-548-0206<br />

Member FDIC. Bank NMLS# 464037<br />

*Interest rate and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) are based on borrower credit criteria and collateral. Interest rate and APR are variable and subject to<br />

change. Subject to credit approval. **The interest on the portion of the credit extension that is greater than the fair market value of the dwelling is not tax<br />

deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Please consult a tax adviser for further information regarding the deductibility of interest and charges.<br />

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scene | heard<br />

local<br />

realtors<br />

and<br />

lenders<br />

Experience<br />

Supreme Speed!<br />

Call Today to Start Your Mortgage Application<br />

870.703.3859<br />

Katherine Lyons<br />

Loan Officer, NMLS # 1468227<br />

Direct: 501.358.7272<br />

Fax: 501.358.7282<br />

www.KatherineLyons.SupremeLending.com<br />

Katherine.Lyons@SupremeLending.com<br />

505 Amity Road, Suite 601, 602, 604<br />

Conway, AR 72032<br />


ID #2129 (www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org) 14801 Quorum Dr., #300, Dallas, TX<br />

75254. 877-350-5225. © 2018. This is not an offer to enter into an agreement.<br />

Information, rates, & programs are subject to change without prior notice and may not<br />

be available in all states. All products are subject to credit & property approval.<br />

Supreme Lending is not affiliated with any government agency. Intended for Arkansas<br />

consumers, Arkansas Combination Mortgage Banker-Broker-Servicer License 12046.<br />

RE/MAX Elite<br />

2450 N Donaghey Ave.<br />

Conway, AR<br />

501-733-5397<br />



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Want<br />

Want<br />

to<br />

to<br />

advertise?<br />

advertise?<br />

Contact<br />

Contact<br />

us<br />

us<br />

today!<br />

today!<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong><strong>Lifestyle</strong>@gmail.com<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong><strong>Lifestyle</strong>@gmail.com<br />

