Teman Communities - life+style - Winter 2021


Teman exist to enable belonging and friendship in later life. First and foremost, they’re here to help, listen and encourage residents to live a good, solid life with people around them who make them happy. With eight lifestyle villages across Australia, we love capturing our residents, families and guests being social and active together. Our Teman Magazine comes out quarterly and provides a snapshot of the activities residents across all our Teman Communities have been up to, some secret family recipes, resident stories and so much more. We hope you enjoy!


Winter | 2021

Our Teman family grows

Welcome to our first Teman magazine. It is all

new for us and we’re open to any suggestions

you might have. We hope it is another avenue

for residents from different villages to get to

know each other, a way to share some stories,

and to promote our welcoming and happy

Teman communities across Australia.

What a year it has been since we welcomed

all of the residents from Fitzroy by Teman and

Highview by Teman in Queensland, Lakeside

by Teman and The Rise by Teman in Western

Australia and Ridge Estate by Teman in New

South Wales into the Teman family. These

fi ve villages joined our existing two villages

Rosedale by Teman and The Vines by Teman,

both in New South Wales. So much has

happened—Open Days and events, resident

outings, myHomecare and educational talks,

renovations and landscaping upgrades,

welcoming many new residents and so much

more. And it all happened with Covid-19

hanging around. We wouldn’t have been

able to do so much in such a little time if it

wasn’t for all our lovely residents, committee

members, and dedicated Teman team

members. I sincerely thank each and every

one of you.

Well, I am delighted to announce that we have

even more happy residents joining the Teman

family with the recent purchase of a community

in Gladstone, Queensland. We have named

this community Beacham by Teman. I’ve

already had the privilege of meeting a number

of the residents and I can’t wait to spend more

time up there getting to know everyone.

I hope you enjoy the collection of your

village memories.


Managing Director

Teman Communities

2 | Winter 2021

Staying social and active

Start a Heart Foundation Walking Group

in your Teman Community

Being active does wonders for your physical

health. It is linked to reduced risk of heart

disease and other chronic diseases, as well

as reducing the risk of cognitive impairment.

Being active also aids weight loss, lowers the

chance of developing some cancers, helps

to maintain and improve balance and bone

density. Walking 30 minutes or more a day can

lower the risk of heart disease and stroke by

up to 35%, and Type 2 diabetes by up to 40%.

There are so many benefits of walking groups:

• Offers a range of mental health benefits,

with the rewards increased when done with

others or in nature.

• Walking outdoors increases interactions

with nature, and can afford social

connections with others, which are

fabulous stressbusters.

• Walking groups provide a wonderful

avenue for social support and the

development of friendships and freedom

from social isolation.

• Walking is a great way to start and maintain

an active lifestyle. It doesn’t require special

skills, instruction, or equipment.

• It is free, can be done practically anywhere

and has a lower risk of injury than other


• If done regularly, walking can deliver life-long

benefi ts. If the benefits from walking were

encapsulated in a pill, it would readily be

prescribed and taken daily by many.

Since 1995, the Heart Foundation Walking

program has helped many Australians start

walking and stay walking by joining a Heart

Foundation Walking group. They are Australia’s

largest – free walking network. Their aim is to

have more Australians walking, as it’s one of

the best things we can do for our heart!

If you are interested in starting or joining a

Heart Foundation Walking group within your

Teman Community, simply reach out to your

Village Manager and they will connect you with

our Heart Foundation representative.

Winter 2021 | 3

Staying in your home for longer

Teman Communities has partnered with the myHomecare Group nationally, to ensure

all our residents have the personalised care they may need now or in the future. You’re

part of the Teman family and we want you thriving and enjoying your home in our Teman

Communities for as long as possible.

The myHomecare Group is a collective of pioneering providers in home care, ensuring

ageing Australians get the reliable, quality and personalised care that they deserve.

Today they have six operating brands across Australia, connecting more Australians with

quality, personalised home care.

We have conducted myHomecare educational talks in each village, and it is something

that we’ll be doing on a regular basis. If you have any questions about home care,

please reach out to your village manager and they will be able to put you in contact with

your dedicated myHomecare representative.

