Western News: March 18, 2021

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10 Thursday <strong>March</strong> <strong>18</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

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The facts about home ventilation<br />

Balanced Pressure<br />

vs Positive Pressure<br />

Under the New Zealand Building Code,<br />

all buildings, including residential, need<br />

to be suitably ventilated, either with<br />

opening windows or forced ventilation.<br />

Clause G4.1 states: “The objective of this<br />

provision is to safeguard people from<br />

illness or loss of amenity due to lack of<br />

fresh air.” There are many benefits to<br />

forced, or mechanical, ventilation over<br />

opening windows, including warmth,<br />

security, reduction of outside noises and<br />

reduction of condensation.<br />

Traditional domestic ventilation systems<br />

are ‘positive pressure’. They bring air in<br />

from outside via the roof space and force<br />

the stale air out through gaps around<br />

windows and doors. The incoming air<br />

from these systems<br />

has to be heated<br />

or cooled to keep<br />

the house warm in<br />

winter or cool in<br />

summer.<br />

The Smooth-<br />

Air HEX390 is a<br />

‘balanced pressure’<br />

system. It extracts<br />

air from the house<br />

and at the same<br />

time brings in<br />

fresh air. These<br />

two streams of air<br />

pass through a heat<br />

exchanger, which<br />

warms incoming air in winter and cools in<br />

summer if air conditioning is being used.<br />

This means that up to 80% of the energy<br />

which would be wasted using a traditional<br />

positive pressure system is recovered,<br />

resulting in significant energy savings and<br />

therefore lower heating or cooling costs.<br />

Until recently, balanced pressure<br />

ventilation systems have been considerably<br />

more expensive than traditional positive<br />

pressure systems. However, with Smooth-<br />

Air’s unique manufacturing capabilities, a<br />

HEX390 balanced pressure system can be<br />

installed for a similar price as a traditional<br />

positive pressure system.<br />

You can contact Smooth-Air on sales@<br />

smooth-air.co.nz or 0800 SMOOTH.<br />


Are you struggling<br />

with the heat of<br />

Summer or wanting<br />

to get organised for<br />

Winter?<br />

Smooth-Air<br />

Ventilation Equipment Suppliers<br />

totrade<br />

retail<br />

The most efficient way<br />

to ventilate your home<br />

HEX 390<br />

For Healthy Indoor Air<br />

Heat is transferred to the<br />

incoming filtered fresh air<br />

&<br />

With the ever changing weather patterns,<br />

heat pumps have the flexibility of being able<br />

to heat and cool which is an advantage no<br />

other appliance can offer. This represents<br />

great value for your investment as you can<br />

use it all year round. The team at Enviro<br />

Master Ltd can help keep you cool this<br />

Summer either at home or work. Enviro<br />

Master supplies, installs and services all the<br />

leading brands including Panasonic, Fujitsu,<br />

Mitsubishi and Daikin. This means our team<br />

can show you which system and brand will<br />

best suit your needs.<br />

With new regulations coming in for<br />

Landlords to provide heating in rentals, now<br />

is a great time to beat the 1st of July deadline.<br />

Inadequate heating and ventilation can lead<br />

to mould growth and dampness in your<br />

property, leading to costlier maintenance<br />

and an unhealthy living environment.<br />

Providing a fixed heater with a higher heat<br />

output and lower running costs, like a heat<br />

pump, will enable your tenants to heat the<br />

area effectively. Enviro Master are well<br />

experienced with the Tenancy Services<br />

software to ensure that you are meeting your<br />

requirements.<br />

It is important to remember, when<br />

selecting an installer, the manufacturer’s<br />

warranty does not cover the installation<br />

and consumers could be responsible for any<br />

repair or damage caused to the system due<br />

to poor installation. Enviro Master’s ensures<br />

correct installation, and a demonstration so<br />

customers have an understanding on how it<br />

will best meet their needs.<br />

For a free in home consultation, call<br />

Enviro Master on 366 0525 or visit our<br />

showroom at 41A Shakespeare Rd,<br />

Waltham, Christchurch.<br />

Substantial energy savings<br />

over traditional domestic<br />

ventilation systems.<br />

0800 SMOOTH<br />

(0800 766 684)<br />

sales@smooth-air.co.nz<br />

Made in New Zealand,for New Zealand conditions<br />

Fresh air<br />

from outside<br />

Warm, stale<br />

air from house<br />

264 Annex Rd<br />

Riccarton<br />

Christchurch<br />

03 343 6<strong>18</strong>4<br />

Exhaust air<br />

to outside<br />

Warm fresh air<br />

to house<br />

Monday - Friday<br />

7.30am - 5pm<br />

www.smooth-air.co.nz<br />


SALE NOW ON!<br />

Amazin’ autumn Specials!!<br />

90%<br />

SubSidy<br />

Warmer KiWi HomeS<br />

Programme<br />

*Eligibility criteria apply<br />

• We will offer you the best quality brands and<br />

option of heat pump for your home/business<br />

• Providing Heat Pump solutions for over 19 years to Cantabrians<br />

• We personally guarantee all our products & installs for 5 years<br />

(providing annual maintenance has been completed)<br />

Phone us today for your free consultation & quote<br />


PHONE 03 366 0525<br />

www.enviromaster.co.nz<br />

“A local team for local people”

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