Shari Hoover 501.269-0196<br />

Shari Hoover 501.269-0196<br />

Jackie Mahar 501.472.9447<br />

Jackie Mahar 501.472.9447

health<br />

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea?<br />

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a<br />

common disorder where the muscles of<br />

your throat and tongue relax while you<br />

sleep, closing off your airway and blocking<br />

your breathing. As this happens throughout<br />

the night, your blood oxygen levels drop and<br />

you repeatedly wake up from sleep.<br />

How is Sleep Apnea diagnosed?<br />

Most patients present to their doctor with<br />

loud, disruptive snoring, often accompanied<br />

by an irritated partner. Other symptoms<br />

include witnessed apneas (or cessation of<br />

breathing), excessive daytime sleepiness,<br />

non-restorative sleep, poor concentration,<br />

morning headaches, and mood changes. After<br />

a history and physical are performed, a sleep<br />

study is needed to determine if sleep apnea is<br />

present, and if so, how severe it is. These can<br />

be performed in a sleep center or at home.<br />

What causes OSA?<br />

There are many causes of OSA, and for most<br />

patients, it is a combination of things. The<br />

number one cause is obesity. In many cases,<br />

patients also have a smaller throat or larger<br />

tongue that predisposes it to collapsing. A<br />

long palate or small jaw can also contribute<br />

to OSA. In children, the number one cause<br />

is enlarged tonsils and adenoids. While not<br />

necessarily a cause, nasal congestion can<br />

also contribute to sleep apnea.<br />

What happens if it isn‘t treated?<br />

Patients generally experience a decreased<br />

quality of life due to excessive daytime<br />

sleepiness, chronic fatigue, or poor attention.<br />

This can lead to increased traffic or<br />

workplace accidents.<br />

Due to the increased<br />

stress on the heart and<br />

lungs, patients have<br />

an increased risk of<br />

heart attack, stroke,<br />

high blood pressure,<br />

or abnormal heart<br />

rhythms.<br />

How do you treat<br />

sleep apnea?<br />

The first line of treatment<br />

for OSA is a CPAP<br />

(continuous positive<br />

airway pressure) device. This is a machine<br />

that connects to a mask worn over the nose<br />

or mouth that blows air into your throat to<br />

keep it open. For milder cases of OSA, an<br />

oral appliance that pulls your tongue or jaw<br />

forward while you sleep is also an option. If<br />

patients are unable to either of these, surgery<br />

is an option. Traditional sleep apnea surgery<br />

includes multi-level airway surgery to address<br />

nasal congestion and enlarge the throat. This<br />

can include nasal surgery, tonsillectomy,<br />

tongue reduction, or a hyoid suspension.<br />

Inspire Surgery<br />

The most recent advancement in sleep<br />

surgery - and the most effective - is hypoglossal<br />

nerve stimulation therapy, or Inspire.<br />

Inspire is an implant that works inside your<br />

body with your natural breathing process<br />

to treat obstructive sleep apnea. While you<br />

sleep, Inspire delivers mild stimulation<br />

to key muscles in the tongue and throat,<br />

allowing the airway to remain open. The<br />

Inspire system is controlled by a small<br />

handheld remote. You simply turn on the<br />

device before bed and off in the morning<br />

when you wake up. It is done as an outpatient<br />

procedure with less pain and recovery<br />

time than traditional sleep surgery. General<br />

qualification criteria for Inspire are moderate<br />

or severe sleep apnea, unable to use or<br />

get consistent benefit with CPAP, and not<br />

significantly obese (BMI

spotlight<br />


Angela Jackson<br />

Studio Skin<br />

Angela Jackson draws upon over<br />

21 years in the beauty industry,<br />

beginning her career as a Licensed<br />

Aesthetician in 1998. After training and<br />

working directly under two different<br />

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in<br />

Fayetteville for 15+ years, she went on to<br />

establish her own business- Studio Skin.<br />

She opened Studio Skin in 2008. Angela<br />

also served two consecutive terms on the<br />

Arkansas Department of Health Advisory<br />

Committee. Not only does Angela bring<br />

her profession inside Studio Skin she also<br />

brings her passion for the industry.<br />

After earning a diploma in Aesthetics<br />

in Fort Smith, Angela continued her<br />

education and pursued extensive<br />