Head to teman.com.au/myHomecare

for more information and to access a bunch of resources.

4 | Winter 2021

Lets talk money

3 things to know about the Age Pension

1. Eligibility and how does it work

You need to reach a certain age criteria. It is

slowly moving towards age 67, and it depends

on your date of birth. It could mean that one

partner, if they are older, will start receiving

the age pension earlier than the other (you are

assessed on your total assets though).

So how can you start receiving the

Age Pension?

There are two financial tests that are done.

The first is the asset test (what you own

apart from the family home) and the second

is the income test (how much are you and

your partner earning, including investments

and super). Once assessed and approved,

it is reviewed every quarter and updated via


2. How much income can you get from

the age pension?

This varies depending on your asset test and

income test results, and if you’re a single or

couple. However, the maximum you can receive

for the Age Pension is:

3. What strategies can we have to

increase our Age Pension

The amount of Age Pension you receive comes

down to your asset test and your income test.

There are potential strategies to look at to

reduce your assets and income and receive a

higher Age Pension.

• Planning for the Age Pension before you hit

the Age Pension age

• Valuing assets correctly

• Pay down any debt

• Super structure advantages

• Assets in the younger spouse’s name

• Prepay funeral expenses

• Gifting

Financial edge group is a specialist practice

helping people who are approaching retirement

or recently retired, to ensure that they have the

retirement that they truly deserve.

Per fortnight







basic rate






$868.30 $654.50 $1,309.00

$70.30 $53.00 $106.00

$14.10 $10.60 $21.20

Martin McGrath

02 4308 0040



Total $952.70 $718.10 $1,436.20

Winter 2021 | 5

Cook’s corner

Lemonade Scones

Sandra Frayne | The Rise by Teman


4 Cups Self Raising flour

Small 300ml carton of cream

2/3rd can of lemonade (250ml)

My scones are always a big hit at family

functions and whenever it is my turn to do a

morning tea at The Rise by Teman. I never

seem to have any failures using this recipe

and as my hands are getting older, it is great

not having to rub in butter to the flour like

most other recipes I have used in the past.

I hope that you try the scones and enjoy them,

they are very quick and easy to make.



& easy

to make

1. Sift the flour into a bowl, then add the

cream and lemonade, gently mix together.

2. Put the dough onto a floured board and

press into shape about 10cm thick.

3. Using a straight edge cutter, cut out circles,

do not twist as you cut, or the scones will

not raise.

4. Brush tops of scones with a little milk.

5. Bake in the top of a hot oven at 200

degrees centigrade for 12-15 minutes.

6. Cool, and serve with jam and cream, enjoy.

6 | Winter 2021

Pet Care

We all love our fur babies and pets are always

welcome in all our Teman Communities. To

ensure we’re looking after them, here are some

tips from vet Dr Callan Cribb.

Our pets are valued members of the family

and a common misconception about some of

our furry friends is that it is normal for them to

have ‘doggy breath’.

This is usually due to a build-up of plaque and

calculus on your pets teeth. Dental disease

can lead to other serious long term health

issues like heart disease. There are a number

of ways to keep your pets teeth clean and

prevent such issues from arising;

1. Daily brushing, as you would for your own


2. A pet specific dental diet formulation

approved by the Dental Health Council

3. Dental chews eg. Oravet and Greenies

4. If you have a fussy pet- water additives are

also available to prevent bacterial build up

Once dental disease has progressed to a point

where there is a lot of plaque and build up on

the teeth a dental descale and polis is the

only way to treat the condition. This requires

a general anaesthetic. Diseased teeth may

also require extraction at this time to prevent

further deterioration of teeth and gums.

Regular annual check-ups with your local vet

are recommended to assess and monitor your

pets oral health.

Dr Callan Cribb (BvSC)

Mayfield Veterinary


02 4967 1900


Leo | Lakeside by Teman

Winter 2021 | 7

Resident story

Bob Southern

Lakeside by Teman

I was born in the lovely south-west town of

Harvey during WWII and raised in the Perth

suburb of Mount Hawthorn. I married in 1964

and was blessed with three beautiful daughters

and four equally beautiful granddaughters.