education. She has additional certification<br />

and education in microcurrent<br />

“facelift” treatments, microdermabrasion,<br />

microneedling, acne treatments, lasers<br />

(hair removal, spider vein treatment and<br />

ablative treatments), hair removal, brow<br />

shaping artistry, advanced chemical peels,<br />

anti-aging treatments, advance exfoliation<br />

technique including ultrasonic-peels and<br />

dermaplaning. Treating all skin types and<br />

conditions using the most advanced skin<br />

care systems on the market today, among<br />

her expanding and continuing education.<br />

Angela’s passion for knowledge in<br />

the dynamic, ever-changing skincare/<br />

beauty industry ensures that she stays<br />

informed with the latest technologies<br />

88 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

and cutting edge ingredients in skincare,<br />

which she loves to share with her<br />

clients. Every product at Studio Skin<br />

has been tried, tested and hand-chosen<br />

by Angela herself.<br />

Her approach is one that encompasses<br />

all of the technical knowledge with a<br />

relaxing and soothing touch. Because of<br />

her dedication and love for the beauty<br />

industry, she has gained the credibility<br />

and loyalty of all her clients. A true master<br />

of all services offered. All of your skin care<br />

needs can be met simply by putting your<br />

face in Angela’s hands.<br />

Angela’s 21 years as a Licensed Aesthetician<br />

make her very particular about<br />

her work. These professional skills and<br />

experiences provide her with a keen sense<br />

for this specialty trade. She is currently<br />

enrolled and finishing up classes to receive<br />

a diploma for permanent cosmetics.<br />

Angela’s conservative approach and<br />

attention to detail will help you look and<br />

feel your best permanently.<br />

“<br />

I truly love helping my clients achieve their<br />

skin care goals so they can always put their best<br />

face forward. It is a wonderful feeling knowing<br />

I’ve helped a client achieve far more<br />

than what they were hoping for.<br />

”<br />

Skin Rejuvenation<br />

Microdermabrasion<br />

Chemical Peels<br />

Waxing<br />

Studio SKIN<br />

1315 North St, Ste 102<br />

Downtown Conway<br />

501.358.4653<br />

StudioSKIN.SkincareTherapy.net<br />

Studio*SKIN<br />

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We Make<br />

It Simple,<br />

So You Can<br />

Make It Home.<br />


Centennial Bank Mortgage Loan originators: (Left to right)<br />

Ashley Newman NMLS# 1268524, Kelsey McEntire NMLS# 1834358,<br />

Destiny Lankford NMLS# 1961683, Lindsey French NMLS# 675410,<br />

Nancy Cuthbertson-Phillips NMLS# 675409<br />

My100Bank.com / HomeBancShares Company (NASDAQ: HOMB)<br />

Auto Body Repair & reenishing<br />

Whatever lies for you on the road ahead<br />

you can always count on us.<br />

From major collision repair<br />

to minor dents and dings,<br />

we have got you covered!<br />

The Chill is coming for you!<br />

ARE you ready?<br />

ii<br />

Schedule your service appointment today!<br />

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pet care<br />


For your furriest family members, the holidays<br />

may bring unfamiliar faces, loud noises, and the<br />

temptation to eat potentially hazardous things.<br />

Know what to look out for and the steps to take<br />

in an emergency.<br />


Although it poses a well-known danger to<br />

pets, chocolate remains one of the most highly<br />

reported pet toxicities. The Animal Poison<br />

Control Center addressed 17,540 chocolate<br />

toxicity cases in 2017—about 48 per day.<br />

Chocolate becomes a heightened concern during<br />

the holiday season because of the increased<br />

volume of candies, baked goods, and chocolatecovered<br />

treats. During the week of Halloween,<br />

calls to the Pet Poison Helpline—most regarding<br />

pets accidentally ingesting candy—increase by<br />

12%, making it the center’s busiest time of year.<br />

DECOR<br />

For pets, some decorations look like toys and<br />

could lead to injury. One major culprit: tinsel.<br />

Shiny and stringlike, this is a major temptation<br />

for cats—and a major threat. Because tinsel is<br />

thin and long, it can be swallowed easily and<br />

become lodged in a cat’s stomach and unable to<br />

pass through the intestines. Most veterinarians<br />

recommend skipping the tinsel if you have a cat.<br />

Christmas trees should be anchored securely so<br />

it cannot tip over, potentially injuring a pet or<br />

child. Keep an eye on the water in their tree’s<br />

stand. Some pets drink the stagnant water,<br />

which is a breeding ground for bacteria, and can<br />

quickly become ill.<br />

Holiday Hazards for Pets<br />

NOISE<br />

From a pet’s perspective, many holiday<br />

traditions aren’t exciting—they’re scary. On<br />

Halloween you might rejoice in the stream<br />

of costume-clad trick-or-treaters at the door,<br />

but your pet just notices that the doorbell has<br />

rung dozens of times, only to reveal oddlooking<br />

strangers each time. This can result in<br />

unexpected aggression or an attempted escape<br />

through the open door. The best way to avoid<br />

this stress is to put your pet in a secure crate or a<br />

room as far away from the front door.<br />

On New Year’s Eve, the fireworks that mark<br />

the start of a fresh year produce an unwelcome<br />

barrage of noise that may send your dog into<br />

hiding. If you know that your dog or cat suffers<br />

from noise aversion or anxiety, speak with your<br />

veterinarian about extra measures you can take.<br />


It’s very likely that the sugar-free sweetener<br />

Xylitol lurks in your pantry. A common ingredient<br />

in baked goods, gum, and even peanut<br />

butter, the additive is particularly dangerous for<br />

dogs. Xylitol can cause their blood sugar to drop<br />

and lead to liver failure. Check the ingredient list<br />

of the foods you serve or prepare at home, and<br />

keep all baked goods out of your pet’s reach.<br />

PLANTS<br />

It’s widely believed that Poinsettias are toxic<br />

to pets, but that’s not entirely true. Although<br />

eating large amounts of the plant has the<br />

potential to sicken an animal, mistletoe and<br />

holly are actually much more toxic. If ingested,<br />

either plant could lead to vomiting, diarrhea,<br />

and heart arrhythmia in both dogs and cats.<br />

Halloween decorations such as pumpkins and<br />

cornstalks can cause gastrointestinal upset or<br />

intestinal blockage, and jack-o’-lanterns or other<br />

decorations with lit candles could burn a curious<br />

pet. So be sure to keep a watchful eye on your<br />

pet—or use alternative decorations.<br />

GUESTS<br />

Unfamiliar faces may increase your pet’s level<br />

of anxiety or aggression and pose a safety risk.<br />

Also, guests entering and exiting your home<br />

may not notice your pet slipping out the door<br />

behind them. To help prevent mishaps, tell<br />

visitors in advance that you have a pet. You<br />

should also set up a comfortable, quiet place<br />

as retreat for your cat or dog if the socializing<br />

becomes too overwhelming. Don’t forget to<br />

check in on her from time to time.<br />

If you host overnight guests, be leery of their<br />

medications. Visitors might leave pills in their<br />

suitcase or on a nightstand where pets can<br />

access them easily. This applies to prescription<br />

and over-the-counter medications, supplements,<br />

and vitamins. Last year, the APCC received<br />

nearly 35,000 calls about the accidental ingestion<br />

of medications.<br />


Being a responsible pet owner means taking<br />

precautions to keep your pet happy and healthy.<br />

If, despite your best efforts, you suspect that<br />

your cat or dog has ingested a potentially toxic<br />

decoration or food item, immediately call a pet<br />

poison hotline, such as the APCC (888-426-<br />

4435) or Pet Poison Helpline (855-764-7661).<br />

Specially trained staff can help identify what<br />

your pet ingested and alert you to any danger. If<br />

you notice that your pet seems sick or acts odd,<br />

don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian.<br />


2725 COLLEGE AVE • CONWAY • 501-329-2940<br />


faulknerlifestyle.com 91

community<br />

Operation Christmas Child<br />

It‘s Time to Start Packing!<br />

What is Operation<br />

Christmas Child?<br />

The Samaritan’s Purse project<br />

Operation Christmas Child collects<br />

shoebox gifts—filled with fun toys,<br />

school supplies and hygiene items—and<br />

delivers them to children in need around<br />

the world to demonstrate God’s love in a<br />

tangible way. For many of these children,<br />

the gift-filled shoebox is the first gift they<br />

have ever received.<br />

Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child,<br />

the world’s largest Christmas project of<br />

its kind, has collected and delivered more<br />