I joined the Commonwealth Public Service in

1955 and retired in 1996 from the Australian

Electoral Commission as Divisional Returning

Officer for the Division of Brand. My last place

of abode, before entering our village, was in the

suburb of Willetton where I resided for twentyfour


Downsizing seemed to be the buzz word at

the millennium, so in 2004 I decided to shop

around for a suitable residence that would meet

my dreams of a happy and healthy lifestyle

in retirement. It took some 12 months of

countless house inspections in many retirement

villages before I decided that Lakeside by

Teman was the place for me. The decision

was not taken lightly, but in the end it was the

beautiful open areas, the wide roads, all the

attractive gardens and plenty of space between

the many attractive brick homes that caught my


I moved in 2005 and have loved all fifteen years

of village life. I always wonder that if I hadn’t

moved here, I most likely would not be on this

“I have loved all fifteen

years of village life”

earth today. Why do I think that? Well, my home

is situated opposite the ‘Square-about’ at

Lakeside by Teman. It was a Saturday morning

when I was wakening on my very first day in the

village. I remember hearing a clutter of voices

amidst laughter, and upon peeking through

the curtains I was witnessing a large group of

people throwing what looked like saucers onto

the ground. Because of my inquisitive nature

getting the better of me, I ventured over to see

what was going on. I was so glad I did, as I was

immediately made welcome, introduced to all in

attendance and invited to take part in the game

commonly called ‘Disc Bowls’. I also remember

filling the last spot on the number of residents

attending the ‘Christmas in July’ function, which

was held that same night in the community

centre. I did not realise it at the time, but I

“broke the ice” that day and have acquired

many long-term friendships that originated from

that Saturday morning experience. I’m also

proud to note that I now co-ordinate this Disc

Bowls game, which is still enjoyed by so many

in our village.

I also became an esteemed member of ‘Stooge

Productions’, which established the annual

Sports Day, held on the last day in March, and

I’m glad to say this has become an important

day on the village calendar. The same members

also initiated the creation of the ‘Australia

Day Breakfast’ and with the wonderful help

of countless village volunteers, this is now

attracting over 170 residents and visitors

each year, to commemorate this big day on the


8 | Winter 2021

I have tried almost every activity our village

has to offer, but soon found it impossible to

do them all. So, it became a case of selecting

which sport or activity I preferred to participate

in. I enjoy lending support to any request for

help that is required within the village and

presently am the “Australia Day Big Brekky”

co-ordinator, as well as Area Warden, committee

member of the Bowling Group, Disc Bowl coordinator,

a member of the Brewers Group and

general volunteer.

It’s safe to say my decision to move and reside

here 15 years ago has given me a lifestyle

many can only dream of and I am fortunate in

having accumulated so many long lasting and

sincere friendships.

Winter 2021 | 9



& active

10 | Winter 2021

Resident story

Graham and Thea Bytheway

Fitzroy by Teman in Rockhampton

We met and married in Dubbo, N.S.W. after

Graham emigrated from England aged 22

and we lived in Dubbo for another 10 years.

Graham joined The Ambulance Service and

after completing his training, which included 3

stints in Sydney, he was transferred to Mudgee,

He then joined the Queensland Ambulance and

after six months in Brisbane he took a position

up in Rockhampton with the Q.A.T.B.

We loved Rockhampton and being so close to

the ocean Graham got involved with sailing.

We decided to build a 34ft sailing catamaran

on our two-acre block, 16kms out of town.

After five years of building the catamaran, we

launched it at the old wharf (which is no longer

there) on the Fitzroy River and christened it

“Teagra”. What a day that was. A crane loaded

it on a truck then drove it along the Bruce

Highway with an escort vehicle and two Police

cars stopping traffic all the way through the

southern side of town. We arrived at the river

and our nerves were high as the crane lowered

our pride and joy into the water.

Graham left the Ambulance Service due to ill

health and in early 1998 we rented out our

house, moved onto Teagra then went to the U.K

for 3 months. We lived on the boat for three

years sailing along the Queensland Coast and

around the islands, especially Great Keppel.

During that time, we saw many amazing sights

like watching sea horses being born, rowing

our dinghy beside a manta ray doing back flips

and a pod of dolphins herding fish early one

morning, not to mention the beautiful sunrises

and sunsets and the stars in the night sky.

2000 saw us move back to our house after

selling our boat. We bought a 1974 Viscount

Caravan and started exploring outback

Australia. We sold our home (2004) and went

caravanning for 12 months, mostly in Western

Australia. We really enjoyed our time in the

Kimberley, exploring many gorges and sharing

campfires with new friends. We travelled all the

way down to the south and across the bottom

of our wonderful country before returning to

Rockhampton and bought another house at

Stanwell, where we lived for fourteen years. We

still hit the open road in the caravan and loved

to garden when we were at home on our acre

block. We moved into Fitzroy by Teman in 2018,

when things go a little too much to handle.

We love the community here, being close to

everything in town after rural living for 30

years, no more worry about rainwater tanks,

pumps, cleaning our roof guttering or mowing.

Over the years we have also enjoyed some

overseas travel with five trips to the UK, the

first in 1975 with our two sons (aged 2yrs and

9mths respectively) for 13 weeks, a 30-day

European Tour visiting 16 countries, France,

Spain, N.Z. and Vietnam (which was our last

in 2018) thoroughly enjoying all the new


Winter 2021 | 11

See and Do


Lakeside by Teman

• Tods Café Mandurah

The Boardwalk, 73 Mandurah Terrace



A great place to enjoy a casual meal or cuppa

and delicious carrot cake with amazing views

overlooking the Mandurah foreshore. Even

more magical when the dolphins come out to

play in the Bay.

Ridge Estate by Teman

• Savannah on Swan

(Café, Gallery & Gift Shop)

128/130 Swan Street, Morpeth NSW 2321


Morpeth is a picturesque little historic town

about 20mins from Ridge Estate by Teman.

Savannah on Swan, is a lovely café that has

rustic charm and beautiful meals. Open 7 days

for breakfast, brunch or lunch. There’s also a

mouth-watering selection of treats to tempt

the tastebuds.

The Rise by Teman

• 115 Collective (at True North)

869 Connolly Drive, Merriwa 6030


115 Collective is a great café inside The

Point, which is at True North. It’s part of a

great space that’s all about community and

bringing people together. Their specialty coffee

is roasted in Perth and it’s a loved favourite of

many residents at The Rise by Teman.

Rosedale by Teman

• Relish Coffeehouse

Shop 1/559 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong


A local favourite, Relish Coffeehouse is a small

locally owned cafe centred in the heart of

Cooranbong, delivering quality sweets, espresso

and savoury items. If a Rosedale by Teman

resident isn’t home, they are usually here.

12 | Winter 2021

The Vines by Teman

• Café Enzo Hunter Valley

Broke Rd & Ekerts Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320


Cafe Enzo is praised for its unique

ambiance and enchanting courtyard.

Offering excellent coffee, food and service

making it a must do when visiting the

Hunter Valley. Set in the Tuscan inspired

Peppers Creek Village in the heart of the

Hunter Valley, serving delicious homemade

treats and full of locally grown produce.

Fitzroy by Teman

• Degani Bakery Cafe

Shop 9, City Centre Plaza, Bolsover St,

Rockhampton QLD


Degani is a favourite with residents from

Fitzroy by Teman. Perfect for breakfast or

lunch, and their coffee is great. Great daily

specials and combos. Owned by a local family

and the service is always welcoming.

Highview by Teman

• DC’s Café and Juice Bar

Forest Lake Shopping Centre

This is a favourite for many residents that live

at Highview by Teman. It’s across the road

from the village in the Forest Lake Shopping

Centre. They serve great coffee and a good

selection of teas. But it’s their cakes that keep

us coming back for more.