than 178 million shoebox gifts to children<br />

in more than 160 countries and territories.<br />

In <strong>2020</strong>, Operation Christmas Child<br />

hopes to collect enough shoebox gifts<br />

to reach another 11 million children<br />

in countries like Peru, the Philippines,<br />

Rwanda and Ukraine. More than 10.5<br />

million shoebox gifts were collected<br />

worldwide in 2019, with more than 8.9<br />

million collected in the U.S. The Area<br />

Goal for the Arkansas River Valley Area<br />

for <strong>2020</strong> is 18,060 gift-filled shoeboxes.<br />

How Can YOU Help?<br />

Conway and the surrounding<br />

communities have been participating<br />

in the collection of these shoebox gifts<br />

since 1999. Scores of churches, groups,<br />

teams, classes, businesses, families and<br />

individuals from our local community<br />

92 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

have contributed thousands of boxes<br />

since 1999.<br />

The entire community is invited to join<br />

in this gift giving ministry. The <strong>2020</strong><br />

Collection Week is November 16th-23rd.<br />

The drop off location this year is 1051<br />

Hogan Lane (Fellowship Bible Church).<br />

Drop off hours are from 10-2 Monday<br />

through Friday with additional hours<br />

from 7-9 p.m. on Wednesday, 10-12 on<br />

Saturday, 1-6 on Sunday and 9-12 the<br />

last Monday.<br />

What Do You Pack In A Shoebox?<br />

Anyone can pack a shoebox. Individuals,<br />

families, churches and groups fill empty<br />

shoeboxes with school supplies, hygiene<br />

items and fun toys, such as dolls or<br />

soccer balls.<br />

DO NOT INCLUDE candy; toothpaste;<br />

used or damaged items; war-related<br />

items such as toy guns, knives or military<br />

figures; seeds; chocolate or food; liquids<br />

or lotions; medications or vitamins;<br />

breakable items, such as snow globes or<br />

glass containers; or aerosol cans.<br />

a shipping donation of $9. Shipping<br />

donations can be made online on the<br />

Samaritan’s Purse website by clicking on<br />

the Follow Your Box tab and receive a<br />

tracking label to discover its destination.<br />

Participants who prefer the convenience<br />

of online shopping can browse online at<br />

www.SamaritansPurse.org/buildonline to<br />

select gifts matched to a child’s specific<br />

age and gender, then finish packing the<br />

virtual shoebox by adding a photo and<br />

personal note of encouragement.<br />

“This is an exciting week that we plan<br />

for all year. We love seeing the faces and<br />

hearing the stories of the people who<br />

donate shoeboxes each year and we<br />

count it as such a privilege to share these<br />

gifts with these children in desperate<br />

situations!” said Dawn Wilson, Arkansas<br />

River Valley Area Coordinator.<br />

For more information, in addition to<br />

the websites, you can contact<br />

Dawn Wilson at 501-269-0434<br />

Remember!<br />

The Go Store is a one-stop location in<br />

downtown Conway where you can<br />

find quality items at discounted prices<br />

for your Operation Christmas Child<br />

shoebox gifts! The GO Store is located at<br />

807 Court Street in Conway, Arkansas.<br />

The GO Store Mission:<br />

To offer quality merchandise at discount<br />

prices to individuals and groups wishing<br />

to pack shoeboxes to benefit Operation<br />

Christmas Child and to make items<br />

cheaper and more accessible - allowing<br />

those packing to send more shoeboxes<br />

for the same amount of money; therefore,<br />

increasing their impact in spreading<br />

The Gospel and making disciples of the<br />

nations. You can get more details online<br />

at www.ConwayGoStore.com<br />

More information on what to include<br />

and what not to include in your shoebox<br />

is at www.SamaritansPurse.org/occ.<br />

Operation Christmas Child suggests<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 93

94 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

There are a 1,001 things to worry about when moving...<br />

make that 1,000.<br />

Contact us for all of your moving needs.<br />

720 S. Harkrider St<br />

Conway, AR 72034<br />

501-327-6464<br />

www.staministorage.com<br />




We build beauuful custom websites that<br />

increase customer engagement and will grow your<br />

business.<br />

1.<br />



2.<br />



3.<br />



0099 234 5678900<br />

your email@us.com<br />

D I G I T A L M O V E M E N T M E D I A . C O M<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 95