Winter 2021 | 13

always among

good friends

14 | Winter 2021

Meet your neighbour

Joy Alleyne

Christine Jones (Chris)

Rosedale by Teman | Cooranbong NSW

Where did you grow up as a child?

Burwood until age of 9 then Ryde until married.

What do you love about living in a Teman


Love the gardens at Rosedale by Teman and

the security of living in a retirement village.

What are some of your hobbies?

Tai Chi, Travel and giving talks on tea drinking

and the history of tea.

What is a memory that makes you smile?

At the airport near Victoria Falls South Africa,

I was waiting to board a light plane that would

fly us over the falls and the pilot gets on and

says “G’day mate!”

The Rise by Teman | Ridgewood WA

Where did you grow up as a child?

Emigrated as a “ten pound pomme” at age five

to Perth WA and have lived here ever since.

What do you love about living in a Teman


Security and companionship now that I am

on my own. The village residents helped me


What are some of your hobbies?

Photography, Sewing and craft of all kinds.

Playing darts and now that I have time, I am

going to take up music again (organ).

What is a memory that makes you smile?

The day my husband and I moved into The

Rise by Teman. Four households of neighbours

came out in the street to introduce themselves

and welcome us to the village. Being a long

weekend, the atmosphere was jovial. One lady

wobbled across the road with a wine glass in

her hand and proclaimed “I’m not drunk. I have

MS and it will take me some time to come over

for coffee”. We are great friends still.

Winter 2021 | 15

16 | Winter 2021

Winter 2021 | 17

Village wrap up

Fitzroy by Teman

Margi Dabbs

Rosedale by Teman

Jon Folbigg

What’s been happening in your village?

I’ve loved joining the Teman family as the

Village Manager at Fitzroy by Teman. We’ve

been busy over the past few months making a

few changes to the community centre, opening

it up more for all residents to utilise so they

can be active and social. There are scheduled

activities every day including bowls, pool,

chair yoga, chair dancing, mah-jong, scrabble,

movers & shakers. It has been fantastic to

have dinners with Loretta, and more people

are coming out each week. Great food and

entertainment. New activities are being listed

on the monthly calendar, with Coffee Club.

A great afternoon, sharing good food and

conversation. Nothing like a good laugh at

Fitzroy by Teman.

Something that has made you laugh at

your village

Every day brings a good laugh at the Fitzroy by

Teman. Watching the residents get involved and

experience new activities. Movers & Shakers,

we laugh from the time we start to the time we

finish, this is one of my highlights every week.

Some fun things coming up at your village

The residents are discussing a Spring Ball.

A night to celebrate everyone’s birthday and

to welcome in spring. It’s still early days but

something we hope to get off the ground.

There is a new pool competition happening that

is slowly building momentum with more players.

The residents love to celebrate all occasions,

it is great to participate with new ideas and

try new things. Fitzroy by Teman has a long

association with the U3A group, they have a

ukulele group who will be coming to play at

Happy Hour. Everyone can have a go at playing.

What’s been happening in your village?

Rosedale by Teman recently had a doggie day

afternoon, where we had a professional trainer

come to the village and teach some of the

residents a few tips and tricks. The dogs got

a few lessons as well. We held a Mother’s Day

afternoon tea for all the residents to enjoy.

Renovations have been happening too with four

villas being renovated and we have welcomed

four new residents to the village too. Residents

have been rolling up their sleeves as our local

medical centre doctor come to the village to

administer the flu vaccine.

Something that has made you smile at

your village

Watching all the residents enjoying afternoon

tea at the Mother’s Day event, all the

residents enjoyed each other’s company. It

was a great afternoon full of laughter and

stories recounted from lots of mums.

Some fun things coming up at your village

Christmas in July is our next big event and

there is talk of a spit roast lunch. We’ll also be

looking to organise a fun day out visiting the

wineries up at the Hunter Valley. Wine tasting

and lunch in the vines in August.

18 | Winter 2021

Lakeside by Teman

Cheryl Finlay

What’s been happening in your village?

It has been an exciting time at Lakeside by

Teman with the village bus having a new paint

job and brought to life with some Lakeside by

Teman signage. We will look very fancy on our

next shopping trip or day out.

The Biggest morning tea raised over $3,800

for cancer research by having a great time

at the club house with raffles, cake sale,

auctions and presenter from the Cancer

Council with an interesting talk on how the

money is put to good use.

The annual village three day sports carnival

was a success with the Green & Gold teams

competing over an array of events, with the

Green Team coming out on top this year.

Better luck next year Gold team, although I am

told luck has nothing to do with it, only skills,

and a lot of fun.

The resident run coffee shop on Thursday

mornings, is a great place to catch up with

friends and family, with profits to the resident

committee, which helps to subsidise social

events in the village.

There is always something happening

at Lakeside by Teman from chair yoga &

meditation, trips to local theatre productions,

playing darts, lawn bowls on our amazing new

green, pool aerobics or people can grab a

book from the library. There is something for

everyone at Lakeside by Teman.

Something that has made you laugh at

your village

Lakeside by Teman recently improved the golf

practice driving range net. I stopped to chat to

one of our residents, Ross, who was making

good use of the area. He requested the next

upgrade I make to the village should be to his

swing technique.

At a function at the club house, a couple that

had recently moved into Lakeside by Teman

came up and gave me a hug, both so delighted

to have moved into the village. They said they

are having the time of their lives but couldn’t

stop to chat as they were too busy trying

everything on offer at Lakeside by Teman.

Some fun things coming up at your village

Our Open Day is around the corner where

we’re opening up the village to the community.

There will be heaps to do for the whole family,

including the grandkids, and the best thing

is it’s all free. There will be a petting zoo,

vintage cars, sausage sizzle, ice-cream truck,

coffee van, tennis, putt putt golf, lawn bowls,

woodwork group, coffee club café, craft group,

Curtin Fm will be broadcasting live all day with

heaps of giveaways, specialty local businesses,

a lucky door prize, and a number of our newly

renovated homes will be open for inspection.

Our Christmas in July function is always a

village favourite, a fully catered hot roast 3

course meal. Every Friday afternoon is happy

hour with the last Friday of the month being

hamburger night.

Winter 2021 | 19


Ridge Estate

by Teman

Jon Folbigg

What’s been happening in your village?

The end of March saw the wonderful Ridge

Estate by Teman Wine and Cheese event. It

was a beautiful opportunity for all the residents

to come together for an afternoon, to eat, drink

and be merry. The April school holidays were a

perfect time for Sarah, our office administrator

to bring in her four boys to meet the residents

during their weekly Coffee Club, the boys

and the residents had a wonderful time and

will be back the next holidays. The Resident

Committee here at Ridge Estate by Teman,

know how to celebrate and May was a perfect

time to celebrate some “0” birthdays, some

lovely young ladies were celebrating 70ths.

Something that has made you smile at

your village

Sarah has always wanted to learn how

to knit, so she spoke to a few residents

during one coffee club morning and from

that conversation “Craft Fun” on a Monday

Afternoon was born. Lots of laughter can be

heard from the room as the residents patiently

teach Sarah the art of knitting.

Some fun things coming up at your village

Our residents committee are in full social

mode over the winter months. More “0”

celebrations are planned for June with some

lovely ladies celebrating their 80ths. Bus trip

days are planned to various local destinations,

like the Hunter Wetlands, the Medowie

Macadamia Farm. And even a Christmas in

July lunch.

The Vines by Teman

Tania Connor

What’s been happening in your village?

With the ease of Covid restrictions the village

is returning to the new normal. The gardens

at The Vines are simply beautiful and there

are so many spots around the village where

residents can sit and relax outdoors. Lunches

are made daily in our commercial kitchen,

and I love seeing everyone in the community

centre. Tuesday mornings are spent outdoor

relaxing and chatting at Coffee Club.

Something that has made you laugh at

your village

What makes me smile is the friendships that

are formed in the village and how residents

look out for one another. Whenever a resident

is in need there is always someone there to

offer a hand.