truth on the go<br />

A Good Shepherd<br />

96 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>


When I was a little girl, I learned<br />

a song. “My God is so great,<br />

so strong and so mighty,<br />

there is nothing my God cannot do...<br />

for you!” Sometimes we need to<br />

remember this simple, yet profound,<br />

truth. God is great. He is mighty and<br />

there is nothing too hard for Him!<br />

In the book of John, we learn that Jesus,<br />

God’s Son, is great and mighty. He<br />

described Himself as a good shepherd. A<br />

shepherd always takes care of His sheep.<br />

The reason why is simple. The shepherd<br />

is invested in his flock. He loves them.<br />

He cares for them. He protects them.<br />

When danger comes, the shepherd puts<br />

his life on the line to save his sheep. Jesus<br />

used the analogy of a shepherd and his<br />

sheep to describe the type relationship<br />

He desires to have with us. Jesus stated,<br />

“I am the good shepherd. The good<br />

shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.<br />

(John 10:11, New International Version)<br />

For just a moment, think about all<br />

the ways we are like sheep. We need<br />

direction in our lives. We don’t always<br />

know the right decisions to make. Left to<br />

our own devices, we will mess up.<br />

It’s easy for us to put our hope in the<br />

things of this world even though the<br />

things of this world have no power or<br />

ability to truly save us. We look to our<br />

careers, relationships, and even ourselves<br />

to try and find our way. Many of these<br />

things are good and needed; however,<br />

each of them falls short of providing the<br />

ultimate direction we need.<br />

Thankfully, Jesus never falls short. Jesus<br />

laid down His life in order to provide the<br />

only way for us to be saved. Not only<br />

did Jesus lay down His life, He willingly<br />

takes on rescue missions for His sheep.<br />

Jesus told a story in the Bible about a<br />

shepherd who owned one hundred<br />

sheep. One of the sheep wandered off<br />

from the flock. The shepherd looked for<br />

the lost sheep and celebrated when the<br />

sheep was found. Jesus then explained<br />

that there is celebration in heaven when<br />

a lost person is found. This means that<br />

heaven rejoices when a person turns to<br />

God and asks for help and forgiveness.<br />

I wonder if you feel like a lost sheep.<br />

Do you need direction and guidance in<br />

your life? You can know that Jesus is<br />

willing and able to meet you where you<br />

are and save you. He gave His life for<br />

you. Today you can respond to Him by<br />

saying, “Jesus, save me!”<br />

If you already have a relationship with<br />

Jesus, but you are living a life that is<br />

not right, you are not beyond His love<br />

and forgiveness. Jesus has a plan for<br />

you! The great and mighty thing Jesus<br />

will do is forgive you and redirect your<br />

life. He wants your life to be full of<br />

meaning and purpose.<br />

Today, you can know that Jesus is willing<br />

to be your good Shepherd. The question<br />

is, are you tired of trying to figure out life<br />

on your own? If so, ask Jesus to lead you,<br />

protect you, and care for you.<br />

Let’s talk to Jesus, right now. “Lord,<br />

thank you for being our good Shepherd.<br />

You gave your life for us. In return, we<br />

want to live our lives for you. Show<br />

us the plans you have for us. Teach us<br />

how to desire your love, direction, and<br />

protection. We really want to follow<br />

you! Amen.”<br />

Andrea Lennon: An “on the go” kind of girl who loves Jesus, Andrea’s life<br />

calling is to teach women to know the truth, live the truth, and share the<br />

truth. Her passion is honest conversation about the topics that drive our<br />

lives and how we can weather the storms through the love and power of<br />

our Lord and His Word. Connect with Andrea at AndreaLennonMinistry.org.<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 97

faulkner fam<br />

Our <strong>Faulkner</strong> Fam:<br />

H&D Tucker Farm<br />

L-R Back: Brad Sanders, John Ray Evans, John Hartley Evans, Dian Evans, Jill Edwards<br />

holding son Hartley, Bobby Edwards. L-R Middle: Julie Sanders holding son John Bradley,<br />

Brennen Smith. Front: Lisa Evans holding Josie, daughter of Brad and Julie Sanders.<br />

“<br />

[My grandfather] settled here in the early 1870s with his parents and siblings<br />

from Saltillo, Mississippi. They were en route to West Arkansas when their wagon<br />

broke down. As they camped for the repair, they realized they liked the soil<br />

condition and the water supply and chose to stay. They decided to name the<br />

homestead ‘Saltillo’ after their home in Mississippi they left behind.<br />

”<br />

—Dian Evans<br />

98 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

John Ray and Dian Evans<br />

Julie Sanders, John Hartley Evans and Jill Edwards<br />

Dian’s grandfather, J.L. George<br />




H&D Tucker Farm is spearheaded<br />

by John Ray and Dian<br />

Evans and was established in<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County in 1874. In fact,<br />

the farm was recognized last year as<br />

an Arkansas Century Farm. “I guess<br />

you could say our family has lived in<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County for 146 years,” says<br />

Julie Sanders, granddaughter of John<br />

Ray and Dian.<br />

John Ray and Dian’s son, John<br />

Hartley Evans, works for the family<br />

business, as do his daughters, Jill and<br />

Julie. John Hartley is married to Lisa,<br />

who also has a son, Brennen. Jill is<br />

married to Bobby Edwards, and they<br />

have a son, Hartley. Julie is married<br />

to Brad Sanders, and they have two<br />

children, Josie and John Bradley.<br />

The farm consists of approximately 2,240<br />

acres of total farmed land in <strong>Faulkner</strong><br />

County. The original parcel, which was<br />

purchased by Dian’s grandfather, J.L.<br />

George, was 160 acres. “He settled here<br />

in the early 1870s with his parents and<br />

siblings from Saltillo, Mississippi. They<br />

were en route to West Arkansas when<br />

their wagon broke down. As they camped<br />

for the repair, they realized they liked the<br />

soil condition and the water supply and<br />

chose to stay. They decided to name the<br />

homestead ‘Saltillo’ after their home in<br />

Mississippi they left behind,” says Dian.<br />

Dian’s parents, Hartley and Dorothy<br />

(George) Tucker, bought the farm when<br />

J.L. George passed. Dian and John Ray<br />

bought the farm when her parents<br />

passed and plan to keep it in the family<br />

for generations to come.<br />

Today, the family business consists of a<br />

550-acre row crop farm on the Arkansas<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 99

Brad & Julie Sanders, Josie (3),<br />

John Bradley (4 months)<br />

Where are you from? We are both<br />

from the Saltillo/Vilonia area.<br />

Where do you work? Brad works<br />

for Simon Roofing & Restoration. I<br />

work for both our family businesses<br />

(H&D Tucker Farms as well as H.W.<br />

Tucker Company). I am also an adjunct<br />

instructor at UALR<br />

Describe parenting in one sentence:<br />

“Parenting is like herding cows, but a lot<br />

harder!”<br />

When you get a date night where do<br />

you go? With two young kids we rarely<br />

go out to eat, but our date nights may<br />

consist of grabbing a pizza and riding<br />

around the farm checking the cows and<br />

looking for wildlife.<br />

When you shop local (for fun) what<br />

stores are always on your list? Brad<br />

doesn’t shop, but I do! I don’t really<br />

have a favorite local shop. I tend to go<br />

everywhere. Savvy Sisters Closet, The<br />

Red Hanger, OK Corral and lots more!<br />

What do you love most about living<br />

in this community? We both agree<br />

everyone’s family being here. Saltillo<br />

is a small community and everyone<br />

knows everyone... our church and our<br />

families are minutes away... It’s quiet<br />

and peaceful rural Conway living.<br />

River. Here, they grow rice, soybeans,<br />

corn, and wheat; it is 99 percent irrigated.<br />

“When we began, we only had one<br />

irrigation pivot and no leveled ground.<br />

Now, there are three pivots and 220 acres<br />

of leveled ground. We continue to make<br />

improvements through the local NRCS.<br />

We have completed numerous watershed<br />

projects and reuse most all the water we<br />

pump over the fields through a tail water<br />

recovery system,” explains Jill.<br />

The cattle operation consists of 1,050<br />

acres with 760 additional leased for<br />

a total just over 1,800 acres. “As for<br />

the cattle, we have 375 commercial<br />

‘momma cows,’ along with around 60<br />

total heifers. We raise calves to around<br />

six-months old and sell the calves. We<br />

choose our best heifers (young females)<br />

to keep in our operation. We also bale<br />

our own hay with 400 acres of hay<br />

fields,” Jill says.<br />

The entire family loves spending their<br />

spare time — where else — on the farm!<br />

“We enjoy riding around, cooking, or<br />

hanging out with our close friends and<br />

neighbors here in Saltillo,” says Julie.<br />

With such dedication and hard work,<br />

H&D Tucker Farm will certainly remain<br />

a <strong>Faulkner</strong> County agricultural presence<br />

for another century.<br />

100 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong>

Jill & Bobby Edwards III, Hartley<br />

Where are you from? Bobby is from<br />

Mayflower, Jill is from Vilonia<br />

Where do you work? Bobby works<br />

for his family Rogers and Dillon<br />

Demolition, Jill works for her family<br />

H & D Tucker Farms<br />

Describe parenting in one<br />

sentence: Bobby & Jill, Parenting is<br />

learning and adapting to new things<br />

every day, mostly multitasking.<br />

When you get a date night where<br />

do you go? OUTBACK!!! We love<br />

Outback! If you haven’t tried it you<br />

need to try chocolate sauce and butter<br />

with their bread!<br />

When you shop local (for fun) what<br />

stores are always on your list?<br />

We shop the most at Ok Corral and<br />

Wilkinson’s! They pretty much take<br />

care of all our clothes and shoe needs.<br />

What do you love most about<br />

living in this community? Jill,<br />

<strong>Faulkner</strong> County is a great community.<br />

Everyone likes to support local<br />

businesses. People are supporting<br />

“local farmer.s” I am able to sell sweet<br />

corn and deer corn every year that<br />

we grow. We also sell horse hay. It’s<br />

always nice to hear the customer say<br />

“I’m supporting my local farmers.”<br />

faulknerlifestyle.com 101

scene | heard<br />

102 faulkner lifestyle | fall <strong>2020</strong><br />

Paid for by French Hill for Arkansas



faulknerlifestyle.com 103

A Growing Health System for a Growing Community<br />

New Medical Offices<br />

Innovative Services<br />

Expanded Access<br />

More Specialists<br />

At Conway Regional, we provide all women and their<br />

newborns with dignity, respect, and compassionate care.<br />

Our Women's Center cares for mothers and newborns from<br />

admission to discharge, offering reassurance and support as<br />

you welcome your bundle of joy.<br />

We’re not just growing—we’re growing together.<br />


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