Some fun things coming up at your village

The village is busy planning the biggest

morning tea, with the support of local

businesses donating prizes for the raffle and

residents selling tickets to family and friends.

The baking this year is set to be bigger than

last in our support to raise money for cancer.

Nelson Bay is on the list for our next bus trip

in the village at the end of June. Fish n Chips

by the beach is on the menu.

20 | Winter 2021

Highview by Teman

Karen Kelly

What’s been happening in your village?

We’ve started a TV Date in the community

centre where we all watch a series together.

First up it was “The Crown”. We’re only a

few episodes in and there are already a few

tears. It’s much enjoyed by those that attend.

Our monthly Happy Hour is always a good

laugh. You can even see some hips swinging

when a good song is played. Many residents

look forward to Coffee Club on Wednesday

mornings, and we held a special morning

tea for Mother’s Day. The Caramel tarts

disappeared so quickly. I know what I’m getting

for the next morning tea we have.

The beautiful autumn evenings have meant a

number of residents catch up for a drink on

their balconies. The laughter and humour are

wonderful to see, with them just relaxing and

enjoy their lives getting together after the last

year of COVID. It’s been a great way for new

residents to settle in too.

Our Sausage sizzle the second Friday of the

month is a real winner. How enjoyable is a

sausage with onion on fresh bread and sauce?

Watch out Bunnings we know how to sausage

sizzle! The Residents’ really look forward to our

Teman sausage sizzle.

Something that has made you laugh at

your village

I heard some residents talking amongst

themselves. I was in my offi ce working away

at my desk, which in reception. One female

resident said to a male resident “I wouldn’t

give her a hard time she is a bit tough” The

female resident that was being talked about

said “ Yes I use to work in the prisons!”. The

male resident said, “Why did they let you out?”

I cracked up laughing and the residents heard

me. And the female resident said, “No noise

from the peanut gallery thank you”. Which

made me laugh even more. The best part of

the whole conversation was said in jest, and I

personally think it is great to see residents can

have a laugh with each other.

Some fun things coming up at your village

So many of our residents utilise the community

centre and we have aims of reconfiguring it

and adding a new room. It will be great for

meetings or as a quiet room for yoga, book

club, discussion groups etc.

Winter 2021 | 21


The Rise by Teman

Carla Wiggers

What’s been happening in your village?

February, March and April have been busy as

usual at The Rise by Teman. With a very active

Social group, we’ve had a lot of events such

as, the Farewell to Summer Night in February,

The Fish & Pie Night in March & The British

Night in April. The Residents Social Committee

delivered over 1,100 Easter eggs to every

home in the village, and Village Management

co-hosted with the Residents Committee, an

Easter Afternoon Tea with yummy hot cross

buns and even more Easter Eggs. ANZAC

Day is always a well-respected event here at

The Rise by Teman and although we had to

cancel the event with hot cooked breakfast

for the second year running, The Residents

Commemorative Committee delivered Anzac

cookies to every home in the village and made

sure everyone’s wreaths were laid in respect of

our troupes.

March saw our Theatre group perform over two

nights, “The Pirates” a pantomime written,

directed and produced by our very own Karen

Futcher. Money raised from these amazing

group of people was donated to the Royal

Flying Doctors Service. All of these events take

place around the regular monthly activities

such as Sunday Roast lunches, Curry Club

nights and so much more. Plus, our weekly

calendar is jam packed with activities ranging

from fi tness classes to games of pool or darts.

Something that has made you laugh at

your village

The one thing I love about being manager at

The Rise by Teman is having amazing residents

who often love to share a funny story or a joke

each day (Dad jokes are the best). The most

recent thing that comes to mind was seeing

everyone dressed up for the British night,

some of the outfits were brilliantly funny.

Some fun things coming up at your village

Along with our extremely busy regular calendar

the Social Committee have a few things

booked for the Residents, their family &


• Winter Hot Pots catered dinner with the

Music Man for entertainment

• Italian Night catered dinner with Stu John

Trio as entertainment

• Bus Trip for Christmas lunch

• Christmas in July catered dinner with the

ever-popular Toni for entertainment

22 | Winter 2021


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